and angelo omg

okay but 

  • nico realizing this is the first time he wasn’t alone and depressed on valentine’s day
  • will being an endless stream of compliments and affection
  • nico actually trying to match the affection because even though he thinks valentine’s day is way overrated he’s a sucker for traditions
  • nico carrying flowers with extreme caution so that they don’t die in his hands before he gets to give them to will
  • the flowers dying anyways, and will still loves them and puts them in a vase in the medical tent anyways
  • dreamy eyes
  • being the cutest couple in camp since percy and annabeth are gone, and please, travis and katie have nothing on them
  • nico shadow-traveling them to the eiffel tower in las vegas because paris is for another year
  • nico not second-guessing if will truly cares about him or not because he trusts will when he says he loves him

Another of my May Madness commissions! A FABULOUS bit of PJO fanart requested by @mel-chan366!! OMG PERCY’S POSE… and Jason’s dress… I had way too much fun with this!! 8D

If you’re interested in a commission, please feel free to follow this link for information!!

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Solangelo prompt!! Will's siblings have to use something on Nico in the infirmary when Will's not there and it makes him really delirious and honest- and he accidentally escapes and totally embarrasses will at dinner by declaring his love/kissing him senseless. People have to drag him out of his cabin the next day bc he's so embarrassed lmao

Will only left to grab a plate of dinner. He hadn’t eaten since lunch as a new batch of campers arrived with monsters on their tail. And then Nico, of course, had to go and get himself hurt retrieving two little boys on the edge of camp.

That’s not fair though. Nico being selfless and protective and ridiculously badass is what makes him Nico and Will loves him for it. 

Speaking of Nico, there he is now, coming at him at—full speed?

“Will! Wiiiiillll!” Nico doesn’t stop until he’s launched himself at Will, forcing Will to put his plate down on the nearest flat surface to catch the shorter boy. “Will, there you are!”

“Here I am,” Will agrees, arms wrapped around Nico’s waist reflexively so they don’t fall flat on their backs. “What happened? Do they need me in the infirmary? Why are you out of the infirmary, you’re supposed to be resting—”

“Will Solace,” Nico says suddenly. He pulls back, and Will blinks at the serious face that greets him. “Will Solace, I have something to tell you.”

“Uh, okay?”

Nico leans in closer, until Will can see the silver flecks in Nico’s dark eyes. He’s only noticed them recently, and it’s pretty darn captivating. “Will Solace,” Nico whispers, and Will is suddenly aware of the many, many eyes on the both of them holding each other in the middle of the dining pavilion.

“Nico, maybe we should—”

“Shhh,” Nico insists, and his head comes a little too close, knocking against Will’s nose. He doesn’t break his stare. “Will Solace,” he repeats again, and Will’s body betrays him with a tiny shiver at how easily his name rolls off Nico’s lips. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you a lot, Will Solace. Do you know that? I need you to know that.”

Will’s sure his entire face is red by now, and the murmurs and cooing that breaks out around them isn’t helping. Nico’s still saying his name in that dizzying way, and Will can only glare in the direction of the infirmary. He can see Kayla running towards them. 

“Too high a dosage,” he tells her, and she offers him a smile that looks more like a grimace.

(The next morning, when the side effects wore off, Will had to enlist the help of Jason to drag Nico from where he’s hiding under his bed, muttering about shadow-travelling to Antarctica and never coming back.)

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Solangelo babysitting Chuck please omg!!!! And Nico always denies it but he's super good with kids so Will catches him and the baby having a tender moment and is like...o shit I'm in love

Will comes back with their lunches to find Nico on the floor of Coach Hedge’s tiny cottage, little satyr baby balanced on his stomach, cooing delightedly. For a moment, he just stands there, watching his boyfriend bounce the infant up and down, murmuring, “Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Really?” in response to Chuck’s nonsensical babbling. The sight does funny things to Will’s heart.

He coughs, stepping into the room. “I, uh. I’m back.” 

Nico jerks slightly, hands keeping the baby from falling as he whips his head to look at Will. He underestimates the distance between his head and the floor, though, and there’s a loud crack! Both he and Will winces at the sound.

“Don’t,” Nico says, sitting up slowly, “Don’t say a word.”

Will puts down the food, pressing his lips together to keep from smiling too hard. “I wasn’t going to,” he says, kneeling down to check Nico’s head.

“You were,” Nico insists. He keeps still and lets Will shift his hair to check for a bump. Chuck giggles, reaching up with his tiny arms to pat at Nico’s chin. Nico catches Chuck’s arms and shakes them gently, a smile on his face.

Will forgets what he’s doing and just stares, his own lips curving into a smile.

Nico catches him, but this time, he doesn’t say anything. He just rolls his eyes and scoots over to allow room for Will.

im rereading the original percy jackson series and i was trying to avoid everything in the titans curse because i knew i just knew i would go all out di angelo

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draw nico being happy!! i love my son

Wanted to try drawing him his actual age during pjo but kiddos are v hard to draw :’) Since u were the first here is the son

Also I know you percy jackson dudes are enthusiastic but that request thing was for rangers apprentice lol, so I appreciate the asks but no more pjo please! xx

Nico is tall

Ok, so hear me out. What if when Will and Nico grow older, Nico gets taller than Will. Like can you imagine Nico constantly making fun of Will, Nico being the one to hug Will from behind and just melt when he is having a bad day. Will calling Nico his “big baby” and Nico getting annoyed.