and angel on his shoulder

Okay but Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker, the golden child of the Republic, falling in love with assassin Padmé who becomes a vigilante because she thinks the Jedi aren’t doing their jobs properly? Good stuff.

“What the hell?!” Dean exclaimed as the flutter of wings behind him settled.  He glanced in the mirror and saw a silhouette of a man sitting next to your sleeping figure gently draped against the door with your feet pulled up.  Without looking over his shoulder Dean, assuming it was the angel he considered his brother, muttered, “Cas, you gotta give me a warning or something.  Especially since I nearly killed both Y/N and me!  I could have gotten in an accident.”  A voice, much higher than Cas’ scoffed.

“Ya’d think after being dead for a few years people’d be happy to see ya,” the figure said.  Dean almost slammed on the brakes.  That wasn’t Cas.  “Cool it, zippy, I’m not here to hurt anyone.”

“Who the hell are you?” Dean barely kept his hands on the wheel.

“Really?  That’s all the thanks I get after saving you and your brother’s asses and dying at the hands of Lucifer, my own brother?”  the man said.  Dean thought over if for only a few seconds before connecting the dots.


“Ding ding ding!  We have a winner!”  He appeared in the front seat, making Dean jump slightly.

“Why are you here?” he muttered, keeping his eyes on the road, yet still glancing over at the angel. “How are you not dead?”

“Well,” Gabriel paused. “I could give you the long answer and waste what little time I have here, or we could get straight down to business.”

“Business?  We have no business!  Any business that we had ended as soon as Lucifer killed you.”

“Wrong-o.  It just so happens that I’m Y/N’s guardian angel, and I’m— “

“Y/N’s what?”  Were there really such things as guardian angels? Honestly, after everything he and Sam had been through, nothing surprised Dean anymore.

“Guardian angel.  I protect her as best I can.  She’s an important person in the grand scheme of things you know.”  Dean smiled to himself ever so slightly, and glanced at her in the rear-view mirror.

“Yeah.  She’s one hell of a girl isn’t she,” he muttered, mostly to himself, before looking back to the dark road.  Dean could almost hear Gabriel’s eyeroll.

“Well, I’ve been with her almost her entire life.  When her parents…”  he trailed off.  Dean didn’t need anything more.  He’d heard about your parents’ tragic death when you were 8, the many foster homes, how you ran away at 16, and met an old hunter who taught you everything you needed to know about how to kill the thing that took your parents away.  “Anyway, I consider her to be my little sister, and I need to know that you won’t hurt her.”  Dean furrowed his brow.

“How—why would I hurt her? I— “

“Oh please.  I’ve been watching you for a while now and I know how you feel,” Gabriel said condescendingly, looking out the window momentarily.  Ok, creepy much?

“How I feel— “  Dean tried to question.

“The lingering glances, the longer hugs, the smiles to yourself, the witty banter, the not-so-subtle checking her out…  You love her. Or at least you’re very infatuated,” he said casually.  Dean almost choked on his own spit, immediately denying everything.

“Me?  Love?  Looks like you’ve been looking through those angel clouds a little too long.”

“Don’t even try to deny it. I see the way you look at her.  It’s the same way your mother looked at your father.”  He started speaking a bit louder.  “Dean, I know how much you like Y/N!”

“Will you shut up! She’s trying to sleep.”  Dean glanced back at you, still as passed out as before.  “I like her, ok?  Happy?” The archangel gave him a playful smirk.

“Quite.”  The car was silent for a few moments.  “Well?”  Dean looked at Gabriel with a confused expression on his face.


“Well, aren’t you going to ask me?”  

“Ask you what?” Gabriel scoffed again.

“God, if you’re this slow all the time… I don’t know how she came to like you.”  He rubbed his face with his hand.  Dean’s heartbeat quickened.  She felt the same?  God, I feel like I’m in some cheap romance book, he thought to himself.  

“What you want me to ask for your… blessing?”  Was that the right word for this situation.

“Since she has no family left, I see it only fit for her guardian angel to step in and approve of her love interests.  You’re one of the few guys I’d even consider letting her date, and all the other ones are a thousand miles away.”

“What are you saying?”

“That depends.  Are you asking?”  Another second of silence.

“Would it—“ Dean licked his lips and tried to find the best words.  “Is it alright if I take Y/N out?”  Gabriel

paused for a second, as if he actually had just been asked this question and had no time to prepare for it.  

“Alright, Dean-o.  You have my permission.  But, just so you know, I’m still an archangel and I can make you suffer tremendously.”  Gabriel turned to face Dean head on, making eye contact so Dean knew how serious he was. “If you hurt my girl in any way at all, I will make you suffer.  Your time in hell will seem like child’s play in comparison to what I would do to you.” He let his words sink in.  Before Dean had anything else to say, you began to stir in the back seat.  “Nice seein’ ya.”  

“Wait!  What did you mean about Y/N being an important person in the grand scheme of things?”  Gabriel only smirked and raised his eyebrows, before disappearing.

“Dean, who were you talking to?”  You yawned, stretching.

“Uh, Sam.  He was just calling to check in,”  Dean responded, looking back at you.  “We’ll be back to the bunker in about an hour or two.”

“Hm.” You rubbed your eyes. “What time is it?”  Your voice was raspy from sleep as you inhaled slowly to help wake up a bit more.

“About 2:30 in the morning. Sorry if I woke you.”

“Nah, I was getting uncomfortable anyway…  Can I come sit up there with you?  It’s awfully lonely back here,” you asked with your signature pout that always made Dean give in.  He told you to climb up, so you clambered over the seat and plopped in the middle seat, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Go ahead and go back to sleep.  I promise I’ll be quiet.”  Dean draped his arm over your shoulder and pulled you closer, smiling.  “G’night, Y/N.”

By the time Sam and Dean walked in, two bottles of wine, three of tequila, half a 750cl of Scotch and more beer cans than they cared to count littered the table in front of you and Cas.

“Jesus. What are you two doing?!” Dean’s stare immediately went to you for answers. After all, you were sober as a nun.

“Getting Cas drunk,” you replied. It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

Why?” asked Sam.

Because you had been bored. Because Cas told you it practically couldn’t be done. Because it was about time the angel took a break from bearing a world of guilt on his shoulders and had a little fun.

But you didn’t get to say any of that. Dean had interrupted with a loud, “Aw, man! I was saving this!”

He yanked the bottle of Scotch from Cas’s hand. It didn’t take much effort. The angel’s coordination was desperately lacking.

“For what?” you asked.

“Special occasion,” complained Dean.

Castiel glowered drowsily at the hunter. “He means masturbating while watching animated pornography. That’s what happened to the missing six-pack from last week.”

Dean went red, and Sam abruptly dropped the dripping beer can he had picked up from the table. “Ugh, more than I needed to know.”

You, meanwhile, laughed. “Yeah, he’s been a wealth of info. It’s the best part of getting him drunk. Like, did you know that Adam was with Eve when she first tried the apple?”

“He dared her,” Cas said. Then he belched.

“Or that Delilah didn’t really weaken Samson by cutting off his hair?” you continued.

“She cut off something, but it certainly wasn’t his hair,” Cas slurred, grinning darkly. Dean and Sam both winced and pressed their knees together.

“I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff. The Da Vinci Code’s got nothing on this guy.” You grinned and patted Cas’s arm. “Come on, Cas. Spill. What else? Shock us with another revelation.”

Without missing a beat, Cas replied, “I’ve been in love with you for 3 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours and approximately….” Squinting, he looked at the clock on the wall before turning back to a jaw-dropped you. “Twenty-two minutes.”

He smiled.

After a moment of silence around the table, Dean poured you a shot.

“Looks like you need this.”

i once knew an atheist
who made an irony of satan
he listened to the sounds of cannibalism
and there was death in his jaws.
i thought he was pretty
so i told him there was a god,
and he laughed, and said
“i know, darling, for you are speaking
with him now.”
naïveté, how i adored him
i wanted to save him
but he said there was no need:
hell made him comfortable;
he proceeded to light fires in me.
i thought i was the angel on his shoulder,
and my tears were the holy water
and the wine
but he went to san antonio
and he left me behind.
i prayed for him, until my prayers
were shallow echoes unto themselves
they shattered in my face
when he hooked up with someone else.
well, last night i called the devil
and i told him he was right
there was no god, there was nothing
but pain,
and cycles of foolish optimism—
he said “no, child. it is i who was wrong:
god is real, i found him
between a woman’s thighs”
i asked him, well what about mine?
“oh! i know you tried, darling
but hers were white, like christ.”


Dean waking Cas up with bright flowers, filling the bedroom with the scent of fresh grass and bumble bees.

Dean wrapping himself around Cas for warmth in the early morning chill of winter. Waking him up by rubbing his cold nose along the crease of his soft neck.

Dean laying in bed for hours, watching his own personal sunrise in the form of a messy haired angel. Dragging his fingers along the bare curve of his spine, over the shoulder blades where his wings used to be.

Dean sneaking away for coffee, not caring when Sam catcalls at him from the kitchen. The smile on Cas’ lips when he’s handed the steaming mug, his cold fingers wrapping around Dean’s.

Dean kissing Cas in a lazy, early morning sort of way. Cas shivering beneath the blankets, smiling when Dean asks if he’s cold. He promises he’s not. There’s not an inch on his body that’s cold.

Dean saying I love you. Over and over. A song for just Cas to hear. Their own personal melody.

Cas and Dean hiding out from a storm in an abandoned beachhouse, watching the lightning strike the ocean and the clouds roll in to take over the sky. Cas in jeans and bare feet, hands wrapped around a mug of steaming coffee and his hair dripping raindrops, watching the force of mother nature with sparkling, awed eyes. Dean standing behind him, arms wrapped around the fallen angel’s waist and chin resting on his shoulder, watching Cas’ reflection in the glass, enjoying the sight of his lover’s smile. Dean kissing Cas’ neck, trying to spark something between them, and Cas wriggling and nudging him away, promising him ‘later, later’, too taken by the lightning display to concentrate on Dean. Dean smiles in understanding, hugs him tighter, and they stand there together in the dark, illuminated by flashes every few minutes, watching the sky twist and shout.

Prince Charming

“We’ve seen something like this before, Dean. Only this time I think the book is enchanted.” Sam stood over Cas’ unconscious body. They’d found him like that, sprawled across the bed on his back. There was a fork dangling from his right hand and a splattered apple pie on the floor.

“So…Snow White?” Dean asked. He moved Cas around on the bed to make him more comfortable. He sat beside him, hand on his shoulder. The angel looked so peaceful like that, the slow rise and fall of his chest.

“You know how that ends, right? True love’s kiss?” Sam shrugged at him.

“Really, Sammy? Come on. We probably just need to torch the book and he’ll snap out of it.”

Sam leaned over Cas and pressed his lips to the sleeping angel’s. Nothing happened. Dean’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “What? Worth a try. I mean, I love him. Not love love but he’s family.”

Dean felt a twinge. Jealousy? Sam just planted one on Cas like it was no big deal. Right in front of him. He wanted to try. He needed to try. He huffed out the breath he’d been holding and bent over Cas. He cupped the side of his face and tenderly brushed his lips to Cas’.

A ripple of energy went through the room and dark, full lashes fluttered open to reveal impossibly blue eyes. Dean stayed frozen, unable to pull away.

“I’ll be damned…” Sam said. “Guys?”

Dean went for another kiss and this time a hand slipped behind his neck. Cas was kissing him back. When they broke apart Dean gasped for breath. “It worked.”

“What worked? What happened?” Cas asked. He still had a hand on Dean. Did he imagine what transpired between them?

“You ate a cursed pie and went to sleep. The curse was broken by true love’s kiss, Dean’s kiss.” Sam explained. “I’m gonna just go and look for the enchanted storybook. You guys probably wanna talk…so…yeah.” Sam walked out of the motel room.

Dean and Cas stared quietly at each other for awhile till Dean broke the silence. “Guess I’m your Prince Charming, huh?”

What I want to happen for 11x23

Dean watches wearily as Lucifer smirks at him through the face of Cas, “It’s been fun,” he sighs, “But, this meat suit is a little crowded.”

Sam’s grip on Dean’s arm tightens and they watch as Lucifer leaves Cas’s body into the other vessel they’d found. Cas blinks and Dean watches as he starts to realize where he is.

Then Cas’s eyes find Dean’s.


And Dean breaks free of Sam’s hold to run toward the angel, catching him just as his legs give out. His breath is short and a little panicked, and Dean feels his own hands shaking as he holds Cas in his arms. 

“Cas.” Dean says brokenly, voice barely above a whisper.

The angel lets out a ragged breath and his head lolls against Dean’s shoulder. He pulls back and cups Cas’s face, looking for any sign of injury or deterioration of the vessel or-


“Shut up.” Dean says, avoiding him, knowing that if he did meet those blue eyes, the tears that threatened to spill over right now would surely fall, “Just let me-”


Dean swallows and looks up and sees the saddest looking pair of blue eyes staring back at him. He didn’t know how much he’d miss that ridiculously deep voice saying his name. Each time there was a different emotion laced in the word, it was caring or dismissing or annoyance, but it was never…this.

“I’m sorry.” he says, his eyes ashamed and his body weak, “This is all my fault.”

Dean’s brow is furrows and he can’t understand why Cas would think that, because he figured out a long time ago that this was on him; because he treated Cas like dirt after 8 years of sacrificing and resurrecting. 

“Shut up,” Dean says, his thumb brushing over Cas’s delicate cheekbone, and how did he still look like this after having Satan himself for a roommate, “Don’t apologize.”


“Cas, I’m so happy you’re here right now I could-” Dean breathes out and cracks a weary smile, “I could kiss you right now.”

He doesn’t expect Cas to look up at him with almost…hope in his eyes, and then he whispers brokenly, nearly at a whine, “Please.”

And Dean doesn’t think, he just leans forward with a cracked smile and kisses his angel because it’s what he wants. He doesn’t expect his eyes to slip shut at Cas presses forward, and he doesn’t expect for it to feel so right. It shouldn’t, kissing an angel, but this is Cas, and Cas is his; he always has been. Ever since he raised his ass from perdition, Cas has been his, even if he didn’t know it yet, even if he didn’t feel it yet. 

Cas’s hand is shaking as it grabs onto Dean’s jacket, and he tilts his head, almost hungry for it, kissing Dean like he’s never kissing anyone before. Dean’s head is spinning but Cas feels good and he’s here, he’s with Dean, and he’s safe

They break apart when Dean hears someone clearing their throat, and he looks up to see Sam pointedly not looking at them with a red face, “We-uh, kind of have the world to save so…whenever you two are done.”

Dean just glares at him until Sam gets the point and walks back to the car. He turns back to Cas and swallows thickly because, yeah that just happened. “Do you think-do you think you can walk?”

Cas nods and Dean helps him up, starting to walk with him awkwardly towards the car. Halfway there, Dean flinches when he feels Cas’s hand slip into his, and he looks over to see Cas staring at him just like he would any other day, “This is what couples do.” he says simply, and continues walking like he didn’t just declare themselves something more. 

Dean has to admit that okay, it feels a little okay, and then he realizes he’s smiling when he gets to the car and catches a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the Impala. Cas opens the door to the back and slips in natural as ever, and when Dean shuts his door, nothing is different except for the lingering feel of the angel’s lips pressed against his. 

my dudes, this is amazing

so in the scene where Ellie dramatically shows up at Hardy’s house at 2 in the morning, they are shown doing their classic “2 halves of a whole” pose, where they each take half the frame, and Ellie is dressed in her characteristic orange while Hardy is in his contrasting blue. Business as usual.

BUT - have a look at what’s placed in the negative space between them

that is an honest-to-God blue and orange deck chair with interlocking stripes

and just one more thing I noticed in this scene, Hardy has two identical mirrors on the inside of his house, and they frame it like so:

Hardy has a mirror on either side of him, and one of them sits on his left shoulder. Miller is framed within it, little more than a blur of orange, and she hovers there like she’s his shoulder angel, and like she’s actually in his home


get to know me [1/20] parings ✧ sethkate (from dusk till dawn); “i always felt throughout the first season, kate was like seth’s conscious…whatever shred of innocence or morality that this guy had or respect for innocence–and you know, you see it a lot, these small glimpses of an instinct to protect or to right a wrong or a slight, even stupid one liners by sex machine–seth will step in or anytime she’s in danger, he’ll step in. he’s always checking richie to make sure that she’s protected. he doesn’t know her from anyone when he meets her, but in my mind, she was his, the angel on his shoulder, you know, the thing that ignited the better part of seth.”

Zen 1 : After The Show [Part 2]

part 1 : here

You wakes up and see the face silvered-hair guy in front of you. He hugged you in his sleep. You tucked some silver hair strands that covering his beautiful face and slipped it behind his ear. Slowly – without waking him up – you get up from the bed and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. You tied your hair up and turn on the music from your phone while humming yourself. Shortly after, Zen wake up and washed up. He came out from a bathroom and walked toward you.

“Morning, sleepy head,” you said. He smiled at you and give you a peck on your cheeks. He hugged you from the back with his head leaning on your shoulder.

“Morning, Angel~” he replied and suddenly kissed your neck. You startled and turn around.

“I’m cooking right now, Zenny. Don’t do that or else you’ll get hurt,” you threatened him, but instead, he kissed your lips. “Z-zen..” he silenced you with another kiss. His left hand grabbed you and his right hand trying to turn off the stove behind you. He put down the spatula that you held and pulled you closer. His tongue swirling around yours and then he broke off the kiss.

“Zen, you have to get ready to work aren’t you?” you asked as soon as your lips free from his.

“Nope, the shooting for today got canceled,” he answered while lifting you up on the kitchen counter and leaning towards you. He grasped your chin, tilting it down and kissed your lips tenderly. Then he moved to your ears – letting his breath tickling you there – and he whispered, “Now, can I continue?”

You nodded and put your hands around his neck. He kissed your ear, tugging it a little bit and moved to your neck. He kissed you there, sucking it and bite it a little – leaving a red mark there. You bite your lips as you feel a pleasure from your neck. You grab his silver hair and buried your face in his neck. His fragrance – a mixture of his shampoo, his soap, and little bit cigarette smell – you love that. He moved away from your neck, back to your lips. When his lips barely touching yours, he stopped and smirked.

He teasing me.

“I’m sorry. Because you tying your hair up and exposed your neck in front me, the beast inside me breaks out. I think I can’t hold it back. Will you be okay?” he whispered with rasped voice. You giggled and cupped his cheek before you kissed him. He brushed his tongue on your lips, tracing the outline with his tongue, makes you open your mouth, allowing his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. His lips still have cigarette smell – he must be smoking inside bathroom – but you love that smell. He took off his lips from yours.

“This is my coffee right?” he asked as he grabs the cup of coffee that you made this morning. You nodded. He takes a sip and passes it into your mouth with a kissed. “How’s coffee today?” he teased with a mischievous grin. He chuckled when he sees your cheek and ear become redden.

He kissed you again. On lips, to your ear, to your jaw, your neck, and your chest. His hand makes a move down there. His finger running above your thigh, tickling you there but bring you a pleasure simultaneously. He looked at you with his red-pupil-eye, asked for permission. You know what he means and you give him a permission with a nod.

He unbuttoned your shirt slowly and then kissed your shoulders. His breath tickling your skin and makes you shuddered. He moved down to your chest and kissed you there then he stop on your waist and kissed you there lightly. He pulled down his pants and took off his shirt. Now, he naked. You can see his six-packed abs with white skin. Beautiful. He brushed his hands against your skin, moving along with every curve of your body, gently.

“You have the most beautiful body, Angel,” he whispered in your ear, praised you. He kissed your neck and mumbled, “But I love your neck the most, your lips and something down there,” he said seductively.

His breath brushed your neck, gave a chill there. Zen love your neck. That’s why he never gave you permission to tied up your hair. Because he can’t hold his desire every time he saw your neck. And because your neck is one of the most sensitive parts of yours.

“Z-zen.. s-stop.,” you begged. Your body feels like burning inside. Your head feels dizzy and unconsciously you already pushed your thigh together. Your breath become faster. He put his finger on your panties and brushed it against your most sensitive part gently. You closed your eyes, pulled his hair and slipped out a moan. He silenced you with a kiss.

“You already wet down there, Angel,” he teased you with a smirked.

“It’s because you’re too tempting and sexy, Hyun-ssi,” you replied seductively. He carried you while you wrapping your leg around his waist. He brings you into his laps without releasing his lips from yours. You wrapped your hands around his necks. His lips like ecstasy. Addictive.

“Wanna do it right now, Angel? Are you ready?” he asked. This is why you love this guy so much. He always asks for permission every time he wants to do something to you. Polite, gentle, sexy. He still there, waiting for your permission.

“I’m ready,” you answered softly. He smiled at you warmly and kissed your lips gently. He grabbed your waist, lifted it and pulling down slowly. You can feel his hardened thing inside you.

“Are you ok, Angel?” he asked again. You nodded and smiled at him. he pumped you up and down slowly. He setting a pace with you and slowly pump it harder.

“Ah~ Z-zenny..” you cried out his name in the midst of your moan.

“Y-yes, Angel?” he replied. “You’re so beautiful. With your sweat and the dim light. You’re shining, Angel,” he praised you as he pumped you faster. You digging your fingers into his shoulders while he biting your collarbone and kissed your breast. He raked your hair gently. His hand stroked your nub along with his pumped.

“Z-zen. H-hyun-ssi.. Oh~” you moaned louder than before. He groaned and moaned loudly. Calling out your name.

“Oh~ A-angel…” he kissed you, sucking your bottom lips and mastered your tongue in it. He swirling, sucking, and biting your lips. And you can’t hold it longer. You moaned loudly, calling out his name.

“I wanna come, Z-zen..” you moaned.

“Me too, Angel. Let’s finish it together,” he replied. Your feet feels hot and tingly, then it creeps up your leg, making your core twitching. Your body unconsciously make an arch back as you feel a little explosion down there – from inside your core and from his thing. You can feel the hot liquid filled in your core.

“That was awesome, Angel,” he praised you then hugged you tightly. He kissed you again when suddenly the door alarm rang. You both startled and spontaneously moved away from each other. “Damn, who’s coming this early morning?” he swore, annoyed. You trying to stand up but too exhausted. You’re going limp but he catches you before you fall and lifted you up then put you in the bed. After that, he runs to the door to see who’s coming.

“Zen~ We’re coming!” someone shouted from behind the door. Zen paused at the door, his eyes fixed at the monitor and then he turn around and walked to you.

“Who’s that?”

“Luciel. And Yoosung. And Jumin. And Jaehee,” he said plainly. His face shows that he annoyed with it. You giggling and kissed him.

“No problem. Let them in. But first, let’s tidy up fist. Ok, darl?” said you. He nodded and helped you tidying up the room. You wear your clothes quickly and fixed your hair. Zen still pouted.

They always come at the perfect time.

You opened the door and see 3 guys and a girl there, smiled at you brightly. Zen showed up behind you with his annoyed face.

“Did we disturb you?” Luciel asked. Knowing Zen will answer it honestly, you grabbed his hands and answered, “No, we just doing movie marathon last night. Let’s get in,”

They walked into Zen’s house, leaving you and Zen behind when suddenly he steal the kiss. You both chuckled and walked into the house hand-in-hand.


Not alone//Daryl Dixon

Summary: Merle has been away in prison for the past year, and Daryl was doing better than expected. Cleaned up his attitude, got a job and a solid girlfriend. But when Merle comes back, Daryls’ attitude comes back and he ends up leaving a good thing behind.

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

Daryl had picked up y/n after work, took her out to dinner. While they were out, Merle had returned from prison. He returned home, of course, but Daryl wasn’t informed of his return. 

When Merle first left, it felt like the end of the world, like he had no meaning anymore. But then things looked up, he got a job, doing legal things. He had gotten himself a girlfriend and overall became a better person. Merle was like the devil sitting on his left shoulder, overpowering the angel on his right. But with him gone, the angel could speak.

He walked into his house and saw a figure on the sofa and panicked. He pushed y/n back outside the door.

“Hello?” Daryl called out cautiously.

“Baby brother, about time ya come home! What were ya, out at the strip club, at the bar since 9?” Merle said with a laugh as he turned around.

“Daryl?” Y/n asked hearing it wasn’t an intruder.

“Who’s that? A floosy ya brought home for the night? Don’t be shy, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind two of us”

“Daryl, is it him?” She asked connecting the dots.

His brother was locked up, he was a jerk, and Daryl wasn’t jumping to kill this guy in his house. It was Merle.

“Wanna go to your place tonight?” Daryl asked her.

“Let me see the girl, god dammit” Merle joked.

“She’s my girlfriend, would ya shut up now?”

“Don’t make her leave, let her in. I’ll keep my meth mouth shut”

“Just go straight to my room and I’ll be right behind you” He whispered to her.

“I’m not scared, Dar-”

“I am” He cut her off.

She shook her head and walked past Merle and to Daryl’s room. She looked behind herself to see Daryl was flipping off Merle and continued on his way to her.

She got inside and he followed, closing the door behind him. 

“What the hell are you afraid of?” She asked him.

“That he’s gonna take away all this progress I’ve made. My job, my clean act and you”

“If you’re expecting it, then you can avoid it, Daryl. Try” 

“I can try, for you”

Days went by and he was already changing. Started with the way he would talk, more degrading towards women and became more racist. He got fired from his job after a fight due to a race issue. He started drinking more and everything was just falling apart.

One morning she woke up and could overhear the two talking. She stood by the kitchen, out of sight but close enough to hear everything.

“The hell ya doin having a woman tellin ya how to live?” Merle asked.

“I don’t know man, I guess I’m just pussy whipped”

“Fuck yeah you are! It’s easier without commitment, no one tellin ya what to do. Leave the bitch and move on”

“Merle, I-”

Saying he was pussy whipped was one thing, easy to fake. But leaving her, that wasn’t something he could fake without losing her for real. From her end, it was real. If they were something real, there wouldn’t have been hesitation.

She turned around and packed her bags. Daryl walked into the room and saw her.

“Y/n, what are you doing?” Daryl asked.

“Sorry I’ve got you pussy whipped. I’ll relieve you of your duties and let you go back to the destructive path you were on before me” She snapped back.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it. He just means a lit to me, and he’s my brother-”

“And I’m your girlfriend! Do I not mean anything?”

“That’s not what I meant” He ran a hand through his hair, not realizing what he was saying.

“Then what do you mean?”

She left the room and walked past Merle. She ran down the steps of the apartment complex and outside. When she got out there a woman grabbed onto her, screaming. She panicked and didn’t know what was happening.

“Slow down! W-what’s wrong?” She asked, dropping her bags.

“Get out of here! Save yourself” She screamed.

Suddenly the woman was violently ripped of her by another human, a chunk ripped out of their face. Meth was one thing, but this was something different, worse. The woman fell underneath him and was torn apart herself.

Y/n was pulled back into the complex, she screamed fearing she was next. It was only Daryl. He followed her to bring her back, but now he saved her life. He ran back up the steps with her behind him and locked his door.

“I know we ain’t of good terms, but whatever is goin on out there we can’t face alone”

live for the fight (when it’s all that you got)

“My name is Keith. I am your guardian angel,” Keith says, drawing his shoulders up high. The shadows paint large wings upon the wall behind his back. “And I am here to tell you to stop being such a fucking trainwreck.”


Keith has a flawless record as a guardian angel. Lance is a walking disaster who hasn’t had a lucky day all his life. Keith will keep both Lance and his record alive if it kills him.

chapter eight


get to know me meme | [4/10] ships: kate fuller & seth gecko

“I always felt throughout the first season, Kate was like seth’s conscious…whatever shred of innocence or morality that this guy had or respect for innocence–and you know, you see it a lot, these small glimpses of an instinct to protect or to right a wrong or a slight, even stupid one liners by Sex Machine–Seth will step in or anytime she’s in danger, he’ll step in. he’s always checking Richie to make sure that she’s protected. he doesn’t know her from anyone when he meets her, but in my mind, she was his, the angel on his shoulder, you know, the thing that ignited the better part of Seth.”

Oh Castiel - Lucifer x reader

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[A/N]: Well, I have no idea where this came from and it might be my first ever legit post on Tumblr, so… heh. 

Based off the imagines: Imagine being able to see Lucifer’s wings (AKA: being his soulmate) + Imagine Lucifer hugging you with his wings + Imagine finding out that Lucifer is possessing Castiel 



Oh Castiel~” You sung with a silly smile as you made your way to the sound of the angel rummaging through texts in the bunkers library. Slinging an arm around the surprised angel’s neck, you kissed his cheek with a slight titter at his taken-aback expression. It had become your personal mission to wrench emotional responses from the former seraph, loving the obliviousness of Castiel.

Catching sight of something white and shiny behind the angel, you stood on your tip-toes and peered over his shoulder before backtracking violently and letting the angel-blade strapped to your forearm slide into your hand. Your body sunk into a defensive pose Castiel had taught you as your eyes raked over the vessel of the angel you had come to see as a brother.

“Who the hell are you?” You hissed, angrily clenching the blade in your hand, kicking yourself for not seeing the huge luminous white wings that flared out behind whichever angel this was. How the hell had you missed them in the first place?

“What are you speaking of, Y/N, are you alright?” The faked concern only fueled your anger but you knew better than to attempt to engage him in battle, there wasn’t a chance in heaven or hell that you’d be able to defeat an angel without a plan. You took a step back from the angel when he took one forward, making a motion to reach out to you.

Not Castiel, your instincts were screaming at you.

“Stay away from me, angel.” You warned and that’s when whatever charade the angel had been keeping up faded, leaving a mocking smirk staring back at you, looking so wrong on Jimmy Novak’s face that something clicked in your mind.

“Oh but dear Y/N, you were so enthused earlier.” The angel’s eyes narrowed in smug victory as you backed away from him even further. Throwing his arms out in an overly theatrical motion, he pouted (pouted!) “Can I have another hug?” He asked, silver tongue dripping with faux-innocence as he tilted his head in a mock-replica of Castiel’s usual behavior.

“Lucifer…” The distinct dread in your voice stretched the angels grin even further, revealing rows of perfectly white teeth. His glowing wings arching high in satisfaction.

“Bingo! Now there’s just the little question of how you knew it was me…” He was still grinning as you backed into a wall, your head tilted up to stare into his glowing blue eyes as he hovered over you menacingly. “Care to share?” The archangel purred, voice dangerously low as he focused solely on the tiny woman at his mercy, and wasn’t she a delicious-looking little human.

You stared at the expanse of sleek shiny feathers over his shoulder before looking back into his eyes. The motion didn’t go unnoticed by the angel and his hand came up to trace his fingertips up your arm in a gentle motion that surprised you. Lucifer’s eyes were conflicted with a mix of hopeful and apprehensive when he stared down at you.

Could it be? Had his father truly?

Somehow, you had lost the angel blade in your mad-scramble to get away from the looming archangel and now you had zero line of defense that didn’t involve pissing the heavenly being off beyond bounds and that was hardly something you wanted to do in your current situation.

“I-I… Your wings.” You choked out as Lucifer’s fingers settled around your delicate throat. He wasn’t squeezing, just resting his hand there in a gesture that was usually reserved for lovers. You attempted to press further into the wall, away from the angel, noticing that his wings seemed to droop just a tiny bit at the motion.

Releasing your throat, he snaked his hand around your waist, yanking you from the wall and pressing you into his frame almost violently. Fear coiled in your chest; you were completely at the mercy of the devil.

Heh, if your parents could see you now…

A low whimper escaped your throat as Lucifer treaded his fingers in your hair, tugging at it lightly to make you tilt your head back and look up at him. You were breathing heavily as you looked up at him, from fear or desire, you didn’t know. Perhaps even a bit of both. The way he pressed against you awakened a primitive part of you that hadn’t been active in a very long time. It was just your luck, really, to feel like this for the darkest of the angels.

“So you can see them hmm? What a curious little thing you are…” He trailed off and your breath mingled as one when he leaned down just a bit, his wings curling in around you, encasing you and him in a glowing cocoon of warmth and light.

The malicious intent on his face had vanished, replaced with a fragile blossom of hope and affection. It was almost as if he’d found a missing part of himself. You didn’t know just how correct that observation was.

Nonetheless, Lucifer wouldn’t be letting go of you anytime soon, having always believed that his soulmate had been slaughtered by his father all those millennia ago, when he’d first rebelled. It had been the most devastating price to pay, even more so than his time in the cage. It had very nearly broken him, that his father had taken away that one creation that would love Lucifer with all their heart.

But to have found you in a human… That was a surprise, especially when you were a hunter associating with the Winchesters. And yet, when he gazed down at you reverently, he couldn’t find it in himself to question the decision.

Now, only to convince you to accept him…



I want a fic where Cas is a beleaguered public defender who gets the Winchesters as his next case and for the first time ever believes his clients truly are innocent.

How could they not be? Dean, the older one, so earnest and honest, so utterly protective of his younger brother, and Sam, so knowledgable about the law and how it works, he helps Cas build their case.

They win, of course, and Dean insists they all go out to celebrate.

Cas wakes up the next morning, bound and gagged in the back seat of the Impala as Dean looks over his shoulder and grins.

“Morning, Angel.”

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Dark and anti as tattoo artists???

oooh, i like it!!

i feel like anti would be the one who has tons of them; not necessarily something like a tattoo sleeve, but he’d have a bunch on his arms and a few running down his sides. anti deals with a lot more smaller tattoos that are quick and easy to work on. he probably owns the shop as well. 

dark doesn’t have very many, or any at all. he’s very precise about his work and doesn’t mind spending hours giving customers what they want. but if dark had to have a tattoo, i think some black wings of sorts (whether it be angel wings or some sort of skeletal wings) on his shoulder blades would be cool! 💛