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13 reasons why orange is the new pride (;

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(occasional-wott-bros) Osha: I like that cool butterfly cape thing you have! Wanna play a game with me?

Oh dear, I’m glad you like my cape! And I’m really flattered for the invitation, but I doubt a grown-up like me would be any fun to play with…

I could introduce you my little sister, though! Her name is Leah and she’ll be visiting for a while. She’s in need of someone to play with since I’ve been a bit busy… ;v;  
Leah has a little accent, but hopefully you guys will get along well!


I wrote this at 1am in my phone notes

Sana knocked quietly on Elias’s open door. He was sitting in his room, engrossed in editing one of his ridiculous YouTube videos him and the boys made. Sana padded quietly into his room, shoving aside open notebooks on languages and Arabic dialects. She slid next to Elias on his bed and watched over his shoulder as he edited some random challenge him and the boys tried. She’d never tell him, but she enjoyed watching how at ease they were with one another. They were themselves and had fun together. She envied it a bit.
“do you have Norwegian friends?”
“… what do you mean?”
“I don’t know I just… all my friends are Norwegian. And they say things or give me looks sometimes. And I know they don’t mean anything by it, but it’s hard. It’s not like the people on the street or tram. Do you have Norwegian friends that do that? What do you do? ”
Elias is quiet for a little while.
“I had Norwegian buddies in high school, yeah. But we were more friends because we had classes together or whatever. Now that I’ve graduated I really only talk with the guys.”
Sana thinks about Jamilla. The looks Vilde’s given her when her call to prayer goes off. Isak saying she should tolerate ignorant questions and comments. You’re so lucky you don’t have to experience heartbreak…
She shakes out of her head. “Mhm?”
“What do they say?”
Sana notices he’d stopped editing and was watching her think.
“Nothing terrible. Nothing I can’t handle.”
“You shouldn’t have to handle-”
“I know I know. I can’t do anything about it and neither can you,” she snaps.
Elias slowly puts an arm around her shoulders.
“If they ever, and I mean EVER, say anything racist or islamophobic, you shut them down, yeah? Inshallah, they never do, they should be your friends. But promise me you won’t stay quiet. We both know how much of a flame you can be, never feel bad for standing up for yourself. Okay?”
Sana bites her lip but smiles a little. “Yeah.”
“And if they ever say anything to you in front of me, wallah! I will take them down, Sana!” Elias smirks and hits her arm playfully.
Sana laughs and stays a little longer, looking at his Arabic notes and the patterns of his prayer mat on the floor while he edits. Elias can be a pain in the ass but he always knows how to make her feel safe and loved.


ok this isnt a perfect “draw it again meme” bc i dont feel like painting the new one rn but i think it rly shows how my styles changed in just three months!! which is cool!!

i’m writing mc/maxwell fic rn and i cant stop thinking of hamilton’s “satisfied” fitting maxwell’s feelings towards mc?? like he’s attracted to mc initially, but then turns and sees liam’s face and liam is h e l p l e s s

so maxwell asks mc to be his competitor so he could set her up with liam (and so he gets to keep mc’s eyes in his life, even if she isn’t his)

Literally anyone: *breathes*

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