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You have to understand when it hurt to love her, it hurt the way the light hurts your eyes in the middle of the night… but I had to see.
—  Andrea Gibson

You smell the gunpowder and you see the blood—you know what that means? It means you’re alive. You’ve won. You take the heads so that you don’t ever forget. You kill or you die.

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i think it would be very upsetting if andrea and michonne were together and then andrea would basically leave her for a dude. still it would have been amazing :(

I mean obviously all of this is way AU given that the show made the idiotic decision to give Andrea her S3 arc and then kill her. However, in my ideal world Andrea would be alive, which would mean that she and Michonne would be together and Andrea just … wouldn’t leave! For a man or any other reason.

God, I shipped it so hard. :/

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hi nerd u deserve all them followers <3 so technically its a poem,, but Maybe I Need You by Andrea Gibson leaves me Shook every tim e klahdanfakndfnsl i cry ( psa the only reason im being nice to u is bc u reached such an awesomesauce follower goal and ilu )

idk it,,, but if you love it it has to be really fucking good

also. fuck you.

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i’m just comparing these photos and wondering what the hell is going on with their hair. i mean, look at norwegians hair and then germans. why norwegians are so straight when germans are not?

We talked about this…whether the Governor was a psycho or not, Michonne kind of wanted Andrea to herself.  And it could have been the perfect town and Michonne still would have been like ‘I don’t like it here.’ Because Michonne was still, at that point, someone that didn’t really want to be part of a community. She was happy alone in the woods with Andrea, and she just didn’t like this whole like…she wanted to just keep moving…The fight between Andrea and Michonne, it wasn’t about the Governor.  Ever.  It was about her wanting to leave and Andrea wanting to stay.

Do you think that Michonne kind of coming out of her shell was a result of Andrea dying?

Well, yeah, because she…first of all we healed that entire situation, and I’m so glad that they reshot my ending because I should’ve died with Michonne.  She was my best friend.  She was my love.  You know, and my heart.  And, you know, Michonne knew that once Andrea was gone that she needed to be part of the group to survive.  So she did have to make changes and then, you know, and then she got really close with the group.

—  Laurie Holden
She's mine - Shawn Mendes imagine

Requested by jayskittlesmcguiness

Shawn POV
“Hey, hottie.” Jack greeted Andrea, which isn’t a very appropriate way. I scoffed to myself and gave Jack a look. The guys knew I liked Andrea but they didn’t care. 24/7 they would do things like flirt with her and touch her inappropriately and it’ll drive me crazy.
I sat here for a good 45 minutes listening to everyone flirt with her. Nash about him taking her out for a ‘good time’. Johnson about her butt and everyone just having her in the bed. They knew I was growing aggravated because of my facial expressions. But the one person who didn’t notice was Andrea. She blushed at most comments and cursed the boys out at the others.
I was getting ready to leave when Andrea had stopped me. “Hey shawn wh-” she was cut off by Taylor pulling her into a kiss. I was beyond heated. “You’re such a dick bro. Get off her. Don’t touch her. She’s mine.” I pushed taylor off Andrea and pulled her behind me. “The hell. Don’t do that again. Any of you. Don’t touch her like she’s trash. She’s my girlfriend.” I yelled at the guys but it didn’t phase them cause they were laughing at me. “I’m your girlfriend?” She asked. Oh shit I didn’t mean to say that. I blushed and looked down. ” well no. But I’d like you to be.” She grinned and kissed my cheek. “I do love to be.” She smiled so widen I thought I’d melt. The guys begin cheering and screaming that their plan worked. I flipped them off. I was happy I got the girl.

Guys you request anything. My ask is open.
Watch Bernie Sanders help save reporter Andrea Mitchell from a ‘dangerous situation’

After leaving the debate stage on Tuesday evening, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) helped shield MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell from a crush of cameramen that nearly knocked her down as they sought to get him on video.

The incident occurred in a hallway just outside the spin room at the Wynn Las Vegas, where candidates and their surrogates spoke to the press following the Democratic presidential debate.

Sanders, who has been gaining on frontrunner Hillary Clinton in national and state polls, had one of the most talked-about moments of the evening when he declared that the public has had “enough” with relentless coverage of the scandal over Clinton’s email use. In the wake of his debate performance, Sanders’ arrival in the spin room led to a near-stampede as reporters and cameramen rushed over to speak to him. The pack of press followed him as he walked out of the spin room.

Yahoo News was standing right behind Sanders as the human surge began to knock Mitchell off balance. Sanders threw his hands out and pushed the crowd away as he shouted for people to move back. As the crowd began to part he reached over to Mitchell, who was still regaining her footing.

“You all right?” Sanders asked. “Are you OK?”

After checking in with Mitchell, Sanders continued admonishing the crowd to move back.

“All right! You know, excuse me! Please move back! You’ve almost injured —” Sanders said before trailing off and turning back to Mitchell.

“Are you all right?” he asked again.

“Yeah,” Mitchell confirmed. “I’m OK.”

Sanders continued to wave his hands and urge the crowd to back up.

“All right now! Stop it!” he declared. “Will the cameras slow it down?”

Sanders then reached out and touched Mitchell’s shoulder. Seemingly relieved, she took a deep breath.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” Mitchell said. “That was a dangerous situation. I apologize.”

Sanders waved off Mitchell’s apology. She went on to describe the incident as a “terrible situation.”

“You don’t apologize. These people,” he said trailing off and pointing to the surrounding crowd.

He then proceeded to grant Mitchell an interview. She began by acknowledging the huge crowd Sanders brought into the spin room.

“There’s a lesson in this,” Mitchell said to Sanders. “Obviously, you did very well. You’ve been on fire tonight.”


Jae-Woon Dongbang, who is thoroughly relaxed. Some say by yoga, some say by smoking muckleberry leaves.

Andreas Navarone, who just farted. Hopefully no one will notice it.*

Gerrit Demeulemeester, who wrote The Gay Agenda Colouring Book.

Rhys Llewellyn, who has the same hair stylist as Andreas.**


* His facial expression cracks me up. BTW I love that denim shirt from the kitchen stuff! Looking fashionable in the kitchen is essential.

**I wrote “hairy stylist” by mistake at first, and now I wanna create a super hairy hair stylist.

Cindy Roleder of Germany, Isabelle Pedersen of Norway, Alina Talay of Belarus, Serita Solomon of Great Britain, Nooralotta Neziri of Finland, Lucy Hatton of Great Britain, Hanna Plotitsyna of Ukraine, Andrea Ivancevic of Croatia leave the blocks at the start of the Women’s 60m hurdles final at the 2015 European Athletics Indoor Championships. Photograph: Ian Walton/Getty Images