and andrea

Daniela’s relationship with every single character is fascinating, if not to observe in canon for lack of time, to think about.

Daniela and Pete. She calls him Petie. Can you imagine him going to the salon to hang out and he’s got zero excuse to go there since he’s a baldie, but Dani is always interested in his hobbies and passions and respects him and his individuality?

Daniela and Usnavi. Shameless fic rec: Two business owners facing gentrification, both loving their island, she cuddles him at the end of Carnaval del Barrio, she’s so happy for him to go back. Momboss even to him. Bless.

Daniela and the Piragua guy. Only person who is immediately into her launching Carnaval. Two middle-aged Puerto Ricans who love PR and grew up there, two joyful, lighthearted people with a strong head on their shoulders. Also both facing gentrification.

Daniela and Claudia. Two mom figures to a helpless nerd in love. Probably share Vansnavi headcanons together while drinking liters of coffee and looking at baby pictures of Usnavi.

Daniela and Kevin. Also both from Puerto Rico. Kevin probably brags to her about Nina all the time and Daniela probably promotes the Rosarios car service to all customers.

Daniela and Camila. Oh my god can you even imagine these two interacting, seriously? Super assertive Puerto Rican women, both so proud of Nina, of their own hard work. Probably Camila’s go-to place to talk shit about Kevin too tbh.

Daniela and Carla. I’m sorry did you mean, soulmates? Daniela probably only lets Carla touch her hair. She teaches her everything she knows. She WILL fight anyone who looks at her wrong.

Daniela and Sonny. Her little tiny dance partner who worships her. Spoils him crazy. Probably is his venting place when he’s upset by Usnavi and goes to pinch Usnavi’s ear and tell him to be nice to his little cuz or else.

Daniela and Benny. Relentless tease. Cannot stop teasing him, but secretly has a huge soft spot for him. Would adopt him if she could.

Daniela and Vanessa. Did you mean, actual mother and daughter? So similar, assertive, confident, take no bullshit, but also so different, Daniela so exuberant, Van so private. Probably pat each other’s shoulder awkwardly to say “I love you”.

Daniela and Nina. Aka, proud member of the Nina Rosario Fan Club. Probably taught her Spanish, and everything she knows about Puerto Rico. Used to give her THE BEST manis so all the other kids were jealous. Strong Benina shipper.

Daniela deserves all the love and all her relationships are incredible.