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aww,thank you as well for being such a ray of sunshine; your answer only strenghtens what i said before,and i feel you tbh,so many people have said "you dont really love da unless you hate it" and im like "what"I dont think ive ever adored a game franchise this much!people are so critical and quick to jump to call something problematic or wrong;i wonder what they are even able to enjoy

I genuinely don’t understand that way of thinking. Yes, there are things that can be improved upon in the game and storyline, but the story and characters don’t belong to us (despite the vehement arguments going around that try imply otherwise 🙄). I could never hate Dragon Age. It doesn’t make sense for me to devote my time to something I hate either.

I think some of that boils down to people feeling lonely or wanting attention, because negative attention is still attention and banding with a hate group is easier (and takes less work) than to put effort into something positive and constructive.

And you can love DA despite those people! No one owns DA except Bioware, and while Bioware unjustly receives their “fair share” of hate (and then some), THEY will NEVER tell you that in order to be a true fan or to really love their story, you must hate it.

That’s just a totally negative, and frankly unhealthy way of thinking. I don’t need to hate anything to truly love it and neither should you or anyone else. We can all be respectful and considerate of others (like there are some ships that I don’t enjoy, so I blacklist them on here, but I don’t hate them or think they shouldn’t be shipped, because hell yeah ship them alll dayyy errdayy if that’s what someone wants), and I can still be kind to those people who absolutely love them.

The majority of us are all here because we’ve come together with a similar interest, and we can all be thoughtful and respectful. And should anyone ever make you feel unwelcome or like you have no right to be in the fandom because you “don’t hate the game enough to love it” (like whaaaat?! 😂), come hang out with me, my mutuals, and followers because we’re all positive and uplifting people who enjoy drooling over the rich environment and characters that the Bioware people shared with us. 😊😊😘😘

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"I just like making people uncomfortable. Makes me feel better" Scriddler, I feel like Jon would say this at some point

Ask and ye shall receive!! xx

“I just like making people uncomfortable,” Jonathan confessed, pouring himself a small mug of coffee as his expression remained unrepentant, “because it makes me feel better and I do not need any further justification than that. Fear is my power.”

“Wait,” Edward feigned confusion as he tilted his head, “What did you say? You LIKE making people feel uncomfortable? What?!”

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@mblay-and-company ask and ye shall receive my child.

So my second/firstish playthrough of Moon I went up against Guzma for the first time in Malie garden and absolutely WRECKED his shit with Pom Pom. I’ve heard so many people complain that Guzma is hard to battle, and I take down homeboy in five seconds. I really liked his Golisopod however, and decided I wanted one for myself but I didn’t know how to get one.

I get onto google and find out where you can catch Wimpod at each location, and I set out for my quest to obtain a golisopod. After wondering for two hours how the fuck I’m supposed to catch it (it kept hiding in its hidey hole) I finally googled again and saw you use Taurus to catch it. So I tried again, almost crushed wimpod under Tauros’ feet, and caught Gazpacho quickly with a Quick Ball. (His nickname came from the Mammoth guy from Chowder, I was watching the DVD at the time.)

Fast forward to Gazpacho growing due to my EXP share, and soon he becomes this hulking Goliath looking mo fucker with Ice Type moves (him and Clove become my dragon slayers). I was killing bitches left and right with him, and eventually learn I need to go to Po Town to rescue that damn Yungoose. Fast forward again to Guzma’s battle and he sends out Golisopod. Naturally, Gazpacho is at the head of the team. Waiting for this moment.

Gazpacho immediately opens with first impressions, and with a huge fucking WHAM the likes of which has never been seen outside of a D.C. Comic fucking KO’s Guzma’s bitch ass Golisopod on the first hit. I could literally here the bridge of “This is Gospel” playing slowly in the distance as Guzma’s pokemon dropped down to 0 HP in a second.

Gazpacho is my strong Bebe and I love him.

- London🤓

“What I find interesting, deputy, is that you have all this to say about magic, and yet you still leave your daughter with me every afternoon without fail.” Stiles drummed his fingers on the counter. “My only conclusion is that even if you hate magic, you must trust me on some level.”

Derek cleared his throat and looked away. “Amy likes Jack. And my boss gave you a good recommendation, for some unfathomable reason.”

“Your boss is my father. Of course he’s going to give me a good recommendation.” Stiles pulled out little pouches of powder and poured them into a set of a dozen vials sitting out on the counter. “So come on, Hale. What is it? Is it the magic you hate, or me?”

Both. I hate magic, and I hate what you’re doing to me. Derek realized his fists were clenched, and he shoved them into the pockets of his uniform. He couldn’t admit any of that to Stiles, though, not without admitting to…other things. Things he wasn’t acknowledging now or ever.

A Wild Heart’s Desire by @mad-madam-m

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Eey could you recommend me some podcasts?

My friend I could recommend you many podcasts! Seeing as I don’t know what you’re particularly looking for I’m going to separate them into rough groups :)

Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list and there are DEFINITELY crossovers. If you want more info on any let me know and I’ll go more in depth!

- Inkwyrm
- Wolf 359
- The Penumbra Podcast
- EOS 10
- The Strange Case of Starship Iris
- The Bright Sessions
- ars Paradoxica
- Hush
- MarsCorp
- LifeAfter
- SubverCity Transmit
- Within the Wires
- The Elysium Project
- You Are Here
- Radiation World
- Sayer
- Space Log
- Adventures of MechaBetty
- Our Fair City

- The Shadowvane Podcast
- Archive 81
- Small Town Horror
- The Magnus Archives
- Mabel
- We’re Alive
- The NoSleep Podcast
- The Lift
- The Deep Vault
- Spines
- Darkest Night
- The Meat Blockade
- Help Me
- Sable

Surreal Shit
- The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
- Welcome to Night Vale
- The Bridge
- Uncanny County
- Greater Boston
- Return Home
- Alice isn’t Dead
- Charlie’s Mailbox
- The Behemoth
- The Alexandria Archives

- Tales of THATTOWN
- Kakos Industries
- King Falls AM
- Wooden Overcoats
- The Rogue’s Gallery
- Supervillain Corner
- Spire
- Qwerpline
- Thrilling Adventure Hour

Journalists Getting into Trouble
- Rabbits
- The Black Tapes
- Passage
- Drywater
- Tanis
- Augustine
- The Tunnels Podcast
- Limetown

The Future is Fucked
- Rover Red
- Liberty: Critical Research
- Freed

- Astonishing Legends
- The Night Time Podcast
- Bizarre States
- Myths and Legends
- Anything Ghost Show
- Lore
- Flash Forward
- The Generation Why Podcast
- Detective
- The Mythology Podcast
- Strange Podcast
- Unexplained
- Stuff to Blow your Mind
- Mysterious Universe

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Hey! I've seen you use a brush a few times in your streams that makes 'hollow' lines, what on earth is it? It looks so useful, It's been driving me crazy!

Sorry it took so long to get to this, Anon! 

Basically this all came about because I am LAZY and will find shortcuts for EVERYTHING if I can. Like detail work. 

HOLLOW LINES: For when you wanna look like you put effort into your details without actually putting the effort in:

So the way I get the “hollow” lines in Clip Studio/Manga Studio is with the “border effect” tool! (A similar effect can be used in Photoshop by using “outer glow” if you play with the settings!)

It’ll be found to the far right, just above “Layers” (or at least it is for me!)

That lil circle-sucker right there. 

You can change the thickness of the outline and even the color of it!

For this, my “edge color” is black. You can then just scribble whatever you want, color it however you want, etc etc.

I often use it for super quick detail work. LOTS OF SWIRLS! 

I hope that helps! 

EDIT (for you Photoshop people!): 

Thank you, @badaxefamily!

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I just got trapped in your page and I just need more billdip because your billdip art is really good and no one draws billdip anymore I love you okay bye sorry

I’m sorry you got trapped on my page but I’m glad you enjoyed it at least and thank you so much for your compliments I love you too here have this even if it’s kinda late okay bye

“Don’t you DARE talk to me about GROSS, Dipper I-Haven’t-Taken-A-Shower-In-A-Month Pines!”

Ask and ye shall receive!

what if Evan followed Conner and stopped him from killing himself? then they got together…. (sorry i’m tree bros trash)

((Don’t worry I am too))

“Fuck this, I’m outta here.” Connor crumpled the paper into his pocket and ran out of the library. Evan stuffed his laptop in his backpack and dashed out after Connor.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Connor!” Evan yelled, running to the student parking lot to see Connor crying, leaning against the tree. “What are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you want, Hansen? You want more dirt on me to let people know I’m crazy? Well here’s the biggest piece of information I have–” he took out a pocket knife and held the blade to his arm. Evan’s eyes widened.

“Woah woah woah hey, wait!” He struggled, but managed to pull Connor’s arm away from the blade. Connor was weak, letting out wracking sobs.

“No one cares, no one would blink a fucking eye if I were gone.” Connor threw down the knife. “Everything’s always about Zoe. How perfect she is, how wonderful she is. Nothing I do ever matters.” He covered his face, falling down to the ground. Evan burned red from embarrassment.

“I didn’t–I don’t. I didn’t write the letter because you were in the library. I wrote the letter for therapy. They’re supposed to be little pep talks. Dear Evan Hansen, today’s gonna be a good day and here’s why. Zoe’s someone I look up to because she’s in jazz band and she’s pretty, yeah. But don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if you were gone.” Evan said. The two were in Bio together and made snarky remarks about the teacher to each other. “B-before you say anything, I know how it feels to think that no one would care if you were gone.”

Connor sniffed. “You do?”

“How do you think I got this cast?” Evan stumbled over his words.

“You fell out of a tree, I got it. The saddest thing I’ve ever heard.” Connor winced at how snarky the comeback came out.

“No. I climbed a tree, a really, really tall tree.” Evan breathed in a laugh. “I looked down, and I let go. I wanted to die, but I have this six week reminder and scars all down my left side that I survived.”

“I-I’m sorry..” Connor said after a moment of silence. Evan shrugged, wiping away a tear.

“It’s in the past, I guess.” Evan whispered. “I don’t think you’re crazy.”

“You don’t?”

“Why would I? I’m the one taking medicine up the ass, and I fell out of a tree.” Evan laughed, making Connor chuckle. “I got some mad splinters though. Hey, if you can answer the door, we can order in a movie and a pizza, I don’t want you being alone tonight.”

“Oh you don’t have to–”

“I insist.” Evan grinned. “I can help you with your English, and we can watch something funny to keep your spirits up.”

Connor was already glad Evan helped make him decide to stay.


Ok guys, ask and ye shall receive! This was SO MUCH FUN. Have included the image on its own so you can see all the details! Please observe how the list of charges becomes increasingly more absurd as it gets smaller~

Dedicated, for all your participation in this now life-consuming AU, to: @fireflyfish@forcearama@lurkingcrow @albaparthenicevelut @bodirooks @writegowrite @resistancepilots​ 💕💕💕

Also credit to redheadstock over on DeviantArt for the great brushes I used on the poster.

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Please make Interviews & Rec an ongoing thing.

I think I can accommodate that request…

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get this: a fic where lance was chosen to lead voltron by black, even though Shiro said he wanted keith to lead. The whole team gets into a fight over it, and Lance ends up leaving to save them time, but when he does, black makes the team go get him. good idea???? idk i just wanna see it in a oneshot

Ask and ye shall receive! Hope you like it!!
“Why.” Slice. “Won’t” Punch. “You.” Kick. “Open?!” Keith staggered back from Black’s raised barrier, taking in ragged breaths. Pidge furrowed her brows, palms pressed against the barrier. “Why won’t Black open to Keith? Shiro said he wanted him to lead Voltron. Why won’t he listen?” Keith raised his bayard over his head and with a yell, struck the barrier again. Nothing happened. Hunk stepped forward, peering up at the Lion. “Maybe it doesn’t want Keith to be their pilot. But if that’s the case…who do they want?” “I don’t know, but it’s really pissing me off!” Keith fumed. Lance, who had been unnaturally quiet, stepped up to the Lion’s barrier. “Calm down, Mullet. Maybe you’re just not being nice enough.” With that, Lance brought his knuckles to the barrier and simply knocked, just as he had with Blue. A pause. Then the barrier began to fall until there was nothing between the Lion and the other Paladins. “No fucking way…” Kieth turned around, face red. “You?! It wants you?! Are you serious, is this a fucking joke?!” Keith turned toward the lion and pointed his finger. “You’re messing with us, right? You honestly want Lance, out of all of us?!” Keith was answered with silence. Pidge paved back and forth. “Surely something must be wrong. For Black to chose Lance over all of us, especially Allura and Coran?” Hunk ran his fingers through his hair. “Oh man. This is bad. Keith, just try to calm down, alright?” “I AM CALM!!” Lance’s breath got caught in his throat. This was all too much. He never asked for this. Didn’t want it if he was honest with himself. How could he lead Voltron? He couldn’t even get his team to stop arguing and fighting. “I-I have to go.” The team didn’t hear him, even when Lance got into Blue and sped off to escape the fighting. The other continued to argue until a loud roar cut them off. Their mouth snapped shut and they slowly turned to the Black Lion, who eyes had come to life. A deep voice filled their heads. *Stop acting like children. Stop this foolish nonsense. It’s time to act like defenders of the universe.* Black roared once again, causing the remaining Lions to come alive. *Bring me back my Paladin.*