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So during a stream a few nights ago, @maikamaika and @canadiangold thought it would be cool if there was some more Lan Fan fanart out there. Well ask, and ye shall receive! I hope you guys like it! (I used a reference from her character design - idk if by Studio Bones or Arakawa - and colored by hand and in photoshop!) 

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Point is, witchcraft vs chaote superiority is kind of ridiculous both ways, making this a gendered thing is pretty antiquated. Quit dragging down other women and telling them they have internal misogyny bc they prefer chaos magic over witchcraft like holy shit, all these practices are meant to be utilized by whatever the individual prefers, what, do witches think that women are shilling themselves out by being chaotes?? Are they trying to claim that female chaotes can't think for themselves??

she literally asked chaotes to fight her, of course we made fun of that post. Ask and ye shall receive, y’know? Calling it dudebro magick is particularly egregious though because of the massive contributions that women and LGBT people have made to the practice and erasing that is really fucking misogynistic and heterosexist. The fact that many chaos magick groups have been using neo- and gender neutral pronouns since the fucking 90s  alone should be a tip off to the overwhelming presence of LGBT people and women. 

Really every single aspect of that speaks to stunning level of ignorance - from erasing women and LGBT chaotes to claiming we use neither ritual nor emotion to acting like the fact that chaos magick explicitly and intentionally synthesizes a myriad of traditions is some sort of gotcha. It’s frustrating and a bit sad but i suppose ignorance never stopped anyone from running their mouth


“What I find interesting, deputy, is that you have all this to say about magic, and yet you still leave your daughter with me every afternoon without fail.” Stiles drummed his fingers on the counter. “My only conclusion is that even if you hate magic, you must trust me on some level.”

Derek cleared his throat and looked away. “Amy likes Jack. And my boss gave you a good recommendation, for some unfathomable reason.”

“Your boss is my father. Of course he’s going to give me a good recommendation.” Stiles pulled out little pouches of powder and poured them into a set of a dozen vials sitting out on the counter. “So come on, Hale. What is it? Is it the magic you hate, or me?”

Both. I hate magic, and I hate what you’re doing to me. Derek realized his fists were clenched, and he shoved them into the pockets of his uniform. He couldn’t admit any of that to Stiles, though, not without admitting to…other things. Things he wasn’t acknowledging now or ever.

A Wild Heart’s Desire by @mad-madam-m

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Eey could you recommend me some podcasts?

My friend I could recommend you many podcasts! Seeing as I don’t know what you’re particularly looking for I’m going to separate them into rough groups :)

Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list and there are DEFINITELY crossovers. If you want more info on any let me know and I’ll go more in depth!

- Inkwyrm
- Wolf 359
- The Penumbra Podcast
- EOS 10
- The Strange Case of Starship Iris
- The Bright Sessions
- ars Paradoxica
- Hush
- MarsCorp
- LifeAfter
- SubverCity Transmit
- Within the Wires
- The Elysium Project
- You Are Here
- Radiation World
- Sayer
- Space Log
- Adventures of MechaBetty
- Our Fair City

- The Shadowvane Podcast
- Archive 81
- Small Town Horror
- The Magnus Archives
- Mabel
- We’re Alive
- The NoSleep Podcast
- The Lift
- The Deep Vault
- Spines
- Darkest Night
- The Meat Blockade
- Help Me
- Sable

Surreal Shit
- The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
- Welcome to Night Vale
- The Bridge
- Uncanny County
- Greater Boston
- Return Home
- Alice isn’t Dead
- Charlie’s Mailbox
- The Behemoth
- The Alexandria Archives

- Tales of THATTOWN
- Kakos Industries
- King Falls AM
- Wooden Overcoats
- The Rogue’s Gallery
- Supervillain Corner
- Spire
- Qwerpline
- Thrilling Adventure Hour

Journalists Getting into Trouble
- Rabbits
- The Black Tapes
- Passage
- Drywater
- Tanis
- Augustine
- The Tunnels Podcast
- Limetown

The Future is Fucked
- Rover Red
- Liberty: Critical Research
- Freed

- Astonishing Legends
- The Night Time Podcast
- Bizarre States
- Myths and Legends
- Anything Ghost Show
- Lore
- Flash Forward
- The Generation Why Podcast
- Detective
- The Mythology Podcast
- Strange Podcast
- Unexplained
- Stuff to Blow your Mind
- Mysterious Universe

How Magic Works

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These are just some of many different theories about how spells work. For anybody who really enjoys “magical theory” like I do or is looking for validation that there’s something to all these weird spells! None of these serve to discredit magic, but rather add a deeper level of understanding to it. The success of a spell could be credited to more than one of these, or something else entirely!

  • Law of Attraction. Basically, the idea that you attract what you focus on. A popular example is focusing on the color red, and seeing how much red is around you that you didn’t notice before. This is most effective for spells involving personal matters and success, by formally opening your eyes to details and opportunities you may have missed otherwise. 
  • The Placebo Effect. It’s a proven fact that our bodies can heal ourselves merely by belief that what we’re doing helps! This can extend beyond health spells to things like confidence, performance ability, and other things that aim at personal improvement. The placebo effect may be all that spell needs to be successful ( and it wouldn’t have happened without the spell!)
  • Direct cause/effect. Something about the spell and the way it was cast directly affects the outcome. Example: a sigil designed for protection, when looked at, serves as a constant visual reminder that you are protected, subconsciously strengthening your wards.
  • Science/chemistry. This is most true for kitchen witchery and herbalism. Chamomile, lavender, and other herbs aren’t corresponded with calmness and sleep for nothing… they’re made up of chemicals that have been scientifically proven to calm the nerves and aid in sleep!
  • Quantum physics. There’s a phrase called “Quantum Woo,” where people use quantum physics (often incorrectly) to explain any type of magical thinking or practice. While the ultimate theory behind quantum physics was recently disproven, the discoveries made through research still hold true. Basically, we know particles behave differently when observed, and our energies can effect this. We just don’t know why that is. This is the baseline behind a lot of energy work.
  • Divine string pulling. Ask and ye shall receive. This is where we depart from the physical to the spiritual side of magic. Many people do magic by appealing to divine forces, Mother Earth, God(s), the Universe, whatever you want to call it. This could be with an offering, a ceremony, or even just bedside prayer. The divine force hears the request, and grants it by affecting change and “pulling strings” to cause the desired outcome.
  • Spiritual string pulling. Very similar to the previous point, but with entities that are not worshipped or seen as divine. Many believe that spirits can still affect change “behind the scenes.” A spirit worker may make a deal with a spirit for luck or protection, or someone may ask their ancestors for good fortune and health.
  • Personal string pulling. Instead of asking an outside entity, this is the idea that we, as the practitioner, pull the strings. This is most seen through the “cone of energy” method of casting, where we raise a lot of concentrated energy and intent in a space, then release it all at once to do its thing. You also see it with sympathetic magic, where by doing something to a poppet, we actively affect that change on the target. No middle man included.

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Hi! Do you already know what drawing you’ll post next an when? Also if you take requests rn can you draw them holding hands? Or just being super soft in general?

hello! next drawing i’ll post is right now. in fact, it’s your request :^)

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So how would Kravitz had reacted if he had actually killed Taako?

Did you really want this? Did you really?

Shoutout to @hahanoiwont for helping me develop this idea. This is your fault, Jared.

“Hey, death man,” says a familiar voice over his shoulder. “We match - now I’m a dead man, get it?” 

Kravitz freezes and looks up, slowly. “Oh shit,” says Taako, drifting into view. He folds himself parallel to the ground, waves a hand in front of his own face, then grins at Kravitz. It feels roughly like being stabbed. “Check this, rabbit, I’m in two places at once, no spell slots required!” 

Taako seems utterly unbothered by the scythe buried in his chest. Centuries of being a Reaper inform Kravitz that within moments, Taako’s portal to the Astral Plane will open and that will be it, he’ll be dead and lost to the swirling sea, and for one ridiculous moment, Kravitz longs to press Taako against his chest and refuse to let him go. 

“I’m so sorry,” he says bleakly, still kneeling in the snow.

“Huh?” Taako’s ears perk up before his face does. “Oh, no, Krav, don’t pull that shit on me, it wasn’t you and you know it.” 

Kravitz laughs at that, sharp and hard. He can’t help it. It was no less him than the weapon used to take Taako’s life was his. He buries his face in his hands. Kravitz can remember, in bits and pieces, how Taako scrambled away from him, fear in his eyes, against a tree, broken and bleeding and panting and afraid - 

He laughs, because he can do nothing else. 

Behind him, with a quiet rip, a portal between planes tears open. Taako digs his heels into the metaphorical ground and pulls himself toward Kravitz. Kravitz stumbles to his feet and back, newborn heart pounding, then pulls Taako tight against him, both of them resisting the Astral Plane’s call. “’s okay,” Taako says into his shoulder. “Not like it’s the first time I’ve died, Krav. It’s not too bad. ‘Sides, you’ve got a home in the Astral Plane, right, bubbeleh? It’s just a little change in zip code. No big.” 

No big, Taako says, because he doesn’t get it - for him, Death is temporary. A visitor to drop by, whose hand to shake, before letting go and returning to life. He doesn’t understand what this will do to the people he loves, the people he will leave behind. He doesn’t understand what his death will do to Kravitz.

Kravitz understands, in a flash of clarity, that he cannot allow Taako to die. 

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Hey! I've seen you use a brush a few times in your streams that makes 'hollow' lines, what on earth is it? It looks so useful, It's been driving me crazy!

Sorry it took so long to get to this, Anon! 

Basically this all came about because I am LAZY and will find shortcuts for EVERYTHING if I can. Like detail work. 

HOLLOW LINES: For when you wanna look like you put effort into your details without actually putting the effort in:

So the way I get the “hollow” lines in Clip Studio/Manga Studio is with the “border effect” tool! (A similar effect can be used in Photoshop by using “outer glow” if you play with the settings!)

It’ll be found to the far right, just above “Layers” (or at least it is for me!)

That lil circle-sucker right there. 

You can change the thickness of the outline and even the color of it!

For this, my “edge color” is black. You can then just scribble whatever you want, color it however you want, etc etc.

I often use it for super quick detail work. LOTS OF SWIRLS! 

I hope that helps! 

EDIT (for you Photoshop people!): 

Thank you, @badaxefamily!

(( OOC: Remus and Sirius needed a reunion scene after the Price of War. I think it would have gone something like this. ))


Remus fumbled with his keys; foreign and metal in hands still smeared with blood and dirt. An old shoulder injury throbbed as he used it to force the front door open – swollen shut by rain and weeks of abandonment. He squeezed into the narrow hallway and kicked the door closed behind him, sealing it with as many protective wards as he could remember. His wand hand shook, magical atrophy from weeks of disuse all too clear.

It still shook as he pressed the tip of his wand to the throat of the stranger sat at his kitchen table.

“Welcome back.”

With a sharp wave of his wand, Remus turned on the lights. Momentarily blinded, he willed the animal in his chest to stop snarling and blinked at the stranger.

“What the fuck, Sirius?”

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