and and she looks so gorgeous * *

“I hear you caught yourself a siren.”

Victor groaned, dropping his head onto the bar with a heavy ‘thunk.’ He did not look up, dramatic in his exaggeration as he sighed into folded arms. His glass of beer rocked precariously, knocked by the sudden movement. “How does everyone know?”

“Sara said she saw you in the port market with one last time your crew came in,” Minako replied, saving the beer glass from toppling and spilling all over her floor.

“How did what a siren looks like suddenly become such common knowledge?” Victor muttered. He had never truly known until he had first seen Yuuri and understood what he was. Without his feathers and wings, Yuuri looked ordinary enough. Unfairly gorgeous, but Victor always wondered if his personal bias influenced that. Perhaps he would need to purchase Yuuri gloves to hide his arm markings, though they would appear simply as tattoos to anyone unaware.

“She said the whole market heard him speak. That it was like hearing all your desires promised to you in a single word,” Minako explained. When Victor glanced up, she smirked in accomplishment. “So it’s true?”

“We can neither confirm nor deny such allegations,” Chris chimed in, patting his companion on the back. “Safer that way. Victor has had enough excitement with his new… crew mate.”

Minako laughed, throwing her head back. “Wait, are you– Don’t tell me the great Victor Nikiforov has fallen for a siren?”

Chris pointedly arched an eyebrow, smiling into his drink.

“Really! A siren?!”

“How could I not?” Victor said, sighing like a lovesick fool. “He’s so beautiful… Hypothetically.”

“How do you even have sex, if he’s– you know?” Voice hushed, Minako leaned in, curious.

“If he’s what?” Victor asked, brows furrowed. “Male?”

“No, I’ve been around enough years to know how that goes. Hasn’t he got… fins?”

Victor sat up, mouth twisting into a frown. “What, no, he’s got wings– Why does everyone think he’s a mermaid? He’s not a mermaid.”

“Sorry, merman?” Minako corrected, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, it’s mermaid,” Chris cut in firmly. When both heads turned to him, he cleared his throat. “They prefer mermaid, for both sexes. Said merman sounds too butch and that some cultures consider mermen far more vicious and unattractive. Plus everyone already says mermaids, so it’s better.”

Minako blinked. Victor chuckled. “Been chatting with Phichit?”

“I’m allowed to live a life outside the kitchen,” Chris defended, smirking. “Unlike your murderbird, he makes for pleasant conversation.”

Victor glared. Chris laughed.

Minako simply took a step back. “I don’t think I need to know anymore about what’s going on with your crew, Nikiforov. Sirens, mermaids. What’s next, harpies?”

Both Chris and Victor bristled, hastily waving off her words.

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Your favorite Sarah hairstyle?¿ (personally mine is her bangs from like last year)

ohh yeah, that was a good style, she suits bangs. Idk which one would be my favorite! I’m a big fan of most of her short hair looks

I think this look miiiight be my favorite though

you know when she chopped it and started lightening, I love her with dark dark hair. But she still looks gorgeous today and I am a little bit in love with her current style!

especially when its more natural like the last pic, she suits it so much i’m jealous

Is no one gonna mention how she references joe as a man and the others as boys… cause I’m living for it


While I was reading celebrity fashion disasters I saw a picture of Eva Longoria (not this one lol) and did a double-take because I thought she looked exactly like Eva from Hero! I know celebrity!Eva is much older than hero!Eva, but I think the former definitely has the same gorgeous smile and hairstyle! Also, celebrity!Eva is Mexican-American.

I think I’m late and I’ve lost track of what day is for what, but yes, here’s my entry to #HeroWeek! @toglidethroughlife @kenjkats @faded-hero Thanks for hosting this!

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I have a crush on my coworker. She's a gorgeous, freckled, redheaded, chubby, bespectacled, bisexual gal, and she makes work so much fun. We've been talking every day, and the other day at work (we work in a grocery store) she was telling me that no one has ever gotten her flowers before, so on my break, I picked out a bouquet of sunflowers for her, and when I gave it to her, the look on her face was so precious. I don't think she likes me back, but I hope she enjoyed the flowers.

That’s so sweet! It’s nice to have crushes and enjoy the fact that the person makes you happy sometimes even if they don’t like you back, and I think we should all remember that. I’m happy you two have each other as work friends! 

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I want to know more about operation get Sanada a girlfriend!

You all are gonna force me to make him commit aren’t you? It goes against every fiber of my being to do this

Bushi doesn’t know how to quit. He is bound and determined to get Sanada coupled up

After much trial and error he finds a keeper.

She has her own money so Sanada won’t accuse her of being a gold digger

She’s gorgeous so Sanada can’t say she isn’t up to his standards

She wears nothing but the finest designers so he can’t say she makes him look bad by how she dresses

She’s a bit of a snob like him but gets along with all of the LIJ guys so the excuse that she’s a bitch to his friends is out the window

Her tastes are every bit as extravagant as Sanada’s so they have that in common as well

And she loves sex as much as he does and is very good at it so no complaints there

Finally Sanada must concede defeat and accept that Bushi has found the perfect girl for him

Bushi sits back like the cat that ate the canary as he watches them cuddling on the couch

Ok I hate to be that annoying person but apart from all the cute potato pics we’ve spotted so far.. here are a few other suggestions I made. Maybe they’re bullshit, but here’s what I think… his gorgeous face of course…

why does this look like a beautiful naked back to me? It looks like she’s laying on her belly, her head resting on the pillow? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s looks like her dark blonde hair.. 

Is that a British flag?