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The Breakfast Club - Kevin Trapp

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Did anyone even like breakfast? It’s the meal that signals that your day has started and you’ve actually got to own up to adult responsibilities. Ugh

It didn’t even surprise Alisa when her boyfriend Kevin revealed that he loved breakfast and breakfast days; they disagreed on everything. Kevin loved getting up early to make the most of his day and Alisa liked to stay in bed for as long as possible, Kevin loved night outs in clubs and Alisa preferred having a classy mean and taking a nice stroll through the local park.

Kevin Trapp was a romantic guy, he loved planning dates and surprising his girlfriend with little gifts. Cute right? Alisa thought so, but not when he proposed the idea of a breakfast date. And that’s how they ended up in their favourite cafe at the ridiculous, at least it was to Alisa, time of 7am. 

Kevin Trapp was munching contently on his breakfast bar while Alisa sipped her coffee, black with 4 sugars, and stared at her boyfriend un-amused. Kevin caught sight of his girlfriend’s stare and laughed.

“I’m guessing when I won’t be getting any tonight?” He smirked and Alisa smirked at her boyfriend sarcastically. 

“One week.” She said simply. Kevin almost choked on his breakfast bar.

“One week?!” He spluttered. Alisa nodded simply, sipping her coffee again. Kevin loved nothing more than being with his girlfriend in every single way and she was his ultimate weakness. Her work uniform, a simple blouse and pencil skirt, drove him crazy as it accentuated her body perfectly. “Babe, isn’t that a bit drastic? You’re not just punishing me, you’re punishing yourself.”

Alisa laughed. “Really Kevin? You’re the one who can’t resist me remember? And this is payback for making me leave my oh-so-comfy bed and brave the cold to watch you eat your breakfast.” She shrugged and continued to sip her coffee. 

Kevin groaned and turned on the charm that had won his girlfriend over when they first met, which ironically was in the early morning in the park when they were both running (yes Alisa could be athletic, on rare occasions).

“Babe please?” This earned another head shake.”I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Alisa smirked and Kevin was already regretting his words.


“Ok. You’ve got to take me home right now and drink one of my smoothies.” Kevin’s eyes widened. Alisa was notorious for making gross looking smoothies for her breakfast and Kevin gagged at them every time he saw them. 

Kevin attempted to protest but his girlfriend’s unimpressed look shut him up and he nodded reluctantly. Alisa clapped her hands with glee and downed her coffee quickly, getting up and holding her hand out for her boyfriend to take. 

What Kevin had intended as a cute breakfast date had ended in a ban, a half eaten breakfast bar and a promise of trying a disgusting smoothie.