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I like that (2) - Anything for you, baby girl (FP Jones-Riverdale)

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Summary: Y/N’s Jughead’s friend who works at Pop’s where  FP Jones saves her from a creepy fratboy and that intrigues her.

Summary for part two: Y/N gets a surprise visit from FP at work, and things get a bit heated.  (Somehow smut-ish)

It  was a couple of minutes past 5 AM when Y/N was finished with her sower and all she could do was throw herself in to her bed with her hair still dripping wet but she didn’t care, it had been a long day and all she wanted to do was sleep. Soon she was embraced by soft hands of slumber.

At exactly 7:00 AM her alarm clock went off, making her open her eyes and her hand automatically hit the clock making it shut up.

Y/N jumped out of bead and stretched yawning, as she made her way to her window throwing open the blinded, being greeted by the warm sun rays making their way in to her room.

She grabbed her phone and put on some music before walking in to the bathroom and doing her make up. About 20 minutes later she walked back to her room now with a warm brown eye shadow and a sharp cat eyeliner paired with a soft red, bearably visible lipstick. 

“Hmm,” She tapped her chin as she looked in to her closed and decided on a pair of blue high wasted and  ripped skinny jeans and a white Ramones t shit, tied off at her waist, finishing the outfit off with a small black back pack and black high heal ankle boots.

Nodding herself in the mirror she smiled before making her way downstairs. Where she made some eggs for herself and her mother that greeted her just as the clock on the wall read 7:50 AM.

“Thank you, honey.” The woman, still in her pajamas yawned.

“Buon appetite.” Y/N said as she kissed her mothers forehead. Before starting to eat her own breakfast, thinking about what a mess her mother has been ever since the divorce. She still remembered what a strong and powerful woman she used to be when Y/N was a little girl. But now, it’s almost sad to see her. She works as a secretary for some big company a little outside of town. She worked 6 hours a day, leaving it up to her daughter to work up enough money for both of them to live a normal life.

Y/N let out a sight as her mother stood up and walked over to the living room and turned on the TV, leaving her empty plate on  the table. The younger girl, like every morning picked her and her mothers plate before washing it and walking out of the house a bit after 8:10 AM.

Walking in to her first class of the day about 25 minutes late (like usual) she smiled her sweetest smile at her professor “I apologies, Miss Blake.” And quietly make her way to her usual seat in the middle of the class in between Jughead and Veronica.

“Again?” Veronica whisper-yelled, still stunned at the fact that her friend somehow always broke the rules but never got in trouble.

“We don’t all have cars to get to school on time.’‘  Y/N whispered back with a wink.

’'Why don’t you wake up sooner then?”

“Because your mum likes to be late.” She giggled, “And i get home at 5 AM most of the nights.”

“I really don’t understand how you’re this happy after two hours of sleep.” Jughead joined the girl’s whispered conversation.


After waiting that all the kids walk out Y/N made her way to Miss Blake’s table with a small note that she wrote during her class and signed as her mother, which some new excuse why she was late again.

“This will have to  end.” Miss Blake said looking up at the girl in front of her.

“Yes, ma'am.” The girl smiled before waking out of the classroom, without waiting for the professor's  reply.

“That was incredibly badass.” Kevin said, when Y/N passed him and Betty who were waiting for her outside the classroom. “You’re like a total angel one second and then an absolute bad girl the second.” He continued narrating, making both girls roll their eyes.

“Dramatic much?” Y/N said before hooking her arms trough Betty’s and Kevin’s as they made their way.

“It’s in his blood, he can’t help it.” Betty said making them both laugh and Kevin roll his eyes.

“Finally the last class of the day!” Veronica almost yells as the whole gang was walking to their last class that they all had together.

“Yes! Ugh I would do anything for a nap right now.” Y/N said wrapping an arm around Kevin’s waist who quickly mimicked her by slipping his arm around her shoulder letting her lean on to him as they waited outside the classroom for the bell to ring.  “So… Still seeing that cute black haired boy with a serious bad boy vibe?” She smiles up at her friend.

“Mhm, We have a date tonight.” Kevin told the gang proudly.

“Ooo will i have the pleasure of being your waitress?” Y/N smiled, knowing that the usual 'date destination’ in River dale was The Pop’s.

“I don’t know, he said he’s planing it.”

“Aww that’s so cute!!” Veronica joined it, making all of us nod in agreement.

“Well have fun.” Betty said just as the bell rand and all of the teenagers walked in to the classroom and took their seat.

“Juggy, going to Pop’s?” Y/N asked her friend as they walked out of the school, knowing that he’ll probably, like everyday, go to the diner to write his little novel.


“Thank god, then you can carry me, cause I’m half dead.” The girl joked as they started walking.

“Sure.” He said giving her his school bag and lifting her on his back.

“I was kidding!” She giggled, but held on to the boy’s shoulder.

“I know, but you really have been working your ass off so, your lil ass deserves a lil break.” He smiled as she lied her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“FYI my lil ass isn’t that little!” She said proudly.

“I've  noticed.” He said and they both laughed just as they passed a Red truck that seemed very familiar to Y/N. But she just shrugged it off.

About 10 minutes later they could already see The Pop’s in front of them. “Put me down so your arms wont fall off.” Y/N  said tapping her friends head.

“It’s fine really.”

“Put me down mister. Or i will tickle you till we both end up on the ground.” She said, surprised and impressed he even carried her this far.

“Fine fine” He laughed letting her jump off and give him his school bag.

“Have you been working out?” She asked hooking her arm trough his.


“Ooo is there a reason?”

“There’s this girl..”

“Oo Archie?” Y/n said making the boy next to her laugh.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Call it sixth sense.”

“It’s Betty.”

“Really? Does she know?”

“Not yet. But she will, eventually.” He said his stare drifting in to the distance.

“Wow, good job making it emo af.” Y/N said  and both of them laughed again, just as they made it to the diner.

“The usual?” She asked and walked away as soon as he nodded a yes. She changed and brought Juggie his milkshake and fries before leaving him to write his masterpiece.

Once again it was 11 PM again and The Pop’s started to look empty again. This was the first time that day that Y/N could take a little break and actually breath a little. She walked over to one of the bar stools and sat down, letting her mind go back to the night before.

“Did i really do that?” She whispers to herself, and without noticing her fingers touched her lip. She closed her eyes remembering how his lips felt on hers and how his beard felt against her smooth cheek. She could imagine him in front of her, she could feel  his presence next to her, hell, she could almost smell his cologne. Musky, mixed with smoke and alcohol. It felt too real.

She opened her eyes slowly and it took her a second to let them refocus, making her let out a high pitched scream as she saw a figure in front of her.

“Hey, hey, it’s me.” The man in front of her said, gently putting his hand on her tight to calm her down.

“FP?” She finally realized who was in front of her. “Damn you! You scared the living shit out of me!” She said catching her breath as she hit his chest lightly a couple of times making him laugh.

“I waited. Thought you would open your eyes.” He said with a chuckle.

“You could of say Hi, like a normal person.” She said grabbing his  jacket to seem more serious.

“I could but the view was just to pretty to disturb.” He said, that smirk back on his lips. “What were you thinking about? You seemed… Content.”

“Cake.” She lied with a small blush creeping on her cheeks.

“You don’t eat cake.” He said shortly, steeping closer to her, making it difficult for her to focus.

“Damn you for actually paying attention to me when i talk.” She let out a laugh.

“So baby girl, what were you thinking about?” He said using his hand on her thigh to push her legs apart and stepping in between them.

“You.” She said without thinking, his presence and the nickname making her melt in to him.

“What about me?” He pressed again.

“Your lips.” She said, her eyes falling down to his lips, both of her hands now lazily resting on his shoulders.

“Is that so?” He said knowing exactly what he’s doing to her.

“Mhm.” she nodded, biting her lip.

Now it was his turn to be at lost for words and she noticed.

“Have you been thinking about me, FP?” She said in a low tone, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck, letting her fingers play with the ends of his hair.

“You have no idea.” He said as she licked her lip, bringing them closer together. That was it he moved in closer, he couldn’t wait any longer but she pulled away teasingly. “That’s how you gonna play?” He said, amusement in his voice.

“Mhm.” She smiled a vicious smile bringing them closer again, bearably letting their lips touch. She bit his lower lip making him groan and squeeze her thighs needing more of her.

“Duty calls.” She said as she noticed a couple of teenagers about to make their way in to the diner so she quickly pushed FP away before jumping of the stool, hoping that no one realizes what they were doing a second ago.

FP realized what’s going on when the teenagers walked inside and sat down on the stool Y/N was sat on before. 'This girl is gonna be the death of me.’ He thought to himself as he watched her make her way over to the table the kids have now occupated. 

“Hello! What  can I get you guys?” She said effortlessly and all of the teenagers acted like they knew her, which they did, she was friends with literally everyone and that just made  FP more fascinated by her.

“I’ll bring you our order  in a couple of minutes.” She said after chatting with the group for  a while.

Walking behind the bar she sent FP a naughty smile that caused him to rise his eyebrow, wondering what she was thinking. She started making the smoothies the group on the other side of the diner ordered and about 2 minutes later she had two trays full of milkshakes and drinks in her hands which she carried around like it was nothing. 

“Here you go guys.” She smiled as she carefully but easily put the trays down on the table full of people.  “That will be 24 dollars.” She told them and talked them for their money before walking back to the bar.

“Beer?” She asked FP who’s eyes never left her.

“Please.” He nodded and she turned around and reached for the glass on the top shelf (even if there were many more accessible  glasses on the lower shelf but she knew that if she stretched her dress will rise and she knew exactly he would be looking). Grabbing the glass she quickly turned around letting him know she caught him looking at her ass with a wink as she filled his glass with beer and gave it to him with a sweet and innocent smile.

“Here you go.” She put  her elbows on the edge off the bar and let her head rest on her hands as she watched him take a drink of his beer. Her uniform already showing off her cleavage. “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” She started as she undid the top button of her uniform. As they were, thankfully facing away from the teenagers, there is no way they would know what is going on with the two.

“I’m pretty sure it’s you.’'  He said taking another drink of his beer, not even trying to hide where his stare was focused.

’'Damn, you’re probably right.” She said biting her lip as she undid another button.

“Keep doing that, baby girl, and i wont care that there are people here. A man like me only has so much will power.” He said taking one oh her hands in his. From far away this could be mistaken for a gesture of love or even an attempt at being romantic. but no. They both knew it was a gesture of showing dominance.

She wiggled her hand free and spun around getting herself a glass of wine as he drank his  beer, buttoning her buttons shut again with a confident smile on her face.

“So would you be so kind and give me a ride again?” She smiled after they both stayed quiet for a minute or two, letting their eyes do the talking.

“Anything for you, baby girl.” He said, judging by the look in her dark eyes that she wanted a different kind of ride as well.



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I know i know i’m a total tease, i’m sorry (but not really) ;) Let me know what you think. do you want a part 3? any requests, my inbox is open :)

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like i’m gonna lose you, part 2 | jughead x reader

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written by: gaby

edited by: emma

chapter song: remembering sunday // all time low 


sleepless nights were lonelier, walking through the halls felt like a torture chamber and the feeling of numbness continued to wrap around her with familiarity. 

she couldn’t handle the glares and stares of her fellow peers, it was too much.

she never knew that jughead was one to spread rumors. y/n loves jughead. jughead loves betty, its simple. 

she couldn’t change that because of her selfish reasons. 

he meant a lot to her and she promised herself that it wouldn’t change because he’s changed her so much that she couldn’t forget all the good.

she’d still go to school but didn’t have anyone to talk to and no one to walk with. she blended in; just like that. 

she isn’t special anymore since she doesn’t hang out with the core four, she isn’t hated because people hardly know her. she’s lives a normal life. 

whenever betty and jughead walk hand-in-hand, they act as if they were at such a high profile. 

y/n couldn’t do anything to get her friends back but were they ever friends? had it just forced because jughead liked her? who knows, only them.

she couldn’t get it back, he clearly didn’t care so why try? 

whenever she couldn’t sleep, she’d visit her album on her phone with all the picture with jughead. 

she didn’t want to delete the pictures, she didn’t have the heart to. even though she was still so bitter she still loved him. she would probably always love him.

y/n never knew it’d make such an impact on her but it did. tears started flowing involuntarily, she struggled to stop. 

a photo makes catches her eye, clicking to make the picture larger. 

it was a picture of y/n’s arms wrapped around jughead’s torso, her head popping out from behind his back with his beanie messily placed on her head with the both of them smiling genuinely with all their might. 

“jughead, y/n! stop moving so i can take a picture.” veronica scolds the two, chasing each other whilst y/n holds the beanie close to her chest. 

“can i wear it for the picture?” y/n smiles brightly at jughead as he sits up from the ground. 

he lifts himself up from the ground and goes in front of her, “ugh, fine." 

she pouts but wraps her arms around his torso and peep her head out from behind his back.

"they’re so cute.” archie smiles at the two jokingly bickering at one another. 

“i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, they are so endgame.” kevin grins in agreement with archie. 

veronica takes the picture and jughead and y/n’s smiles have never looked so wide and whole.

“thank you for being in my life, jug.”

“it is my pleasure.” he smiled at the girl, leaving a kiss on her forehead.

all these memories gave her all the emotions, anger, sadness and happiness.

she just wanted to talk to him for one last time and to leave in good terms.

looking for his contact, she sees a ‘jughead’ with a heart and a stack of books beside his name and noted she’d eventually have to change it to just jughead.

‘can i speak to you tomorrow, as individuals?’ she sends the risky message, her hands shaking as she drops the phone on her lap.

‘yeah.’ he answers back, facing up at the ceiling with the dim light from his phone reflecting up from beside him. 

the two’s weaknesses were being unable to sleep at night, very rare they slept earlier than 12.


“so?” jughead’s arms are crossed, his eyebrows furrowed at the poor girl fiddling with her fingers.

“i- uh i wanted to say thank you for everything even if we’re not friends or whatever. i really do appreciate everything that we’ve done.” she sadly looks up at him with a smile of defeat on her face.

his expression relaxes, feeling bad for intimidating her, “yeah, me too. even if you caught me in the act, i’m glad you didn’t try to fight me,” he chuckles, sipping on his milkshake, “very civilized.”

she laughs nervously, rubbing her forearm, “thank you for taking the time to speak to me.”

 “it’s nothing,” his phone dings making him fish out his phone, “i gotta go, thank you for your time.” 

and with that, she becomes just another face in the sea of people.


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50 or 60 please xx

I’m gonna go with 60 because I’m not one for angst

60. “Why won’t they just kiss already?”

“Look at those two,” Kevin muttered to Veronica from his seat in her living room. “They’re disgusting.”

Kevin was referring, of course, to Betty and Jughead, who had no shame in getting very cozy on Veronica’s love seat. The gang was enjoying a movie night with The Breakfast Club. Betty was curled into Jughead’s side, head resting on his chest, falling asleep. Jughead had his fingers running through her hair, untangling and retangling the long blonde strands.

“Ugh, I know,” Veronica replied. She had a face that displayed her disgust at the not-couple. “Why won’t they just kiss already?”

“They better get together soon, or I’m going to throw something at them, a la Alice Cooper.”

“Aww look, Betty fell asleep on him,” Veronica whispered. “As annoying as they are, they’re so damn cute. Betty deserves somebody who’ll look after her like Jughead.”

Jughead clearly noticed Betty’s lack of consciousness, as he attempted to surreptitiously drop a soft kiss to the top of her head. Kevin decided he’d had enough.

“Hey, Romeo,” he whisper-shouted, throwing a piece of popcorn at the brooding writer. Jughead’s face looked incredibly sheepish at being caught. “Hurry up and kiss her, you idiot!”

Jughead merely flushed bright red and turned his attention back to the movie.

“I’ve tried that already,” Veronica whispered in Kevin’s ear with her best I-told-you-so voice. “Betty said she’s waiting for him to make a move. She doesn’t want a repeat of Archie, even though Jughead’s completely in love with her, so I’ve been trying to light a fire under him for weeks.”

“Good thinking, what have you done so far?”

“Well, I told him Trev was thinking about asking her out, but he was completely unfazed. Then I sent him to comfort her after one of her panic attacks. He’s the best at calming her down, anyway, so I don’t feel too guilty about using that one. Then I told him Betty wanted an impartial audience to critique her form for our next routine, but Betty wouldn’t do it once I told her it was Jughead.” Veronica finished with a heavy sigh, leaning on Kevin. “Why won’t these beautiful idiots get their shit together?”

“They’ll get there, V, don’t worry,” Kevin reassured her as he patted her arm. “Pretty soon, the sexual tension will suffocate them and they’ll have no choice but to screw each other’s brains out.”

“Oh my god, Kevin I really didn’t need that mental image,” Veronica protested, smacking his shoulder lightly.

“Ugh me neither,” he shuddered. “Especially Jughead.”

Veronica laughed and they turned back to the movie, just in time to watch Molly Ringwald apply lipstick with her cleavage.

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uuuuh can you do the social media thing with Kevin Hayes?

ugh yes wow he is THE PROUDEST BOYFRIEND TO EXIST but also is hilarious so he needs to flame you frequently so theres a lot of like prank videos or like filming you waking up looking like shit in the morning while youre annoyed but also cute things with his family and his niece especially or like cute mini golf dates you guys take a picture and it becomes his thing to post a picture of you in a jersey every football sunday no matter what team and also pictures of you guys together at like every ranger event that exists like hes sTILL posting pictures of you guys on the ice at the winter classic but the very first picture he posts of you is probably like way before youre even dating but he totally likes you and its just like you guys being cute at a party when you were beer pong partners or something 

The Breakfast Club - Kevin Trapp

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Did anyone even like breakfast? It’s the meal that signals that your day has started and you’ve actually got to own up to adult responsibilities. Ugh

It didn’t even surprise Alisa when her boyfriend Kevin revealed that he loved breakfast and breakfast days; they disagreed on everything. Kevin loved getting up early to make the most of his day and Alisa liked to stay in bed for as long as possible, Kevin loved night outs in clubs and Alisa preferred having a classy mean and taking a nice stroll through the local park.

Kevin Trapp was a romantic guy, he loved planning dates and surprising his girlfriend with little gifts. Cute right? Alisa thought so, but not when he proposed the idea of a breakfast date. And that’s how they ended up in their favourite cafe at the ridiculous, at least it was to Alisa, time of 7am. 

Kevin Trapp was munching contently on his breakfast bar while Alisa sipped her coffee, black with 4 sugars, and stared at her boyfriend un-amused. Kevin caught sight of his girlfriend’s stare and laughed.

“I’m guessing when I won’t be getting any tonight?” He smirked and Alisa smirked at her boyfriend sarcastically. 

“One week.” She said simply. Kevin almost choked on his breakfast bar.

“One week?!” He spluttered. Alisa nodded simply, sipping her coffee again. Kevin loved nothing more than being with his girlfriend in every single way and she was his ultimate weakness. Her work uniform, a simple blouse and pencil skirt, drove him crazy as it accentuated her body perfectly. “Babe, isn’t that a bit drastic? You’re not just punishing me, you’re punishing yourself.”

Alisa laughed. “Really Kevin? You’re the one who can’t resist me remember? And this is payback for making me leave my oh-so-comfy bed and brave the cold to watch you eat your breakfast.” She shrugged and continued to sip her coffee. 

Kevin groaned and turned on the charm that had won his girlfriend over when they first met, which ironically was in the early morning in the park when they were both running (yes Alisa could be athletic, on rare occasions).

“Babe please?” This earned another head shake.”I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Alisa smirked and Kevin was already regretting his words.


“Ok. You’ve got to take me home right now and drink one of my smoothies.” Kevin’s eyes widened. Alisa was notorious for making gross looking smoothies for her breakfast and Kevin gagged at them every time he saw them. 

Kevin attempted to protest but his girlfriend’s unimpressed look shut him up and he nodded reluctantly. Alisa clapped her hands with glee and downed her coffee quickly, getting up and holding her hand out for her boyfriend to take. 

What Kevin had intended as a cute breakfast date had ended in a ban, a half eaten breakfast bar and a promise of trying a disgusting smoothie.



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My headcanon is that jimmy ends up dating a celebrity chef, like one who has her own show on food network. And like her show is based on quick/easy meals that look impressive but are actually cheap and an amateur (jimmy) can make. And they probably meet on an episode where she proved that anyone can cook, starring jimmy Kevin and Brady and her and jimmy just totally hit it off. All throughout their relationship she cooks but whenever he really wants to impress her (anniversary, etc) he cooks


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Hiya! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far and you have an amazing year. For the fictional character ask thingy I'm gonna be a real pain and say all of the foxes. But if you only want to do your faves, that's totally cool. I know that's a lot. Have a great day!

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

Hey! You’re not obnoxious at all, I’m extra so I’m going to do all of them lol

Dan: badass and want to marry. I’d say my baby, but she can take care of herself.

Kevin: my baby, hot, want to marry, my favorite

Andrew: badass and favorite

Matt: cute, my baby, want to marry

Aaron: indifferent- I have complicated feelings about aaron that makes him basically even out in the end

Seth: indifferent. He wasn’t in long enough for me to really have an opinion.

Allison: badass and hot

Nicky: cute and my baby

Renee: badass and want to marry

Neil: badass, my baby and favorite



ugh theyre so cute, wading through a sea of lil hands

aw kevin is so cute having a little secret santa. ugh reggie is so fine and douchey. but omfg this is so damn awkward. i’m cheryl lmfao. my poor core four!!!! now archie and betty are together snooping *eye roll* wtf and i’m just so goddamn confused how they have time to do a secret santa at school with the bells ringing and shit and also why the fuck is jughead there and not at southside high god