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obamas still literally part of the reason chelsea manning was imprisoned in the first place. it was activists that pushed him to make the decision. he still treats and has been treating political dissents like shit lmao and has the audacity to list venezuela as a national security threat because of how they treat political dissents. like shut the fuck up. if there wasnt such a push by activists he wouldnt have given a shit. just sayin.


What your father did to you, the choices I had to make.

If you honestly think exposing war crimes is something that should rightfully be punished AND APOLOGIZED FOR you’re fucked up. You view the states UNACCEPTABLE VIOLENCE as righteous and the denunciation of its murder and path of literal terror as a thing that must be destroyed. Go fuck yourselves. You don’t care about what is supposedly “just” and what is supposedly “moral,” you care about the protection of power and violence as long as it is not attacking you yet.

Ghost!Graves headcanons


- Ghost!Graves giving Grindelwald the middle finger as he is captured and taken to the cells. 

- Ghost!Graves wondering what the fuck he’s gonna do now. 

- Ghost!Graves asking if he can still be a teacher to young Aurors. The President accepts. 

- Newt proposing to Graves that he stays with them, at least until Newt gets back to Britain. He accepts. 

- Graves looking longingly at every dish Queenie makes, thinking that he’d really have loved to eat some of that strudel. 

- Ghost!Graves taking matters into his own hands when it comes to Credence. The President owes him a favor, so it’s not difficult to get Credence out of that terrible home and make him a legal adult, paperwork wise. 

- Ghost!Graves looking after Credence wherever he goes, making sure the boy’s not hurt. 

- Ghost!Graves spending a lot of time in Newt’s suitcase. The animals can sense him and seem to like him. It becomes his safe space when he feels like he is going to burst from all the pent up anger, sadness and frustration inside him. 

-Ghost!Graves visiting his father and grandparents and telling them he’s sorry for dying before his time. 

- Ghost!Graves leaving New York with Newt and Credence, and accompanying the young wizards all throughout the five movies. 

-Ghost!Graves spying on Grindelwald and his followers, because he sees and hears what other people don’t. He did get good grades in Stealth at the Auror Exam. 

- Ghost!Graves helping them watch Grindelwald again by any means when the wizard escapes. It’s not like he’s got much to lose, at this point. 

- Ghost!Graves helping during the final battle by unleashing an army of ghosts upon Grindelwald.

- Ghost!Graves chilling in the air, giving advice and sarcastic comments on everything. 

- Ghost!Graves watching as Credence develops into a fine young man and falls in love. 

-Ghost!Graves being named the godfather of Newt and Tina’s first child. 

- Ghost!Graves being called “Uncle Percy!” by the kids 

- Ghost!Graves watching as his father dies and as Newt and Tina and Credence grow old. 


Please stop disrespecting the writers, the show and try to calm down a little thanks

People need to realise that the show nor the writers didn’t owe you an end you wanted for any of the characters (even tho they did leave the actual end pretty open for any interpretation so this amount of outrage confuses me) It’s their story to tell, not yours. But fan fiction is a way to bring your desires to life. I know it would have been great and it would mean a lot to a number of people if they got their favourite characters to represent them, I’d love that too. But the writers stated that it was never where the show was heading, the fandom gave everyone false hope and now people are shitting on the writers for not having something they imagined should happen. How does that make any sense? And I wish it was individuals,but sadly it’s the majority. That’s why I’m posting about it. I understand where your disappointment is coming from but instead of being upset that you couldn’t change this show into something it was never gonna be, try finding shows that give the LGBT+ community the deserved representation. They’re out there. My point is, people should spend their energy on bringing those already existing shows to a greater light, instead of getting pissed that an already established show didn’t change to their demands. I am upset and disappointed about the amount of hate and death threats(??) and shit Mofftiss is getting. Majority of people from the Johnlock community lashed out completely disregarding everything they all worked so hard on so naturally I’m not okay with that. Not liking the episode is obviously fine. Constructive criticism is fine. But there’s a fine line between something actually being horrible and it simply not being what you wanted. The saddest part is there’s so many of negative posts(simply for JL not getting a kissing scene or whatever)that these people actually end up representing the entire fandom. Yikes am I right. Lol no one will read this but it’s okay .

  • one half of my dash: this is it, biggest and worst queerbait of all time, oh clown, etc.
  • me: it's been 130 years, when will we be Allowed to Rest