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BBC - BBC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles - Media Centre
To mark the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles on 1 June 1967, the BBC will celebrate with programmes across radio and TV.

BBC Radio 2 will present two documentary series - Sgt. Pepper Forever and Paul Merton On The Beatles.

Over two programmes, broadcast on 24 May and 31 May, Martin Freeman presents Sgt. Pepper Forever, which will reveal the revolutionary studio techniques used during the remarkable sessions dating from November 1966 to April 1967 and also examine the album’s huge impact on the history of music. They will feature ‘work-in-progress’ versions of Sgt. Pepper tracks - and the songs on the double A-side single Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane, which were also recorded during the sessions - to illustrate the pioneering techniques used by The Beatles and George Martin.

Martin Freeman says: “Sgt. Pepper is the most celebrated album by my favourite band. These documentaries will shed light on how The Beatles, with George Martin, created a piece of work that marked a watershed for what a long playing record could be. It’s my absolute pleasure to help tell you about it.“

Me: *is visibly upset*

Gf: what’s wrong?

Me: nothing.

Me internally: Plankton’s “do instruments of torture count?” question in Band Geeks has been so undeservedly overshadowed by Patrick. Like, that’s some comedy gold, and if it wasn’t for the slightly brighter comedy gold that is “is mayonnaise an instrument?” it would be much more popular. It deserves to be.

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Marching band + Ravenclaw = ???

  • extremely good at the geminio spell despite warnings that ‘it’s illegal to copy this music’
  • you know ravenclaw would be full of people on ridiculous instruments
  • like there’s apparently nobody in the whole house who plays the trombone but it’s full of people playing bloody accordions, harps and bass flutes
  • insisting they get more exercise than the people on the quidditch team
  • place bets on how many times they’re going to be told ‘just one more time’
  • flitwick insists on joining in and he’s so small that they honestly can’t tell if he’s there or if the base drum is being held up by magic
  • hogwarts would have weird ass band uniforms
  • sneak out to practise in an empty classroom and yet can still be heard all around the school

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Hello! I wanted to ask if you know any popular asian-american musician. I realized the only popular artists are bruno mars, hayley kiyoko, and asian american youtubers. Do you know any? (Also, I love your blog! 😊😊😊)

You know I was thinking about posting a question like this on my way to school today because I wish I knew more Asian artists. Especially since our #Music tag is getting redundant.

Run River North recently just performed at SXSW, they’re a AA band that is currently on tour with Rooney. 

US the Duo are a couple that got their rise to fame from Vine and recently had their single ‘No Matter Where You Are’ featured in the film ‘The Book of Life’! They’re also headlining Identity LA - a FREE AAPI music festival in LA produced by Wong Fu Productions & Far East Movement next month 

Dia Frampton is one artist I’ve followed for years. I used to be obsessed with her band Meg & Dia growing up. She came in second place on the first season of The Voice and recently released a new album called ‘Bruises’. She’s been very vocal about age-ism in the music industry and has also recently broken into acting.

Anderson .Paak is an artist I really wanna see live soon. I loved his performance on Ellen earlier this year (his son makes an appearance and it’s very adorable). He’s also in apart of the duo NxWorries. 

Kina Grannis is an artist I’ve been listening to since the 7th grade. She posts a lot of covers on Youtube but you may have heard her songs here and there in ads (most specifically her single ‘Valentine’).

Also tumblr won’t let me post anymore videos but a few other AA artists I know of are Mitski, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, AJ Rafael, Black Eyed Peas, Jessica Sanchez, TRACE, Dumbfounded, Jhene Aiko, and Sophia Black.

Some other Asian artists who aren’t AA that I like are DEAN, Yuna, Swet Shop Boys, Jane Zhang, Jay Park, Naomi Scott, M.I.A., Zayn, and Charli XCX

Please leave suggestions of Asian artists we should check out and post!




“Head and Hands want to join together, but they don’t have the Heart to do it. Oh Mediator, show them the way to each other!”

P.S. I love you. All of you. So much.