and an oc i never draw

So I’ve never done one of those style challenges before and I wanted to try my own hand at it so I picked 4 of my favorite cartoons and attempted to draw Lucy in those styles. :) I think I did pretty well.


It’s hilarious and sad how you people automatically think that me and queenbean03 are the bad guys, and you congrate Jump on doing…. hmmmmm, what exactly? Oh yeah. Acting like a fucking immature 5 yr old. Instantly go on his side cuz “we got butthurt”. Bitch, wtf?!? If the asshole would’ve STAYED IN HIS OWN FUCKING LANE AND NOT DRAW A CREATION FROM A SAFE HOUSER WE WOULDN’T HAVE THIS MESS. QB was trying to protect me, which I’m grateful for. Double check your excuses before you tru to defend yourself. I swear to God, Jump acts like fucking Trump: irresponsible man-baby who acts like he knows everything when really he don’t know shit. No matter what some person gives you a pic of what you thought was a oc DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN GO DRAWING OTHER’S WORK. I DIDN’T AND WOULD NEVER GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO ANYWAY.
The biggest thing is I DO NOT WANT SOMEONE WHO’S A GROWN ADULT MAN WHO DRAWS P-RN OF MINORS EVEN LOOKING AT MY BLOG. I’M A MINOR. That’s all I have to say. Enough said. Oh, and by the way, I WANT him to see this. Don’t tag queenbean, just listen to ME this time.

Sugar and Spice character based on Anon’s suggestion for a long forgotten lord of a crumbling spooky castle who is made entirely out of expired Halloween candy

The Hollow Fiend’s true name has been lost to history, as has his lordship. Legend has it that he earned the title from his blood lust on the battlefield, his bottomless thirst for sugar never sated.

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Hi! I admire your art a lot end recently I'm having a lot of trouble staying motivated, so I wanted to know. What kept you going when you started and you (maybe) thought you were bad? I've been trying for almost one year and a half now but I see no progress, and I doubt I'll ever be able to draw anything but incredibly simple things.

Honestly I’m never satisfied with my art but I guess seeing cool art/inspiring works motivates me sometimes? Ngl but I was/am usually stubborn and somewhat competitive like “Wow if I don’t keep drawing, my art will never look as good as theirs! I want mine to be as appealing, etc!” u_u

When I was in elementary and middle school, I would “mimic” an artstyle I like by drawing characters in the artist’s same way? Idk how to explain it– like I used to like Bleach so I would try to draw an OC in his style, not by tracing but practicing by drawing from reference. If I had trouble drawing the way Tite Kubo drew eyes, then I would solely focus on eyes, etc. I did this a lot back then with other artists too such as redjuice99, Shirow Miwa, etc. and try to make my own art style by incorporating(?) some of theirs into it.

So maybe you can try this technique too by looking at other artist styles that influence your own– nowadays,  I would see an art style and be like “wow I like how they draw the eyelids/eyebrows. Maybe I should try drawing my eyelids/eyebrows like that too.” It’s all about experimenting, really..
I’ve been drawing for about 8-10 years now and I’m still trying to improve, so don’t feel bad if you think you’re not making any progress!

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

So my really close friend [Terry] has an amazing DBZ oc named Batata (pictured on the left) who’s an elite saiyan, and after seeing some art of her, I couldn’t help but bring back a really old DBZ OC I had in the form of a Majin named Lux. Really it was just for the sole purpose of teaming them up together as a dysfunctional duo that’s ripe for all sorts of shenanigans that I will probably never draw. But at the same time it was fun to do an update to a super old fandom OC I had from years and years ago.

They’re both world-destroying level entities but one is short, angry, and weak to food, and the other is tall, goofy, and gives off distinct “your friend’s one hot aunt” vibes.

While they kinda already posted it on their blog, I guess I’ll just put it up here too on mine ahahaha. GO GIVE THEM A FOLLOW IF YOU DON’T ALREADY.

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thac!! which one is rafferty and which one is solace? :DD they're so beautiful!!

THANK YOU @ikeracity AND @camisadobondaxx!!! Sorry that I took so long to answer! Here are some facts about my OCs :)

This takes place in a parallel world where humans may or may not exist, but all humanoid mythological creatures we can think of do. Every species lives in their own discrete territories, and aside from trade or war, interaction between all the species is at a minimum.

So that’s Solace, the mermaid king of the pacific ocean. Sol’s personality fluctuates between that of a child and a very old, powerful deity. Sol has always been very lonely because of his status and his power, which his fellow merpeople shun, fear, and yet also hold the utmost respect for. But all he really wishes for is a friend - he’s never really had one. As it is with all merpeople, he loves pretty things, and he’s ridiculously vain and meticulous with his appearance, but he isn’t remotely anything proud or arrogant. He’s a very passionate soul, and can be both extremely gentle and so extremely temperamental that he has caused devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. But mostly he’s gentle.

Rafferty is a knight of the sky, sort of a low-ranking angel. Angels are sort of a militaristic species, so Raffie is very reserved, shy, and can seem emotionally distant to those who don’t know him. Generally, Raffie is very, very gentle. His power is sensing life force and manipulating it to a certain degree; he can heal wounds, speed or slow down the growth of living things, but nothing too extreme. He loves impressing Sol with growing flowers from seemingly out of nowhere. He has rage, too, but it doesn’t manifest as anything as dramatically physical as Sol’s fits - instead, it’s an eternal ember that kills you excruciatingly slowly and painfully if you happen to be the target of his rage.

He would never say exactly how it came to be, but Raffie keeps his eyelids closed all the time, so Raffie is effectively blind. Nobody really knows whether he has damaged eyes, or that he is just no longer allowed to use his otherwise functional eyes, but we know for sure that his sightlessness was the work of a superior angel who was furious with him for falling in love with a mermaid. Blinding was chosen to make sure Sol was punished too.

I’m gonna be drawing my OCs every once a while, depending on my mood, and I hope you’ll come to like these precious beans. :)