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Relationship Challenge - E/C

From what canon?
Eh, most of them in one way or another. A special love for the ones in which Erik is not a psycho.

What kind of relationship? (otp, brotp, family bond, rivalry/enemies, etc)
Otp and brotp, “linked souls”.

What I like in it:
So. Soooo. Like many people here, I shipped them a lot when watching the 2004 movie for the first time as a kid, then revisited the story as an adult and realized they are not really a fairytale cute couple.
Well, when it comes to the original story and most adaptations, shipping them as a romantic couple feels just very wrong to me, if we are following the canon. It’s still a very fascinating relationship. Christine fears Erik but does not hate him, she wants to escape from him but at the same time she does not want to leave him to suffer alone. Erik seems to project all his ideals of love, that are not much based on reality as he never experienced it himself, on her and makes all these plans, all these fantasies, but at first he is also content in only spending some time with her once in a while, certainly not considering himself deserving of her. Their relationship brought something good for both for a while, but it was based on lies and deceit from the start. Then come the threats, the kidnapping, the emotional blackmail, the actual blackmail, and all the stuff. But Christine does forgive Erik in the end, and well I don’t really need to say how beautiful and meaningful the ending is as we all know it very well.
ALW shows this relationship in a much less creepy way, which makes it much more attractive for me, while still keeping the core of it. It still includes threats and blackmail, it is still based on lies, but Christine is more torn between her choices. And the power Erik has over Christine seems to be much less based on pity too. It is still not healthy in any way but it’s fascinating anyway.
Then there’s Y/K, in which this is my actual otp and I don’t even care. Their relationship is much more healthy, and not based on lies (only a few secrets) and Christine actually sings a whole song about loving Erik and. I am still mad about the ending, okay.
The same applies to 1990, but in there Christine’s feelings for Erik are purely platonic, and the kind of love he was looking for could also not necessarily be romantic, and once again, I am mad.
On the opposite end, we have 1989 and Erik’s unhealthy obsession with Christine. While it’s much simpler than the original, I also find this interesting in its own way. The whole “linked souls” things is special is one of my favorite concepts.
1943 is also fascinating, starting as a harmless crush of an older man for a younger woman, escalating to an obsession as he loses everything and goes to insanity. Not something I would ever ship in a romantic way, but interesting.
Nothing in 1962 and 1983 caught much my attention, and LND and Kay also don’t add anything interesting to this.
Then we had the what-ifs. What if Erik was a better person, what if Christine loved him back, what if they met in a different way. A lot of fanfiction explores these in a lot of interesting ways. I must admit that I like this pairing more in fanworks than in canon.
And in AU territory, I really like imagining many different possibilities of relationships for these two. I would like to read more about them as friends, in special.
In general, I think they have the potential to bring out the best in each other, and though this happens very rarely in canon, I still enjoy imagining it.


- Canon compliant

  • (ALW) Christine always wonders what would have happen if she had stayed. She never finds out what happened to Erik, but she knows he wasn’t captured what gives her the biggest relief.
  • (Y/K) If there’s one regret Christine has in life, it’s her reaction to seeing Erik’s face. She never forgives herself for it.
  • (2004) Erik kept watching over Christine from afar, never daring to approach her or her family again. Well, he may have interfered one or twice for her children, but never revealing himself.
  • (1943) Whenever she hears someone refering to Erique as a killer or a madman, Christine interferes and tell them they should remember him as the kind man and talented violinist he once was.

- Domestic

  • Christine is very messy and disorganized with her things, which makes Erik very annoyed.
  • They adopt cats. A lot of them.
  • Erik has never been one to remember dates well, but he always remember every single one that has to do with Christine and gives her the biggest surprises every year.

- AU(s)

  • Platonic soulmates. They are platonic soulmates.

assorted headcanons x x x x x

a tag for them

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I have made a playlist on my Youtube channel with all the videos to Phantom adaptations that I have, for your viewing convenience.

None of them are my videos, I’ve just gathered them all up into one place.

99+ videos, over 35 adaptations, all free on Youtube and easily accessible on my playlist

This includes:

  • Phantom of the Opera (1983 movie) with Maximilian Schell as Sandor Korvin (full movie in one video)
  • Phantom of the Opera (1925 silent movie) with Lon Chaney as Erik (full movie in one video)
  • Phantom of the Opera (ALW musical) with Ethan Freeman as the Phantom (full musical bootleg in one video)
  • Phantom of the Opera (ALW musical) with Ion Jon Bourg as the Phantom (full musical bootleg in one video)
  • Love Never Dies (Australian Cast) with Ben Lewis as Mister Y (full musical in on video)
  • Phantom: The American Musical Sensation (Yeston and Kopit musical) with Richard White as Erik Carriere (full musical separated into four videos)
  • Fantomu (2011 Takarazuka Flower Troupe production of the Yeston Kopit musical) with Ranju Tomu as Erik Carriere (full musical in one video)
  • Phantom of the Opera (1990 miniseries) with Charles Dance as Erik Carriere (full two-part miniseries, separated into twenty-one videos)
  • Phantom of the Opera (Rosen and Schierhorn musical) with David Staller as Erik (full musical in one video)
  • The Phantom of the Opera on Ice (full performance in one video)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (2004 Dirk Kuiper play) Dinuba High School’s production (full play in one video)
  • Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge (1989 movie) with Derek Rydall as Eric Matthews (full movie separated into five videos)
  • El Fantasma de la Opereta Tin Tan (full movie in one video, no English subtitles)
  • Song at Midnight (full movie in one video, no English subtitles)
  • Pyro: The Thing Without a Face/Phantom of the Ferris Wheel (full movie in one video)
  • Popcorn/Phantom of the Cinema (full movie in one video)
  • Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus/Eyes Without a Face (full movie in one video)
  • The Phantom of 42nd Street (full movie in one video)
  • The MeatEater/Phantom of the Bijoux (full movie in one video)
  • Il Monstro dell’Opera/Vampire of the Opera (full movie in one video, no English subtitles)
  • Phantom of the Opera cartoon (full movie separated into six videos)
  • Wishbone - Pantin’ at the Opera (full episode separated into two videos)
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Spooks (full cartoon short in one video)
  • Babar - The Phantom (full cartoon episode in one video)
  • Hello Kitty - The Phantom of the Theater (full cartoon episode in one video)
  • Goosebumps - The Phantom of the Auditorium (full episode in one video)
  • Highlander - The Beast Below (full episode in one video)
  • Baywatch - Nevermore (full episode separated into five videos)
  • Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries - The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (full two-part episodes separated into two videos)
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? (two episodes, one video each)
  • Phantom of the Opera radio show with Basil Rathbone as the voice of Erique Claudin (full radioplay separated into two parts)
  • The Phantom of the Opera CBS horror radio show with Court Benson as the voice of the Phantom (full radioplay in one video)
  • KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (full movie in one video)
  • La Bella e la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast Italian miniseries) with Alessandro Preziosi as Prince Leon (full two-part miniseries separated into two videos, English subtitles)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1987 TV show) with Tony Jay as Paracelsus (seven full episodes, separated into four videos each)
why zimbits is problematic

jacques 100% is a sap and a gentleman and so is erique. this has escalated from the normal tender kisses on hands to sprinting and shoving to open the door for each other. hundreds of coats ruined because neither of them can allow the other to walk around a fucking puddle and they need to be Extra as Fuck. The worst part is when they’re arguing debating who loves the other more and responses range from mushy and cuddly to poetry that would make apollo himself weep.