and an equal amount of time yelling at him about his decisions


Request: Can you do #6 with Yugyeom please? ^^ Maybe angst but ends fluffy?

6) “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

Your lids were heavy as you ran your fingers through Yugyeom’s hair for what had to have been the thousandth time. You had been cautiously waiting for his breathing to steady and shifting to halt after he had climbed into bed beside you hours ago. He had found difficulty sleeping for months and you had joked that only BamBam could comfort his fears of the dark. Of course he had insisted he didn’t have any fears to begin with. 

You looked warily to the sleeping form of BamBam, not terribly far from the full mattress you were cuddled upon. You smiled fondly upon the man, not much older than your own boyfriend, and looked back down. They had to have been your favorite people on the planet. 

So what you were doing was the right decision…wasn’t it?

You cautiously rocked the mattress, unsurprised when Yugyeom only grumbled sleepily and flopped over. Once asleep, he was normally a pretty sound sleeper, having adapted to taking advantage of what rest he could. You slowly slid atop the sheets, attempting to create as little motion as possible as you pushed away from them. Your feet plopped onto the floor, causing you to instantly shiver from the cold of the hardwood. You bit you lip and held your breath as the bed creaked, releasing your weight from it’s springs. 

It took a moment for you to calm your breathing as you stood between the two beds. Adrenaline pumped through your veins and caused the pounding of your own heart to echo in your ear drums. You closed your eyes tightly before reopening them again and nodded to yourself. You were making the right decision. 

You had been dating Yugyeom for a few months now, accidentally winning his heart around the same time the JYP dating ban had been lifted. Upon moving to Korea, you never had intentions of looking for love, especially with a pop idol. You had bumped into him one day during a shift at the small cafe you had worked at, spilling coffee all over both of you. As you had dabbed at his white pants (seriously, who owned white pants?) you had unintentionally dabbed your way into his heart. 

You had underestimated how lovable he was, but then again, maybe he had done the same for you. In no time, you had become inseparable. He quickly introduced you to his members who had taken you in as one of their own. You became a constant fixture at their dorm, but soon felt the ware your presence caused. 

Since the days in which you became more serious, you had noticed the added stress you had provided to the Got7 members. While Yugyeom loved his group, the music, and dancing, he seemed to love something just as equally those days. 


You had tried to ignore them at first, the side eyes from Jaebum and Jinyoung when you entered a room. The men in which you were initially so close to now knew you as a distraction. You constantly argued with Yugyeom about appearing during dance practices, but he wanted you there, so you tried to become as small and uninteresting as possible. The theory seemed fine in your mind, but it wouldn’t take long for Yugyeom to fall off task and get scolded by one of his hyungs as soon as you appeared. He was a pro at trying to impress you, but his members were exhausted by his antics. Antics that you had unintentionally encouraged simply by your existence. 

Earlier that week, after promising to make the members dinner, you had unwittingly walked in on a team meeting. The tension was thick in the living area as you remained frozen in the entryway, popping off your shoes and struggling with grocery bags. You had taken a deep breath, ready to call out to the boys to help you, but stopped yourself. You hissed as if you were a deflated balloon, swallowing your yell as you heard Jaebum’s annoyed voice echo down the hallway. 

“If being in a relationship is making you break focus, maybe we should reinstate the ban,” he growled. “You aren’t going to take the group down because you can’t control your hormones.”

The rest of the members remained silent as Jaebum spoke, most eerily, the usually excited voice of Yugyeom. 

“Now, if you can’t balance the two, it’s time to break it off,” JB continued. “You’re young. You have the rest of eternity to find love. but only a small amount of time to work and make money.”

You had closed your eyes and leaned over, pulling open the front door quietly again. You opened your eyes before slamming it and clearing your throat, feigning your reentrance. “Hey guys! Can someone help me?”

You heard JB mutter a quick “Get it together” before several members appeared, sad smiles on their faces. You nodded knowingly, passing bag after bag to the group before Yugyeom appeared, a distinct puffiness characterizing his eyes. 

You couldn’t cause the group strife anymore. 

You didn’t blame his members. They were right. Your presence had been unintentionally sabotaging their own careers for some time now and you would no longer be responsible. 

You leaned over, grabbing a few pieces of clothing you recognized as your own and tossed them into your overnight bag. You were careful to avoid the rows and rows of BamBam’s shoes lined against the wall as you tiptoed about, straining your eyes in the darkness to locate the items you had accumulated in the bedroom over the past few months. You leaned over, grabbing a t-shirt you had originally thought was your own, but upon further inspection noticed was Yugyeom’s. You balled up the shirt, prepared to drop it on the floor, but you were unable to loosen your fingers. Instead, you lifted the thin fabric to your face and buried your nose deep into the cotton. Taking a deep breath in, you inhaled Yugyeom’s scent, a mix of clean laundry and facial cleansers. 

You struggled with your own will as you stood there, foolishly looming above your boyfriend while simultaneously smelling his clothing. You would laugh at yourself on any other occasion, but currently you felt as if you could cry. You had to do this if you truly cared about him. You couldn’t stand in the way of his career any longer. 

You tossed his t-shirt into your bag after a moment of struggling with your thoughts. He wouldn’t miss it. 

You continued to hurry around the room, tossing item after item into your bag. You hadn’t realized how many things you had left in the dorm until this very moment. With an overflowing bag and a chest heavy with emotion, you pulled open the bedroom door and sidestepped into the hallway. You ignored the glowing lights flooding from various bedrooms as you struggled by and plopped your bag by the front door as you began to dig for your shoes. It wasn’t a small task as you dug through piles of sneakers long since abandoned by the boys. 

Just as you set sight on your flats, you held your breath as you heard an unsteady pair of feet padding down the hall. 

“J-jagi?” Yugyeom’s sleepy voice growled. You looked up, wide eyed as he flipped on a small lamp near the doorway. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, not sure of where to direct your attention. Yugyeom was adorable, which broke your heart even more. His hair stuck up in matted and odd directions and a loose tank top hung from his tall frame. He looked like a small boy standing before you, woken up from a bad dream. 

“Are you going home?” he yawned, scrubbing a hand through his hair again. 

‘Ye-yeah,” you stuttered, adjusting your gaze to the floor so you wouldn’t have to look at him. 

“Did you forget something, I think Jinyoung has extra toothbrushes just in-”

“No Yugyeom,” you whispered, feeling tears begin to prickle your eyes. “I didn’t forget anything.”

“Then why are you leaving?” he asked, tilting his head innocently. 

“Why’d you wake up?” you countered gently. 

“I…um…I couldn’t sleep,” he hummed, his mouth forming an embarrassed smile. “I…I had a bad dream.” 

“What about?” you continued. You wanted to talk about anything but you leaving. He couldn’t know you weren’t coming back. 

You realized what a coward you were, but this was the only way. 

“Well…I had a dream that you had left,” he chuckled uneasily. “To be honest, my nightmares usually involve losing you.” 

“Why aren’t you two in bed?” a deep voice grumbled. You jumped, looking past Yugyeom to see JB standing behind him, arms crossed and face stoic. 

“Couldn’t sleep,” you whispered, avoiding his eye contact as well. The last thing you wanted to do was anger the leader anymore than you had previously. 

“Then try,” he said simply. Yugyeom nodded, offering up little argument as he sleepily tottered back down the hallway and into his bedroom. You winced as you scooted your overnight bag toward the wall and dropped your shoes again. You shuffled toward JB, beginning to move past him when you felt his muscular hand grab your wrist. 

“Try,” he repeated with a small nod. He smiled for a moment, not necessarily directing it toward you. “I know we’re difficult…but he deserves for you to try.” 

“Jaebum,” you argued quietly, your eyes lingering up from the floor to find his face. His own eyes were kind as he watched over you. “But you-”

“I’m the biggest pain,” he nodded. “But the first one to let you know, he needs you. As much as we hate seeing him lovesick, we’d hate seeing him heartbroken even more. Just try.” 

You chuckled to yourself, nodding at Jaebum as well. “Just so we’re clear…”

“No, I don’t want you to leave,” JB hummed in monotone. “Now go to bed.” 

JB gently squeezed your wrist again before releasing it and pushing you gently back down the hallway. 

You eased into Yugyeom and BamBam’s bedroom, noting that Yugyeom had flipped on a small lamp near his bed as a night light. 

You walked as quietly as you could past BamBam who was still completely passed out on his mattress, snoring quietly along to the light music he had pulsing near his bed. You smiled as you looked from him to Yugyeom, hopping over the hard wood to climb into bed. 

You settled into his open arms, nested into his neck, and closed your eyes. 

“Why were you leaving?” Yugyeom cooed after a few moments of silence. You had hoped he would have dropped the question. 

“I…I forgot something,” you stuttered, wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Mmm, then why did you decide to stay?” he whispered. 

You smiled to yourself, knowing Yugyeom couldn’t see your expression, but content with your answer nonetheless. “Because Jaebum let me know I had it after all.”

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Rebelcaptain fic: A bad idea

“Ok, this is bloody ridiculous,” Jyn finished her drink, before slamming it down onto the coffee table in front of them. “Let’s just have sex.”

Cassian choked on his beer. 

IE: the friends with benefits fic we all need (wc: 11631)
Read on AO3 

“This is so stupid!” Jyn exclaimed, throwing up her hands in indignation. “The police are literally still after them and they think that this is a good time to fuck?”

“It’s for the aesthetic,” Cassian deadpanned, before smirking a little. “It’s a blockbuster spy movie, Jyn. I wouldn’t think about it too hard.”  

She snorted, taking a gulp of the beer that each of them were working on as they watched together. Slumped down on the battered sofa that Jyn had initially bought in a second-hand furniture shop for 10 quid, her legs were stretched out over Cassian’s lap, his non-beer arm resting over them. Naturally, on screen the moderately-famous actors were descending into sensual jump cuts with less and less clothes, breathy kisses and dramatic music.

“Did the lighting department go on strike when they shot this scene?” Jyn muttered. Cassian laughed and hushed her in response, leaning over to hit her shoulder.

She had to suppose, though, that for all its dramatics, it actually wasn’t a badly shot scene. You know, in comparison. She titled her head slightly, eyebrows furrowing as the actors rolled on the hotel bed, the two moaning and kissing and exchanging equally blissful looks at what was clearly supposed to be the moment of penetration.

Oh, blimey

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Let Me Help You

Peter Parker x Reader

Hurt, angst.

Summary: Peter comes in through your window all bruised and battered. You are hiding something from him.

Warnings: self harm so TRIGGER WARNING ; blood, language

Also this is my first one shot so be kind.


You constantly feel like shit. Its getting to the point where you’re not sure if you want to do anything about it. You really don’t care anymore. Its almost as if all meaning in the world somehow just vanished. You don’t care about anyone and you hate yourself. Your arms are covered in reminders of that fact. Your clothes mostly consist of long sleeved shirts and sweaters to hide all of that.
And no one knows. When they think of you they think ‘Y/N is pretty chill and cool to hang with’ not ‘Y/N is sad and constantly a downer’.
You intend to keep it that way.
Especially from you boyfriend Peter.

Ever since he told you he was Spiderman, you constantly put his needs way in front of yours, because he could get killed any day, and you would always be there to help or to patch him up.
He was the only person you truly loved in your life. And he couldn’t know what was going on with you. You thought it would be selfish. You thought that your problems were insignificant compared to what Peter has to go through every single day.

You’re laying in your bed and thinking about this while tracing the fresh red lines on your wrist that had only just formed a very thin scab. Your face is a bit wet from sobbing just a few minutes beforehand. You feel all sticky from the tears on your face and from the sweat on you body from the hot winds that blow through your window.

At that moment you hear a knock on your window.
“Just a minute!” You yell while sprinting to the bathroom to wash your face and trying to lessen the redness only partially succeeding.
You go to your window, open it and let your bruised and battered boyfriend in.
You gasp very audibly.
“Oh come on Y/N its not that bad.” Peter says trying to shrug it off.
You shake your head in disagreement and bewilderment.
“'Not that bad’? Peter, have you seen your face!” You say raising your voice just a bit.
You put your hand on his jaw and tilt his head to examine the enormous gash starting just under his left eye and ending at the corner of his mouth.
“This is really deep Pete. Its gonna be a bitch stitching this one up.” You said.
“C'mon I’ll be fine. Besides, you’re the one that patching me up so I have nothing to worry about.” He said smirking.
While you went to get everything to sew his face back together, Peter took his suit of, and you could see dark purple blotches all over his body. You could have mistaken him for an eggplant.

“Jesus Pete.” You sigh under your breath.

As you’re stitching his skin back together, you prick him in a place that apparently hurt more than the huge bleeding cut on his face, and his hand sprung up from his side and grabbed your forearm. You winced loudly, as he had just reopened your wounds and the burgundy blood started to stain your grey sweater.

Neither Peter or you noticed anything at first, but as you started stitching nearer to his eye, Peter noticed that your entire sleeve was coated in dark blood.

“What the fuck? Is that my blood? I can’t have been bleeding that much. Did you maybe hurt yourself and not notice or something? Wait that stupid. How can you not notice if you’ve hurt yourself. Y/N let me take a look.” He said.

“No its nothing.” You say calmly but you’re panicking inside.

“Come on Y/N just let me take a quick look.” He said.

“I said I’m fine Peter.” You say loosing it a little bit.

“Y/N give me you arm!” Peter insisted.

“No Pete its fine!” You said your voice raised.

You didn’t have enough time to react when he yanked your arm away from your side and peeled the bloody fabric off of your skin.
And that’s when he saw it.
Four parallel, one inch wide, deep cuts.

You turn your head to the side in shame and sob quietly while Peter examines your arm.

He says nothing for a long time. The silence feels like it lasted forever.

When he stopped looking at the gashes on your arm you felt him kiss your palm over and over again.
And you stopped feeling sad. It was as if his lips had temporarily stopped your pain.

You turn your head to face him and you see his face wet with salty tears.

“You’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna patch you up this time.” He says softly.

He takes his time as he is unfamiliar with the process. When he is done. He looks at you with sad eyes. For some reason you chuckle.

“Whats so funny?” He asked. He was very confused.
“Nothing. You just reminded me of a puppy is all.” You said smiling at him.
“You know you can talk talk to me right? Why did you keep this from me? Y/N I love you and I can’t se you hurting. Emotionally and physically. Why didn’t you tell me?” He said tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Its just not important. You have so much going on. Plus its my business and my decision. Its got nothing to do with you.” You say quietly.
“Its got everything to do with me. You are my would Y/N. I can’t stand being on this planet without you. The mere thought drives me crazy. Promise me you’ll try to stop.”
“Its not that easy Pet-”
“Promise you’ll try.” He said with finality. His eyes looked like a storm.

“I’ll try.”

“That’s all I could ask for.” He says with a sigh of relief.

You look at each other for what seems like an eternity and neither if you want to look away.

Suddenly he grabs you face in his hands and kisses you with such passion as you have never felt before. You kiss him back with an equal amount of intensity and want and longing.
You kiss for minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, lifetimes. You still don’t care about anything. But you care about this boy and you love him with all your being. And he is here. He loves you. More than he loves himself. He is yours and you are his.

And that’s all that matters

The Efficiency of Pants

Try as I might, I will never stop writing Nesta fighting, kicking, and punching her way through an Illyrian war camp. It was just meant to be. 

Summary: Nesta finally wants to train and does she ever.

This is the fourth installment of my challenge. Follow the one shots here or on AO3, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem

Nesta liked to watch him train.

It wasn’t for the muscles that threatened to rip out of his chest, if he was wearing one, or the bronze gleam that made even the most celibate sweat. It wasn’t the hair that spilled from his tie, or the way his chest moved rapidly, up and down, to compete with his racing heartbeat. It wasn’t even for the smirk she saw dance its way along his face when he noticed her wandering gaze.

She wasn’t immune to male attractiveness, not when that male was 6 feet of sweat and allure, but it wasn’t the reason he had caught her attention.

Nesta watched him for the way he moved his feet. The way they moved to counter attacks, instill fear, and prove he was the greater, the faster, the stronger. The different weapons he chose to use, from his glimmering sword, polished to rival the sheen of diamonds, to bow and arrows, sharp enough to cut one.

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Paulie had been staring at these numbers for the better part of the morning. She was lounging on her couch with her laptop propped up on her thighs, a half-empty and long gone cold cup of tea on her coffee table, and her eyes set on all the money in her savings account. In said savings account there was one hell of a lot of money. The money that her grandmother had left her, that Niall had suggested she used until she knew what it was she wanted to do with her life. It was sitting in the bank, untouched, and with the interest she got for it, it was basically just getting more and more by the day.

Paulie was fucking loaded and no one other than her close family and Niall knew about it.

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“His Wedding” (Part 3)

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favour. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 1376

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: Nat being Nat and a little bit of language…

Characters (all who have made an appearance): Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff

A/N: I finally came up with a summery, whew! (I suck at summaries tbh) Anyway, enjoy this part, y’all! Sorry for any typos (I know I always say that even though I go through the whole thing like ten times)

Tags are open. Just shoot me an ask, if you want to continue reading His Wedding.

“His Wedding” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

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avi // soap

IMAGINE: You and Avi have a big fight and when you make up you take a bath together


“Avi, you’re not listening to me!” you cried, a hot stream of tears cascading down your face. “Y/n, baby, you’re being ridiculous!” he yelled back at you. “No, Avi, no I’m not! You’re never here!” you shrieked, sobbing endlessly. You and Avi had been together for years and almost never fought, even if you did it was only about petty things that were easily resolved. But now, he’d been working non-stop over the last few months and you’d finally cracked when he got home one day. You told him how upset you were about him never being home to spend time with you, but he quickly bit back saying that it didn’t matter because he still loved you and it quickly escalated into a full on argument. “I do try, you know! I try to be here for you!” he yelled, anger beginning to form on his face. “But you never are! How are we supposed to make this work when you don’t spend any time with me?!” you shouted back, regretting what you said immediately as you saw his face turn to despair. You half expected him to break down into tears before his face twisted into something even more angry than before. You back away as he stepped towards you. “Well maybe you should go find someone else then!” he yelled, pushed you back by your shoulders. “A-Avi you’re sc-scaring me” you sobbed, suddenly being reduced to nothing and backing into the wall. “You’re so pathetic” he hissed, getting so close to you hat you could feel his hot breath on your skin. “You know what, maybe I will find someone else!” you shrieked, pushing him off of you. “Fine!” he yelled, grabbing his coat and storming out of your shared apartment.

You broke down into an uncontrollable sob, collapsing onto the floor and curling up into a ball. Sobs racked your body, you shook manically as you cried, too many thoughts racing through your head to focus on just one. Did Avi hate you? Would he come back? Did he just break up with you? Did you just break up with him? What would happen next? Where had he gone? Should you call someone? Does anyone know? Does he know how much you regret what you said? How much you still love him? You sighed, hiccuping occasionally from all of the crying. You dragged yourself into a sitting position after laying there on the floor for what seemed like forever. You leaned against the wall, wiping the remaining tears from your cheeks, leaving them raw and red. Your sobbing calmed down and the stream of tears had run dry, no more left to fall. After sitting and pondering what to do, you eventually pulled yourself up from the ground and hobbled towards the bathroom. Your knees were shaking and you felt as if your heart had sunk to the bottom of your stomach, but you managed to run a bath for yourself. You slipped out of your clothes, climbing into the steaming bath and instantly relaxing.

You tried to dispell all of your sadness and anger from the day, even if it was only for a small amount of time. You didn’t want to think about what was going to happen with Avi next, but at the same time he was the only thing on your mind. He was the only one who was ever on your mind. You smiled at the thought of him, the light of you life, and wondered how you could ever had gotten so mad with him. You knew he loved his job, and you knew that it was time consuming but you only wanted the best for him - so why had you gotten so upset about it? Of course you wanted to spend more time with him, but you knew he had other commitments and that you were selfish to think other wise. You contemplated calling him, maybe texting Kevin to see if he knew where he was, but ultimately decided against it. You knew it was inevitable that you’d have to face him eventually. Surely he hated you now, the worse part wasn’t that you’d said you’d find someone else but that he’d suggested it first. Obviously he didn’t want you anymore. You couldn’t believe that you’d thrown away the most amazing thing in your life because of your selfishness. A single tear rolled down your cheek but you wiped it away, now was time for you to relax. You couldn’t wash away what you’d done, the guilt, the anger at yourself, but you could try to wash away some of the pain.

Just as you felt yourself drifting off you heard the door creak open. The sound that you’d so many times waited endlessly to hear because you knew that it meant Avi was home. But now it was the sound you were afraid of for the exact same reason. His heavy footsteps echoed through the apartment, growing louder with every step closer to where you were. The door opened gently, and you took a deep breath in as he emerged but lingered in the doorway. He looked as if he’d been crying, his cheeks were sore-looking and tear stained, and his eyes were red and puffy. All of the anger you’d seen in his face when he’d stormed out had disappeared, and his features were now relaxed and soft. “Hi” he said, his voice raw and wobbling. “Hi” you replied, your voice quiet and equally as croaky as his. “Can I join you?” he said, stuttering slightly and looking desperate for your approval. There was a pause as you thought, before making your decision. You nodded, giving him a slight smile, one more of comfort and approval rather than happiness. He nodded back, giving you the same gentle smile before fully stepping into the room, carefully closing the door behind him. He swiftly got undressed, neither of you making a sound as he climbed into the bath next to you.

You sat without speaking, just staring at each other and being thankful that the silence wasn’t being filled by shouting. After the pause he finally spoke. “I’m sorry” he croaked, “I shouldn’t have gotten so mad with you, you were right” he explained, a tear forming in his eye that he wiped away before it had the chance to fall. You turned around and leaned into him, his arms wrapping around you as you rested your head on his bare chest. “I shouldn’t have been so selfish, I know what your job means to you” you mumbled, snuggling into his chest. “You’re more important, I love you so much and I should spend more time with you” he said, holding you tighter. “I love you too” you mumbled as he ran his fingers through your hair. “So you’re not going to find somebody else?” he asked, and you looked up at him. “I wouldn’t dream of it” you answered, pressing your lips to his.

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Silent and Stuck

*Requested: Newt and Y/N are best friends but they get into a huge fight when Y/N becomes a Runner. They don’t speak for weeks and one day Y/N gets stuck in the Maze.*

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you shouted and Newt crossed his arms.

“It’s too dangerous! I know what’s out there and I need you to stay safe here!” he yelled back with an equal amount of force.

“I can only help if I’m out there, running and mapping. You can’t stop me.” you said and walked away, blinded by fury at Newt, the guy you called your best friend, trying to control you. You made a definite decision that you’re a Runner. And no one is going to stop you.


When you told yourself you wouldn’t let anyone stop you, you hadn’t thought about inhuman things stopping you. The walls. The timing. It all went downhill really fast.

You hadn’t talked to Newt in almost 3 weeks. It was killing you. You still wanted to be a Runner but he’s stubborn and unfortunately, so are you.

But Newt is still the Glader you’re closest with, and not talking to him was bothering you. So you forgot your watch. The dumbest thing you could’ve done was forget it. But by the time you noticed, you were too deep into the Maze. And you didn’t want anyone finding out. You decided to wing it, you had been in the Maze a bunch of times and you were used to the timing, and the clock inside your body would let you know when to start heading back.

That clock inside was wrong. Off by just five minutes. You started to jog back when you heard that dreadful gust of wind.

“Oh no.” you said and started sprinting around corners. Your feet made a heavy echoing sound as they pounded on the ground.

You came into view of the shutting walls and pushed. The last thing you saw before the walls shut were Newt’s frightened eyes and messy head of blond hair.


Your right leg and forehead bleeding and bruises all over your body, you sat in front of the two walls. You waited for them to open, just wishing and wishing you could go back to yesterday and put your watch on. Go back 3 weeks and talk to Newt.

The walls started making their grinding noises and you pulled yourself up on your feet. The light blinded you and you felt arms grab you as soon as he had enough room to squeeze in.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” he kept apologizing over and over as you let the strength leave your body, going almost limp in his arms.

“Newt, it’s okay. I’m okay.” you said and he lifted you up, carrying you to safety.


You woke up and saw Newt sitting next to your bed.

“Hello.” you said and he just stared at you.

“What happened?” he asked and you told him about the watch.

“How could you forget?” he asked and you sighed.

“Because all I could think about was you. And how we weren’t talking. How I missed you.” you admitted and he stood up abruptly and got into bed with you. You felt his warmth immediately and closed your teary eyes.

“Y/N. I can’t lose you. I get that you want to help. I just care about you too much for you to get shut in there again.” he said and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close.

“I know. I just want to help.” you said and put your face in the crook of his neck.

“I can’t stop you from going in there everyday. But I just want you to be careful. Come back early everyday. Please. I need you.” he said and you nodded.

“I promise.” you said and he kissed your forehead.

Big Brother : Daehyun One Shot

External image

     "_____, get up.  Your stupid boyfriend’s here,“ Daehyun muttered, whacking you with a pillow.  You groaned, slowly sitting up and rubbing the sleep from your eyes.  "I’ll be down in fifteen minutes…And he’s not stupid!”  "Well, he sure as hell isn’t smart…“ he mumbled under his breath as he turned to leave your room.  You chucked a pillow at the back of his head.  "Yah!…Babo…”

        You dragged yourself out of bed to get ready while your older brother went downstairs to the kitchen.  "She said she’ll be down in fifteen minutes, but I wouldn’t count on it,“ he said, absentmindedly raiding the fridge.  "Yeah, well it takes her forever to get ready for everything…” your boyfriend, Jayson, said, rolling his eyes to emphasize the word “everything”.  Daehyun’s eyes narrowed as they shifted to your boyfriend.  What does he mean ‘everything’? He lightly shook his head, turning his attention to the carton of milk he pulled out of the fridge.  

   Daehyun never really liked your boyfriend, because…. to be honest…he was kind of a dick.  But you were too head over heels in love with him to notice, or take your brother’s advice about dumping him. 

   The two boys sat across from one another at the kitchen table, just looking at each other.  Well, Daehyun was pretty much glaring and Jayson was awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact.  "I get the feeling you don’t like me very much,“ he said.  "Then maybe you’re not as dumb as I thought…,” the older male bluntly replied, taking a bite of his cereal.  Before your boyfriend could reply, you strolled into the kitchen. He raised an eyebrow at your brother and walked over to you.  Then he grabbed your waist and pulled you into a kiss.  To you, this was a sweet gesture. But to the guys, it was a statement of male dominance.  Seeing a guy you hate making out with your sister is a huge blow to a man’s pride.  "I’m eating here.  Can’t you two go be disgusting somewhere else?“  "How about the bedroom?” your boyfriend winked.  You playfully hit his arm, letting out a somewhat fake giggle.  He said it as a joke, but you picked up on the seriously suggestive undertone.  You hadn’t told Daehyun, but he had been pressuring you about sex recently.  You told him you weren’t ready, but sometimes he still brings it up.  

       You looked at Daehyun, knowing that he was about to say something, most likely a threat, to your boyfriend.  You gave him a stern look as if to say, “Be nice.  It was only a joke.”  He met your eyes with an equally stern look that said, “Fine, I’ll let it go…this time”.  "So, it’s been great chatting with you, Daehyun, but it looks like we gotta get going now,“ Jayson said, sarcastically, looking down at his watch.  "Yeah, we’re going to see the new scary movie that just came out, and it starts in…like fifteen minutes.”  "Well, don’t let me stop you guys,“ your older sibling replied in complete indifference.  "We weren’t planning on it,” Jayson retorted, pulling you out of the kitchen and towards the front door.  You rolled your eyes, annoyed at the fact that your two favorite guys couldn’t get along and said, “We’ll be back in a few hours, Dae.”

     Daehyun walked into the movie theater and checked his phone.  He was a bit early, but he figured Youngjae and a few other friends would be there shortly.  He went to the snack counter and ordered the largest amount of popcorn the theater offered, a drink of almost the same size, and two boxes of candy.  The boys can pay for their own snacks…he thought.  He grabbed his food and turned around, scanning the room, before his eyes stopped on a teenage couple.  He didn’t recognize the girl, but the boy looked kind of familiar.  He stepped a bit closer and squinted, realization hitting him in the face.  That’s Jayson! he gasped.  He moved forward, ducking behind a trash can.  He noticed that the two were buying tickets to the same movie he had taken you to just a few days before.  Once the couple began to move towards the theater, Daehyun began to follow them.  So much for movie night with the guys…I have to investigate! he sighed, taking a bite of his popcorn.  But first, this needs more butter…

     Daehyun sat on his bed, wondering how he would break the news to you: your boyfriend was a cheating son of a bitch.  This will kill her…he thought, dropping his head into his hands.  He rubbed his temples for a second, trying to gather his thoughts and the nerve to get up and go into your room.  When he had composed himself, he knocked on your door.  "Come in!“  He opened the door to see you trying on clothes.  "Which one do you think Jayson will like better?  He loves the color blue, but he also loves when I wear short skirts,” you asked, holding up a long blue skirt and a short pink one.  Daehyun gently pushed both of your hands down and said, “Um…About Jayson…_____, I think-”  "Dae, I know what you’re gonna say-“  "No, I don’t think you do.”  "You’re gonna say that Jayson is bad for me and that we shouldn’t be together, but you don’t know him like I know him and-“  "Know him?  You really think you know him? You haven’t even been dating that long!  You can’t possibly-”  "But I can, and I do!  Look, I know I’m your little sister and everything, but you have absolutely no control over my decisions, especially ones that involve my lovelife-“  "He’s cheating on you!” Daehyun yelled in frustration.  You froze, dropping the clothes you held in your hands.  "…You’re lying…“  "Don’t be stupid, _____-ah.  Why would I lie about something like this?”  You turned to face your wall and commanded, “Get out.”   “What? _____-ah, I’m only trying to protect y-” he began, reaching for your shoulder.  "Get out!“ you cried, jerking away from him.  He stared at you, first in sympathy, but that quickly changed into anger as he stormed out of your room and slammed the door closed.

     The next day, Daehyun sat in the living room, flipping through random channels on the tv.  He sighed after hearing you slam yet another door.  You had been avoiding and ignoring him since the previous night, but that didn’t stop your passive aggressive tendencies.  Rolling his eyes, he continued to look for something to watch.  The sound of the phone ringing snapped him out of his bored stupor.  "I’ll get it!” you called down the stairs, knowing that it was most likely your boyfriend.  You had broken your cell phone a few days ago and the house phone was your only option for communication at the time, other than the computer.  Daehyun rolled his eyes and answered it, picking up the living room phone before you reached the one in your room.  "Hello?“ he said in monotone.  "Yeah, is _____ there, because-”  "Stop calling my fucking house and leave my little sister the hell alone, you  cheating piece of shit,“ he said through gritted teeth.  Jayson chuckled and Daehyun knew he was probably smirking on the other side of the line.  "A bit hostile, are we?” Their conversation was interrupted by you screaming down the stairs, “Jung Daehyun, get off the phone right now!”  "Stay out of this, _____!“ he yelled back.  You angrily hung up the phone, throwing it on the bed behind you.   "Tell my girlfriend I’ll be there in ten minutes…That is, if she’ll even listen to you,” Jayson laughed and hung up before Daehyun could respond.  

     Shortly after, Jayson knocked on the front door and your ran downstairs to answer, glad that Daehyun had already locked himself in his room.  "We need to talk…“ you told him, quickly pulling him up to your room.  The two of you sat on your bed.  ”_____, before you say anything…I just wanted to clarify something.“  "Go ahead…” you nodded.  He took your hands in his and said, “Whatever your brother said about me…It isn’t true.  I honestly don’t know what he has against me, but he knows how we feel about each other, so why would he want to break us up?”  "I….I don’t know.  He’s just trying to-“  "He’s just trying to ruin everything.  What kind of horrible brother would do that?”  You pulled your hands away, thinking about it for a minute.  Daehyun isn’t a horrible brother…He’s just really…overprotective…Maybe I overreacted a little…  "Daehyun’s a great brother. He's just looking out for me.“  "Well, maybe he doesn’t trust me, but you do, right?”  You nodded, wondering if you really did.  What if he did cheat…? you thought.  "Good, because I love you.“Hearing him say those words pushed the nagging doubt you felt to the back of your mind.  He kissed you, pushing you down on the bed.  You had a feeling that you knew where this was going.

     Daehyun walked out of his room and ran into Jayson by accident.  He looked down and saw an empty condom wrapper fall out of his pocket.  He clenched his fists, trying to keep calm.  "You didn’t…” he warned.  "And what if we did?  Face it, you’re not the number one guy in her life anymore.  I am, and she’ll believe anything I say because she was dumb enough to fall for me.  She even believed me over you about the whole cheating thing.“  Daehyun’s eyes widened when he saw you standing behind Jayson.   You cleared your throat and Jayson turned around in total shock.  "B-babe, I-”  "Save it.  I may have been dumb enough to believe you before, but not anymore.  We’re done.  Now leave.“  Jayson stayed quiet, knowing that nothing he could say would fix the situation.  He turned to leave and caught a glimpse of Daehyun’s obvious smirk.  He started walking down the stairs and you hugged your brother, whispering, "I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Dae…”  "It’s fine…You’re okay, right?“ he asked, stroking your hair.   "I will be,” you sighed.  "Good………Can I go kick his ass now?“  You looked up at him and laughed.  "If you run, you catch catch him before he gets to his car.”  Daehyun quickly let go and ran after him yelling, “I’ll be back in five minutes.”  

     You sat on your bed and listened to your ex-boyfriend scream until you heard his car speed off.  You smiled, thinking, I have the best big brother in the world… 

     When Daehyun came into your room, you reached out for him and he sat next to you, pulling you to his chest.  "How could I have been so stupid?“  "You weren’t being stupid. You were in…love…,” he said with a face of disgust.  "Well, I thought I was at the time, but I really wasn’t.“  "So, you guys didn’t……You know?” he asked, letting go of you to look at your face.  "No.  He tried, but I told him I still wasn’t ready.“  "Oh, thank God,” he exhaled, hugging you again.  He looked at you again, frowning at your gloomy expression.  "Ice cream?“ he asked.  "Race you to the kitchen.”  You smiled as you both got up to run. He pushed you backwards, gaining a head start as you fell onto the bed.  "Yah! Babo!“ you laughed.  Yeah…greatest brother in the world….

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Marlene head canon???

  • Marlene McKinnon was the third of four children born to wealthy parents who loved their children but took perhaps abnormally large amounts of time for themselves
  • Marlene was a handful practically from birth. She always knew exactly what she wanted, and it usually involved acting ten years older than she was.
  • She had the attention span of a fruit fly, so it shouldn’t have been surprising that she quickly tired of being alone in the big country house and reading.
  • When she was five she was stealing her mothers perfume and make up and occasionally wand. At eight she had learned to forge her parents signatures, although she never found a reason to use this talent. Before she even got her letter she was exploring the city alone.
  • Her parents got divorced when she was thirteen. It was a nasty break up. She spent long hours wondering could she have done something differently? Could they have? Why didn’t they try harder to make it work?
  • Although they hadn’t gotten along very well in their early childhood, she became very close to her two older siblings and younger brother around this time.
  • Hogwarts was full of people. Beautiful, beautiful boys and girls. Marlene was in love. With, my god, with everyone. She was the first one of her friends to kiss a boy. She was also the first to kiss a girl.
  • When she came out to her parents they smiled sort of knowingly and said, “You might think that now.” Yes she’d lied to them before, and yes she’d done things just for the attention, but just wanted to tell them something real, something honest about herself and they just smiled and pretended it was a phase?  She tried to convince herself she was furious, but really she was hurt and that scared her.
  • Marlene felt she would die without adventure, she needed drama, she thrived on adrenaline.
  • She liked drama in romance, drama with teachers, she even played the wild child for other people’s reaction, but she didn’t like drama with her friends. No, they were her new family, Mary, Lily and Alice.
  • Marlene drank and she smoked and she swore. She liked to wear sexy clothes. She lived to flirt. She liked to make boys crazy and feel the power she wielded when she wore spaghetti straps.
  • But she was also a huge feminist. Aside from poker and shopping, one of her favorite activities was passionate debate about politics, especially equality, civil rights and feminism.
  • She always said that sin wasn’t about sex and drugs or anything like that, sin was not caring about the suffering of the world.  
  • She’d know Sirius Black for a long time. Or at least known of him. They’d had a lot of classes together, and they probably would have been good friends if Lily and the girls didn’t hate him so much.
  • In fifth year they started going out. They were bother looking for something, trying to fill a void left maybe by their families or their own inabilities to recognize and process their growing insecurities and fears.
  • It wasn’t a good way to start a relationship. Maybe they were too similar; maybe they just met at the wrong time. Whatever the reason, Marlene never really understood why, but their romance was doomed.
  • Physically it was great. And she loved Sirius. They had so much in common, but he wasn’t ready really to care about some one, and she was too scared to and so they pushed each other away, even as they drew each other close.
  • Not to mention, Lily stopped talking to her because of it. She was that mad. The fight that followed Lily finding out about the relationship was gigantic. It stared out about Sirius but pretty soon it was everything. Lily was yelling about every bad decision Marlene had ever made, and Marlene was cry and saying you don’t understand. And then somehow it was about Lily being muggle born, and then it was about International Women’s Year, and Lily was a teacher’s pet and Marlene needed to take responsibility for her actions and Lily wasn’t her mother.
  • And then that was it. Marlene had never felt worse. Mary and Alice still talked to her but it was awkward.
  • She and Sirius called it quits at the end of fifth year.
  • And then, somehow as she worked her way back into the friendship, as everyone tried to pick up the wreckage of the previous year, something magical happened. She looked into Mary’s eyes looking for her steady friend and instead she found the love of her life.
  • Marlene didn’t believe in love, or at least, that was what she always said. But Mary was different. Mary wasn’t some hair slicked back, leather jacket boy, or some angry protester in Muggle London. She wasn’t the best at potions, or the naughty girl, she didn’t even drink. She went to church with her parents and loved to read fairy tales. She gossiped with Marlene and painted her nails. She always knew what Marlene needed, usually a massage or a shopping spree, but sometimes it was duel or a walk in the forest. Mary was quiet, she was gentle, she was loving and paranoid and frightened and chivalrous. Mary was perfect.
  • Sirius covered for them. He was more than happy to do so. It sometimes seemed like maybe he slept better knowing that Marlene had found someone who could love her as much as she deserved.
  • Mary didn’t join the order because she went home to take care of her family. Marlene admired her but nothing could have kept her away from the action.
  • She moved in with her older brother and his fiancé, but she spent most nights at Mary’s. She didn’t want to put her in danger by living together.
  • She probably would have joined the order anyway, but Mary made her the first one to say yes. Mary was her cause worth fighting for. And even though they were in the middle of a war, somehow, nothing made her happier.

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hi! i was wondering if you could talk about why comparing kabby to bellarke does a disservice to both pairings. there's a little bit of discord both on here and on twitter about 'kabby having to die in order for bellarke to be a thing' and what i personally don't understand is why that is even an argument?

Yeah, I’ve heard some rumblings from panicked Kabby shippers about this but haven’t dived too deeply into it.  I mean the short answer to your question is that, I mean, sure, Kane and Abby – who it’s important to talk about here as separate, distinct individuals that exist outside of a ship – certainly could end up dying by the end of the show.  I don’t think they’re in any danger in S4 if the show seems likely to get an S5 pickup, and while I could plausibly see a series finale arc involving one or both of them dying to save their people, the question with character deaths is always: does it open up more story ground than it closes off?  Right now it clearly doesn’t, in my opinion.  There’s too much potential drama to mine between them and multiple other characters; they exist as more than just a ship.  There’s parental relationships on both sides now, there’s Kane being the de facto Chancellor, there’s Abby being the only person Raven has left, etc.  So the threads extend in many directions.  Obviously none of us can read Jason’s mind, but the deaths in previous seasons have tended to be earned based on the story ground they open up (Wells, Maya), telegraphed pretty far in advance based on the direction their plot is headed (Finn, Lexa) or the result of some kind of behind-the-scenes shakeup that we all heard rumors about in advance (Lincoln, the might-as-well-be-dead-at-this-point Wick).  

 We all have access to the exact same amount of information at this point – which is close to zero, in terms of S4 projections – and we’re all just speculating the best we can based on that.  So right now I’m just taking everyone’s death rumors and predictions as being their own personal opinions and I’m not going to give it any thought until we actually know more.  Two different people can look at the same handful of facts and draw totally different conclusions, and since it’s all just opinion, I’m not going to like get into it with someone who has a different opinion than mine.  Because frankly, we’re all incapable of being fully neutral; we all see everything through the bias of our own shipper goggles.   So I can tell you all the reasons why it’s very unlikely that Kane and Abby will get killed off this season – which I’ve written about a zillion times because this keeps coming up (remember how many people were 100000% CONVINCED Kane was going to die in S3?) – like the fact that Paige and Ian both bought property in Vancouver, the fact that Ian is directing an episode which is something he’s always wanted to do and is a clear sign that Jason wants to keep him happy, the fact that they are both adults with families for whom job stability (and thus an ironclad contract) is a huge priority, and the fact that Ian and Isaiah are still the two actors with the biggest name recognition outside this show’s particular fandom because of Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, which means that as long as they are still trying to get the CW to pick them up for another season, they’re supremely unlikely to kill off the adults.  (This is why there’s a qualitative difference in my death predictions for S4 and S5 if they do get that pickup.  But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.)

 So in terms of everyone yelling that Kabby is going to die, that’s my two cents about it. I’m just completely unwilling to start panicking about this yet with no real information to support it and a huge amount of information that leads me to believe that this show is continuing to invest in retaining that adult audience who like the adult characters.

 As far as the second half of your question – “what’s wrong with making Kabby/Bellarke parallels?” – the answer, of course, is that there’s nothing wrong with it.  I love it.  I do it all the time.  Erin and I spend HUGE chunks of Meta Station yelling about all the fascinating ways that Kane and Abby and Clarke and Bellamy intersect and overlap and mirror each other as characters.  As Erin is always saying, meta is not a zero-sum game – that is, there’s no one right answer, there’s just infinite different ways of looking at the text – so all of us bring our own perspectives to it.  What I meant in that podcast when I talked about it being a disservice to compare them is about the idea that one only exists to serve the other.

I definitely think that there are ways to compare both Kabby and Bellarke that help illuminate them both while recognizing that they’re separate and distinct relationships with their own unique characteristics - which I’m all for - and then there’s sort of the mentality that Kabby is just “old person Bellarke” or “future Bellarke” or, as you mentioned, the idea that narratively Kabby has to die in order to figuratively pass the torch to Bellarke.  And my issue with that is that it simply frames Kabby as something that only exists in the narrative to enhance Bellarke, which turns Kane and Abby into metaphors instead of people.  If you listen to Meta Station, you’ll know that @reblogginhood and I LOVE talking about ways in which those four characters echo and relate to each other, and the ways in which you can draw really interesting parallels about their leadership styles, decision-making, and character arcs over three seasons.  I could have those conversations for hooooooours.  But that’s a completely different conversation than the idea that Kabby only exists as a framework for Bellarke, which both of us - the Kabby shipper and the Bellarke shipper - feel oversimplifies them both.  Abby and Clarke have gone on similar character journeys of moving from a more rigid, black-and-white mentality where they’re convinced they’re right all the time in Season 1, towards a more flexible and situational way of looking at the world, where they remain stubborn but their sense of whether there really is a definitive objective “right” and “wrong” in any situation is more fluid.  We can talk about that like it’s a shared family trait that both the Griffins have - and which Jake had in his own way too - and the ways in which mother and daughter are similar to each other, where they come into conflict, how their journeys mirror each other, and how those journeys have impacted their relationship.  And Kane and Bellamy have gone on similar character arcs (although Bellamy’s got shortchanged quite a bit in S3 of course) in the transformation from oppositional forces against the Griffin women to co-leaders with them, in ways that have taken them on a fascinating parallel journey that’s also built a relationship between them that I’m really interested in.  And then of course the other facet to this is the gender-reverse parallel, where it’s Kane and Clarke who make decisions in a more cerebral, intellectual way based on a more abstract sense of the greater good, while Abby and Bellamy are always primarily motivated by protecting the people they love. But saying “ship A only exists to make a point about ship B” feels a little reductive.

 But part of my issue with looking at Kabby through only the lens of “what does this relationship tell us about Bellarke and how it will unfold?” is that it minimizes another really interesting area of character parallels to mine, which is that you can make an equally credible case for parallels between Kabby and Clexa.  Kane and Lexa are paralleled by the narrative as co-leaders in some incredibly distinct ways, with Pike and Ontari set up as parallel foils. You have the leader who represents sort of the worst of the rigid, unyielding old ways of their people – Pike being the epitome of the Exodus Charter and its’ “survival at all costs, no matter who has to die” mentality, and Ontari as completely emblematic of “blood must have blood” – and then you have two leaders who came from that world and are steeped in that world, who once represented those ideals just as clearly, who are slowly beginning to move out of that to find a new way.  And Clarke’s influence over Lexa, shaping her as a leader, has a lot of clear parallels to the way we see Abby’s influence over Kane transform him too.  So you have the stubborn-ass Griffin women fighting to help these two political leaders let go of the outdated beliefs that no longer serve this radically transformed world they all live in, and laying the groundwork for peace.  I’m just as intrigued by Kane/Lexa parallels as I am by Kane/Bellamy and Kane/Clarke, so again, if you approach Kabby as a relationship that only exists to sort of metaphorically highlight the Bellarke relationship, then you miss out on all the other fascinating character parallels that Kane and Abby bring that have zero to do with Bellarke whatsoever.  The Abby and Raven relationship is another one that I think is really beautifully structured – brilliant, badass stubborn women of science with matching back and leg scars who wear symbols of their dead loves around their necks.  I would argue that that’s the character parallel the narrative has sketched out for us the most clearly between Abby and anyone besides her daughter.

 ANYWAY.  I guess my point is that I love those four characters and I love every intersection and parallel of their relationships and I am always here for a wide and diverse range of perspectives about how they all connect to each other.  I’m just inherently skeptical of any approach that minimizes Kane and Abby as individual and distinct human beings. 


Here are the drabbles! I tried really hard to stay within the 100 word rule thing. Some may be over by a lot or a little. In the future, any drabble challenges I do will be no more than 15. 20 was a little much for me. Regardless, this was still loads of fun to do! I also included a little bonus drabble! I hope you all enjoy nonetheless!

WARNINGS: As always, swears, light smut, and suggestive tones

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Not His Time

Imagine Dean nearly dying when a hunt goes wrong.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Word Count: 2,352

 It was supposed to be simple. Open and shut, that’s what Dean had said. They hadn’t even taken Sam with them. It was just one wendigo, something you’d both encountered dozens of times. You’d drive down, take care of it, and get home in time for the “Game of Thrones” finale.

But things had taken a bit of a turn once you were actually out in the forest around midnight. Your lighters weren’t working as well as you’d hoped they would, and the darkness was making for poor shooting conditions.

You lost Dean amongst the trees somewhere between the failed attempt at lighting the thing on fire and running away from it. You panted as you pumped your arms, quiver of silver-tipped arrows bumping against your hip with every step. You heard someone yell, a human yell, and you whipped around.

“Dean?” You cried into the night.

“I’m fine!” Came his voice, slightly muffled and hard to locate. You peered through the many trunks and branches, but you couldn’t find him. “It’s the Wendigo!”

The mimicked sounds the wendgio made had been throwing you off the whole hunt. It was uncanny how similar his shout and Dean’s shout sounded. A large figure darted out from behind a tree, almost barreling into you. You had to jerk your bow to the side to avoid impaling Dean on your arrow.

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Justin Bieber did not do all those things you said he did.

People on tumblr piss me off for two reasons. 

1. A lot of you are stupid when you trash things for no reason and then become a hypocrite.

2. Tumblr is full of sass accounts which aren’t funny and are hateful for no reason. 

Clearly, inheriting those two traits, has resulted into a hateful post about pop star Justin Bieber in which you trash him for something he did not do or was blown out of proportion. You have become society aka the media. You trash society for its ways yet here you are doing the same thing you claim to go against. 

Let me get started. Beliebers, this one is for you

~lists a bunch of blown out of proportion and never happened events as “reasons”~

My dear freaks, Justin never said rape happens for a reason. Let me tell you what really happened. 

Justin was interviewed by Rolling Stone and the topic of abortions came up. Here is EXACTLY what he said.

After reading that, please pat yourself on the back because it’s okay to be stupid. What’s not okay, is spreading lies. Clearly Justin was saying it’s not okay to kill a baby and when asked about rape, he said everything happens for a reason and quickly followed it with but I don’t know how that would be a reason. He also continues to say how he wouldn’t judge it right now since he was never in that situation. For a 16 year old boy (at the time), that’s a perfect response. I bet 99% of you would have said something stupid and wouldn’t have been able to back it up. Well congrats on being an idiot! 

2) Justin wrote in Anne Frank’s guest book that he wishes that she was a Belieber. 

That’s true. He did indeed write that which was stupid of him but leave it to you guys to not know the reasoning behind this. 

Firstly, you’re hating on him for what he wrote but lets talk about how on his free day, he took the chance to visit Anne Frank’s guest house meanwhile you morons probably didn’t even read the book in middle school or high school as you were assigned to. On his FREE DAY, he visited her house while you people would have probably sat on tumblr all day talking shit about someone instead of doing something like that. Now that I cleared that, lets talk about why he wrote that.

I love the part where you missed the part where Justin says it was inspiring to visit it and when he called her a great girl! 

Anne Frank was a big fan of pop culture back in the day and when he learned about that, he thought it would be cool if she was a fan of his if she were alive today. When knowing that small piece of information, that should change your subjective look on this comment of his. Also, in the house Anne Frank stayed in during the Holocaust, she had posters up of pop stars from back in the day so knowing she was interested in pop culture, he wondered if she would be his fan. Not exactly a smart comment of his but it doesn’t make him a bad person especially since his manager’s family have Holocaust survivors and they spoke up about this and said Justin didn’t mean it in any rude way and that they love him. That’s coming from Holocaust survivors. Thought I’d say it again considering you guys like to leave out details. 

Feeling stupid? Good, you should. 

Moving on.

3) When asked to try being a vegan, he gagged and spat out a steak that had been specifically ordered for him.

Now I know you guys aren’t calling him out on not liking a specific food. Do I even need to begin to explain how stupid this is?

Actually, let me explain the part where that never happened. 

This was first reported by HollywoodLife which has never been a trust worthy site ever once in its life. They also claim that his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez said that the vegan diet turned him into a jerk when Selena never said that. Pretty sure what happened was that Justin didn’t like the vegan diet and decided to not continue on with it. That’s all. He didn’t make some scene at a restaurant or anything. Good job tumblr people! You stay lying!

4) He makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live even though he can afford having all tickets be 50 bucks instead of 100+ for mezzanine seats.

Incorrect, once again. 

Lower Level Seating
$36.00 - $86.00
$47.25 - $101.45 w/ Ticketmaster fees

Upper Level Seating
$36.00 - $76.00
$47.25 - $91.20

Also, Justin doesn’t choose his ticket prices. Many different qualities go into this decision. His management decides based on his status and where he's performing. You possibly can’t pay the same amount of money for a Justin Bieber ticket as you will for someone like Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez considering Justin is the bigger star. 

The more I read of this stupid hate post, the more I get bored of these stupid attempts to hate someone.

And then you say this

Yeah? And when was that? That has NEVER been reported. And why exactly would he go to a children’s hospital and act like that? Exactly, he wouldn’t. And then you wanna tell me he left when the cameras turned off YET THERE ISN’T ONE PHOTO OF HIM AT THAT HOSPITAL IN ENGLAND. 

Here’s what really happened 

So how exactly do you confuse the part where he took time to chat with patients INDIVIDUALLY and sign some autographs; and twist it to make it sound like some monster, is beyond me.

And no, he didn’t attack no photographer (they’re called paparazzi you uneducated humans) at the hospital. Unlike most celebrities, he didn’t give the paparazzi a call before arriving at the hospital. 

You guys are really low. 

True. And he’s an idiot for doing that but he was drunk (just like most teenagers get drunk). And him doing that while being drunk, isn’t a reason to hate someone. When people are drunk, they do stuff like abuse their families and more but all he did was pee in a restaurant MOP BUCKET. Not a fucking kitchen. A MOP BUCKET. And if it was your friend, you wouldn’t care. 

Pretty sure she wasn’t drunk than and neither was Ed Sheeran when he peed in the back of a bus as he admitted.

That never happened and there is no proof of it and considering 99% of these “Reasons to hate Justin Bieber” is full of lies, lets just add this one to it also. 

I wonder if you’re referring to the part where Justin fainted backstage at a show yet refused to cancel the concert and continued the show leaving the stadium with chest pains and ending up at the hospital 

Let me keep going on with this ridiclous post that’s been going around on tumblr. 

Oh yeah? And you were with him then? I’m guessing not. 

That also never happened nor has it ever been reported or said by ANYONE. Do you guys even hear yourselves? 

You sure?

And when was that? Was it after this

or before this

For the record, he’s not banned for punched out Goofy since he didn’t punch out Goofy. 

No. He was late 20 minutes because of the extra fans he let in for free at the meet & greet before the show. Know your facts. 

Again, he was drunk. He also apologized when he TALKED to him and then wanted to help him out

“He attacked a paparazzo” HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET?? There’s a clear video of the paparazzi attacking him when he just wanted to get to his car after leaving the damn hospital the night before. They provoked him to YELL back. “Imagine you waking up and people are calling you a ‘fuckin moron’, ‘a little fuckin asshole’ and go to the extent to tell you go back to your fuckin country? how would you feel? and what the fuck i thought society wants an equal rights for everyone how dare you tell someone go back to their fuckin country, if you’re a pap and that’s your living you know the consequences, i understand that’s their living but there is plenty more jobs out there that can provide you to get by so dont tell me that bullshit that that’s the paps job, you wouldn’t like me calling you a fuckin moron out the clear blue on the side of the street and tell you go to your country you little cunt now would you?” Well said. (x)

In closing of this post:

Next time you guys plan to hate on someone, at least have a really good reason to because all I hear from Justin Bieber are good things. He’s surely messed up in the past (like any teenager) but he has a kind heart and has donated millions to charity. You guys aren’t aware of that since he doesn’t go around talking about it like every celebrity does.

I mean this is enough proof that he’s a good person.

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My mum and friend ships me with you' AU

Sherlock Holmes is part of a conspiracy. He doesn’t quite know how, nor does he know the exact nature of the conspiracy, but he knows it involves what he’s currently doing. Of course, it would be helpful if he actually knew what he was doing.

Somehow, it’s all to do with his mother. That much he does know.

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Contest Entry #10

Title: Not His Time

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,352

 It was supposed to be simple. Open and shut, that’s what Dean had said. They hadn’t even taken Sam with them. It was just one wendigo, something you’d both encountered dozens of times. You’d drive down, take care of it, and get home in time for the “Game of Thrones” finale.

But things had taken a bit of a turn once you were actually out in the forest around midnight. Your lighters weren’t working as well as you’d hoped they would, and the darkness was making for poor shooting conditions.

You lost Dean amongst the trees somewhere between the failed attempt at lighting the thing on fire and running away from it. You panted as you pumped your arms, quiver of silver-tipped arrows bumping against your hip with every step. You heard someone yell, a human yell, and you whipped around.

“Dean?” You cried into the night.

“I’m fine!” Came his voice, slightly muffled and hard to locate. You peered through the many trunks and branches, but you couldn’t find him. “It’s the Wendigo!”

The mimicked sounds the wendgio made had been throwing you off the whole hunt. It was uncanny how similar his shout and Dean’s shout sounded. A large figure darted out from behind a tree, almost barreling into you. You had to jerk your bow to the side to avoid impaling Dean on your arrow.

“You good?” He asked breathlessly.

You nodded. “Where is it?”

Dean gestured vaguely to an area off to your left. “Somewhere over there. I think we lost him for now.”

“Come on, then.”

You took off toward where Dean had pointed, not wanting to waste another moment. Every minute spent looking for the thing was another minute it could use to capture its next victim. You’d already failed to save the lives of two teenagers. You didn’t think you could handle losing another.

You saw the tail end of its silhouette disappear into the blackness, but you’d seen enough. Steadying your bow, you took a deep breath and fired. You heard the wendigo howl, this time the noise distinctly not human. It was more wolflike, more wild and animal.

You smirked triumphantly at Dean, who gaped.

“God you’re beautiful,” he murmured.

You gave him a quick peck on the lips before pulling away again. “There’ll be plenty of time for that later. You got any matches?”

Dean pulled a half-squashed box from his pocket. “Not sure how much help they’ll be with them all wet, but yeah.”

You frowned at the crumpled cardboard, slightly soggy from the mud and moisture that covered most of your clothes. It had rained the night before, not even close to ideal wendigo-hunting conditions.

“It’ll have to do,” you said. “We’ll make it work.”

“You take the left.”

You followed his lead without question. You’d hunted with him long enough to trust him even when he didn’t articulate the entirety of his plan. You kept your bow raised, arrow nocked and at the ready, your eyes peeled. You lost Dean again, but it was okay. He knew what he was doing.

The arm came out of nowhere, knocking the breath from you as the wendigo’s fist connected with your stomach. You fell and rolled down the sharp incline, limbs flailing every which way as you struggled to get some traction on the slippery forest floor. You eventually rolled to a halt, though you’d lost your bow. The wendigo strode toward you, long legs and supernatural speed closing the gap faster than you would’ve liked. You yanked an arrow from your quiver and held it in front of you like a spear. You would fight tooth and nail, if that was what it would take.

“Hey, ugly!”

A tiny spark of fire blossomed from behind the creature. You prayed with all your might that there was still some gasoline on his body as the match flew through the air.

It landed with a soft sizzle at the wendigo’s feet, going out instantly. You and Dean both swore several times, with equal imagination and artistry. This was all the weather’s fault.

Seeing that the wendigo was distracted by the failed assassination attempt, you took the opportunity to jab the arrow into its foot. He yelled again and swung for your head. Luckily it missed, though you heard the whoosh of air clearly in your ear.

Dean rushed him, his own bow raised. But the creature noticed and you didn’t have time to shout a warning. You were forced to stare in horror as the wendigo punched Dean squarely in the stomach, sending him in an almost graceful arc across the forest, and slamming his head against a nearby tree. He slid down the trunk and didn’t move.

“No,” you gasped, struggling to find your balance. Your legs felt like Jell-o and your throat was much too tight to draw in a breath. With fumbling fingers, as if someone else were controlling your body and pushing you through the motions, you clicked at your lighter and managed to get it to work. It sparked and blazed and, miraculously, the wendigo caught on fire. You didn’t stay to watch to him burn to ashes. You could barely smell the smoke and charred skin through the fog of humidity.

You ran for Dean, arms reaching out to him even before you could see his face. He was sitting up, legs sprawled at awkward angles, but his head lolled against his chest. A disturbingly copious amount of blood trickled down his face, clumped in his hair, stained your hands red.

“Oh god,” you sobbed, wiping it away with sweaty palms. You fell to your knees, shaking as if you were stranded in a blizzard. You tried to clean the blood, but you just smeared it around. “Dean. Dean, wake up. Dean!”

But even as you pulled his face to yours, pressing your lips against his with a sort of panicked ferocity, you knew he would not wake. There wasn’t a chance in hell that he would leave you in this state by choice, not when you were calling for him, not when you were lost and you needed him. If you were clutching as his sticky hair, tears mingling with the raindrops, sobbing his name, and he wasn’t answering, it was because he couldn’t.

“Dammit, Winchester, you are not leaving me, not like this,” you hissed, trying your best to sound angry. He always gave in when you were mad, it was the only way you could convince him to take you on particularly dangerous cases. You pressed a trembling hand against his chest, feeling for the steady thumping that would calm your own racing heart. There it was, so faint it was almost non-existent, but it was there all the same.

Your breath caught when Dean’s lips moved, ever so slightly, forming a word you could barely hear. “Tessa,” he mumbled.

Now you were pissed. You dug your nails into the mud and soggy leaves, screaming at the air around you. “You stay the hell away from him, Tessa, you hear me? It is not his time!”

Some time later—maybe minutes, maybe hours—you dragged Dean’s limp body to the Impala and into the passenger’s seat. You weren’t sure how exactly you were able to make it back to the bunker on a slick road with poor visibility and tears rushing down your face. You vaguely remembered swerving away from several cars and a large truck that blasted its horn at you, but the whole drive was a blur. You couldn’t think about anything else except for Dean’s lifeless form and how he would kill you for driving his car if he were awake.

When you pulled up to the bunker, you quickly realized that you didn’t have the strength to lift Dean and carry him inside, especially when the wet pavement was starting to freeze over and you kept slipping on it. Dean fell into your weak, noodle-like arms when you opened the car door, and instead of standing back up, you sat there and cried. Sam found you like that, hugging Dean to your chest, face buried in his hair, shoulders shaking. He didn’t ask any questions, just carried Dean inside, then came back for you. You leaned into his touch, desperate for warmth and comfort.

You stayed by Dean’s side for hours, leaning across the clean, dry sheets to brush hair out of his eyes. You whispered soothing words in his ear, hoping against hope that he could hear you.

“You know, I still remember the first time we met,” you said softly. You voice was hoarse from use, made worse by the crying. “We were ready to kill each other. We’d been at each other’s throats all day. You kept arguing with Ed and Harry and me about how to really take care of a ghost. But somehow I ended up coming home with you the next day. You made me see the light.”

You thought you saw his eyes twitch, but after a solid two minutes of staring, barely breathing, you blamed your exhaustion for playing tricks on you.

“I know you don’t like to admit it,” you continued. “But you act differently when it’s just the two of us. From the very beginning, you’ve let me in on secrets that you haven’t even told Sam. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision, and sometimes it isn’t, but whatever it is, I think it’s helping you.”

You leaned in closer so your lips were brushing his ear. “I know you blame yourself, Dean. You never said, but I can tell you feel guilty. About everything. About John, about Sam, about Bobby, about me. Anytime someone gets hurt, you beat yourself up, but you shouldn’t. It’s not your fault. None of it was your fault. And if this whole thing is being delayed because you can’t make up your mind about whether to stay or go, you need to listen to me. You are the single most important thing in my universe. And Sam’s, for that matter. Your love, your protection, everything about you is what keeps us sane. You’re the glue that keeps us from cracking and turning into something we’re not. So don’t you dare think for a second that we’d be better off without you, because you’re wrong. It is not your time, Dean. It’s not your time.”

Your voice cracked on the last word, and you sat back in your chair. You took deep breaths, wiped fat tears from your eyes, staring at Dean’s body. Body. The word made you shudder. It was so cold, so lifeless. It didn’t fit with the word ‘Dean.’ Dean wasn’t a body. He was living, breathing, entity with green eyes that made you melt and a smile bright enough to power all of Kansas. He was a little boy trapped in a man’s body whose sandy hair still stuck up in clumps every morning, whose face lit up at the word 'pie.’ He walked and talked and laughed and sang. He danced with you in the kitchen even when there was no music to be heard and the two of you were in your pajamas and all was dark, all was quiet, and for once in your life you felt peaceful and completely safe.

How dare life take all of that away and replace it with words like 'body’ and 'lifeless’ and 'cold?’


You slowly pulled your fingers away from your face, eyes closed. You couldn’t look. You didn’t want to look and find that you’d imagined the voice. You didn’t think you could handle that sort of pain.

Soft, warm hands brushed your cheeks and held your face with a gentleness only one person could manage.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered.

Never before had you been so happy to see Dean’s smile. You let out a loud, utterly exhausted laugh of relief. Dean held you against him, letting you wrap your arms around his neck for dear life. Your lips crashed together, you searching for safety and reassurance, him searching for home. You followed your roadmap. You found your destinations together.

“What brought you back?” You asked him once you’d pulled away. You still clutched at his sleeves, balling the fabric in your hands so you had something to hold onto, something to reinforce that yes, this was real.

“I heard you,” he said, as if it were that simple. “I heard your voice, I heard all of it. I just had no idea how much you knew.” He chuckled a little, a hollow-sounding noise, then said, “And here I was trying to hide that from you. I guess I’m more of an open book than I’d like to think.”

“No,” you said, smiling. “I’m just a big reader.”

The sun was coming up by the time you were getting ready for bed. Dean closed the thin curtains in the bedroom in a sorry attempt to block the sunlight starting to stream through. You laughed when he wasn’t able to move the heavy bookshelf packed with old textbooks in front of it. You patted the sheets next to you.

“Come on,” you said. “Just stay with me, would you? We don’t have to sleep.”

So he did. You both crawled underneath the covers, like little kids, and held each other close. Dean traced circles on the back of your hand and you rested your head against the spot on his chest that seemed to exist just for you. You both watched the sunrise until the tantalizing smell of sausage and scrambled eggs was too much to bear.

“Dance with me,” Dean said, after Sam had left and you two had finished drying the dishes.

“But there’s no music,” you argued, following the unofficial script you’d both created. You could’ve spoken the next words along with him if you’d wanted to.

“We’ll make our own music.”

He held out a hand, and you took it. You spun in slow circles across the tile. When you closed you eyes, you thought you could hear the soft opening notes to a song.

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Time: Pre Captain America: TWS.

A/N: Based on this request. I’m sorry its taken me so long to write this- I’ve been seriously low on inspiration lately. I hope it turned out the way you wanted it anon.

Summary/Preview: Reader and Bucky were lovers in the 40s. Reader is a mutant and one of her mutations is immortality. 

“What is all this? How do we know each other?” he demands harshly, gesturing towards the bed with his free hand. And yet you can see past the cold metal of his fingers pressing into your throat and the icy sharpness of his gaze to the hidden vulnerability.

“Some things never change, James,” you tell him, voice as soft as if you were lying content in his arms and whispering confessions of love against bare skin, and his eyes soften almost involuntarily, “all of this—you and me—is one of those things.”

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