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Pain tolerance

So another of my Humans are weird Posts. Dunno If someone already wrote about this so i’ll just start:

I just remembered, that i was once trying to learn how to flip a knife within my Hand and it fell down and landed a few mm deep in my knee and i was only Like “that wasn’t right” pulled it out, “bandaged” the wound with a scarf and kept training. Another time i Cut myself accidently with my katana deep in my hand. Well it was bleeding a lot. So i just went to my Mother (all our bandages are in her room) but she was on the Phone so i just stood there, quietly bleeding on the floor waiting for her to end the call. Still have a scar from that. But If i’m pocked with a needle or get lightly boxed in my arm it is too much pain for me. Or my father is really weak to poking him strongly nur when he had a Heart seizure while driving He calmly drove Home, called an ambulance and cooked something for my sister while waiting for them.

What i wanna say is that it is really weird what types of pain we can easily tolerate and which ones we can’t.

Now imagine there is this really kickass human in a spaceship Crew. Took a bullet in the stomach? No reaction. Had to amputate a hand? Didn’t even flinch. But then one of His crewmates accidentally pokes him and He starts screaming in pain.

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richie is an auto shop teacher and eddie is an english teacher headcanon!

- richie and eddie both meet because they teach at the same school

- richie has worked there for 2 years longer than eddie but they’re both pretty new out of college

- eddie teaches english but since the english buildings are getting redone, his room gets moved to the “electives” area

- basically he’s right next to mr tozier’s auto shop class

- richie has been working with cars ever since he was a little kid. always been fascinated with them. he thought becoming a regular old mechanic would be too boring for him though and since kids generally seemed to love him, he wanted to become a teacher

- he pretty much lives off of these high school kids approval because they all think he’s so funny

- he actually ends up being an awesome auto shop teacher though, everyone always learns a lot from the class while having a great time

- eddie HATES being next to his classroom!!! it’s so loud and disruptive and gives him such bad headaches.

- richie is so fond of eddie and loves to see his reactions

- when eddie gets very pissed off once he barges into the class only to find everyone sitting peacefully at their desks with mr t standing at the front of the room

- eddie is so confused for a second, wondering if he walked into the wrong class

- “why, mr kaspbrak, how may i help you?” richie spoke in a horrible english accent, students snickering under their breath as they tried to keep it together

- eddie just sighs, makes a face at richie who still stands there smiling, and just walks out of the classroom

- this sparks a prank war between both classrooms

- eddie doesn’t start fights but he will defend himself if necessary

- his pranks aren’t near as good as richie’s, the students all know this and are ashamed

- one time both teachers had stayed late after school, 4:30 pm ish, and they were the only 2 left in the department

- eddie walked into the auto shop classroom to remind richie to lock up after he left when he saw the most beautifully cliche hot-guy-works-on-car scene played out in front of him

- richie was bent over working on one of the students cars. he was wearing blue ripped jeans and a loose white shirt covered in oil and grease stains which was riding up to show his torso. his hair was messy and his face held a look of concentration


- when richie saw eddie staring he looked up, sending him a wink. “hey eds, i was just leaving,” he slammed the hood of the car down, “wanna grab a coffee?”

- “i told you not to call me that”

- but he went anyways

- they’ve been together ever since

- 6 months later they moved into the same apartment

- none of the students or school knew anything about it, the pranks continued like they always had and everything seemed normal

- until


- it was a friday and it was the last period of the day, aka his favorite class and the one where the pranks usually occurred

- richie told his students that at the last 15 minutes they were gonna run in there and FUCK SHIT UP!

- when the clock striked 2:30 everyone sprinted, water guns in hand, to mr kaspbraks room

- eddie was in the middle of a lesson and once he saw all these high school kids with plastic guns led by his idiot boyfriend, his eyes went wide with fear

- he grabbed the stack of papers closest to him and used it as a shield as richie aimed right for him

- eddie yelled after realizing those were his students essays that he’d already spent the whole week grading. they were now soaking wet, the ink bleeding all over them.

- “richie what the f- heck?! you know how long i spent grading these!” he sat down at his desk with a sigh

- the students were all still going crazy yelling and laughing, shooting their water guns when richie realized his mistakes

- “oh shit. eds, baby, i’m sorry”

- everyone stopped

- “eds!” “baby?” “MR T ARE YOU AND MR KASPBRAK DATING?” the students cried out

- eddie slouched further into his desk in defeat, covering his face with his hands

- richie knew eddie wasn’t going to say anything so he took his place front in center of the classroom

- all the students faced him with wide eyes and grins, waiting for him to explain

- “uhhhh. that short, cute, embarrassed teacher that you all know and love is my boyfriend,” he declared proudly.

- “oh my god” eddie whimpered into his hands

- “HOLY SHIT I KNEW IT” a dude yelled from the back

- “language, tom” eddie reprimanded automatically

- the whole room started laughing, eddie started to lighten up

- “i declare that you all get A+’s on your essays that i ruined, my treat” richie smiled, waving as the students cheered

- ever since then every student was considered lucky if they ever got into mr tozier’s auto shop class or mr kaspbrak’s english class

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I will be missing from this page for about 9 days once I hit the end of this week. This is about to be a really big issue. So I need a favor from you all!

I need you guys to spam the inbox with all kinds of prompts. I am looking for enough prompts to queue for the rest of this week and the next while I will not be on. I want to make sure that you guys have your prompts everyday. And hopefully my offline time does not extend further than those 9 days. If all goes well, I will be back on the first of January.

Typically, if I only queue prompts and not art, that’s 9. If I do not have enough for 9 a day I will take down the amount as need be until I am back.

If I have enough for the time I am gone then I will try my best to do a special surprise for this page when I get back!!

I just never want this page to hit the inactivity levels it previously did.

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Will you give me one more chance?

Sweet pea? Like let’s say him and his gf went through a hard break up and she’s been spending a bunch of Toni and let’s just Toni and her get it on or almost? (Toni knows she’s rebound) and sweet pea find out? I like angry stuff. Call me twisted

(gif is mine)

“Hey, you coming over today?” Toni asked when I bumped into her in the hallways of the infamous Southside High.

“Yeah, sure.” I nodded and smiled at her. Toni and I had been spending a lot more time together since my recent and very painful break-up. She’d been close to me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her. It didn’t hurt that, other than being incredibly smart, she wasn’t bad to look at – and saying that is as extreme as an understatement can be.

“You wanna stop by the White Whyrm?”

I hesitated. No, I didn’t: Sweet Pea, sadly my now ex-boyfriend, loved to hang out at the bar and, even though we’d been broken up for a little over two weeks, I couldn’t stand being in the same room as him quite yet. “Toni… Sweet Pea is gonna be there, I really don’t wanna see him.”

Toni gave me a sympathetic smile and softly squeezed my upper arm. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

“I’ll come over later.” I smiled and walked away.

I was sitting on Toni’s couch later that afternoon, talking about how much Sweet Pea had hurt me. Although I should have hated him for doing what he’d done, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“I just… every time I see him I can’t help but think about him with her. The picture of them kissing keeps playing in my head on a loop and I can’t take it, it hurts.”

Toni gave me a sad smile. “Y/N, I understand, but… you can’t live in a bubble all your life, you can’t keep avoiding places you love to go to just because you might run into him. You’ll have to face him eventually.”

“Yeah, I know…” I trailed off. “I think I just need to find a distraction.” When I said that, a smirk blossomed on Toni’s face and she scooted closer to me, her cold digits resting on the naked skin that peeked from the rips in my jeans.

“I think we can help each other, then” she said, barely above a whisper, but I heard it loud and clear as her lips were mere inches away from my ear.

“I think so, too” I whispered back and slowly locked my lips with hers.

My fingers went to her hair and it wasn’t long before every item of clothing was discarded and forgotten on the floor.

I ended up staying over at Toni’s that night, but I didn’t get a single hour of sleep: sex with her had been a great deal of fun and I didn’t regret it one bit – actually, I hoped it would happen again – but for some unknown reason I felt guilty: Sweet Pea and I had been broken up for only two weeks, which was nothing compared to the eleven months we’d been dating, and this felt like cheating.

I knew that I shouldn’t feel that way, that Sweet Pea lost every right he had over me when he cheated first and that I shouldn’t be pining over some boy who didn’t care about me enough to break up with me before he went and kissed some other girl; but I was attached to him and, even though I knew I should hate him with every fiber of my being, I still cared about him. Hell, I still fucking loved him.

The next morning Toni drove us to school and as I handed her her helmet back, she reached up and kissed my lips for a brief second. “Last night was fun.” she winked.

My heart sunk a little: I hoped she didn’t read too much into what had happened the previous night, because it was just a distraction for me and she had to know it, right?

“Yeah, it was” I agreed. Then I trailed off: “but… what was that for?”

Toni chuckled. “Sweet Pea is right over there, I thought you might want to make him a little jealous. You know, show him what he’s missing out on.” She nodded in the boy’s direction and when I turned my head I saw him staring at me so intensely that I had to look away.

“I love how you think” I smirked and pressed my lips to hers in a kiss that was much more passionate than the first.

I was sitting in English class only a few minutes later waiting for Mr. Philips when Sweet Pea came in. I stiffened when he walked past me and, for the first time since we split, he didn’t even glance at me; he sat at his desk in the back of the room and slouched in his chair. I could hear him breathing heavily to contain his anger.

The silence only lasted a few seconds, because he couldn’t refrain from bitterly saying: “So I see we’ve happily moved on.”

I scoffed and turned around in my chair to look at him. “As a matter of fact, I have” I lied, speaking to him with just as much bitterness as him. It was the first time I talked to him since I’d seen him kissing another girl, although he’d tried to get in touch with me a number of times. “And, you know what? I wish I’d done it sooner. Toni is the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

A chorus of ‘oooh’s raised among our classmates, but it was silenced by Sweet Pea’s fist slamming against his desk.

“What? Damn it!” He got up from his chair and made his way over to me in three quick strokes.

For a split second I felt scared, small, but then my bottled up rage made me forget about it all and I stood up. “You have no right to be mad at me, I’m not the one who fucked everything up!”

“She kissed me! I did nothing, and you would know that if you’d bothered to listen to me once in the past two weeks” he countered, his voice growing exponentially.

“Did you push her away? I don’t think so.” I lowered my voice, although it was still vibrating with anger. “Why should I believe you, anyway? The two of you were getting awfully close, and then this happens.”

“I was wasted, it took me a moment to process what was happening. I pushed her away once I did.”

I scoffed and started gathering my things. “God, you’re a fucking asshole. How can you have the guts to rip my heart out of my chest and then come lie to my face about it?” I stormed out of the classroom just as Mr. Philips was walking in.

“What’s up with the golden couple?” he asked trying to be funny, but only gained a groan from Sweet Pea, who followed after me.

He slammed his hand against one of the lockers. The sound of metal rang through the hallway and I turned around, only to see he’d left a dent in the locker.

“Don’t walk away from me!” he growled and walked closer, towering over me. I pushed him away from me with as much force as I could – it was symbolical more than anything, seeing how Sweet Pea was basically ten feet taller than me and four times my size.

“Just stay away from me!” I screamed. I turned around and started walking faster so he wouldn’t see the tears forming in my eyes.

“No, please, wait. It took me two weeks to get you to talk to me, I’m not gonna let you walk away like that” Sweet Pea sighed and reached forward to grab my wrist. I refused to turn around because the tears were now streaming down my cheeks; my free hand went to cover my face and I tugged at the arm stuck in Sweet Pea’s soft grasp.

“Please, let go” I whispered, but what gave me away was the sniffle that followed.

There was a moment of utter silence and Sweet Pea didn’t budge to let me go. “Are… are you crying?”

I shook my head and sniffled again. “Just leave me alone.”

It was like the realization of the damage he’d done – not just to our relationship, but to me, the girl he supposedly loved – had finally dawned on him. “You’re crying. I’ve known you for – what, six years? – and I’ve never seen you cry.” Every ounce of anger was gone from his voice. “And now you’re crying because of me.”

“Yeah, well, tell your friends and let go of me.” He released my wrist, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t tell you why, but I felt glued to the floor: I was dying to know what he was gonna say next, and I was hoping for a new piece of information that would allow me to go back to him like I so desperately wanted to do.

“I wasn’t lying to you” he started and put his hand on my shoulder to turn me around. I leaned on the lockers behind me, not daring to meet his eyes, and wiped the sleeve of my hoodie under my eyes to dry my tears – which was useless, because they were still flowing. “I started getting closer to her because she promised she was gonna help me set up something special for our one year anniversary. I had no idea she was just using it as an excuse to get closer to me.”

I started fiddling with my fingers, not knowing what to say: he sounded sincere, but was I willing to risk getting my heart shattered again?

Sweet Pea kept explaining: “She got me drunk at that party and then she kissed me out of the blue. I didn’t kiss back and I pushed her away as soon as I figured out what was happening. That was it, I haven’t seen her since.”

When he was done talking he waited for me to say something. “That’s the whole story?” was all I could manage; I finally looked up at him, even though I felt as vulnerable as ever letting him see me cry.

“I can’t stand to see you like this” he whispered reaching up to touch my face. His thumb caressed my cheekbone and I leaned into his touch, hoping for a second that I would never have to open my eyes to deal with the world. “I can’t stand to know that after I promised myself I would always shelter you, I was the one to hurt you.”

I pulled myself together and took a deep breath, but all my plans to leave him there were blown up when his lips connected with mine. He was slow, silently asking for permission; he pulled me closer and touched me gently. His hand was shaking as he brought it up to hold my cheek.

I let all my walls down, melted in the kiss. I’d missed him in a way I never thought would be possible, and I wasn’t ready to end this chapter of my life.

“Will you give me one more chance?” he breathed once we pulled apart, his forehead resting against mine.

I wanted to be strong and resolute, say no, say ‘you fucked up, that’s it’. But I couldn’t, I loved him. I couldn’t stand to lose him.

And so, wearing half a smile, I nodded.


This isnt really a fuck anyone, I just think its funny tbh. I look younger than I am, people tell me that all the time. Especially when i go out for drinks.

A waitress that works at a bar and grill, whos friends with my mom, once told me I looked 14. Another time a cashier said i looked maybe 17.

Im turning 22 on 12/15.

I was tired and stressed the other day and i laughed and said “I cant wait to clock out, Im gonna buy a bottle of wine and curl up with a book.”
And my mic turned to me and went “What? Are you even old enough to buy wine??”
Im like… yeah thats why i said it lmao she said she thought i was 17 omg

Had another manager not believe me when i told her i was 21. She literally asked for my birth year bc she thoroughly believed i was like Maybe 18, she was so funny omfg.

sorry || t.holland

warnings; angst, gets a little physical, cursing.

osterfield!reader, the reader is Harrison’s sister. (will make sense as to why in part two.)

key; y/n= your name, y/n/n= your nickname, y/e/c= your eye color.

dt- forgot the user but I read a similar peter parker one and got the inspiration for this

(And Tom Holland is not like the awful way he is portrayed in this. This is purely fiction and he is the sweet boy we all know and adore, also in real life this shit is not okay, once again it’s an imagine loves.)

Today had been hell, and that was putting it lightly. Your alarm clock had broken, and you woke up late, some intern had spilled coffee on you on your way to the makeup department, causing you to be another twenty minutes late, and then, as your luck would have it, you’d forgotten to bring your wallet, leaving you hungry and irritated as lunch rolled around.

Everything started to pile up, and by the end of the day, you were dangerously close to absolutely losing it- and you were positive that if anybody did anything more to bother you; it was going to send you over the edge. And your poor best friend,( who you had a little crush on ), Tom, was the likely candidate to get stuck dealing with it.

A brighter note was that Tom had promised to swing by your place after work to hang out, you were really looking forward to it since he was really busy filming the new spiderman movie, and you two hadn’t been able to see each other as much as you used to.. 

You looked at the clock, and sighed, it’d been about an hour and a half after he’d promised to arrive, you sat down on your couch and scrolled through your social media’s, scrolling onto a new pic of Tom and his co-star Zendaya, eating ice cream at a parlour not to far away from set, you looked at the timemark on the post, and realized Zendaya had uploaded it three minutes ago, your eyes stung, and fire ran through your veins, it would’ve been fine if Tom had just cancelled, but he blew your plans off without so much as a text and it you were pissed.

Later that afternoon, you heard a knock on your door. You padded over to it and answered, finding Tom fiddling with a loose thread on his shirt and offering an apologetic smile. Under other circumstances you would have grinned and greeted him, but, this was not any other circumstance.

“What?” you asked roughly; Your hands on your hips as you stared at him expectantly, the only thought running through your head was that practically any excuse he could offer would be the wrong answer.

“I came to hang out!” He chirped, and walked into your apartment with a grin, “Sorry I’m late, I had to take care of some things for the movie.”
You knew how busy he was on set, you worked in the cosmetics department for gods’ sake, you saw him running everyday, but this time you scoffed and rolled your eyes, there was no way the movie required him dropping plans to hang with Zendaya. 

“Right,” you snipped, “I’m sure the movie just needed you and Zendaya to go out together, for what? Tell me, did Zendaya just need you to hang out with her? Would that happen to be why you ditched me?” You inquired sarcastically, and Tom’s eyebrows shot up, and he stared at you in shock, surprised by your angered tone. He’d rarely ever seen you mad, and never had it been directed at him, and bringing up Zendaya was a low blow.

“Excuse me? What does Zen have to do with this?” He spluttered, his laidback grin disappearing, “Look, I’m really sorry that I’m late, but I’m here, can we drop this, y/n/n?” 

“No, we really can’t, Tom.” you said defiantly, “stop trying to change the subject, I saw pictures of you and her, so it’s not like you can deny it, you blew me off!” 

Tom’s eyes darkened, “So, what? I’m not allowed to have other friends now?” He asked, his temper flaring, “What the blood hell, Osterfield? Are you fucking jealous of Zendaya? Is that what this about?”

You snickered, “I would never be jealous of her.” y/e/c eyes flashed fiercely, “You’re honestly trying to turn this on me, but it’s not my fault, you think you’re all high and mighty because you think you’re better than everyone! Because you’re some famous actor who landed an important role! ‘Look at me; I’m Tom Holland and girls swoon over me and so does fucking Zendaya!’, It’s ridiculous, Holland!” Your voice raised as you continued, your emotions getting the best of you. Tom’s eyes met yours and his fists clenched. You knew you shouldn’t have yelled like that but you refused to back down, all the anger and irritation was boiling over the top now.

He angrily took a step forward, “First of all, l don’t think I’m better than anyone, I’ve never ever said that! and secondly, I don’t know what the bloody hell this is about, but if you don’t want me here, then I’ll fucking leave.”

“Leave and go where?” you spat, “Running back to Zendaya? Fine see if I care, personally I’ve never been into guys that run away from their problems, but if that’s what actresses are into no-” Suddenly Tom slammed his fist into the wall next you, his other arm pinning you there, you were so startled that your words caught in your throat, and you inhaled sharply. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, and the veins in his arms were noticeably present as was the pressure on your chest.

“Stop. Bringing. Zendaya. Up.” Tom articulated each and every word carefully, his dark stare locked on your eyes, a shiver ran down your spine and you trembled slightly. This was different from the happy and kind Tom that you’d always seen, He was tough and pissed off, and all of it was aimed at you, you’d never seen him like this, and you’d never thought you ever would, and he terrified you right now, you knew what he could be capable off and you wouldn’t be shocked if you found a dent in your wall, his arm was pressed into your chest, not so much that you couldn’t breathe, but it was painful and hurt. And you were honestly so stunned by it, Tom was usually gentle and his good-natured demeanor had dropped, and that was when it really sunk in that you’d screwed up.

“Get off of me,” you said hoarsely, your voice thick with emotion, “Get off of me right now.” Tom blinked, and he inhaled softly, only just realizing what he’d done, his grip loosened and he took a quick step back, his eyes wide and full of panic, the hurt look on your face, the fear in your y/e/c eyes, bringing tear to his own.

“O-oh, oh god, y/n/n.. I’m so sorry, love.” He said quietly. “I’m so sorry. I just- I didn’t mean.. I never meant to do that.. I wouldn’t hurt you. I’d never hurt you, I never wanted to hurt you, love-” 

“Tom, I think you should go..” you said thickly, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Your breathing was shaky, you held your hand right in front of your chest, and you really didn’t want to cry in front of him right now.

“Y/n, I didn’t.. I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked weakly, begging you, he went to move towards you, reaching out for your hand, and you flinched, backing away from him until your back hit the wall again, and his face crumpled, tears rolling down his cheeks as they streamed down your own, the look of pain on his face shot right through your heart. 

“Please.. You- I need you to leave,” You pleaded, and he nodded weakly, his eyes trained on your face.

“Please, y/n/n, please I’m sorry, just tell me I didn’t hurt you, I swear I’ll leave right after..” He begged again, his voice barely above a whisper, you closed your eyes and shook your head, telling him no, you heard his breathing hitch as you reopened your eyes and he stumbled backwards, he looked absolutely devastated, the heartbroken look on his face made you want to apologize, it wasn’t his fault, if you hadn’t been so jealous and irritated.. if you hadn’t..

You wanted to apologize but your mouth wouldn’t form the words. You stood there leaning against the wall, silently crying as Tom made his way to your door, his eyes met yours again and he walked out.

The instant that the white door clicked shut behind him, you slid down the wall, your knees pulled to you chest, your chest ached but not because he’d hurt you, he hadn’t, he’d only scared you, but because your heart ached.

You shakily pulled your phone out and with a trembling hand dialed your older brother’s number, it rang and he answered, “hey y/n/n!” His cheery voice rang through the phone, and a sob broke through, “Haz..”  You sobbed, and you heard him inhale, “Y/n, are you at home?” He asked, and you muttered a quick yes, and then heard him open his car door, “i’ll be there in five, little sis. I love you.” He told you and you heard his car start as you mumbled “Okay.. see y-you.” before hanging up.

part two will hopefully be up within the week, and it actually hurt my heart to write the smol, happy, kindhearted, goofy, bean that Tom is like that. agh. I love Tom Holland and he is so precious.

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Raptor Fic Rec

Title: girls girls girls 
Author: @myrmidonofmelodrama aka Em11134
Category: Gen Fic/Romance 
Summary: After Jughead walks away, Betty is left alone in the Whyte Wyrm parking lot. Toni Topaz drives her home. Secrets are revealed. Alliances are formed. Post 2.08
Why You Should Read it:  Yes, this is a bughead fic, but the focus is on a Toni and Betty friendship which is so much more fun and interesting than pitting them against one another. It’s well written and I’m in love with the way this author characterizes Toni and expands on the culture of the Southside. We get to see Toni and Betty bonding and working together to end that misogynistic initiation ritual once and for all. 

Give this a read, buggies, and leave your thoughts. Let’s see some support for bughead authors who also write for and support female friendships. You won’t regret it!

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Snowed In | Chapter 2

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Chapter: 2 | 12:00 AM

Summary: Reader and Tom are stuck in an airport in NYC due to a snow storm. They think of different activities to do while they wait it out for several hours.

Words: 900

Warnings: Language (I think)

A/N: I plan on updating every 2 days, but I have finals this week so I’ll just have to see what I have time for. I’m sorry these chapters are so short! ALSO please let me know if you want to be tagged in updates for this story, or in all future works! (This wasn’t beta-ed, so please excuse any mistakes.)

Snowed In Masterlist

Chapter 1

You sat on a velvet-topped stool at the bar, a glass of wine, a pint of beer, and two shots sitting on the countertop between you and the stranger beside you.

“Before we get started, maybe we should introduce ourselves.”

“Good idea. I’m (Y/n),” you said, extending your hand.

“Great to meet you, (Y/n). My name’s Tom,” he said, shaking your hand in return. You could see him trying to hold back the smirk peeking through his lips.

“The pleasure is all mine, Tom.” You raised a shot glass briefly, throwing back the burning liquid and swallowing before you could taste it.

He chuckled, watching your face contort slightly. He downed his own with ease. Damn UK drinking age, you thought.

“So, would you like to start this off, show me how this works?”

“It’s very simple, I promise.” You pulled your wine glass toward you, signalling for him to pull his beer toward him. You wracked your brain for a question that was interesting, but not too personal to ask someone you just met. “Alright. How about… drink if you followed through with your New Year’s resolution.”

He shook his head. “Come on darling, nobody ever follows through with their resolutions. What is the goal of this game anyway? Are we trying to get someone drunk or keep them from drinking?”

“It’s more of a ‘catch up’ game, for getting to know how someone’s year went when you haven’t seen them in a while. It’s a really relaxed game.”

“Okay, got it. My turn?” You nodded. “Drink if you did something you were really proud of this year.”

You beamed at him, thankful that he triggered a nice memory for you. This is what you loved about the game. You took a swig from your glass and cleared your throat. “I gave a speech in front of an entire auditorium of people for my public speaking class. It might have been the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done.”

“That’s awesome!” His eyes lit up, almost like he was hearing the accomplishment from family. “Really, good for you. Now your turn.”

You took a moment to think, hoping to come up with a question that might make him remember a good memory as well. “Alright, drink if you made any new close friends.”

“Do I have to take more than one drink if I made more than one friend?”

“No, just once is fine.” He gulped from his pint. “So where did you meet these friends?”

He hesitated for a moment. “They’re coworkers of mine. We ended up hanging out quite a bit outside of work as well, and became pretty close.”

“That’s great. I hope one day I get along with my coworkers that well.”

In the midst of casual conversation, you found yourself starting to pay closer attention to the cute English boy. He smiled all the time. His fingers raked their way through his hair a few times every minute. For someone who radiated confidence, he often gazed at the floor or the counter when he spoke.

The longer you played, the more relaxed you felt. You both continued to order more drinks, until you no longer cared about the nature of your questions. Your stomach and cheeks were aching from laughter as you tried to catch your breath. A warm, fuzziness was creeping its way through your veins, nerves, and every vessel of your body.

“Okay, okay, okay,” you said, after you finally got your laughter under control. “Drink if you had a one night stand this year.”

“I will definitely drink to that, that was one great night.” You felt the smallest twinge of jealousy over the girl who got to spend a night with the cute English boy, but laughed it off anyway. He made a noise around the rim of his glass like he had just thought of something. “What about you? You don’t seem like the type, but did you have any one night stands?”

You took the slightest offense at being told you didn’t seem like the type. “That’s not how the game goes,” you reminded him.

He rolled his eyes. “Sorry, then drink if you had a one night stand this year.”

You looked at him, eyebrows raised, and took a deep gulp of your wine.

“Really? I underestimated you.” You shrugged. He turned back to his beer, and began running his fingers over the lip and handle.

You revelled in the brief silence, letting yourself feel every aspect of the moment. You were just a girl, sitting in a bar, having a wonderful conversation with a handsome stranger. It was the stuff of fiction novels. No burden of expectations or responsibility, because the world around you had paused. Moments like these were few and far between.

You realized it had been a good few minutes of silence when you came back to reality. You looked around at the dwindling number of people at the gates. Folks were losing hope that the storm would end soon, and opting to go home.

You turned back to Tom, only to find him studying your features. His brow was furrowed as you watched his concentration dance from your eyes, to your nose, to your lips, then your jaw.

“So,” you began, breaking the silence, “What do you want to do now?”


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ana-the-writer  asked:

hey there! I'm dropping by to say I loveeeee your writing, your prompts, everything. I just devoured all you've posted in the last week and I am so excited to keep up with what you create, especially your God Key work. it's so good, I can't stop thinking about it. do you think you could share more snippets with us in the future?

Thank you :) See a God Key Snippet below! I am trying to avoid giving far too many spoilers, while still picking interesting bits.

The world didn’t look normal anymore. It didn’t look like the world Isaac knew, at least. Trees sprung impossibly tall and enormous from the ground, breaking through windows, making a forest out of a city. Moonlight, barely, twinkled through the canopy and dappled the ground silver. Shadows slicked and shifted in every corner. The air smelled of pine and oak and petrichor.

He felt like he must be dreaming.

“Holy shit,” Dahlia breathed. Her eyes were wide with wonder, face lit like a child’s as she feasted on the sight. “Is she – can she really do that?”

“She’s getting stronger,” Gabriel said. “Maybe all the dreamers are powering her up or something.”

It was fantastic. It was honestly fantastic. If a little eerie, in the darkness and the moonshine. The trees grew gnarled and twisted and old, wild trees, like the type of trees that most English forests had long since forgotten existed.

Isaac took a tentative step forward, then another, as his soft tread through the undergrowth didn’t lead to anything springing out at him like a nightmare Jack-in-a-box.

“Be careful.” Gabriel caught his arm.  “It’s still too quiet. Where there’s dreams–”

“-There’s nightmares.” Yeah, Isaac figured that out. “I’m trying to focus on the dream part, considering imagining a big, scary monster might just make one pop up.”Still, he did catch Gabriel’s hand in his gloved own, giving it a squeeze. “Come on,” he murmured. “It’s fine. Just…I’m alive, okay? I’m alive. I’m here. Focus on that.” He pulled Gabriel’s hand to his heart, walking backwards. Leading him further into the wood.

Dahlia was already bent over the nearest tree, examining the red-gold leaves crusting the ground. She stroked her fingers over them, seeming to concentrate for a moment, before she darted forward and pressed her hand to the tree. Her face dropped. “They’re not real.”

“A dream is a dream, brought to life,” Gabriel said. “Of course it’s not real.”

“Dreams are manifestations of the mind,” Sanna said. “It’s as real as anything else you might want to think up, just different. We’re not dreaming.” Her brow furrowed. “We’re still going to be dead all the same if a Nightmare gets us. At least it probably won’t be wolves, or bears. Not in the UK anyway. Apparently snakes are one of the most common nightmares or–”

“-Don’t say spiders,” Dahlia muttered.

“I honestly don’t know why you hate spiders so much. You’re like the goddess of nature.”

Plants. Spiders aren’t plants.”

“This is your dream isn’t?”

“Well, if it was yours,” Dahlia snapped, “I’m sure we’d all be naked.”

“Apparently that actually is the most common-” Sanna began. 

“Ohmygod I don’t care.”

Isaac release Gabriel once he looked more settled, and turned. He peered through the tree line, trying to get a sense of the streets through the labyrinth of woods twisting them in every direction. At least he could still see the roads, the pavement, the houses beneath the growing moss and ivy. He suspected that may not last. He caught Gabriel’s hand and tugged.

The sooner all of this ended, the better. If the nightmares got too strong…he glanced at Gabriel. Well, then he’d have to kill Gabriel before ever letting that happen, and he didn’t want to do that.

They headed through the woods, the bickering puttering out as the disquiet grew. It wasn’t a natural feeling, some ill omen, Morphina’s influence everywhere. As they moved closer to the centre the air grew close and claustrophobic, the trees wedging tighter and tighter together. Less light managed to find its way through the leaves. Isaac knew there should be street signs, shop fronts, but they were increasingly difficult to discern among the dark murky greens that swallowed the city up.

“The shadows are moving,” Sanna said. So low that Isaac almost didn’t hear them. Her voice had grown tight. “I mean – it’s not just me, right? They’re moving. Properly moving. Like living things moving.”

The early Disney Princesses are more than You give Them Credit for

(Neni’s Advent Calendar, Day 16)

Older Disney Princesses get a bad rep. There’s absolutely nothing to dispute in that statement. As well-regarded and respected their movies are for their technical achievements and beautiful animation alone, whenever you hear people talk about the actual characters appearing in these movies, especially the protagonists, you will rarely find people lose a nice word about them. Accusations of Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora being anti-feminist characters, teaching little children, regardless of gender, harmful lessons and values, are easy to make and thus a dime a dozen. They’ve been parodied, ridiculed and done off as an archetypal relic of the past century’s culture, by everyone and their mothers, including Disney themselves.

Maybe that’s just the reason Disney have been trying so hard to “modernize” these characters, by rewriting their stories and personalities to the point of being non-recognizable in their recent slew of remakes. 2014′s “Maleficent” and the 2015 version of “Cinderella” come to mind. But do we really need remakes like that? Don’t get me wrong, the original films were clearly products of their time, but the way Disney advertises these reimaginings as “updated” and “feminist” makes it rather clear that the only reason they exist is to please the crowd who’s convinced the original versions of these characters are “harmful” or “badly written” by modern standards. And that’s just not a sentiment I can get behind at all. 

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cofffaye  asked:

Pls do more builds? They're ADORABLE 😭😭

Thank you. I think I have at least one I haven’t uploaded to the gallery and a few that are on the gallery but I haven’t made and official post about. I’ll make more builds once I finish all my exams and the semester ends. I’ve just been focusing on school since it’s more important (:

^ I’ll try to get that cafe uploaded this week + the speed build of it if I still have the video files

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I'm stuck in a cycle of building a home in others and loving them with all I have, yet always ending up betrayed and abandoned. Do I ask for too much by expecting the amount of love and loyalty I give to be returned? I offer a sketch of a french vampire that once meant friendship, and a silver star ring that never truly fit.



He leaned forward slightly to assist my ministrations, exposing the hideous scars on his back. The thick red welts of Jack Randall’s Christmas gift lay heavily over the thin white lines of the earlier floggings.

I touched the scars gently, my heart squeezed by the sight. I had seen those wounds when they were fresh, seen him driven to the edge of madness by torture and abuse. But I had healed him, and he had fought with all the power of a gallant heart to be whole once more, to come back to me. Moved by tenderness, I brushed the trailing ends of his hair aside, and bent to kiss the back of his neck.

Possession, Dragonfly In Amber (Diana Gabaldon)

I can’t write a paper on how much this hurts me, that wouldn’t be enough. The person who gave me strength when I wanted to do horrible things has done what I was going to do. In a literal sense he was my will to live and my family friend. I wish I didn’t know him personally or as a fan, that I could just be an onlooker so it would hurt less. Instead I was lucky enough to know this beautiful human, but it’s a curse to have to see him go like this.

Loss is hard.

But for all of us, after the dust settles, the storm is over, we will be left with the aftermath to cope with. My town is mourning this amazing person. In the end, the best we can do is keep going. Because that is what he would have wanted.

“Cry out loud once, look in the mirror and shake it off. I’ve cried like that, others will too. Cheer up, you are not alone.” - Kim Jonghyun

Surprise | Kim Taehyung

Requested by @1liam-girl1

[Fluff, Drabble]

Word Count: 905

Also, thank you guys soooooo much for 3k followers omfg 😭😭😭❤❤❤

I hope you all enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You didn’t even notice that you were grinning ear to ear at his words until you set your phone down. He’s been gone for so long. You know for sure that he’ll be here soon. When he promises something, he’ll always keep it.

Once you were familiar with your neighborhood, you turned to your street and headed down to your house which was all the way towards the end. You drove up your driveway and into your garage.

You headed inside the house and saw nothing but pitch black darkness. You quickly searched for the light switch, and when you did you were blinded by the sudden bright light. “I thought I left the lamp on,” you mutter to yourself in frustration. You then stop in your tracks and your mouth hangs open at the display you see on the floor. Rose petals.

Your eyes followed the petals until you notice them going around the corner of the kitchen counter that separates the living room and the kitchen. You drop your bag on the couch and follow the rose petals in curiosity. ‘Is he…,’ you think to yourself, ‘is he here? Did he do this?’

Once you got in the kitchen, you notice that the rose petals stopped at the entrance of the backyard door. You couldn’t see what was behind the door because of the long curtain that covered the window part of it. You slowly peeked through the crack of the door once you opened it. You were right. He is here.

You opened the door wider and saw him hastily work on the cords of a projector. He saw your presence thru his peripheral vision and jumped into shock once he saw you. Your body just moved without thinking. You ran up to him and jumped into his arms.

“Taehyung!!!! What are you doing here?!??!? But you said- I just- What are you even-” you couldn’t even finish your sentences as your arms wrap around him tight and he did the same. “Did you miss me?” he chuckles and looks at you. “Hell yes, I did! What are you even doing??? Is this- holy shit,” you notice the sight behind him.

You saw a hammock set up on the tree with lights hanging over it. Also, there was a thick quilt on the ground with pillows and candles it was absolutely beautiful.

You were speechless until Tae asked if you liked it. “What type of que- yes I do like it, I love it! I can’t believe you did this, seriously,” you take his face in your hands and pecked his lips. Well, it was longer than a kiss only because he really couldn’t let go of you. You began to pout once the two of you parted. He took your hand and lead you to the quilt and you both sat down on it.

“Okay, so I have It, Thor, Pocahontas, Amityville-”

“Pocahontas! Duh, Tae, that shouldn’t even be a question!” I playfully smacked him on the arm. “Okay, sorry sorry! I’ll be right back. Enjoy this popcorn,” he pointed to the bowl that was underneath the hammock. You watched as he jogged up to the laptop that was connected to the projector so that he could the movie on for you. Once he came back with the movie on, he snuggled up next to you causing a smile to break on your face that’ll probably take a while to fade away. 

Half of the movie was spent by either you two actually watching it or talking about Tae’s experience in America. He told you about all the awkward interviews and how fun it was on the James Corden show. “Enough about me, what about you?” he plays with the strands of your already messy hair as he asks.  
You thought of what to say before you answered.

“Nothing too exciting other than waiting patiently for you to come home,” you flash him a cheesy smile making him burst into fits of laughter. The two of you went back to watching the movie whilst trying to keep up a conversation before you could fall asleep. You couldn’t help it and your eyes closed and you fell asleep.

You woke up in a different setting. It was early morning and the sun was barely even out on this cloudy day. You look around and notice that you weren’t on the quilt that was on the ground, but instead in the neatly arranged hammock that had lights hanging around it and the two trees that sustained it.

You slightly turned your head to the right to see your boyfriend sound asleep as he hugged you from behind.  You were going to get up but felt his arms bring you back down.

“Stay,” he sulked but his eyes were still closed. “We can’t stay here forever Tae,” you let out a chuckle; he scoffs, opening one of his eyes. “Oh, sorry I didn’t know it was a crime,” he says in a sarcastic tone. You roll your eyes and try to sit up again but he still held on to you. He hasn’t had you in his arms in a long time and he wanted to savor it. “Let’s just…“ he brings your body even closer.

“Let’s just stay like this for a while.”

Why isn’t there a really long theory out there of how Kylo and Rey are reincarnations of Padme and Anakin and that’s why we haven’t heard anything from his force ghost and why there are endless parallels and implications of something further.
It could be their story that will finally come to an end, unable to be put to rest before they end up together, once and for all. At peace.

You’re pointing out the parallels but what if it doesn’t end there? What if it’s not just hinting at a similar kind of romantic relationship, but them as a whole?

Padme will finally be able to see her love return to her, bring him back when the time is right. This time not watching from the sidelines, but by his side. And Anakin will learn that there is still hope for him, a light at the end of the tunnel. He will realize what is right.

It’s their story, but this time, as it was meant to be.