and an asch

The mun’s issue


Heh. Yeah, I don’t know what happened here either- I just get a little anxious when I don’t publish many (decent) things in a while, I start to feel guilty ;w;

And yeah! That’s my pokesona! A weird alolan Marowak!- yes, the bone’s flame is alive and is my inner voice and they’re a dick all the time, because why not :^)

Don’t worry, I’ll publish the drawing correctly after this, without all that mun/mod stuff (?)

once again, wished they would team up together and fight the last boss annddd THEY DID NOT…….

dailyshinycutiefly  asked:

show me your favorite move

Asche: “My favorite one is Thunder Wave!”

Asche: “There it is!”

Asche: “I think I have a Cheri Berry for that paralysis somewhe-”

Asche: “M-Miss!?”

Asche: “!!!”

Asche: “You’re s-so cool…”

<Asche is amazed! …and a bit intimidated>

<Asche’s reference has been updated!>