and an array of lovely jumpers

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"Is that my shirt?" :D muah, bewitch me with them words girl....

Each time Rafael left Sonny alone in his apartment the detective would use the time to investigate the contents of the prosecutors walk in. From soft cashmere jumpers which Rafael rarely wore to his large array of crisply pressed shirts to his freshly laundered suits each item was special, unique. His clothes were a thing of beauty and Sonny loved to touch and explore each and every item.

Soon touching them wasn’t enough, Sonny had to know what they felt like against his own skin. One morning he borrowed one of Rafael’s shirts and hid it in his own cupboard at home. He would look at it occasionally and caress the soft fabric with his fingers, not yet brave enough to try it on.

When the shirt finally did grace his slender frame it was by accident, Sonny had pulled an all nighter and had run home to grab a change of clothes. He didn’t realise his mistake until Rafael walked into the precinct and gave Sonny a dirty look. He stormed into Benson’s office leaving Sonny to slowly realise why he was on the receiving end of a patented Barba glare.

Eventually Rafael finished up with the Lieutenant and summoned Sonny into an empty meeting room. Sonny wasn’t given a moment to breathe. “Is that my shirt?”

Sonny nodded and attempted an apology, but Rafael cut him off. “It looks good on you detective.” Sonny blushed a quick thank you before Rafael continued. “I think it would look better off you.”

Sonny surged forward and captured his lovers mouth with his own. As he felt Rafael’s hands make quick work of unbuttoning the shirt he grinned to himself, he was a lucky man. And when those same hands moved to his fly Sonny’s head begun to spin, a very lucky man.

     though it might not have seemed like it, joshua really loved christmas. he loved everything about it; from the food, the lights, the atmosphere, well – that had to be his favourite thing about it all. working in the bookstore care was so much better at this time of year, and he couldn’t help but get into the christmas spirit, regardless of most people perceiving to be a grumpy bastard. it wasn’t the case, far from in fact and he always went all out to make that clear to them. he had an abundance of christmas jumpers stored underneath his bed, along with an array of different headbands from reindeer to santa, he really was prepared. this year he wasn’t entirely sure what christmas would entail. he was sure his brother would be busy with his university friends, and his parents had gotten rid of their home in favor of a small caravan a dream of theirs that josh was happy they’d followed through with, but it left joshua in a somewhat confusing situation. he didn’t know what he’d be doing himself, and a part of him was rather sad that everything had changed around him, but he did his best not to make that clear to everyone. he’s sitting on his boyfriend’s sofa, staring down at his sweater paws, fingers playing with holes in the knitting as he speaks,  “w-what are you doing for christmas this year?” / @darliingshq

It's a Wonderful Life

Word Count: 3,031

Warnings: mentions of sex

Summary: Dan looks at him for a moment, and then leans over to kiss Phil for maybe the hundredth time that morning. “You’re being especially touchy today. Not that I’m complaining,” Phil giggles, muffled by the taste of Dan. “Sorry,” but the press of his lips is anything but apologetic, “I just really love you and stuff.” “Speaking of stuff,” Phil pulls on Dan’s hair, “can we open our presents now?”

A/N: This is the product of listening to Michael Buble too much, and being sexually excited for Christmas. I tried to get some fluffy domesticity up in here. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy xx

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