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It's not okay. None of this is okay. Having no friends is not okay. Having no experience of being in a relationship when you're nearly 25 years old is not okay. Watching life pass you by whilst you're in your room on the two days you get to be off in the week just crying all fucking day because you have no social life or anything interest to do is not okay. It gets tiring to wait for things to get better when nothing actually changes and all you've got is your.... emptiness

Thank you for reaching out to me and being brave enough to share a little bit about who you are and your struggles. Never underestimate the power of making yourself vulnerable and being honest with what you face. You never know who you could inspire by making someone else feel a little less alone in their own battles. 
Finding purpose and finding meaning in your life isn’t easy. Finding your “reason why” is damn near the most difficult question you will ever have to answer in life. In your specific situation I see a pattern. I’m only getting a single shade of your complex life, but in this shade I see someone that craves more. Someone that wants more. You have the introspection and emotional intelligence to be honest with who you are and tell yourself that you want to reach higher than you are. Being unsatisfied is often the first step to creating something truly great, or embarking on a remarkable mission; whatever that may mean to you. 
There is something that is keeping you from reaching this potential. As humans, we instinctively compare ourselves to others. We use our peers as a benchmark for our own success. It’s a more than a common practice, however it is grossly inappropriate to use another person to measure your worth and gauge your success as a person. You see, people are infinitely different.
I remember in high school, I felt so self conscious for not ever having kissed someone. And it wasn’t until my senior year that my lips ever touched another person’s. That’s enough for any one of my classmates to qualify me as prude and relentlessly poke fun at me. But it was me. I was just different. I still am. 
As are you. 
You are different and are on your own path. This is your life and it is and will only be what you make it. This is beautiful because it gives you the power to be and do anything you want. But it is you who needs to be the one to make the change in your life. It will be you that has to search yourself to find what it is that makes you happy. If you do not know, it is on you to search and build the courage to put yourself out there and try the things you never thought you would so you can find something you never thought you’d have. These are not easy things to do, but these are things you must be willing to try. 
Pursue life and invest in yourself. I promise, no stock or mutual fund portfolio will give you as high of a return on investment as the time and energy you put into yourself. 

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Hi! I saw the Tony Stark being the unofficial Villains’ Favourite™ post by tonystarktogo and your additions to it, and it was wonderful! It got me thinking. What if Tony is the favorite of other superheroes too, like not Avengers-superheroes. Like Clark Kent meets Tony at some gala he's reporting on and sees him being super charming and sweet to little kids (charity ball for some children's fund! STEM is for girls or something) and just falls so hard! Like...Lois! Lois, we need to have a 3some!

pt 2 L: okay? with who? C: Tony Stark! He’s so cute and small! L: Yes, let’s do it! So they woo him & have awesome threesome sex & when bias reporter talk about Tony from then on, they get eviscerated by Lois or Clark in a in depth report on corruption in journalism or something. Just Tony interacting with DC superheroes (from the tv shows only, besides the WW movie) & they all love him! Like put Barry Allen, Kara Danvers, & Tony in a room together to nerd out & everyone would melt from adorable

Okay but consider this: This is the ask that killed me because IT’S TOO PRECIOUS CLARK AND LOIS WOULD TAKE SUCH GOOD CARE OF HIM and then of course Clark wants to introduce him to Bruce but Tony already knows Bruce. “Is your city still basically film noir????” “How’s your monument to your penis after the Battle of New York????” Lois and Clark think they don’t like each other but they actually do they just show it by ribbing each other.


Superman: And this is Batman.


Tony: No, honey, you’re wrong.

Batman: *sweats*

Superman: ???

Tony: He’s The Batman! :D

Superman: Haha you’re so clever honey. The Batman, are you okay?


Tony: I know it’s you Bruce.

Batman: I fucking knew it.

(Bonus Bonus: Diana loves him. She sees the video of him taking the nuke through the wormhole and sees a lot of Steve in him.

Also one time they were walking and they saw a baby dressed in a little Wonder Woman onesie and they both punched Clark to get his attention and shouted, “Look at the baby!” and Clark sends Lois a snapchat like “I was just in a punching sandwich and they don’t even care” and it’s a video of Tony and Diana cooing over this adorable baby.)

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book recs!! yes please ily

WOOO here’s some good books I’ve read recently:

1. Concourse - Santino Hassell (gay romance, best friends to lovers, androgynous celebrity meets hot boxer, beautiful writing. One of my faves by Santino)

2. Timekeeper - Tara Sim (YA lgbt novel, an innocent read, set in Victorian London, has a steampunk feel to it)

3. A Gathering Storm - Joanna Chambers (gay historical romance novel; excited scholarly man meets brooding, quiet man reminds me of my OCs lolol)

4. The Novice - Taran Matharu (YA, currently reading; so far it’s AMAZING it has Orcs)

I get a lot of my book recs from book blogs and their twitters! Try The Book Voyagers or LGBTQ Reads

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when you will stop drawing trans girls?

part one of two: accepting that trans girls and women are people who are always going to exist in the world and are already underrepresented and vilified in media so a little headcanon or drawing literally cannot hurt you in any way

part two of two: realizing i’m going to keep drawing them to the best of my extent for my entire art career, and this anon that you sent just wasted seconds of your life and made you look like an asshole

secret part three: peeing your pants and leaving this blog 

If Iris and Ravus Were Party Members... (Banter)

She’s quite a popular choice, so let’s throw the cutie Iris into the mix! :D

Iris: “Wow, it’s really great to be able to travel with you guys! It’s like our own adventure.”
Gladiolus: “Just be careful, okay? Lot of monsters out there, ya know.”
Iris: “I’ll be fine, Gladdy. I have all of you guys here!”
Noctis: “Yeah. Totally.”
Prompto: “For sure!”
Ignis: “You are safe in our hands.”
Ravus: “I cannot make any promises.”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “Yeah?”
Ravus: “…I suddenly had the horrible realization that there are two of you now.”

Iris: “So you’re Lady Luna’s brother, right? That means you’re from Tenebrae!”
Ravus: “It seems the Amicitia intelligence runs in the family…”
Iris: “What are the flowers like there? I heard the Sylleblossoms are beautiful in Tenebrae.”
Ravus: “They are beautiful, that fact remains true. Seas of blue and violet that spread all across the land.”
Iris: “Do you ever miss Tenebrae…?”
Ravus: “Yes… Just as you most likely yearn to return to Insomnia.”

Iris: “So only Prompto gets to call you Rae, right?”
Ravus: “It was not my desire to be named as such…”
Iris: “Can I give you a nickname too?”
Gladiolus: “Yeah, Ravus. Can she?
Ravus: “…Yes. You may give me a ‘nickname.’”
Iris: “Ravvy it is then!”
Ravus: “What? No-“
Noctis: “Ravvy, huh?”
Ignis: “It has a charming ring to it.”
Ravus: “What have I done to deserve this…?”

Ravus: “Amicitia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What’s up?”
Ravus: “…Alright. I need a method to distinguish one Amicitia from another.”
Gladiolus: “You could just call us by our first names.”
Ravus: “And allow you to think that I am being pleasant with you? Absolutely not.” 

Ravus: “Brute.”
Gladiolus: “What?”
Iris: “Wow, he really did respond to it. You’re not supposed to answer to such mean names, Gladdy!”
Ravus: “I was showing honesty when I claimed that he would. He has become soft and weak. I leave his rehabilitation to amend this issue to you now.”
Iris: “Roger that, Commander!”
Gladiolus: *sighs*

Ravus: “Amictia.”
Iris & Gladiolus: “What is it?”
Ravus: *heavy sigh* “The little Amicitia.”
Iris: “Yeah, Ravvy?”
Ravus: “Please cease referring to me as that…”

Iris: “CRSSH. Little Amicitia, making contact with Sunshine Boy. Over. CRSSH.”
Prompto: “CRSSH. Sunshine Boy to Little Amicitia. Doing alive, doing well. Nice, nice. Over. CRSSH.”
Iris: “CRSSH. Roger that, Sunshine Boy. CRSSH. Commander R, what’s your status? Over. CRSSH.”
*the two stare expectantly at Ravus*
Ravus: … *heavy sigh* “Commander R, wishing for a quick death. Over… CRSSH.”

Ravus: “You are quite agile in battle, Little Amicitia. It is extremely impressive.”
Iris: “Thanks! Gladdy’s the one that helped me train. Because one day, I’ll be the best bodyguard in the Amicitia clan.”
Ravus: “I would certainly trust my life in your hands that I would your idiotic brother.”
Gladiolus: “You gotta stop bagging on me in front of my sister, Ravus.”
Prompto: “Actually, he does have a point. I sometimes wonder if I can trust you, big guy.”
Gladiolus: “Shut up, Prompto…”

Ravus: “Little Amicitia, was that a moogle I saw you throwing in our last fight?”
Iris: “You like it? It’s the perfect distraction to help out Noct and the others, right?”
Ravus: “It… Has its own charm, I suppose.”
Iris: “Want me to make you one too~?”
Ravus: “…I would enjoy such a gift, actually. Thank you.”
Iris: “Of course!”

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Do you think Cartoon network is just run by a bunch of chickens running around the studio?

Cartoon Network is run by one (1) octopus who cannot wait to die.

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Your last duck comic make me honestly laugh! I could even imagine them reading in real comic volume. And thank you very, very, VERY much about all your comics. They reminded me how I loved reading duck comics as a kid. My family never was a rich one, but mom was always trying to buy for me and brother at least one volume for half year, because we loved them so much (and I still have them somewhere). They were a big part of my childhood, and thanks to your comics I realised how I still love them!

that’s so awesome, this is so awesome, I love the duck comics so much too and thank you for saying these things so honestly- I really am so happy to know what these comics mean to people and making people laugh with my stories and bringing back the joy of the originals is all I could ever hope for

  • Says no, but is actually mad: Cancer, Libra Pisces
  • Says no and isn't mad: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Says yes: Aries, Taurus, Leo
  • Asks why would I be mad at you?: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

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people are going to start calling you pedophile sympathizer.

Me, knowing full well my opinion is critical, well thought-out, and based on reality:

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didn't they give her veggie burgers tho? hamburger marys is the real miss congeniality of the season

yeah they did! she said she can use her hair products too haha but i still love the memes

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no offense but I really think you could have done every touch wothout the Walsh scene in the third ch. It takes away from the story of Emma and Killian some and just seems out of place, so just a little constructive criticism for you!

A Poem:
“To the kind anon offering ‘constructive criticism’”

I looked over here, and I looked over there
I picked up the couch cushions, and peered under the stairs
A quick check in the closet, just in case
But, alas, all that was there was empty space.
I don’t know where you might have seen it last
So I’m afraid I can’t find it, where I fucking asked.
If you don’t like that answer, as it is rather crass
I beg you forgive me for my sass
Let me take a look-see inside my special jar labeled “Fucks”
Whoops! That’s empty, too! Can’t give you one. That sucks.