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Even a pirate can get sick...

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Request: Edward Kenbae fan fiction where he gets sick and reader kisses him to make him better. (sonia-sword)

A/N: I am always on for some kisses to sick!Edward! *winks* this was supposed to be in Christmas setting, but I decided against it since it took me so long to write…Oh yeah, let’s not forget the shitty title! Yay me!-Jinx

Type: Drabble

“Edward?” The female crept into the Captain’s cabin, worry taking over her features. She had been informed by Adé that Edward was in his cabin for two days, barely coming out. He looked weaker than usual, Adéwalé had noticed, and Y/N had been waiting for the blond assassin to get back to Nassau, believing he was still sailing the seas for a long time before the quartermaster decided to pay a visit to the pub she was working. And here she was now, hugging Edward’s warm body like he was going to die, the tray with some food and tea left on his office.

“Evening, lass,” Edward chuckled, the sound hoarse due to him being sick, “I missed you too.”

“Edward!” She hissed lowly, frustrated at him for hiding his sickness from everyone.

“Aye lass! Captain Kenway, in your service,” he bowed his head like she was a queen, and not just a barmaid.

“Okay. Be like that,” she told him sternly. “Be like that, and I will make sure you are not sailing for three months.”

“How come so?” His eyes darkened momentarily, and she smirked at him.
“I will make your fear come true, Captain Kenway. You are not sailing until you get better, and if you don’t listen to me this will drag on.”

He looked at her for a few moments, his anger and disappointment melting away as she fixed his pillow in a poor attempt to make him feel better.

“I really don’t know how I got sick, if that makes ya sleep at night.”

“Ha!” She gasped, and then raised an accusing finger to him. “You mean before or after you stayed out in the rain, hugging your precious rum and ignoring your comrades’ advice to get inside before you catch a cold? I know everything ya smug bastard, so be sure I will be sleeping just fine!”

Edward smirked, and opened his arms as if accepting her words. “Yas, love, yas. Now that you’ve come here, ya know that ya won’t sleep anywhere but beside me, right?

“You know that if you get a fever during the next few hours I will not sleep at all, right?”

Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything. A small silence followed, before she spoke up.

“Alright, let me bring you something to eat, Edward!” She smiled down at him.
“While you are at it, bring me a packet of kisses!” He told her and her smile widened. This was a good chance for Edward to stay in Nassau for a bit and for them to bond a ton more.

“You know what? You were right; I missed you too damn much. I am going to feed you,” she said happily, and sat next to Edward, lifting the spoon with the hot soup. “but don’t you dare get used to it,” she threatened.

He smirked once again, and opened his mouth, accepting the food, his blue eyes never leaving hers. They both appreciated the whole situation, Edward because he could be a softie without being looked down and Y/N because she could spend some more time with him.

After the soup was done, they cuddled for a while, until he demanded for her attention by lifting her head, their lips meeting in a chaste kiss.
She slapped his cheek lightly, trying to seem angry, and Edward looked shocked.

“Are ya an idiot?” She couldn’t keep the smile away from her face, the man confused but obviously a bit more relaxed. “I’m going to be sick tomorrow, how will I take care of you then?”

He smiled brightly, and hugged her closer to his chest. “Easy. By giving me more kisses.”

“This is serious, Edward! We’re talking about your well-being here!” She whined while shaking her head, and he nuzzled his nose to her neck, tickling her effeciently. A gleeful smile was brought on her lips, and she even laughed, before she was cut-off by a sneeze.

“Y’are still sick, remember it!” She felt him snuggle closer to her body wordlessly, sighing a bit by its cool temperature.

Her lips found his forehead, and she let them linger there for a bit longer than necessary. He was not burning up enough for this to be a fever, but she would have to keep an eye on him as he slept, now soundly, his arms wrapped around her middle.

She spent the whole night making sure he wasn’t feverish, and playing with his hair as to coax him to stay relaxed and asleep.

“Better Late Than Never”

Fallout 4 - Jack Cabot/Edward Deegan (Second Draft) - 1075 Words.

”Lost for words?“ Edward rasped, his words pulling the other man back down to earth as he tried in vain to lighten the mood. ”Damn, that’s a first.“

He wasn’t wrong. And it became clearer the longer Jack stood in an uncharacteristic, stupefied silence. How could he have been so foolish? Part of him wanted to ask why. Part of him wanted to ask when. Part of him wanted to ask why it took him so damn long to say anything. But part of him knew. Because it was never about what Edward wanted or needed. It was always about…

“… Jack?”

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hello hello!😊 Can I request a Be My Princess where the MC is on her period so she whines a lot and the princes think it's cute?

I totally did this wrong I think. So bad.

Wilfred: “Just shut up Wilfred.” Elizabeth complained as she rolled over onto her stomach, a hot water bottle firmly underneath. The way she wined, obviously not meaning the harsh words that came from her mouth, Wilfred found outrageously cute. “Elizabeth just let me-” “No!” He couldn’t help but chuckle at her, so cute.

Roberto: “Oh common Liz just put on the dress and lets go eat.” Roberto cooed, but was meet with a dress in his face, “Go on without me Roberto,”she whined, flopping onto the bed and holding her stomach, “My cramps…” Roberto looked on lovingly, slowly walking over and sitting on the bed and rubbing her hair. The way she nuzzled to him from his soft touch caused him to blush, “Awe common Liz don’t act like that now…being all cute…”

Joshua: “You won’t find anything in those damn books Joshua!” Elizabeth yelled, forcing them closed and walking back over to the couch, where she sat and whined, “Urg…” Joshua watched her pained expression as she gentle rubbed her sides. The way her face got all flushed from yelling, that look in her eyes. It shouldn’t be turning him on and yet… Joshua got up and handed her a water, which she quickly grabbed and drank. Even this little action was adorable to the prince as he turned around quickly. ‘She really needs to stop being so cute.’ He thought,

Kevin: “Kevin. I cannot stand you.” Elizabeth said, throwing pillows and blankets at the prince who was kicked out of bed. He caught all of them laughing while her face grew redder and redder, before she fell over and held her stomach, “Oh my god…” She whined, giving up the will to fight back. Kevin walked over and plopped down on the bed, placing her head in his lap and slowly stroking her her. The way she fidgeted, trying to get away, yet his touch felt so nice. This conflicting expression brought a grin on the prince’s face as he chuckled, “That only makes me want to tease you more Elizabeth.” 

Edward: The way Edward was trying to support his partner was laughable. Every sweet word whispered was countered with a harsh glare and sour look. His words were layered with thoughts and care, yet they did nothing to relieve the pain Elizabeth was feeling. Yet, somehow, Edward found pleasure in her pain. Scared at the thought, he looked at his partners face. Flushed, angry, her knitted brow as she tried to eat dinner with a princess air. It was laughable, cute even.

Glenn: Glenn tried to be mature about telling you to relieve your cramps. He offered you a hot water bottle, water, medicine, offered to run you a bath. All suggestions met with a pouty look, folding your arms and turning away. “Glenn you don’t even understand!” She yelled, laying back onto the bed and crying into the pillow. The sight of her in pain pulled on his heart strings as he thought of how to help her, when she turned to look at him he felt all that resolve fly out the window. She looked like she surrendered, giving into the pain. It was a face he only saw briefly in bed when she was at her limit and he fell in love as he let his fantasies run amok. Gosh was that look sexy. 

Yakov: Yakov had all the nurses and doctors at his beck and call when he saw your pained expression early in the morning. Relieved when he heard it was cramps, he laughed at how childish you were. “You really need to shut up Yakov.” Elizabeth remarked, her tone catching him by surprise as she kicked him out of the bed. “Oh really?” He asked, a smirk on his face. Turning around to look at Elizabeth he saw how she clutched at her sides, whining as she just wanted relief. He smiled to himself at her state, their constant bickering filling the room as he brushed her hair back lovingly. The way she closed her eyes and nuzzled his hand was unbearably cute to him as he looked away and blushed.