and an a performer

Courtney Bassett performing “Sonya Alone” with Mary Spencer Knapp on the accordion for Great Comet fans at Samovarchik + Mary Spencer Knapp playing a section of “The Abduction” on her accordion  

From Nicholas Belton’s Instagram story | October 19th, 2017

It’d be so hard to play it cool if he looked at me like that.

me, out of klonopin and unable to fill it for 6 more days, staring at a drug interaction checker website frothing myself into vibrating internal hysteria wondering if i really can safely mix 5mg of melatonin with the probably negligible amount of valerian root in my sleepytime tea as i clutch to the last tattered vestiges of my sanity or if i’ll just silently pass away in the middle of the night due to an abrupt depression of my respiratory and/or central nervous system