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Making a difference in the world does not have to involve something overwhelming massive. You don’t need to find the cure for cancer or completely put an end to world hunger. Making a difference in the world comes from many small acts of kindness, each and every day. It comes from shedding light onto the lives of others’. YOU can make a difference. You can.

In the AM :: Im Jaebum

Hello friends! Mafia/gang au were always my favourite after watching KHR haha. So I finally gave a shot at it! I was really inspired by two amazing tumblr writers so I would like to thank them for motivating me to write after reading their work! A massive thank you to @narika-a who wrote a scenario with mafia GOT7, the plot of this fic is mainly developed from their scenario with Youngjae. And a special thank you to @jungk0oksthighs​ and their amazing mafia au fic giving me the final push to write this! I hope everyone enjoys it!

(Bless the soul who took this picture)

Word count: 28K (Mother of god)

Warning: coarse language, drunk people, smut, unprotected sex, violence, blood

Part 2

Summary: Jaebum is one of the most notorious gang leaders in South Korea. He is merciless and brutal allowing him and his group, GOT7, to own most of Seoul. One day he goes after a young female who happened to be interfering with his business, who ultimately stole 40 grand from him. However, he got the wrong girl. She was nothing but a poor student who worked overtime at night to pay for her rent, and when she’s not busy with school or work her favourite pass time was to give Jaebum a never-ending headache. The girl didn’t steal 40 grand from him. She stole so much more, his heart.

Jaebum pov

I watch her through the tinted windows of my car before wandering to the red digital numbers glowing on the dashboard. It read exactly 2 AM on the dot. A small smirk stretches across my face as I watch her bend over to lock the front doors of the run down pub cueing me to proceed with the schedule. It was all perfectly timed, in exactly 5 minutes she will be in the optimal position. I slip out of the black Camaro closely following her in her haste footsteps as she made her way back to her dingy apartment. At exactly 5 minutes time she stood in front of the dark alley, wasting no time I lunged forward grabbing her by the back of her jacket’s collar and pulled her into the dead end. She opened her mouth to scream so I quickly shut her up by slamming her small frame into the graffiti covered brick wall. She lets out a small cry which was then quickly followed by soft sniffles. Her body quakes under my strong grip and I almost felt slightly bad, just almost.

“Stop crying!” I order turning her around to face her tear streaked face.

Her eyes were squeezed shut in utter terror.

“Yah look at me girly, that’s the least you could do after stealing over 40 grand from my business!”

To say I was taken aback was an understatement when she started to yell.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! I’m dirt broke! Why else do you think I am out this late working at a shitty run down pub in the fucking ghettos?! I already had a shit day with creeps like you trying to take me home so for gods sake just leave me alone!” She screams finally opening her eyes to reveal the warmest (e/c) hue I’ve ever seen.

I would be more appreciative of them if they weren’t full of rage and sending daggers into my soul. I shook my head to clear out the doubts that started to swim in my mind. My perfect plan was flawless to the second but a small detail may have been missed, I may have gotten the wrong girl? No impossible, she must be acting innocent.

“Don’t lie to me!” I yell out in frustration causing her frustration to skyrocket as well.

She flails her arms smacking me in the face causing my already boiling anger to overflow.

“Let go of me you freak! Do you think I would be out here in shit city at 2 AM if I stole 40k from you? No! I would be at home rolling in silk sheets in piles of money you idiot!”

Okay I’ll admit, even though she was infuriating seeing that she was so keen on lying I couldn’t help but find her charming, especially at the wild reasoning she spewed on about. I roll my eyes roughly turning her to face the wall once again.

“Alright, that was funny at first but now I’m done,” I sigh ripping her long wool jacket clean off her back.

The seams of her coat tore open with a satisfying pop along with the plain white t-shirt she wore underneath. I toss the torn fabric across the snow covered alleyway leaving her cold and vulnerable in the cold night air. Her fierce aura left her body as quick as it came as she started sobbing once more, hugging herself as she stood there hunched over with a thin ripped shirt. I could clearly see the cold winter air biting at her bare skin where goose bumps started to form, however I couldn’t seem to find the signature dragon tattoo that was supposed to litter the vast majority of her back. At that moment I knew I fucked up.

“Fuck…fuck I’m so sorry. I-I got the wrong person. Haha surprise?” I nervously grin finally letting her out of my iron grip that will probably cause bruises to bloom all over her body later from man handling her.

Her lips quiver as she spares me one final look with her large doe eyes before bursting out in tears and making a mad dash out of the alley.

“Hey!” I called out, it wasn’t supposed to sound so threatening but I guess being friendly and approachable was not my forte. At my voice she sped up, disappearing around the corner.

“Fuck!” I hiss under my breath, kicking her jacket out of the way to follow her.

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Rhian’s about to give Cullen a freaking heart attack in this dress! Such a babe!

(I really need to write this scene now.)

Thanks so much @istehlurvz - you are amazing as always! I love so much about this, and it’s always the details you add that I don’t ever think of that bring everything together so well. Her flirty yet challenging expression, her strong pose contrasting with the delicate nature of the dress, guh. HER HAIR. (You are my hair queen, for serious.) <3 <3 <3

Your drawings always inspire me to work more on my writing for these characters, so massive thanks for that as well. 

Alright SJM fans let's get real for a minute about another series you need to be reading

The Kingkiller Chronicles, by my hero Patrick Rothfuss.


(Now ACOMAF is on par with TKC on a good day, but they are SO DIFFERENT the comparison isn’t really there… but I digress)

Do you like Harry Potter? LOTR? YOU WILL LOVE THIS SERIES. Two of the three books are out: #1 is The Name of the Wind and #2 is The Wise Man’s Fear.

You like world building books? Rothfuss spent YEARSSSSS writing these books, the world building is UNREAL.


And the CHARACTERS my GOD. You’ve got the badass protagonists who make stupid ass mistakes but then LEARN AND GROW FROM THEM. The innocent, quirky characters you would lay your life down for. The EVIL ASS MOTHERFUCKING CHARACTERS YOU WANT TO DIE A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH. The mysterious characters you NEED to know more about. You got ‘em ALL.

Oh wait - quick segue - do you like Hamilton? Or In The Heights? Or Moana? Of course you do, they’re masterpieces. And what do those three things have in common? LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA, who JUST SO HAPPENS to be a massive superfan of The Kingkiller Chronicles and IS GOING TO BE THE CREATIVE PRODUCER OF THE TV ADAPTATION COMING OUT IN A COUPLE YEARS. THAT’S RIGHT. Not to mention that a song from Hamilton was actually inspired by a scene from The Name of the Wind - but I won’t say much more on that.

If you like fantasy and fun and badassery and character development and amazing friendships and romance and woke af writing?


Thank me later.

hiii it’s rose! so im almost at my 4 month anniversary of having this blog and i also recently hit 10k on jimin’s birthday so i decided to do my first follow forever! when i started this blog back in july, i didn’t know it would grow this much and i’m still mind boggled by the fact that it did. thank you to everyone who likes anything i post whether it’s memes/ funny videos/ gifs/ dumb tags/etc, it means a lot to me, more than you know!

thank you for giving me so much love, advice, inspiration, and motivation, not only on here but in real life as well ever since i started my blog. this blog has been my happy place/escape for the past 3 months whenever things get tough and i’m beyond grateful for you all❤️i didn’t know running a blog to support my favorite group of boys could lead to me meeting so many amazing people 🤧🤧

a massive thank you to my followers for being so incredible and nice to me! to be some of your guys’ favorite blog means the world because i truly don’t deserve you all :) also thank you for always sending the sweetest messages into my inbox and i see a lot of you in my activities on a daily basis that i remember your urls hehe 😛

for the small amount of mutuals i hold close n dear to my heart, i love you all sosososososososo much! you make me berry happy and thank you for talking or attempting to talk to me bc if you haven’t notice by now, i suck at conversing LOL also thank you for tagging me in stuff because that means there r people who actually think of me 🤧 you make my time on here much more enjoyable!

ANYWAYS (sorry for making this so long) below are a list of fantastic people who brighten my days and fill my dash (and heart) with joy and make my dash wonderful place! i love all the content you create! you all deserve all the happiness in the world and i hope things are going well for ya 💞

let’s keep supporting bts together for a long time

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VIDEO from the last day in Versailles when we got a rare opportunity to have a private tour of the Gypsoteque Musée (National repository for the preservation and restoration of classical and historical sculptures). It is housed in the magnificent former Royal Stables of the King (Petit Écuries du Roi) built from 1679 -1682 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. The Gypsoteque is filled with originals & reproductions of classical sculptures used to inspire and teach students of the French Academies of Art. Stored indoors are also some of the most prominent sculptures from the Palace & Gardens of Versailles for their protection and restoration. I was blessed to have 3 hrs to enjoy hundreds of master works in this amazing setting led by the director himself who took the time to show me hidden treasures as well as share their provenance. Notice a friend standing in the video to emphasize the scale of some of these massive sculptures and architectural elements under the nearly 100 foot high dome and galleries.
Vive-la-France!! 🇫🇷

“To All The Glories of France” 🇫🇷

allthestoriesaretrue-78  asked:

First off, I’m absolutely obsessed with all of your art! Do you have any tips for beginners in trying to find your own style? How did you find your own?

I’m pretty sure my style is just a massive conglomeration of all the artists and artworks I have seen, enjoyed and absorbed through my life time. (Spoiler: that’s how everyone grows) If you’re a beginner artist, I invite you to look at all the artists or pieces of art that have made an impression on you.

What is it about them that you love so much? In your future drawings, try to add a little bit of that spice into your work. “I really love how this person draws shadows!” or “the folds and clothing in this piece are amazing!” if that is what is inspiring you in those pieces, then work on them in your own pictures. The more you draw, the more it will start to be absorbed and mold into something that is uniquely you.

Unrelated note: this is why I encourage people not to bother anyone whose art-style resembles mine or is inspired by mine or whatever you want to call it. Please, I don’t want little bean sprout artists being beaten down. I’m happy that I inspire others to draw, and getting bullied over something so silly can really hurt someone’s motivation to create.

fabuluos-killjoys  asked:

Hello, (again) i am a massive fan of your books, and they have helped me massively through a really tough time in my life. and i would like to thank you for writing such inspiring, and amazing work. it has influenced my life in so many ways, and has kept me going through some really tough family issues. i would like to ask, about the cover of the 10th anniversary CoB book. has it been released? if so, is there any place i can view it, and if not when will it be released? once again, thank you!

It hasn’t been released yet! I would expect to see it during the summer.

This man right here turns 30 today. This same man has helped me and so many others become better versions of themselves. Telling us not to hide our talents and gifts but to embrace them instead. He has had such a massive impact in so many people’s lives and especially in mine. He’s got me through dark times and made me smile more than anyone else. Not only does he make me smile but he makes me so proud because of how far he’s come. From being this adorable, little kid to now, being this amazing, talented and gorgeous man. His perseverance and strength inspires everyone around him and his perfect smile has this way of making the world a bit better. I will always look up to him and I will always remember the massive parts he’s played in making me happier than ever. I hope he has the happiest birthday because by god does he deserve it. You will always have a massive place in my heart as Derek, dells, Michael Sullivan Jr, Marty, superman, Martin brewer, kaleb, McReynolds, Gerry and of course as my favourite; Tyler hoechlin ❤


😍😍😍 From @jaketomuri - “Massive love and respect to @cody_nolove @urijahfaber and @teamalphamalemma
It was an honour to be in your corner and I’ve never felt more genuinely welcomed. Thank you.
Win or lose you are still an inspiration 👊🏼
Congratulations to @tjdillashaw
#ufc217 #tomhardy @gregwilliamsphotography #teamalphamale #RvN #liftselfie”


@gregwilliamsphotography - "Amazing weekend hosted at the @ufc by @cody_nolove @pimsanguan @urijahfaber with @jaketomuri and #TomHardy
Can’t wait to see you retake it @cody_nolove your such a good brave man
Thanks to @strogo and Rob for taking such great care of us
Photo by Tom Hardy”


This is kind of sad and mean but…

I grew up playing a lot of #Halo and it had a huge impact on my childhood and adolescence, I never thought a video game could have left such an impression on me, and through pumping aliens full of lead? As if.. But the amazing science fiction action and fantastic orchestral scores combined with themes about sacrifice and selflessness along with characters that were all too real just hit me like a freight train, Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and Reach will always have a special place with me, so in commemoration I drew this; Master Chief (CE Edition) stomping on a jackal.. because I fucking hate them so much..
As well as an ODST in his natural habitat; sneaking around all spec ops style in a rainy city.  It’s kinda sad to see what the series has become, at least to me in my own opinion, it was such a masterful, beautiful, and tragic story, built from amazing people with amazing passion, and that’s easy to say coming from the imagination of a child shooting aliens on a tv screen, but the original games and stories are such a massive inspiration to me and so many others, its a shame it didn’t reach a respectful conclusion..  But I’ll always love those games, for everything they gave me.
“He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet… we should all be so lucky”

Dear Eric Stirpe

To our favourite dork, @stirpicus - Eric Stirpe, creative writer of Minecraft: Story Mode, Overlord of the Cube Kids,

I guess we - myself and those who contributed with the fanart displayed in the above collages (they will be credited with the full art under a cut) - want to thank you for helping bring MCSM to life. You have truly done the game justice and helped blow minds. The game you helped create has brought joy and laughter and tears and anger.

You have done so much to contribute to the game and the fandom - you have reblogged fanart, answered the questions you could answer and given some a role model. To thank you, we decided to make you these collages.

The fact that you got engaged shortly beforehand was a complete coincidence - and I can only say we’re so happy for you! If you wish, take this as a gift for the engagement. We’ve been working on this for over two weeks and we’re proud of the result.

All I did was create the collages which, admittedly, could have been done better - of course, it was the artists who did the most. I gave them a two week (and four days) deadline and look at all they’ve achieved! Three of them were even able to contribute two pieces of art!

I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this - I’ve tried to remain formal but I’m just so giddy with excitement that we finally got this done. Nights and days I’ve spent panicking the project would flop or that you’d somehow find out but it’s been done. I really appreciate all the work everyone’s done for this - we all stuck through hard times (lack of Internet connection for some, feuds, stress) and got this done. I’m proud.

But yeah, thanks for the game, well done on the engagement and please appreciate this collage we made for you. Don’t stop being a dork. finger guns, dabs

Some of the artists have messages for you!

Virumya: I want y'all to know that I posed in front of my mirrow and took photos with my nintendo camera for drawing references. And I used an enderman-plushie as a sword.

AngelicCubes: Hey Eric! I just wanted to say that you’re a massive inspiration to me, and that one day I want to work in the Game Industry because of you and all the amazing staff at Telltale! You’re such an epic person and I hope that you’re having a nice week! x3 (Congratulations on your Engagement as well!)

nukeypookie: Hey hey hey, Eric! I’ve already told you many times that I love what you do and that we love you, so I’ll just go ahead and say this: the hand on your butt (on the drawing) is accidental. please do not judge me. bahah. In all seriousness, I hope you love what we did for you just as much as what you do for us! Also, episode 3 is gonna be awesooome and I’m super excited for it. Anyways, I wish only good things for you and the game, and of course the entire team that works on MCSM as well. You guys rock.

Chuck: Hello Eric! Thank you for giving us a swell game and good times! I hope you’ll also have good and awesome times in the future with us! :oD
Vines On Cubes: Hey Eric!! I know it’s a little old-looking but I hope you like my art- (a little update for ya soon :3 haha) and may I just say I really appreciate all the stuff you do for us fans- you’re involved in just the right ways and we love it! I live for Minecraft Story Mode, so thank you!! And congrats my dude!

charlie: hi eric, theres nothing else to say than what i’ve already told you in messages before, but again from the bottom of my heart, thank you and the mcsm team for this wonderful game and community. huge congratulations on the engagement as well! i only wish the best of the best for you in the years to come!

Sketch: hi eric!! just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful game and filling it with plenty of characters to love! this game means a ton to me and i’m so glad that you’re the one writing it!! i wish you luck with life and can’t wait for more of your work to come through in this game!!

valarauco-6: hi eric, i just want to thank you for this awesome game, you and the rest of the team are doing an absolutely amazing job with it, i hope you know that! it holds a special place in my heart and i’m glad you’re the one making it, i wish you good luck in life, and also congrats on getting engaged!

Kiwi: Hey there, Eric! I would just like to start off by thanking you so much for everything you do. You’re freaking amazing and I look up to you for a lot of things. I hope you enjoy the collage and all the wonderful art!! (Congrats on the engagement by the way!)

Under the cut will be the full art with credit. Likes < Reblogs!

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I just wanted to leave a vent here: Cordelia was treated like shit her whole life but still managed to respect her mother and be the sweetest person ever. Words can not describe how much I love this character and how much she inspires me; The fact she was the Supreme the whole time made me realize that people putting you down actually will define you, and you have to always believe in yourself so they don’t have the power to do so. I’m having a massive breakdown about this character and I’m just truly happy she was the Supreme after all, she deserved it. I know that’s totally random but I needed to put it out. Bless Cordelia and her amazing soul, best character along with Misty Day.

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A massive *Thank You* to our followers

All TWO THOUSAND of you! 

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for following our blog and supporting the amazing, AMAZING Outlander fic community to which we contribute.   

Every like, comment, reblog, and tag from you means so much to us, and your prompts are so often the spark that kicks our imaginations into overdrive. You inspire us and keep us going every day! 

 So, wherever you are in the world, however long you’ve been following: 

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-Da Modz (WTT, Gotham, MBD, Lenny, Eloise, Liv, and Bonnie

My intro post!

Hi, I’m Agnes! I’m turning 16 in a month, and starting Swedish high school this autumn. I’ve been on tumblr for a while now as my Harry Potter blog @nevylle , and I’ve been admiring the studyblr community from afar. Now it’s finally time to start my own studyblr after months of procrastination!

Since I’m starting high school I’m hoping to find inspiration and motivation in the studyblr community. I’ve been keeping a Bullet Journal for about a year, and I’m always up for developing it.

About me:

  • I love to read, and spend almost all my time reading, buying books or looking at books I can’t afford online.
  • When I’m not reading I can be found browsing tumblr for hours, drinking tea or sitting at cafés with friends.
  • I also love to learn languages, and I’m currently learning French, Italian and Chinese. My biggest life goal is to know as many languages as possible.
  • I’m a Slytherclaw, and my personality type is estj.
  • Dream university = Oxford University

This year I’ll be studying:

  • Swedish, English and French
  • Biology and chemistry
  • Math
  • Social science
  • Chinese and Italian in my free time

My studyblr inspirations:

@studyblr @academiix @emmastudies @phctcsynthesis @rhubarbstudies @studytherin @revisoin @sprouht-studies @studentsandlattes @stvdybuddies @marystudies @educatier @studyfuji @intellectys @intellctuals @haphazardstudy @studybab @ambedostudies @griffin-studies @obliviatestudies @orionstudy @hufflepuffwannabe @getshitdonetbh

And also a massive thanks to Celine @potterstudy for being like so sweet and amazing and answering my endless questions <33

Feel free to like or reblog this if you’re a studyblr, as I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and new people to talk to!

Time+determination = results!

The picture on the left was at my brother’s wedding. I BARELY fit in the tux. And when he asked to do a photo without the jacket I nearly cried. I was humiliated. I had given up. I didn’t want to be me anymore.

But then I committed to change. I committed to live. I committed to loving myself and those around me enough to work for change. I’ve lost 165lbs, gained a ton of muscle, and live an active life!

The daily grind continues. And I’m sharing this because I need a MASSIVE kick in the ass to propel me out of this plateau, out of this ‘good enough’ mentality - and into the next stage of my health and fitness journey! Any support that you can offer would be amazing! My goal - 30lbs lost by Christmas Eve.

I'm starting to write again!!

And it feels so nice. I went through a massive writers block and after thinking about it I found that I just didn’t like the story. So I’ve started a new!!!
New story.
New charicters.
New life.
And it feels amazing.
I’m so much more inspired than I was before and i’m going into much more data le about the chricters which I feel lacked depth before! Planning is key i suppose 😄.

100+ Followers Art Raffle

I want to give a massive shout out to @glizisweet for all their extremely useful advice, honestly this wouldn’t be happening without them

So I feel like this is a milestone for me and I want to thank all you amazing people out here for your support with my blog and for keeping me inspired to create more art for our chaotic Undertale fandom

To enter this raffle all you need to do is reblog this post with the hashtag ‘#coleart raffle’ and there will be 4 prize tiers for you lucky winners. To win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you need to be a follower HOWEVER to win 4th place you don’t have to be a follower. I made this decision because I find that I do actually get lots of support from recurring characters who don’t follow me, so this is my opportunity to thank you guys personally. I WILL PICK WINNERS USING A RANDOM NAME GENERATOR ON 22nd OF AUGUST 

The rules are simple: 

  • No NSFW requests
  • It doesn’t have to be Undertale
  • I will give the winners 48 hours to reply to the announcement and if said winners don’t reply within that time frame then I will pick another contestant at random to replace them (you snooze you lose)


1st place: Character + colour + background

2nd place: Character + colour

3rd place: Ink Illustration + optional colour

4th place: Detailed Pen Drawing

Just liking this post doesn’t secure your place as a participant, you need to reblog with the hashtag in order to be considered for one of the prizes!!!

Good luck everyone, I’m really looking forward to this ♥