and am pretty chill about it

Hey so! real quick

Just wanna make something crystal clear because this has happened like a dozen times now and I really don’t want to be a source of stress in anyone’s life. 

So basically this happens over and over:

> I get an ask

> I make some kind of sassy/self-deprecating reply because I’m a jackass and I am physically incapable of resisting a punchline 

> People think I was offended because of the way I replied. (nooo ;__;!) 

JSYK: It’s pretty much impossible to offend me by accident. Really! I’m pretty tough. And I’m just… a person with a keyboard. I guess I project something authoritative and serious but I’m not - I’m pretty chill irl. 

I’m just a l’il ghost being a jackass on tumblr. :) So you don’t need to worry about whether your question or comment or sassy tag will ever offend me by accident. It won’t. I’m trying to be funny! Am I not funny? Is this thing on??

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So E!Sans has tentacles. I can already hear the fangirls scrambling to come up with a NSFW version of his tags. Your thoughts?

CQs Response: HMmmm my thoughts on Undertail stuff? (Those who are innocent and don’t want to see it, please don’t search that word, stick with Undertale)

Apparently people are already doing some NSFW stuff with Error, and who am I to judge *shrug* I’m super ultra chill about… well pretty much everything. I think as long as no one’s gettin hurt, they can do as they please. :) My only major curiousity, is, ‘how ooc are they going to make him? He doesn’t like to touch people. Will that come into play? Will they work it realistically into their skelesin stories? If they chose to write such things I hope they can write it as realistically into his character as possible’

The Signs As Quotes From My Journalism Class

Aries: “Get me a sugar daddy, or stab me!”

Taurus: “Am I thinking of a straight white boy or Sasquatch?”

Gemini: “Words cannot describe the joy and passion I feel towards fighting the people I’ve matched with on tinder”

Cancer: “You can do EVERYTHING sober. It’s pretty amazing.”

Leo: “I’m about to throw up, put something else in my mouth.”

Virgo: “I’ve been practicing making babies for years.”

Libra: “Chill out, it’s just drugs. ”

Scorpio: “Who needs birth control when you’ve got THIS face?”

Sagittarius: “I’m like freakin’ Gandalf with words.”

Capricorn: “I always like to bring a bomb with me when I go on a plane, because what are the chances of there being two bombs?”

Aquarius: “I just assume all old people are highly functioning alcoholics.”

Pisces: “I mean, if you choose to read 50 Shades of Gray, are you really going to be able to be able to have six 30-min group meetings discussing… sex… Wait, don’t answer that.”

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3/3 hope to god that your phandom isn't split with shippers being mocked and the laughing stock all bc they couldn't accept that their otp was in fact not together and never will be

Yeah, that’s my fear. As a shipper I’m pretty chill with their personal decisions, relationships, etc. I’ve seen some pretty annoying and fucked up things in this fandom which is why I like talking about this topic so I could trash all of you with my trashy wisdom because I’m trash… But honesty, if phan isn’t real ( though I think it is ) who am I to actually care? You know? Their relationship is still valid whether it’s platonic or not so I get what you’re saying. We shouldn’t act like a controlling and abusive side of a relationship but honestly who even are we to act that way in the first place but this fandom is great and I haven’t seen repetitive nonsense like this yet.

Oli at the first Dr Appt....

I am pretty chill and “open minded” about this BG bull shit but the fact that Oli has been glued to Louis side 24/7 throughout this WHOLE thing is very odd. Whether he is Louis “assistant/best friend” whatever- something’s are private and I think his constant presence- especially since they have security- is very odd. 👀

yo but on the real why is it that even though adam driver looks like a fucking toe and I have a pretty progressive dash that I’m still about 10x as likely to see him than I am to see john boyega also known as THE MAIN MALE CHARACTER OF THE NEW STAR WARS??? EVERY SINGLE TIME I SCROLL DOWN MY DASH


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1, 13, 59

1. selfie

lmao here’s me bein a meme with my glasses

13. how do you feel right now?

Well physically i am coughing very much and low on energy and just feel yucky in general so that’s no fun. Emotionally i am feeling a little stressed but i’m chill about it so i’m doing pretty okay/fine for now. (thenks for asking)

59. why i joined tumblr

because i was sick of instagram tbh

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15. personality description

hmmm uhh I guess I’d say im really friendly and funny, im pretty stubborn and salty and don’t sugar coat things but I have the BEST intentions I hate making others upset when I’m not meaning to. I’m a pretty chill person but am so loud when you talk to me I can’t help it…I think that’s about right? lmao

nice questions!

Hey my name is Emma 😄 I am 16 years old and I live in South Africa. I absolutely love art and pizza. I speak English and Afrikaans.
Series: New Girl, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory.
Bands: Sleeping With Sirens, The Pretty Reckless, Green Day, Nirvana, Of Monsters and Men.
Artists: Halsey and David Bowie
I am looking for guy and girl pen pals that I can get to know and talk to and that are super chilled 🙊 So just contact me if you want to learn more about me on my tumblr account or:
Instagram: _emmacochrane
Thank you so much❤️

Heyo! Name’s Meg. Just call me Sirius. It’s ironic because I never am.

I have no chill. I have negative chill. Basically, I’m always on fire due to my lack of chill.

I’m always doing stupid stuff. Why? Cause it’s fun. And I can.

I’m basically always getting into fights because people are stupid and make me angry, hurting the people I care about. Don’t do it. It’s not a smart choice.

Married to Layli, who just so happens to be dating me. (Will you marry me? Because I’d like to date you.)

Matti and I are pretty much brother and sister. 

Oh, and I’m a hot mess. Holy hell. Don’t believe me, just look at the picture. LOOK AT ME I’M AN IDIOT

I am running off two hours of sleep
I am not completely there
someone at work used the word tr**ny and I called them out on it and they got all defensive and rude about it
and like
if I wasn’t already coming out to people slowly here there is no way I could stay closeted lmao, I am pretty sure that person is going to tell someone I called them out on something and get me in trouble
I am usually about self preservation but
when I am sleepy I stay mad

HELLO this is usually a pretty positive space (or i at least try to keep it that way) so i am done giving space to any kind of negativity. sometimes a little drama can be kind of fun but it gets tiring quickly and i’m certain people don’t follow me because of my opinions when i’m angry, lol. i’m erasing messages that are intentioned to be inflammatory, and going back to our regularly scheduled programming! sorry about the whole conchobar thing! love u all xoxo

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when ppl recommend ur story to others do you feel that excitement/anxiety like your happy people are enjoying it but feel pressured to do better? or are you just real chill about it ?

Ah, I’m pretty chill about everything, I think? (IDK if I’ve lost my chill on here yet haha) 

But when I see something I’ve written being recommended I am pretty surprised. (In a good way!) lol, I think when I reblog things like that I always tag it ‘shameless promoting’ because that’s what it seems to me; also in a good way! It’s exciting to see that people like it so much that they blatant say something along the lines of “Hey! Read this!” But other than that, I’m chill

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I am all about witches

She’s a garden witch and the patron protector of critters that live in them, normally pretty chill but when people are cruel to the snails and bees and turtles and centipedes that make up her denizens she’ll get angry and turn them into bees to produce her magical honey. 

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emmememee em ememe mee

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: i’ve played LoL at least two times before, I really really love the different champions and designs, etc. but I’ll have to say that I love Cait, she has got to be my favorites and I am in love with her different skins.
how they play them: I’ve seen tons of other League rp blogs, but what is really unique about your portrayal of Cait is that you made ur own and you have ur own ways of doing things. I actually really admire and am a fan of your writing. Because of you I almost made a blog for I think it was either LeBlanc, Syndra, or Ashe once
the mun: you seem like a very cool and chill person, also you are really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do i;

follow them: yes of course 
rp with them: no )0:
want to rp with them: i would love to, but i am like not quality for that
ship their character with mine: nope

what is my;

overall opinion: cait 4 prezzy 2016

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

In regards to the new Shadowhunter episode when Jace and Alec were doing a parabatai thing
  • Mom:they're not gonna kiss are they
  • Me:no, Jace only has a thing for Clary
  • *10 minutes later when Magnus and Alec meet*
  • Me:they, however, get together
  • Mom:*incoherent mumbling about how gay in tv isn't needed and neither is cussing*
  • Me internally:moms pretty chill most of the time but every once in a while I am reminded that she's a conservative Christian

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I myself am a pretty big Paily shipper, and what I hate about the Emison shippers is that some of them go on Lindsey Shaw's PERSONAL Instagram and comment shit like 'Emison is endgame' and 'Paige is ugly. Fuck Paily' it just pisses me off about how low they stoop to defend their ship.

damn the emison shippers that do that need to chill. like actually going to another actors instagram and posting shit like that is not cool.

Today was pretty great~ I did more requests and updated the masterlist for all of you <3 Also, I’m still taking in requests for the boyfriend tag ~ (also dont be shy to ask for smut, lol, I’m pretty chill about it  dont worry :D ) I’ll do more tomorrow as well~

I’m pretty excited for WINNER’s comeback~ and I already pre-ordered their album :D How are you all? It’s saturday night over here. I’ve really missed you guys! I hope you’re all well and healthy! I hope life isn’t too stressful :( 

I made a new kpop blog for my gfx and kpop spazzing as well as keeping my main blog strictly for aesthetics and fashion~ and I just rewatched Zico’s new MV I am you, You are me for like99999x already because the song is perfection and it’s aesthetically pleasing <3