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So my public library is so extra lmao. There’s a pride exhibit with all these photos of lgbtq+ people and inspiring quotes which is super rad right?

but wait one sec let’s get a little bit closer…

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Christen Press. A Memoir.

On this chapter:

- The art of being carried. From birth to club to the NT.

(Hands up if you want to carry Christen…🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 )

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Um uh, hi. I know you guys are a busy, but uh. I'm not good with horror stuff, and I read this post that started out cute but then turned scary somehow? And now I can't sleep. I was just wondering if I could get a little thing about how Noctis or Gladiolus (or all the chocobros but if you don't wanna/don't have time don't worry about it) would calm down/help their s/o get to sleep when scared?

Okay this is way more important than the cute thing! I need to help you sleep!


‘The Calming Touch’


  • Noctis understands nightmares, and the horror stuff
  • He’s actually a baby when it comes to horror, 100% cannot handle scary shit. Especially jump scares.
  • He will lay down with his s/o, and play with their hair.
  • Not only that. He will kiss their face, everywhere.
  • Get ready for a smooch because he’s coming in
  • Cuddles, or he’ll hold his s/o against his chest
  • Will 100& be the pillow or big spoon, he will do whatever his s/o needs
  • He will assure his s/o they’re safe bc there’s no way in hell he’ll let anyone hurt them. Ever.


  • Gladio will read to his s/o
  • Nothing scary, maybe a action or an adventure story
  • If it’s not working he’ll take them beside the fire and star gaze with them
  • “See that star there? It’s the brightest one in the sky, but it’s definitely not as bright as your smile.”
  • Cue 10000+ pickup lines and a list of reasons he loves his s/o
  • He will stay up all night with them if he must, anything for his s/o


  • Iggy is going to get his s/o a glass of warm milk first and foremost.
  • Then he will sit them down for a bit outside the tent and smooth out their hair
  • He may even brush it for them if they find the gesture calming.
  • After seeing their fear he will be holding them all night
  • Every time they wimper or freeze up he’d squeeze them as a reminder that he’s there, and he’s not going anywhere
  • Because he isn’t going anywhere
  • If they wake up at 1am he’ll wake up at 1am too, they’re not about to be alone.


  • Prompto totally gets the fear thing
  • Seriously, you’re in the middle of the wilderness while demons RUN AROUND BELOW WHERE YOU’RE SLEEPING
  • He would not only stay up to play dumb apps with his s/o, he’d probably suggest it
  • He’s just as scared but he’s pretty good at hiding it
  • Clings to his s/o, while lightly singing a song in hopes of calming them both down as he gestures for them to lean their head against his chest and just listen to his heartbeat