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You Haunt My Dreams

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader gets some unexpected visits in her dreams.

Warnings: ANGST, death, violence, blood, car wreck (idk if that be a warning), some fluff. 

Word Count: 1,619

A/N: Well it looks I’m starting another new series. I hope this one isn’t too confusing. Just as a note the italics are supposed to be a dream sequence. This was my first attempt at writing dreams so I hope its not too bad.  Also I apologize for any errors in this one, I wrote and edited it while I had a massive headache so it may be a mess. Either way I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

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Anxiety. Anxiety and fear filled you. You had been waiting in the Bunker for hours. Sam and Dean should have been back by now. Something had to have gone wrong. Sitting on your bed, you bounced your leg nervously. If they didn’t return soon you were going to take matters into your own hands. Getting up, you walked over to your armoire. Opening the doors you pulled out the gun you kept in there. Tucking it in the back of your pants you moved to the door. As you reached for the handle you heard the bunker door open.

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We remember in flashes. The brush of their skin, the laughter that made your sides ache, the nights spent awake running wild and utterly free. Funny thing is, we think it’ll last forever. And when it doesn’t and forever ends, we wonder how long until forever begins.
—  Maybe we can start from the beginning. -gaa

This season has been so flat in the fandom in comparison to all the others. It’s really disappointing.

Although we’ve had some good moments, our fav’s have had little screen time together and all the excitement for filming starting up again has petered into nothing, especially with that article and it implying that Hook will be adventuring without Emma.

People are going at Adam on Twitter about it and all he’s done is say that he meant what he said when he spoke of Hook and Emma embarking on an adventure. Now people think that he was deliberately baiting and he meant separately and not together as implied. I don’t think there’s one section of the fandom he’s not getting heat from now. 

I know he’s not always helped the situation with fans on Twitter but in one tweet when they accused him of baiting, he just wrote ‘come on’ and you could feel his frustration.

It’s just an odd situation and feeling with the show lately - I don’t quite know how to put it into words. 

In truth, I’d always hoped that the CS adventure that was teased would be another two parter for the the season finale as it was in season three. So I’m not horribly disappointed that 6x15 is looking like it might actually be a starting point for it. I’d rather have that than it all take place in one episode mid season.

That doesn’t mean I’d like to have some spoilers of Jen and Colin filming together though - it feels like years since the fandom has erupted over something good and I miss it.