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You Haunt My Dreams

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader gets some unexpected visits in her dreams.

Warnings: ANGST, death, violence, blood, car wreck (idk if that be a warning), some fluff. 

Word Count: 1,619

A/N: Well it looks I’m starting another new series. I hope this one isn’t too confusing. Just as a note the italics are supposed to be a dream sequence. This was my first attempt at writing dreams so I hope its not too bad.  Also I apologize for any errors in this one, I wrote and edited it while I had a massive headache so it may be a mess. Either way I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

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Anxiety. Anxiety and fear filled you. You had been waiting in the Bunker for hours. Sam and Dean should have been back by now. Something had to have gone wrong. Sitting on your bed, you bounced your leg nervously. If they didn’t return soon you were going to take matters into your own hands. Getting up, you walked over to your armoire. Opening the doors you pulled out the gun you kept in there. Tucking it in the back of your pants you moved to the door. As you reached for the handle you heard the bunker door open.

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A Daydream Away

Summary: This was just a little drabble I did while I was supposed to be studying for finals (whoops). It is loosely base off the song by the same title by All Time Low…Loosely, meaning I was listening to it while I wrote it

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam (All young-ish)

Pairings: Dean X Reader-ish??

Word Count: 2000

A/N: Thank you guys so much again for reading. As always, any feedback would be wonderful. Please like and reblog!

If any one has any requests, please send them my way. I would like to start another series or just some more drabbles would be cool too.

Warnings: Language??…I think that’s it

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It was a Tuesday afternoon. The bright light shined through the curtains, showing the wafting, dancing dust and particles in the air. You were sitting on the hardwood kitchen floor, bare feet stretched in front of you, knees slightly bent. You were grinning like an idiot, half drunk from the cheap, disgusting beer Dean had snagged from the back of someone’s truck after he had convinced you to ditch school with him.

Dean was in the middle of telling you some story about a hunt that he had been on with his dad and Sam. The way he told you about his hunts made them sound like grand adventures. In your experience, hunting meant smelly motels, shitty food and sleepless nights.  But his face lit up, jade eyes bright, hands moving animatedly.

John had dropped Sam and Dean off at your parents house about two months ago. At first you resented it, remembering what a little shit Dean had always been to you. He had broken some of your favorite toys when you were little, blowing them up with bottle rockets. When you were around nine you had pissed him off for some reason and he had chopped the hair off of all your dolls. Needless to say, when John had shown up this time with his two sons, you had begged your parents to tell them to get lost.

But it was different this time, you were both sixteen now, older. Dean was an endless flirt, but you cut through his bullshit. At school you two would hang out. It was nice to have someone you didn’t have to watch everything you said with. You were pretty sure Dean had worked his way through half the cheerleading squad by now. Though most of the time after school, you would cruize around with the brothers in your truck, enjoying the freedom. This morning your parents left on a hunt of their own, leaving you in charge of the boys. Honestly, that had been a poor decision on their part.

Dean had come up behind you before lunch, whispering in your ear, “Let’s get the hell outta here…This place is dead.”

His breath tickled your ear. You had turned around, him towering over you, looking up into those mischievous green eyes, “I still have a test to take.”

He smirked, “Screw it…Let’s go. You got the truck, I got the plan.”

You paused, unsure. Dean had waited a moment before grabbing your wrist, pulling you with him, not giving you a decision. Not that you would have said no anyways.

“Where to there man with the plan?” You asked as you turned the keys in the ignition.

“Well Y/N, why don’t you just drive and I will tell you when to stop.”

“This better be worth it Winchester…I’m going to be in such deep shit…”

He laughs, cutting you off, kicking his feet up on the dash, “Don’t worry about it sweetheart.”

You scoff, unable to hid the smile as you turn the truck into the small town. Eventually Dean turned down the radio, “Just pull into the park.”

“The park Dean? Really? You wouldn’t rather go shoot something?”

“Nope…It’s a day off.”

“But Dean…That’s where all the disgusting make-out couples go.”

“Well then Y/N, you will have something to make fun of other than me…Now c’mon.” He drug you with him around the small lake. Mostly you two just walked and talked. It was so normal, the smile couldn’t be wiped from your face. Eventually, you found yourself skipping rocks with him, both tied at five. Dean bumped your shoulder with his, jutting his chin towards the closest couple.

“Don’t do it Dean.” You warned, knowing exactly what was going through his teenage brain.

“Do what?” He grinned, before chucking the stone, it hitting right between the shoulder blades of the guy.

“Hey!” The guy yelled, confused. He spotted us, and Dean slung another rock his way, hitting him in the arm.

“You fucking punk!” The guy shot off the bench, rushing towards us. Dean laughed, shoving you around, “Run.”

“Shit.” You took off, Dean a step behind you, not knowing where you were running to.

“I’m …going to kick…your ass!” The guy was slowing down, out of breath, but you still ran with Dean. Both of your legs pumping until you were both panting, laughing, and totally out of breath. You collapsed in a heap on the ground, taking in the bliss, laughing like a damned idiot.

Dean’s foot nudged your leg, bringing you our of your daydream, you looked up to find him grinning at you. He pointed behind you, “Wanna hand me another?”

You reach up to the counter behind you, searching blindly for another can. Your fingertips found the can, but it tipped, rolling off the counter, hitting you in the head before it bounced onto the floor, exploding all over you.

“Shit Y/N.” Dean was kneeling over your legs, stripping his outer layer, wiping the suds off your face, “Are you okay?”

He brushed your hair back, trying to find the bump that should be growing on your head. You grabbed his wrists, “I’m fine Dean.”

“You sure?” You nod but the crease in his forehead is still prominent. Dean pursed his lips together. Your heart flutters for a moment as your eyes meet his. You two stayed like that for a moment, listening to each other’s erratic breath, hearts pounding inside your own heads. Then he kissed you. It was slow at first, you hesitant, him unsure. It was sloppy, drunk, so incredibly teenager-y, but so incredibly innocent.  Dean pulled away too soon, waiting for your reaction, you too stunned to react.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I sh…” He never got to finish that sentence as you leapt up towards him, grabbing his hair, pulling his face to yours. Dean was surprised at first but let himself sink into it. Both losing track of time. You were both dumb kids, thinking only of yourselves in that moment. You pulled away breathless, smiling, laughing, watching those green eyes as his hands nervously trailed over your legs.

A few days later Dean had convinced you to go on a hunt with him and Sam. No one had been there to stop you. It had been a spirit, which was normally easy, so you had agreed. In retrospect, you should have told him off, made him stay at your house until your parents got back. You had broken your arm after being slung against a wall by the ghost. It would have killed you and probably the boys too if Bobby hadn’t shown up, taking care of it. He drug the three of you back to your house, calling your parents and John. Dean didn’t talk to you the entire ride back, just sat against the door, scowling.

Your parents had yelled for two hours straight at you after sending Sam and Dean off to their room. You walked up the stairs, tired, sore. When you reached the landing, a door creaked and Dean was standing there. You gave him a half-hearted smile and touched his arm, trying to reassure him that everything was alright. His fingertips brushed over yours for a second, then he let you go.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I should have made sure it was safe.”

You winked, trying to lighten his somber mood, “Don’t worry about it Winchester.”

The next morning when you came down for breakfast your parents told you that Sam and Dean were gone. John had come for them last night. You were heartbroken, Dean hadn’t even bothered to say goodbye. Part of you thought, well at least hoped, that he would call. He never did, and it had been almost ten years since you had seen the Winchesters.

It was weird that lying here in a river of your own blood that that was the memory you chose to push away the pain. But that had been a simpler time, when you were young and thought that happiness really did exist. A time before hunting had turned you into a bitter, cynical shell of a girl. Now you knew that it never would have worked out, you were both hunters. But then…then you believed in foolish things. You pushed your hand against your side, not knowing why you were delaying the inevitable, maybe just to hold onto a happy memory a moment longer.

A yelp brings you back to reality. God, you just wanted to die in peace. You had walked into this hunt unprepared, not knowing what you had been dealing with and were suffering the consequences. There was a scuffle, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look towards the noise.

“Go check on her…I got this!” Someone yells. Fuck. You force your eyes open as someone skids down beside you. He touches your cheek, “Hey…You are gonna be alright Y/N. Stay with me okay?”

Confused, you tried to make your thoughts focus. Green eyes looked into yours as hands find their way behind your back, lifting you from the ground, against a warm chest.

“Dean?” You choke out.

“Shh sweetheart. I’ve got you this time.”

We remember in flashes. The brush of their skin, the laughter that made your sides ache, the nights spent awake running wild and utterly free. Funny thing is, we think it’ll last forever. And when it doesn’t and forever ends, we wonder how long until forever begins.
—  Maybe we can start from the beginning. -gaa

This season has been so flat in the fandom in comparison to all the others. It’s really disappointing.

Although we’ve had some good moments, our fav’s have had little screen time together and all the excitement for filming starting up again has petered into nothing, especially with that article and it implying that Hook will be adventuring without Emma.

People are going at Adam on Twitter about it and all he’s done is say that he meant what he said when he spoke of Hook and Emma embarking on an adventure. Now people think that he was deliberately baiting and he meant separately and not together as implied. I don’t think there’s one section of the fandom he’s not getting heat from now. 

I know he’s not always helped the situation with fans on Twitter but in one tweet when they accused him of baiting, he just wrote ‘come on’ and you could feel his frustration.

It’s just an odd situation and feeling with the show lately - I don’t quite know how to put it into words. 

In truth, I’d always hoped that the CS adventure that was teased would be another two parter for the the season finale as it was in season three. So I’m not horribly disappointed that 6x15 is looking like it might actually be a starting point for it. I’d rather have that than it all take place in one episode mid season.

That doesn’t mean I’d like to have some spoilers of Jen and Colin filming together though - it feels like years since the fandom has erupted over something good and I miss it.