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i miss the rush of your skin

A looong time back I got an anon request to write a top!nico smut fic, which I’d promised to do, but never found the motivation to actually write. Then, when I should have been sleeping last night, this scenario randomly popped into my head and pretty much wrote itself. Idk what this even is and there are so many other things I should be writing and posting instead, but hopefully some smut will suffice for now. Also: The title is from Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson which Pandora decided to start playing as I wrote this fic. Even though the relaxed mood of the song doesn’t fit this fic very well, the lyrics definitely do.

Summary: Yet another Nico-gets-back-from-a-quest-and-they-have-buttsecks fic.

Word Count: 2543

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Will had always thought of his relationship with Nico as gentle. Despite their arguments and Nico’s meltdowns and the rocky parts of their time together, everything still seemed sweet, soft, gentle.

Or maybe that was just Will’s perspective. He wasn’t afraid to put his foot down when Nico was being ridiculous or without a sense of self preservation, but he was still somewhat cautious about being stern. He didn’t want Nico to get the wrong idea, after all, Will was only being stubborn to help.

In all honesty, their relationship was rough in the beginning. Nico was insecure and bad about communicating how he was feeling, and Will was bad about letting Nico have time to think when he was in a bad mood. But as time passed and they grew older, their time together felt even more gentle and caring as they learned how to better themselves. Gentle. That’s what they were to Will.

Which is why that night after Nico got back from a quest was such a surprise to him.

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