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Testing the Waters - Jack Maynard

Request: Could you write a Jack imagine where he likes a girl in their friend group and she always jokes about liking Josh and everyone (like fans and stuff) think she actually does like him and jack thinks so too but everyone knows jack likes her and Conor finally makes them admit their feelings

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I know, I know! I have been so shit lately! I’m so sorry for not writing but I’ve been watching Bones and it’s kind of taken over my life. I’m going to try to write as many as I can today and post them through-out the day/week. Sorry guys.

I also left out the fact that Conor makes them admit their feelings, I kind of switched it around but I did add Conor in there!

I hope you like it :)


“They’re totally dating.” “I’m in love with the look they give each other!” “They’re so cute!” It felt like you and Josh couldn’t go two minutes without someone commenting on how cute you two are. Your friendship with Josh was always one everyone questioned. They saw you as the best friends that would soon become more than friends and end up together. But in reality, your relationship with Josh was very different than people thought.  He was a big brother to you, someone who valued, respected and protected you. You never went a day without talking and the thought of not having him in your life killed you. You understood why people questioned your friendship but at the end of the day, there was nothing romantic between you two.

“I can’t get over how many people actually think we’re dating.” You said to Josh as you and the boys hung around your apartment.

“Just picturing that actually happening is a dream come true.” Josh replied, sarcastically. 

You two always managed to slide in some jokes about how people reacted to your friendship and some times, you do take it a little far. You definitely like to push the boundaries of how far you can take things, especially with the boys and their fanbase.

“Oh come on!” Joe yelled at your TV as he watched the game. You all had set aside the day to just hangout together without having cameras around. 

“Alright,” You said, standing up. “I’m going to grab the food from across the street. Jack, come with?” Jack agreed to help you out and off you went.

The weather wasn’t the nicest, as it was transitioning from Winter to Summer but because the restaurant was just across the street, you didn’t bother to put a jacket or sweater on.

“Order for (y/n), please.” You said to the employee, smiling. The elderly woman smiled back before heading into the kitchen to grab your order.

“This place is really nice.” Jack said, looking around. You had just moved into a new apartment and hadn’t really had time to invite the boys over and show them around so you weren’t surprised Jack was taking it all in. 

“I come here everyday…it’s probably really bad.” You laughed.

“So…you and Josh…what’s going on there?” Jack asked, out of the blue.

“I mean-” 

“Order for (y/n).” The employee called, cutting you off.

“I’ll take this, love.” Jack offered, helping you out. You took one bag in your hand and he took the other two in his.

“You two are adorable, definitely a good looking couple.” 

“Oh we’re not-” “No, we’re just-” You and Jack said at the same time, cutting each other off. You looked over at him and you could feel your cheeks heat up.

The thing with Jack was that you could never figure him out. He loved going to the bar and getting with random girls he wouldn’t remember but he loved the thought of being in a relationship as well. He would treat you like a girlfriend and there were many moments you thought he would actually try to kiss you but he never followed through. You didn’t understand how he felt towards you. Were you just friends? Was there more? Would he ever try anything with you?

“Well that was new.” You said, as you and Jack walked back towards your building. No one had ever said anything about you and the other boys before; it had only ever been Josh. “But thinking about it, we definitely would be good looking together.”

You would always drop little hints about being a in relationship with Jack just to test the waters. You wanted to see his reaction and see if you could figure out what was really going on in his head.

“Would it be weird though…with Josh?” He asked, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Josh and I are just friends. Sure, we make jokes but there’s someone else I’d rather go for.” You looked over at him and he was still avoiding eye contact so you lightly bumped your should against his and waited for his reply. 

“Are you-”

“Yeah.” You confirmed. “I mean…if you don’t feel the same, it’s cool.”

“Friday, 8pm, I’ll pick you up.” You smiled to yourself as the elevator doors opened and there stood Conor.

“Jesus, I thought you guys got lost or something.” He said, grabbing one of the bags from Jack’s hand. “Did I miss something here?” He asked, noticing the atmosphere.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jack said, exiting the elevator, with a laugh escaping his mouth.

Thanks, hun, I’m so happy you enjoy our work! Hope you enjoy! ~mun Ashe

-Shu: Shu doesn’t really care, he has no interest in this whole “Adam” thing to begin with and if he truly loves his s/o, it won’t impact their relationship.

-Reiji: This is a haaaaaard decision for him. One one hand, he wants the honor of being Adam and the power that comes with it, but on the other hand he loves his s/o. It takes him a really long time of thinking and kind of avoiding her before her realizes if he does truly love her, he won’t leave her.

-Ayato: Also a super hard decision him. He wants to be the very best and if he can only achieve that by becoming Adam, how can he continue with his s/o? After alot avoinding her and actung kind of shitty to her to try and make her leave HIM, he realizes he doesn’t really care, he’d rather have his s/o.

-Laito: While the power of being Adam is tempting, Laito is happy with his current Bitch-Chan! While he isn’t quite sure if what he feels for her is love, he thinks it might be, and he doesn’t want to lose that just yet.

-Kanato: Couldn’t care less. His s/o is a beautiful, obediant little doll who makes him and Teddy as many sweets as they’d like, why would he give that u for something as frivolous as becoming Adam???

-Subaru: He’s finally found someone who accepts him even though he doesn’t, he has no interest in becoming Adam if it means giving that up. He’s happy for once, he’s not going to give that up for power.

Family AU tidbits #2
  • -Jack knits ugly sweaters and forces the bean to wear them -Jack gets the worse hangovers, and Gabe just sleeps like a bear
  •  -Jesse is good friends with Symmetra, Orisa, Genji and Mei. He babysits Efi and she’s over a lot. 
  • -Sombra is friends with Junkrat, Amelia, Pharah and Zarya (they kind of butt heads and their relationship is usually strained).
  • Sombra is actually alone a lot. 
  • -Hanzo is…just there. They like him but he prefers to be alone as he gets older
  • -Junkrat and Hanzo…have a strange relationship. They don’t really like each other but both love art and drawing. They bond over that and sometimes spend time drawing in silence.
  • Junkrat is one of the few people to be able to stand Hanzo.
  •  -Sombra and Jesse played WoW together. 
  • -Gabe and Jack cuddle, a lot. They also tend to nuzzle each other in public and hold hands.
  • -We know Jack is an amazing cook… On a picnic he made all these gorgeous and wonderfully made food. Gabe instantly recognized some lf the food and said “Is this all from Redwall”
  • -Gabe has so many scrapbooks. So many.

I second this emotion. Also, a special thanks to the (stupidly talented!) creators in my clone club fam that let me greedily consume (and demand?) their art/writing/crack. All while contributing a pathetic fraction of my own in return. Bless all you kind, lovely fools for being so generous. You make fandom SO fun. @haughtbreaker @jaybear1701 @soundreason-truereligion @obfrankenfics @obcrack @clonesanity @madnanc @trylonandperisphere @ladycanuck @kind-of-always-late @morningmightcomebyaccident @mveloc @tatarrific @dark-delphine @thecirclesquare
 (And if you’re not already following these badass creators, DO IT! Go forth and consume)

I just want Oikawa to be the one to confess but also be super insecure going into the relationship bc he’s the one who confessed….and Iwa-chan agreed because he liked him back enough…but what if Iwa-chan doesn’t grow to really like him and then he’s gonna dump Oikawa and what can Oikawa do then because that’s even worse when Iwa-chan gives it a try and then decides, yep, Oikawa’s not the one for him? Oikawa digs himself into a hole with this kind of thinking and starts acting weird (trying to be the best for Iwa-chan) and Iwaizumi eventually notices his odd behavior and is just like, “Hey, you know, do you regret this relationship?” and cue Oikawa freaking the fuck out in his mind because what the fuck does that mean does it mean Iwa-chan’s implying that he regrets it and is trying to give Oikawa a not-so-subtle hint?? 

(Maybe Oikawa runs away and Iwaizumi is like what the fuck? and has to chase him down or maybe Oikawa just kinda, you know, metaphorically faints and Iwaizumi has no fucking clue what’s going on with Oikawa and sits him down to get to the bottom of this. Basically it’s gonna end up with Oikawa bawling his eyes out, Iwaizumi sighing in exasperation and relief, and the two of them stuck together in silence while Iwaizumi waits for Oikawa to stop crying as he pulls him to his chest.)

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Idk if you can/want to answer this but will all the wmb pieces involve the reader working in the same field and/or alongside them? And will they all be like... idk the word but they end up together as opposed to starting with a relationship already? Also the tae piece seemed extra fitting because he said he'd be a farmer if not for bts, so will they all be kind of canonical? For lack of a better word. Like in hindsight will the job descriptions be like oh yeah true

Lots of good questions here! About half of the fics in this series have the Reader and the member already knowing each other and working together (whether in the same building, or the same field). The other half of the series has a different set up where the Reader and member don’t work together, but end up in the same space for one reason or another. In order for people to hook up, I have to write stories where it would make sense for two people to be in the same area.

I tried to pick jobs that would jive with the members’ personalities, but some of my choices are definitely not the standard. Everyone clearly understands why Tae’s job is a farmer because he talked about his family’s farm, but the others have required more creativity on my part. I am 100% expecting that some readers will see the descriptions for the future WMB fics and nope the fuck out based on the job, and I’m okay with that.

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yes friends, i’m back at it again with another starter call like this. only because i’ve cracked down on the privacy of this blog so i only thought it would be appropriate. i know i suck at keeping up with starter calls in general, i tend to get side-tracked or something personal distracts me from actually typing up things for people. liking this post means :

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b ) you are giving me permission to spam you with memes and vice versa. and tbh, continuing memes into a thread is also a thing ! so no worries on that front.

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I’m kind of freaking out because I bought a rose quartz bracelet for my crush but now I can’t decide if I should give it to them or not (they’re nonbinary and I’ll have to make sure it’s not too girly but I also don’t want to make them uncomfortable by asking) but I’ve really been wanting to confess to them for a long time and they’re such a cutie.. I actually think that they like me, I just haven’t been sure if I’m really up for a relationship even though it’s been months and months since my exgirlfriend dumped me. 😞
Also, I know that they won’t want to be my cg because they’re not into any kind of cgl but they’re always okay with it when I’m sort of in little space.
I just really like them, and I don’t want to miss out on something that could be really great for both of us. (Not that I’m even good enough for them oml.)
Ugh I’m just gross and romantic, but I don’t want to inadvertently misgender them or make some weird gesture and assume that they like me…

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Hi Jenna, loving the vlogs! Just wanted to ask if you had any advice for writing a couple who have a bickering/belligerent sexual tension thing going on? Thanks x

Advice for writing bickering/belligerent sexual tension? Don’t.

This is going off your wording. Bickering = arguing about petty and trivial matters. That’s not only annoying to experience, it’s also annoying to read. Belligerent = hostile and aggressive. Nothing sexy about that - in fact, that sounds problematic. Of course, aggression in certain situations can be sexy - like love bites, or playful hair pulling, or consensual rough sex - but none of these examples are belligerent.

If you’re going for an unhealthy, destructive relationship, then fighting and hostility could work. You’d just have to make it clear that you’re not romanticizing this kind of coupling, because people are getting really fed up with writers who do this. However, based on your wording, it sounds like you want this pairing to be sexy - that’s why you want sexual tension, right? Which is why I say don’t do it. Belligerence is not sexy. It’s scary.

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woke-cassian is some grade-a certified organic lady catnip. especially if jyn's charity event was for planned parenthood or a women's shelter or something similar, like i imagined it was. this au is the gift that keeps on giving!

RE: Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU

That was exactly the kind of charity I was having Jyn support without getting into specifics, so nice read on that! And yes, individually woke Cassian is A++++, and he doesn’t realize it it until it’s too late, but woke and passionate Jyn is also catnip to him.

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Okay so I just started watching the first madoka magical movie (I've been planing on watching it's just that now is the only time I've had) and like I just met Homura and I've noticed two things- 1. I ship madoka and the blue hair girl (can't remember her name rn) platonically (or romantically I can't tell yet) and 2. I also ship homura and madoka literally just from the intro what the heck

okokokok first of all I HAVE to tell you that the movie versions are actually missing several important scenes from the series, so if you feel like it, I would probably go back and watch the series instead first! Just so you get the whole story in one go. In my opinion, the series also has far better pacing that better suits a story with this kind of mood.

nerd opinions aside, it’s a rly good story and I’m glad you’re immediately picking up on all these good relationships

also the 1 thing I love about the movie is its extremely gay intro, the Madoka + Homura emotions are v v strong, I personally prefer this to the actual series’ intro (which was initially more of a decoy intro supposed to cheat viewers into thinking it was just another chill magical girl show, it has very little to do with the actual series).

also just and fyi, since you’re watching the movies - the third movie, Rebellion/The Rebellion Story, is hugely divisive among fans and I personally think it feels way too tacked-on and hugely derails the original story. If you want to watch it either way, go ahead, just be prepared for something wildly different and, according to some people (me), significantly lower quality from a storytelling point of view. The animation and music is stellar, but the story and pacing really could’ve used a do-over

it’s kind of a weird and complex subject and i’m by no means trying to discount anyone’s experience or talk for anyone, and i def think bisexuals aren’t treated fairly in the lgbt community and among straight people - but as a bi person i think to a certain extent i think there’s privilege to being bisexual in some ways (if you are cis/straight passing too)? like you still face many of the same discrimination, especially in those times when you are in a relationship with the same gender, but like… i didn’t choose to fall for a guy but all of the problems i had when i dated a girl, the discrimination, worrying about if people saw us kissing or worried about violence toward us, feeling unsafe around men, feeling a voyeuristic element to our relationship where i felt like dudes wouldn’t take us seriously, worried about how the dynamic would work if we wanted to spend our life together in a heteronormative world… when i started dating a guy all those fears just… went away? honestly they did. granted i am still not straight but i am straight passing… and i could pass for straight for the rest of my life and be fine maybe? as long as i don’t tell anyone or fall for any girls again, i may never have to deal with discrimination if i actively choose to avoid it? again people are really fuckin rude to bi people and especially bi women are always said to be “faking it” or whatever but this is just my personal experience with being bi… 

but then again having to hide my queerness to pass for straight is a type of oppression in itself, idk these are just thoughts i have about it. i see both sides of the coin, like i understand how in some ways it can be more difficult for (exclusively) gay women, which is honestly why i think so many bi girls give in and end up dating guys in the first place (plus like statistically there are more straight people than gay people and even harder to find out who is and isn’t gay etc) 

dating a girl was a wild experience tho bc the moment people found out (i didn’t tell anyone, someone else i told just decided to tell fucking everyone, honestly they weren’t a very good friend) everyone i knew was trying to “disprove” that i was gay, like… i was on a DATE with my gf and i got a call from someone who heard i was “fucking danny” (i was like… 16 and my first and only kiss was a girl like lmao teenagers are mean) and wanted to check and apparently everyone was talking about how fake and stupid i was and so i was just kinda like fuck it?? i hate being treated that way or being made to constantly feel invalid so i just… ended my relationship, stopped telling anyone i liked girls and not even my family found out about my relationship because i was just made to feel so fucking uncomfortable….? by everyone? even supposedly pro-queer people? and it wasn’t that my friends hated gay people they just didn’t “believe” me because of how i looked or whatever. just. idk lmao being alive is too complicated

me : man idk about this Demencia character… I don’t think I might be intrested ://

my gay ass while doodling this : oh honey :)

Relationship Check Up

A healthy relationship means that both members of the couple are…

1. Communicating with each other: Talking about problems without screaming and shouting; listening to each other, and respecting their viewpoint; being willing to adapt and to sometimes change their mind.

2. Showing respect for one another: Valuing the other person’s culture, beliefs, viewpoints, opinions and boundaries. Also, treating each other in a kind and caring way.

3. Demonstrating and conveying trust: Each person is trustworthy and trusts the other person – because they have been shown that they are worthy of that trust.

4. Honest with each other: Both are open and honest – but are private as well; and they don’t demand the other person tells them everything.

5. Equals: They make joint decisions and treat each other well. No person calls the shots or determines all the rules.

6. Able to enjoy their own personal space: As well as spending time together, they spend time on their own. They’re respect the fact they’re different, and they need their own life, too.

7. Decisions about sex are discussed, and are consensual: They discuss sex together, including birth control. There’s no one individual sets the rules and standards here.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

An unhealthy relationship develops where one, or both, of the partners is…

1. Failing to communicate: Problems are ignored, or not talked about at all. One or both don’t really listen, and they rarely compromise.

2. Acting in ways that are disrespectful: One or both are inconsiderate toward the other person; and they don’t behave in ways that send the message that they care.

3. Refusing to trust the other person: One or both is suspicion of their partner’s loyalty. Hence, they make false accusations, or won’t believe the truth.

4. Acting in a way that is dishonest: One or both is deceptive, or they lie and hide the truth.

5. Acting in a controlling way: One person thinks that they should set the one who rules, controls the other person, and say how things should be.

6. Beginning to feel squashed and smothered / cutting themselves off from friends and family: One partner is possessive, or feels threatened and upset, when the other’s with their family or spends time with their friends.

7. Attempting to pressurise the other into sexual activity / refusing to talk openly about birth control: One partner wants the other to participate in sex, or to engage in different practices against that’s person’s will. Or, one of the partners stops using birth control, or expects the other person to “take care of all that.”

Signs of an abusive relationship

An abusive relationship develops when one of the parties…

1. Starts to communicate in ways that are abusive: When arguments occur, one of the partners screams and cusses, or they verbally threaten or attack the other person.

2. Shows disrespect through acting in abusive ways: This is where one of the partners abuse, harms or threatens the physical safety of the other individual.

3. Wrongly accuses their partner of flirting or cheating: One of the partners is convinced – with no real grounds – that their partner is cheating or having an affair. Thus, they lash out verbally, or hurt, the accused partner.

4. Refuses to accept responsibility for the abuse: When they fly into a rage or act in ways that are abusive, they miminise their actions and refuse to accept blame. They may even blame their partner for “causing the abuse.”

5. Starts to control the other partner: One partner has no say as the other sets the rules – and arguing against that simply leads to more abuse.

6. Does what they can to isolate their partner: One partner has control of who the other person sees, the way they spend their time – and, even, clothes they buy and wear. Thus, they start to lose their confidence and personality.

7. Forces sexual activity: The frequency, type and circumstances for sex are determined by one partner – and the other must comply. If they don’t acquiesce it leads to violence or abuse. Also, sometimes violence is included in the sex.

So in light of recent events, one thing was made perfectly clear and I feel so damn justified now.

I always have Yuuri either doing the lifts or wanting to do the lifts in my YOI fics. And always did I get people claiming that ‘there is no way Yuuri could hold up Victor for even a second’ or ‘it’s not something that fits his soft character’. What is going on is some heteronormative BS. Yuuri is the more physically dainty of the two and people either intentionally or unintentionally, assigned an assumed feminine role to him. Lack of obvious masculine traits or whatever, obviously makes him the Sub or Uke in the relationship. The weak girl so to speak.

There are people who look at same sex couples and will ask who is the guy position during sex and who is the girl. Instead of just thinking ‘sex’ they assign age old gender roles to the couple and determine based on height, body mass, hair, eyes, facial structure, voice, and even other things, on who is the ‘girl’ and who is the ‘guy’. It’s intrusive and annoying.

Katsuki Yuuri:

  • Is muscular and capable of keeping two grown men parallel to the floor while holding both of them up with only his arms and hands.
  • Is sassy and willing to take control of the situation if need be. Will give orders.
  • Has an amazingly toned body that is capable of several types of dance as well as a demanding sport.
  • Has a voice that can go deep instantly.

He’s also very emotional and kind and has a big heart that he wears on his sleeve. Just because the list of ‘masculine traits’ isn’t obvious upon first glance, doesn’t mean those traits does exist in him.

Yuuri does not need to be ‘obviously’ anything in order to be a strong character. Just because he has emotions and is nice to people and shorter, doesn’t mean he is suddenly the ‘bottom’ or the ‘girl position’ in their relationship. Saying that doing physically demanding tasks usually assigned to masculine roles, isn’t ‘capable of being part of his character’ is ridiculous and I’m sick of seeing it.

  1. ‘He’s too girly to be able to do that.’
  2. ‘Yuuri is more gentle and wouldn’t ever do such rough guy things.’
  3. ‘Yuuri needs to be protected because he’s smaller and weaker.’
  4. ‘Yuuri wouldn’t be able to handle the dangers of the military.’
  5. ‘He’s so small someone could hurt him!’
  6. ‘Why do people always make him stronger than he is? He’s not strong, he’s practically a twig. Victor would be better at it.’
  7. ‘It’s out of character to make Yuuri weight lift. That’s for manly men and he’s a figure skater.’
  8. ‘Yuuri is too sweet and it would be dangerous for him to drink beer at a bar.’

And so on and so forth are examples I’ve been given in reviews and comments.

The comic has Yuuri lifting Victor high. Boom!

I was completely in canon with my belief and am so damn happy. Also, Yuuri continuing to break gender norms will always be my cup of tea.


Pinescone Yuri on Ice AU, some redraws from ep.7, I don’t want to pick between who is who, so I’m gonna go with Dipper as Yuuri, so Mabel can make him all of the costumes <3