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The lords and: Modern Fashion


I just felt like I needed to make this.

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- Expensive tastes, this one.

- works hard to be fashionable.

- really likes capes, though.

- Tailored suits, always. 

- No chill. 


- Prefers glasses to contacts

- matches his ties to his socks, always

- king of the *rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt* and *well fitting slacks* look

- He wears matching pajamas at night and it’s adorable.

- Sometimes forgets to fix his hair in the mornings, so he has that messy hair look.


- Casual clothes are better than everything.

- Wears sports-themed clothes 

- probably wears cargo shorts

- loves converse shoes

- and raybans

- somehow his look always works.


- sweatpants slung low on the hips (I mean low)

- you can also see the outline of his, uh, ehem. ya know.

- Basketball shorts, yesss.

- dresses like he really lives the #gymlife

- tanktops

- is walking eye-candy and doesn’t even realize it


- He has an extensive collection of scarves.

- and sweaters/cardigans.

- basically a fall/winter centric wardrobe.

- also prefers his glasses to contacts

- in the summertime, he still wears pants until someone (hideyoshi) stops him. 

- Hipster coffee-shop vibe is strong in this one.


- his clothes are always tailored perfectly

- even his casual wardrobe 

- He favors patterns like houndstooth and plaid but prefers them in shades of gray. 

- Wears fashion glasses, he’s got almost perfect vision. 

- But he does use reading classes.

- Has expensive accessories; his wallet/glasses/sunglasses/ jackets/ etc are all name brand, and he stays classic as opposed to following fads. 


- He likes vests, and jackets. 

- Layers are his favorite.

- Skinny jeans as well. 

-Has an overall more casual wardrobe.

- He likes comfort over fashion. 

- His fashion gives off a cozy vibe. 


- He dresses much like Mitsuhide. Slacks, dress-shirt, rolled up sleeves. 

- prefers his shirts and his slacks just a bit more tight, though (Which none of us mind).

- Always smells like smoke and sandalwood. 

- After work, he takes off his tie and wears his shirt with just enough buttons undone. 

- sometimes wears a robe at home. 


- effortlessly fashionable??

- literally always looks good.

- he too has fashion glasses. 

- A walking men’s fashion magazine.

- Doesn’t necessarily spend that much money on his clothes (he’s thrifty). 


- unironically wears crocs till Saizo intervenes, poor one.

- dresses a bit like a 14-year-old boy, cargo shorts, and comfy tees are his favorite if he’s just hanging out.

- Outside of that, he’s actually pretty good with fashion. He favors comfort, but he knows what looks good.

- He has the most varied style, he likes to dress for the situation.


- Lots of clothes handmade for him.

- Loves patterns

- Also loves traditional clothes.

- He owns lots of high patterned silk robes that he wears at home. 

- Dresses like art because he is art. 


- Dresses high profile because he is a high profile person.

- HOWEVER, on his downtime, he likes to show off his body.


- DOES own a tiger striped robe

- Also owns a tiger striped blazer

Deconstructing Q's look

 Why you are all wrong about Qs Cardigan.

I feel like there is so much dislike in this fandom for Q’s wardrobe and his cardigan in particular. I’ve read fic, after fic describing it as anything from hideous to garish. So I’m going to explain it to you from a costume and fashion perspective. and hopefully convince you Q’s clothes only really look comparatively ugly or eccentric next to Bonds rather old fashioned stayed wardrobe. 

This contrast is a deliberate move on the part of the costume designer. Q is of course supposed to be the antithesis of bond. Where Bond is hard; Q is Soft: his outfits always have some tactile element to them. Where Q is a young man from the world of IT where business casual is a must. Bond is an older man from a military world where uniformity even in the shape of Tom ford suits is de rigure.

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Mamoru Vs. Fashion

Sooooo… there’s tons and tons of post on tumblr regarding Mamoru’s VERY questionable 90s attire… Which is why I decided to make a different Top 10 now, cause truly, Crystal has redeemed his fashion sense, I think. Given him back some of his Manga style.

So here goes!

10) his summer school uniform

It’s simple, but so, so tasteful. It says reliable and somehow elegant but still BOYISH (cause, thank you, Naoko, for making him a High Schooler - IT’S SO MUCH SWEETER THAT WAY) Also, I like it when he looses the tie later in the evenings, cause because.

9) Endo’s cream colored cardigan

This, strictly speaking, isn’t Mamoru’s, I know… but, let’s just imagine he got it out of Mamoru’s closet, shall we? (Except for the cow print, obviously, that one’s… well…) Again, another basic, basic esemble, white button-down, grey slacks, cardigan… but it’s so so HIM, isn’t it? A little buttoned up, a little good-boy-next-door?

8) The dark button down

He wears that a lot, and again, this is such GOOD BOY ATTIRE IT’S ADORABLE. (Also, Bonus: Asanuma-chan in that green cardigan is also pretty sweet!)

7) His Intro Outfit

I like this outfit so much, I drew him in it (though I realise now that I fogot the tie… ah well xD). Also, he wears his glasses, and they make him even dorkier.

6) Tuxedo and glasses

Yes, I realize it was entirely and extremly ridiculous for him to run around with that in public, during the day, just hanging out on the street… but with the sunglasses, I really kinda like it. Which brings me to…

5) Tuxedo Mask attire without mask and top hat

cause really… it might be awfully fancy for combat, but the way it’s drawn in Crystal IS JUST SO PRETTY?! The way his cape tends to flow, the accessory… I like, I really, really do.

4) This promo outfit that actaully never starred in any Act but I still adore

because vest and slippers. I really, really like him in a vest. Which directly leads to…

3) Him in another vest

plus little necklace? Love it.

2) Endymion’s armor

I loved it in the 90s, and I love it even more in Crystal. It’s stylish and funtional at the same time, it has Tuxedo Mask’s cape, and I adore the way the chest part is drawn. It’s Naoko’s beautiful style through and through, and it manages to be a period piece and not ever look outdated.

1) His school uniform

I’m boring, right? xD But I love this outfit the most. He wears his glasses, the color of his jacket almost matches his hair, the cream colored slacks break it out of being way too over the top for a school uniform, imo. And, it serves to remind me, time and time again, that Mamoru, in his original design, was always meant to be a smitten little awkward High School boy.

(Also, be proud of me. I screencapped the naked-torso-restless-sleep scene for this, but…. Even I realise that doesn’t strictly pass as an outfit, so I stayed strong ;) )

anonymous asked:

Could I have some Annie head canons please?

Of course!

  • Annie is a really good dancer. Both traditionally (as in like ballet, jazz, tap, etc.) and casually, she’s just got really good rhythm and is just a really good dancer. The only thing is she’s really shy about dancing in front of people, even though she knows she’s good, so she’ll rarely do it. But people always feel so blessed when she does. 
  • She loves to read. She gets really into books, getting totally absorbed in it for a while and thinking only about the book for a while. 
  • She burns no matter what. She has such sensitive skin and just burns so easily. She gets so paranoid during summer, and wears so much sunscreen and big floppy hats, and people always tell her she looks cute and Annie’s just like “the sun is my arch enemy and I won’t let it beat me.” She always ends up getting burned anyway. 
  • She’s very sarcastic and loves to tease her friends. That’s a sign you’ve gotten past her defenses; if she’s joking around with you, you’ve made it. 
  • She’s a night owl. She loves to stay up super late, and works really well at night. But don’t try to wake her before her alarm unless you want to die. 

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subplot 2: heilige

Hello! This is Iza and Ces!

This is what we believe is the second subplot of the game, which involves the Heilige family, particularly Elise, and the mysterious Strange Boy.

disclaimer; opinions are subjective; we’re not trying to put this as canon, only trying to piece together the beauty and mystery that is Pocket Mirrorthis post is long and will contain spoilers. the attached CGs/quotes belong to the game!

Feel free to share your own opinions/theories too! It’ll be fun to discuss it! :D

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okay so all the fandoms I’ve been in had an hospital AU minus this so I opened SAI, whispered to myself “why the heck not” and proceeded to shit on a canvas for an hour

Under the cut for explanation (I’ve done my research k) and important heads up at the end

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In the headspace of Eggsy wearing Harry’s clothes, the red bathrobe is a fantastic trope, but I have to say, I was also emotionally arrested by Harry’s utterly adorable cashmere cardigan outfit that he wears when piloting Eggsy’s stolen taxi back home. 

MR PORTER was good enough to have Taron model the same outfit for their collection, complete with rolled up sleeves like a boyfriend cardi, because Harry keeps his house freezing cold, and Eggsy sleeps in t-shirts so worn and thin that it’s a miracle they don’t fall apart at the seams. Besides, Eggsy doesn’t exactly mind pinching Harry’s frumpy old man jumpers; they’re soft and warm and smell like him, and when Harry is away on missions, Eggsy can curl up in their empty bed at night and pretend Harry is there in his arms.

I am destroyed now, okay bye.


I’m just so in love with the Greaser!AU at the moment that it’s just got me so hyped and I love it because greaser!Steve and greaser!Avengers.

Steve with his slicked back blond hair, those mischievous blue eyes, wearing tight white shirts that make you go ‘unf’ and those black jeans that cling to his legs like a second skin, the bottom of the jeans rolled up with black high tops on his feet. AND we can’t forgot his leather jacket because that, my friends, would be a crime.

And then Nerd!Tony would have stylish messy hair and would wear those adorable glasses that enhance his doe eyes! He would stick to wearing hoodies that are slightly too big for him and cardigans but he would wear these tight jeans with sneakers. He would also wear band shirts because of one of his all time favourite bands, AC/DC and fandom shirts like Star Wars and Star Trek. He’s just SO SMOL IT HURTS.

Steve and Tony just attract to each other like magnets even though Tony is reluctant at first to interact with Steve and Steve is the one in pursuit. Steve does ridiculously romantic things like leave roses in his locker, write him notes and slip them into his bag or the pocket of his cardigans. He especially likes to call Tony endearments because he lives to see that flush spread on the brunet’s cheek. 

Tony makes it a note to avoid him at all costs but the other greasers aren’t helping! For example, Bucky might distract him until Steve is standing right there, Peggy will offer to buy him a drink and since he’s friends with Peggy, he goes along only to find that HE’S THERE. But in the end, Tony is wore down because he begins to see Steve not as this macho and cool guy but as this dork that really understands him, blushes whenever Tony kisses his cheek and will do anything to protect him.

In the end, Tony really, really likes Steve and Steve has really, really liked him all along.

I went out to find some Ken fashion packs. Since, I always see people put the camo pants one on Hunter, I figured that I should get one for him. Then at TRU, they had an adorable fashion pack with a cardigan. Dexter is only wearing 2 of the pieces, though. To my surprise, the cardigan is knitted with a print and the shirt is made with velvet. Also, I replaced the plastic silver bow tie with a blue one to be more fitting on Dex.~

The Job At Hand

Steggy positivity week day 2

Prompt: AU/crossover

Summary: If Peggy had known that Steve Rogers was going to cause so many problems, she might not have hired him. Peggy is a high school principal. Steve is a high school teacher.

AO3 link here

If Peggy had known that Steve Rogers was going to cause so many problems, she might not have hired him.

She probably should have seen the too good to be true stamped on his forehead, but she was distracted by the need to fill the position. He was qualified and willing to teach both studio art and Art History up to the AP level. He interviewed well, slightly nervous but competent and earnest. He had excellent references, although they all went something like “he’s a great teacher, he’s on top of things, the kids love him, but he’s had some friction with parents.” She was willing to overlook that, though; she already had to force herself not to fire Dr. Stark every single year after parent-teacher meetings with reminders that he was a significant part of her science department.

The first incident comes up before they’ve even had the back to school picnic. Mr. Rogers assigns a report, and one of the kids picks Rodin, and of course their parents walk in on pictures of The Kiss and not The Thinker, so Peggy has to deal with that on a Monday morning when the coffee maker is broken.

“I’m really sorry about this, Principal Carter,” Mr. Rogers says, sitting forward in the chair across the desk from her, hands sincerely on knees.

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Fashion Police: Dressing up Molly

So, I don’t have too many bitches about Sherlock, but the one I do have is this:

How the wardrobe department dresses Molly (and most women on this show - although Donavan’s outfit at the beginning of TSoT was nice). Omg – can someone please, for the sake of all that’s holy and sacred and in memory of Coco Chanel - give that beautiful woman some decent clothes?

Being a pathologist, doing autopsies, working in a cold and hazardous environment - I can understand why Molly would want to dress warm and maybe not wear her best Vera Wang and Jimmy Choos. I can understand why she’d want to pull back that long, luscious mane of hers. But, does wardrobe have to dress her in granny rags? Or, as though they went shopping at the Goodwill with blinders on? Do they have to pull her hair up so tight it makes her lovely features look severe? Please, for the sake of Aveda - lose the ‘milk maid’ look.

Molly is fucking beautiful and it’s about damn time they (wardrobe, make-up, hairstyle) start showing that off. Let’s face it - Sherlock wears a Belstaff coat that probably cost in the range of $2,000 if not way more. His suits are drool worthy and I don’t even want to venture down the path of his shirts. Good god. Then there’s his 'house coats’ that are to die for. That man could go on the front of GQ on any given day.

So, how the hell is Molly suppose to match that wearing an old shirt with cherries on it, a raggedy ass cardigan, colors that wash her skin tone, ill fitting pants and a 'duffle bag’ that’s almost half the size she is? What’s she carrying in there anyway? Enough fire arms to take down a small nation? Someone needs to teach her how to pack a bag.

This girl needs a fashion advisor and a New York closet.

Not all of Molly’s outfits and hairstyles are awful. She looked adorable in the pilot. Her fish braid in TBB was nice too. The side braid in ASiB was also nice. Although the Christmas outfit was horrid and ill-fitting. The hairstyle did nothing for her either.

Sherlock’s wardrobe dept does nothing to enhance Molly’s (Loo’s) wonderful shape and frame.

Molly is in her mid-30’s, will be older after the two year hiatus, she’s a professional woman and it would be great if she dressed like it. She doesn’t have to dress like she just stepped off a Paris fashion runway, nor does she have to dress unrealistic. Just give her a fashion sense - she can even do that on a tight, thrift store budget, too. Although she is a pathologist and their income is pretty damn good. She should be able to afford some decent clothes.

Maybe TPTB have dressed Molly like this for a reason, so as not to distract Sherlock? But, maybe it’s time Sherlock got a bit distracted. ;)

If Sherlock can wear Belstaff - why can’t Molly? She certainly has the shape and frame.

How about a little black dress from Chanel?

Or just for casual wear:

These are just a few quick examples, soooo How would you dress Molly? What about shoes, bags and hairstyle? We got 21 more months to go before the end of this hiatus (if we’re lucky) - might as well Occupy Molly’s Wardrobe.


My fairy kei coord from today~ I went to go see the lego movie (which was awesome btw~) with the awesome Xavier (he’s also the one who took a majority of these pictures)~ but I came home to 5 packages yesterday and I had to wear all of it~ * u * 

Dreamy Castle coord~!

Sparkly castle tee: Hey Chickadee

Stripped yellow cardigan: Forever21

Mint polka dot skirt (that’s secretly a dress ;P): Rue21

Candy necklace leggings: Hot Topic

Fuzzy rainbow bunny socks: Marshall’s

Ombre neon pink shoes: Target

Wig: eBay

Accessories: Hey Chickadee, Holley Tea Time, eBay, Forever21, Clair’s, Tasty Peach Studios, ShopMeowzy, thrift, and handmade~!

And I promise I didn’t just steal the girl in the last picture~ She’s one of my adorable co-workers~ Oh and I tracked down a listing for the unicorn after I saw this post~ >:3 My love for unicorns is eternal~ v u v <3 I named him Sir Cosmo Funfetti~! ^//u//^

Coloring Book Arms

So Harry has been mad-crushing on Eggsy. He fucking loves this guy, you feel me?

Fucking badass Eggsy, with fucking metal-ass tattoos and piercings that Harry fantasizes about. Little cardigan and tea Harry, who wears fucking loafers when he’s off work.

And he takes care of his niece, because he’s a cuddly puppy and he loves small children.

His niece is over one day, and Eggsy shows up, asking for his jacket back, because he left it there the night before *Wink Wink*.

Harry is heart-eyes-motherfucker-ing over here, and he tells Eggsy to come in while he gets it (He knows *exactly* where Eggsy left it), and Eggsy decides to talk to Harry’s niece.

Eggsy, despite appearances, also adores kids (With how well he treats Daisy, of course), and he notices her coloring boring-ass drawings in a pretty fucking lame coloring book.

She’s taken an interest in his kickass tattoos, and he puts his arm down on the coffee table, telling her to fill in whichever one she pleases.

By the time Harry returns with a smug-ass smirk on his face and Eggsy’s jacket over his arm, he’s pretty fucking startled when he sees one of his larger tattoos colored in pastels.

He smirks at Harry, and once she’s done coloring one of them, she proudly brings him over to Harry and remarks how pretty she made his tattoo. Her name is scribbled underneath one of the designs.

Harry now craves that D even more than he did before.

#nelliedrabblechallenge - @sadieesperanto

“I’m going to go home now.”

Kurt’s assistant Lydia couldn’t keep the knowing smile off her face. “You lasted an entire- what? Three hours today? Must be a new record.”

Kurt played with his wedding band as he stared down at the cell phone on his desk. Sure he had a few clients to finish designs for by the end of the month, and it was award season- his busiest time of the year, but he also had a husband and 5 month-old at home who he would much rather be with right now. If he was at home, he’d probably be covered in drool and spit up while he watched Blaine work on composing the same song he’d been working on for the past week (that song would be stuck in his head for the next 3 years, he was certain) but there was nowhere he’d rather be.

“Blaine hasn’t texted me back yet. Do you think they’re alright?”

Lydia put the roll of fabric Kurt requested down in his office and smiled at him. “Knowing Blaine and Alfredo, they’re probably robbing a bank right now. Those two are always up to no good.”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Stop mocking me.”

She laughed. “Relax. Just like your husband would say, everything is under control. You need to focus on finishing the piece for the Golden Globes and trust that Alfredo will take good care of Blaine.”

Kurt smiled a little and took a deep breath. She was right. He went back to his sketch and stretched a little just as the door to his boutique opened and in walked his husband, wearing a red, white, and blue cardigan Kurt made for him. He also had a baby sling with Alfredo tucked securely inside- their son wearing a matching cardigan and matching Aviator sunglasses.

“Oh. My. God.”

Blaine smiled as he approached his husband’s workspace and looked around the shop. “Wow. Busy morning, I see.” He removed his sunglasses and then removed Little Feta’s. The baby smiled when he saw Kurt and Lydia laughed at how fast her boss hopped up to go and greet them.

“You two look too adorable,” she said. “And your timing is incredible, I have to say. We were just talking about you.”

Blaine waved hello to Lydia and smiled at how Kurt basically flew over to them, kissing Alfredo all over the jaws. Their son laughed and reached up to grab Kurt’s face.

“Now you’re making me jealous.”

Kurt laughed and leant up to kiss his husband quickly on the lips. “You two are the cutest cuties in the universe. Where’d you get a rainbow baby sling?”

Alfredo reached for his Papa’s tie and brought it to his mouth, despite having his pacifier in as Blaine answered. “Amazon. We were watching The Hangover last week and decided to reenact the scene with Zach Galifianakis.”

“You did not watch The Hangover with our 5 month-old son, Blaine.”

“Could you say no to this face?” He asked, looking down at their little boy who was spitting out his pacifier. “We brought brunch, and even though Little Feta is going to be the next best pianist after his old man, I figured we could lend a helping hand with a little stitching.”

“He’s going to be a designer, Blaine. Give it up.” He kissed Blaine again and Lydia tried not to puke as she walked away. “Thanks for surprising me like this. I was this close to coming home since you didn’t reply to my text.”

Blaine laughed as Kurt took the bag from him. “You texted me like 2 minutes ago, Kurt.”

Kurt went towards his workspace and shrugged. “I worry, you know.”

Blaine grabbed his son’s fist as they followed behind Kurt. “Say ‘we love you too, Papa.’”


A bit of my outfit haul from a trip to Torrid today! After realizing I have almost no summer clothes (none of my old ones fit anymore!) I took a trip to the mall. I ended up with a ton of stuff (and delightedly realized I’ve gone down another size, so three sizes or so total!!).

The top two pictures are the same pair of jeggings (I know they sound ridic but OMG favorite pants ever), an adorable t-shirt with lace on the sleeves, and a sheer/flimsy blue tanktop. The bottom left is THE MOST ADORABLE red and black polka dot dress EVER (debating wearing my black mini cardigan with it when I wear it to work, I’m not a fan of my arms). And the bottom right, I ended up getting the dress but not the cardigan, because they didn’t have any short sleeve white cardigans.

I also got a black t-shirt and a coral t-shirt, a purple tank top, a pair of white flip-flops (from payless), and a set of three adorable little thin belts! It was buy one get one half-off at Torrid, so… spent a little more than I normally feel comfortable with but given how few summer clothes I have, it was necessary. (Still not over how damn cute that red dress is, or how SKINNY I felt in the top left outfit tbh.)