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Morning Glory, pt. 3 - The Maze Runner - Thomas au

Description: Based off the original story of The Maze Runner, where Y/N has been around a long time and she and Thomas might be the key out of here. I have my own take on this, I have used particular things from the movie/books but a lot I did change for this story!
Relationship: Thomas x Reader - THE MAZE RUNNER

Title:  A day off.

Word count: 2388

A/N: This chapter contains smut. Also, I am very proud of this story. It gave me something to take my mind off things and I am having a blast writing it.
That will be all. 

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The world sucks right now. Can I please get a hug? And an embarrassing story about Steve to take my mind off things?

i’m delegating my hugging duties to dogs. to all dogs. don’t worry, they’re great at it. discuss the terms of your hug with the next dog you meet. he’ll know what you’re talking about. (if you’re allergic to fur, i recommend a snake. they are also excellent huggers.)

and since im talking about snakes anyways, here’s a snake story. i didn’t get to see this one first hand, but us 107th guys spent a bit of time with the Star-Spangled Showgirls after the rescue, and a lovely lady named molly told me about this. 

molly’s still around, and she tells this story much better than me, but you’ll have to make do with my version.

when the star-spangled show was on tour, they went all over the country, hitting every major city they could, and some not-so-major cities in between. in the major cities, they had proper opera houses and concert venues to use. in smaller towns…not so much. school gyms, community centers, and public park bandstands all hosted steve’s spangly ass. they found dressing rooms where they could, but often they had to share, since the show included some fifty-odd female performers, and the only male actors were steve and hitler. (…the guy who played hitler. the real hitler was pretty busy being a huge jerkwad somewhere in germany at that point.) so sometimes steve and fake-adolph wound up with a curtained-off corner of the girl’s dressing room.

which was pretty much the setup in nowheresville, arizona. they were in a community center, and the dressing room was an indoor tennis court. steve and the hitlerganger were chatting and waiting for the girls to give them the ‘we’re decent, you can come out’ all clear, when the screaming started. 

you ever hear fifty terrified showgirls screaming? it’s a miracle that none of the windows shattered. 

anyway, steve and hitler came charging out to see what was happening. half the girls were standing on top of the makeup tables and chairs, mostly ringed around one corner. steve had had the presence of mind to grab his shield, and he pushed his way (gently, because he’s polite to ladies) through the crowd to see what was up.

in the corner was a snake. steve swears it was five feet if it was an inch. molly says it was two feet, max.  

steve, having no idea what to do but doomed to heroism anyway, did what steve always does when he’s stymied: he threw his shield at it. 

well, not at it. technically, his shield landed on top of it, so that it was trapped in the concave part. steve jumped after and held the shield down so it couldn’t get out. crisis averted!

crisis not averted. this was steve’s original kite shield, not the dome shield howard made him. which meant that the snake very easily slid out the open side, and promptly bit steve in the hand.

steve screamed. a window shattered from the pitch. (or at least, a window shattered when molly tells the story. steve says she’s lying, but he also gets really, really red, so…) 

as steve contemplated his imminent death by snake venom, ruby, who was from arizona, stepped up and grabbed the snake. it let go of steve, and she stood there, holding it, until steve opened his eyes. 

molly said she’s never saw a better ‘really very unimpressed’ face than ruby’s right then. 

ruby held up the snake and said, ‘steven. this is a milk snake. they’re harmless. you just scared the daylights out of this poor thing.’ and then she made steve take the snake and carry it outside. 

molly says steve held that snake the way most girls would hold a dead rat, but by the time they found a suitable spot to release it, he’d made friends and decided to name it gary. 

steve watched gary slide off into the underbrush. and then he turned around and realized he was surrounded by partially-dressed showgirls, many of whom were still in their underwear, and went bright, flaming red.

A Messed Up Place | Five

Pairings: Bucky x Reader || Steve x Reader

Summary: Bucky tries to take his mind off you. Things don’t go as planned.

Warnings: Borderline smut (basically just some intense making out). Language, as usual.  I think that’s it….?

Notes: For @hellomissmabel’s challenge. I spent two hours or so writing this, instead of writing up my notes. Can you tell that I’ve got my priorities in check?

Also – we’re a third of the way through the series, more or less! 

AMUP Masterlist

Bucky Barnes is very much conscious of the fact that his grave has already been dug. He’s now playing a waiting game, just hanging around, holding onto his will to live by the thinnest of threads. He’ll stick around until the final nail in his coffin is hammered into place and then—well. Then his worries will be gone, won’t they?

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hello! school can be very stressful and pressurizing, and more often that not you’ll be coming home to even more work. i’ve brought together some tips and advice for de stressing after a long day, both metally and physically. here is my advice for relaxing/de-stressing:

sleeping! - sleeping is a great way to look go of everything for a little while. not only are you relaxing your body, but you’re also entering a more peaceful state of mind, so it’s an ideal way to slip out to reality for a while!

exercise! - we all need those endorphins, and the easiest way is to exercise! it doesn’t even have to be anything hardcore, maybe fifty star jumps, or running up and down a flight of stairs for five minutes. my favourite way is dancing! exercise takes your mind off of other things and helps you to focus on what you’re doing at the moment.

doing something you enjoy - whether it’s just listening to music or reading a book, or something more like designing, go ahead and do it! doing something you enjoy will make you happier and more relaxed. i personally like drawing!

drinking tea - especially chamomile tea! it’s extremely calming. warm tea puts my mind into a more calm state - and having a biscuit or two is an added bonus.

pampering yourself - don’t forget to give time to yourself. whether it’s having a bath or painting your nails - so long as it makes you feel better about yourself! self care is so, so important, always remember to love yourself and who you are.

watching a show - i mean, fangirling/boying is like the most fun thing

tips to help you feel less stressed:

get anywork you get done and over with on the same day it is set - you’ll be much more free if you get it done quickly + that’s one less thing to worry about

having a tidy/clean work space - less mess, much more clear mind. your mind will be less stuffy and you’ll have more more space both in your head, and your surroundings

talking with others - i’ve found that being stressed by myself is much more harder compared to when i’m with others. talking everything out with other people will remove some of that burden you may feel, or completely take your mind off of it. i found that studying with my sister before a test was much more fun than stressing by myself, she ended up cracking a lot of jokes and made the atmosphere much more light, whicn was a big help for me (and my brain definitely thanked her too!)

i hope these tips have helped you. remember to always give yourself time and space. your mental health is much more important than your grades. always give credit to yourself, and celebrate your effort. i love you, and i know you’re going to do amazing!

if you have any other tips, please send them in! i’d love to share more ideas!

- mia <3

It’s not that I’m surprised that there ARE regional differences, I’m just sometimes surprised about WHAT they are.

Last night we had rehearsal down at the renn fair space where we’re doing a few scenes from MND this weekend and one of the spaces is tucked away on a forest path. On our way back we found two ticks on my neck – one @ark-shifter brushed away, the other had bitten and I had to pull it out. But I get lint tangled up in the small hairs on the back of my neck (where it was), which is what I thought it was when I pulled it off, and I didn’t notice it was a tick until I glanced down as I dropped it and saw legs so I didn’t get a chance to see what kind of tick it was.

I developed a little pimple-like spot where I pulled it off and when I mentioned this to @ark-shifter they didn’t seem to understand that I wanted them to take a look at it, but I figured it was just ‘cause it was late and we had a long night of last-minute costume things ahead of us so they were tired and distracted (also sometimes I expect them to read my mind without giving them a whole lot to go on).

Then this morning I asked them to take another look at it to look for “the target” and they were just completely lost, no there’s nothing on my neck target what????

Which was when I realized that OH, they didn’t grow up in deer tick country! They didn’t get it pounded into their head every summer that, if they ever get bit by a tick, to check for the target rash:

We both learned something today.

source: entering my third year as a college student and second as an RA
additional sources: if i haven’t done something, my freshman year roommate did. or we covered it in RA training.

  • fraternity parties aren’t worth it:

you get sticky and upset and the jungle juice is going to give you the worst hangover of your life. you’ll think you can handle it, but you can’t.

(plus, if you go to a fraternity party without a guest list (i.e., you can just walk in), it probably wasn’t approved/it’s not legit!! fraternities have really strict insurance guidelines they’re supposed to go by)

not trying to scare you, but you might also fall down the stairs. (best case scenario: it’ll suck. worst case scenario: you’ll get seriously injured.)

BETTER SOLUTION: if you really, really want to have the “frat party” experience, go, but have someone staying sober with you and watching out for you. otherwise, the safest best is to make friends with someone who knows how to party RESPONSIBLY, or better yet, just don’t! it’s cliche, but there are ways to have fun without alcohol. (my campus hosts huge parties at our student center with tons of things to do / free food! your campus might do something similar— or if they don’t, ask!)

  • go to class (*):


we both know you’re not going to fall for that one, lol.

check the attendance policy!! this will differ from class to class, school to school. most of my classes, however, have had 3 unexcused absences to use however you want, but after that, any absence other than for hospitalization or death of an immediate family member, etc., impacted your grade.

so, plan your days carefully!! if you’re given three, my advice is to use one near midterms and one near finals for your own mental health / to have a break / to work on things for other classes (saving one to use for when you’re actually sick / not using your third one). only use them if you need to, though, and only if it won’t put you at risk for getting behind in the class you’re skipping.

  • get involved on campus:

it will benefit you! i promise!

no matter how busy you are, or even if you’re an off-campus student, make time for at least one extra-curricular organization. this will help you meet people outside of your major (but with similar interests), which will not only help you feel connected to campus and learn about the subject of the organization, but will really help you with networking! showing dedication to an organization or two (especially if you take on leadership positions) will also show future employers that you’re dedicated and focused to a cause.

(note: i’m definitely biased. in the two years i’ve completed at my institution, i’ve been involved in at least 7 organizations, plus off-shoots and projects and committees for those organizations. you don’t have to be me. but try one at least!!)

  • keep an open heart and mind:

at college, you are expected to grow— a lot will be asked of you! embrace it!

many schools are putting heavy focus on diversity and inclusion, with really good reason. go out of your way to experience things you’ve not seen before. check out the multicultural groups at your school and, if they’re open (inclusive vs. exclusive!), check them out! our multicultural groups (asian american student association, black student alliance, latinx student union, and spectrum, our LGBT+ group) all cover really informative topics, often have fun games and yummy food to share, and even work with one another to cover topics of intersectionality!

college will challenge your perceptions on a lot of topics. listen to your heart and mind, but don’t be afraid to grow! a lot of amazing opportunities lie just outside of your comfort zone.

  • take care of yourself!!:

i know that you’re a capable adult! but your parents / guardians / etc. aren’t here to take care of you if you get sick, and while every school is different, dining hall options aren’t generally known to be the healthiest.

make sure to remember to get some fruits and veggies (and for my fellow vegetarians/vegans, that you’re remembering to get protein!), and make sure you know your options if you get sick! my campus has a health center where you can see a doctor and get some prescriptions filled. (there’s also a hospital on campus because we have a med program / if you need a different level of care.)

note!!! this also means taking care of your mental health too! college can be very stressful, and we’ve learned that many mental illnesses begin to present in the high school and college age range. if you think you need help— get it. you’re worth it. ❤️

this is by no means an exhaustive list, but something that i’ve seen a lot of my friends and residents (and even myself!) struggle with!
i’m always around to give advice if needed, too! 

HAVE FUN, FRESHMEN! we’re rooting for you!!!


There are so many things I love about this issue.  Bruce shows off his protective side (as well as his bare-chested side).  He and Tim go up against Firefly.  Tim gets knocked out, and Bruce has to make sure he gets out of danger.  He tosses his son Tim over his shoulder and hauls him out danger.

My absolute favorite thing about this issue, and the part that sticks in my mind, is what happens to Bruce’s back.  Bruce shields Tim from Firefly’s blast, which is how he gets burned.  When Tim asks about it, though, he explains it away by saying he, Bruce, got careless.  I think this reflects on how well Bruce knows Tim.  Tim has a tendency to take every little mistake on his shoulders and dwell on them.  Bruce knows that, and rather than give Tim one more thing to beat himself up for, he brushes the injury off as his own fault.  It’s very sweet.

I also love how Tim and Alfred are in cahoots.  They both think that Bruce needs to stay in and heal up, so Alfred sedates him. 

Detective Comics 715



skywarper’s TF commissions!

{ Image Transcript: Black & White Sketches, bust ~ waist - 20 USD
Coloured Sketches, bust ~ waist - 30 USD
Icons, limited cel-shaded pallette, 1000x1000 resolution, suitable for most anywhere, but optimized for Tumblr - 15 USD }

more examples of my work in general can be found HERE


  • i take payment via paypal only, and i take payment upfront! i will be using Paypal.Me as default, but if you would prefer an invoice, please let me know!
  • i will draw any TF, anything is cool. AU designs (as long as they are mecha) are fine too! i do take artistic liberties with the designs so be mindful! bust/waist depends on the complexity of the character, but i do not charge extra
  • images can be reposted and used by you as you see fit, i only prohibit profiting off my work! anything else (using on themes, icons, printing it out and eating it) is perfectly fine
  • please ask me about images with several characters (such as ships) etc, i can work out a deal with you. also feel free to ask if you intend to buy multiple things, i can haggle!
  • want something not listed here? let me know and i can give you a quote!
  • any questions? feel free to ask!

slots are limited, you can find slots HERE , please check before ordering!

interested? awesome! please shoot me an IM and we can discuss!

if you can’t/don’t want to order, no hard feelings, though reblogs are infinitely appreciated! thank you very much!!

justhilarrieous  asked:

Hi there, I don't know if this was asked, but due to illness I couldn't be online the past few days. The first thing that came to my mind when listening to SOTT was how vocally challenging it is. Do you think they will change the arrangement for live performances or can Harry pull it off easily? Thanks and take care.


I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m right there with you.

The vocal parts are very challenging. For one thing, much of the song is in a higher part of Harry’s chest voice range. The falsetto is also not easy to sing. These are dramatic voices, to my interpretation. They represent different personas in the song, which are then united in the second verse (I have a super long post coming soon to clarify what I mean; it’s really, really long and probably unreadable but…there it is).

The song requires an arc that starts with false reassurance/ promise, progresses to questioning, then to realization, struggle and resolution. You can hear it in the progressive build up of musical instruments, in the drama of the production, as well as the thickening of sound (with the addition of the human chorus). 

The harmonic structure of the song shows a suspension of chordal progression until the very end, when Harry sings “we’ve got to get away.” Then it becomes very clear that this was where the song was going the whole time. The resolution on the downbeat, on the home key (the tonic key) of “We’ve got to, we’ve got to” is obvious. 

The singer has to hold his voice in reserve until the very end, because this is where the struggle and the drama is at its height. I expect that when performed live, it will send shivers through the audience, because of just how shocking it is. 

Harry’s voice is astonishingly good in the recording. It is minimally processed, and the small production effects (reverb, digital duplication of the falsetto) do not alter the fundamental clarity of his tone, which is superb. 

I expect the SNL performance to have a full band, a small chorus (at least sopranos, altos, baritones). Of course we won’t hear the reverb effects, etc., but I think Harry will pull it off.  Even when his voice was not at its best, he performed his solo in Drag Me Down (2:58) in the London live session remarkably on pitch and without terrible tone. His solos in BBC1 Infinity was passable when he barely had a voice. He is a real musician! I think he’s going to be so, so great on SNL that I will be able to flip off all the “real music” assholes who ever doubted him. Even if I have to drag my sick ass to their offices (virtually of course), I will have the smuggest face ever. 

I hope you feel better soon. Much love,


Diary of a Black Male: Entry #46

I met this girl at work a few of months back. I thought she was cute so I gave her my number, but I told her we would talk business. Her name is Melanie– short, brown skin– one of those delta sorority sisters who sounds mad country. She wanted to work on this piece with me– at least that’s what she made it seems like. She wanted to do a spoken word visual about growing up in poverty as black people. I thought she had a great vision. I let her know that it was a really good idea. I was kind of excited to be honest. She called me that same night to talked about it and everything sounded like a go.

We made arrangements to meet up to actually discuss this vision. We sat down and thought about different ways to portray the different ideas. We had gone through a lot in our short time on this earth. We came from different backgrounds, so she never saw the things that I saw. She told me I introduced her to a new world. She told me she liked that about me. I wasn’t sure if it was the compliment or not but at that moment I felt some real ass chemistry. Before you know it we started to share some personal thing about our life. She told me she appreciated how open and transparent I was. Things had got really deep.

Maybe a little too deep, I could tell it had gotten a little overwhelming so I asked if she wanted to go for a walk. She agreed and we went outside and just start walking. It felt great. I love nature. I love everything about it. It kind of helps me feel free. I could tell she felt a little better herself. Finally, we had a seat on the bench that was right outside this coffee shop. She told me that she was glad she ran into me when she did. She told me I seemed like a great guy and she could the two of us becoming really great friends. I agreed. I definitely saw that too.

I cannot lie. That shit made my dick tremble a little bit. Don’t ask me how or why– just know that it did. I made the suggestion to link up again some other time. I told her we would have fun and the next time we link up we didn’t have to talk about the heavy shit. After that we kind of said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Later on that night she thanked me for listening to her. She told me she has always had so much to say but no one to really say it to. She told me that was the reason why she wrote– to say the things she couldn’t say to anyone else. Ironically, that was kind of the reason why I started to write. I used to write just to clear my mind. I wrote anything from poems to essays– outside of university work to journal entries.

The more she revealed about herself the stronger my attraction towards her became. Sometimes when she would speak I could just hear the passion in her voice. It was the sexiest thing ever. She made my dick tremble quite often and didn’t have to be talking about sex. Bruh, she told me a story about how she had to go off on her co worker– I swear I couldn’t help myself. That shit was sexy af. She just started going in and I could hear myself saying, “damn, I love you” I was thinking to myself, “this chick might be wifey.”

Over the span of couple months we had gotten really close. Sometimes when she came over she would spend then night. We had gotten really close. I felt like it was about that time to take our relationship to the next level. I felt like I could be myself with her and I felt that wholeheartedly. We had already gone on a number of dates. There was no reason why we weren’t already a couple. I had been thinking about it for weeks. I had even called my best friend to ask for his opinion. He gave me his blessings and that was all I needed. I trusted his word. He always had my best interest at heart.

That night I called her and asked her if she could meet me at the coffee shop. The coffee shop was the symbol of our relationship. It symbolized the pinnacle of our growth. It was apart of our history. We met there often to talk about our project ideas and to talk about life. That coffee shop meant a lot to our relationship and I wanted it to continue to be apart of us.

That night I told her to meet at the coffee shop so we could talk about this idea I had. It had been awhile since we actually sat down and talk about our ideas. My ideas often came to me while I was laying in bed. I would usually write them down before I go to sleep. We called each other every night before bed. I guess that’s why I’ve been thinking about her so much lately. I didn’t think about much of anything at night other than spending time with her. I guess you can tell how much I really liked her.

She called me to let me know she was close. I had already ordered some tea and sat on the outside. Before she got off the phone she told me that she had something to tell me. I had no idea what she had to say but it made me nervous. I was already been kind of nervous to finally ask her out despite being so close but it added to my anxieties. All types of things started to go through my head. I called my boy back real quick to calm my nerves but as soon as he answered the phone I could see Melanie pulling up.

I told him I’ll call him back and greeted Melanie. She smiled and gave me hug as usual. Everything seemed to be fine and my nerves seemed to have calm down. She asked me about the ideas I had. I kind of wanted to know what she had to say to me before I got into why I asked her to come out. I just told her away. I told her about a few project ideas for this short film I wanted to do. I wanted to document black hair and what our hair means to our identity. I wanted to focus on standard of beauty and natural hair for both men and women. There were some other things I wanted to discuss but I was too anxious to find out what she wanted to say to me.

She started to mention the weather and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. She knew I loved shit like that. I thought it was going to have one of those romantic moments you read about in story books. After awhile my anxiety dissipated and I was actually feeling pretty good about everything. While we were walking she grabbed and held my hand. She told me that she really like me and maybe even loved me. I was excited and a little relieved but I also had butterflies in my stomach. I could only smile despite the discomfort.

She mentioned her ex. She told me she wanted to tell me something and it had to do with him. I could feel myself getting sick to my stomach. My anxieties were going through the roof at this point. I stopped walking. I stood there and waited for her say something disappointing. I just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me I wasn’t going to like what she had to say. Then she looked over to me and said “my ex is actually my husband” I just looked at her in disbelief. Apparently they hadn’t gotten a divorce but they were just separated– legally at least.

He had been overseas for six months on a mission. She said that he was coming back and that he was going to kick her out the house they had together. She told me they had some type of agreement but that didn’t matter to. She lied to me. She was never really honest with me. This entire time I thought I had really found someone to me. I thought I finally found someone. There was not enough unconditional love that would make me forgive her so easily. I couldn’t believe I let this happen to me.

She had a whole ass husband. A whole ass military nigga. I got so sick that I actually puked. I had to leave. I had to get away from the situation. I didn’t know what else to do. She could have told me about this. I don’t know why she hadn’t told me this to behind with. There had been so many opportunities for her to tell me about this but she waited until the moment I thought she couldn’t do any wrong.

She told me that she had more to say but I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want to hear it. I just went home. I didn’t even call my boy. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. She had been hitting me up that entire night but I refused to answer. I just put on some Jazz music and internalized everything gotdamn thing that has ever happened in my entire life up until that point until I just fell asleep of exhaustion.

I felt so empty and incomplete but I also had this heaviness about myself. I didn’t want to talk to her but I knew I wouldn’t feel better until I found out what else she had to say. I shut myself out from the world for a couple days. I just hadn’t been feeling like myself. I hadn’t returned any of her calls and to be honest it was eating me alive. I needed something to help me take my mind off of Melanie. I thought if I invited another woman over that she would help me take my mind off of things. I thought she would make me feel good– make me feel like myself again.

I called Jasmine. We used to mess around from time to time. I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I ask her if she wanted drop after she got home from work. That usually meant she would come through for sex. I thought that was something I needed but when she got there I just wasn’t feeling it. I could barely function let alone entertain a woman while the entire time I was thinking about someone else. I didn’t make me feel any better. I actually felt worse. I thought she would be fun. I thought she would’ve brought me out of that shitty mood I was in but all she really wanted to do was to have sex. I guess I got what I was asking for.

I had been too detached to do anything remotely close to sex and Jasmine didn’t like it. She had gotten really upset so I just asked her to leave. While escorting her out Melanie pulled up.

❝Take off your clothes.❞

Plot: Yoongi is stressed because work and Jimin tries every means in his pocket to get him distracted, so one day things get heated and finally Jimin succeeds in his mission.

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin 

Words count: 3,4k+

Genre: Dom!Yoongi - Sub!Jimin / Smut

Warning contents: Slight rimming 

For @ koreaisanaddiction, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

If you don’t ship or like malexmale just skip it!!

Originally posted by bellahasjams

No, Jimin didn’t like what was going on.  

He saw perfectly the fatigue in his boyfriend and knowing that he had no power over him was something that pissed him. It was like a river in full that couldn’t be stopped, then Jimin’s exasperation was of a similar power.  

The dark circles, increasingly black, the absences increasingly heavier, the mood irritable. Everything in Yoongi was screaming that he was on the verge of collapsing.  

Jimin loved the dedication that his bandmates and boyfriends for almost a year put in their work, what he didn’t love was the disaster he became every time the stress and the workload increased to a degree.  

And his attempts, vain as the countless remarks that his manager kept giving him to lose weight, to distract him at least for a moment were piling up dangerously.  

He didn’t care if their relationship resented because of this, he knew how Yoongi loved him and his absence during the night or his being perpetually distant wasn’t a problem, the only thing that mattered to him was that he was pushing himself toward a limit from which once you crossed it was difficult to go back.  

Biting his lip he watched the tired face of his boyfriend as he greeted everyone and went to close in his studio, ready to spend the umpteenth night in white to work continuously. Skipping meals, not sleeping and destroying his eyes in front of the computer light.  

“Don’t you even try anymore??”  

The words of the leader took him by surprise but he simply shrugged his shoulders, now surrendered before the inevitable. It was impossible to distract Yoongi from work, useless any attempt.  

“Jimin-ah.. You are the only one who can succeed in doing something, we are all concerned, ” The whine of Seokjin came as a stab in the heart of the youngest, who nodded as soon as he rose from the chair without saying much. He had tried every excuse to distract the rapper but to be told that he was the only one who could solve the situation gave him that pinch of courage he needed.  

He bid his goodbye with a small move of his hand, following the trail of Yoongi’s scent. If there was anything he could have recognized everywhere it was that perfume. Not that there was much to follow, everyone knew where the silver-haired boy was headed.  

Slightly embarrassed, rubbing his face repeatedly to somehow erase the concern that was now always perennial on his lines, he knocked twice on the door of the studio waiting for an answer.  

Answer that came after a few seconds, when the door opened a small crack and Yoongi’s tired eyes greeted him.  

“Hey.. Can I stay a little with you? ” The blonde-haired boy’s question provoked a small smile on the thin but soft lips of the rapper, who nodded and opened the door just enough to let the dancer in.  

Jimin seized the opportunity immediately and after slipping for that small opening, he hooked his arms around Yoongi’s waist, which just winced for the sudden gesture of his boyfriend. But he didn’t recoil, instead, he placed an arm on the line of his shoulders and pressed him against his body feeling the fatigue vanish slowly only thanks to his presence.  

He had never admitted it aloud, but Jimin was the only reason he wasn’t completely mad in those weeks. He had noticed how he took care of him, every attempt to make him distract from the workload, every little thing. Yet he couldn’t tell him thanks, his mind still too concentrated on the songs he was trying to make perfect.  

Yoongi sighed near the ear of the dancer, increasing the grip on his shoulders, “something doesn’t go well, Jimin-ah?”  

“I just wanted to spend some time with you,” was the immediate response of the blonde, who instinctively pressed with more force his body against the tiniest but well-delineated of Yoongi.  

The latter nodded, moving towards the small sofa near the door and with difficulty disbanded the grip of Jimin and made him sit. He lightly messed his hair and returned to sit in the chair, swaying toward him. Jimin was surprised by his gesture, he had imagined that he would return immediately to work but when the venous hand with knotty fingers clasped his, smaller and with more stubby fingers, he winced letting a wide smile draw onto his lips, sign that he was happy that Yoongi’s attention was on him.

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New Beginnings Part 14 (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 2,720

Warnings: Fluff, Swearing, Smut (Anal sex), Butt Plugs

Rating: NC-17 (Mature)

A/N: This is my first time writing anal sex.  I just kind of went with it, so I apologize in advance if it is not good.  

The weeklong vacation Chris surprised you with was everything you wanted, and needed.  It felt good to see him after two long months, and it felt even better being in his presence for a whole week straight. Usually when two people spend every waking minute together for a period of time, they get on each other’s nerves, or fight.  But not in this case.  It honestly felt like you and Chris were destined for each other; made for each other.

The following three months of his filming was even more brutal.  Chris was able to come home for short weekends and there, while you also managed to fly out twice to see him on set.  You were awe struck to say the least when it came to visiting him on set and seeing how everything worked.  

You had met most of his cast members previously from Robert’s New Year’s Eve party, so it was nice to see them all again also.  

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Unexpected (Dean x Reader)

Title: Unexpected 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 

 Warnings: Language maybe?

Prompt: Reader just finished a stressful case with the Winchester’s. As a sort of a distraction, the reader brings someone home only to get caught in mid-action by Dean, and he’s not too happy. Which brings him to confess some things that the reader did not expect.

A/N: omg thank you so much for those who have liked like my last post, i’m genuinely surprised! please send me requests of imagines that you would like to see, i’ll be happy to write a few of them out for y'all


Originally posted by grumpycatdixon

A giggle fell from your lips as you stumbled slightly. Two hands prevented you from falling, something you were grateful. You pressed your lips hungrily against the hot stranger before you, closing the door behind him. 

“You’re so hot.” He mumbled as his lips traveled down to your neck. 

“Shut up.” You groaned, panting slightly.

Your hands traveled under his shirt, feeling up his toned abdomen. He pulled back to the shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the small motel room. You quickly did the same. 

He pushed you down on to the bed. The mattress creaked as he crawled on top of you, his lips returning to their place on his neck. 

 Your moans filled the quiet room, your hands tangling in the stranger’s hair as he kissed down your chest. His hands fumbled with your pants before he pulled them down in a swift motion. 

“Hey Y/N, can we talk?” Dean asked as he opened the room’s door. “Holy shit.”

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Things I Learned From Shadowhunters o2.o7:

o1. i’m getting significant voldemort vibes from valentine.
o3. Simon is the cutest thing in the world and he needs to be protected at all costs. (Preferably by Raphael?)
o5. Alec being too embarrassed to look at Jace is such quality content. Bless you, Shadowhunters.
o7. I am so turned on by Magnus holy shit.
09. Luke just looking at his sister as she bleeds out on the floor made me laugh so hard. Am I a bad person?
1o. 23 minutes in and still no Raphael. Why am I watching this show again?
12. I question Clary’s life choices frequently.
13. I take it back, that was smart, Clary.
15. Simon’s mind is so blown oh my God, I need more scenes with Simon and Jace.
16. Alec: I don’t overthink things. Also Alec: Overthinks overthinking.
17. okay but the way alec is cluching magnus’ shirt right now excuse me i’m dying
18. that pout though.

anonymous asked:

Bless you for this blog tbh. My crush just told me he had something to tell me after I opened up to him about some pretty dark shit in my life earlier today, so your blog is helping me calm down a lot!!

Gaaahh situations like that are always so anxious!! (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Here’s hoping it’s good news!! I’m not sure if you’re into cleancore or not, but here’s a video of an entire wash cycle in a top-loading washing machine! Laundry can be really soothing, hopefully it can take your mind off of things for a while if you need it to!!

(He only talks for the first 20 seconds or so, also the spin cycle is pretty fast but otherwise it’s pretty chill haha)

anonymous asked:

Hey babe~ (do I sound like Zen lol) could you do a HC with a MC that is really sensitive. For example, get a way too excited when they get little gifts like a book or bubble tea. Yet, even the slightest thing wrong can make them get really depressed. You can see that I'm not a stable human being. I become gullible just by the smallest acts of kindness and literally started crying today because someone broke my eraser in half. I'm a high schooler so I obviously have issues...

(sorry for the screaming I got excited that I’m not the only person like this,,,,)

-You’re both just a couple of sensitive puppies.
-If one of you is upset, the other is upset.
-You guys are a mess.
-But in the nicest way possible.
-You both understand each other so well because you’re so similar with your emotions.
-You can also bet Yoosung will be right with you getting excited over bubble tea.
-You both get hyped over every little thing, it’s invigorating to have someone to scream and freak out with.
-You gets very protective when he sees you crying. Even if you try to pass it off as not a big deal, it’s a big deal to him.
-Someone made you cry and that’s not okay.
-He’ll make things right, sometimes meaning he gets whoever did it to apologize, sometimes they refuse.
-When you get depressed, so does he. He likes to hold you to make you feel better, but if you don’t like that, he talks about other things to distract you, and hopefully makes you laugh.
-It always works.
-He’s worried about how you can be so gullible to nice things people do for you and keeps an eye on everyone that is being too friendly. If they do anything he doesn’t trust, he intervenes. It’s not so controlling to the point of over protection and manipulation, he steps off when you tell him to. He’s just keeping an eye out for you.

-So. Cute.
-Cannot. PROCESS.
-Because you get so excited, you are like the biggest cheerleader for his acting.
-He gets a new role, you are buzzing with excitement. You ramble about how amazing and talented your boyfriend is as you jump and clap in excitement.
-Really feeding his ego, aren’t ya?
-But, he hates when you cry or you get depressed.
-He always panics, no matter what it is.
-He doesn’t care if it’s something small. He always takes it seriously.
-Your emotions are valid. He really stresses that if you ever feel like a wimp for crying over things.
-In his eyes, tears = upset, and it’s his job to fix whatever it is.
-You can’t be so gullible to kindness _____ the wolves are gonna get you~
-He is secretly extremely nervous about you trusting people so easily because the wolves. He’s scared of someone taking advantage of you and you not realizing it until it’s too late. It might even keep him awake at night occasionally. You can bet that anyone who takes advantage of you will be fought.
-When you’re depressed, he’ll take you out somewhere to get fresh air and clear your head, while also giving you reassuring words and joking around in hopes to cheer you up.

-She gets very flustered every time you cry.
-She can be such a mom about it.
-You have no idea how many tissues she keeps in her purse at all times.
-She sees you tearing up and frantically rustles through her purse for tissues.
-But she loves how excited you can get.
-You can imagine the amount of fangirling you do together.
-It makes giving you special little gifts “just because” even more rewarding because even if it’s just a new book you can’t stop smiling and thanking her.
-She loves making you happy like that.
-She’s learned a thing or two about relaxing since she stopped working for Jumin, so she is able to calm you down when you start crying.
-She gives you little presents when you get depressed since you get so happy over even the smallest thing.
-It never fails.
-She isn’t too worried about your trust in everyone that is kind to you. She finds it nice that you see everyone with such an open mind, like you see everyone as good.
-She’ll know when to keep you in check, though, if a bad person tries to take advantage of you. If anyone were to take advantage of you, they’d definitely hear from Jaehee.

-You’re very emotional and he’s very emotionless (well, on the outside)
-He’s very good at keeping you out of stressful or overwhelming situations somehow.
-It’s like he has a sixth sense that tells him when you’re getting upset.
-He can sense your distress from a mile away.
-So you have nothing to worry about.
-He can tell when you’re getting upset and he will immediately take you away from whatever is bothering you and calm you down.
-He wipes your tears gently off your cheeks and kisses where they used to be.
-You’re going to have to work even harder to keep him from spoiling you after he sees how excited you get over the smallest of gifts.
-He loves putting a smile on your face, so he will buy you little presents everyday if you don’t stop him.
-He eventually realizes the gifts are more special if they aren’t an everyday thing.
-Overall, he is very good at handling your emotions for you.
-Lots of supervision when he realizes how easily you trust others. You have such a pure innocent soul it kind of worries him. You could easily be taken advantage of, but he will never let that happen.

-He doesn’t tease you nearly as much when he finds out how sensitive you are because he would hate himself if he made you cry.
-When you do cry, he tears up too. He’s really sensitive to your emotions.
-Anything that makes you cry is valid to him. He won’t judge you for crying over spilt milk because if it’s making you cry, it means it’s stressing and upsetting you, which is not okay.
-You got along with Seven at first because when either of you were excited, it rubbed off on the other, and he always entered the chatroom energetically.
-Even now, as Saeyoung, he is still affected by how excitable you are.
-He feels like his old self again because of you and your positivity.
-Because of that, when you get depressed, it’s like his world is dark.
-He does everything he can to make you feel better.
-Expect lots of bubble tea.
-It’s no wonder you fell for Unknown, you’re so gullible, which is worrying. He is very protective of you because of that. If he gets suspicious of someone, he voices his concerns. Thankfully, because of him, nobody takes advantage of you.

-You don’t have to worry because V never does anything that could make you cry. He’s so gentle and considerate, you have nothing to worry about.
-Also, anytime you do cry, he manages to cheer you up and calm you down perfectly.
-When you get depressed, he’ll ask you to read him a story. That way, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.
-It usually works. If it doesn’t, he’ll give you reassuring words. They never feel like empty words either because you know V in sincere.
-Whenever you get excited over little things like books and bubble tea, he just stares at you with the most peaceful, lovestruck smile.
-A “that’s my beautiful wonderful other half wow i love them and they’re all mine” smile
-The excitement makes his life so much brighter than it used to be.
-So I guess you can say you’re his light.
-He’s very trusting of people also, but he’s cautious after what happened to Rika. He doesn’t trust new people like he used to, especially people around you. He acts like nothing is wrong, but he observes everyone that gets close to you. He calms down soon enough, he just doesn’t want to lose his light. He’s paranoid.

-If anyone ever makes you cry, they are immediately on his bad side.
-“I want them to die.”
-“Saeran, it’s okay. They just broke my eraser.”
-“Your point?”
-He hates seeing you in tears, but he loves when you get all excited over something he sees as minuscule.
-Like he’ll offer you the last of his food when he’s done eating and you get so happy. Or sometimes when he asks if you want to go out on a date you become ecstatic.
-It’s refreshing having such unconfined positivity buzzing next to him all day.
-It makes it even more sad when you’re upset because he’d rather see you smiling over bubble tea than crying.
-Even if it’s something small, he is very concerned. You being sad makes him sad, so when you get depressed, he hates it.
-He’s not good at finding the right words, but he never leaves your side when you’re sad, no matter how long it is.
-It shows how much he truly loves you and how concerned he is for you.
-He doesn’t trust people at all, and you’re overly trusting. You balance each other out. Nobody will dare take advantage of you when they know Saeran is with you because if anyone were to do something to you, it would be the last thing they did.

Glad You Came - KJ Apa Imagine

Requested By: Anon 

Warnings: None

Since you be came a cast member of the TV show Teen Wolf, you life has changed dramatically. Have been meeting famous people left and right. You have also traveled to many new and amazing places. The one thing you were  looking forward to was Comic Con. You have always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. Hopefully you’d get the chance to see Chris Evens and Sebastian Stan. And since you are a huge Supernatural fan you were hoping to snag a few pics the the cast. But the one person you were really hoping to meet or at least see was you hidden celeb crush KJ Apa.

*At Comic Con*
Looking around you couldn’t believe you were actually here. You had manage to escape and have some fun by disguising yourself as a fan. It felt amazing being able to just walk around and fangirl without anyone noticing you. You even got a hug and kiss from the one and only Jensen Ackles. You had to pinch yourself to make sure it was all a dream. You may now be a big star yourself but no one or anything would take away the fangirl in you.
Since you were walking around with huge heart eyes you didn’t notice the person in front of you.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You said taking a step back failing to notice that your hat had fallen of thus showing off your signature turquoise colored hair.
“It’s ok” The man you bumped into said. He had a accent and looked fairly familiar. “Hey aren’t you (Y/N)? From Teen Wolf right?”
Confused onto how he knew that since no one has noticed yet, you just stare at him until you also realize who you are talking to. It was KJ Apa!!
“You dropped your hat. Nice disguise by the way.” He said taking his own hat off.
“Um… thanks.” You say when you notice him handing you your hat. You were too distracted by his handsome face.
“I’m KJ. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He said shaking your hand and giving you a huge.
Still not believing what has going on you blurt out the first thing that came to mind.
“You are my celebrity crush.”
“Really?” He asked slightly surprised.
“I can’t believe I just said that.” You said covering you face with your hands, “ I have to go now buy.”
You quickly walk away now very embarrassed.
“I hope to see you again.” You here KJ scream.

This summer, I’ve been working at a state marina with my sister. One day this year, the weather started out kinda okay, with 10mph winds, but quickly turned into 30mph winds with sideways rain within a span of 15 minutes.

A 50+ foot boat hails on our radio requesting a slip to get out of the bad weather. We give him a slip number and my sister, me, and another coworker head out into the rain to help dock him. We wait out on the dock for a good 5 minutes, getting soaked in the rain, before my boss radios to us that the boat was going to wait outside our break wall for a while, hoping that the winds will die down, before trying to come into the harbor. Wet, and slightly annoyed, we head into our fuel shack at the far end of the dock to warm up. We’ll get back to this boat later.

Our boss then radios us shortly after we get inside, telling us that another 50+ foot boat was going to try to come in and dock. The three of us go back outside to the finger pier one down from the fuel dock. The boat comes into the harbor, struggling in the wind. They go a bit passed the fuel dock and turn around to head down the channel before it. They end up hitting the back of their boat on the edge of the fuel dock, and the wind swings the stern hard towards the finger pier we’re standing on. My sister was toward the dock side of the finger pier, so she has time to book it off before the boat hits. My coworker and I are at the end of the pier, so we grab the pylons on the other side and hang on for dear life. The boat hits, knocking a corner pylon clear off of the dock, and almost knocks me and my coworker off of the dock. After struggling horribly against the wind for a good while, with the boaters screaming at us to get them docked quicker, we got their lines secured and we all got to look forward to filling out an incident report.

My sister and I head back to our main office, while three other coworkers fish the broken pylon out of the water. While in the office, the first boat calls back on the radio, saying they’re going to try and come in to dock now. My sister is on the radio with him, and the conversation goes like this:

Sister: Okay captain, we are going to put you into slip A4. Take the first channel as soon as you enter the harbor.

Boater: Copy that.

We watch from our office as the boat enters the harbor, and as he starts coming down the channel, he stops and hails us again.

Boater: *harbor name*, I’d like a slip in an empty well.

Our slips are big enough where two boats can fit as long as they’re not unusually wide. My sister looks outside, where we can see the well in question, and it clearly has no boats in it.

Sister: Captain, that well is currently empty, you’ll be fine.

Boater: But I want an empty well.

Sister: It is empty captain.

Boater: No, I can see another boat there.

Sister: That one is in slip A1, it’s not in the same well.

Boater: From here it looks like it is.

My sister is getting pissed off now, and I’m trying not to laugh my ass off. My boss is also here, also trying not to laugh. My sister then radios to my 3 other coworkers, who are at slip A4 to help dock this boat. She asks them if the well is empty and they say yes, so she radios the boat again.

Sister: Captain, our dock hands are at that slip and they say the well is empty, you should be fine.

Boater: But I don’t want anyone next to me, I might hit them.

At this point my sister is so angry she could probably murder this guy, so my boss takes the radio from her and basically repeats the same thing as my sister. The boater finally just continues down the channel to the slip we assigned him, the wind blows him passed so he has to back up and try again. This happens about three times before he tries to enter the slip, and he ends up hitting the finger pier as well, knocking off the second pylon of the day and also bending the shit out of the metal ladder at the end of the pier, giving us another incident report to file. 

It just boggled our minds that the second boater just would not believe us when we said the slip was empty. We were not busy and we keep track of everyone in our harbor on a huge whiteboard in our office. Damn people are stupid sometimes.

etherealperrie  asked:

Hello there, I've been writing since I was about 14 (I am now 20) & I feel as though I have grown immensely but something I still struggle with is showing & tapping into the emotion of my character when writing in first or third person... I get too caught up in describing what is going on around them and the details of setting & looks & I think my writing would improve so much more if I could really tap into the emotion/thoughts of my protagonist - do you have any tips???

1. The first thing I would look at when facing this problem are the characters. A really well developed cast of characters should help the emotions flow more naturally. I often say that a really great story is one that is character driven. At the end of the day, most readers will follow your characters through hell and high water and the most boring plots in the world, because that’s what you do when you love someone. 

Character Development )

2. However, developing a realistic character beyond simply listing traits or piecing together a backstory, and that might be part of the problem here as well. The next thing I would suggest is working with your character, writing scenes with your character as the focus the entire time- possibly even outside of the story itself, to ensure that the focus really is on the character and not the advancement of the plot.

Get to know your characters in every situation. Send them to the beach. Write them on a camp trip. A date. An road trip. At a party. Write things that would never actually happen in the story but that bear a heavy emotional atmosphere. Write them at the funeral of another character, even if that character never actually dies. Write them grieving, or being with them as they die. Write them reuniting with a lost loved one, in any context you wish. Write them meeting someone important who they never really knew, like a parent who was absent from their lives. Write them having a huge fight, a first kiss, a nightmare, achieving a dream. Take particular care to write their interactions with other significant characters within the story as well.

Get to know their reactions to every situation and emotion. By doing this, you come to develop their own voice and perspective, that will come across more and more naturally in your writing as you work with it.

2b. Another great way to know your character is to see them through the eyes of a different character! How would their mother describe them? Their best friend? Their worst enemy? Their sibling, their teacher, their coworker?

3. This voice will then become particularly prominent in the way your character views and reacts to the world around them. It’s great that you have a great sense of environment and setting! All you need to do is connect that back to your character and see that setting through your character’s eyes. Ask yourself, why does it matter to them, so much that they feel the need to point it out? If you mention Chekhov’s gun is hanging on the mantel, talk about how that makes them feel. Curious? Frightened? After practicing emotional scenes, practice having your character react to much smaller things.

4. You can also try taking a more personal approach. When in the process of creating your characters, find things that you like about them. Find things in them that you can sympathize with. Find traits that remind you of yourself, or someone you care about. Many people will base their characters off of real people. Personally, I like to find the similar traits after the character has always been created, just because it then makes it easier to keep the two separate in my mind, but real people can be a great source of inspiration, and can help your character feel more real, because well, they are in a way.

On the note of feeling real…

5. Try to imagine them as a real person. If this was your friend, your neighbor, your classmate, what kinds of things would you notice about them? What impression would they make? Or, alternatively, walk a mile in their shoes, as they say. Imagine you are in their exact position during a particular scene. How would you feel? What would you do? Why would you do those things?

Another great exercise in imagining them as a real person is to talk to them. Just write them a letter. It can be in any context you want. It helps you imagine who they are as a person when you are using them as a pretend audience. 

6. When writing a scene involving them, identify the motivation behind their actions. Know their goals and what they are working towards, as well as what hinders them or furthers them. Every time an action is taken, quiz yourself on why. Sure, you know it makes sense to the plot for the character to use that action, but why would it make sense to the character, in the moment? Do they even know? Is that train of thought clear and realistic?

Another alternative is to study other characters in media and stories that you enjoy. Watch an episode of your favorite show and make a list of the characters’ actions and motivations. 

7. Study emotions and body language. Body language is a key part of description and showing-not-telling, but different people can react to the same emotion in different ways, and matching their body language to their personality can help you develop their reactions more naturally. Some people might get angry when insulted. Some might try to laugh it off. Some might make a witty retort. All of those reactions tell you something about the person. 

This is getting lengthier than I intended, but I tried to give you some different tips and exercises to try out. Mostly, I would focus on developing voice and understanding motivation- after ensuring that all your characters are thoroughly developed, of course.

I hope this gives you some options. You’ve got this!