and also to take my mind off things

Sometimes your artistic improvement is not only what your hands can do but also what your eye and mind can understand.

Few years ago I was looking at some works of my favourite artists and couldnt even comprehend how they are made. Colors, lightning, workflow - everything seemed so advance my mind was shutting off, just admiring the view but not understanding it.

Now - even if I’m not able to reach their skill or it would take me days - I can analyze and deconstruct all those “impossible” works. I can understand how they use light or color to achieve certain effects and file it for later use. 

Remember that your eyes and brain develop as well as your hand, sometimes at different speed. Looking and thinking about art has the same value as actually doing it. Have an artblock? Take some time to browse through your favourite works and instead of thinking how much you can’t do the same, try to understand how it’s done!

1. Relax

Relaxing is one of the most important parts. It helps you take your mind off things, and will help you become more motivated to do your work. Read a book, take a bath, watch a movie, anything!

2. Go over the notes from the week before, and if possible, rewrite/type them for easier reading.

It doesn’t matter whether if you don’t have homework in that certain class. Going over the notes will help you in the long run, and will also prepare you for any upcoming pop quizzes or tests that the next school day.

When I have time on the weekends, I do rewrite my notes to make them neater. It helps me retain the information and mark any important information I forget to add during class.

3. Update your calendar for any upcoming events/update bullet journal or planner

Just a way to make your life more organized the next week.

4. Do your homework

For my classes, homework doesn’t count as an academic grade, but it plays an important part for citizenship.

DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. I REPEAT, DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. You have homework to go over what you just learned, and also provides you with harder problems that may come up on a test. Doing your homework also means you can study off from it when there’s an exam coming up.

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Did u see his liveshow?? He was like "so much has been happening this week let me tell you about it in 5 months" aka when it's not so difficult to talk about im :(((((

IM SO FUCKING SAD DUDE, have you seen his twitter as well? @vanillasolitude just sent me a screenshot with him calling himself a disappointment, my heart is breaking, and I’m usually that person whose like - Dan and Phil can look after themselves. But look, guys, Dan literally, literally seems to be struggling with his content and what he wants to do on his channel, and having people spew so much anger at him for doing something fun that would take his mind off of things is???

He also said that he put on HOLD the “important” video, like, fuck guys. And it’s not helping that everyone seems to think Dan owes them some sexuality talk or something like that

i know a lot of us are really angry and venting, but also keep in mind that you can only take so much before it takes its toll on you.  so if you can, sign off for a while.  i’ve been doing stuff for myself all day, getting work done and being as productive as i can be.  it’s helped clear my mind since damn near everything online leads back to this election which has made me not want to socialize.  it might be good for you to take some time to process this on your own and enjoy a little solitude while things are so intense.  either way i am wishing all of you affected by this future wellness; you deserve it.

Thank you for your kind words! I see some of you think I said those things because someone was harassing me about writing, I just want to clear that up - it was nothing like that, I don’t feel pressured to write at all, 99% of you are supportive and understanding and you guys make me really happy. Writing also makes me happy and I won’t stop doing that, I’ll still update the stories. I saw that some of you think I meant that I’ll stop writing, so I wanted to say that.
I just need to deal with some personal stuff without “hiding” on Tumblr and letting it take my mind off negative things. I need to deal with those things. And honestly, tumblr has stopped doing that, lately there’s been so much drama and arguing on my dash, and yesterday was just 😩 I couldn’t believe people were so horrible to each other because of something that has no impact on their personal life, I kept scrolling through my dash to find nice gifs and funny posts to reblog and all I saw were these posts and then I asked myself why am I doing that when I could be somewhere where I wouldn’t even know about this irrelevant drama. This wouldn’t be bothering me at all if I were dealing with my private shit the right way, so that’s what I’ll try to do.
I made this tumblr to take my mind off things and to share my writing with people, because writing helps me get negative stuff out of my head, I made it to be my “happy place”, and to be the same things to you guys. So I’ll unfollow the people who take part in too much drama - if you’re one of those people, I’m sorry, it’s not personal, I followed you because I love your content or your posts, but I’m choosing not to see the drama and the hate for now. I love you guys 💕

Storming on New Years Day~
In some beliefs, a storm is a bad omen. Bringer of omnious danger, negativity, or even death.

I will admit I lit a candle to warn off any danger that should pass over my home. However, I also want to state that rain itself can be seen as a cleansing thing~ this past year has been very hard, not just for me but for many people. This rain can be a signal of a new begining, washing us free of the negativity brought on by 2016. Good things happened that year too, which is important to remember.

I am taking this rain as a way to cleanse my mind and soul of the bad side of the previous year, leaving only good memories and energies~

Blessed New Year to all of you, and may your future be bright.

The first time the gang takes a ride in a hot air balloon, it’s a breezy summer day and the blue skies are streaked with cirrus clouds, perfect for the culmination of months of planning and saving. They crowd into the basket and wave for Jonathan’s pre-takeoff photo op. As the balloon lifts off, Dustin starts in with his most enthusiastic rendition of “Gonna Fly Now”. Nobody minds this because it’s a change from his endless refrain of “Up Up and Away” on the drive up.
Once they’re in the air, Lucas muses out loud what it’d be like to spit over the edge. Dustin shuts the idea down with a “That’s disgusting,” as Max slugs Lucas in the arm to drive the point home. (“Thank you, Max.” “No problem.”) They spend the next few hours playing I Spy and debating the merits of a hot air balloon as a getaway vehicle (Lucas maintains that a plane would be a better, faster option, while Max just asks why they wouldn’t just use a car?).
Will divides his time between politely asking the pilot questions about what it’s like piloting a hot air balloon everyday and trying to unnecessarily memorize all the scenery floating by for future drawings.
I say unnecessarily because El brought Jonathan’s old camera, last week’s birthday gift, and when she’s not gazing in awe at the views, she’s immortalizing them in photographs.
Mike is also trying to memorize the scenery, but he’s more focused on the kind with awestruck brown eyes and curly brown hair who keeps grabbing his hand and smiling that beautiful smile.
The excursion ends with Jonathan and Nancy returning from their drive and taking the kids to a pancake house, where they all stuff themselves with the fluffy flat pieces of heaven and their mapley toppings of glory, all to sleep off on the drive home (during which Lucas drowsily hums “Up Up and Away” before nodding off).

okay so ima draw a LOT tomorrow  (because I havent been drawing a lot and wanna take my mind off things)and I was thinking about doing lineless screenshot works, like my ‘The Answer’ pieces so like, if you want to, reblog this and attach your favorite screenshot of your favorite scene and I might go and do it! Im probably also going to stream them tomorrow!

some important things to consider about this dinof business and some reasons behind this thinking: hypothetically if he did come out this would include:
-people taking this as proof as ‘phan’ when if he did it would absolutely not confirm or deny phils sexuality
-he would have to consider the fact that it would probably make it into the news everywhere especially online (and idk about yall but having the entire world talking about my sexuality would freak me out)
-this would also put me off making it tbh
-he would also have SO FUCKING MANY people saying well yeah we already knew and that would suck for him bc we should be happy if he did hypothetically
-did i mention evERYONE would talk about it???? bc they would 100%
-it would probably break the internet
-just imagine how overwhelmed he feels about everything regarding this
-he would also probably get some hate for it especially if it made the popular page on youtube as dickheads tend to gather there
-that would also be overwhelming
-he also 100% knows we’re all talking about this so he will feel pressured about anything he’s putting up especially if it’s not what we expect
-and then on top of that this would then inadvertently put pressure on phil (from certain fans) to do the same when it’s just complete personal preference on the subject
-he doesn’t have to do it
-it’s his choice
-this is ridiculous
-just be nice

this has been a psa thanks

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I don't mind you writing 3000 words about Chuuya and all his possible mental ilness and your take on it (btw do you have any for Ango?)

wELL since you asked so nicely I suppose I’ll just have to go more in depth for my Chuuya headcanons

But first, as far as Ango goes, aside from PTSD I can’t think of any off the top of my head that I absolutely without a doubt headcanon him with but I also like the idea of him having aspergers and/or dyslexia 

Now for Chuuya

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my boyfriend broke up with me and I feel like I'm never going to stop hurting. How do I make the pain go away please help

you will stop hurting but theres not really anything you can do that will instantly make it stop hurting, if he meant that much to you it’s going to hurt for a while but the best thing you can do is try your best to take your mind off it, like I used to watch funny tv shows and it always took my mind off things and also going out with your closest friends will help and it probably won’t feel like it’s helping at first because you’ll probably just feel close to breaking down in front of them which you probably don’t wanna do, but eventually being with friends will help you move on because you’ll realise you don’t need your ex, surrounding yourself with good people is really important and time really does heal most things. Keep your head up, I wish you the best babe


Kevin Owens/OC: Based off the song ‘T-Shirt’ by Shontelle. Fluff. Requested by anon.

So, a couple of things before this gets going. First of all, this isn’t part of that song lyric ask thing I did yesterday. This was a request I got before. When I finish up requests I have already started is when I’m gonna skip down to the song lyric things bc I’m v excited to write those. Also this was going to be smutty but I just needed some more murderous teddy bear fluff in my life, not even sorry. #cesaroshrug

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Mod update + Sorta hiatus

In case I haven’t mentioned it before I’m currently working on my school’s Final Year Project for the next 3 months cuz yaaaay im old so progress on story writing will be an on off thing, answers for Lacervidae as well and commissions on hold so yeaa. Also just gonna take this time off to maybe clear my mind and stuff but I’m still very active over on the discord server so feel free to hop on over for shenanigans

Rescue (Derek Hale x Reader x Pack)

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*Gif is not mine credit to the amazing owner!

Requested: Yup <3

Prompt: Can you do one in which y/n is a banshee & is Derek’s girlfriend! The eichen house took her & they are trying to do to her the same thing they were doing to Lydia. Her younger cousin Stiles calls Der (take it from there) thank you!!

Warnings: none

Word count: 1098

A/N: Hey sweeties, so this is my first imagine ever I really hope I did what you had in mind and some kind of feedback would be really helpful <3 I might also do a part 2 depending on the feedback. It’s loosely based off of s05e15 

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of its characters!

You didn’t really know where it all went wrong. It was the end of the summer break and everything was going great. You had spent the whole summer with your long-term boyfriend Derek away from Beacon Hills enjoying a couple non supernatural months. But of course everything good has to end right. You had to go back in town to help your uncle sheriff Stilinski at the police station. It was a month after the end of the break when things started going downhill. Kids started going missing and you knew it wasn’t just a random kidnapper stopping by. And because of your newly found banshee abilities you knew it was something really really bad. But you never imagined it’d be that bad. After you read the book about the Dread Doctors something in your mind clicked. Memories showed up on the surface of your consciousness. Things clouding your vision, the same scenes playing around in your mind. It was too much. One day you thought you’ve had enough of this nightmare you went to seek for answers. You decided to search for help in Eichen House without telling anyone of the pack. That was mistake number one. You knew the only person that could possibly help you understand what was happening was Dr. Valack. Second mistake. The rest of the story was a bit blurry but you remember one thing. They got you. That was your current situation. Tied in leather knots barely keeping your eyes open. Traveling through memories and seeing your friends die. It has been a week or so, you didn’t remember exactly how long you’ve been tied inside this hell house but you couldn’t hold on anymore. You’ve tried everything. After Meridith decided to tag along teaching you how to ‘control your bansheeness’ things became even worse. You saw your friends die and the only way you could save them was to learn how. Once you almost got out. Almost. Then you just gave up… You started thinking about your friends. Did they  even know you were missing? Your uncle and stiles had so much going on right now that they probably haven’t noticed. But they had to right? Your mind took you to last summer. Everything was perfect. Just you and Derek enjoying a little time off. Did Derek even know what was happening? You knew you were going to die tonight. You could feel the life slipping out of you. With every passing minute you felt weaker and weaker. You wanted to see them. Your family, your friends. You wanted to see him. You and Derek have been trough so many things. He was your anchor and you were his. The pack thought of you as the pack mum. You couldn’t just sit here and whither away. But the weaker you got the more your hope to see your friends again decreased. Little did you know they were making a plan. A plan that was either going to get you out of Eichen House or kill them. Stiles even called Derek. He had every right to know that his supernatural girlfriend was captured by a bunch of psychopaths in an asylum. But the spastic boy kept a thing or two for himself. Like the fact that you probably wouldn’t survive the night… And that the plan might not work… 

'Uh, okay any questions?’ Stiles looked around the room hoping everyone got the plan. Well clearly Liam had to open his mouth.

'How do we get into Eichen in the first place?’

 'Whats our worst case scenario?’

'What if i cant do it?’ No one believed in the plan.

'Okay, admittedly a lot could go wrong.’ Stiles agreed.

'Everything could go wrong!’ Liam protested. 

'Guys, if we don’t do this, we lose Y/N. She’s gonna die in there tonight. And she might take a lot of innocent people with her.’ Their alpha said and somehow everyone believed they can do it.

'Plus we have Derek on the way right?’ Kira mentioned. 

'He needs time to get here and right now time is something we don’t have.’ Stiles said remembering his talk with Derek earlier today.

'Guys we have to go.’

Everyone stuck to the plan doing everything exactly how they talked it this afternoon. Kira and Malia went for the electrical room while Stiles, Scott and Liam went for Y/N.After Valack drilled the hole in your head you knew these were your last hours. That was it. You were dying and there was absolutely nothing you could do. Your friends would continue with their lives with the bitter memory of this day. Just like they did after Allisons death. Life goes on right? Suddenly a familiar figure appeared in the room. The lanky boy you called your cousin was right above you looking petrified. Just another dream. You were hallucinating because of the blood loss. 


’S-Stiles yo-you should go’

'What, no Y/N, we’re here to get you out of this place!' 

'You’re going to die if you stay, all of you…’ He just looked at you without saying a word.

'Please…’ You heard footsteps down the hall. Stiles heard them too. 

'It’s too late…’ The footsteps became closer and Stiles came up to you and just hugged you.

'I will get you out of here Y/N, I’m not losing you too. And Derek would kill me otherwise.’

 He managed to smile weakly holding onto you.

 'You’re damn right Stilinski' 

You both saw the person standing at the door. Derek stood there for a fraction of a second before his eyes landed on you. He saw your weak body and the blood on the pillow. Your boyfriend rushed to you and took your barely alive self in his hands. Just by touching you you felt better. He sent a bolt of energy down your body and you felt like you could fight an army but that’s not what you were capable of at the moment. You felt better nonetheless, your head didn’t burn and you could actually think straight. You saw the black veins on his arm. He then looked you in the eyes and all of the pain disappeared. You never knew how he did that but every time he looked at you every kind of pain and worry just vanished. It was like reliving the summer over again. You completely forgot your friends are in danger.

'How did you even get in here? There’s mountain ash everywhere.' 

Stiles questioned.

'I evolved remember? Now let’s move someone’s coming’

'Yeah the pack.’

'Someone’s coming’ you said 'but its not our pack.’

(I’ve seen a lot of people exploring the ‘Identical Girlfriend’ trope with BATIM, so I thought I’d contribute to take my mind off things.)

(I call her ‘Bonnie’ because she’s sweet as sugar! …And also because it sort of sounds like ‘Bendy’.)

A wild fanfiction appeared!

We were jokingly talking one day about what would happen if Torn were ever to take a break from work; I honestly don’t think he could, really (being a dyed-in-the-wool workaholic). This fic sprang directly out of that: what happens if he works himself to the point of illness, and is forced to take time off?

I’ve got ideas in mind for the following chapters, but I’m also open to suggestions and prompts for further shenanigans! Chapter 1 is just setup.

(this header image is the tackiest thing I have ever made in my LIFE omg)

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I hope you don't mind me sending this here, but Skelton Squatters made me think of "I Know" by Big Sean and Jhene Aiko. It describes the reader's bad relationships really well. 🎵Take a load off on my private island; come inside and go into hiding. I know that you've been sacrificing your time and need time to unwind and let go.🎵 I absolutely ADORE your story and if you haven't heard that song I really recommend it! I hope you have a nice day filled with sweet things!

* I don’t mind at all!  I’m so happy that you like the story, and I hope your day is also filled with all the sweet things you could want!  I wanted to wait to answer this until I posted the new chapter so I could tell you that this comment inspired the ending.  x]  I listened to that song a few times while I was writing it, and you were right; those lyrics were perfect!  

♫ “The way you move it’s like you could use a vacation
Drink in your hand and the harder you dance
I swear right now it look like you on a vacation” ♫

That part inspired the Reader drunkenly dancing with Red.  When I first started writing that chapter, I had two different possible ways to end it.  Originally, the Reader was going to end up showing up at the motel at some point, but she ended up feeling too much like she would be a burden on the brothers to actually go over there.  So, then she was going to the bar with Sans, either because he invited her or she invited him, but either way, it was just going to be a casual meet-up to discuss the details of selling the lodge.  That was going to be on Friday.. but then things spiraled out of control, and she ended up needing a vacation sooner rather than later, and bam, she’s drunk and dancing.

* I’m going to combine a few anon messages here, too, so all of my “tortoise talks” are on one post.  

* I love when this happens!  I always hope that my imagines/HC’s will make people want to read my fanfiction, and vice-versa.  I have no idea how most of my followers find me, but I’m glad you already did!

* Nevvveerrrrr, I’m a night owl because I work a lot of overnight shifts randomly, so my sleep schedule is always screwed up.  That’s why pretty much all my updates happen at 2 or 3AM, and I queue up a good deal of my imagines to post between 11AM and 2PM.  

* AHHH, I’m so relieved! <3  I had no idea if I was doing it right.  I’m glad that you enjoyed it, and you’ve really got the ball rolling lol.  I’ve got like six more in my inbox right now.  You’re welcome! =D  And thank you so much for your kind words!  I’m so hype that you like everything.

Also I’m obsessed with the idea of Swapfell Paps riding a bicycle built for two with you.  

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😏😡📚🐶 these asks are perfect for someone nosy like me! :D

What turns you on?
Tall, handsome men in dark robes. Long coats work as well. Umm… nice back and forearms also work well, though I think everybody likes those. Men who are diplomatic, but take no shit from anybody just to be politically correct.

When I’m moody or tired, my boyfriend will cook me some food without saying a word, and then, sleeves rolled up, will put the plate in front of me and say “Eat”. That’s pretty nice too *v*

What pisses you off?
The first thing that comes to my mind is those people who choose to live their lifes as if everything wrong with them is always somebody else’s fault. Other people, the government, some war that happened when not even their parents were alive, their parents… The list goes on and on. That gives them some sort of green card to bash everyone around them, to be bitter and bullying, and they’re so stupid that they don’t realize that they’re the ones making their own life miserable and driving everybody away. They also tend to make horrible life choices and act as if the world owed them something.

Jesus, those people make me homicidal.

Career goals!
(Starry eyes) I would love to write a lot of entertaining books that would keep people reading at night, thrilled to know what happens next. I’d love it if a lot, A LOT of people read them, fall in love with their characters and talk about them with their friends on forums, social networks and coffee afternoons. I want my stories to resonate with something inside people, even if they’re simple and their main purpose is to entertain, to make them forget about their problems.

Sometimes my imagination flies and I see people cosplaying them, and others recognizing the characters, or even some animated series or a movie, though I know I’m dreaming too big. But hey, dreaming is free, right?

Also… well, doing concept art or designing characters or creatures for famous movies or videogames would be awesome! It must be amazing to see your designs then being animated and played with ^^

Do you own a pet?

Yes! My cat Misi. He’s very handsome :D

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29, 33, 34

29. Hobbies?

Mod: I guess my favorite hobby would be designing characters and worlds. ^^; It’s sort of calming for me, and helps take my mind off things.

Hildon: I like to get worn books from shops about random things. I’m often stuck somewhere due to a storm, and I’m always glad to have a new book with me.

33. Enemies?

Mod: My eternal enemy is sleep and the lack there of it.

Hildon: …not that I’m aware of? *gently taps his claws together nervously*  I try not to get on people’s bad sides….. also pretty sure the StrawHats have forgotten about me too.

34. Favorite food?

Mod: POTATOES!! *shakes a bag of potatoes over my head and runs around* POTAATTOOOEESSS!!!!

Hildon: *backs away from his mod some* Err… apples? or grapes from wine?

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What little things can I do when I'm really depressed? I need some things to take my mind off of reality...

I would suggest cuddling with your stuffies while eating fruit and watching tv. You want to make sure you’re comfortable while in this state because any little inconvenience can really set you off and you can get worse and worse. Also try to take a warm bath with candles and good smelling things. Aroma therapy really helps clear your mind and gets you in the right direction. I hope this helps!

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