and also to take my mind off things

“I too was aware of my life as a series of distractions and denials that staved off thoughts of the terrible things that could happen to me and of my impending death. I was also sensitive, probably overly so, that these terrible things could happen and in fact were happening everywhere in the world. They had always been happening and, barring some radical change in material existence, would continue to happen until doomsday. I knew that I needed something to take my mind off these things and discover some immediate pretext for being alive. I also knew that I was just biding my time until something terrible came along and I snuffed it, something that would probably happen only after I had to watch those to whom I had become attached in one way or another had snuffed it. One of those terrible things, among others, that actually did come along in my life was major depression. This is sometimes called the common cold of mental diseases, but that’s not how it feels to those who suffer from it. Aside from its other effects, depression has a philosophical effect to it that other kinds of pain do not, and its implications very much changed my sense of what it was like to be alive in the world. In depression, everything is just what it seems to be: a tree is just a tree and not something that arouses symbolic meanings or affective associations. Life itself becomes very transparent in all its aspects to a depressive. There aren’t any mysteries left, since all mysteries come from within us. We’re mystery-making machines, and we project a sense of mystery onto a world that has no such thing behind or within it. Certain questions remain that may one day be answered or may not be answered. Either way it doesn’t matter to a depressive.”
-Thomas Ligotti, in a conversation

  It’s my shoes this time that messed up on me, they were so tight I had to purchase a pair of slippers to walk around in (Dude laughed at me when I came back a second time to get some tabis too)…

  Really tried my best keeping my mind off that thing… Today was fun, though, lots of folks recognised me and I met a few old faces from London MCM. Also made a friend who helped out in taking lots of awesome photos of me. ;u;

Hello! the name’s allen walker… an older version than you’re used too though, also! don’t mind my dirty clothes, had a thing or two i had to take care off before coming here.. 






































Thanks for tagging me to do this @eggzumii!

Sorry if it’s kinda messy, I don’t have the best handwriting :c But this was still super fun to do!

I’ll tag: @umbramira, @churaghost, @cherryblossomey, @bobabird, @hhanele, and anyone else who would like to do this ^w^

I Want To Be Good To You [Sehun x Reader] [Request]

Written by: Admin Fae

Word Count: 2, 776

Summary: Under normal circumstances, he would never go for someone like you–you were too sweet and innocent, as a popular website he frequented would say, the definition of a cinnamon roll that was too precious for this world. Not his type, and yet he couldn’t seem to take his mind off you.

A/N: I really had fun with this one. I hope that it’s satisfactory enough, anonnie! Thank you for requesting! My computer is also back up and running, so I’ll be sure to post more things in the queue for you guys and write stuff up^^

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Hi, I'm a neurodivergent pansexual woman of colour around your age. I wish I had half your confidence in taking anti-ace discoursers to task. You seem really cool.

I don’t think it’s confidence at work here, not exactly…. more like sheer, bloody-minded anger. There’s only so much I can take before I go off like a bundle of firecrackers at the Révellion – and not just things done against myself, but against those I consider ‘my people’ as well. It’s not a narrow, exclusive category, so there’s usually always a person I want to aid and protect who is subjected to bigotry and marginalization somewhere. In the aphobes’ case, they’re one of the groups who has the dubious honor of managing to mash almost all of my buttons at once.

Also, hah, I’m not cool at all, of that I can assure you. I’m a huge-ass nerd and I wish more of that came through online, because I can just see the puzzlement on someone’s face when they expect someone who is all poised and precise and intense…. and they get a hot mess prone to doing shit like smacking into open window panes, snort-laughing and yammering endlessly about obscure topics! 


these are some pictures of the lennon suite i stay in! carpet is v white so i ask everyone to take off their shoes, haha. & of course, the piano tops it all off & you bet i hog it! funny thing, they thought my boyfriend & i are married hence the flowers, the small gifts & wine bottles. they even gave us cupcakes saying “ groom ” but i forgot to take a picture of them before we ate them all! also, mind the sticker, thr screen had my name on it so it was a must( please do not reblog )

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Oh my goD YOU HAVE THOSE TOO!! I love the 3D puzzles, I have like, 20 finished and 7 on my to-do list! Aren't they fun? I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows about them!

They’re a lot of fun! I have 8 of these things right now - 9 if you also include the one I just bought. They’re kinda relaxing to work on. Just something I have to take my mind off all the things stressing me out, you know? Also, you have 20?? Where did you find them? I’ve been having trouble finding ones I like. I mean, I see some on Amazon I’m tempted to buy, but I get suspicious about products that don’t have any reviews on them. ^^;

@kepl3rian asked:
Dear Former Paladin: I imagine life on you own could get a little lonely and was wondering if you’d considered getting some sort of animal companion. If so, what would it be?


I’ve considered getting an animal companion quite a bit to be honest with you.
I’ve had the honor of working with an incredible hound before- the vault dweller’s companion, Dogmeat.
I’ve considered getting a canine like him, though I’ve never actually attempted to, despite my friend offering one of their extra dogs to me.
It does get lonely here, so I should probably consider acquiring a companion. Although I’ve also contemplating getting a feline companion, similar to Proctor Quinlan’s pet.
Give me your thoughts, maybe an animal companion would help take my mind off of things..
This is Danse, signing off

I think i'ma do an all cosplay day tomorrow. To de-stress and take my mind off things. Creating things makes me so happy. I accomplished so much today, and I wanna keep that going. Regardless of everything, I have a new job starting on Monday. It pays well, they let me have off for Friday at Otakon, and they can’t wait to meet me. Life is going well.

I need a baseball bat for Punk Usagi. I wanna spray paint “Moon Prism Power” on it and cover it with pink paint like slime and glitter everywhere. Maybe a bow at the end.

Also need to figure out the rest of the vest, a few more touches with paint and then studs studs studs everywhere.

Getting it.

I would also like to take this time to thank my conversationalist buddy @gurllovesme who literally spent the entire day talking to me so that my mind would be put off by certain things.

It worked and I’m forever in your debt. I definitely couldn’t have gotten through this first day - completely clean, might I add. It’s a small step but it was a hell of a big one for me and you stayed by my side & helped me get through it.

So thank you, friend <3333

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i was walking my cat in the alley cause she had surgery on her leg & the vet told us to make her walk outside... except she doesn't wanna walk so i take cat treats and i throw her a few one at a time so she'll keep walking ahead. anyway i'm throwing the treats and cats start showing up, there were like 7 of them by the end of it eating the treats it was like feeding pigeons except cats so i naturally thought of u, cause you're like, the Holder of all things Cat in my mind

omg!!!!!!! ok first off I hope ur cat will get better soon inshallah also this is so ADORABLE asjdldjsldj pls take pics next time it happens if u can we need to immortalise this moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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So in my mind I also play out scenarios about what I'd do if I met h in a meet and greet. One of those things is seducing him to take him somewhere and sucking him off JEEEEZZZ I wish I wasn't so broke

Listen, I’m going to be drunk. I’ll have to be. Because drunk allie is 1,000 times more confident and a THOUSAND times more touchy. I’m planning what I’m saying now because I know for SURE i’m gonna hug that big chest and put my nose in his neck and bury it there, taking a deep breath in.

and I’m really, honestly, thinking about how i can convince him that I want him to take my V card and I will keep quiet about it. Like… if it happens, you guys won’t know. ever. Actually, I’ll probably take my blog down or just pretend i didn’t meet him.

Maybe slip him my number in his pocket, or give him a gift or something and write a note attached.

I am planning my attack.