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I’ve had a lot of requests for Slytherin/Hufflepuff couples. So here you go! Sorry it’s taken so long…
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Slytherin/Hufflepuff+ couples

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CEO!Hyuk Smut {Requested}

My goood my fingers hurt. This is pretty long so im sorry in adavance. But yes. This is the smut you are looking for. -Admin Tink

Warnings: Office smut, d/s dynamic, spanking, dirty talk etc etc.

You were sitting at your desk doing computer work when you received an intercom call from your boss’ office.

“Y/N, I would like to know my schedule please. Be in my office in 5.” He said through the intercom. You sighed and pushed your hair from your face and pushed the button to replied.

“Yes,Sir. I also have your coffee ready for you”


You got up and fixed your skirt, slipping back on the heels that were killing your feet since this morning and made your way to his office with files in hand.

Your boss is Han Sanghyuk, A young CEO of Han Enterprise. He took over the company after his father retired and you were just so happening to be looking for a job as he was looking for an assistant. You’re friend that worked here insisted that you apply for the job and after the interview, the rest was history.

Mr.Han was a pretty decent boss. He wasn’t really rude or strict with you and was easy to work with. He was younger than you so he would often call you ‘noona’ and you would occasionally act like one towards him, calling him Sanghyuk when you fell into the ‘noona’ role. Despite the rumours, he wasn’t a total playboy.

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Seventh year - Head Boy for Hufflepuff

  • Looks out very closely for his underclassmen and makes sure everyone has a fair chance at things. If there is a fight that breaks out he’s quick to break it up and get both parties to talk it out.

  • Has a strong interest in Herbology because he wants to make the perfect cup of coffee. Also likes picking out certain plants and flowers for art purposes .

  • His pet is a Calico cat he’s had since his first year named Adzuki.

  • Wants to sleep whenever he gets the chance, but keeps himself alive with coffee. He’ll try and sleep on his scarf if he has the chance. Adzuki will crawl up on his back and nap if he doesnt move after awhile.

  • Off and On Dating Kitaniji but was never very serious. It’s more friends with benefits than legitimately dating.

I love studying over the summer. I can learn things I don’t have time to during the school year and really enjoy the process of learning. Also, the weather is perfect for iced coffee and iced green tea. Nothing like chemistry to really make you appreciate the elegance of the universe. I love science so much.

It’s a little windy;

that said, it’s also the perfect weather for coffee and swimming, one of which I actually can have right now. And as entertaining as it would be to try and get Rachel sick after I get an inevitable cold from going into the pool, I’m not one to suffer that much for the sake of fun. Bummer, really.