and also the movie is quite awesome

Steven Quartz Universe: More powerful than he knows

When Steven was first introduced to the show, he appeared to be adorable kid with some really finicky and unreliable powers. His caretakers, the crystal gems, bore the bulk of the responsibility when it came to fighting gem monsters and other gems like Jasper. However, as Steven is coming into his own, and his powers become more controllable, it’s slowly but steadily being hinted at that he is far more powerful than the crystal gems, homeworld, or even himself realizes. 

I’m not just talking about things like physical strength or even his shield, although they are both quite valuable assets, but rather I’m talking about powers he hasn’t even been able to fully explore yet. Still, lets talk about his more obvious abilities before delving into his potentials later. 

First and probably most underestimated power of his is his super strength. Steven started out being only stronger than the average human, but as time has gone on there has been a slew of evidence to suggest that he can exert several tons of force quite effortlessly. Evidence for this includes him kicking metal doors in and tossing huge slabs of stone from a temple with a punch of his fist (AFTER he was bodied into the stone hard enough to create a crater). While he is probably still on the weaker end when it comes to Quartz, his strength is noticeable to other gems now as evidenced by the Wanted Special. I would not be surprised if his physical prowess finds itself having an upgrade sooner rather than later. 

His floating powers also have a lot of potential to it. One only needs to watch a few kung fu flicks with high flying wire fu to know that characters who can fight AND float can be quite the badasses in combat. 

However awesome as those movies are however, Steven’s version of floating is actually more effective. While your usual high flying fantasy kung fu movie has its characters only getting lighter when they hop around, Steven’s ability to float is far sturdier than that. 

While other floating powers make you lighter, Steven’s is more akin to flight that only pushes upwards like a hot air balloon. the crystal gems could not force him down because the force he was exerting to keep himself aloft was stronger than the downward forces they were putting on him. A boat about that size is usually 2400 pounds from what I could find online, add onto that whatever weight the gems bring to the table and the fact that he’s holding that boat by his arms, and its fair to say that his floating and strength abilities are quite strong. He’s also been learning to use momentum before activating his ability to travel over distances. The greater control he has over his emotional state, the more nuanced his control of this ability is going to get. 

His shield and bubble powers are pretty self explanatory. They are quite durable, especially his shield, and they seem to be able to counter a wide variety of Gem weaponry of all shapes and sizes, including on freaking spaceships. In terms of defenses, you can’t get much better than Steven’s shield. 

Another defensive ability even his mother didn’t have was a resistance to Destabilizers 

While his form appears to be at least partially Hard Light in composition, the majority of himself is organic, which destabilizers do not account for. As such that type of weaponry, while it would hurt, does not really affect him the way it would a pure gem. 

However, all of this is only talking about Steven’s personal capabilities in a fight. It does not address his most powerful abilities of all. The power to create and maintain an entire army. This is encompassed into his “healing ability,” however the applications for this power are quite staggering.  

His first foray into army making was unintentionally creating an entire species of sapient watermelons. Doesn’t sound all that impressive at first, until you realize he was able to create this army from ONE WATERMELON. Each and everyone of them inclined to be loyal to him and fight for him to their end. Rose also established that this ability can extend to any and all flora. Moss to Trees can be made into an army of loyal soldiers which can in turn breed MORE of their kind. If he spent a single day just spitting out a variety of seeds he’d have an entire militia over night. Anyone who has seen the march of the Ents from Lord of the Rings would know that this power is quite formidable indeed. 

Yeah, Steven could create THAT if he wanted to, and it wouldn’t even be that hard. While they individually wouldn’t be as strong as a quartz gem, they would be a formidable force in numbers. 

However, he’s had another power that has been revealed that is even more formidable than his flora soldiers. 

Pink Fauna: While Steven can create flora soldiers, his ability to raise creatures back from the dead and bestow on them tactically advantageous powers through his tears is quite possibly one of his strongest powers. These beings are given powers like enhanced strength, longevity, lack of a need to eat, the ability to walk on water, portals made through intense yelling (as far as we know), and most vital of all, the ability to create a pathway into a pocket dimension that can connect planets over billions of light years. It appears this can be done with any type of fauna on the planet, including humans as shown with Lars. Rose also displayed an ability to placate and tame creatures like Lions, so if Steven were interested, he could easily go about acquiring other creatures in this manner, such as Gorillas, Bears, Tigers, and more. Having intensely loyal, super strong beings with interconnected portals to each other is a tactical advantage that would be quite silly to pass up. 

Steven would need to be sad enough about their death to cry about it however, so it would require creating a relationship with said creatures, but its completely doable. This also means anyone in Beach City whom he is close enough with could become a potential Pink Soldier for him. Sadie in particular is already strong as a human, so making her into one would be pretty advantageous should she meet an untimely end (plus she’d be with Lars, so that’s a thing). 

Beyond that, there is one more power he’ll be needing to develop over the course of the next season or so. 

Healing corrupted Gems: 

Not only could Steven turn the plants and animals on earth into an intensely loyal army for him, he’s on the precipice of gaining the ability to heal corrupted gem monsters. Being able to do this would create brand new crystal gems who would be very thankful for Steven and VERY miffed against homeworld for condemning them to thousands of years of being monsters to be hunted and rounded up by Garnet Amethyst and Pearl.  

They have a lot, and I do mean a LOT of potential recruits once Steven acquires this power. 

Once again, all of what I am stating here is things that Steven can do VERY quickly provided he is in the right emotional state to do so. If he put his mind to it, Steven could fundamentally change the ecosystem of the entire planet Easily within a week to a month. All he’d have to do is use the warp pads and seed all the different kinds of plants in the area and develop relationships with candidates for being Pink Soldiers and the whole world would be his very easily. Not that Steven is the world conquering type, but if it means him developing a strong enough force to fight off a gem invasion maybe he’d do it. 

So in conclusion, Steven is a ton more powerful than he or others give him credit for. If he weren’t such a nice kid, he’d have probably taken over the planet by now. 

a concept: klance tangled au

altean!lance as rapunzel

keith as flynn

a tiny kitten version of blue as pascal

red as maximus

haggar as gothel

zarkon and sendak as the stabbington brothers

basically lance is a boy with healing powers who’s also a lost prince and doesn’t know it and keith is a thief who gets roped (quite literally) into helping lance go see the floating lights that appear every year on his birthday. 

(idk man i was watching the movie and thought “you know what would be fucking awesome”) 

RFA - How would they cheer you up on a sad day!

Hiiiiiii! So… I was thinking… Maybe I should give you a little taste of how I write and weeeeeeeell, here we go  (>’-’)>

RFA trying to cheer you up on a sad day, they’re focused on their jobs and you miss them. You’re having a bad day and you don’t want them to know that you’re feeling sad but they instantly notice ->


-He’s a smol sensitive bean -like me- and he’s head over heels in love with you.

-He’s always attentive and caring unless he’s playing LOLOL. 

-Lately he’s been focusing a lot more on studying and LOLOL too, and you’re glad he’s putting so much effort on his future so you always care for him, make him some healthy food to eat at uni and stick lovely, funny and encouraging post-it everywhere for him to feel loved every day.

-So, today you try to hide the fact that you’ve been feeling sad because you know it’s just a bad day and you don’t want him to worry too much and stress for no reason. The last thing you want is to be the reason why he fails his grades.

-However, as soon as you arrive home from work/study/whatever, he notices something’s going on and he immediately leaves what he’s doing to be with you.

-You’re always so cheerful and positive that he instantly starts worrying when he sees you’re feeling down:

“Is it something I did? Is it something I said? Did something bad happened? I can’t let my girl be sad!!”

-You tell him that it’s just a bad day but he’s too worried now to leave it be.

-He asks you what can he do to cheer you up, maybe he even tries to crack up some bad jokes.

-He cooks Omurice for you with happy ketchup faces all around. He brings you chocolate and ice cream and whatever you want Jeez… he would be so sweet and warm and cozy asjkhdsad

-He’s SUPER attentive and cuddly for the rest of the day (and allows you to see the show or movie you want, he’s even up to scary movies if that’s what make you happy!)


-He tries to maintain a reasonable work schedule so he can give you all the quality time you need, nothing he wouldn’t do for his princess. 

-He’s been a little too occupied with practicing lately because he was preparing for a quite difficult character and he wanted to do a perfect performance.

-You miss him, of course, but no matter what you try to be supportive and cheer him up every day by telling him how awesome and talented he is, you also help him practicing his lines if he needs it. 

-Today you’re not as bright and positive as you usually are and you don’t compliment him as you always do when he sends you a selfie from his workout session that morning, that’s when he notices that something’s going on with you.

-He immediately calls you: Hello my princess~ Do you want to go out tonight? You obviously agree and you start to feel a bit better, you’re going to have a date with the incredibly handsome love of your life, how could you not cheer up? For God’s sake.

-He sets a romantic date, he compliments you a lot, he gives you all the attention you need that night and takes you home with him to kiss and hug the sadness out of you…  (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) He unleashes The beast and you are happy for the rest of your life, believe me.


-She’s always too busy, she can’t even have a good sleep schedule, how could she find time to be with you? Oh, but she tries, and that’s all that matters to you~

-BUT lately she’s been busy even on weekends and that means you can’t see her unless you take your ass to the company to give her some healthy food and coffee (she really needs it and she’s ultra grateful she haves you)

-So today you go to the office to give her her daily dose of food and coffee, she doesn’t notice at first that you’re feeling a little down today but as you’re about to leave she does, there’s no way she doesn’t notice your pouty faces and she instantly starts to feel bad with herself.

-She hugs you tight and gives you a slow kiss, then she smiles and assures you she will talk with Ms. Han to ask for some free time to spend with you and you cheer up a little bit.

-She comes home earlier than usual and you two prepare dinner together, romantic music in the background. You laugh and kiss all night long.

-When you finish eating you cuddle each other on the sofa while watching any Zen’s movie she likes the most that day. 

-Yay! There you are, two happy beans cuddling and loving each other  \ (•◡•) /


-He’s been busy with the company projects and he has to travel a lot lately so that means you don’t get to see him often.

-There’s weeks that you two barely speak due to the time zone difference. He’s stressed and he misses you and Elisabeth the 3rd a lot, he apologizes every time he gets to talk with you. 

-He’s deeply worried about you even if he doesn’t show much, he’s scared one day you’ll leave him, he knows he should find more time to be with you but these weeks have been horrible and busy for you two. 

-You miss him like crazy and you’re kind of stressed with work too. Today you’re feeling down and sad, so when you talk with him that night and he notices you’re not as positive and cheerful as always he starts worrying a lot.

-He immediately tells his private pilot to prepare everything to fly back home and calls Jaehee to re-arrange the whole schedule so he can be with you a couple of days. 

-He arrives at 4AM, you’re sleeping and he doesn’t want to wake you up so he takes Elisabeth in his arms and sits besides you in bed, admiring the two loves of his life with a peaceful smile on his face.

-He wakes you up in the morning with kisses: Good morning Kitten, I’ve missed you a lot ~ he has prepared breakfast and many other things (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) and you’re instantly feeling happier than ever and that makes him feel confident and happy too.

-You spend the rest of the day cuddling and talking, drinking wine and making love.


-This little monkey has been overly stressed with work lately, he wants to keep up with everything and that also includes rebuilding his relationship with Saeran, make time for you and the rfa… 

-You’re dead worried for him and you’re always trying to help him, even with the smallest tasks, so he can relax a little and take a nap if he feels too tired. You try to make him eat healthy, at least one meal a day, and hug him and kiss him often, and sometimes you also try to make him laugh a little to encourage him.  

-Your profession allows you to work from home, that’s why you can spend some time with him, basically to take care he doesn’t die, but these last days you had to go to the office to organize and arrange some things. You obviously miss him a lot during that time.

-BUT that means that when you finally have time to go to his house you find out that he’s a total mess: no sleep, no healthy meals… just non stop work. He says he wanted to take that time to advance some work so he could be able to be with you a little more.

-Today has been a bad day and you’re sad and tired and seeing him like that it’s painful so you feel sadder and when he said that… that’s it, you had too much, you hug him and you try to hold on your tears with your face buried on his neck but he instantly notices you’re not okay.

-Hey! Little alien, what’s up? I’m here my love, I’m okay~ (yES!! I fervently believe he would call you little alien, fIGHT mE) and that’s what you need to start crying and you’re there like: B-bu…but… you… I’m worried… I don’t want… get sick… *sobbing and hiccuping* You know what I mean!! 

-That makes him feel warm and loved inside and he hugs you tighter and he tells you how much he loves you and finally he decides to take a couple of days to rest and be with you, cuddling and laughing and watching some crappy tv shows. 


So… that’s it! lmao i’m so nervous right now…Tell me what you think, let me know if you think there’s something I can improve on (and sorry if I made some typos or any other mistakes, I try my best ;;) aaaaand if you liked it feel free to request your own scenarios, imagines, one-shots… 

Have a nice day (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤

Hey there! It sure has been a while, huh. ww; But, hey, I kept my promise!

So, how have you guys been? I’ve been rather busy. America is cool, but this university is quite demanding sometimes. I’m not complaining, considering I came here to work and all, but I wish I had some extra time. All I want to do after I’m done with my classes and homework is be lazy, to be perfectly honest.

What have you all been up to? Since I last showed my stupid head around here, I beat Undertale (just beaten—no true endings whatsoever), Layton and the Unwound Future (SO GOOD AND SO SAD) and Portal. I have also been rewatching Inazuma with my significant other, which is awesome! Oh, and I watched the newest Tri movie. It might not be perfect, but I get so easily pumped with that.

…And I have also been working on this nightmare.

Never in your wildest dreams would you assume that these four views took well over 20 hours of work (although I’d be willing to bet it took over 30). And that’s if we don’t take into account the amount of time I spent on OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS. I have been procrastinating on Fubuki’s miximax for years because I knew it would kill me. But, luckily, I’m not dead. I just wished I was a couple tens of times during the process. I hope @miyukiko​ won’t kill me either when she sees this, considering what I’ve done to her baby.

But it’s done! The result might not be the best and the rust might not help either, but this is it! Fubuki is finally done!! And, considering I have been working on this little shit for 2-3 years, I have my fair share of ideas about him. I’ll only cover one subject today, though.

Anyway, just in case anyone has never watched Digimon (which is a sin according to 8 different major religions), Fubuki is miximaxed with Gabumon, one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tri! Not my personal favourite, but fairly awesome nonetheless.

As usual, more about FubuGabu under the cut.

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wearingmywings  asked:

I really hope all the amazing fanfiction writers keep writing wonderful stuff, that the DCBB continues even after the show ends. If i have fanfiction I might be able to be okay with the show ending, but otherwise? Shit, it'll be hard. Also, I think I saw on your blog several posts that mentioned you should comment on fanfics and I've been doing that for quite a while and I literally saw how happy the authors were. It's an awesome feeling to 'give back' in a way, so thanks for making me aware. ♥

Yes, it’s always great to leave comments!

And also YES! fandom can thrive years after a show is over - and look at movie fandoms - they do great with a few hours of content. Nothing is ever over in fandom as long as we keep going.

ledawolf  asked:

Hey there I just wanted to ask a fast question if you don't mind! Do you might know any jobs that would be great for 2D animators and also what's your career? :v

Hey Ledawolf! I’ve worked in an animation studios in my town (São Paulo) from 2015 to 2016. It was pretty awesome, I was a background artist for a full length animated movie called The Red Scroll (which is still in production). Unfortunately, I had to quit for personal reasons, but my time working there taught me a lot of amazing things! So I’d say, look for an animated studios, doesn’t need to be a big one, and send them a juicy portfolio. 

I just finished University and I’m currently trying to follow a career as a comic artist, and maybe in the future, have an animated studios of my own (dreaming big here, but maybe it might come true!). I’m working as a designer and freelancer at the moment, and during the spare time, I’m writing my new comic! =D

I hope this helps, and thank you for the ask! Have a great day!

ukiinas  asked:


Awww thanks for asking :D 

  • Why I like them
    • He’s an incredibly relatable character and I see myself in him (mostly)! Plus I love his deadpan snarker/witty attitude…like that boi is savage never forget that
  • Why I don’t
    • Killing Houji and Tatara…they both deserved better (we could have had it all Ishida why?????) Also just..stop putting people on a pedestal and stop playing the matyr…you matter man :((
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • The Bastard scene. C’mon guys, that was awesome 
  • Favorite season/movie
    • Uh…I guess I like them in TGRE post Rushima arc (actually let’s just forget the Rushima even existed ok? Ok.)
  • Favourite line
    • Oh god actually quite a few? Like here are some of them:
      • “Amon. You always burned so bright. Bright enough to blind. Your rectitude was nothing but torture to me. But I realized. I can’t spout pretty words about justice like you can. I won’t take back the crimes I’ve committed. Seidou Takizawa died in that prison. I can no longer walk the straight and narrow path. If I could, I’d want to turn time back.”
      • “Between the first and the second is a huge gap. Being second is just a consolation for the loser. Yes, a consolation for them not to think that, as long as there’s someone above them… they’re nothing but a loser. The gap between a perfect 100 mark and a 99 is not just one point.”
      • “If you become what you’re afraid of, fear will fade. What you two are afraid of, is the Door of Death in front of you. So I’ll have you become that. Once you’re Death, death is no longer scary. You’re scared because you’re a living person.”
  • Favorite outfit
    • Uh his office suit? Also digging that cloak he’s wearing (though I hate the flip flops…why was that even part of the design decision why Ishida)
  • OTP
    • Either Houjizawa or Tatasei 
  • BroTP
    • Amon/Seidou or Akira/Seidou
  • Head Canon
    • Goddamn pretty snarker and swears a lot, probably has road rage too…very sarcastic and quit witted, he’ll decimate you in seconds in a debate (unless you’re Mado)
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Wish he stopped being a fucking matyr and just come back already? Also I wanted to see him be angrier at Houji and Akira for not helping him escape Kanou…I wanted that slow angst burn/development
  • A wish
    • That he’d get together with his little sister…I hope she’s survived :( 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • Pls don’t die Seidou I’m banking on you to survive this whole manga 
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • Sarcastic, Deadpan, Insecure, Apathetic, Morbid
  • My nickname for them
    • Pineapple-Kun or Owl-Kun

anonymous asked:

Dang Fango, please tell me you like Rankin-Bass' Hobbit non-ironically​. You used it in your old poop, and despite some of the corniness, I always thought it was well done; especially the backgrounds and voice acting. The music was pretty awesome too. Gollum was also quite creepy and I think that particular scene is the best one in the movie.

this is a pretty bizarre question but yeah it’s kind of a charming little movie. it’s not exactly great but i kinda like how ugly/detailed the characters are.  the scene where bilbo climbs up the tree and looks over the top of the forest is real fucken nice.

(also i totally just stole that one clip from likety’s hobbit video)

(also also glenn yarbrough was an in-joke with my friends for years because of this movie. that vibrato)

Les Amis and sports they did in high school/uni

Enjolras: Karate. Hear me out though: Enj has quite some anger that heneeds to let out if he wants to stay sane, and if he can learn to protect others with something other than his words he’ll definitely do it. Also in my mind he’s not really tall (we’re talking like 1m65ish here) so just imagine the pretentious assholes thinking they can take on this smol blondie pretty quick, but Enj has them out in three seconds flat, and he looks like an avenging angel when he fights.

Combeferre: Tennis. He’s got areally good arm, and it’s always pretty cool/funny when this tall guy wearing glasses exchanges his cardingans and nice shirts with tees that show his nice arms and the freaking tatoo sleeves. Courf usually pays more attention to his arms than the actual game.

Courfeyrac: Swimming. He’s lithe and fast as at ease in the water as he is on the ground. He knew all the team before he even joined, and they all lovehim because not only he’s good, he’s also pretty freaking hilarious. The first time Ferre and Enj went to one of his competitions, Ferre just stared because Courf was half-naked and dripping, and Enj just groaned and muttered ‘not again’. Ferre didn’t hear him.

Bahorel: Rugby. I mean it was an obvious choice. He’s a forceto be reckoned with, that one, and the team is pretty freakingglad to have this giant who barely ever notices when he gets hurt. The rest of the team have also stopped jumping every time they hear Baz’s roaring laughter. On a side note he also bakes. A lot.

Feuilly: Handball. Okay, apart from me thinking I’m clever because Fee is handy, I think this one is really good for him? Like, he’s lean and fast and he has a strong steady grip, he’s just good at it.

Bossuet: Basketball. It’s actually one ofthe rare things where his luck isn’t too bad, although to be honest he kind of got in the team by accident. But everyone grows to like him because how can you not? And he’s pretty freaking good. It might also have to do with the fact that Joly and Chetta come to every game with colorful banners and act as hisown personal cheerleaders.

Joly: Ping-Pong. Joly’s pretty small, let’s not lie, but he has really fast reactions. Probably comes from the fact that he’s gotten so used to catching things that Boss accidentally knocks over seconds before they break that this is pretty easy to him.

Musichetta: Soccer. There was like, absolutely no doubt on this. Chettais an absolute goddess on the field, and she’s fierce and fast and strong and she’s just really good. She’s midfield. And she’s great.

Eponine: Volleyball. There was also no doubt on this one, it just suits her really well okay? She’s captain of the team and she’s one of those who looks really fierce and jumps really high and hits really hard. Just give me Ponine as a volleyball player.

Gavroche: Baseball. The kid has a surprisingly strong hit, and he always sends the ball in unexpected places. He’s also really fast and really good at dodging anyone who thinks they might be able to stop him.

Marius: Track. He was never that good in team sports cuz he never really did well with people before the Amis, so he went for track because he had energy to spare and he loved the fact that he could train anywhere really, and not have to talk to so many people. BUt obviously he opens up with the Amis.

Cosette: Gymnastics. She wanted more than just dance and she’s so freaking bendable and just wow. It’s fascinating the way she moves and bounces all over the place. She also does some archery because why the hell not you know? She’s hella cute but hella badass too.

Grantaire: Boxing. This is pretty much canon that he’s a street fighter but I think boxing is good for him. He and Enj may have beaten up a band of idiots who thought the drunkard and the pretty blonde would be easy targets. They were wrong. Bahorel was disappointed he wasn’t there. Also, R dances. A lot of diferent dances, learned when he was smaller and which he kind of kept through the years. He’s pretty freaking graceful and Enj may or may not be fascinated.

Jehan: Hockey. He’s the unassuming one that becomes absolutely savage on the ice. He’s really graceful, but don’t let it deceiveyou; he llooks like an angel but he can and definitely will play dirty.

Montparnasse: Honestly? No one knows. He did some climbing at one point, but now he just kinda comes to Jehan’s games and tries not to stare because they are beautiful and fierce.

anonymous asked:

The bara boys headcanons with their s/o ❤️


  • He’s a blushing mess while confessing his love to her for the first time. 
  • And the smile that he had on his face when she accepted his feelings was so priceless that she wished she had her camera during that time to capture such beauty.
  • He takes her to the park on their first date. There, they’d take a stroll and he’d totally buy her everything that she wants (even when she didn’t asked for it) 
  • Makoto still gets flustered whenever they’d kiss even in private. He does love receiving kisses on the cheek and eagerly returning the favor. 
  • When she’s scared, he’d try his best to act tough in front of her even when he’s scared himself. He’d set his fear aside just for her sake.


  • Although he was a bit nervous, he’s pretty chill when he first told her what he feels towards her.
  • He’s the over-protective boyfriend who needs to be informed about wherever his girlfriend is going and who’s she with when they’re not going out together.
  • Is not a fan of PDA, but he’d gladly put an arm around her to show everyone that she’s off-limits. He’d be happy to give her a kiss or two though,  when he feels like it. 
  • Brings his girlfriend flowers whenever they’d meet because Rin said it was romantic.
  • He loves lending her his shirts and jackets. They’re very huge on her and he seriously thinks it’s adorable when she walks around their home wearing one of his shirts.


  • He’s quite confident when he first confessed his feelings to his her. He just walked up to her and asked her out on a date, and he just happened to be very lucky that she feels the same way too.  
  • He likes showing off his awesome swimming records and other skills to impress her. 
  • Working out with her is one of his favorite bonding moments with her. 
  • Is the type who pinches his girlfriend’s cheeks just because he thinks she’s really cute. 
  • They also like spending lazy days, watching movies and eating pizza at their home every once in a while. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm the same person that send you the sick Bones request (it was great!) and I had another idea... I really like the idea of Bones losing his voice, he's always shouting and making sarcastic comments. Kirk making fun of him before realising how ill and miserable his CMO is and forcing him to rest. Thank you, you're awesome!

(Hey anon! I’m so glad you liked your first fic, and this came in the inbox great timing as I just rewatched all three of the JJ Abrams ST movies and I’m in the mood for some Star Trek! I’ve completely forgotten how much I love these characters, and if anyone wants any more ST, hit up the ask!! ^^ also so sorry I’m taking so long with prompts!! Im currently busy with acting things, so I haven’t had the time!!)

The five year mission had been quite slow the past month, and Bones had been relaxed, doing nothing but performing random experiments on new plants and other resources they had found on their expedition.

However one day, a bunch of the crew had been rushed in with injuries, apparently upsetting some species because of some culture thing they weren’t aware of.

It had been hectic, a shock to his system of idleness, and suddenly being thrown into a high stake, stressful situation.

A huge wave of bleeding bodies and broken bones came in, the whole situation distressing. While Bones didn’t like to be too prideful, it was nothing he couldn’t handle. Of course, he had his trusty crew with him.

However, Bones was a human, who got stressed. And lost his temper.

“YOU! What’s so interesting about the ceiling? Does the ceiling have a broken bone?! Well, does it?! No? Well this man over here does, so get your ass over here!”

“Get me the hypospray–no, no dear, that is not a hypospray! This isn’t a guessing game!”

“Oh my god, look at that supreme speed right there, wow, have you seen anyone move with such agility? Hurry up and get me the damn hypospray!!”

Sarcastic comments were also not an odd occurrence for the doctor.

“Doctor McCoy, he appears to be bleeding..”

“OH REALLY?! I was wondering what this sorcery leaking out of his skin was..bleeding you say?! What is this alien process?! How fascinating!”

“Doctor McCoy, this person has a broken arm,”

“That’s great! How about we go dance around it and worship it!”

“Doctor McCoy, this guy has a small cut on their–”

“Welp, they’re gone. What a tragedy. They’re dead. Rest in peace, what a fine life they lead.”

Needless to say, at the end of the day, McCoy was exhausted.

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Honey Lemon and Disney Talk

In the movie Big Hero 6. We have a young lady that goes by Honey Lemon. She is a chemist, with an excitable personality, and is as fashionable as she is smart.


She is very passionate about her work and is good at it. As a friend, she is caring and encouraging, as any good friend would be. Honey also is part of a team called Big Hero 6. Where she uses her talents to fight crime.

External image

Aside from how awesome she is, there are people who don’t like her because of how she looks. She’s just like all the other white female characters Disney has created. Well, even though she shares similar features with some characters, she isn’t white. In fact she’s quite possibly Latina.

In some of the concept art it can be seen that she would have dark skin and hair. In the movie, she is shown listening to Latin music and her constant pronunciation of Hiro’s name shows the little accent she does have. Her voice actor Genesis Rodriguez, though born American, is also Latina.

External image

And I know, a lot of you are thinking she’s this tall, fair-skinned, light eyed, dark blonde women who doesn’t look Latina.

External image

Now let me ask you. What does a Latina look like? Dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, and really short? Well, let me give some examples.

External image

My friend Alma, the hairdresser, is 5’11’.

External image

A client of my mother’s who likes to lighten her hair because she just likes it that way.

External image

My Tia Blanca, who can’t tan to save her life and has amazing amber eyes.

But apparently, she still looks too much like some of the female disney characters.

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Which isn’t fair to be honest. Especially, when there is so much more to her than just her looks. Even more-so when you actually look at the characters, their faces may look the same but that’s where the similarities end.

External image

Honey is an incredibly tall, lean, light haired, hazel-eyed, smart woman. Latina and going to college with a major in chemistry.

External image

Anna is an auburn-haired, blue-eyed, average sized woman who is loving to the point where it’s her fault.

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Rapunzel ISN’T blonde, has green eyes, toned body, and has a nice smile with cute rabbit teeth. She’s brave and curious about the world.

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Elsa is a shapely QUEEN, with a fair complexion, white hair, and ice powers. She is powerful, but also so very vulnerable, having anxieties and insecurities.

It might not be ideal to have characters look similar to one another, almost being carbon copies. But let’s do appreciate the types of people Disney is starting to acknowledge. Just a couple decades ago none of the characters wouldn’t have even been in any movie, let alone their voice actors. Change happens, there’s no questioning it, but let’s not count out the people who’ve helped make that change, real or not.

External image

The point is, diversity exists everywhere, that includes all POC communities. There is no concrete way of how people look, maybe just patterns and similarities. And Honey Lemon, is no exception. She isn’t unique, but what makes her extraordinary is who she is and the actions she does.

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I had the chance to look at a special edition boxset designed by Nomura that first came out when AC was made. It features quite the awesome content and an official script of the movie

here are some pictures of additional Cloti content and some scenes that were different from the movie ~

Was also kinda surprised the CGI artwork serie only featured Cloud, Tifa,Barret, Cid, kadaj, Sephiroth and the remnants trio. That’s it. No Aerith, Red XIII, yuffie, Vincent,etc….

Three Awesome Deadpool Team-Ups

So, I’m very excited about Cable being in the Deadpool sequel

because they’re quite cute together, and provide a nice balance of wacky and straight-faced seriousness. Also, it will be interesting to see how they adapt Cable’s complicated back story from comic to movie. 

But this got me thinking about other great Deadpool team-ups that could be launched into movies (not that they will be, because movie rights and all that.)

Spider-man + Deadpool = Spideypool

This team-up would kill in theatres. Seeing how well, Deadpool did, and as Spider-man is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, if they had a baby…WOW. I mean I’d go see that…multiple times.. It’s kind of amazing that Spider-man is being relaunched at the same time that Deadpool is being introduced as his real self. Sadly, they are owned by different studios and it’s not likely that Fox and Sony will put these two together any time soon. But the possibilities:

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some things to be grateful for

Hey you guys, I know 2016 has been quite a shitty year on a global level - so I decided to post something nice to cheer you up a bit (also, since it’s finally December and all that)

It’s been quite an eventful year for Ewan, too, but in a much better way

1) He finally got to direct a movie and show it to the world:

American Pastoral (2016, dir. Ewan McGregor)

2.) Also, he got to present it at the Toronto Film Festival, together with his beautiful wife, Eve, which is quite a treat:

(Watch him talk about the filming experience in the TIFF Master Class video)

3.) He landed a biggie (playing two brothers!!) in the third season of Fargo:

4.) Along with Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, Kelly McDonald, and Robert Carlyle he reprised his role of Mark Renton in Trainspotting 2 (T2) (dir. Danny Boyle) - shooting started in May 2016 and the trailer looks awesome:

5.) He performed at the Roxy, he did!! (a tribute concert to the late David Bowie):

6.) He met up with his mate Charley Boorman and his friends from the Long Ways, David Alexanian and Russ Malkin (Charley had a bad accident with his bike but is recovering fine):

7.) He received the British Academy Britannia Humanitarian Award for his tireless work for Unicef (among other organisations) - well deserved:

8.) He beefed up an old Volkswagen Beetle and sold it on ebay, which is pretty cool:

9.) He got to fly in the back of a WWII, North American AT-6, nice:

10.) He got to spend some time at home both in the US and in Bonnie Scotland:

(11. Bonus: he sounded off on twitter about Boris Johnson after Brexit - the tweet has since been deleted but he’s still very vocal on his opinion. You do you, Ewan)

I hope you had some good times in 2016, too!!! And I hope 2017 will be a truly great year for you! You deserve it, m’loves!!!!! <3 you

I just got back from seeing Civil War and it was incredible. I won’t give away details but I gotta say the storytelling was fantastic and the characters just keep getting better. Tom Holland was awesome as not only Spiderman but also Peter Parker. Black Panther was amazing, his costume was cool and the dude’s got skills. It was also really fun seeing Ant Man with the rest of the gang. I loved everything about the movie and it was so different from anything Marvel has done before. It is quite possibly my favorite Marvel movie so far.

I Bathe Quite Frequently

this little thing is the result of a friendly writing challenge with lenfaz - during a conversation about a movie we both adore: Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves (1991). There’s a scene where a naked Kevin Costner takes a bath in a lake, secretly ogled by a flustered Lady Marian. Lena had the great idea to use that same setting, set it in season 3A and well, guess who’s taking the bath and who’s looking on. Yeah.

You can read Lena’s awesome piece here: Lake.)

(also on and ao3)

The evening before the big show down with Pan was about to take place, Emma left the camp and took a walk to the nearby lake all by herself. This goddamn jungle was too fucking crowded; she needed time to herself, time away from the others – air to breathe. This was all too much. She wanted to forget everything, to stop thinking about tactics, strategy and danger for a while.

And she felt the urging need to put some distance between herself and the rest of their rescue party – she wasn’t in the mood for either of their company. She was sick and tired of Regina’s complaining that they’d have rescued Henry already a long time ago if they’d only let her unleash all her magic; her snarky, disdainful comments about their useless efforts were all but helpful. Neal made her feel uncomfortable with his eyes constantly searching hers, always trying to get near her, always throwing some dumb, puerile lines the pirate’s way. Sometimes he even acted like he was entitled to something, and that was something Emma really couldn’t stand. Yes, he was Henry’s father, and part of her would always love him, but there was no going back from the place they were now. At the same time, she still felt a little guilty for feeling that way. Her parents – she’d just started to feel sort of like a daughter, and then her mother confessed that she wanted to try for another child, like she wasn’t enough. Again. A fucking pattern in her messed-up life. Would there ever be someone in her life content with just having her, and nothing more? Would she, and she alone, ever be sufficient for someone? Probably not.

While walking towards the lake deep in thoughts, she pulled the tank top over her head; it was almost like she could already feel the cool water on her heated skin, washing away at least part of the fear, the sorrow and the pain she’d gone through these last few days.

Only when she’d already stepped out of the jungle and onto the shoreline of the lake, she noticed that its surface wasn’t as calm and smooth as it should have been, and the quietude of the dusk was interrupted by the sounds of splashing water and an unknown, but not unpleasant tune hummed in a low, husky, all to familiar voice. Oh shit. Emma stopped dead in her tracks. Hook.

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KFP4 hopes
  • viper speaks!!!
  • viper and mei mei being v lesbian together please
  • at one point monkey says something like “tail of pranks!!!1″ and crane is. so proud. mantis is jsut done
  • oogway comes back to troll jade palace cast. but shifu is done of being done and joins in trolling. the rest is like “wtf”
  • li lives at mr pings noodle shop and helps at kitchen and they still call each other dad
  • the villain pretends to be a friend at the beginning???? that would be nice
  • also *chants* we!!! want!!! tigress!!! we!!! want!!! her!!! backstory!!!
  • the villain is tiger maybe???? some relative maybe??? and our poor stripey bae has to choose between jp cast and that tiger???? ok
  • when asked about tigress and lei lei, po casually calls them “my wife and my daughter”. no one comments. not even shifu. that is all the tipo. burn, fandom. burn.
  • po and tigress being all touchy and feelsy and shippy. like. holding each others hand at least once per act, kisses on the forehead (tigress) or on the cheek (po), married spats. this is all thank
  • lei lei kicking ass. bao kicking ass. li shan kicking ass. everyone kicks ass and po is like “yoooooOOOOOO”
  • maybe legends of awesomeness character came???? the villain is wrecking the town and we hear random fung screaming “dARN IT”
  • mmmmmMMMMMMM monkey finally finding out po ate his almond cookies and ass kicking ensues
  • panda mom gets named!!!!
  • li finds out it was po who stopped shen and is like “??????”
  • obligatory kung fu fighting remix in the credits. BUT sung by jp cast. please