and also the movie is quite awesome

Steven Quartz Universe: More powerful than he knows

When Steven was first introduced to the show, he appeared to be adorable kid with some really finicky and unreliable powers. His caretakers, the crystal gems, bore the bulk of the responsibility when it came to fighting gem monsters and other gems like Jasper. However, as Steven is coming into his own, and his powers become more controllable, it’s slowly but steadily being hinted at that he is far more powerful than the crystal gems, homeworld, or even himself realizes. 

I’m not just talking about things like physical strength or even his shield, although they are both quite valuable assets, but rather I’m talking about powers he hasn’t even been able to fully explore yet. Still, lets talk about his more obvious abilities before delving into his potentials later. 

First and probably most underestimated power of his is his super strength. Steven started out being only stronger than the average human, but as time has gone on there has been a slew of evidence to suggest that he can exert several tons of force quite effortlessly. Evidence for this includes him kicking metal doors in and tossing huge slabs of stone from a temple with a punch of his fist (AFTER he was bodied into the stone hard enough to create a crater). While he is probably still on the weaker end when it comes to Quartz, his strength is noticeable to other gems now as evidenced by the Wanted Special. I would not be surprised if his physical prowess finds itself having an upgrade sooner rather than later. 

His floating powers also have a lot of potential to it. One only needs to watch a few kung fu flicks with high flying wire fu to know that characters who can fight AND float can be quite the badasses in combat. 

However awesome as those movies are however, Steven’s version of floating is actually more effective. While your usual high flying fantasy kung fu movie has its characters only getting lighter when they hop around, Steven’s ability to float is far sturdier than that. 

While other floating powers make you lighter, Steven’s is more akin to flight that only pushes upwards like a hot air balloon. the crystal gems could not force him down because the force he was exerting to keep himself aloft was stronger than the downward forces they were putting on him. A boat about that size is usually 2400 pounds from what I could find online, add onto that whatever weight the gems bring to the table and the fact that he’s holding that boat by his arms, and its fair to say that his floating and strength abilities are quite strong. He’s also been learning to use momentum before activating his ability to travel over distances. The greater control he has over his emotional state, the more nuanced his control of this ability is going to get. 

His shield and bubble powers are pretty self explanatory. They are quite durable, especially his shield, and they seem to be able to counter a wide variety of Gem weaponry of all shapes and sizes, including on freaking spaceships. In terms of defenses, you can’t get much better than Steven’s shield. 

Another defensive ability even his mother didn’t have was a resistance to Destabilizers 

While his form appears to be at least partially Hard Light in composition, the majority of himself is organic, which destabilizers do not account for. As such that type of weaponry, while it would hurt, does not really affect him the way it would a pure gem. 

However, all of this is only talking about Steven’s personal capabilities in a fight. It does not address his most powerful abilities of all. The power to create and maintain an entire army. This is encompassed into his “healing ability,” however the applications for this power are quite staggering.  

His first foray into army making was unintentionally creating an entire species of sapient watermelons. Doesn’t sound all that impressive at first, until you realize he was able to create this army from ONE WATERMELON. Each and everyone of them inclined to be loyal to him and fight for him to their end. Rose also established that this ability can extend to any and all flora. Moss to Trees can be made into an army of loyal soldiers which can in turn breed MORE of their kind. If he spent a single day just spitting out a variety of seeds he’d have an entire militia over night. Anyone who has seen the march of the Ents from Lord of the Rings would know that this power is quite formidable indeed. 

Yeah, Steven could create THAT if he wanted to, and it wouldn’t even be that hard. While they individually wouldn’t be as strong as a quartz gem, they would be a formidable force in numbers. 

However, he’s had another power that has been revealed that is even more formidable than his flora soldiers. 

Pink Fauna: While Steven can create flora soldiers, his ability to raise creatures back from the dead and bestow on them tactically advantageous powers through his tears is quite possibly one of his strongest powers. These beings are given powers like enhanced strength, longevity, lack of a need to eat, the ability to walk on water, portals made through intense yelling (as far as we know), and most vital of all, the ability to create a pathway into a pocket dimension that can connect planets over billions of light years. It appears this can be done with any type of fauna on the planet, including humans as shown with Lars. Rose also displayed an ability to placate and tame creatures like Lions, so if Steven were interested, he could easily go about acquiring other creatures in this manner, such as Gorillas, Bears, Tigers, and more. Having intensely loyal, super strong beings with interconnected portals to each other is a tactical advantage that would be quite silly to pass up. 

Steven would need to be sad enough about their death to cry about it however, so it would require creating a relationship with said creatures, but its completely doable. This also means anyone in Beach City whom he is close enough with could become a potential Pink Soldier for him. Sadie in particular is already strong as a human, so making her into one would be pretty advantageous should she meet an untimely end (plus she’d be with Lars, so that’s a thing). 

Beyond that, there is one more power he’ll be needing to develop over the course of the next season or so. 

Healing corrupted Gems: 

Not only could Steven turn the plants and animals on earth into an intensely loyal army for him, he’s on the precipice of gaining the ability to heal corrupted gem monsters. Being able to do this would create brand new crystal gems who would be very thankful for Steven and VERY miffed against homeworld for condemning them to thousands of years of being monsters to be hunted and rounded up by Garnet Amethyst and Pearl.  

They have a lot, and I do mean a LOT of potential recruits once Steven acquires this power. 

Once again, all of what I am stating here is things that Steven can do VERY quickly provided he is in the right emotional state to do so. If he put his mind to it, Steven could fundamentally change the ecosystem of the entire planet Easily within a week to a month. All he’d have to do is use the warp pads and seed all the different kinds of plants in the area and develop relationships with candidates for being Pink Soldiers and the whole world would be his very easily. Not that Steven is the world conquering type, but if it means him developing a strong enough force to fight off a gem invasion maybe he’d do it. 

So in conclusion, Steven is a ton more powerful than he or others give him credit for. If he weren’t such a nice kid, he’d have probably taken over the planet by now. 

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What are some canon or canon adjacent fics that you'd watch as a movie? like top 5 i guess

Wow, that’s a rly hard question tbh! I love a ton of fics, but this would require some TW knowledge and minimal sexytimes for a screen release(honeslty idgaf about sexytimes but they’re hard to get away from in fic)…buuuuut i guess here are my top 5(ish)?

1. Hagalaz - An unfinished series by an amazing author, but what is here would make a great film or series IMO

2. Rat’s Alley - An amazing post apoc fic that would def make a cool movie!(the MCD is not Stiles or Derek and it’s also at the very end)

3. Run To You - by @pale-silver-comb​ - quintessential cursed derek! so good! Derek only trusts stiles after being cursed by a witch into his baser wolf form

4. Move A Mountain - by @zainclaw​ - i can’t even with how much i adore this fic. generally I NEED the whole werewolf aspect to be interested in a fic, but this one..sheesh, it’s just soo feel good summer vacation fic, summer love, love at first site kinda…just perfect! OH ALSO! biker Derek(and also biker!stiles(where those manips came from wuwuwu)) the little chapters for later in life are just the icing on top of this delicious cake of awesome.

5. Not Quite Lost(not Quite Found) - by @alocalband​ - i found this one a little earlier this year and wow, how did it slip through my fingers? it’s such an amazing Derek/Stiles healing fic, it’d easily be turned into a slow romcom imo, i love this

honorable mentions!!!

Seeing Wolves(Where there Are No Wolves) by @loserchildhotpants


I’ve been Everywhere With you by @alocalband 

Both AMAZING healing fics that i believe could be great movies as well

this was a really hard decision as there are SO MANY AMAZING STEREK FICS, but i rly feel like these could be turned into such awesome movies.

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Dudeeeeeesss!!!! Just got back omg.

So I went to visit Fake Cole™ in the city where he’s studying and his apartment was so small but nicely decorated and his sense of style is INSANE. I could tell he’d been cleaning just because i was coming, don’t think he’s such a tidy person otherwise lol.

He took me to go see “IT” 🤡, and even tho I hate horror movies which he knows, he wanted me to experience it with him as the first movie fucked him up as a kid. Haha such a romance eh? Bill Skarsgard was amazing and the kids awesome, so I do recommend it. Was actually quite cozy to watch it with someone you like hehehehhehe.

He also introduced me to meet some of his friends for a few too many beers. They were SO cool and funny and sweet. They were all like oh we’ve heard so much about you!! and called me Tinder girl at first lololololol. I clicked especially with one of his close girlfriends who said SHE COULD TELL HE REALLY LIKES ME aaahhhh.

He was totallly a bit of a clown in the gang (obviously, was not shocked at all since he’s so much like cole lol) but he kept looking at me to see if I laughed and that was so fucking cute. I also caught him staring a few times when I was chatting to his mates, and he looked quite shy and almost like…proud??? Honestly, that was the best feeling ever.

I did get a bit jealous tho (didn’t tell him that) but this one girl that he was seeing right when he first started studying (as he told me about) was there as she’s in the same group of friends. I don’t know if she still likes him, but she laughed a bit too loud at his jokes and she told me stuff about him as if to show me how well she knows him ya know? He was very affectionate towards me tho and held my hand and was touchy feely overall and constantly asked if I wanted more beers and stuff in front of her and them tho so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

He took care of me so much and kept asking if i needed anything and if i was alright. I AM IN SHOCK. 

And now he just texted me that his bed is too empty and that i probably have to come back asap. HELP ME GUYS I SWEARRRRR.

Sorry for the essay, love sharing this with you.

ID #33320

Name: Chloe
Age: 21
Country: UK

Hey there, I’m Chloe! I’m quite a shy, introverted person but I really love close friendships and the idea of a penpal seems awesome so I thought I’d give this a shot. I love talking to new people but face-to-face can be somewhat unsettling because I’m a pretty anxious person. Having deep, meaningful conversations over email/letter or anything seems fantastic but I’m also open to just simple everyday conversations with no rhyme or reason.
Anyway, I live in England and I’ve just finished my second year at university. I’m basically a nerd and love spending time indoors watching Netflix, movies, anime or going on the internet. I also enjoy drawing (although I’m not very good) and enjoy doing different journals (for example I love wreck this journal) and such and I also love Nintendo games - I’m a massive fan of animal crossing, anything Mario, things like that and I’m also a big fan of Pokémon (games, anime, movies, drawing, manga, all of it). I really enjoy crime shows like criminal minds and bones but I also like fantasy stuff like once upon a time! As well as this I enjoy watching youtube (my favourite youtubers are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and I also love watching art youtubers too).
So that’s basically some things that I like! I’m quite happy to talk over email, letter, text or anything, I don’t mind - personally the idea of sending and receiving letters is so awesome but I’m happy to use other methods as well as its better to hold a conversation. I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m hopeful!

Preferences: Any gender I don’t mind, and I’d prefer someone aged 18 and over. I only speak English so only people who are fluent in English please but I don’t mind what country.

a concept: klance tangled au

altean!lance as rapunzel

keith as flynn

a tiny kitten version of blue as pascal

red as maximus

haggar as gothel

zarkon and sendak as the stabbington brothers

basically lance is a boy with healing powers who’s also a lost prince and doesn’t know it and keith is a thief who gets roped (quite literally) into helping lance go see the floating lights that appear every year on his birthday. 

(idk man i was watching the movie and thought “you know what would be fucking awesome”) 


[Part 3]

1. That is something I would have loved to see! Pretty cool! (remind me of my Knight AU)

2. Not alone do I like this design, the fitting in colour eyebrows would also have been nice in the final version. Just saying.

3. Two of my favourite Nya concept Ninja designs!

4. That is one awesome picture of Cole!

5. I think someone already have brought this up, but here we see him with green I assume his power is indeed quite similiar to the show, just that they call it Life and not Energy. They actually mention the word/element energy quite often on his page.

Brett Talbot Imagine - Thanks for having my back

Imagine Brett walking you home after a late night date and on the way back you both get cornered by hunters that want to kill Brett! You are human, but you still fight with all your strength at Brett´s side.

A wonderful and dreamy night. That´s what it had been today. Brett and you had been to the movies and enjoyed the new film American Assassin (*winks*). You had a great time and the movie was awesome! You had decided to walk back to enjoy the night and go for a little walk. You loved Brett. He was si badass, but also really caring and sweet when it came to his little sister Lori or now you. You walked next to each other hand in hand through the quiet neighborhood. It was already quite late, and people were asleep. The moon was out, thankfully not a full moon, but you know that Brett was under control even then most of the time. You had figured out a couple of months ago that you were his anchor when he could not control the shifting by himself. You were proud of that and it gave you a different feeling of purpose in your teenage life.
As you walked down the street, you talking about the movie, Brett looked at you, signalising that he was fully listening to what you were saying and smiling about how passionate you could get about movies. You had been waiting for this film to come out for a while and it was only natural for you to talk about the details afterwards. 

But a difference in Brett´s face made you stop in the middle of telling Brett how well the music fit every scene and that it was a necessary for a good movie. 

“What?” you asked him. Worry lacing your voice while your eyes lingered on his, anxiously waiting for him to do something that explained the change on his face. He was silent for a few seconds and you suddenly realised how quiet everything around you had become. If it hadn´t been for Brett you would not have noticed how there was not a single cricket making a sound nor was there any sound of nocturnal animals from the nearby piece of forrest. 

You heart started beating faster and Brett looked at you. He had been listening as well, much better than you obviously with his supernatural senses. He started walking at a faster pace, holding your hand tightly to make sure you were still with him: “ Come, we have to get out of here as fast as we can.” Your breath hitched in your throat and he looked back at you. You were looking up to him with big eyes of fear, caused by not knowing the source of his worry and in angst of what he is about to tell you from who or what you are, by now, running.

“Hunters!” Brett barely breathed out but you understood and your heart beat even faster, now knowing that these deathly human beings were out here trying to kill your boyfriend. You knew they were not out here for you, but nothing would stop them from killing you in the process as colateral damage as Gerad had called it before.

You ran, hand in hand, as fast as you could, while trying to be as quiet as possible, Brett having already altered your way into the shadows of the houses and away from the illuminated street. You felt as if with every step you ran, you could hear steps from behind you. You grabbed Brett´s hand even tighter and tried to keep up with his long legs. You were doing a good job though, knowing that adrenaline would always make you run faster. You could hear footsteps the footsteps around you know. They had caught up and yet you had not seen a single hunter. What if they had surrounded you and you were running straight into their arms? You would voiced your thought to Brett but you knew he had heard them way before you and you trusted him enough to not let him lead you both where they were waiting. Even though the thought of that made your blood run cold through your veins.

Then Brett pulled you into an even darker street where you had to now blindly follow his lead, thanful for his hand guiding you along the old abandoned houses. Then he stopped and you almost ran into him. You peered around him, scared that you would be faced with the hunters that terrorized you and your friends. But there was no one. You breathed out, not realising you had held it as soon as you had stopped. Brett pulled you into corner where he put you against the wall and him in front of you. “Brett, where are …” but you could not finished when he had given your hand a squeeze and not even a second later you could hear the heavy boots stomping on the ground. They were coming from both ends of the street. They had you cornered. Brett pressed his back harder against you. He was trying to shield you. But they had not seen you yet. You kept holding his hand and leaned your head against his strong back. Right in that moment you were so thankful that the hunters did not have supernatural hearing, though you were sure your heart could be heard even without that. It was pounding against Brett´s back and he gave your hand another comforting squeeze. You held your breath as the footsteps came closer. You were still in the dark but you could see the light coming from their flashlights and you could hear their guns clicking while they were moving closer and closer. But to your surprise they walked right by you. They did not even stop. 

“They outran us, Argent!” You could hear one of them talk to Gerad and hope spread through you. Maybe this would end without anyone getting hurt. The Gerad´s dark voice could be heard: “ These kids are smart! “ Your body reacted with goosebumbs to his deep and threatening voice and you could almost imagine the sick expression he had on his face. The blood lust to kill anything supernatural without merci, innocent or deadly did not matter to him. You shivered. “ But they are just kids!” And as soon as those words left his mouth something jumped from above you and directly onto Brett and you. Your heart skipped a beat and you realised it was a person, knocking you onto the ground. Light blinded you as you tried to see Brett and get back to him, your hand having been seperated by the man jumping on top of you. Brett was in front of you, blocking your view but when you slightly turned you could see that you were surrounded by hunters and according to you hearing there were more on their way. Then a tall figure took a step forward and Brett growled backing up. Gerad´s face appeared in the dark with a smile on his face that made your stomach turn.  “You are just a pair of smart kids.” he told you. Brett growled at him and you could hear guns clicking around you. You did not dare to move. You so desperatly tried to think of a plan to escaoe this deadly situation. One wrong move and they would fire hundred´s of bullets through the both you. Brett knew that as well. He could not shield you from all sides. You tried stepping forward, hoping no one would shoot you yet, but Brett did not let you pass him. His arm was extended to prevent you from getting closer to the man that held your life in his hands at the moment. “ Let me try” you whispered so that only Brett could hear you. A few seconds later Brett´s arm sunk down a bit and you took that as your sign. You knew he would give you a damn lecture later if you´d survive this. So you walked around Brett with your arms up. Gerad raised a brow but the sadistic smile did not leave his lips for a second. Your only hope was that he did not shoot you right away and let you talk. He nodded at you to signalise that he was listening. Taking a breath you started: “ Look, I´m human Gerad.” “And she´s got nothing to do with this.” you could hear Brett growl behind you. You ignored him and kept going. “So hear me out! Brett has never harmed anyone. Never! He did not choose to become a werewolf. But what he did choose id to never hurt anybody innocent. Even more, he protects them. I trust him with my life and I would swear by my life he would never harm anyone innocent . He is in complete control. Gerad, I know you wat to protect human people and so do we. Scott and the whole pack wants to. We should stop this war and work on what is really important. Saving lifes, not taking them away. “ Then you could see your guidance counselor walking forward towards you. You had never liked her. She seemed off. She focused on you: “ You´re wrong. They never care about saving people. They care about saving themselfs. when I was attacked and all my colleagues were killed, no one of your little friends cared to look for me or check if I was still alive. And none of them saved my friends. Your so called Alpha, Scott McCalll he is no one. He is not better than anyone out there. He is the reason people died in this city. “ Your blood boiled. Scott was your friend since the beginnign and you knew he had a lot of pressure on him and he always took it as his fault if they could not save sombody. You came back to the scene and realised you had your hands down and clenched tightly together. “ Scott is a true Alpha. That means he didn’t get his power because he was born with it. He didn’t get it by stealing or killing someone. He earned it. We always try to save people. But we are all still human. We cannot save everyone. But we tried. We have always tried. We were jsut a bunch of kids whe this all started, but we were together and we had each other. And over the years every single one of us saved people. Humans. We care and we never meant for anyone to come to harm. But if it were not for us, so many more people would be dead by now and probably the half of the town could be found in the cemetery. We tried. And we will never stop trying. “ You were so angry at these hunters. Who did they think they were to tell who is allowed to life and who dies just because of what they are. “ Look I am human. But so is Brett. And Scott and Malia and Lydia and Stiles. We are all human inside. And above all they carry a heart that is beating.” It filled you with pride to be a part of this pack and you would always choose to be a part of it. They were your family. So you took your hand down and stood there confidently in front of Brett, who had listened intensely at your words: “ This killing has to stop. We are all human and humans make mistakes. But it is better to let us try and save at least someone than to kill us.! “ Ms Monroe looked at you with a stern look and a smile made it´s way onto her face. Your hope sank. She was not going to let you Brett or you go. You looked down and back onto Brett when the hunters raised their guns at you. You mouthed a “sorry” to Brett as you turned completely to him. And you looked only into his eyes, waiting for the impact to come. He did not say anything, but then he got this look on his face again. He was listening. Then his head shot to the right, and he looked next to Gerad. Behind his hunter- army. You turned around as well as all of the hunters and Ms. Monroe. In that moment Brett took your left hand in his right and pulled you with him back and into the hunters behind you. With a kick of his feet 4 hunters fell into each other like dominoes and their guns slid across the concrete and out of their hands. You grabbed one of them, letting go of Brett´s hand and shot at the hunters that were on the others side and had know understood the distraction Brett had caused. Without hesitating you shot at their legs. Not really blindly but since you´ve never shot a gun before more or less with luck on your side. You took out two of them. You did not want to kill them, but immobilise them to keep them from hurting Brett or you. Gerad was quick to take out his gun and aimed it at you. You acted out of instinct and ducked just in time when another shot barely sccratched your arm. The adrenaline was so strong right now that you ignored it and ran towards the man who had just shot at you. Catching him by surprise with running at him, gave you the chance to take your foot and kicking him and then with a hit with your gun he was laying unconscious on the ground. All of this happened in seconds but you felt it almost going in slow motion. You could hear Brett growl, taking out hunter after hunter. Ms. Monroe was shooked and had not moved an inch. She had a crossbow and it made you mad. This was jsut like the one Allison had used before she died saving you guys. It was to your luck that most of these hunters were normal people from Beacon Hills, Gerad had convinced, and not trained assassins, because that made it possible for you to overpower them with what little knowledge about fighting you had from the past few years.

The next hunter came at you, he had no gun left but tried it with kicking your leg. It gave out underneath you and you fell onto you back, but using something Scott had shown you some time, you took that to your advantage and kicked back but he was about to land his foot on your face when you rolled to the side, trying to avoid a broken nose. You were able to avoid that attack when another hunter coming from behind, kicked you in the side, causing a scream of pain to erruot from your lips. The other hunter mimicked his ally and kicked you again. Then they pulled you up and a hit to the face followed. Your lips burst open and you could taste the blood.

Out of nowhere he let you go and you used that to spit into the other hunters face, the one who had just hit you. Then you pulled your foot up and in between his legs.  He sank down and you turned around to see Brett, winking at you as he turned his back towards you and facing the next few hunters coming at him. You turned and your eyes landed on Ms. Monroe. She was standing a few meters away from you, her crossbow now aimed at Brett. You sprinted and threw yourself at her. You knocked the crossbow out of her hands and stumbled tothe ground with her, your force taking her by surprise. The crossbow slid across the ground. You looked her dead in the eye “ Never do that again!” she looked at you her eyes widening with fear at your death stare “ Leave!” You hissed through your teeth that you had clenched and you pushed her away from you. You turned around in search of Brett as soon as she had backed up only to come face to face with Gerad punching you straight in the face withthe end of a shotgun. Your head snapped back and you had to concentrate for a couple of seconds before the blurryness in your eyes vanished. Then you just stood there looking at him with determination in both of your eyes. “You´requite the talent little Lady” He told you as your face scrunched up in disgust at what he had called you. The adrenaline was still rushing through your veins and you lunged at him. But he dodged your attack and instead pulled you at your hair back. You screamed but he held your face with his other hand and forced it to the left. “Look!” Was all he said. Your eyes focused and straight ahead you could see Brett held down by the two remaining hunters who both held electronic shock sticks (a/n. I have no idea what they are called again) close to his side. He stopped fighting the minute he saw you and your eyes locked. Your eyes widened and a small whimper left your slighty parted lips. Gerad pulled out a gun and held it against your temple. You sharply sucked in air and and froze. Brett started wiggling under the weight of the hunters and they only held the shocker against his body which made him growl out in pain. “No!” You screamed in terror as yo saw your boyfriends being shocked by these monsters.  “Stop! Please” You added, tears filling your eyes. “Brett!” you cried.After what felt like eternity they stopped and he looked up at you. His eyes glowing yellow and out his fangs out. “Let her go!” Brett pressed out. “Gerad I swear if you touch her one more time I will rip you apart.” Gerad just laughed at that. “You won´t live long enough for that wolf!” The old man spat out.

The whole world seemed to stop when Brett´s eyes flickered back to their beautiful blueish/greenish colour when his meet your´s for a split second but glowed again as soon as Gerad spoke up again: “ It really is a waste for such a talented and determined girl to go to waste. Almost as tragic as when my granddaughter Allison left this earth to protect these stupid creatures you call your friends.” Now it was your turn to growl and with a shout you pulled your head back and hit Gerad with it. Within a spilt second the gun shot could be heard and Brett´s eyes shot up whilst he was getting up from under the hunters to make sure it was not you getting shot. It was not. The shot had rang off into nothing when you had slapped Gerad´s hand away. Brett was with you within seconds after slamming the head of the remaing hunters together. It was time to end this fight. But to your surprise more hunter were on their way and some of the knocked out ones seemed to regain consciousness. So there was only one thing left to do. Brett pulled Gerad´s hand back and he must have snapped it when you heard a sickening snap and he cried out in pain. He let go of the gun and you kicked it away. Then Brett pushed Gerad into the hunters and took you hand. And you ran. You ran as fast as you could. You could hear Gerad behind you holding his armee back: “ No let them go! “ but you knew that this was not the end. Brett pulled you with him, him having way more energy left than you and you ran through the forrest ad into safety. After a couple of minutes you had to stop, you were exhausted and the hit to your face had left it´s traces.

Brett turned around to you after making sure no one was around. Worry clouded his eyes when he looked down at your exhausted and bleeding face. In addition to your busted lip, you had a cut on your forehead from Gerad hitting you with the gun and a bloody scratch on your cheek from another hunter. 

Your eyes wandered up from the ground to his face, when blood traces were the only thing left indicating the battle you had just been in. His scratches and wounds had already healed as far as you could tell. 

“Let´s get you home!” Brett said to you. He could read your expression and your wish for laying down and resting from your eyes. You nodded tiredly. “ Are you okay? Did you heal everywhere?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow. You wanted to make sure he did and he had not been stabbed with a poisenous knife or anything. He quietly chuckled at your worry. “ Yes, don´t worry. No wolfsbane.”

You nodded and breathed out relieved to know he was okay. The adrenaline rush faded away and you could feel all the beatings you took. Especially the ones in your rips. “Can you walk?” Brett asked you, noticing your pained expression after continueing to walk. You just nodded and kept moving. Halfway home you had to stop. Your breathing had increased and with the adrenaline now completly gone and the full blow hitting you, you were just so tired. As you stopped you leaned into Brett, loosely hugging him and letting yourself melt into his warm and protective embrace. You knew you were safe. “You know,” he began, “what you said to Gerad was really impressive. I did not know you felt like all of us are still human.” You hummed “Well of course you are. You are a human with better senses and strength that help you protect others and do good and with the best friendship mentality. Your pack. No friendship or relationship is as strong as the bond in a pack, a Beta with his Alpha, or a - “ “ Werewolf with his anchor” he finished, leaning down to kiss you very gently. You closed your eyes into the kiss and almost fell afterwards. Your legs were too weak for your tired body. Brett held you close with his strong arms. He turned around and crouched down. “Get up!” He told you. You were too tired to argue and you knew he had healed completly, you could feel it. So you just leaned forward and held onto him. He then got up and used his arms to hold your legs in place and make sure you did not slips while your arms loosely hung around his neck. He walked all the way back home with you on his back, but he did not mind. You were his everything together with his sister. He had no real family left but what you had said about a pack made sense to him and he could not agree more. When he was in your street, only a couple of houses away from your house, he heard the soft breathing and the steady beat of your heart. You had fallen asleep. He took you upstairs into your room and put you slowly onto your bed. You woke up when he crawled in next to you. “I´m proud of how badass you fought out there.” He told you and placed a soft kiss on your head. You snuggled up to him and he put his arms around you. You had heard him and responded only with a barely audible thanks. You would be sore tomorrow but you were fine and most importantly: “I´m glad you are fine Brett. I love you. Thank you for saving  and carrying me. “ Brett smiled down to you closed eyes. “I love you too. Thanks for having my back!”

I know this is super long but I somehow could not stop writing. Hope you liked it! :)

The Great Movie Ride is something special. It’s a part of my childhood, and riding it as a kid helped to define in my wee little brain just what a “great movie” really was. And while it certainly wasn’t perfect, it was larger than life in a way that only Hollywood can be. To kid-me, it made total sense that such a ride would exist in Walt Disney World, even if most of the movies weren’t actually made by Disney.

Thanks to living on the other side of the world for a while, I didn’t make it back to the old GMR for nearly a decade. When I did return, I found that it was in many ways as grand as I remembered it - grander, even, in that there was no Sorcerer’s Hat blocking the gorgeous view of the exterior. Though, at the same time, I could see the flaws and general cheese that went over my head in the past. The ride did and does feel dated, the Tarzan scene is painfully bad, and Ripley’s AA doesn’t look a damn thing like her, and now it never will.

Still, none of these to me are fatal flaws, and the good heavily outweighs the bad. The queue through the movie theater is, to me, often overlooked despite its great, simplistic design and success in drawing you in to the experience you are about to have. It works wonderfully, and for as screen heavy as Universal Studios queues are, I’m shocked they’ve never tried something like this. The hijacking of the ride vehicle may be over the top, but it’s an awesome twist for first time riders, as I found out when I went with friends. And when it hits it’s highs, boy does it hit them. The Alien segment really brings you into the feeling of tension and claustrophobia in a terrifyingly real manner, and the Wizard of Oz finale feels transporting.

If the ride did have a fatal flaw (besides, you know, being non-Disney properties and all), it’s perhaps that the ride was too ambitious. As much as theme parks borrow from movies for IP, even so far as Universal’s old tagline being “Ride the Movies!”, those rides are really about specific films, scenes, and experiences. There are precious few attractions celebrating the medium of movies themselves. The Great Movie Ride did its best to celebrate that medium while also trying to figure out what “Movie Magic” is and where it comes from. And you know, through design and happy accident, it does. In the little moments, where all is quiet and you enter an old Western town, or in the big ones, when tension reaches its fearful climax as an alien attacks, it rekindles that magic, however briefly. Still, though GMR asks these questions, it never quite answers them, instead ending on a note of celebration, suggesting that movies are just awesome and contain a bunch of amazing stuff, but never getting too academic. As an overture for a park, the Great Movie Ride does a great job of getting you excited to go out and see what movie worlds you can explore around the park. Importantly, it also suggests the artfulness of movies, and through its own merits, the artfulness of theme parks as something to think about as you’re exploring.

And soon, it will be gone. The Chinese Theater will go from celebrating movies to hosting the short that comes before the main attraction. I am sad to see the Great Movie Ride go for so many reasons, but a few in particular stand out. Historically, it is one of the last examples of Disney’s 80s period dark rides. Given its roots and set up, I would even suggest it is one of the last remaining rides in the EPCOT Center mode. With this and Universe of Energy leaving, the last two from this period remaining are Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land. For a time period full of creativity, ambitions, and interesting ideas, it’s incredibly sad to have so few remaining examples. More than this, however, is that there will not be a ride that celebrates the medium with such an honest, heartfelt admiration again for the foreseeable future, perhaps ever. With major theme parks now using movie IP for virtually every new attraction, it seems a damn shame there won’t be at least some sort of tribute to the medium around.

So here’s to the end of an era. Thanks for everything, Great Movie Ride. You may be leaving us, but you certainly won’t be forgotten.

RFA - How would they cheer you up on a sad day!

Hiiiiiii! So… I was thinking… Maybe I should give you a little taste of how I write and weeeeeeeell, here we go  (>’-’)>

RFA trying to cheer you up on a sad day, they’re focused on their jobs and you miss them. You’re having a bad day and you don’t want them to know that you’re feeling sad but they instantly notice ->


-He’s a smol sensitive bean -like me- and he’s head over heels in love with you.

-He’s always attentive and caring unless he’s playing LOLOL. 

-Lately he’s been focusing a lot more on studying and LOLOL too, and you’re glad he’s putting so much effort on his future so you always care for him, make him some healthy food to eat at uni and stick lovely, funny and encouraging post-it everywhere for him to feel loved every day.

-So, today you try to hide the fact that you’ve been feeling sad because you know it’s just a bad day and you don’t want him to worry too much and stress for no reason. The last thing you want is to be the reason why he fails his grades.

-However, as soon as you arrive home from work/study/whatever, he notices something’s going on and he immediately leaves what he’s doing to be with you.

-You’re always so cheerful and positive that he instantly starts worrying when he sees you’re feeling down:

“Is it something I did? Is it something I said? Did something bad happened? I can’t let my girl be sad!!”

-You tell him that it’s just a bad day but he’s too worried now to leave it be.

-He asks you what can he do to cheer you up, maybe he even tries to crack up some bad jokes.

-He cooks Omurice for you with happy ketchup faces all around. He brings you chocolate and ice cream and whatever you want Jeez… he would be so sweet and warm and cozy asjkhdsad

-He’s SUPER attentive and cuddly for the rest of the day (and allows you to see the show or movie you want, he’s even up to scary movies if that’s what make you happy!)


-He tries to maintain a reasonable work schedule so he can give you all the quality time you need, nothing he wouldn’t do for his princess. 

-He’s been a little too occupied with practicing lately because he was preparing for a quite difficult character and he wanted to do a perfect performance.

-You miss him, of course, but no matter what you try to be supportive and cheer him up every day by telling him how awesome and talented he is, you also help him practicing his lines if he needs it. 

-Today you’re not as bright and positive as you usually are and you don’t compliment him as you always do when he sends you a selfie from his workout session that morning, that’s when he notices that something’s going on with you.

-He immediately calls you: Hello my princess~ Do you want to go out tonight? You obviously agree and you start to feel a bit better, you’re going to have a date with the incredibly handsome love of your life, how could you not cheer up? For God’s sake.

-He sets a romantic date, he compliments you a lot, he gives you all the attention you need that night and takes you home with him to kiss and hug the sadness out of you…  (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) He unleashes The beast and you are happy for the rest of your life, believe me.


-She’s always too busy, she can’t even have a good sleep schedule, how could she find time to be with you? Oh, but she tries, and that’s all that matters to you~

-BUT lately she’s been busy even on weekends and that means you can’t see her unless you take your ass to the company to give her some healthy food and coffee (she really needs it and she’s ultra grateful she haves you)

-So today you go to the office to give her her daily dose of food and coffee, she doesn’t notice at first that you’re feeling a little down today but as you’re about to leave she does, there’s no way she doesn’t notice your pouty faces and she instantly starts to feel bad with herself.

-She hugs you tight and gives you a slow kiss, then she smiles and assures you she will talk with Ms. Han to ask for some free time to spend with you and you cheer up a little bit.

-She comes home earlier than usual and you two prepare dinner together, romantic music in the background. You laugh and kiss all night long.

-When you finish eating you cuddle each other on the sofa while watching any Zen’s movie she likes the most that day. 

-Yay! There you are, two happy beans cuddling and loving each other  \ (•◡•) /


-He’s been busy with the company projects and he has to travel a lot lately so that means you don’t get to see him often.

-There’s weeks that you two barely speak due to the time zone difference. He’s stressed and he misses you and Elisabeth the 3rd a lot, he apologizes every time he gets to talk with you. 

-He’s deeply worried about you even if he doesn’t show much, he’s scared one day you’ll leave him, he knows he should find more time to be with you but these weeks have been horrible and busy for you two. 

-You miss him like crazy and you’re kind of stressed with work too. Today you’re feeling down and sad, so when you talk with him that night and he notices you’re not as positive and cheerful as always he starts worrying a lot.

-He immediately tells his private pilot to prepare everything to fly back home and calls Jaehee to re-arrange the whole schedule so he can be with you a couple of days. 

-He arrives at 4AM, you’re sleeping and he doesn’t want to wake you up so he takes Elisabeth in his arms and sits besides you in bed, admiring the two loves of his life with a peaceful smile on his face.

-He wakes you up in the morning with kisses: Good morning Kitten, I’ve missed you a lot ~ he has prepared breakfast and many other things (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) and you’re instantly feeling happier than ever and that makes him feel confident and happy too.

-You spend the rest of the day cuddling and talking, drinking wine and making love.


-This little monkey has been overly stressed with work lately, he wants to keep up with everything and that also includes rebuilding his relationship with Saeran, make time for you and the rfa… 

-You’re dead worried for him and you’re always trying to help him, even with the smallest tasks, so he can relax a little and take a nap if he feels too tired. You try to make him eat healthy, at least one meal a day, and hug him and kiss him often, and sometimes you also try to make him laugh a little to encourage him.  

-Your profession allows you to work from home, that’s why you can spend some time with him, basically to take care he doesn’t die, but these last days you had to go to the office to organize and arrange some things. You obviously miss him a lot during that time.

-BUT that means that when you finally have time to go to his house you find out that he’s a total mess: no sleep, no healthy meals… just non stop work. He says he wanted to take that time to advance some work so he could be able to be with you a little more.

-Today has been a bad day and you’re sad and tired and seeing him like that it’s painful so you feel sadder and when he said that… that’s it, you had too much, you hug him and you try to hold on your tears with your face buried on his neck but he instantly notices you’re not okay.

-Hey! Little alien, what’s up? I’m here my love, I’m okay~ (yES!! I fervently believe he would call you little alien, fIGHT mE) and that’s what you need to start crying and you’re there like: B-bu…but… you… I’m worried… I don’t want… get sick… *sobbing and hiccuping* You know what I mean!! 

-That makes him feel warm and loved inside and he hugs you tighter and he tells you how much he loves you and finally he decides to take a couple of days to rest and be with you, cuddling and laughing and watching some crappy tv shows. 


So… that’s it! lmao i’m so nervous right now…Tell me what you think, let me know if you think there’s something I can improve on (and sorry if I made some typos or any other mistakes, I try my best ;;) aaaaand if you liked it feel free to request your own scenarios, imagines, one-shots… 

Have a nice day (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤

Tony leaned back to mirror the stance, let her fingertips drum across the table top. “Friday,” she said.


“Turn the music back on.” It came through the speakers like pure golden honey, filling up the room with warmth that no amount of Natasha’s impressive cold stare could math. Tony sighed into the music, let it suffuse the whole of ther body and tipped her head back as she slid her eyes closed. (And she thought of home and not of this.)

This is based on the story yet to be published by @bewareofchris 

In where MCU Tony is swapped with a female version of himself and things spiral out of control quite fast. The first chapter should be available tomorrow, if I am not mistaken. If you want to learn more check out the tag #vinyl on my blog. Also go and follow Card’s blog for more updates (and because they’re awesome).

I tried to make it look like the screenshot of a movie, I think I did ok.

There is more to come soonish.

✨Thor Ragnarok SPOILER FREE review✨

Tbh I didn’t expect this movie to be so awesome, but it surprised me in the best way possible!! Also, I had a mini heart attack when I saw Tom/Loki *____*

🍂 firstly, the opening scene with Thor was brilliant and sooo funny. It was quite original and that’s one of the reasons why this movie is great- because of how original it is!! Then, the 1st Thor’s fighting scene was epic and I love how they put together the music and the scene- it honestly gave me chills (also I think Marvel is nailing music in a fight - first GOTG volume 2, now Thor, bravo!! )

🍂 the other thing I really liked was SCEEEENARY porn! Most of the scenes were so bright, Asgard is beautiful, and I adore the cliff scene (or whatever) where Thor,Loki and {maybe spoiler,but those of you who watched it know who I mean} were + space,galaxy scenes were so pleasant to watch, especially in 3D

🍂 the characters were FANTASTIC!! It was nice to watch them, all of the casting is just so talented. Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job playing Thor- he was sweet,funny,tough, simply great.

And Tom, don’t even get me started omg!!! Loki was hilarious,hot,badass + I loved Thor/Loki relationship.. they’re the best when they’re together;)) + the scene I’m here (when Thor thought Loki wasn’t with him in the room) melted my heart ahhhh

🍂 new characters were also great, especially Hela, who is a total badass omg and Valkyrie who’s such a lovable and in a way relatable character! + Grandmaster and Korg were so funny, amazing addition to the film!!

— Bruce Banner needs to be protected at all costs!!!!!

🍂 also maybe the best thing about Ragnarok is the humor!! I loved how they used humor connected to the characters (ex.Thor and Hulk ‘holding hands’ scene and when Loki was like ‘now u know how it feels) + get help scene, Dr.Strange scene… and many others which really made me lol

✨ My rating for this movie is 10/10 so if u have a chance please watch it!

Also,it’s only my humble opinion,so you may or may not agree.. but please no hate.Thanks for reading! 🌷

Hey there! It sure has been a while, huh. ww; But, hey, I kept my promise!

So, how have you guys been? I’ve been rather busy. America is cool, but this university is quite demanding sometimes. I’m not complaining, considering I came here to work and all, but I wish I had some extra time. All I want to do after I’m done with my classes and homework is be lazy, to be perfectly honest.

What have you all been up to? Since I last showed my stupid head around here, I beat Undertale (just beaten—no true endings whatsoever), Layton and the Unwound Future (SO GOOD AND SO SAD) and Portal. I have also been rewatching Inazuma with my significant other, which is awesome! Oh, and I watched the newest Tri movie. It might not be perfect, but I get so easily pumped with that.

…And I have also been working on this nightmare.

Never in your wildest dreams would you assume that these four views took well over 20 hours of work (although I’d be willing to bet it took over 30). And that’s if we don’t take into account the amount of time I spent on OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS. I have been procrastinating on Fubuki’s miximax for years because I knew it would kill me. But, luckily, I’m not dead. I just wished I was a couple tens of times during the process. I hope @miyukiko​ won’t kill me either when she sees this, considering what I’ve done to her baby.

But it’s done! The result might not be the best and the rust might not help either, but this is it! Fubuki is finally done!! And, considering I have been working on this little shit for 2-3 years, I have my fair share of ideas about him. I’ll only cover one subject today, though.

Anyway, just in case anyone has never watched Digimon (which is a sin according to 8 different major religions), Fubuki is miximaxed with Gabumon, one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tri! Not my personal favourite, but fairly awesome nonetheless.

As usual, more about FubuGabu under the cut.

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@riren-is-canon, as I said I definitely don’t trust myself with this AU (I would botch it), but mayyybe, this little bulletpoint of how things would go in this Princess-and-the-Pauper Riren AU thing will help the craving I’ve instigated?

First, the players.

* Eren Jäger as the Prince (Eren) and the Pauper (let’s take a page out of Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house’s playbook and go with “Hunter”).
(They look exactly alike except for the fact that Hunter, the Pauper, is blonde wereas actual Prince Eren is brunette -yes I’m switching them lol-, but they’re not actually twins)

* Levi Ackerman as the Prince’s personal tutor and most trusted friend.

* Carla Jäger as the widowed Queen of a bankrupt kingdom (and Eren’s mother). Knows about Eren’s secret love towards Levi but urges her son to marry the wealthy queen of a neighbouring kingdom, because their own, again, is bankrupt.

* Nile Dok as Queen Carla’s extremely creepy advisor (Preminger in the movie), who has secretly been stealing away all the gold from the kingdom’s mines to try and blackmail the Queen into marrying him (to become King himself, not because he’s in any way in love with Carla).
(… By making him Preminger I’m actually turning Nile into a far cleverer man than he is, Preminger is quite astute)

* Mikasa Ackerman as the Wealthy Queen from a neighbouring kingdom, (temporarily) engaged to Prince Eren. She’s actually awesome if not really into marrying someone she doesn’t know at all. Also, needs a king, ‘cause legitimate heirs aren’t born from air.

* Kitz Weilman as Madame Carpe (“Monsieur Weilman”), the owner of the most popular Dressmaker shop in Eren’s kingdom. Hunter’s parents were poor and could barely feed him, so they loaned money from this guy to be able to. Kitz promptly used said debt to make Hunter into one of seamstress workers he slaves around.

* Armin Arlert as Serafina (well, Armin here), the Prince’s beloved cat.

* Jean Kirstein as Wolfie (Jean here), the Pauper’s annoyingly beloved cat (who acts a lot like a dog XD).

The story (loosely):

* Eren, on the eve of his 19th birthday, adamantly done with his whole situation -while still being tied by his duty to his country-, decides to sneak out of the castle for just a day.
This, as a seemingly Only Chance Ever to get a taste of freedom, from the rigid schedules and duties he’s been subjected to every single day of his life, before marrying Queen Mikasa, and fully submitting to his royal duties (forever forgoing the secret love he holds towards his tutor/best friend/most trusted advisor Levi in the process).

By rather fortuitous chance, Eren meets Hunter, a seemingly blonde version of him (who only lacks the crown-shaped birthmark Eren has on his shoulder) in the town’s plaza. Hunter is a magnificent dressmaker, who would gladly go around the world singing to his heart’s content were he not tied by his (unfortunately already deceased) parents to Monsieur Weilman. They click right away, and so their story begins…

if you guys still haven’t seen the movie ‘Colossal’, i HUGELY recommend all of you to do so

also don’t watch any trailer or any wiki page of it. Just dive in just like I did, only knowing it was a ‘sci fi black comedy’.

and oh. my. GODS ?!?!?!? the plot twist come quite quickly and Anne Hathaway HANDLES IT SO WELL!!!?????!

and the amount of allegories is incredible. without any spoiler, and only 30 minutes in, the movie depicted so far:

  • the fact we’re not ourselves when drunk and how we should be careful about what we say and what we do when so
  • drinker issues
  • unhealthy relationships & couples violence
  • moving on after an abusing relationship and rejecting the abuser
  • psychos
  • post-trauma

and i’m not even talking about the pretty impressive visual effects?!?!?

please watch Colossal.


Villains in Movies: Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman in the Saw movies:

“I’ve seen a lot of hate and a lot of love for this character. Honestly, I am a fan of him. Not only he’s a good actor, but he’s also quite handsome. This is such an awesome scene, specially the first picture. Half of his mouth was completely open, and he closed it like it ain’t nobody’s bussiness. That’s badass. I like the way he became a villain. He pretend to be John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, in order to torture and kill the guy who murdered his sister. Unfortunatly, becoming a fake Jigsaw was the path for his own destruction.“

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Favorite colour: That very deep shade of green that almost but not quite borders on blue. (Really, I just like green, but that green in particular is awesome.)

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I have never mastered the art of successfully choosing, applying and wearing makeup.

Last song you’ve listened to: “Came Back Haunted” by Nine Inch Nails. For … reasons.

Last movie you’ve seen: Thor: Ragnarok. Definitely recommend it.

Top three shows: Umm … Hmm … “American Gods,” “Stranger Things” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

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Relationship Status: Married to @cosmic-llin​, and in possession of some extremely awesome beloved friends.

Favourite colours: Green

Lipstick or Chapstick: Presumably this is meant to be a question about what kind of lesbian I am, but nope. I love lipsticks and have some awesome colours, but I also have finicky skin/lips, so I spend a lot of time just wearing lip balm.

Last Song: I’m Not Your Hero - Tegan and Sara

Last Movie: Hocus Pocus - some friends and I have a lovely Halloween tradition of watching it and eating spooky snacks.

Top three shows atm:

  1. Star Trek: Disco. This is quite unexpected. I liked the first episode, then it went downhill for me for a bit and I almost gave up on it, but I’ve been enjoying it progressively more for a few weeks, and have found I’m now actively excited to see what happens next. I just love some of the characters a lot a lot a lot.
  2. The Good Place. I accidentally watched all of this over the last three days, thanks @usuallyhats. ;)
  3. The Cazalets, which we are watching for Catherine Russell reasons. We’re on episode 4 or 5 at the moment!

Top three ships atm:

  1. Berena (Holby City). Is anyone really surprised?
  2. Octavia Shepard/Garrus/Tali (Mass Effect). I’m currently playing a Shep who is romancing Garrus, but it’s absolutely also an OT3 with Tali.
  3. Helen/Nikki (Bad Girls). I’m having a regularly scheduled Bad Girls feelings revival, prompted by it being eligible for @festivids this year!

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miss-kitty-fantastico  asked:

About your Coming Home questions: I agree that Bucky finding Tony would be traumatising, but I also can't imagine him searching for that long and not... Could you make it that Bucky is storming the compound when Tony breaks free in the armour, and then he crashes and Rhodey finds him (like in the movie)? Obviously I am a yes to the Iron Man stuff. I don't like the idea that Stane changed his biology, I quite like the thought that he's a natural Alpha and just a really awesome one. 1/2

I sort of like the idea of Tony being a natural Alpha as well, because that makes him so much more unique as an alpha instead of “unique” because he wasnt biologically an alpha to begin with