and also the math

reason #23864 why i love my chinese teacher:

she also teaches math

reason #23865 why i love my chinese teacher:

she has an instagram for her dog

reason #23866 why i love my chinese teacher:

after assigning a big project for her math class, the night before it was due, she posted a picture on her dog’s instagram of her dog not listening, tagged all the students in the math class, and captioned it “i don’t wanna hear about the math project! #duetomorrowquarterends”

I’m watching La La Land and it’s ok but it could be a lot better!

  • Ryan Gosling didn’t seem suited to the musical aspects of the role, maybe cast a different hearthrob with more experience in the genre, like Zac Efron
  • Emma Stone similarly didn’t seem to thrive with the singing and dancing, so maybe cast someone again with experience and heck why not someone with proven chemistry with zac efron.. maybe vanessa hudgens
  • Maybe if the male love interest was into something a little more relatable than Jazz? Like maybe basketball? 
  • Female character seemed a little flat, maybe if she was also incredibly gifted with math and science? 
  • Setting of LA wasn’t particularly relatable, maybe if it was set somewhere universal? Like High School? 
  • Just watch High School Musical
  • Gryffindor: Remember we leave for our Hogsmeade trip at 9 tomorrow. So you should probably get up around 8 to shower and eat first.
  • Ravenclaw: I have three alarms set
  • Ravenclaw: 7:43, 7:52 and, 8:08
  • Gryffindor: Why did you have to pick the three most random times?
  • Ravenclaw: They aren't random. I simply made the hour the sum of the two minutes. So 4 plus 3 is 7 which is why I chose 7:43.
  • Gryffindor: Of course you did.

I learned something… disturbing… today:

In 1860-something this guy named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a book about determinants. According to my professor, for years it was the book on determinants. Now here’s my problem: Dodgson was his real name. But the name you probably know him by? Lewis Carroll.

The dude that wrote Alice in Wonderland also wrote a book about determinants. 

Maybe that’s why they’re so freaking weird.  

pixel tarot vi

May we all live to see each of our favorite actresses of old play at least one (1) gay character
Finally It’s Christmas

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 23rd:
Epilogue: The Math Teacher - Finally It’s Christmas 

A/N: I guess this one speak for itself, but oh my fucking god I brought back another epilogue and this time The Math Teacher was the lucky one! I miss this story so much and I know a few of you do too so I hope this satisfiy your old feels from the fanfiction! :D

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke (Previously)

Words: 8.000+

Summary: Y/N rushes home to Luke after getting off from College, preparing herself for nothing else but relax on a Friday night but that changes when Luke has decided they’re going to make cookies for a holiday party. Little didn’t they know that they both are horrible bakers, ends up burning every batch of cookies and have to argue in a cookie aisle at the only store open

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Back to school with NCT 127 😂


Yo! I decided to finish this request (a mix of both @nishikinonico & @deathgremory ) that was sitting in my folder for…who knows how long orz (Totally not doing this because I have a math midterm and I should be studying instead of drawing…)

Here’s your angsty soldier game trio in suits! (I don’t remember the actual reason for their angst so you all can decide lol)

I’ll disappear again now…

P.S.: Made it a print because why not so here

Warning: The following is what happens when a math teacher who happens to be a Richonner gets bored.

So…I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of the Richonne kisses taking less and less screen time. So, I did some math. 🤓


I timed the kisses from the moment lips touch to the fading out of the scene.

💋 Kiss #1: approx. 55 seconds

💋 Kiss #2: approx. 20 seconds

💋 Kiss #3: approx. 13 seconds

And, according to my humble (and probably totally wrong) calculations, the next Richonne kiss will last approximately 12.22 seconds (iff this disturbing trend continues at the same rate).

This simply won’t do.

Let us hope that this trend comes to a swift end in 7x12. 😐