and also thank you for being in it


Thanks for everything that you do Mark! You brighten my (and a lot of people’s) days with your hilarious videos and just being you. So keep it going buddy, I know you’re going to achieve whatever your dreams are :D

Also, check the hashtag #MarkIsAHero! I promise you’ll like it!

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Another thing

So reading through this blog, I was laughing out loud, And i thought: No other species does this, what If we found something hilarious on an alien ship?

“So this human was sharing a story, when once he was finished, he started making a terrifying sound, booming as his face was leaking. It was like he was ready for war! Galora and I almost ran away because of it! But he was doing that thing with his face which indicated a positive mood. And his story made no sense either! I don’t see why a food storage unit would be wearing human clothing!”

“Humans are illogical”

alec is always fascinated by magnus being a father figure

prompted by anon! thank you <3 xx

and wow look i’m back (maybe i’ll post twice in one day?? who knows??)

The meeting was over and Alec had been looking for Magnus as he rounded the corner to a hallway. He was just about to turn another corner after hearing his boyfriend’s familiar voice when he also heard that of Raphael’s. His jaw clenched slightly as he paused behind the shadows of a corner. He had noticed Raphael’s lowered gaze at the meeting and it had irked him.

“Look, I’m sorry for what I said at the meeting,” he heard Raphael say. “I know you two are trying your best to be professional.” Alec felt the ghost of a smile on his face, too faint to even be considered to exist. Alec craned his head around the corner, carefully quiet. Magnus and Raphael were leant against a wall and Alec was reminded of two school boys trying to find some peace and quiet from the constant ruckus that was the Institute. But he recognised by the way Magnus held himself that he was much more of a father figure to Raphael. He had never really seen this side of him before.

“It’s fine, I know what it must look like,” replied Magnus in a tone that Alec rarely heard from him. “But I trust you understand.” Alec continued to watch on, curiously. Raphael nodded and Magnus caught sight of the way his fingers went to his collar, pulling at it. He frowned. “Are you okay?” he asked, concern laced in his voice.

“Yes,” replied Raphael and Alec saw the way he bowed his head, avoiding eye contact once again. Raphael swallowed hard, hands moving to behind his back.

“Hey,” said Magnus. He sounded almost authoritative but kind nonetheless. He sounded like he was trying to coerce a child into confessing their misbehaviours. “I practically raised you, I know when something’s wrong.”

“It’s Isabelle,” said Raphael bluntly. Alec’s heart rate quickened and Magnus eyed the Vampire with skepticism. “Don’t worry, I ended it.”

Magnus felt a wave of relief and Alec let out a breath in much the same way. “Good,” said Magnus firmly, though there was no sign of malice in his voice. He reached out a hand to rest on Raphael’s arm just above his elbow. He wanted more than anything for Raphael to be happy. His voice softened. “It might not seem like it now, but it’s the for the best. For both of you.” Alec admired the way Magnus dealt with the situation, mainly because it was much different to what he had experienced with his own parents.

“I know,” he heard Raphael admit. Then he felt a pair of eyes on him. “Looks like your boyfriend wants to talk to you.”

Alec snapped his eyes up to meet Magnus’, who had turned fully to face him. Magnus smiled warmly Alec leant against the wall of the hallway, arms crossed in a way that Magnus decided did good things for Alec. He turned back to Raphael for a moment, hand resting on his shoulder this time. “Look after yourself,” he said tenderly. He further reached upwards to fix a lock of Raphael’s hair that had fallen into his brown eyes. Raphael’s calm demeanour instantly transformed into a grimace as he jerked away.

“Yes, Dad,” he teased playfully to which Magnus glared at. Alec couldn’t help but chuckle when Magnus approached him and they turned the corner together.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, magnus tells alec about dot.

Tater!!! Is!! Just!! Excited!! To Be Included!! In Jack's Life!!!

also bitty too much jam
And taters insta posts are fantastic
Just this update
With Jack and bitty at the Haus and being cute together and casual I just
😍😍😍 Ngozi you wonderful human being

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wait explain this cara delevigne business please

i went out one afternoon to buy an ice cream cake that said ROBERT POPE LEONARD on it and i walked right onto her film set two blocks down from my apartment and when life gives you lemons you ask cara delevingne out so i ran back to my place and wrote up a little letter like thanking her for being an inspiration and saying how much she meant to me as a lesbian and also here’s my number if you want to hang out while you’re in toronto falkdjflkasdlkfj and i threw it in a little gift bag along with my two richard siken books b/c i didn’t want to just show up with a letter written on notebook paper, then i walked back to her set and said hi to a PA and her personal assistant took the gift bag and walked into the house they were filming in and then a few minutes later cara delevingne walked out and waved me over and hugged me and we chatted for a few minutes and she thanked me for the books and said she’d been looking to get into poetry, and then she hugged me again and i shuffled off this mortal coil, the end


I honestly didn’t think this day would come and it’s INSANE! This blog isn’t a year old yet and it already hit 3000 and I have no words to describe my happiness. I know it’s not much but it’s a lot in my heart. Thank you for reading my writings and thank you for giving me so much support and love. You guys constantly fill my inbox with love which makes my heart so warm. I will continue to work harder to make better scenarios just for you. I LOVE YOU ALL~

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I would also like to shoutout a few people who have been so lovely towards me and have given me so much love. Thank for talking to me a being a very supportive fam. I would also shoutout a few of my fav blogs because they give me so much inspiration in my writings. They all contributed to my blog and I suggest you follow them!

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Note: Jonte’ Moaning also choreographed “WHISTLE.” Check out his version of the “WHISTLE” choreo here.

keith, during the first night of his honeymoon with lance: i bet a dinner date with mothman would be an interesting experience. i can imagine him being really sweet and setting up a candlelight dinner but every once in a while he’d subconsciously try to touch the flame and you’d have to stop him from burning himself.

lance, into his pillow: is this what you’ve been thinking about when you decided that you could just “improvise” our wedding vows?

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I just wanted to say cheers for running this magnificent blog! I'm in love with everything you post— extremely convenient for the youngin's who were still in diapers when these articles were published. Keep up the good work, starshine ♡ (I'm also 22. Loved My Chem 13 years ago & I still love them today. The anon who made being over the age of 18 seem like a bad thing can suck it.)

It never fails to make me happy to know the blog is bringing happiness to others, so thank you for taking the time to write! ❤️

And yes, they can suck it. But if they were trying to make me feel bad (or others), it failed with me because when you’re the same age (or slightly younger), than the band you love, how is that supposed to make you feel wrong?

When you’re a certain age, you can’t imagine ever being, say, 30 (I went into mourning when I turned 22, that’s how fucked up society made me about aging). But then you reach it and you find out, huh, it’s really just like 29 except people take you a tad more seriously. I was actually glad to finally reach 30 and get it over with, I was so sick of the pressure society and the media puts on people to stay 21 or younger forever. There was no mourning like when I turned 22. There was a party.

Just always keep a sense of humor about age:

-Mama Odie

Soccer Mom

A/N: I was going to post more than this but I am still on the verge of death. So please take this one shot as a peace offering. Also thanks @greeneyedgirls4 for being my beta

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1174

When Katie told you she wanted to join the soccer team at her school, you didn’t think much of it. She was 13 and trying to figure out what she wanted and liked in life and you weren’t going to get in the way of that.

Granted being a single mom of three- Katie and the twins Matt and Josh- made it harder for her to get to practice on time and you were always a couple of minutes late for pick up. You never really thought it was a huge problem, you knew Katie understood your crazy schedule.

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"I didn't mean to kill Stan" was disturbing at the least. I had to scroll back up because I thought I was reading "unsettlingstories". I would still like you permission to narrate this on my YouTube channel, if that's OK with you.

Once again having one of my stories being mistaken for Max’s - a great honor indeed. By all means please go ahead with the narration, but do remember to include my blog url in the credits. Also if you want, you can send in a link of your narration too and I’ll post it up. Thanks!

okay so some days ago I hit 2k and I totally forgot to do this but now that I’m procrastinating since 9am I remembered it lol (I just want y’all to know that it’s midnight already and I haven’t started the research yet)

thank you all not only for being cool but also for laughing at my bad jokes <3 (and if u don’t laugh at them tell me so I can remove you from here pls)

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What top three of your own fic would you want people to read?

Oh! Thank you. This was fun to think about.

the WOW! signal – post- LGM, Mulder tells Scully he’s leaving the bureau to look for his sister. I think it’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve written, while also being… unsettling.

big bird – post-abduction arc, Mulder and Scully go on a case where the culprit at large is… a big fucking bird. It’s silly and weird and different for the fandom.

home cooked meal – missing scene for “Home.” Without a doubt the fluffiest thing I’ve written while also the most depressing.

Thank you for this!

Fall of the Hewn City Pt. 9

So I thought that part 8 was a good place to leave for a while. Then I read what I had written next and was like, “THAT! THAT THERE!” 

Quick note: you technically can’t sue me for heart attacks, I think.

Also, thanks to

@sparkleywonderful for liking everything I posted since the beginning. Still don’t know who you are but love you!

@rugrat-mama for asking to be tagged. Here you go.

@juliasempiternal for saying thanks. 

@a-courtof-fangirls-and-fanfics for being awesome. Just. Awesome.

Other Parts:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


I had Feyre back. But I didn’t.

She hardly smiled, never laughed. And she refused to talk about what had happened. Even as she gained muscle, she seemed to thin. Even as her scars slowly healed, she seemed to have more wounds.

I was going insane.

One evening we were lying in bed, her head resting on my chest, her hands intertwined with mine. I traced on of the scars on her arms and she stiffened.

“What?” She asked.

“I just can’t help thinking,” I looked down at her, “That I know you won’t tell me, but it doesn’t change the fact that if I ever find out who did that to you, I’ll kill every last one of them.”

She slowly pushed herself away from me, turning over so her back was to me. She wrapped her arms around her knees. “You can’t.”

I uncertainly reached out an arm. “Why?”

She pushed my hand away. “Because I did.” Her voice broke.

Oh Mother. “Feyre…”

Space. She needed space right now.

I lifted the blankets and pulled them up to her shoulders, then laid down a good foot away from her. She shuddered once and I thought my chest might be breaking apart.

The next morning, Azriel caught me in the hall. He almost never left Elain’s side, so I knew it must have been important.


“My sources report that Feyre’s been giving money to someone.” He whispered. “A lot of money, all her own, not the Night Court’s.”

“And?” I asked.

He lifted a brow. “It started when she returned. You aren’t the least bit curious if-”

“No.” I snapped. “Stop looking into it, Az.”

He shrugged and returned to Elain’s room. I leaned against the wall, resting my forehead against the cool stone.

Whatever Feyre had done, it wasn’t worth having a ghost return in her place. It didn’t matter what had happened to her or because of her, it was killing me that I saw the same old signs of her sinking into an endless pit of guilt and grief.

I just wanted her to laugh.


Pain roared down my back, making me scream. But no sound came out. I was too hoarse, the burning in my throat proof of thousands of identical screams before that one. Their faces leered above me, each one worse than the last. I heard their whispers at night. They were always fighting, yelling, shouting. Sometimes I wondered if their pain was worse than mine.

The crowds roared below us, fighting against their chains. Even with my spine burning, I lifted my head. I had to stay strong. If I was broken, so were they.

But the first person who I saw had a hole in their eye. I knew that woman. She was the first Wairu I had cut through. She screamed at me, yelling one word over and over.

Killer. Killer. Killer. Killer. Killer. Killer.

The crowd joined in. I knew each of their faces, all of their wounds. They were in the wrong place though, this was all wrong, all of it. I struggled against the hands holding me down.

Killer. Killer. Killer.

Another hot slice cut through my back and I screamed.

I bolted upright, scrambling madly away from… from…

The dark cavern was gone, replaced by my bedroom. I was backed against a wall, still screaming. Rhys was up in a flash, holding me tightly to his chest as my shriek turned into sobs.

And I realized that it was the first time I had cried for what had happened.

I clung to him, holding tighter and tighter as their faces flashed in front of me, each more excruciating than the last. After a while, I forced myself to calm down, to stop crying, even as more and more faces came and went. I stared out into the room, feeling hollow as I pushed myself from Rhys’s arms and walked back to bed, collapsing on top of the sheets before he could say anything.


I strode down the hall after the guide, grinning evilly at anyone who passed. The guide was a short, grumpy man who was dedicated to keeping me on the path Kier had set.

So as soon as I had winnowed away, I reappeared in a lower part of the mountain. I strolled for a while, keeping to the shadows, not allowing anyone to see me.

Until I heard it. The clanking of metal on stone. I whipped around, hiding in a doorway right as a guard appeared. And following him…

Slaves. Ten of them.

I needed to find out what this was about, and I certainly wasn’t getting a straight answer from any of the guards. I needed to release one of the slaves to ask questions.

I ignored my disgust long enough to slip out and cut the last one free. Only the first five had been secured with chains, so it was easy to slice through her ropes. Her eyes were wide as I pulled her into an empty room.

I shut the door behind us, then turned around to face her.

And froze.

“Well shit.” I said.

My mate crossed her arms.

anonymous asked:

Side note, LOVE LOVE LOVE HOME!!! When I first checked and saw the new chapter update, I may or may not have let out a tiny little scream. Anyways, on to my question. Throughout drawing all of the art for the fic, (which is amazing), who was the hardest person to draw?

Thank you, chickadee! I think Scott is pretty tricky, but Melissa challenged me the most I think. Her face is masculine, but also pretty? Sometimes it’s hard to draw her without it being extreme on one end or the other. Also, that curly hair is hard to shade!!

anonymous asked:

There's this post comparing ACOTAR to Sailor Moon. Though I've never seen the show myself, there seems to be a lot of similarities/parallels between the two. Forgive me for the idiotic questions but I'm genuinely confused. I know that no work is 100% original but is it okay to take inspiration from something that your work ends up being incredibly similar to the original? As a writer, where do you draw the line? Thought you'd be the best person to ask, since you work with fairytales. Thanks!

This is interesting! I haven’t seen the post in question, nor am I very familiar with Sailor Moon, so I can’t comment on this particular instance. But I can take a stab at your more general question, which is a really good one!

So yes, you’re right that no work is 100% original, but there’s also an understanding that you’re putting in your best effort to tell your own story as a writer. No one can prove definitively whether or not a writer has seen/read any other media (unless they’ve directly spoken about it before), so it can be a slippery slope saying a writer’s story is “too similar” to other media. The more recent the other media is, the worse the problem gets. I tend to err on the side of caution–I didn’t read Shatter Me for literal years because Juliette Ferrars and Pomona, my protagonist in Unrooted, have a similar condition preventing them from touching people. It wasn’t until I had Pomona totally nailed down that I felt comfortable reading Shatter Me. I am still careful with what I read if I know my books will be covering similar themes (incidentally, this is also why authors do not/cannot read fanfiction). 

Stories are comprised of segments, motifs, tropes, etc. These make storytelling a little easier. It’s not wrong to use them, and I wouldn’t get too afraid of seeing stories you like that are similar. Don’t be afraid that one creator is “copying” something else, because it could very well be a coincidence. There are times when it isn’t, of course, and that’s never good, but it’s far too easy to hold up any two pieces of media and say one inspired the other when it’s simply not true. 

As far as working with fairy tales goes, I have a bit more flexibility because these stories are meant to be repeated, and no one owns them. Fairy tales have bled into our broader understanding of storytelling, so there’s an even higher chance of that false equivalency popping up. Now, if I’m retelling Beauty and the Beast and include a talking candlestick, I’m gonna be in big trouble because that is clearly a Disney addition to the story. But Disney included Belle as a bookworm with an incredible library decades after Robin McKinley did the same thing in her book Beauty. Perhaps they were paying homage, since McKinley helped kick-start the retelling trend, but perhaps it was also a coincidence. There’s simply not enough to go on to come to any conclusions, and unfortunately this is a downside of any creative endeavor.

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Mom do Connor Murphy for the meme

first, my heart is crying happy tears at being called mom omg!!!?! i will Try my best for you

sexuality headcanon: gay. the type of gay that will answer telemarketers w ‘no thanks, im gay’ and hang up. the telemarketer is baffled and stunned, but somehow he understands.

otp: evan & connor. they are so, so good for each other and i love them so, so much

brotp: connor & jared, and connor & zoe. honestly also connor & alana? connor seems like he’d be the hardest to get along with but i love the potentials in his friendships w everyone

notp: connor & jared?? idk, again, i do not have it in me to answer this question adequately

first headcanon that pops into my head: he likes to wear zoe’s scrunchies when it gets hot out. say what you will about him but connor keeps up w the fashion trends. he’s very knowledgeable due to zoe’s magazines piling up over the years

one way in which I relate to this character: when i have bouts of depression i get really angry with my family? idk why? i just am irritable and take it out on them. so connor’s anger resonates w me in some way

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: when he finished the milk. slaps knee. jk. when he pushes evan, when we hear about how he’s threatened zoe, etc. like the bits and pieces of the real him we get aren’t all that positive. i love him but this stuff is bad

cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: problematic fave. controversial, problematic fave

anonymous asked:

You wear such adorable clothing and you look so great in the pictures you post. Do you have any shopping advice? I can never find anything flattering and I get annoyed and discouraged quickly whenever I look for clothes.

Thank you very much!  

Everything I can tell you is of my experience, so it may or may not be helpful to you.  The biggest thing being that even though I’m a large person which makes it hard to find clothes that fit in general, I’m also lucky enough to have inherited an hour glass body shape/fat distribution, which makes A Lot of things flatter me in a way that we’ve been conditioned to see as ‘flattering’ as long as I can find it in my size.   I’m also tall enough that things are never too long on me, but usually not so tall that things are too short, so I don’t have a lot of problems with ‘X item makes me look too stumpy/lanky’.   I don’t want to perpetuate the idea that ‘flattering’ has to mean ‘helps you conform to a certain shape,’ but I also understand that it can really feel nice to find things that hide this but accentuate that.  So I’m not super interested in ‘don’t do this if you’re fat’ kind of advice and I’ll try to keep it to ‘general’ and ‘having fun’.  

Keeping that in mind:

- Try lots of things on.  In general, maybe not in a single trip if you get irritated by clothes shopping easily.  Sometimes I try things on just because they baffle me on the hanger.  I’ve bought several things from just trying shit on for shits and giggles and then finding out it’s actually cute with the structure of a person under it.

- Don’t get hung up on sizes.  A lot of people steadfastly refuse to accept a certain number in their pants sizes, no matter what.  “Women’s” clothing is by far the worst offender, but all clothes fall victim to ‘vanity sizing’ and other tricks (adding extra inches on men’s pants but still advertising the waist band as the size they started with, making the consumer feel better that they wear a smaller size) so that brands are not consistent sometimes within themselves let alone with each other.   

The place this is most useful is a clearance rack or a second hand store, where you’ll find clothes that are made for the ‘junior’s’ section (runs small), the ‘misses’ section (average but inconsistent depending on quality/high end of brands) and ‘women’s’ (plus size) or even things made for older women (which run large but are still technically ‘misses’ or ‘ladies’).   A large in junior’s would not fit me, but a large might in misses depending on how it is made, and it would almost definitely fit me in brands made for old women.  A 2X in juniors will definitely fit me, but Id’ be drowning in that size in a sweater for older women.  The same pattern is largely true for men’s clothes.  The older and more conservative a demographic the clothes are aimed for, the larger they are relative to their advertised size.  I learned a lot of this not by being obsessed with brands (the opposite, actually! I won’t wear anything with a brand name visible on it), but just by working at a mail order clothing catalog for women over 50 and then a Macy’s for a few years.  

So that the best you can do is say you fall within a certain reasonable range and allow yourself room within that.  You’re going to look worse in the size 12 that ‘technically’ fits even though it’s a struggle and parts of you are kind of spilling over it than the 14 that actually makes a smooth transition with your body.  

- Remember the few things you do find that you find flattering and keep an eye out for them while you’re out, even if you’re not shopping specifically for clothes.  I’m not saying memorize brands, but if you find that you really like long shirts, or you really want bold leggings or long necklaces, hold onto that idea and don’t pass up good opportunities to get them.  

- On a related note, if you find a store/brand that does have something you like the fit/style of, check out their other things.  You may strike gold twice.  I personally have a few stores that I know I’ll always fit in a particular size and I always know they’ll carry something in a style I really like.  

- Fuck around in discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx.  This is another place where the sizes can be all over the map and it pays to try things on.   These stores can end up with unsold stock from previous seasons that proved unpopular even in department store clearance, so you can often find unique things because other people only saw it on the hanger and didn’t see how cool it looks on a real person. 

- Take some risks online.   This may work better for me because of the hourglass shape, but I’ve found a lot of cool things that I ordered online in a gamble.  This works best for me with dresses, leggings, and other tops.  I always have to try on jeans.  They are my nemesis.  

- Don’t be afraid to shop ‘the other side of the store’.  If a men’s t-shirt is baggy, go see if a women’s one will fit better because of the way they’re fitted.  Alternately, if the women’s shirts pinch, go grab a men’s shirt.  Women’s fitted shirts are usually too fitted for me because of my shape, so it gets tight across my chest and under my arms, but men’s tshirts look great (and fitted!) on me, I just have to select a different size.  

- Don’t make ‘finding the perfect pair of jeans (or any other clothing thing)’ the sole goal of a shopping trip.  Especially with jeans, you could ultimately fail at that for the day, and that’ll increase the feelings of being discouraged or defeated and you’re less likely to go out again.  Tack another achievable thing on there, even if it’s something small.  Then you don’t feel like you spend time and energy to come back empty handed.  At least you got half your list done and with the jeans you can just call it some options you’ve eliminated and try different kinds of stores next time. 

- Don’t go shopping when you already feel bad about yourself.  At least not for clothes.  The first thing that looks funky on you is going to trigger crying in a fitting room or a spiral of self-hate.  

-This sounds like a terrible thing to say, but if size is an issue for you like it is for me, honestly avoid going shopping with skinny friends.  You usually can’t shop in the same areas of the store or the same stores AT ALL and that can also increase your feelings of frustration.  I know I feel a lot less like shopping and spending time even looking at things when everyone else is standing around blandly (or worse, making fun of the clothes size) because everything around them is too large for them.  I start feeling bad about myself for even needing clothes when I shop with smaller people.  If you’re lucky enough to have either similarly sized friends or people who will sincerely go with you and help out without wanting to buy clothes themselves, take them with you.

- Speaking of helping out, if you have someone who Gets You, ask them for ideas of things to try on while you’re out.  They might be seeing something you can’t regarding what would look nice on you.  I had both my exes suggest I try things on and I was baffled by the things they chose.  Then I tried them on and they looked great and I definitely bought a few of them.  And because these were people who knew me at the time, they knew my style and what would appeal to me and I would be comfortable in, even if they were pushing the boundaries a little.  

- Invest in some belts, which can totally change the shape of shirts and dresses.  This is good for both making a new strange thing into a workable thing or transforming things you already own into new things.  Try not to be super hung up on how an item is SUPPOSED to be worn.  

- Accessories can also help with necklines that look strange or outfits that look unbalanced.  

- Try on things you think are ugly.  Maybe laugh at how ugly it is or be surprised that it isn’t as ugly as you thought.  Either way, not frustrating because you didn’t have any hopes pinned on it and it is fun perspective. 

- Keep in mind clothes are designed for a fictional template of people and not individuals.  Clothes look amazing on models and celebs because they’re tailored just for them or pinned and clipped like wild on the back where you can’t see.  This is often the case for mannequins in department stores too!  Sometimes you have more of a body part than the designer anticipated. 

- Have a good time.  If you see something that you really like, try it on, no matter what you have heard about ‘these people shouldn’t wear X, those people shouldn’t wear Y’.  If you immediately get frustrated, try it in a few other sizes and see if strikes you better that way.  Spend some time thinking about ‘flattering’ and how you’d feel about items if you were the only person seeing them and the only one whose opinion on them mattered.  It will take a while to think like this and believe it, but one day, you can just buy the things you think are fun and they’ll look flattering on you because you’re enjoying wearing it.  This sounds Hallmark as fuck, I don’t blame you if you do not believe a word of that.  And this is not to say I don’t reject things I try on because I don’t think they look good on me, but it’s worth it to consider sometimes that it might be a problem with people and not the pants.  

I hope some of these help or are new ideas!  I’m sorry about the frustration, I am well familiar with it.  I’ve honestly found that shopping mostly alone and just grabbing whatever the hell I like has helped a lot, but it coincided with a lot of changes in self-image.  I think they ended up fueling each other.  Good luck, and please come ask me again if you have some more specific questions!  I’ll try to answer like I have any more than ‘I’m winging it’ expertise in this area!

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Book description: Amythest's soothing voice and contagious smile gave the impression that they had infinite stores of patience. That wasn't entirely the case, but they had enough patience to navigate a world that screamed at every turn that it was built for a different sort of person, and that was frankly a little more patience than it deserved. They *liked* being kind and helpful, but bristled at people mistaking their kindness for permission to keep doing the same horrible things.

Wow, this is sweet and insightful, and also so good! Do you write fanfiction or books, or anything you want to pop back in my inbox and share? No pressure though! Thanks, anon friend, I love it.

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So to celebrate being on summer vacation i thought why not do a follow forever!!! I just wanted to say thank you all for following me and making my time on here amazing. I have made so many good friends on here who are not only kind but also funny smart and very encouraging ^~^

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