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this anime was soo cute and funny af also ive been getting into K dramas recently and my god they are sooo good 
if you ever want to watch one i recommened boys over flowers and the day after we broke up ^^ 

sorry for being really inactive ive got exams coming up woo fun fun!! T-T

Bad Day or Good Day?

A/N: I’m bad at titles! This is actually really terrible so I apologize in advance. Also sorry for being inactive recently. Requests are still open and i have a few ideas of my own!

Requested by @asmajouch Hope you like!

Summary: Movie night with Best Friend doesn’t go as planned.

Word Count: 1,200

Luck had not been on your side today. First you woke up late and had to rush to work. In rushing you had forgotten your computer, which caused you to have to write by hand the entire damn day. Then on the way out of your regular coffee shop, somebody had quickly opened the door, spilling all your scalding and delicious coffee over your white blouse and the floor. You were livid to say the least. Luckily you didn’t take it out on them and politely declined their offer to buy you a new coffee, stating you were in a hurry. To which they apologized more. That leads to what is currently progressing: nothing. You had a task to do before you could leave that caused for a computer, meaning you had to use one of the company’s old and rundown PCs. You were sitting in the technology room practically counting threads in the carpet, waiting for the designated file to download. The only good thing that had come out of today was the fact that it was Friday and you were going over to your best friend Harry’s house for your weekly movie marathon. Harry and you had been friends for quite a long time. You had been his neighbor for all of your childhood. Sadly he got famous and you went to college, but you made sure to keep in touch. When ever he came home from touring or anything, he would force a movie marathon on you, so he could relax with a bottle of wine and enjoy some fatty foods. This caused you guys to be pretty close and know most of each other’s secrets. You didn’t know when it turned into more than a friendship for you but you were head over heels for the curly haired boy. Harry had recently gotten home from his second leg of his solo tour and said he desperately needed some quality time with you, pigging out and getting drunk. The computer dinged, signaling the file had completely downloaded and you were free to go home. You rushed out of the computer room, grabbed your bag, and said bye to some of the coworkers whom you actually like.

“Tracy, I’m headed out for the weekend! If you need me to come in, shoot me a quick email. probably won’t respond to it though!”

Tracy laughed at your weak attempt at a joke but complied nonetheless.

“You deserve the weekend off Y/N. Thanks for working hard today!”

You barely had time to thank Tracy as you ran down the stairs into the garage to your car. Hopping in the car you quickly started your trek to Harry’s house. His house wasn’t that huge but he had a really nice TV so you would usually go over there for movie night. It wasn’t very often that Harry came over to yours as you were pretty fresh out of college and had a small studio apartment in the middle of a crowded arena, the only living quarters in close proximity to your job. You really did like your job, just sometimes these bad days made you hate it. Blasting your music, which included some of Harry’s songs, you hit traffic on your way over. Literally the only thing keeping you from exploding was that Harry was on the other half of this traffic Jam.

Finally after what seemed like forever you pulled into Harry’s driveway. You were so excited to spend time with your best friend you completely overlooked the new car in the driveway; that didn’t belong to Harry. Using your key to open the door, you were greeted with the worst thing of all things that happened today: Harry with his tongue down a unknown girl’s throat. You could feel your heart break into a million pieces. You didn’t want to watch this but your body stayed rooted into place. Water droplets splashed on your hands, you didn’t realize you were crying. Clearing your throat, they jumped apart. Harry immediately found your eyes. Sea green ones met your Y/E/C ones, only to find fresh tears pouring down your face.

“Um sorry to interrupt. I guess i got the wrong memo”

You turned on your heels and dashed out the door. Ignoring Harry’s calls for you and not even bothering to get in your car, you ran down the street. Part of you subconsciously wanted him to explain himself, even if you couldn’t admit it.

“Y/N! Stop please stop!”

Usually you would have run faster but Harry sounded desperate and you loved him so much. You had to stop. Anger, confusion, and sadness surged through your veins as you whipped around to give Harry a piece of your mind

“What could you possibly have to say Harold?! Friday’s are suppose to be our thing? I had the worst day at work today and i wanted… no i needed to spend the time with you because you make everything better. But you know what i saw when i got there? Your tongue down some chicks throat. How could you forget our night? Do i really mean nothing to you?”

Your voice cracked at the end of your rant, signaling to Harry how broken you were. It killed him to see you like this, he had taken quite a liking to you. Harry has fallen in love with you a long time ago, but you were friends and he couldn’t take the chance of losing you in anyway. So he stayed being your friend even if it hurt him. He turned to random hookups in order to forget about Y/N even just for a second, it never worked. She would never leave his mind, she’s infected him and he can’t get enough. Harry felt terrible having you find out this way.

“Y/N, please let me explain”

You signalled for him to start talking while crossing your arms together and tapping your foot. something you did when you were waiting for an explanation that was utter bullshit and you knew it; Harry knew that.

“She means nothing to me. Not like you do. Y/N I can’t begin to explain how much you mean to me. I don’t know when our friendship turned into more than a friendship, but it has and i want it like that. Y/N i want to be with you, i have for a long time. But you didn’t, so i distracted myself with random girls. It never worked. I always thought of you when ever i was with them. I’m so sorry Y/N. I love you. More than a friend. ”

Fresh tears were rolling down both of your faces. You didn’t know what to think. You were sure that Harry had no romantic feelings for you yet, here he was, pouring his feelings out to his lifelong best friend.

“I love you too”

Harry smiled under his tears at your proclaim. Stepping forward to press his lips against yours. The kiss was short and had the passion of 13 years of friendship turned into love. Parting of lips due to the need for oxygen caused you to stare lovingly into Harry’s eyes.

Maybe today wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

Slyyytherin:  Can I recommend a fic? It’s called Reply All, and it’s an adorable Office AU. It is super cute and funny and everyone should totally check it out

We got this ask through fan mail so I gotta answer it here, thanks for the rec! (also I’m sorry I’ve been a little inactive recently, school was getting a little intense but hopefully I will be back on more soon!) -Maggie

Reply All by makasouls (6/? | 17,116 | Teen And Up)

Hangout: Lance, Katie, Hunk
Lance McClain: hOLY
Lance McClain: it’s been real, guys. it was an honor being your friend
Katie Holt: what are you going on about now
Lance McClain: KEITH
Katie Holt: yes, of course it’s about keith, why wouldn’t it be, so silly of me to ask

Between all the gossip, drama, and memes, how does work at Voltron actually get done?

//background shallura //background hunk/shay


((Sorry for the camera quality

EDIT 2: Ok so this time it’s my pen who’s broken, so I bought a new one. I’ll receive it tomorrow I’ll be back next week if I don’t have too much work to do ! :) EDIT: Actually, Amazon decided to decline my command. I’m trying to solve this problem but I can’t find any lead that is associed to my digital pen ftm. ////

I’m sorry for being inactive those days but I had a recent problem
My lead pen is broken and I’m waiting to receive a new one in December.
I can’t draw in digital, so I decided to practice fullbody a lot and it happened that Slug was a good choice.
I also started a short comic, nothing really special
It’s blurried because of the words used, but I’ll not post it on this blog but on my nsfw one (I’ve got a new one if some of you know my old nsfw account)


ALSO: Sorry for being inactive recently, I’m working on new chapters for Bond Between Worlds while I juggle finals and AP test study sessions

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Little Update!

Sorry about being so inactive recently!

There’s been a good bit going on in my life, but I’ve gotten a lot of it fixed, and plan to be more active from now on here!

I have also decided to go back to using Rose here on Tumblr, since that’s the face I’m more known as, so this is just to reduce confusion and make things easier for everyone!  My bad ties with Rose also aren’t as bad anymore, so I don’t mind being known as him again!  But thank you everyone who was okay and supported me using Floria on here for awhile, they love you all also!

This blog will be getting back into the pattern of at least 10 photos a day, and I plan to get back into the responding to every ask I get!  I may start fresh and nuke my ask box to make this feel less overwhelming though (I’m sorry everyone I haven’t responded too, I have read everyone of the 1500 messages I currently have and a lot of them are just too kind I wanted to save in my ask box to read on a rainy day)

I promise to not let so many asks stack up in my inbox anymore however!

Thank you guys for everything, and staying through the bad, the good, and the me just disappearing, I love you all, and I appreciate you all so much

Hey friends. made some playlists

Hey guys sorry for being so inactive recently uni work is taking over my life at the moment, however!!
I’ve made 3 playlists on Spotify so if you fancy follow and listen! My profile: isleyquinn


Harley Quinn:

Poison ivy:

Also if people like it I can make more playlists on request :3 enjoy! ❤️💚

So sorry for being so inactive; so much has been going on in my life and it’s so hard to do what i love which is being on here with sweet beautiful people laughing about the memes of Disney and recently Ninjago! Backstory time?

I’ve been a fan of Ninjago for four to five years now? So i’m an old fan, i’ve met some great people in the fandom and fell in love with a boy who is now gay (there’s no hard feelings) so i’ve got to experience what a fandom was like.

also i haven’t been active since i’ve been 1. bullied, 2. dumped by the love of my life (different guy) for almost being in a serious one year relationship, and 3. being told i was basically a mistake and a joke from the ones who i trusted the most.

but!!! i’ve stayed mostly positive and am starting to heal right now from the battle.
heads up i’m always here for anyone who needs someone to love and care about ♥️♥️
i hope to post more soon loves!

thez1337  asked:

Hello Jeu, I'm a Kyluxer and an erotica author. I recently had my author profile "terminated," though I post no porn on it, and its fairly inactive. I was wondering if you could tell me what you did and how you handled your tumblog being deleted, since we both have justifiable reasons as to why they should NOT be. I also sent a link to the "ask" but I don't have an account, so I'm not sure if I'd be notified of an answer.

I’m sorry this happened to you :/

When it happened to me, they emailed me to tell me exactly why they banned me (the reason AND the post that caused it). Tumblr users had collectively reported that same post and falsely flagged it as CP as a way to get rid of me. All this, I heard about from tumblr. 

I wrote back, but never got an answer, so after a few days my dear friends and followers helped by literally spamming them with emails that said they had made a mistake. After a month (I think?) they finally answered me and said the account had been reactivated. I never got an apology, I wasn’t expecting one. 

You can reply to the original mail notifying you of the deletion, also, if you log into your banned account, there should be a link to contact the admins. 

You can also open a support ticket with them by using this address:

They key is patience and motivation. They are probably understaffed so it takes time to review cases. 

Sorry for being a bit inactive

with not posting much art and stuff, Im just trying to finish my OC bio page and updating their ‘sprites’ so they all look more alike

Im also currently busy with an event on a game which ends in the next 8 hours or so, so Ive been occupied with that too 

Ive also been drawing alot recently and my shoulder was starting to hurt a bit

When Ive finished my OC bio page I’ll get back to the outfit asks \o/

Avengers AOU (part 5/7)

A/N: Hey guys!! I am so so so sorry for being so inactive, I’ve been quite busy recently so I didn’t really have the time to post😅 But for now, hopefully I’ll be able to post the next part soon. I’m also sorry that this isn’t that good haha, but I promise it’ll be better the next chapter!! In the meantime, you guys can send in your suggestions of what you want to see next and I’ll try to add it in. Thank you for being so patient once again!!😊Enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,341

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five//Part six//Part seven

When you arrived back to the house you saw that everyone was gathered around the kitchen. You tilted your head in slight confusion of what was going on before you saw why, Director Nick Fury was here. 

You nodded your greetings to him, him doing the same before you sat beside Nat at the dining table.

“Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time,” Fury started. “My contacts all say he’s building something. The amount of Vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s just one thing.”

You glanced to the side and saw Clint’s daughter running to Nat and giving her a painting of a butterfly. You stared at the drawing for a while before turning back to Nick.

Keep reading

Hey guys! So, exciting news, on Monday I’m heading to Mozambique for a month-long research project on coral reef fish ecology. I am beyond excited for this trip. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to my PayPal to help me cover the plane ticket costs. 

With that being said, I will probably not have very much access to internet while I’m there, I’m still trying to work out all the details on that. So if this blog gets super inactive, that’s why. 

Speaking of which, I’m sorry this blog has been kind of slow recently. I’ve had a crazy busy (but also super rewarding) semester, and I just haven’t had time to post like I usually do. When I get back from Africa, things will pick up again.

Again, thank you! Hopefully I’ll have some fun updates from Mozambique to share with all of you.

- Courtney