and also really sweet at the core of it

interviewer: what do you find attractive in a woman?

harry: i love fashion shows even though i don’t go to a lot of them. hm, i’ll have to change that. and ive been trying all these new kale recipes lately because i heard they’re supposed to help you cleanse right? like kale smoothies, kale salads, adding all these vegetables to my normal everyday food because i heard it’s really good for you! you should try it! you see, i had to get really in shape for Dunkirk filming which doesn’t really make sense because my biceps weren’t on screen at all during the duration of the film so like why did i have to get all buff? anyway, they told me i had to work out and get really really fit so i decided to cut back on the sweets in my diet! i also do yoga everyday because it helps me center my Core Self and it’s really helpful in making me flexible which is really good because it means i can do more complex poses during yoga that will help me gain a better sense of balance. and i went on a candy fast so im trying to cut out things like kitkats and snickers but it’s so hard because they’re so good i mean halloween was a few weeks ago and all of my friends were eating so much candy and it made me so jealous because i really just want to taste chocolate again you know?

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honestly i really like how soft veronica is around archie compared to when we see veronica with everyone else. when shes with him, shes just suuuper soft and i really like that??

Augh, I know and I agree. 

She’s super soft and I think that comes from the fact that she doesn’t really need to have her guard up around him. And she also knows him so well (ie when she spoke to her father about archie in 2.04. she had him down to a T). I just think that’s super sweet considering that from the entire core four, she’s still kind of the outsider since she just only met them all a few months ago.

touch me

Requested by @alone-in-madness


word count: 941

**warning: SMUT**

I hovered over Shawn’s lap and kissed him oh so slowly. My hands rested on his chest to support myself. His hands, however, could not stay in one place for long. They moved from my cheek, down my shoulder and arm then to my waist. They soon found my breasts and squeezed lightly. Shawn’s bottom lip rested between my lip while we kissed. He had just gotten home from tour, and as much as we wanted to jump right into sex, we took our time kissing one another.

His eager hands roamed underneath my shirt and pulled it over my head. His fingers reached into my bra and teased my nipples. I continued to only kiss him but began to grind on his crotch slowly. A hard bulge started to grow where I sat on Shawn’s lap. Our tongues glided over one another’s and Shawn whimpered into the kiss. I finally pulled away from Shawn’s lips for the first time since he removed my shirt, gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?” I breathed out. Shawn was struggling with his breath more than I was.

“Nothing, keep going.” He encouraged. I didn’t believe him, but kissed him again anyways. I lowered myself back onto his lap and he groaned as soon as my clothed core made contact with his length, which was also still clothed. I pulled away once again, giving him a look that told him to confess what was wrong. “Okay, fine. It’s just that I missed you and I really need you to, uhm, touch me.”

I rolled my eyes at how needy he was but continued kissing his sweet lips. Shawn’s hands quickly found my butt; he squeezed hard and I gasped. I barely let my lips linger over his while I looked into his gorgeous eyes. He looked so eager for my touch, like he was craving it. I loved to see him this way. I pecked his lips lightly before removing his shirt. Regardless of how long I had been with Shawn, I was always pleased when I saw him undressed. His body was, for lack of a better word, perfect. There was no other way to put it.

I kissed his neck teasingly, my tongue grazing his warm flesh occasionally. His breath hitched in his throat and I took it as a sign to continue. I nipped at his neck with my teeth before sucking hard enough to leave a mark. I grinded on his crotch only to hear more sounds leave his lips.

“Fuck, I need you.” Shawn groaned. I kissed down his toned chest and abdomen slowly. I kissed just below his belly button, right at the skin above his belt. I listened to his begs and whimpers only moments longer before deciding to give in to him. My fingers worked to take off his belt and Shawn’s previously tense body relaxed underneath me.

Shawn was still eager and as soon as I pulled his pants down his legs, he kicked them off. I looked up at Shawn, into his eyes. I rested my hands on his thighs, so close to his throbbing length. I rubbed him through the tight, thin fabric of his boxers. I looked up at Shawn to see him biting his plump bottom lip. I teased until I sensed Shawn actually couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to hear him begging for my touch, but only to a certain extent.

I slowly pulled down his underwear then starting pumping up and down his cock with my hand. Shawn already breathed heavily and was very anxious. I took him into my mouth and sucked the head lightly. I licked the underside of his cock right below the head, the most sensitive area. I began to bob my head up and down now and Shawn seemed to enjoy it; his soft moans told me so.

I pushed my mouth down as far as I could go without gagging. Shawn struggled to keep his hips from bucking up so I rested my hands on them, trying to keep them down. I looked up Shawn’s body at his face to see his head thrown back in pleasure. I pushed my hair away from my face, attempting to get it out of my way. Shawn noticed my struggle. He sat up and his hand served as a makeshift hair tie for the moment, as his back rested against the headboard. My mouth moved up and down his length faster now that my hair was no longer an issue. Shawn now had some control over how fast I sucked him, holding my hair, and took full advantage of this.

“Y/N,” Shawn moaned. I smirked then quickly continued to suck him. I swirled my tongue around the tip and felt Shawn’s whole body tense at the sensation. I glanced up at Shawn to briefly look into his eyes. He stared down at me intently, watching my every motion. “I’m gonna cum.”

After Shawn’s announcement, I only picked up the the pace even more. I bobbed my head quickly up and down trying to bring him to orgasm. Even with this fast pace, Shawn still pushed my head faster with my ponytail. I felt veins twitching on his cock and prepared myself to swallow what was coming. I sucked him clean of his juices and felt his whole body relax immediately after.

I raised myself up to face Shawn again. He pulled me onto his lap and flipped me over. Shawn was now on top of me and worked to remove my pants.

“My turn.” Shawn said smirking as he began kissing down my halfway nude body.

Stormy Night (M)

The things you do to try and forget your ex are the same things that make him go mad.

Friend!Jungkook X Sad!Reader 

Word count: 2,085

Warnings: Angst, Hoeing around, meaty wings, etc

Stormy Night

“Please stop following me.” 

You didn’t want to look him in the eyes anymore, for fear your glare would scratch away at his kindheartedness. You tore through your front door, kicking off your dewy flats at the step. Your silky scarf was ripped from your neck, tossed aimlessly towards the hat hanger where it fluttered to the floor. But you didn’t care. 

You bit your lip until it bled, hearing that he had, indeed, not stopped following you into your house. He hadn’t responded either. Both of you were soaking wet, the sudden rain being yet another disturbance of your evening out. 

“I told you to stop meeting with… them.” He finally said. You bit back your scoff, turning to face him to repeat what you’d said time and time again. 

“Stop telling me what to do!” You dug your clammy fingers against your cheeks, running them up through your wet tendrils. He looked down at you sadly, pity in the dark eyes gazing through damp locks. Why did he look so upset? Why did your life make him feel so bad? 

You felt your eyes grow warm, choking on a sob before continuing. “So what if I’m a goddamn whore? This is the most fun I’ve had since Taehyung left! This is the only thing I look forward to every time I wake up from a night of fucking endless tears!” 

You were on your knees then, having fallen under the burdening weight of your own sob story. Your cheeks were wetter than before; the dress you wore to the club that evening hiked up your thighs and twisted around your body. Of course, like every other distressed damsel, you’d received it from your lost love. But it worked wonders on making you the candy of desiring men’s eyes.

Taehyung up and left two months ago, leaving you on your front steps in the rain. But the rain was much different right now; not the damning drizzle it was that night. No, now it was pouring, dreadfully, like the feeling was suddenly sinking in. The thunder clapped consistently, lightning flashing without regard for your fear of it. 

You looked up, meeting Jungkook’s eyes. You were puzzled by the look in them. There was no kindness. No warmth. He looked distressed, and you suddenly felt bad. For existing, haha. 

“I’m sorry.” You were still looking at him as you said it, and you saw the morph of emotions pass his features. He was then enveloping you in his arms, his warmth immediately comforting you. You let your tears fall then. 

“Jungkook, I am so sorry.” You repeated through sobs, not heeding his pained words of reassurance. “I’m not sorry for the men, because if I’m being honest, they help.” You hiccuped; he tensed. “It’s fucked up but they help. But I’m sorry for not being the friend you want in your life—” 

“Shut up, Y/N.” 

His voice was hoarse, and you couldn’t help the widening of your eyes. His large hands went to your shoulders, pushing you until you were nearly nose to nose. Thunder clapped then, the lights flickering for a brief moment, as if to add to the intensity of his gaze. “Just… shut up.” 

He went on to kiss your cheeks, your forehead, your chin, the underside of your jaw. But all you could do was look ahead as his lips ghosted and chastely met the surface of your skin. His eyebrows were knitted, eyes closed, an almost desperate look on his face.

You bit your lip, arms falling limp to your sides. This is your fault. He’s too good for this. You exhaled sharply, saying, “I couldn’t help myself. After Tae left.” 

Jungkook stopped, head slowly raising to meet your orbs once again. The pain and desperation you saw on his face was almost too much to bear, but you forced yourself to maintain eye contact. “I didn’t know how else to forget him. I didn’t fucking kno—” 

Your back suddenly collided with the wooden flooring, harshly, wrists being pinned far above your head. He was in-between your legs, groin to groin, to cease your thrashing from the sudden shift. “You can start by using me!” Jungkook voiced through gritted teeth, a vein popping in his neck. 

He thrust his hips against you, your pelvis jerking with the connection. “You can start by using your friends!” Another thrust, and your head was thrown back by the sheer power of his hips and angered words. 

“Jungkook—” Your lungs fought to breath properly, another crash of thunder shaking the windows. 

He then rolled himself against your core, the dress riding up and bunching around your waist as your friend burrowed his face in the crook of your neck. “Instead of strangers, use the ones who love you most! Fucking use me!” 

You cried out as his teeth impaled your flesh, his clothed cock paving against your exposed panties. 

“Fuck, Jungkook!” He was motivated by your wail of ecstasy, his fingers beginning to roam freely. 

You grew hot, and you were already damned wet, but your body responded desperately towards his actions, and soon you were clawing at his leather jacket. This was beyond the friendship you two were accustomed to, though with his palms groping your breasts through the silky fabric, you could only push that thought aside and arch your back into him. 

“Stop making me feel so useless!”

His fingers sought to abuse your nipples, pinching them until you cried out. 

“You’re not useless—!” You gasped, reveling in the pain and pleasure he drove you to. 

“And that’s why you’re with a different guy each week?!” His hand flew from your breast to tear the lace from between your legs, and you inhaled sharply, the cold air stinging you pleasantly. 

“I didn’t want you… to worry…!” You exclaim in winded pants, clinging to him as he continued his dry thrusts. It was becoming sweltering beneath him, despite the change in temperature as his cold fingers wasted no time gliding between your slick folds, thumbing your bundle of nerves until your toes were twitching uncontrollably.

“I always worry!” He drilled a finger inside of you, and you released whatever the combination of a moan and a gasp was. Writhing beneath him, you shakily clutched his jacket, managing to pry it off his shoulders enough for him to get the memo, shrugging it off with a haste you never witnessed before. 

He replaced his finger with his tongue, so suddenly you didn’t even see him bend down to lap at your succulent sweetness as though it were the only cure for an illness he possessed. “Oh god.” You murmured, eyes rolling back behind closed lids. 

You saw the underside of his jaw lurch forward with every pass of his tongue dipping in and out of you, and you groaned at the sight. It was hot. You always knew he was hot. But as he lightly nibbled on your meaty wings, his eyes meeting yours with a determined look you have never seen, you realized how attracted you were to him. 

With powerful fingers, he clenched your thighs so hard you were sure they’d bruise, but he was keeping you wide open, only for him. 

After he felt you clenching around his tongue, he pulled back, licking his lips and diving in for your first shared kiss. His wet lips melded against your own, where yours willingly opened and welcomed him. You tasted the bitter sweetness of yourself and wondered how much of you he’d drank up, the silkiness of his tongue corrupting your senses. It was all so much that you pulled away, gasping for air. 

“Jungkook—you really want to do this?” You are curious as to why you questioned, because the flame in his eyes gave it away. Before he could respond, you said, through pants, “I’ve been with so many guys, I don’t want you to be disgusted or—” 

The man literally growled, his teeth clashing painfully against yours, to the point it was no longer the sweetness of your core infiltrating your mouth, but also the burn of copper, of blood. He sucked your bottom lip until you squealed in a joyous pleasure, then he forced you to squirm so he could pull your dress over your head, tossing that damn thing god knows where. You were still on the floor, which wasn’t entirely comfortable until he had you raising your bare chest in the air so he could pass his lips through the canyon of your soft mounds. 

That worked magically. 

At last, the both of you were freed from your constricting, confining clothing. His cock brushed against you and you whimpered, a sound he stole off your lips passionately. When he pulled away, he snarled, his index finger coating itself in your fluid again as he looked down at you. “I don’t care how many guys you’ve been with,” You let out a wail with his strokes, as he then positioned his poised member at your entrance. “Just that I’m the last one.” 

He slid in so fast and hard, you were certain you’d seen flashes not belonging to the lightning outside. Jungkook didn’t give the time to cope with his girth and length, continuing with the same intensity he had the first thrust. He pummeled you into the floor, your spine flexing, body curving up into him. 

Jungkook groaned loudly in your ear, his torso connecting slickly with yours, as though two waves of an ocean were gliding back and forth. He sloppily sucked sensitive areas of your neck, ones he discovered made you moan the most, ones causing you to clench tighter. It was messy, but messily perfect and beautiful; two desperate fools seeking to quench a desire that had long since been ignited. And through it all, the pit of your stomach was growing tighter by the second. 

“Ah… Jungkook!” You ran your nails down his back, earning delightful shivers. 

Your head was bouncing, and you couldn’t think straight, which was why you hardly noticed when a crash of thunder shook the entire house, and the power cut. In total darkness, the only sounds were the hot moans and pants in your right ear, and a white noise that made everything suddenly more realistic. 

Your legs spread wider, then Jungkook hooked the right one over his elbow, angling into you. His thrusts faltered briefly, and you almost protested him, but your words fumbled in your mouth when his newfound slow pace was met with even harder, more aggressive pumps into you. 

“Fuck, Y/N! Don’t make me.. worry about you… again!” 

You screamed out, desperately clinging to his muscular build. “I won’t!” 

“Don’t you dare—” His bare foot flexed against the wood floor as he pulled out all the way, “… ignore me ever again!” He slammed in so intensely stars were invading your vision. You felt tears in your eyes, whether it be from his words or mighty fine fucking, you couldn’t tell. But you clutched him harder, nodding into his neck as your head raised. You kissed his collarbones until he slowed down again, laying you down completely. 

He stopped his moving, fingers lightly coming up to your chin so you’d look at him. His gaze was soft, softer than you had seen all evening. He wasn’t smiling, but he wasn’t frowning. Jungkook moved his arm beneath your head to cushion it against the flooring. “Y/N.” His lips trailed the tears that had made it to either sides of your cheeks. 

“I will make you forget him. I love you. I will always love you.” And with that, you only released one sob before he was kissing you with the immense passion he hadn’t before displayed, his hips rolling into yours intently, a free hand encompassing whatever parts of your body were cold. 

Your breasts, your back, your hips, your wrist, he warmed it all, fingers lacing with yours as he refused to break eye contact even as he approached his climax. You felt the wave wash over you, the sticky surface of sweat against the cool air, and he twitched from within you. Intimately embracing you as he finished off with a groan, he remained inside, only rolling over so you were both chest to chest. 

“Thank you.” You found yourself saying. He didn’t respond, but you could feel his smile against your scalp. 

The power remained out, the rain and thunder continued, and you knew you were left in his comforting arms for the rest of the night. But you had to break the silence. For something that was far overdue. 

“I love you too.”

“meaty wings”


Thanks for reading, I shall now take requests ~ ^^^^^^^^~

Why I Love Taryon Darrington

It seems like Tary will sadly be leaving us soon as one Mr. Shorthalt has dramatically re-entered the scene. During his brief (in real time) stay with Vox Machina, he became my favorite character despite his perhaps unwelcome first appearance. Over the course of their adventures, Vox Machina, though still a hilarious and lively group, became jaded and somewhat unhappy with the ways of the world and the choices they had made in their lives. Tary burst onto the scene and made them remember whats great about being a hero and how lucky they are to have great friends and this loving family.  

Honestly I do not think Sam was planning this character very carefully. Something along the lines of I want a funny character that’s very weak and has support magic so that VM can stay fairly well balanced. Then he was thrown into it unprepared and just mad it up as he went and it turned into this beautiful character who represents many of us in the community who have never really seen ourselves as heroes in fiction at all, let alone high fantasy. Just like VM, Critters fell in love with Tary once they saw that he was weak and only pretending at confidence. A friendless kid who read and read yearning to escape into their books and ride away to a happier place. Dreaming of being respected, wanted, needed by anyone. Feeling that familiar loneliness and the ache of old abuse from fellow kids or families, Tary’s ability to be the hero he dreamed of fulfills a fantasy many of us harbor in our hearts. That’s the whole reason why we watch and play Dungeons and Dragons after all. Tary also fulfilled the dream of many to be an unapologetically openly gay adventurer. To stand up to his family and demand that they love him just as he is.

Though he intends to return to his family soon, he has brought compassion and happiness back into Vox Machina. Despite his vanity, Tary always believed in the NPCs they encountered and just wanted to do the right thing. Despite the fact that this is clearly based on naïveté, it reminds everyone that you do not necessarily need to use cruel means to get the job done. Kind of like having a small child around, Tary made everyone want to be a little bit better to live up to his glorified impressions of them.

On a more personal level, his blatant admiration of Keyleth as his immediate singling out of her as the leader made her feel confidence in her power and her journey that she had never previously been able to fully muster. He thought super highly of Percy both because if his enormous admiration for his mechanical genius but also because Percy was his first real friend. Tary saw only kindness in Percy and his inventions which was a really new thing for him. Percy, though not yet fully, has started to be able to see himself as a kind and likable person. Although Vex was cool at first, she saw herself in Tary once they got to know each other. Most obviously his need for love from a cruel father, but also his love of money, fashion, and freedom. A very unexpected side effect, Vex learned to trust another more than than her own brother sometimes. By helping Tary, Vex, like Percy, found the kindness and mercy she had been searching for within her self.

I will be very excited if Tary does stick around for the Ank’horrel arc to witness this pyramid scheme, although it would make things very tricky for Sam. Also it seems like this arc is just the tip of the iceberg leading into a series of climactic events in the series. Either way, Tary has left Vox Machina and the Critical Role fandom better than when he came and will continue on to improve his family and his town with his charitable actions. Despite his occasional ditziness or arrogance at his core Tary is truly a sweet and generous charter and I am so glad for the joy he brought to the last few months of Critical Role.

My favorite 10 SNSD Singles

Originally posted by dimplesjae

Whatever your opinion is on SNSD, I don’t think you can deny the power of Girls’ Generation.  Since their debut in 2007, SNSD has made quite the landmark in K-pop.  They are often considered the queens of K-pop and started off major K-waves into international waters.  They’ve performed all around the world and had several sold-out concerts.  

Since it is the their tenth anniversary and three members left the group, I decided to show some Soshi love with a ranking of my favorite SNSD songs!  Support all the SNSD members (all 9) and their choices!

10. The Boys (2011)

A princess-themed concept after a one year hiatus?  I mean, that’s one hell of a comeback!  It was catchy and edgy; it also started the beginning of their mature phase!  The Boys’ lyrics were powerful and cool (idk why some hated on it, but whatever).  Also, the MV was stunning.

9.  Into the New World (2007)

This was easily one of the most recognized and memorable debuts in K-pop.  I’m not a big fan of this kind of pop music, but I understand the power that is Into The New World.  10 years later it is still covered by rookie girl group idols, and is considered to be a girl group Anthem!  (Also, Hyo’s dance break is legendary.)

8. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

‘Genie for wish’ still plays in my head sometimes.  I love the Marine/Military concept, and their outfits were so well-coordinated!  Also, the hackey-sack dance showed off a new side for the girls, especially after the cuteness of Gee!

7. Run Devil Run (2010)

The first song for the unnies, or so they said.  After three years of absolute sweetness, RDR showed off a dark side to the nine-membered girl group.  The makeup during this era was to die for!  It was a song that also started Hyoyeon’s rap career!

6.  You Think (2015)

You remember that car?  You remember Hyo’s rap?  You remember Soo’s rap?  You remember those diamond costumes?  You remember those ad-libs?  Because I do.

5. Gee (2009)

Gee really jump started SNSD’s career.  We could debate if SNSD would’ve reached the same kind of popularity if they did not have Gee under their roster.  This song won nine weeks straight on MBC Music Core and became a staple of K-pop music for years and years!  The pastel costumes, the crab dance, and the mannequin theme were too much not to love.

4. I Got A Boy (2013)

These outfits were to die for!  I loved the different themes and costumes; they really played around.  Also, this MV probably cost SM some serious bills, but it paid off - it’s super colorful and bright!

3.  All Night (2017)

THEY SLAYED ME THIS YEAR!  The club image and the smoothness to the song reminded me why I love this group.  It also made up for the fact that they made me wait two years for a comeback.  Also, I want the entire wardrobe, not that I could rock half their outfits, but whatever.

2.  Catch Me If you Can (2015)

The simplicity of this MV was flawless: only two costumes, one set, and some bomb ass choreography.  SNSD’s one attempt at EDM will hopefully go down in history.  ALSO, DOG TAGS NEVER LOOKED BETTER!

1.  Mr. Mr. (2014)

Mr. Mr. is a song that I can listen to over and over again.  There’s something cool, sultry and powerful about this single.  The visuals in this MV were crazy too: crazy doctors.  Did you know that it was the first time that they danced with male back-up dancers too?  Even though it was Jessica’s last time with the group, it really outdid itself.  

Originally posted by asoomatic

Support Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona as they continue with SNSD!  Support Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun as they pursue acting careers!  Support Jessica and her business endeavors!  This is what it means to be a true SONE!

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I'm in a bit of a sad mood and wondering, do you know of any ml fics where marinette and adrien don't end up together/sad ones? i need to wallow

oh no im sorry!! :(

in case you didnt see yet, heres @ladrieneds list of fics so ill rec stuff that isnt on that one. 

heres a Mix of Fics (including lots of mine bc they were the easiest to find?? i hope you dont mind). feel free to ask for more!! and i hope you feel better soon <3 <3

(ive got more sad ones than on this list, but a lot of them have mari and adrien together at some point. if youd like them lmk) 

  • perfection rusts with age (sad fic) - adrien freaks out because his dad is coming home soon and his room isnt clean 
  • making it work - adrien designs fashion in secret with the support of his internet friend ladybug
    hints at a crush but it doesnt come to anything
  • already home - mari, alya, adrien, and nino are long distance internet friends
    mention of crush, dont get together
  • position and time (sad fic) - adrien has a bad night and goes for a run as chat
  • there’s no crying in marching band - everyones in marching band and thats kind of it
  • nightmares are two steps from reality (sad fic) - adrien has nightmares about ladybug dying 
  • traditions - adrien and alya experience the miracuclass’ hot chocolate chugging contest for the first time (christmas fic) 
  • zucchini by @ladyserendipitous - adrien and marinette are queer platonic partners 
  • what the cat dragged in by kryal - a marvel/ml crossover where tony, natasha, and clint are in paris and run into everyones fav superduo 
  • a trail of breadcrumbs by @matchaball - a really sweet fic about adrien and marinette and food and yeah its just great and makes me happy
  • sleepy cuddles by quicksilversquared - adrien and marinette cuddle and there are some core four shenanigans 
  • silver over everything by seejessroar - mari cant find her makeup
  • over-familiar by gemiinous - based on that one caprette comic where adrien puts his hands over marinettes eyes and she thinks hes chat noir

im sorry i dont have more!!! especially ones that arent mine but i dont read a ton of ml fic atm and also i havent found as much gen fic as id like. if anyone else has any fic recs that fit the anons requests feel free to add on!!!

Dear ‘Supergirl’, I love you! Also, are we breaking up?!?

I’m one of those folks who is currently in a passion love-hate or else hate-love relationship with the show Supergirl depending on the day.  I wanted to write this long post for folks who are also processing this currently.  I had been thinking for a long time that aside from the single thread of the Mon-El storyline, Supergirl still had a solid, core identity as a show.  The show’s appeal to its audience rested on four foundations in my mind:  1) the incredible likability and reliability of their dynamic lead with her awesome combination of classic hero problems and recognizable lady problems 2) a charismatic and deep sisterhood that formed the central love relationship and unified the dramatic arcs of the show and also let it pass the Bechdel test every episode quite easily 3) positive representations of both women and the men who are also outsiders that they share love bonds with, and 4) general lightheartedness and positivity, so even when it went dark, it was just not all THAT dark.  At its worst, the show was fluffy or annoying. 

With the trust I had established through s1, I thought that what they were trying to do with Mon-El was to depict a narcissistic, sexist guy who turns into one of the good guys.  I thought, well, they think that’s a positive message.  They’ve depicted him an “outsider” or misfit, because he’s among all these high-functioning outsiders acting like an incompetent norm.  And I thought, well, this was a terrible idea.  When you write a subversive story, and then you subvert your subversion, you get normative crap that’s even more generic than the original crap.  It’s a parody that’s hard to watch.  But it’s all well intentioned.  And it will be over soon.  It’s not the show.  This won’t kick the foundations out from under the show.  

I am honestly no longer confident that this was well-intentioned or that it won’t topple the show.  I am holding onto a strong, final thread of trust in this show.  But this feels now more like backlash within this show against its own core identity and values.  The way they have written Mon-El feels like a gender panic and also a heteronormative panic to me.  And it is absolutely NOT the actor.  He’s clearly fine.  He even seems like he’s probably really sweet in real life while acting like a complete jerk on tv, kind of like when Orlando Bloom tries to play a villain, and it’s like, yeah, no, you buy teddy bears for your girlfriend and one for yourself to match when you do, don’t try to play me here, babe.  It’s the character, the caricature they have written.  When they could have written ANYONE - a thousand other men instead of this one.  So why this one?  

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So Riverdale was, against all odds, pretty good! I enjoyed it a lot, and it did a lot of things right. That said, it could do a lot of things a lot better, so here is my Official Riverdale wishlist for Season 2:

    • Yes, Riverdale, it’s nice that you’ve decided to up your Diversity Quotient by making several traditionally-white characters into people of color, but it doesn’t mean much if you just shuffle all that color off to the side. Hell, you don’t even have to make their plots about being black! Just give them something TO DO.
    • Josie was willing to do Archie two huge favors because of him helping out Cheryl. Supposedly, these two are tight, but I don’t remember them ever speaking to each other onscreen. Cheryl needs some goddamn friends, so the least you can do is use the friend she supposedly already has. Hell, make them a couple! More lesbians are never bad.
    • He’s the Sherriff’s son for heaven’s sake. He should have a more prominent place in solving the mystery. Let him stand up to his dad when he thinks his dad is wrong, let him see and try to wrestle with his father’s part in enabling systemic corruption through complacency. And give him a boyfriend! Bring back Joaquin, or invent a new one.
    • Yes, he’s a jerk, but he’s also the most prominent black male character on the show. The fact that he is a stereotypical jock and player is, uhh, not good. In the comics, he is a gentle, sweet-natured artist and unfailingly faithful boyfriend. So now that Riverdale!Chuck is Banned From Football, maybe he becomes a tortured artist and discovers he’s really good at it. Maybe through that, he meets his comics girlfriend Nancy, falls in for-real love, and comes to realize the error of his ways. Maybe he tries to help the Core Four and has to earn their trust due to his previous misdeeds. Who knows? Just make him better.

Long story short: you’ve got a bunch of non-straight, non-white characters. That’s good! Now do something with them.

anonymous asked:

I love your reverse au! Do you have any headcanons for it? And as always your style is amazing :DD

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comment. And also, Yes I do (to some convoluted extent)! Everyone thank Anon for opening this can of worms!

I didn’t really wanna just do a complete 180 degree flip for the reversal. The way I see it is that they still come from the same background, and at their very cores, they are the same person–Félix still likes books, studying, cheeses, has anxieties and does enjoy time to himself while still wanting friends. Bri is still into fashion/weddings, is competitive, prefers company and loves/respects her friends and family, and loves baked sweets.

The reversal comes more from HOW they present their personality, and what aspects of their ideologies they prioritize.

For instance, Bri takes her sense of fashion more seriously by dressing accordingly while allowing it to reflect her more quiet/conserved personality, which is also why she likes her hair tight. She does like people, but is already comfortable with the friends she has, so her personality can seem biting towards strangers who she thinks behave weird towards her/try too hard… Never anything horrendously mean, though. She’s not a monster. It’s more like she does it cause she doesn’t quite know how else to respond to uncomfortable situations. Although in the case of total jerks it 100% is to take their ego down a notch…or 10.

In the case of Félix, his desire for friendship is greater than the desire to build protective walls to avoid past experiences. Since he actually tries to be more open to people, rather than just shutting himself down and not caring, his nervousness and need for approval shows thru more, especially because he smiles awkwardly when he’s nervous. He doesn’t use product in his hair so even when it’s combed it isn’t really neat–kinda reflects his frazzled personality. He also prefers clothes that look…good…but are more comfortable, rather what looks the most professional. (Gabriel hates it, but at least he’s not the son whose face is in every magazine, and like y'know, Gabriel isn’t around enough to actually do anything so whatever). Also I stand by the idea that both versions of Félix are romantics but only the reversal nerd sucks at hiding it.

Like I said, convoluted. I am so sorry 😐 but hopefully you guys still like it…

anonymous asked:

hi, can you please explain the line "it's no contest" in the dialogue between jon and will? because it was obvious that they both prefer bowie, will was like: some people like kenny rodgers and then bob came and said he liked him and the boys chuckled. thanks :)

Sure, anon; so people seem to forget the first part of the scene: Jonathan sees Will drawing the Zombie Boy picture and realizes people have been bullying him and he becomes really worried. He tries to tell Will that he is not a freak, but Will is upset and says that he is a freak. So Jonathan switches strategies and instead goes all in trying to lessen Will’s pain over getting bullied, by encouraging Will to see being a “freak” as a positive. When Will calls him out for not having friends, Jonathan’s response is that Will is his best friend, and he’d “rather be best friends with Zombie Boy, than a boring nobody.” He then asks Will if he agrees–would he rather be friends with Bowie or Kenny Rogers? So Zombie Boy=Freak=Bowie and Boring Nobody=Normal=Kenny Rogers. They both agree “it’s no contest”; they both would rather be friends with Bowie. That is, being Zombie Boy or a freak is a good thing, something to own and be proud of, not something to be ashamed about.

I keep seeing people say Jonathan doesn’t offer emotional support in this scene (!!!!) when he’s literally trying multiple ways to lessen Will’s hurt over being bulled. I’ve also seen posts that say Jonathan compares himself to Bowie–he doesn’t. Jonathan says that he too is a freak, but the scene is about Will: he’s comparing Will to Bowie. Again Zombie Boy = Freak = Bowie = Will. 

I think it’s good writing, though, that Will once again calls out Jonathan, this time for idealizing freakdom that much; after all, as Will says, lots of people would choose Kenny Rogers. I don’t think Will entirely buys either of Jonathan’s arguments, but it’s a really sweet scene both because the core of it is Will being sad over bullying, but also being really strong through it, and Jonathan trying in whatever imperfect way he can to be there for him and make him feel a bit better. So it’s sweet that the scene that ends with both of them laughing over Bob’s response–because that actually means, to some degree, the talk worked. Will is slightly less upset than he was before it began. 

Spike Analysis - Season 4

Alrighty, here we go with season 4 of Buffy. I know I said that I was going to do one post per significant episode for Spike, but his character development in season 4 is so damn choppy. His parts in any given episode are small, but put them together and you’ve got a lot to work with. So, that’s what we’re gonna do. From the top!

We see Spike initially in “The Harsh Light of Day.” This is the episode that ends up crossing over with Angel (one of the episodes this season, anyway). Basically, Dru has dumped Spike again and he’s back in Sunnydale with Harmony. He’s looking for the Gem of Amara which will make him invincible. Why does he want to be invincible? Well, I’ve got a theory (that it’s a demon. A dancing demon… Sorry). Spike for sure wanted to be invincible so that Buffy wouldn’t kick his ass the next time he tried to kill her—that worked well, huh?—but I think he also wanted it for personal reasons. You know how Angel always talks about how he wishes he could go out into the sun and be “a real boy” or whatever? I think, subconsciously, Spike wanted that, too. Also, one of the main things with Spike this episode is his new relationship with Harmony. The whole thing is super abusive on his part, and all that is, is Spike wanting to take out his anger for women on someone. It’s a horrible thing to do, but how much can you really blame the poor sod? The dude had to turn into a blood-sucking creature of the night to escape the shame of rejection from Cecily. The only other thing with this episode is that Spike totally gets his ass kicked by Buffy when he tries to kill her on the UC Sunnydale campus. He loses the Gem, which gets taken to Angel, which he then goes after. I’m not going to go over that episode of Angel because all it is, is normal Spike stuff. No development.

Okay, next up to discuss is “The Initiative.” This is where The Initiative kidnaps Spike and sticks that behavior chip in his head. There’s not a whole lot to talk about by way of character development until the scene with Willow in her dorm room. Spike went there to kill Buffy, right, but he settled for Willow instead. Willow and Spike are always great together because, even if he’s trying to kill her, they’re always really sweet to each other. I don’t if that’s because Spike identifies with her or what. That would make sense in this scene because Spike has just been dumped by Dru, and Oz has just left Willow. It could also be because, at Willow and Spike’s cores, they’re just big ‘ol softies. Anyway, back to the scene. So, Spike figures out here that he can’t kill, bite, or hurt Willow. Which is super embarrassing for him. It’s not hard to miss the metaphor pointing to impotence here. The show plays up the sensual/sexual aspect of being a vampire quite a bit. I mean, it makes sense considering the drinking of blood most likely provides the same euphoric effect that sex does, not to mention, they’re both primal acts. Willow comforts him until she realizes she’s insane and hits him over the head with a lamp.

Follow me to “Pangs” for some more Spike-chip developments. So, I’m gonna paraphrase here what James Marsters said in the DVD featurette about Spike on the Season 4 DVDs. Basically, the fun part about being a vampire (unless you’ve got a soul) is getting to kill and terrorize people. You can steal anything you want, kill anyone you want, and you’ve got no repercussions to deal with. However, now Spike can’t do that. Not only won’t he get a job, but he really can’t because he doesn’t exist to the world as a real person. He can’t kill people to eat them or to rob them, so there’s no way for him to get blood. Harmony’s given up on him and the only people he knows in town are the damn Scoobies. So… he’s fucked. This is the first of a few episodes of Spike living with Giles. Season 4 is kind of rubik’s cube of confusion for Spike as a character because… where does he fit? You can see the various different scenarios the writers try to put Spike in to make him work within the Scoobies. This episode, for example, is the bit where they try and make Spike into Cordelia. He gets ties up and has to listen to the Scoobies discuss what to do about this Native American spirit that is trying to kill all of them (because they don’t want to hurt him since… well, since America has hurt enough Native Americans for several lifetimes). For Spike, the solution is very simple: all that shit happened a long time ago, and you need to kill him before he kills you. Don’t be dumb. Which sort of establishes Spike as an intelligent and observant character, and that’s something that gets used and abused for the rest of the show. It also tells us that, if they have to, the Scoobies and Spike can stand to be around each other.

Moving right along to “Something Blue.” I’ve not got a lot to say here. This episode is pretty much Buffy and Spike making disgusting smooching noises and Giles not being okay with it. The only thing I would say towards Spike’s development is that it’s the first of two seeds planted this season that end up growing toward Spike falling in love with Buffy in the following season.

The next significant episode this season is “Doomed.” Spike finally figures out that he can hurt/kill demons. This is, of course, after he tries to kill himself in Xander’s basement. When he, Willow, and Xander are walking out of the museum, Spike attempts to make Willow and Xander feel like inferior pieces of shit on the grounds that they’re just weighing Buffy down. You can see in that scene that Spike is happy to be able to cause someone some pain somehow, which seems to be fine for him in that moment. But the real kicker is when he realizes he can still kill—it just has to be demons. And, shockingly enough, that’s good enough for him. This sort of backs up something that he and Angel talk about in Angel’s 5th season: that Spike just wanted kill while Angel was in it for the evil. All of this leads to him, in the next season, believing that he doesn’t want to kill people anymore (that was his reasoning when he was trying to tell Buffy he loved her) and then to him actually not wanting to kill people anymore when he gets his soul. So, this episode is huge for Spike, and we see the results from it carry all the way to the end of the chip’s storyline.

“A New Man” and “The I in Team” I’m going to sort of glom together because basically what these two episodes do is begin the mutually beneficial relationship between Spike and the Scoobies (I do a thing for you, you pay me money. You do a thing for me, I may do another thing for you later… but only for money). Of course, we know this relationship keeps going in one form or another at least through season 5. I’m not so sure about season 6 because I don’t remember hearing him ask for money in that season. However, that’s the only way he could afford to buy blood unless, for some reason, the Scoobies decided to give him money to buy blood regardless because of his help after Buffy died. Maybe he got paid for babysitting Dawn. I dunno.

Okay, moving on. “Who Are You” is the second episode this season with Faith. Faith is already in Buffy’s body by this episode. The scene with Faith and Spike in the Bronze is the second seed that blossoms into Spike falling for Buffy. Yes, it is Faith in Buffy’s body teasing Spike and getting him all hot and heavy… but Spike doesn’t know this. He legit thinks Buffy is fucking with him right now. And you can totally tell that Spike would be down. I feel like this is an epiphany for him, like “Holy shit… she’s fucking hot.” You know? And then he says, “You and me are gonna have a confrontation.” Like, that’s such a formal way to tell her that he’s going to kick her ass? It’s like Spike was rehearsing what to say in his head, trying to make it sound menacing but cool and collected at the same time, and it just came out strange because he was so flustered. It’s one of my favorite moments from this season, for real.

I haven’t got a lot left to say about season 4. I mean, “The Yoko Factor” is a pretty good example of Spike being a very observant character. And it also tells us that Spike doesn’t give two shits about the lives of the Scoobies unless it benefits him. Like, he doesn’t give a fuck if Willow is gay or if Xander feels inferior or if Giles feels unwanted. He’s just uses it to further his own desires, which is classic Spike. I guess, with his deal with Adam, you get to see a different side of Spike in that Spike has never really been below someone before, at least not in the sense of working for them. So, that’s quite strange. And by the end of the season, the Scoobies have gotten used to Spike being around, even though they know he’ll still do shitty things if he can. Overall, other than the chip, Spike doesn’t have a lot going on in season 4. But, next up we’re working on season 5, and oh, boy. I’m pretty pumped. It’s gonna be a good time.

Hope you enjoyed the rambles!          


Well, technically it’s the 28th now, but I’ve been busy.

First of all, wow. I made a small post on Sunday not expecting anyone to read it at all but more for me to read in the future and reflect on. Instead, I logged in to see I have 23 followers and 39 notes on my post so thank you all those who reblogged, liked and followed me today! It honestly means a lot and makes me happy that people are following me with my journey. I do love to follow back new accounts so lemme know if you want me to follow you back!

But ow. I woke up at 6am today to go the gym before uni. I managed to run for 20 minutes non-stop which is amazing for me honestly. But I forgot my towel so I was basically dripping with sweat after. But I’m not really ashamed to sweat at the gym now since it means I worked out hard and put effort into it. I also did some bodyweight ab exercises (since this gym doesn’t have a lot of ab machinery) so my core is beginning to feel the burn I went home and had a simple high protein breakfast of eggs, toast and two slices of ham. I like to eat relatively high protein since it’s great for recovery and fills me up well. I aim for around 100g protein a day, no more than 50g sugar (I have a sweet tooth that doesn’t really go away so I satisfy it with fruit), 50-60g fat and up to 300g carbs but I usually don’t end up having that much. Honestly, as long as something fits my macros and isn’t too filled with rubbish I’ll have it. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive. 

It’s been insanely sunny and warm in England today, so I decided to bust my bike out of the garage after 3 months of winter to find it was near impossible to ride. Honestly, only after 5 minutes, my inner thighs felt like they were on fire. I took my bike to my uni repair society and essentially everything was wrong with it lol. It’s a folding bike I got for my birthday last year and I assembled it with my dad which explained why it was always so hard to ride. When I was riding home from uni it felt so light and seamless. I used to hate biking to uni and opted to walk instead because of how tired biking made me feel, but I’ll probably be biking from now on since I usually leave at 6pm latest while it’s still bright outside. My university is in a seaside town so I ended up biking along the seafront for about 30 minutes which was amazing. But now my inner thighs hurt like hell but I don’t mind. I’ll massage it a bit and take a soak in the tub and all should be ok in the morning. I’ll probably go the gym in the evening tomorrow since I felt tired all day today because I went in the morning. If I go in the evening, I can just come home, drink some tea and have a snack and jump right into bed instead of struggling to concentrate in my seminars. 

I’m actually surprised and happy that I’m still keeping with it. I really don’t know how, but a few days ago I just had a spark and I just didn’t want to continue eating crap and feel bad about it, but eat good food and be happy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue with it. Pics, stats, food and exercise plan will start to be posted from Friday (mainly for my use but if someone wants to lose weight together with me then why not?!) so I’m excited for that. Also because my boyfriend is visiting from London for the weekend and I haven’t seen him in two weeks (which isn’t long, but it feels so long!). And Nando’s. Friday = pay day = Nando’s. 

Blossoming Rose Part 5

   Emily entered the lobby of the apartment building with a sigh. She had a conservative grey turtleneck pulled up around her chin, partly to ward off the surprising late-morning chill and partly to reflect her current mood. Her plain, baggy jeans and grey sneakers completed her modest and low-profile outfit.


   The ding of a nearby elevator interrupted her nervous muttering. Realizing she would have to head upstairs eventually, Emily reluctantly approached the opening elevator doors before taking a step back.

   “UUUUuuurp - Excuse me,” said the massive woman standing behind the doors. Emily almost gagged at the odor that wafted out from the elevator - it smelled like something had died weeks ago and hasn’t been removed. A moment later, a thundering frrrrt erupted from the woman’s ass and Emily realized the source of the stench. She quickly stepped to the side to allow the woman to shuffle past.

   Fffrrrrrrrt. The obese woman’s rear visibly wobbled as the effort of waddling past Emily squeezed another fart out of her bloated gut. Emily frantically waved her hand in front of her nose, trying to dispel the scent. She looked back at the retreating behemoth in disgust.

   “How can people even let themselves get that big?” Emily watched the woman approach the lobby door, panting and wheezing, while she gave the elevator a moment to air out. Even in the chilly weather, sweat pooled visibly on the other woman’s brow. Every part of her body looked misshapen with excess fat that oozed out of every crevice of her tight tank top. It was painfully obvious that she was braless, and her breasts swung like gargantuan sandbags on her chest. “Can she even breathe with those things?” Emily muttered.

   Emily tore her attention away and stepped into the elevator. As the doors closed, she took one final look at the obese passerby and grimaced. Looks like she tried to dye her hair purple, and badly, too. Yuck.


   Jennifer stole one look behind her before the elevator doors closed shut.

   There goes the new toy, she mused. It was like looking in a mirror at her old self a year ago. She’ll look good in purple and stretch marks.


   Fleur spritzed a cloud of perfume into the air of her apartment. She could practically feel Jen’s odor fade away and be replaced by her own sweet, rosy scent. She inhaled deeply. The air was thick with the sickeningly sweet aroma of rose petals and sugar incense. It was overpowering, like breathing pure nectar.



   The elevator pinged again as the doors opened onto the third floor. Emily could feel her heart pounding against her thick sweater, her blood rushing in her ears. She stood in silence, barely breathing, until the doors began to close again. She hurriedly jammed her foot between the closing panels and stepped out into the hallway.

   OhgodIreallyshouldn’tbeherewhatifshe’samurdererwhatdoessheexpectustodowhenIgetthere? Panicked thoughts raced through Emily’s mind. She felt so out of place, like being there in that hallway was fundamentally wrong somehow. She knew logically, objectively, that it was no different than her own apartment complex, but the thought of the girl from the night before seemed to paralyze her body with fear.

   Fear, and excitement, she thought to herself. Her body moved one step forward. How could she not be excited by the thought of those voluptuous curves and that melodious voice?

   Two steps. What about the whisper in her ear, the feel of her lips trailing along her cheek and the soft weight sinking into her gut, into her core, waking up feelings she never-

   “Well. You’re early.” Emily whirled around to face the voice behind her. Fleur posed effortlessly by the apartment door closest to the elevator, leaning against the doorframe.

   “Ah! You- you startled me,” Emily managed to choke out, “I, uh, thought your place was farther down the hall.”

   “Nope. This is it.” Fleur gestured vaguely to the space next to her. The door was partially closed, blocking Emily’s view into the apartment, but she could see a sliver of purple carpeting at the entrance. It clashed against the drab grey of the hallway’s decor, where the monochrome texture of the carpet and wallpaper blurred monotonously. “I guess movie it is, then? Any preference on what you want to go see?”

   Emily gulped. “N-no. You can choose.” Her eyes roved up and down Fleur’s body. Her date was wearing a tank top that stopped at her midriff and exposed a perfectly toned, hourglass shape. Her cleavage dipped low to the point where the fine purple lace of her bra showed from underneath the top. Compact shorts hugged her waistline and revealed the smooth curvature of her legs.

   Emily lapped up the image. “A-actually, I thought that maybe we couldtrythatotherthing…” Her face grew flustered while her voice sank to barely a whisper.

   “What was that?”

   “I said… I thought maybe… that thing…” Emily couldn’t make eye contact with the other woman. “…the thing from last night?”

   “Mmm, no, I don’t follow.” Emily was too fixated on a spot on the floor to notice Fleur’s expression. A gleam in her eye and a lick of her lips betrayed her innocent act. As she slid away from the entrance, she ground her hips against the doorframe in anticipation.

   “I… I…” Having no words left, Emily did the only thing she could. She lifted her hand up to her sweater and tugged down on the neck, revealing a glistening smear of chocolate still glazed onto her skin. The chilly air sent delicate shivers across the spot. Emily clenched her eyes shut and screamed at herself internally to walk away in shame, but was surprised to feel a warm hand clutch her arm. Opening her eyes, Emily tried to back away from Fleur’s face, inches away, and step towards the elevator.

   “So you want me to fuck you senseless?” Fleur purred. Emily gasped at the dirty thoughts that popped into her head. Before she could respond, Fleur nestled her chin on Emily’s shoulder and gently kissed her neck. Her lips, shining with a fresh sheen of purple lip gloss, caressed the smear of icing, eagerly sucking it. Every touch sent waves of fire across Emily’s body, burning away her panic and causing her to melt into Fleur’s arms.

   “Yes,” Emily whimpered. Her voice shook uneasily; she barely heard herself speak, wasn’t in control of her body. Fleur accepted the invitation and slid one hand down Emily’s back. Slipping her fingers beneath the waistband of Emily’s jeans, her hand firmly cupped the other girl’s ass and pulled her in closer. She slowly pressed the perky globes of her ample chest onto Emily’s relishing the moan of pleasure she elicited in response. With a grin, Fleur spun herself and her captive date, still desperately clutching her for support, into the apartment and kicked the door shut behind her.

   Immediately, Emily’s head was filled with the thick syrupy scent of Fleur’s perfume, only multiplied tenfold. It burned her throat as she inhaled and filled her head with the mental image of flower petals. She felt like she could barely breathe through the fog of perfume, but somehow managed to let out only a small cough.

   “I hope you like it.” Fleur released Emily’s neck and stared into her eyes. “I know the color scheme can be a little… overwhelming… at first,” Fleur said with a pout, giving Emily an imploring look.

   Emily tore herself away from eye contact with Fleur to look around and immediately regretted it. Purple everything. You have got to be kidding me, thought Emily, barely suppressing a grimace. True enough, everything from the carpeting to the wallpaper to the furniture in the living space, and what Emily could see of the rest of the apartment, was themed purple. Fleur appeared to have matched both her fashion style and interior decorating with her favorite (and for Emily, most hated) color.  

   “No, no, I… love it. Love the purple!” Emily nervously laughed. She felt a tiny twinge of disgust at the white lie, but it was washed away by the enormous surge of emotion she felt when Fleur’s lips twitched upwards in a smile. It was like a warmth spreading from her chest down to her core, and she unconsciously parted her lips to drink in her partner’s sweet scent.

   “I’m glad. Why don’t you get comfortable?”

   Emily took another glance around. The apartment was lavishly furnished, with several padded chairs and a wide leather sofa surrounding a television set in the living area. The entire place appeared to have thick, soft carpeting that Emily could feel cushion her steps even through her shoes. It, of course, was also purple.

   “Is the sofa ok? I’m not really familiar with how you do-” Emily was cut off again by a finger quickly pressed to her lips.

   “Shut up. Get on the bed.” Using her index finger, Fleur pushed Emily on past the living room and into the bedroom. Step by step she advanced, until Emily’s heels caught on the edge of the bedframe and she tumbled backwards onto the sheets. The perfume was stronger here, the smell of roses soaked into the bed itself.

   Emily’s body sunk easily into the soft, padded mattress. Laying on the bed felt like drifting atop a cloud, the mattress layered with several fluffed-up blankets, and the hapless girl barely felt the weight of Fleur climbing onto the bed. She did notice, however, when Fleur placed one hand to either side of Emily’s head and, propping herself up, leaned in atop Emily’s shivering form. Now straddled over the other girl’s body, Fleur took a moment to enjoy her partner’s reaction. The blonde was a deep shade of red, trying to look anywhere but down into Fleur’s hanging bosom and anxiously wringing her hands. Fleur responded by bending her arms and slowly lowering herself down onto Emily; she brought the blonde’s jittering hands up to her own chest, inviting her to begin delicately groping her.

   Emily’s hands immediately sunk into her partner’s warm, pliable breasts. Fleur let out a deep, sensual purr of appreciation and lowered herself farther. The two girls’ bodies nestled together, Fleur’s curvaceous hips grinding against Emily’s core. A leg slid down between Emily’s thighs and began rhythmically rubbing at her groin.

   “Mmm,” Emily moaned appreciatively and arched into Fleur’s body, her lower body already aching for more. It felt like all the pent-up energy and anticipation from the previous night’s dinner had returned in force. In the time it took for Fleur to trace her fingers along Emily’s thighs and up to her waist, the blonde was flushed with raw, sexual desire, her thighs squeezing needingly against the other girl’s leg.

   Fleur leaned in, letting her hair tickle Emily’s face and ghosting her lips across her captive’s cheek. “God, you really needed me, didn’t you? Just look at you. You’re too horny to do anything but squirm.”

   She knew she had Emily physically and mentally dominated within seconds, and she paused to revel at how the prim and proper girl from a day ago had been so quickly reduced to a quivering, speechless pet. The black-haired seductress began to experiment with her lover’s body, learning exactly which strings to pull. She watched the other girl’s eyes clench shut, her teeth biting down on her lip to try and hold back a moan of pleasure. A slight nibble along her neckline caused Emily’s breath to catch in her throat before being released as a sensual squeal.

   After hearing the blonde’s voice kick up to a higher pitch, Fleur stopped playing around and nested Emily’s head between her neck and heaving boobs. Fleur’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Don’t think I forgot about last night. This isn’t the only thing you need from me.”

   Fleur’s deep purple lips brushed against Emily’s, prompting her to part her own lips in response. Instead of deepening the kiss, however, Fleur reached over to her bedside table and quickly inserted the end of a funnel into the blonde’s open mouth.

   “Mmmph! Wha-” Emily was unable to do more than gurgle unintelligibly, her mouth full of rich chocolate fondue. Fleur firmly held her jaw and teased her fingers across Emily’s throat until she forced down the substance. The confused blonde could make out what looked like a large pitcher held above her mouth before Fleur’s long, black hair fell down over her to obscure her vision. Pinned to the bed by the other girl’s body and afraid of choking on the thick fondue, Emily had no choice but to continue swallowing.

   A moment later, Emily felt Fleur’s other hand slide underneath her sweater to reach her chest. The other girl began caressing her breast in rhythm with each mouthful of chocolate. Emily could do nothing but moan through mouthfuls of thick, sweet liquid as she lost herself again in the feeling. Soon, though, she swallowed the last drizzle of chocolate and licked her lips of the remainder. She felt the sweet goo settle in her stomach, adding to the fullness of the night before and bloating her belly once again.

   “Unggghhh,” Emily grunted, half in pain, half in pleasure. Tight cramps emanated from her gurgling stomach, which struggled to digest the sugar overload. In response, Fleur shifted both hands down to her belly and began kneading her sensitive skin. Immediately, she felt the bulge of dough and chocolate work its way through her flat belly.

   “Good girl. Now here’s your reward.” A single finger slipped below the waistband of Emily’s jeans.

   “AghhHHH!” Emily cried out in ecstasy. Her vision exploded in a dazzling array of purples, the sight of the room spinning around her. Fleur continued to gently massage the other girl’s overfull gut as she sought out the sweet spot between Emily’s thighs. It didn’t take her long to find it.

   “Ah! Please, I…” Emily strained as her body clenched, arching again into Fleur’s. The rest of Fleur’s hand followed her finger south, and Emily’s protests were quickly silenced.

   “Ah! More!” The blonde pressed her face against Fleur’s chest. Moving her free hand from Emily’s belly to her head and holding her in place, Fleur coaxed Emily along gently.

   “Shh. I’ve got you. Relax,” Fleur murmured. “That’s it. Good girl. You’re doing great.”

   Emily finally went over the edge, her body exploding in orgasmic pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy, feeling every inch of her skin tingle with pleasure, warmth filling her from head to toe. Slowly, her body went limp, her voice diminishing down to exhausted pants. She clung desperately to Fleur’s body, her legs interlocked with the other girl’s like a vicegrip and her hands clutching at the fabric of Fleur’s bra.

   Emily was still riding aftershocks of pleasure when Fleur pulled her even closer. Both of them were drenched in sweat, but the taller girl pressed their bodies together into a kiss. Emily gratefully sunk into the contact, enjoying the feeling of Fleur’s warmth wrapped around her. When Fleur broke the kiss, the blonde instinctively nuzzled against her chest, nestling her head underneath Fleur’s chin.

   “You did such a good job.” Fleur’s voice was like honey to the peaceful girl beside her. Emily was surprised to find Fleur’s lips meshing anxiously against her own, and even more surprised when her lover broke the kiss to slide a small chocolate mint into her mouth, but she accepted both.

   “Mmm… I should go,” Emily mumbled halfheartedly. “Have to be back home… eventually…”

   Fleur broke her train of thought with another kiss, followed by another small chocolate mint being pressed between her lips. “No, you don’t. Stay here for the night. I have to get up early to meet with a friend, but you can sleep in as long as you want.” She tightened her grip on Emily, and the blonde girl melted into the embrace.

“But… classes…”

   “You’ve got an incredibly sexy classmate to copy off of, remember?” Fleur chuckled. “You know, you never did get those notes for your friend. Guess we’ll just have to swap notes later. Maybe over a nice brunch? This Sunday?”

   “Yeah. Sounds great.” Emily continued to mutter happily into Fleur’s boobs.

   “Mmhmm. Say, that reminds me. I got you a gift.” Fleur reached behind her and retrieved a small object. Emily saw it was a small earring, consisting of a bright purple gem inlaid in a silver setting. Fleur attached it to Emily’s ear with a quiet click.

   “Well? How’s it look?” Emily barely whispered, quickly drifting off to sleep.

   Fleur smiled knowingly and gracefully wrapped her arms around Emily’s middle. Even in the dim lighting, she could see the blonde’s body resting in the gigantic mattress dent left by its previous occupant.

   “It’s a little small,” Fleur whispered as she slipped another chocolate into Emily’s mouth, “but I think you’ll grow into it.”


   Sophie was everything that her sister was not. She inherited her mother’s stunning looks; her blonde hair was cut short and tied back in a ponytail, but the strict, businesslike look couldn’t detract from her stern but beautiful features. Her body flared out in all the right places, and unlike her more plain, modest sibling, she wore tight-fitting professional wear that accentuated every curve. While her sister was smart enough to keep all A’s in her classes (even if, in Sophie’s opinion, she wasted her potential on dreams of being an author), Sophie was the ‘smart one’ of the family. She was the overachiever, a senior-year student practically guaranteed entrance to medical school and on the fast track to a career as a surgeon, while her sister was content to sit quietly in her shadow. Her sister insisted on surrounding herself with childish fiction and nerdy pursuits; Sophie was strictly business.

   She was intelligent, determined, and intimidating, and as she stood outside the apartment her sister shared with another insufferable girl, she was furious.

   "What do you mean, she’s not here,“ Sophie hissed. She had a glare that could freeze the fiercest of predators in their tracks, and eyes like cold, hard steel.

   Pop. Sarah licked the bubblegum off her lips and returned a half-lidded stare, unfazed. "I mean she’s not here. Come back later.”

   She began to swing the door shut, but Sophie’s hand shot out to block it. Sighing, Sarah allowed the other girl to force the door open again and stand over her.

   "I will not be leaving until I speak with Emily. She owes me an explanation.“

   "For?” Pop.

   Sophie rolled her eyes in exasperation and began listing off using her fingers. “Where to start? First, for ignoring my repeated calls last night. Second, for apparently disappearing overnight to god-knows-where without telling anyone. And third, for why she lets her gum-obsessed roommate answer the door topless.”

   "Jeez, what is with your family and clothes…“ Sarah fiddled with the hem of the baggy t-shirt she had thrown on moments before. She had nicknamed it her 'Top-for-when-Emily-yells-at-me’ shirt. Apparently that name was going to have to extend to her roommate’s immediate family.

   "Excuse me?”

   "Nothing. Anyway, she was out late last night, decided to crash at a friend’s place. That’s all.“

   "Bullshit. You’re her only friend.”

   Crap, she’s right. Sarah made a mental note to drag Emily to a party that weekend. With no more excuses coming to mind, she bit her tongue and came clean. Sorry, Em. I did what I could.

   "Well, Emily met this girl in our environmental biology class since I was out at this insane club the night before, and let me tell you, I was not getting out of bed before noon after that many shots - and, uh, anyway, she met this girl who was super hot, and even though I didn’t think Emily was into that, she got her number and ended up going on a date (thanks to me, thank you very much), and apparently she had a great time because she barely said a word to me when she got back that night but she had this HUGE grin on her face. And then yesterday she said she had some errands to run, except I could tell she had a hot date since that girl would never put makeup on to go get groceries. And then she didn’t really come back, so I guess she decided to stay overnight.“

   Sarah took a deep breath, and a suspicious grin spread across her face. ”…and, uh, score one for your sister, if you know what I mean.“

   Sophie squeezed her eyes shut and said nothing at first. "Sarah,” she began through clenched teeth, “I know you’re covering for her, but when you’re giving me a fake excuse, you can try a little harder than 'my sister spent the night having wild sex with a stranger she’s only known for a day’. That’s something only you would do.”

   "Eyy, you know I would!“ Sarah cocked a pair of finger guns at the other girl.

   Sophie sighed. "I just… I’m her older sister. It’s my job to worry about her. I just want to make sure she’s ok.” Her face softened as she spoke, and Sarah almost felt a pang of sympathy.

   …Until she remembered the time Sophie was helping Emily move in and 'accidentally’ threw out her BDSM for Beginners kit.

   No, there would be no forgiveness.

   "That’s really touching and all, and you know how much I love talking with you, but I think my sink needs watering so I gotta go!“ Sarah smooth-talked her guest and inched the door shut until she felt the lock click. She heard a muffled growl of frustration through the door, but to her relief it was followed by the sound of footsteps retreating down the hall.

   The brunette sauntered over to the couch and shook out her hair. With a single catlike twist, she pulled the loose-fitting shirt over her head and tossed it into a corner.

   "Be free!” She shouted, to no one in particular, and watched as her uncovered boobs swung perkily. Bouncing on her toes, Sarah turned to admire herself in the connected kitchen’s mirror before flopping down onto the couch.

   "No more shall the confines of dreaded, itchy 100% cotton hold you back, you beautiful twins, you!“ She spoke in what she assumed was a regal voice, hugging her chest. She only had the chance to rest for a moment, however, before there was a knock at the door.

   “I’m not gonna put a shirt back on to answer that door, Sophie,” she warned. The knocking stopped, and Sarah flipped her middle finger in the vague direction of the door before collapsing back onto the couch. After a pause, she heard the door click and swing open, causing her to snap her head upright in surprise. She found herself staring through the doorway at her bedraggled, nervous friend.

   Emily had pulled her hair forward to hide her face, like she often did when embarrassed, but Sarah could see a small smile creeping onto her face.

   “Sarah, I spent the night having wild sex with a stranger I’ve only known for a day. I think I need help.”

   Sarah raised her eyebrow and gave her friend a naughty grin, even as she continued to chew casually.

   “All you need is a third date.” Pop.

It’s Bobby Sunday!  Are you ready to dance????

Yes, today’s Bobby Sunday we are watching Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School.

You know … . . after watching this today, I have to say I didn’t pay much attention to many of the details the other umpteen times I watched.  Or maybe I just watched Bobby dancing and having sex in the bakery? 

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Put your pants on Frank!  (Or not.  Not is good too.) 

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My favorite scenes:

1. I Don’t Want to Go Back: I am Bawson trash through and through, but I’m here for Ginny first and foremost and this scene tore me to shreds. Kylie kilT it and, damn, if Ginny’s pain, stress, and frustration wasn’t palpable as hell then I don’t know what is. You have this overwhelmed 23 year old who is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and all she wants is just one moment of normalcy opposed to her constantly playing a role. One of the best things to come out of this was the fact that we see how much others genuinely care about Ginny.  

2. I Don’t Need a Man to Save Me/I Make the Speeches: I don’t think this speech necessarily applied to Mike, but damn, I was in awe of Ginny as she let him have it. lol. Someone needed to hear what’s been weighing on her chest for a while and who better than Mike? She feels comfortable and emotionally safe around him pertaining the pro stuff. But, I love this assertiveness and Ginny dictating what happens. She may be a duckling at times, but she can call her own shots.

3. Bawson Bar scene and almost kiss: Everything leading up to the almost kiss was magic. Mike asking why Ginny lied, Ginny not being to answer for it, the reasons they’ll miss each other, gah…it’s only been 10 eps–how am I THIS invested??? The almost kiss was everything. Mike letting Ginny lead and Ginny not letting anything talk her out of the kiss UNTIL ‘The Call’ happens. The hot man breath and beard touch.*sighs* This is a waking nightmare because I need resolution. 

4. The Day After Almost Kiss/Evelyn is Us scene: Every time I watch this scene I HOLLER. Evie: Tell me how last night went? (referring to Noah) Ginny: It got weird (referring to Mike). This entire scene is golden, from the carpet matching the face to nuance–and Ginny SEVERELY undersold the moment. Then, Amelia walked into. This series wants to kill us, but FOX might. *crosses fingers for the best*

5. Mike gushing about Ginny on National TV: It’s one thing to say someone is a good player, but not only was Mike defending her on national TV, he was gushing as he did it. I know Janet and Will has been there since the beginning, sacrificed a lot, and love her to pieces, but Mike is her number one fan. How the roles have changed. 

6. First Mound Speech/Do this for you...: I think many of us wrote Mike off and saw him as an ass because, yah, he was in the beginning, but how the tides changed in ONE episode. Who knows what others told Ginny about before she made it to the show, but it appears that Mike was the first one to tell her, “Do this for you or not at all–do this for your team.” She’s a ballplayer first and foremost and he reminded her of why she played to begin with and, ultimately, what the bottom line was. 

7. Mike tearing into Omar while outing him own feelings: Mike takes love seriously. You don’t fall in love with someone based on looks–you have to get to know them. Also Mike: "Well, I believe in the soul… the cock…the pussy… the small of a woman’s back… the hangin’ curveball… high fiber… good scotch… that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent overrated crap… I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a Constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve, and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.“-Bull Durham (1988)

8. Ginny’s Kimmel interview: This is where we first (???) get of glimpse of Ginny’s media savvy. She doesn’t want to speak on the issue, but Amelia forced her hand, so she uses her platform to call out to acknowledge her change in status and uses this moment to address rape/sexual assault case. This scene really highlighted Ginny’s complexities also while giving us a insight on her feminists beliefs all while wanting to be one of the guys. 

9. Mike’s late night call to Ginny: Mike’s tired of not having someone to talk to at night, so he calls Ginny….even though it’s just to give her shit. Their comfort level and ease with one another just warms me soul. :)

10. Ginny taunting Mike for not hitting bombs: Look, y’all this was some straight up foreplay. I can only imagine what the sex will be like. lol. She goes from playing taunting to encouraging, and Ginny is Mike’s biggest fan. 

11. Every interaction in “Don’t Say It”: I was both dead and got my life from their awkward interactions and bull put scene. I LIVED. “I’m good, you good?” “I’m good” “Good.”///“Oh, so that’s what we’re going with???” “Yep, because that’s what happened.”–What in the TV Gods Heavens. This is too much. I’m flatlining just thinking about these lovesick fools.

12. “Put Your Helmet On”: When I say that Ginny is Mike’s number one fan…ole girl got hubby in the game. Use her womanly wiles, riled up the crowd, and made it impossible to keep Mike benched for his “last” game. She not only wanted Mike to bat as his teammate, but as his friend and his biggest fan. And that wink was everything as well as Mike’s frown.


What’s y’all favorite scenes? Or do y’’all have commentary to add?

Fun drawing ideas, mainly for character design

If you like to study from different art books and tutorials, that is awesome! It is a great way to learn and improve your at. I’m certainly still learning myself, but if anybody wants some tips from a fellow amature, I have discovered a few things that have helped me.

We often learn how to draw characters that have pleasing shapes and lines, which makes sense, but be careful! You can lose variety when you are too uniform. This can also depend on your personal style, if it is simple or realistic. I’m certainly not going to criticize anybodies technique or designs; I just wanted to share some things that I did which helped me when making characters.

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stay-beautiful-lovex3  asked:

Hi lovely! You have such a warm and light aura about you & I really appreciate all the positivity you spread on here..just wanted to let you know that you have such a beautiful heart.💓

colleen, your radiance and positivity is also boundless so it truly made my heart beam with joy reading this warm message from you! thank you endlessly for saying that, your sweet words about my aura may be one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me! i want you to know i think the same of you, you’re so gracious and selfless to your core!!!! i hope there’s bountiful light and bliss in your life over the coming days as you deserve nothing less xx

anonymous asked:

What do you think sex would be like with Key, Minho, and Taemin?

If you don’t mind, I’m just going to do all the members!

Sex with Key would be sweet, but also hot. He’ll kiss down your body, and he’s the type to unzip your pants with his teeth, all while keeping eye contact. He’ll finger you first, preparing you for him. He’ll whisper dirty things to you that will go straight to your core. When he has you dripping and begging for him, he’ll fuck you senseless. I feel like he’s the type to really like dirty talk and heavy petting.

He’s a dom. I gotta say it. He likes to be in control and to be rough. When he senses you’re in the mood, he’ll say, “You want Daddy to touch you?” When you nod yes, he’s the type to put you in handcuffs and won’t let you move or make a noise. When he becomes restless, he’ll flip you over and fuck you from behind. When he’s close to cumming, he’ll say, “Cum for me baby girl,” and when he feels your walls clenching around him, he’ll cum too.

I think he’s a switch, but with more of a submissive preference. He likes for you to be in control, but he also likes to take the lead occasionally. He’ll hold his hands behind his back while he kitten licks your core. He restrain from touching himself because he knows you don’t like when he cums before you. If he’s a good boy you’ll let him fuck you, but you get to tell him when to cum.

He’s a sub without a doubt. He’ll do everything you tell him to do, because he loves to please you, but he also is a brat. He’ll break your rules and touch himself or moan too loud. He loves when you punish him, like giving him spankings. He loves to whine too, god. He’ll whimper and beg you to let him touch himself or to let him fuck you.

I also think Onew is very dominant. He would love to worship your body and be in control all the while. He would leave love bites all over your body, most of them on your neck or on your inner thighs. He’ll make you watch him suck on his own fingers and insert them in you so you’ll be stretched out and ready for him. When the time comes that he fucks you, he’ll be on top, holding your hands above your head or choking you, whichever you prefer. He’ll tell you to say his name or he’d say, “Moan louder, I want everyone to know you’re getting fucked by the best.”

~Admin Han aka i am deceased