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HEY COULD I HAVE A BTS, GOT7, AND BIG BANG SMUT SHIP? I'm a v short Cuban (4'10"..) lover of anything DDLG, im probably the subbiest switch you'll ever meet tbh!! im into orgasm denial, overstimulation, receiving oral... but also would want someone who could be really gentle after a scene or just also into romantic and sweet sex !! idk !!! jUST YEAH!

Hey there anon! Thank you for requesting! Here are your ships!

BTS: Taehyung! He’d be into giving you oral the most. He’d kiss you passionately and would kiss down your body, leaving marks here and there. He’d reach your core, and would moan at the sight of it being so wet. He’d dive in, licking and sucking on your clit while fingering you so damn good. He’d hold you down so you don’t move as he fucks you with his fingers. He’d switch to fucking you with his tongue while his fingers play with your clit. He’d wait until you were about to come to stop. He’d kiss back up your body and would look you in the eye as he slowly enters you. He’d hold you close as he makes love to you. You would hear him moaning for you in between kisses. He’d get more turned on as you moan his name. He wouldn’t be able to get enough of you.

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GOT7: Jaebum! Daddy loves hearing his baby girl scream for him. He’d be fucking you so good you’d barely be able to catch your breath. He’d pound into you so hard you’d scream with every thrust. Daddy would make you look at him and tell him how good he’s making you feel. He’d moan at your words and would kiss you roughly, fucking you even faster, if that even possible. Once you’ve both climaxed, he’d pull out but would play with your clit. He’d rub it so fast that you’d have to hold onto him because the intensity is so overwhelming. He’d stop and pick you up, taking you to the bathroom. He’d lay you down and draw you a nice, warm bath. He’d rub your scalp and shoulders while kissing your forehead lovingly, telling you how much he loves you.

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Big Bang: T.O.P.! This Daddy would surely make sure his little girl feels good. He’d get you so worked up you can practically see the stars as your eyes roll back, but then he’d step away from you, leaving you unfulfilled. He’d do this a few times, watching as you get weaker and weaker for him. But Daddy always knows when to draw the line. He eventually lets you come, and it’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had. He keeps going, knowing how much you love the overstimulation. He’d moan every time he hears you scream his name. When he’s finally done fucking you so good, he’d hold you close. He’d smooth out your hair and tell you what a good job you did. He’d lay you back against his chest and massage your thighs as he kisses your temple sweetly.

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I hope you enjoy your ships!! ~M ;)

They’ve fallen from the core, And see the story clear.
Each day, more and more, Of all possibilities we fear.
They’ll serenade with stories, and join in all tricks.
They are the embodiment of sight, and your friend amongst the pricks.

I really did try to make a serious poem, but then I didn’t. 

One of my most fav AUs, core!Frisk is kick-ass and also by @dokudoki <3 I just HAD to do something, anything, for this sweet story. 

EXO and your first kiss

As the part two of @btssavemylife‘s request! Please heart and reblog if you liked this. If you also stan BTS, you can check out their version here. Enjoy! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

- Gail

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Minseok and your first kiss was sweet to the core. It had been a really tough week for you. Your laptop had broken, you had 3 tests coming up for school, you had gotten a light cold and just nothing was going your way. You finally broke down when you were making Minseok and yourself some coffee, and somehow, dropped your phone into your cup of coffee, RIP phone. Your felt hot tears run down your cheeks, you cover your face with your hands, feeling silly crying over “such a silly thing”. Minseok walks into the kitchen, wondering what was taking you so long and if you needed help, but as soon as he sees the state you’re in he runs over to you.

“Are you ok? What happened? Did you hurt yourself?” he says, pulling your hands away from your face so he could see it.

“I-i dropped m-my phone in the c-coffee.” You stutter out, “It’s just one thing after another this week.”

“I’m sorry babe. Here I know what’ll make you feel better.” He said, giving a heartwarming smile. Minseok then started pulling ridiculous faces, both cute and silly ones.

“Your such a dork.” You laugh out. You place your hands of his cheeks and he does the same to you.

“I’m your dork.” He says before bringing his lips to yours and giving you the best first kiss.

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Junmyeon’s kiss with you had been honestly pure and just lovely all around. You two hadn’t seen each other due to his comeback, but he had promised he would do whatever you’d like when he found the time, and when the time came it just so happened all you wanted to do was laze around all day. You both had snuggled down to watch a movie but, you being you, had fallen asleep not even 40 minutes into the film. When you had awoken you were meant with the sight of Junmyeon reading a book while your head was on his lap. As soon as he saw you were awake he smiled, and you could have sworn that smile could grow flowers.

“Hey sleepy-head.” He put aside his book and brushed a piece of hair away from your face.

“Hi.” You replied, a duffy smile coming to your face. “How long have I been asleep?”

“You’ve been out quite awhile now. Maybe 2 hours.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Your face fell. How could you have been out for so long?

“It’s ok. You must have been tired, you were snoring a little.” Junmyeon said with a chuckle. You covered your face with the sleeves of your sweater, feeling your cheeks get hot. Your actions cause another laugh to escape his lips as you wish to be sucked into a black hole. “It was cute. Don’t worry about it” He reassures you, then gently kisses you. 

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Yixing’s first kiss with you was gentle and loving. It was during a music bank, he was getting ready for a performance and you had kind of blanked out looking at him. You thought about just how honestly lucky you had become when you two had gotten together, and how sweet he was, plus how pretty he was, it was hard to believe. Yixing, feeling your stare on him, turned to look at you, giving you a cute smile.

“What are you staring at? Do I have something on my face? Is my makeup messed up?” He asked, genuinely concerned. A blush formed on your face when you had realized you had been staring at him for quite a while.

“N-no! I was just admiring. You look really good. I mean it’s not like you don’t usually look good! You always look great!” You blurt out, a smile growing on Yixing’s face with every sentence. “I’m….gonna shut up now.”

“Well, I think you always look great too.” He comments, putting a hand on the back of your neck, leaning forwards and laying a kiss on your forehead. You let out a tiny giggle and Yixing removes his lips then places them on the tip of your nose. He pulls back just enough to see your face, and he takes in the view of you, hesitating about whether or not he should do what he had wanted to for a while. You noticed his hesitation and closed the gap between your lips and Yixing’s.

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Baekhyun actually hadn’t remembered your guys’ first kiss, due to the fact he had been drunk. You both had been out to a party and while you decided to keep it to a drink or two, he had gone all out. Since the rest of the group had already left or was still partying you took on the responsibility of getting Baekhyun home. He had been leaning on you for the past 10 minutes had you weren’t sure if you could practically carry him anymore, plus all his random mumbling was striking a nerve within you. You forced him to sit down on a bench and plopped yourself next to him.

“We taking a break?” Baekhyun slurred out, giving you a silly, drunken smile.You rolled your eyes, letting out a sigh.

“Yes. Yes Baekhyun, we are taking a break. You’re surprisingly heavy after awhile.”

“Oh.” He giggled back. Your face grimaces and you roll your eyes once more before letting them close and lazing your head back.

“Hey, do you think I’ll remember this tomorrow?” He asked, copying you and leaning his head back like yours.

“Probably not. Why?”

“Well there’s been something I’ve really wanted to do but I’ve been too shy too. So I might do it, but I’m afraid I could, somehow, regret it. Ya know?” You lifted your head back up and looked at him, and he followed your movements again, looking at you.

“I’d do it.” You shrugged at him, “Well as long as it’s not illegal, if it’s illegal, for the love of god, please don’t do it. I don’t have time for that kind of stuff right now.”

“You’re right.” He answered, and quickly placed his hand on your neck and kissed you.  

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Jongdae and your kiss sweet with a hint of passion. You guys had just been fooling around with his polaroid camera. You had already taken a few pictures of Jongdae pulling ridicules poses and faces when he insisted he take a picture of you.You shook your free hand in front of you as a way of saying no thank you, but before you could even say anything he had snatched the camera away from you.

“Smile!” He said getting the camera ready in front of his face, giving you his signature smile. In response you quickly cover your face and look away.

“You know I don’t like having my picture taken Chen!” You protested, letting a frown come to your face. He lowered the camera a sad look crossing his features.

“Please Y/N? Just one. For me?” He gave you puppy dog eyes, and you felt your heart break a little because of it. You let out a sigh.

“O-ok.” You remove your hands from your face but you still couldn’t get your eyes to meet the camera’s lens. A click is heard and a flash of bright light hits your eyes. You look over at Jongdae as he watches the now used film come from his polaroid, a smile on his face. He then continues to take it from its dispenser and shakes it.

“Hey, you shouldn’t shake it!” You insist walking over to him to look at the outcome of the picture. Even though it was still developing, you could tell you didn’t like it. “Oh get rid of it! I look terrible!”

“No you don’t! You look beautiful!….Just like you always do.” He protests, setting down the camera as well as the picture of you, and places his hands on your cheeks. “Please believe me when I say that.” He says, looking you in the eyes. Jongdae then closes gap between you two and kisses your lips.

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Your first kiss with Chanyeol had been quite goofy, just like the giant himself. You had invited him over for a game and movie night, which he couldn’t refuse. It was around 9 PM when you two found yourself playing truth or dare. You in your PJs and him with no shirt because of a previous dare, which involved him sending Yixing a shirtless pic of himself with no explanation, causing you to break down on the floor laughing.

“It’s not that funny babe.” Chanyeol informed you, but you continued rolling on the ground with the giggles. “Y-yeah well if that’s so funny….I-i, dare you to kiss me!” Your laughing came to a stop after your brain had processed exactly what he had suggested and you sat up. 

“You’re kidding me right? That’s so childish.” You said dumbfounded, which he responded with a “you better believe it” look. You roll your eyes “Fine, whatever.” You say with a slight pompous voice.

“Wait, what?” Chanyeol questioned but before any answers occurred you gently slam your lips to his. You pull back as quick as you had kissed him, and he looked shocked to the core, unable to understand what had just happened “Wow….” Was all that left his mouth. 

“What? Did you not, like it?”

“N-no. I-it was AMAZING! LET’S DO IT AGAIN!”

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Kyungsoo was kind of intoxicated and sleep deprived when you two shared your first kiss. A small party consisting of him, the rest of the group, and yourself had just ended at the boys’ apartment. You were saying goodbye to Minseok, the only member who had really made it through the drinking game you all had been playing, when you noticed the fact you hadn’t even said bye to your own boyfriend.

“Hey, did you see where Soo went off to?” 

“Uh, I think he was in the living room last time I checked.” Minseok replied with a shrug and a small sigh. “Will you do me a favor and lock the door on your way out? I’m exhausted.”

 “Sure thing. Night! He hummed out an ‘uh-huh’ and you both went your separate ways, you to the living-room and him to his room. You called out a small ‘Soo’. When you entered the lounge you were met with the site of Kyungsoo dead asleep on the couch. You mosey over to his sleeping figure and go to gently shake his shoulder but before you can he opens his eyes and makes an almost inaudible sound. “Have you been awake this whole time?”

“Yes.” He mumbled out in response.

“Are you still tipsy?” 


“Alrighty then. Well I’m heading out so I’ll see you tomorrow.” You turn around, ready to leave when you feel a tug on your arm, causing you to turn around and face Kyungsoo. He suddenly pulled on your arm harder, making you flop awkward onto his side.

“Don’t. I need someone to snuggle with.” You look up at him with a scowl and his eyes meet yours lazily. .

“Look Kyungsoo, maybe later. I need to get-” Before you could finish placed a sweet kiss on your lips, shocking you. When he pulls away the room stays silent, just you two staring at each other. You break the eye contact and rearrange your position and nuzzle your head into his chest. “You’re just lucky today’s a Friday.”    

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Jongin’s first kiss with you was short but memorable. You guys were just hanging out, well if you could even call it hanging out. He had just randomly showed up at your doorstep saying he was bored, so you of course invited him in. Unfortunately it was cleaning day, and you were not letting your apartment get any dirtier than it already was. Jongin found his way into your den and laid on the floor. 

“Cleaning day?” He asked, looking around your scattered home. 

“Yeh. Sorry I won’t be of much help to your boredom problem.” 

“Understandable.” He continued to stay on the ground and watch you as you tidied up for quite awhile, maybe an hour or more before he even said anything again. “You’re really pretty and I want to kiss you lots.” Jongin commented, so quietly in fact that you only understood the ‘you’re pretty’ part. 

“Huh? Did you say something?” You asked, honestly confused. 


“Are you sure?” The confusion in your voice faded and was replaced with a sly one. You just thought he was playing shy because he didn’t want you nagging on him and his adorableness. You move closer to him.

“Yep.” You sit down next to him, inching closer to his face.

“Positive?” Jongin answered with a nod as he hid is face behind his forearm. “Ok.” You said with a smirk and were about to get up when he pushed himself up and pressed a quick kiss to your lips. He laid back down on the floor and hid his face again.

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Sehun being the bratty boy he is, you two often had sass-offs, it just so happened to be that your first two kisses were part of your competition. You two had been invited to a party and, to be honest, you both were getting very bored halfway through. You two were about to sneak out of this mess of a “house” party that felt like it was being run by frat boys, you heard “Let’s play Suck and Blow!”. You guys looked at each other, you couldn’t refused a good game of Suck and Blow, and you figured you should at least have a little fun before leaving. You got in line with some other people, with Sehun to your side. You watched as the card came down the line until it finally reached you. You were about to pass it on to Sehun, the last person in line, when you suddenly lost your grip on the card and your lips pecked Sehun’s. You instantly pulled away and covered the bottom half of your face while starting to blush. 

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?!” He asked, pointing a finger at you. 

“Look I’m all for playing tricks on you but I swear I didn’t do this one on purpose! It was an accident.” You said shaking your hands in front of yourself. “Anyways why would I want to kiss you like this? So~ unromantic.” You commented sassily, a smile growing on your face.   

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say.” He replied with a smirk. “Trade places with me. I don’t want you ‘accidentally’ dropping it for someone else.” Sehun put air quotes up. You sighed at his remark but switched with him anyways. The card moved down the line just as smoothly, that is until it reached Sehun. He was going to give you the card when just before it hit your mouth, he let it go and slammed his lips to yours. He moved his arm around your neck as the rest of the crowd at the party cheered you two on. After a good while you pulled away for air.

“Jerk.” You said with a fake pout.

“I win.”


Gamzee you must seal that junk rly good

Also that is a really sweet neckerchief



Equius is also about to drop the best single of the summer

And Nepeta is going hard core for this trip


Eridan why

Eridan why


And lastly


Tina & Harry

So some of us were hoping that Earth-2 Tina might turn out to have been Harry’s wife and Jesse’s mom, and therefore that Earth-1 Tina showing up in the Cortex might spark some drama… And that was not to be.

However, I’m annoyed that there wasn’t ANY interaction between Tina and Harry.

Tina is the ONLY character who knew the original Earth-1 Harrison Wells, and I seriously hope that the team told her the whole truth about what really happened to her friends Harrison and Tess. She deserves to know why her sweet, kind friend Harrison changed into a person she barely recognized.

I also wanted her to talk to Harry and recognize her friend in him, in a way the rest of the team can’t. No, they’re not the same guy, but there’s going to be some core of similarity in there. It would’ve been wonderful to see them sciencing, and just for a moment Tina forgetting this isn’t her old dear friend.

Plus, what was with Harry’s startled:

I don’t think Tina’s in the next episode - there’s probably far too much going on - but this really seems like a hanging thread and missed opportunity.