and also perfect in general


I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to be like you
And I got swept away

I didn’t know that it was so cold and
You needed someone to show you the way
So I took your hand and we figured out that
When the tide comes, I’d take you away

one of my favorite jojo scenes will always be when joseph interrupts his own funeral that ending is Iconic and i love it so much


Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!

Some of Vilde hc if s6 happened
  • Vilde’s trailer would feature Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko and it would actually be made similar to the music video - vilde waking up seeing coppery hair next to her only to find out it is a dream
  • pride at the end of the season - everyone is there, Even with the pansexual flag ofc, eva with bi one
  • Vilde and Magnus on good terms talking it through (Magnus being surprisingly mature about it and maybe even tries to send Vilde helpful articles and such)
  • Vilde comes out to Sana first
  • soft lesbian story but also hot - basically the same combination of soft/hot like Isak and Even
  • also like just the general dynamic of like flowery perfect vilde with the mess of a hair and flannel shirts that is Eva
  • and then we’ve all said that - sharing clothes!!!
  • it would be soft electrizing touches, longing looks, a lot of questioning from vilde side about whether eva feels the same or not (i’m imagining similar to doubting Isak in wlfa here), but then also hot hungry kisses when they finally do make out
  • I saw another hc of someone about how eva and vilde would bond over the mutual loneliness they both felt (eva in the past and vilde now) because Eva totally understands the insecurity and how “the opinions of others mean more than your own” and I feel like in general Eva understands Vilde a lot
  • Vilde would finally go down on Eva and vice versa thus we would get that nice end to the whole Norwegian guys don’t go down on chicks debate
  • Eva being bi realising that she had a low key crush on Ingrid and Noora
  • another hc I saw from i believe it was Faiza is Vilde at some point staying at the Bakkoush household because of her mother and while staying there she would learn about Islam but also about the support of family and what it means to be loved by your family
  • sapphic soundtrack!
  • also if jonas had s5 than I wanted eva and jonas to have an honest conversation sometime near the end of his season where eva would admit to him she might be falling for vilde and he telling her in his very chill way like girl you’re gonna figure it out and i support you no matter what
  • that fic where vilde clumsily speaking to isak about his (her) sexuality and ask dumb questions only to reveal that she’s asking for herself
  • Eva being bisexual would literally make so much narrative sense because we started the show with her break up with jonas and to end up the show with her starting the new relationship would be a nice circle. It would also be a good representation because both relationships would be portrayed as very real and loving ones.

Please feel free to add more

so i just reblogged this ^ to my main (obviously lol), but

what i really want is honest opinions about my ocs

like.  i am sure they are two dimensional somehow or other.  i would love to know how.  or if there are inconsistencies?  or if you just plain hate any of them?  (or if you love them, lol, but i really do want honestly over flattery)

i’d almost want to ask that you go on anon so that you can tell me the real truth, without worrying about me judging you in any way, ya know?  

although if you’ll be honest either way, i don’t really care.


just a thought.

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Would you mind telling me about the differences between an INTJ and an INFP? It would mean a lot!

This is a really hard question for me, mostly because I consider INTJs and INFPs to be so different. It’s almost difficult to find the similarities.
Being both introverts, intuitive, and sharing Fi gives them some definite common ground and they make great friends, as I myself have a few INFPs in my life.
I still would strongly hesitate to say they were similar.

While both types enjoy plenty of alone time, INFPs are known for struggling with their introverted nature more. As a Dom Fi the INFP needs deep connections with people important to them. The struggle between craving this closeness and the need for isolation is something the INTJ does not experience. INTJs are more likely to struggle to find time to get away from friends or accidentally isolate themselves entirely if they succeed without reminding their friends they care about them.

The INFP is very deeply emotional. INTJs are also secretly very emotional beings but the INTJ’s feeling runs their morals and ethics by which the rest of their functions work around. Feelings are a small factor to making a decision, which is mainly decided by rationality. The INFP lives to serve these feelings. Their identity, values, and desires are the drive of their other functions. It is, no joke, an emotional rollercoaster.

INFPs struggle with emotions and identities in VERY different ways to INTJs, generally. INFPs are known for over analyzing their desires and self-worth. They are overwhelmed by emotions and a constant all seeing eye of introspection. This results commonly in anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders that negatively affect the wellbeing of the INFP. INTJs are far more likely to develop anti-social disorders. They are more prone to blocking others out when it comes to dealing with conflict and difficult emotions. We know we can enforce control only over ourselves in a chaotic world so we close off to minimize the chance of being hurt.

The types share the occasional stubborn attitude, which comes from their Fi. The INTJ is more likely to enforce their way of doing things by claiming their way is more correct, efficient, and overall better. The INFP is more likely to fight on morals and emotions, explaining how a way of doing things supports a cause dear to them, or is a way they have always done it (tertiary Si).

That’s another thing. Se vs Si. INTJs don’t get too hung up on the past. We live in our heads and are quite forward focused. The past is in the past and nothing can change it, so why worry? It is far more helpful to think on actually possibilities and ideas. Se also is a child’s plaything as an inferior to INTJs. Our unawareness is something to watch for that INFPs are less prone to. The INFP, however, does not operate this way. The Si is another lover of introspection, looking at the emotional significance of memories and events. Si loves to relive the past, with both fond and cringe inducing memories. This leads to an inability to give up sentimental attachments to the past, objects, and locations but also very hard to shake fears, and grudges. Si will wish it could go back to primary school when it was happy but also can never let go of traumatic events that will hinder them in present day.

I will say that both inferior Te and Se can behave VERY similarly from the outside looking in, but there are different reasons for why they do things. Inf Te and Se are LAZY! They don’t do anything! When the going gets tough the INFP and INTJ lie down in a warm pile of blankets and Netflix. The Inf Te is struck by an inability to act in great stress. It is also characterized by a general desire to do things and perfect them but having no motivation to do so. The Inf Se is different in that it does not stop the INTJ from being meticulous and at times an overworking type while dormant. When under stress though the inferior Se will demand to be pampered and treated. It isn’t struck down by some inability to act. It is struck by a need to say “Fuck it” and give into all the other desires it could be doing. The key difference is that Inf Te is “I can’t do it I can’t do it I can’t do it! Why can’t I make this happen?” While Inf Se is “I give up, excuse me I’m going to buy two hundred dollars worth of underwear, eat brownie in the bathtub, and stay up until 3am on Tumblr”. I say the types LOOK the same in this respect as they both end up lazing around, usually indulging themselves. INFPs just feel worse about it.

Okay so that was just a few. Hope this helped and let me know if there is anything else specific you were wondering 😊

This is a guide with the intention of explaining how all of the important Ptolemaic, Keplerian and Declination aspects work in a natal chart.

Conjunction (Ptolemaic Aspect)
0 degrees
0-5 degree Separation

Planets mold together to form a strong force and work as a pair.  Strongest when planets are in the same sign or house as it shows their energy is directed in similar matters.

1st Harmonic Chart shows as Conjunction of Planets involved

Inconjunction or Semi Sextile (Keplerian Aspect)
30 Degrees
0-3 degree orb

Planets involved are in a state of friction, possibly considered “ignorant of each other.”  They have trouble meshing with one another and being used productively in most all cases.

12th Harmonic chart has Semi-Sextile/Inconjunctions show as conjunctions.

Novile (Keplerian Aspect)
40 Degrees
1 degree Orb

The novile is a minor aspect where the planets involved are said to best be used in combination for helping others.  It may be noted as a “Spiritual” or “compassionate aspect” in aiding and reaching out to others needs.  If the planet energy is not utilized in this way there tends to be minor frustrations and a lack of recognition in using the energy.

The 9th Harmonic chart is responsible for showing  Novile’s in the natal chart as conjunctions in the harmonic chart.

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For Mod Neha: Assalamu alaikum. :) Would you possibly be able to share some information on Sufi Islam or point me in the direction of a good resource to start learning please?

Walaikum asalaam!

With the disclaimer, as always, that I may make mistakes, and don’t know much about the topic, here’s some starting points - 

Sufism, [arabic equivalent = tasawwuf], is a way of approaching Islam that places importance on wanting to lose oneself/wanting to “annihilate” the self within Allah. Sufis (and non-Sufi Muslims, as well) place great importance on tawakkul, which is absolute trust and love of Allah. Sufis reach this state of annihilation of self, or fanaa, by dedicating oneself to dhikr, or remembrance of the Diety, usually through chanting the 99 names of Allah, salaat (prayer), music, the whirling that everyone loves, as formal goals, including: 

- Salvation from ignorance and attainment of gnosis (Ma`arifah);
- Refinement and purification of the self (Tazkiyah Al-Nafs);
- Cleansing of the spiritual heart (Tasfiyah Al-Qalb) and the enlightenment of the soul (Tajliyah Al-Ruh);
- Sincerity and devotion to the Creator (Ikhlas) and detachment from material and worldly concerns (Zuhd); and
- Commitment to the service of all the creatures of God

[from here, a good resource in general]

There’s also, ihsan, meaning perfection, which is a goal for all Muslims, but exemplified in Sufis. Ihsan is faith brought to flesh, it’s the desire to become the personification of the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ says ihsan is: 

“To worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” [x]

Articles [Mostly academic articles, please forgive me if they are difficult to read. My experience has been that Sufism is easily appropriated, and there’s a wealth of misinformation regarding it.]:

Sufi Writings:

Writers [These are in addition to the above]:

  • Ibn-Arabi is my favorite Muslim writer, and many of his works are a good starting point - You can see all his love and devotion within his texts, and it’s stunning, even in English. [link to site with texts and other resources]
  • I don’t think i can talk about Sufism without mentioning Rumi, so I want to direct you to for his major work. It has the whole of Rumi’s Masnavi online, along with Persian audio, and English/Turkish translation. (From my use, the English is a bit wonky at times, but it’s understandable). If you want to grab a physical copy, I highly recommend Jawid Mojaddedi’s translations, but I understand if that’s not possible because he is translating the books separately. Rumi talked a lot about fanaa, in terms of spiritual and physical death, so if that is something that would bother you, please take care of yourself first.
  • Hafez [link to poems]. Hafez’s love poetry is really well known, but he’s also an amazing critical writer, he often talked about religious hypocrisy, which is an important consideration, especially with Sufism, which many people are attracted to in name, but not so much in the discipline and work that goes into it.

And one final recommendation, but highly done so: 

  • Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure by Camille Helminski. This one is not available online that I can find, but it’s an incredibly important recommendation, as it seems that women are often left behind in regards to religion. If you can’t pick up a copy, here is a list of the major women covered in the book, I can’t promise they all have a wealth of information online, but I think it’s important to recognize them: 
    • Rabi’a al-’Adawiyya
    • Halima of Damascus
    • Rabi’a bint Ismail
    • Lubaba al-Muta ‘Abbida
    • Fatima of Damascus
    • Sha’wana Ghufayra
    • Dhakkara
    • Fatima al-Barda’iyya
    • A’isha
    • Fatima
    • Futayma
    • Al-Wahatiyya
    • Zubda and Mudgha
    • ‘Abda and Amina
    • Unayza of Baghdad
    • Lady Nafisa
    • Umm ‘Abdullah
Short list of things that wreck my bias list

- Jin’s handsomeness
- Jin’s dad jokes
- Jin’s being cute and awkward
- Jin’s Fire-era blonde hair
- Jin’s amazing singing voice
- Jin’s windshield wiper laugh
- Jin’s love for the army bomb light stick
- Jin eating food
- Anyone in BTS eating food
- Jung Hoseok
- Jin’s amazing voice
- Jin’s solo song Awake
- Jung Hoseok’s DANCING
- Hobi’s aegyo
- Yoonseok being cute together
- Min Yoongi’s cuteness
- Agust D in general
- Hobi’s singing (can he sing more plz)
- Moni’s cuteness (he’s so adorable!)
- Moni being the best leader ever
- Moni’s intelligence
- Rap line’s rapping
- Yoongi being savage
- Jungkook being competitive
- Jungkook being a cute bunny
- BTS being dorks together
- BTS being memes together
- Jungshook
- my bias is Jimin but even then sometimes he’s just too adorable, and squishy and fluffy and cute and smol, and his DANCING and his SINGING, and he’s just so insecure sometimes but he also likes to expose the members and someone protect him he’s too precious.
- Taejin slaying their Hwarang OST
- Jungkook’s singing
- BTS being selfless and humble and so caring to just everyone
- Yugbam/Yugkook love triangle
- Jin’s existence in general
- and As I Told You and the modern dance collab stage
- the fact that BTS has the courage to share their private thoughts with us (through songs or otherwise) when they don’t have to
- Momma Jin
- Namjin being parents together
- Yoongi… just Min Yoongi
- Taehyung whenever he’s being himself
- Taehyung whenever he’s feeling down because he needs support
- Anyone in BTS when they’re feeling down because they need support
- Tae acting cute with his Hwarang cast members
- Jin, Sandeul, and Ken being BROT3 goals
- BTS in general because all of them are cute and humble and handsome and TALENTED and precious and hardworking and I respect them so much

oh look at that how did it get so long. (Spoiler alert there’s still more, this list is infinitely long it never ends)

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One day I'll get an account on Tumblr just for faving and rebloggling 75% of your posts because YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. I passed two of your Wolfstar-kiss prompt drabbles and two Marauder drabbles to my friends BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING PERFECT AND I WAS SAVING THEIR LIVES BY SHOWING THEM YOUR PERFECTION. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FEELS/PERFECTION/GENERAL AWESOMENESS OF YOUR DRAMIONES💖💖 Also, if you're still doing kiss prompts (💗)I'd like a Dramione pregnancy distracting kiss, please?

(you are absolutely wonderful ❤️❤️❤️)

“I would like,” Hermione said, pausing. “Bacon.”

“Bacon?” Draco echoed, and she nodded.

“Yes, with peanut butter. And also,” she said, taking a bite of a pickle, “a tuna salad sandwich, but with a fried egg on top. Oh, and - ” she pulled him back. “Put peanut butter on it, please?”

“Interesting,” Draco commented, kissing her cheek. “Sounds gourmet.”

She turned, catching his lips, and then she paused, staring at him.

“Sex,” she determined, nodding once before attempting to launch up from the sofa.

Draco grinned. “Now that,” he declared, helping her to her feet, “sounds delicious.”

Slowly finishing up kiss prompts

Yesterday night I discovered there’s such wonderful thing as Lindy hop and someone said it’s something Bucky would dance before the war and I’m ready to cry any minute because it’s perfect ;-; If someone knows any fics about it and sends me a link there’s a chance I won’t recover from this miracle

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