and also one of my fave colours


Hang on Team Mom, your kids are trying to make their new sibling comfortable.

so yeah I finally watched Moana and she is like super cool and now she is gonna be one of my new faves and i can’t find the proper colour for her skin plz kill me

Bonus +


Commission for @mentaltimelord

He basically gave me full creative freedom, so thank you for that! and thank you for being patient!

Also, I had completely forgotten how hard Rayquaza was to draw, woops

Plus, I went a bit overboard and made a coloured/backgrounded version because I’ve been itching to try certain techniques.

Free to use as background/icon on social medias. Please credit me. Do not repost/print/claim as your own


orphan black rewatch: sarah and cosima in 2x10

look, so this spiral - this is the golden ratio, and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honey bees, in the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our dna. 
god, we’re so different, all of us. 


A birdcage religion that whispered me to sleep. 

so @striddums and i were talking about colour schemes and things and i just made a whole bunch of analogous ones

n i think its a fun and good art exercise for colour theory!! i def recommend trying it

just split the colour wheel any which way u want and have fun messing with the values from one side of it

sunshine-hell  asked:

Your art is REALLY GORGEOUS- really cool and distinct character designs, especially the fashion choices and the teeth!!! I looove the way you draw teeth. My faves that you've done are that piece of Blue with the pink jacket and the one with lup and taako because theyre so expressive and colourful and wonderful!! (Also that set of killians made me audibly gasp those are FANTASTIC)


Teeth are so fun to draw, so much chomp! Also I am a sucker for obnoxiously bright coloured clothes, so I am glad you like my Lup and Taako, and Blue piece (they’re  really just self-indulgent ways for me to draw clothes I like).


here, have a sketch of her


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RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously! 

1.i’m 60% lefty and 40% righty!

2.i’m also a big fan of p!atd, bring me the horizon,melanie martinez, FOB, edm and shawn mendes( you probably know i like TOP the most!)

3. i just dye my hair half red (the bottom)

4. i like to hangout with my best friend but mostly, i just wanna stay away from people and draw…

5. my fave colours are any shade of blue,violet and any pastel colour tbh

6. i’m asian… yeh…

7.i’m the weird one who are not extrovert with people but only with their friends.

8. i try to be funny :’)

9.i hate people who are fake/ fake friend

10.i think i have bipolar? or i’m just really emotional…

11.i’m not a big fan of myself. i don’t hate myself, but just never think that i am good enough.

that got depressing real fast! XD but here r the peeps imma tag!

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Talia won June’s Patron Poll!

She was a lot of fun to draw and colour (totally not also cos I got an excuse to listen/watch lolirock music videos on repeat @/v/@ )

I chose her “Revolution” outfit since it’s one of my favourite songs as well as band outfits for the whole group. (Auriana’s outfit is my personal fave tho)

“Revolution” Music Video:

On-Going Fics-Rec

Just a 5 fic recommendation of fics I’ve read this week. You probably already read them but if you haven’t, you should give them a try. They’re really good!!!

Also thanks to these talented and amazing authors ♥ 

Don’t forget some of these fics are rated bc of various reasons. Please check tags and ratings before you decide to read them

- JiKook -

hard candy by jiminlogy/ @dishwasherjimin

Jimin douses himself in colours every day and then he meets black and white.

P/I : This one is hands down my fave on-going fic rn! Youtube/MakeUp Guru Jimin and mysterious (but in reality dorky) Jungkook. I love this so much!!! 

Claimed by spicytteok

They’re meant to be, he knows it. Park Jimin doesn’t have a choice.

P/I : Obsessive Jungkook. I don’t want to glorify anthing that happens in this fic. But it’s really well written and very interesting! Pls don’t forget, in this case, it´s just fiction!

- YoonMin -

The Marigold and the Machete by minxry

A mafia boss and a florist accidentally switch bags at the airport and all hell breaks loose. On their flight from Busan to Seoul, Jimin brings home a suitcase full of guns while Yoongi brings home a suitcase full of chocolate.

P/I : Yoongi as a mafia boss = HOT + Yoongi who is easily flustred bc Jimin is too cute. Not the typical Mafia Fic. Love it. Also TaeKook/NamJin ;) 

we welcomed the morning together by taehyng (irltooru)/ @btseunha 

Park Jimin lives in a society where soulmates seem to be the norm, and he hates it. The biggest reason is because he feels he should be able to love who he wants to love, by his own personal choice. The second reason is when you meet your soulmate for the very first time, your world is drained of all colour. They say it’s a sacrifice, but it’s one that Jimin doesn’t want to make. Living through years of denial, rejection, and avoidance, the inevitable happens to him. His roommate Jeongguk hopes for his mindset to change, otherwise somebody might get hurt by Jimin’s strong opinions.

P/I : Tagged with Major Character Death. Which I NEVER read (bc my heartu) but after reading the first chapter, I felt intrigued. I really wanna know what will happen. I hope I won’t cry :)))

- MinJoon -

It’s Just Kissing, Not Rocket Science by Ragi/ @ragific

Jimin is in some desperate need to learn how to be sexy so he can stop all his boyfriends from cheating on him, and he can’t think of a better teacher than Kim Namjoon, a notorious heart-breaker and the owner of the biggest gay bar in Korea.

P/I : A MinJoon Fic I’m totally in love with!!! Like, everything is on point. Innocent Jimin gets taught by wise Namjoon lmao 

If you mean the portrait one, then, yeah, I added the glow, since, in such colouring style, it really made the letters pop! Thought it looked cool)

My faves are the original Spyro trilogy, but, yeah, I love Ratchet and Clank too — though I still need to play quite a few of them. Insomniac Games are awesome!

(And don’t worry, your English is fine!)

Not any real one, but closest to a snowie — I mean, snow leopard :D

Sounds funny, but also feels like with every message about my sona every character I’ve ever drawn is silently gloating more and more! XD

Thank you! ♥

I know I keep mentioning commissions… I’ve been figuring stuff out for those, but considering I’m a complete dork when it comes to finance- and job-related things, I’m trying to make sure I’ve covered all the important stuff. Because the less I screw up before beginning, the easier the start be.

I’ll probably be opening commissions soon though.

Some Farah hc for you, because she is perfect and deserves more love and attention….

  • Alongside her multiple martial arts, Farah is also an adept ballet dancer. She’s danced since she was 6 yrs old and loves it.
  • Farah has a pet budgie. Her father bought her her first budgie when she was 9, as a lesson in responsibility (and because she nagged him about it so much.) She called her Cheep. When the bird died prematurely her dad tried to replace it with another without her noticing, which she did almost immediately. Since then she called all her birds ‘Cheep’ as a little joke between her and her father. The traditional has continued on after his death. 

  • Farah bites her nails. She;s tried everything to stop, but nothing has helped. 

  • One of Farah’s most prized possessions is a walnut, musical jewellery box with a little, spinning ballerina that her father bought her as a present after she passed her first ballet exam. She coloured in the little ballerina figure when she was 10 years old so it looked more like her. This was after someone in her class made a derogatory comment about the colour of her skin and how that meant she could never be a real ballerina. The box is destroyed when the Spring mansion is burned down at the end of S1. When Todd and Dirk find out (after all the BW fiasco is over) they buy her a new one. 

  • Oh yeah and also Farah is hella gay. 

here’s a quick collection of assorted outfits I associate with the boys. I have been kind of obsessively curating male clothing for like the past year, because I just do that.

  • Alan’s always had a sort of casually preppy thing going on, in my head. I tend to write/cast him a little older mentally than he probably actually is, and I tend to dress him as though he’s angling towards looking at least a little like a grown-up. also I like to give him hats. little slouchy beanie things.
  • Gordon’s all nautical stripes and bright colours and floral prints, but also a lot of beachy white and and visible skin. I think he’s also 100% the sort of person who would own and wear a velvet jacket. Gordon + brightly coloured shoes is also one of my favourite things. This is in stark contrast to Nonsense!Gordon, who basically dresses entirely in black at all times.
  • Virgil is my secret fave. Virgil’s all canvas and denim and worn leather, with occasional woolen sweaters and soft cotton henleys, to serve as reminders that he is Large but also he is a Gentle Soft Boy. I always end up envisioning Virgil with tattoos and piercings and a sort of lumberjack emopunk vibe. No idea why. He snuck a few florals in there too, the sweetheart.
  • John is actually super difficult for me, because Heavenward!John’s sensibilities have bled all over the way I imagine him in canon. In short, though, his clothing tends to be very cleanly cut and he dresses very neatly. hwd’s influence bleeds through when I end up adding those sorts of vaguely cyberpunk elements, high collars and doubled up layers and that kinda thing. the nerd. i also dress him almost exclusively in grey. in heavenward it’s because of the questionable morality of his actions. otherwise, not sure why.
  • Scott in my head is always a blend of suits + bomber jackets + aviators + hot farmer’s market dad aesthetic. The latter is hard to pull through, but I feel like in casual settings, entirely accidentally, Scott ends up dressing like the sort of well-to-do suburban dad who owns a minivan and buys fresh heirloom kale and free range eggs every Saturday. Little bit of floral print for Scooter, too.

anonymous asked:

love this blog so much, thanks for your awesome content! i know you don't really talk about beauty stuff on here, but i love the minimal makeup you wear. would you mind sharing what your favorite lipstick is?

I can do you one better! Here are my favourite makeup products (pretty much all of them tbh lol) and I will never put on more than what’s shown here except maybe eyeliner (I don’t understand contour). Two of those blushes were also free from Sephora for this year so grab them (birthday = Tarte and points = Nars). Most of these are also gifts from my best friends/mom lol (colours are written in brackets) 

Skin: Smashbox BB Cream (Light/Natural)

Concealers: Clarins (instant light in 03), Nars (honey)

Blushes: Tarte (paaarty), Nars (orgasm), and Becca (flowerchild)

Highlighter: Becca (Opal) 

Lips: (actually lost my fave lipstick recently idk the colour anymore ugh) Nyx (soft matte lip cream in Cannes), Sephora (cream lip stain in 41) and Kiko (intense lavish in 02)

Eyes: Buxom mascara (!!!) and Benefit mascara

Eyebrows: Nyx (microbrow pencil in espresso), and Nyx (tinted brow mascara in black - the best) 

anonymous asked:

oh the topic of labrador spam... favorite lab dogblrs??


@maisietheyellowlab look at her she’s gorgeous and rhymes with daisy

@boetheyellowlab he is a good solid adventure dog!!!!

@lifewithduma !!! my fave colour of lab tbh and gREAT NAME

@adilab perfect princess!!! recently gained 2 (TWO!!!) new jackets!

@this-is-my-lab is a soft friend!!!

@potatopup this pup is a potato!!!

sometimes labs feature on @ollietherottweiler ‘s blog!!!

@bubbablaine one has soft dorito ears the other has WILD BANANAS

@working-labradors these guys are working so hard we only get to see like one picture a month!!

@sadietheservicedog works real hard to help out her owner and also rhymes with daisy!!

they all got such hard working owners too!!!