and also notice how agitated she gets when he tries to deny it

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For the fanfic request, can you make todomomo with injured todoroki and momo pampering him? Thank you and I love your blog <3

                Note: TY for liking my blog :) My mind said fluff but my heart said angst …so here’s a mix of both. Sorry if you only wanted fluffiness :3 Also there’s a Voltron reference in there so whoever can catch that would be quite impressive. Happy reading!

In which Todoroki wakes up from a coma

               Yaoyorozu tiptoed into the room, hands full from carrying two giant shopping bags filled with items she recently purchased. With her quirk, she would have no problem with forging these items, but she was taught by her parents to follow strict principles when dealing with the economy since young. The air smelled foul of chlorine and bleach and she scrunched her nose a few times, still not accustomed to the odd scent. As she turned to the right, she saw Todoroki peacefully napping with the blanket pushed to the side. A few minutes earlier, a nurse gave her a briefing of Todoroki’s condition, notifying her that he is now conscious and ready to have more than one visitor at a time. She was truly relieved when she had heard of his recovery. With hands clenched on her chest, wrinkling her chiffon blouse, she nodded in gratitude and hurried to his room.

               She dropped the bags on the worn-out lounge chair,  indistinct markings on her arms as the only indication that she was carrying anything, and was about to leave when a squeak of the bed caught her attention.

               “Yaoyorozu,” his voice was deep, and Yaoyorozu spun around.

               “Did I wake you?” She asked and her body stiffened. She stared at him, noticing the bandages that was still wrapped around his left arm and forehead, white and red hair poking out of the seams. He looked so much better though, she thought and a smile tugged at her lips, feeling as though a brick had lifted off her shoulders.

               “I was going to wake up anyway,” he spoke and propped himself up with his right arm, “What are those shopping bags you brought?” He leaned over to face the chair and gawked. She quickly reached into one of the bags, face lighting up and looking proud, and began to rummage through it.

               “I bought all of these in case you got bored,” she explained, “you still have another week before you get discharged so…” Todoroki felt intrigued just watching her pull the most random items out one by one, anticipating what’s in store. A chessboard, chess pieces, books, and an Ipad came first, then came stacks of magazines with little tags on them.

               “I colour-coded and categorized these magazines based on genre and degree of interest…‘cause what are we? Animals?” Yaoyorozu took one as an example and laid it in front of the boy, and he cocked an eyebrow. He shouldn’t be surprised actually; she was the epitome of a model student after all.

               “There’s sports, technology, cooking…I actually debated about the food-related magazines but ehhh…who doesn’t like food,” The girl rambled on, “oh and there’s also sports illustrated and the R-rated ones.” She said the latter rather shyly, but tried extra hard to brush it off. Todoroki scratched his head, and nodded. Not that he was particularly interested in the R-rated magazines, he pondered, but it’s the thought that counts. And also if Mineta were to come and visit, he can have something…to look at.

               “Thanks,” he replied, taking a sip out of the glass beside him. He peeked through the glass to observe the girl.

               She seemed a little unnatural today, pushing all these things on him. She’s fidgeting a lot too, which was not usual. Not that he was complaining; he was extremely appreciative for her efforts. He watched as she maneuvered herself around the couch and moved a chair over. Careful not to agitate his wound, Yaoyorozu started to massage his arms and gestured for him to turn around so she could get his back too. A serene silence overcame them and no one said a word to disrupt the peace. A hole in the back of his hospital attire gave way for her to fully see the wound on his spine. She bit her lip, eyes sliding over to his neck, and again to the scar on his back. She just couldn’t ignore it, finding herself gravitating towards the painful memories again and again. This was where the blade fell. Fingers grazing softly on the roughness of the scar, she let out a sigh, and her lips began to quiver. Todoroki seemed to have noticed this, but did not act.

               “Yaoyorozu,” he spoke steadily, “You can stop.”

               She rubbed her eyes a little, straightening herself on the chair, “what are you talking about, I’m just getting started–”

               “You feel guilty for what happened. I know.”

               She blinked a few times, tears welling up, and she couldn’t muster the courage to deny it anymore. She collapsed against his back, letting her tears fall, as both of her shaking hands seized his shoulders for support. He could feel her trembling against him, he could hear her muttering incoherently to herself, and the wetness of her tears. This was one of the most vulnerable moments he’s seen her in, and he had to let her take a moment to compose herself.

               “I’m not …doing this because I feel bad,” Yaoyorozu uttered, between small heaves. He turned around and watched her lower her head.

               “Every day,” the girl’s eyes centered on his and her voice blared with such raw emotion that it made his blood run cold, “Every day, I prayed. I prayed so hard. I kept asking whoever…whoever’s controlling destiny or fate, to not take you away.”

               He watched as a tear trailed down her cheek. What hit him, though, was what came next.

               “You had no idea how much I wished it were me instead. On this bed. And not you.”

               He clenched his fists, hair shadowing his eyes.

               “I protected you because I couldn’t lose you, Yaoyorozu,” he picked up his head, “Forgive me.”

               She was astonished,  shuddering and confused by the sudden confession from him. But their feelings connected then.

               “Don’t apologize. You saved my life,” she sniffed, a hand still on him, and Todoroki marvelled at how angelic she appeared even in light of the situation.

               “I made you worry though,” he continued. Although his left hand was bandaged tight, he still lifted it to feel her damp cheek. She held his hand there for a while, yearning for him.

               “Fine,” she quickly added and gained a hopeful expression, “how about you make me dinner when you’re out and we call it even?”

               Todoroki eased, “I guess I better put these cooking magazines to good use then.”

               She closed her eyes, no longer losing heart, letting her expression fade to a beatific rendition.

               Even in the midst of it all, Todoroki never once made her feel like she had to trek through it alone.

Hi Guys!! :)

So tomorrow is the lovely @phff-opostos​ ‘s birthday, and because she is such a lovely lady and she makes the best manips ever!! So, to celebrate and to thank her for being such a joy, I’m going to post a sneak peak of the next chapter for her :D Also, if any of you speak Portuguese you should totally check out her Harry fanfic :) Happy Birthday lovely!!

It’s not much, and the chapter will be out on May 28th, but I hope you enjoy :)

Emmy walked beside Harry, both hands resting on her bump, as he pulled his suitcase along after him. They were in Heathrow Airport, where Harry would be catching his flight to Brazil for the Olympics. They had told no one about their little baby girl yet, and Harry had demanded that Emmy wait until he got back before she told people, because he wanted to see their reactions. Claire and Edward knew, as did the POs, but that was about it.

They were escorted to a private waiting room, and Harry collapsed onto one of the seats there, before gently pulling Emmy down onto his lap. He nuzzled into her throat as she loosely draped her arms round his neck. She felt slightly sick – she didn’t want him to leave again.

Claire was stood at the window, looking out, hands on her hips, at the miserable grey sky. She huffed. “Ed, you sure you don’t want to stay with Emmy this time? I’ll go with Harry.”

Edward raised an eyebrow. “No chance,” he grinned.

Emmy pouted. “Why does no one want to spend time with me?”

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Henry huffed out a sigh, drumming his fingers on the table. He was eating lunch. Alone. Again.

He bit into his bright red apple, cringing as the sour taste. Clearly it was passed it best, he went over to put it in the classroom bin. He hadn’t been getting on with the other people in his class, so he snuck away most lunch times, eating inside the classroom and not with the other students outside. His teacher was nice but still, it wasn’t the same he needed a friend. A person his age.

Just as he was about to sit back down someone charged into his classroom, closing the door quickly behind them as they slide down the wood. She motioned for the boy to say anything, one hand clasping at her heart whilst the other held a finger up to her lips.

She was maybe a year older than him with (Y/hc) hair and (Y/ec) eyes that were currently wide with fear.

“Where did she go?”

“I dunno, she can’t have just disappeared”

“This way, I think I saw her go this way”

She let out a sigh of relief as the voices passed by the door, on their way down the corridor. She was safe.

“Eh, sorry” she apologised quietly, brushing off her hands on her jeans as she stood up “Were you trying to study or something”

“Um, no I was- I was just” he stumbled, still trying to get over the shock of her sudden appearance.

“Ah, I see” she grinned, peeking out the door to double check no one was waiting to catch her.

Henry shook his head before walking back toward his table, pulling a large book out of his bag.

“What’s that?” the girl asked, turning around to see what had hit the table so hard.

“A book” He shrugged, flicking through the pages in a bored way.

The girl nodded, debating whether to run outside. But something about this awkward lonely boy made her want to stay.

“Mind if I take a look?” she asked, edging closer toward him, scared to frighten him. He seemed quiet tentative, he probably didn’t have many friends.

Henry shook his head quickly, budging over so she could sit next to him.

“Wow” she smiled, brushing her fingers over the beautiful artwork.

“Hey, that kinda looks like Miss Blanche” Henry mumbled.

“You’re right” she gasped, catching his eye.


“Operation cobra is a go” Henry whispered, pulling out his lunchbox as he sat next down next to (Y/n).

“Henry, I don’t think you should be doing this” she sighed, running a hand through her (Y/hc) messy hair.

“But I have to (Y/n)” he replied “How else are we going to break the-“

“Shh” she hissed, covering his mouth quickly “There might be others listening”

Henry smirked, sticking out his tongue and running it up her hand.

“Eww” she grumbled, quickly cleaning her hand on her jeans “You animal”

He gave her a toothy grin which she returned in earnest.

“Just come home safe, okay?” she grumbled.

“I promise”


(Y/n) smiled running her hand over her new top. She had saved up for weeks to get it and she was very pleased with how she looked in it. Henry however, had different feelings.

He didn’t even knock on her door, simply opened it carelessly. When he noticed she was still getting ready he blushed slightly, adverting his eyes to the ground.

“What do you think?” she asked eagerly, playing with her hair nervously.

“Why are you dressed like that?” he frowned, eyeing her up and down. It wasn’t a disgusted look, more and uncomfortable one.

“Because I want to be” she replied smartly, turning back toward the mirror “Why? Is it ugly?”

“No…” he shook his head, trying to decide his feelings on the outfit “It looks, good”

“You really think so?”

Henry nodded, trying to hide his blush.

(Y/n) grinned, grabbing her bag.

“Come on, Charming promised to show us sword fighting today!”


“What are you most afraid of?”

The two sat in his bed with the ocvers thrown over their heads, a torch giving away their current hiding spot. If his mother were to walk in there was no denying that the two were awake. But neither could sleep, so they sat up with each other, like always.

“Losing people” he confessed.

“Like who?”

“My mum, both my mums. Mary Margaret, Charming” he paused, staring her right in the eye “You”


(Y/n) rapidly knocked on the door, biting her lip nervously. Maybe he was sick. He couldn’t have been avoiding her. That wasn’t Henry. He was her best friend.

“Eh, hello” she waved awkward to a very agitated Regina.

“Ah, (Y/n). Why did you bother knocking, normally you just barge in”

The girl gulped but held her ground.

“I was wondering if Henry would like to come round to mine for pizza”

“Let me go ask him” she slammed the door on the girl’s face, making her jump back in surprise.

A few moments later she came back with a sad look in her eye.

“Um, sorry” she apologised, scratching her head “He’s busy right now”

“Oh, okay” (Y/n) nodded, turning and walking away slowly. She paused to look at the boy’s bedroom window, her heart pulling slightly.

He was her best friend.





He had been ignoring her all week, so why should she answer him. The girl crossed the street quickly, fumbling with her keys.

“(Y/n) stop!” he yelled, jumping in front of her door before she could open it “Please just answer me”

“Move” she replied coldly, shoving him out of the way.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Hmm, let me think” she drummed on her chin sarcastically “Maybe it’s because you’ve been ignoring and avoiding me for the past I dunno, month!”

Henry gulped lightly, watching as her (Y/ec) filled with tears.

“Do you have any idea how that feels?” she asked quietly, rubbing at her eyes “To have your best friend act as if you don’t exist”


“Save it for someone who cares” she slipped inside her house, breaking down into tears as she listened to him pounding against her door.

“Leave Dammit!” she screamed, throwing her school bag down violently.

“I’m not gonna go away just cause you told me to!” he yelled, kicking at the wood that blocked him from getting to her.

(Y/n) was about to yell back when she heard a low throated growl. She turned around slowly, ignoring as Henry repeatedly tried to get inside.

There it was - a huge, panting bear. Its face was scarred and chunks of brown fur were missing from various parts of its body, but it didn’t make it any less frightening.

She felt her heart shudder as it growled once again. Henry seemed to hear it also, stopping with his never ending attack on the door to listen.

“(Y/n)?” he asked, trying to see inside through the small window. He needed to know if she was in danger, but she was too shocked to answer.

The bear roared and the girl leapt to life, throwing a nearby vase at the animal before sprinting upstairs.

“(Y/n)!” Henry yelled, listening the feral growls of the animal inside. He had to get to her but how- her bedroom window. He sprinted to the back of the house, scraping his hands as he climbed over the garden gate.

(Y/n) on the other hand was fighting for her life. She had managed to break off a leg of a chair in her bedroom in a scuffle with the beast and was now using it as a weapon. She let out a fierce battle cry, jabbing it right in the shoulder just as Henry appeared at her window.

“(Y/n), this way” he called, grabbing her upper arm. Quickly she made a dash for her windowsill, avoiding any mad swipes the bear made at her. Henry helped her slide down her roof tiles quickly, making sure she didn’t break anything as they jumped from the roof and into the bushes from her garden below.

The two lay there breathless, still shamelessly holding onto each other.

“That was a close one, Goldilocks” he joked, trying to make her smile.

It worked.


Shooting Star Wishes

Nesta and Cassian join in the the formal festivity at Velaris with an evening filled with laughter, dancing and a wish at the end of the night that brings them closer together.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

The party at Velaris was had started almost thirty minutes ago yet Cassian lingered by the entrance to the banquet room. Guests and fellow co-workers greeted him warmly since he was a familiar face in the building as head of security.

Cassian welcomed each of them until a hand on his shoulder made him turn. Azriel stood there in a dark suit with a cobalt blue tie.

“Don’t you know that today you’re not supposed to be working?” Azriel joked. “Why are you manning the door?”

“I figured that all those in attendance should be welcomed by the most charming man in the building,” Cassian grinned.

“Or perhaps you’re wanting to welcome someone in particular,” Azriel gave Cassian a knowing look. They had been friends for most of their life and Azriel could tell when Cassian had something, or in this case someone, on his mind.

“Are you going to shadow me all night Azriel?” Cassian glanced at the door again as more people walked in. None of them who Cassian was waiting for.

“Perhaps I will if it means I get to see you act so nervous,” Azriel teased.

“I’m not nervous,” Cassian denied only to be met with one of Azriel’s unbelieving looks. “Fine. I’m a little nervous, but only because this tie is agitating.” Cassian loosened the tie in an effort to ease is discomfort. It didn’t work considering it was his nerves that were on edge.

“It’s hard to believe, but I suppose even the ‘Casanova’ can fall so hard for someone that even he can’t escape the clutches of pre-date anxiety.”

Cassian was about to make a retort when Azriel nodded back to the entrance. Cassian turned to look and was greeted by a sight that made his heart stutter. Nesta approached them confidently with her head held high. She wore a slate grey gown made of silk that hugged her curves enough that Cassian fought with himself not to keep his stare lingering in too many places. Lace sleeves clung tightly to her arms in a similar fashion as Feyre’s tattoo. The lacework followed down her form and legs leading Cassian stunned by the sight of her skin that appeared under the dark sheer fabric.

Azriel nudged him lightly breaking Cassian’s gawking looks as Nesta neared with Mor and Feyre in tow. Cassian had been so distracted by the sight of Nesta that he failed to notice his two friends approach them as well.

“You boys waiting for someone?” Mor put a hand on her waist and rested it against the ruby fabric of her dress. “Or are you on duty tonight?”

“We’re never off duty when a troublemaker such as yourself is around,” Cassian joked and gave his friend a toothy grin.

“Do you plan on locking us up in the dungeon?” Feyre laughed. “Considering how big this place is you still can’t convince me that you have one around here for people who misbehave.”

“You hear that Nesta?” Mor faked a whisper, but everyone in the group could here. “Better be on your best behavior or Cassian may take you away and we’ll never see you again.”

A small flush formed on Nesta’s cheeks. “I wouldn’t worry about that.”

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I Won’t Say It

Part One

Part two of Blood Brothers. Now focused more on the second of the two prompts. Word count: 1500 ish

“Could you do a little drabble where the reader and Reid were best friends when they were little, but the reader then moved. But later on in life, the team has a case and they have to call in a forensic science team and the reader is on the team? Then the reader and Reid go get a coffee after the case is solved and there’s a lot of fluff and bubbly excitement? Sorry if that’s hard to understand.”


“Could you do a reader x Reid where they work together and Reid very obviously has a crush on the reader and he’s asked her out on multiple occasions and she’s turned him down every time for whatever reason but then one day he asks her out again and she finally says yes and they go and have a cute little first date and they both have a great time and just general fluffiness?”

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The Best Friend (Part Two)

Pairing(s): Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: A confrontation between Sam and Jess occurs, which causes some things to be said that no one wants to hear.  The Reader’s friendship with Sam is put to the test.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,179
Warnings: swearing, angst, another big cliffhanger (muahaha), no smut yet (but very soon!)
The reactions to Part 1 were super sweet! I love you all. I anticipate two, maybe three parts after this, if that’s cool with y’all. Happy reading!

The Best Friend Masterlist

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