and also not dead

*In Justin Beiber voice* Is It too late now to read Homestuck?

ahhh i was tagged by the wonderful @vaisravanas ! thank you sneha dear!!!<3

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name: falen!

nickname: my name’s quite hard to make nicknames out of hahaha

zodiac sign: gemini!!!

height: 5′3”/163 cm!!

orientation: bisexual!

favourite fruit: strawberries and watermelon!!!

favourite season: spring??? winter???

favourite book series: none!


favourite scent: incense! milk tea!! jasmine!!!  

favourite colour: black, pastel pink! (wow how opposite LOL)

coffee, tea or cocoa: (milk) tea!! (jk i also enjoy hot and iced green tea)

average sleep hours: 6-8!

cat or dog person: dOG

favourite fictional characters: i was gonna skip this but i’ll just do one from each of my fave anime LOL: hinata (hq), kurapika, todododododododoroki, shin ah, and sonic (from opm, NOT THE HEDGEHOG)!!!

number of blankets you sleep with: a thin one in the summ summ, and a thick one in the winter!

dream trip: japAN!!! with my friends!!!

blog created: june 2013!! omg four years ago what is this

number of followers: nine hundred eighty three! but i feel like a lot of them are inactive since this blog has gone through so many changes, plus it’s old LOL

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Seriously, why does Kuroto look like he wants to do the nasty with GameDeus?

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that


You with me? 

Kiss of life