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Do you know where can I find r*ylo blogs? like... is there a list or something? I hate this ship so much I could explode, I need to know who should I avoid on this site (i'm new in this fandom). If you could also recommend me some blogs that also hate r*ylo that would be awesome!

oh i totally understand your pain lol to answer your first question i don’t know any lists or anything but the best way to avoid r/eylos is to go through the r/eylo tag and block everyone in it. that’s what i do and i now have very little contact with them.

for the second part if you go through the anti tag there are a lot of really great people there but ill list some off the top of my head: @badships @dahanci @nutheadgee @inkstorrn @diversehighfantasy @lj-writes if you’re also an anti feel free to like/reply/etc! im missing a lot of people lol


Couple of assorted haikyuus


Reaper is without doubt a patient tactician but boring war council sometimes needs fast decision.

Aka the mandatory Doomfist fanart I needed to do.


omg i just got this idea one night and then i had to draw it. thanks for school, i’ve been very busy and it took me some time to get this done. 

well anyway i hope you enjoy this :D 


“An unhealthy INFP with a Fi-Si loop can experience extreme withdrawal from the external world, while having a Te grip can cause harsh, aggressive outbursts of negative emotion and is likely to happen if they’ve suffered some kind of significant emotional turmoil, particularly if that turmoil involved a prolonged disregard of the INFP’s values, emotions, or identity.” (x)

star wars personality types → kylo ren, as of the force awakens ( insp. )


Agape & Eros

So uh, Russian sandwich anyone? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


does anyone else have that one ship that actually is canon, but you can’t appreciate it because it was executed really badly (their romance felt too rushed/didn’t fit the main story, the actors had zero chemistry, it was just poorly written, ect.) but the concept is actually really cool and right up your alley? so you just kinda shove actual canon content to the side and never think about it again as you read 20592 au fics and fantasize about what could have been if the writers hadn’t screwed up 

I’ve been thinking about this lmao so i was like hm inter esting why not actually make it
*EDIT* @spider-hlland has already made an edit like this so go check their blog out!!


“Sometimes the world’s greatest miracles happen by accident.”

i also think this new trend of neo-victorian purity culture in fandom that ridicules people for shipping “bad” ships and attacks writers whose fics have “problematic” content is subtly tied to fandom’s new visibility and conditional mainstream acceptance. because of twitter and the increasing celebrity and showrunner interaction with fans, and because representation politics have somehow melded with respectability politics, there’s this push to “cleanse” ourselves of weird, freaky, disturbing, embarrassing content and present ourselves to the world as just “normal” people who love tv shows and books. because if they see we’re normal and cool, they’ll listen to us right? they’ll respect our demands right? they’ll give us our ships right? nope! instead we’re experiencing a massive dearth in fandom creativity because people are only invested in supporting and uplifting canon ships and canon stories, and instead of looking to ourselves for creativity and representation we’re depending on showrunners who’ve never had our best interests at heart. and honestly eff that. i don’t care about being seen as “normal”. i’m a weirdo! i’m a freak! fandom is weird and freaky and i’m okay with that! in fact, there’s power in that. we don’t need some stamp of approval from showrunners and celebrities, and we certainly don’t need to justify why we write or desire certain content in our fics. be weird! be freaky! be embarrassing! own it! it’s the only thing that’s truly ours.