and also my daughter

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If you could create a son or daughter [Cloning, or taking some of your antidermis and mixing it with with some from the pool so the kid is not exact replica of you, ETC,] how would you react to having a child of your own "flesh and blood" You could teach them, or let them be themselves.

I already tried something similar with “Kraata-Kal”… unfortunately, he also inherited my rebellious streak, and abandoned me. 

Still, a true “daughter” or “son” would be an interesting project. It remains to be seen what I would do with them, but if nothing else they would easily be my powerful servant. The key would be ensuring they never become too powerful.

I’ll say it once again, Valentina is intelligent af, she knows there’s a drag race outside the show and you have to form a fanbase to last out there; she’s avoiding drama, she’s staying calm, minding her business, doing her thing the best she can… even if you don’t like her, you gotta admire her, many queens would’ve cracked by now, she knows what she’s doing. Bitch came P-R-E-P-A-R-E D - that’s a kid that’s going far. 

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

my lapis storyboard ratings

katie mitroff

a pure, gorgeous lapis. beautiful eyes & flawless hair. 11/10

lauren zuke

absolute perfection. the ultimate fluffy hair & cute tired eyes. 12/10 good lapis

hilary florido

again, perfection. the hair is also fluffy & on point. i lvoe my blue daughter 10/10

joe johnston

big gorgeous eyes… fuck… im gay… 10/10 

lamar abrams

THE BIG!!!!!!!! HAIR!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 GOTTA LOVE THAT LAPIS

kate morris (i think)

im still a sucker for the big fluff hair look 12/10 

this is all i know but every lapis is a good one 


I am a girl who loves my island/And the girl who loves the sea, it calls me/I am the daughter of the village chief/We are descended from voyagers/Who found their way across the world/They call me

I am Moana!