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Anti and Doctor Schneeplestein theory

Ok, i know theres already so many theories about this but i though about something. We are putting things together that Anti is doing something with the doctor. I’m sure we all know that Anti already killed Jack in ‘Say Goodbye” video so what im thinking is that Anti will kill the  Doctor this time. He has obliviously been taking over some of his tags, art and videos. I have no idea how long Jack is going to keep this going or maybe hes going to wait until Halloween again but i highly doubt it since its 3 months away or he may do something sooner. It is obvious that hes doing something, especially with the newest video titles, “Help Me”. Either Jack or Doc. are crying for help because there is no reason for Anti to be asking us for his help.(or at least not any that i can think of at the moment) I also read something saying that Anti may be planning to getting rid of Doc because hes the only one that can cure Jack, and remember when Anti slit Jacks throat on Halloween, what if Schneeplestein found him and was able to help before he “died.” If this is the case i can see why Anti would want to get revenge and gt rid of him so he can gain full control of Jack.And a little off-topic but remember when Jack said that when he re-blogs things for Anti and dosnt say anything, its because Anti is the one re-blogging them, and have you noticed that hardly anything has been commented on and only tagged. It may be Anti or Schneeplestien meaning one of them is in control, or even both. And since this has been going on for a couple of days , we may be giving Anti more power and control over Jack if he is the one re-blogging. 

Anyway, I’m 3 days deep into these theories and this is what i’ve picked up, ill keep updating when i get more information @hufflepufftrax and @sei-seragaki-captive-prince are sources where i read some theories for this post. Sorry if this being really long, just had a lot of ideas


Gramander Babies <3

I was bored and scrolling through my gallery and find a picture, it’s from I made a virtual baby of my k-pop OTP (lol). and I think that, Gramander need their own virtual baby.

so yeah, here they’re.

Lilian Artemis Graves

  • Nickname : Lili.
  • Newt’s Hair
  • Percival’s eyes.
  • Percival’s personality with little newt here and there (she have soft spot of magical creature, specially bowtruckles).
  • calm and collected, but if you hurt her family she’ll show you hell.
  • a fierce auror when she’s 24, make the Head Auror at 26.
  • She’s the older sibling.
  • sorted into Wampuss.
  • sorted into Slytherin.

Frederick Arthur Graves

  • Nickname : Ricky.
  • percival’s hair
  • newt’s Eyes
  • mixed Newt and Percival’s personality. (He’s strict but also get nervous easily) 
  • awkward, but somehow a good leader
  • a good auror, but then choose to be a teacher at ilvermorny.
  • younger sibling.
  • sorted into Pukwudgie
  • sorted into Ravenclaw

you maybe asking why there’s Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses there, so this is a little story. they were schooling at Ilvermorny first, then when they’re in their 2nd & 3rd grade their mum need to go back to the Ministry because of some things, they thought it’ll just take a while, their dad said that their mum won’t take long too. 

until newt owled them like 6 months later, that he need to stay there for like two years and have the kids crying, not wanting to be separate for long with their mum, Percival asked that if they want to go and live with mum there? but it just make them cry harder, they don’t want to be separated with daddy too. 

luckily, MACUSA need someone to go and Help MoM with some magical criminal case (maybe serial killer or something) and the president gladly pick Percival by his request, not just because it’s his field, but also he can live with Newt again there.

and yes, the kids enrolled to Hogwarts as 3rd & 4th grade.

Maybe you guys is kinda confused why Lili is in Slytherin, and Ricky is in Ravenclaw, the sorting hat place them where they’re choose actually.

Lili value power and ambition, the sorting hat asked if she wanted to be placed in gryfindor or slytherin. she said slytherin, no one actually like her in slytherin but she don’t care, as long as they keep their hands away from her little brother she’ll cope with the hate.

meanwhile Ricky value Bravery and Knowledge, just like his older sister, the sorting hat asked if he wanted to be put in Gryfindor or Ravenclaw. He said ravenclaw, for first time he was bullied by some bad slytherins, because his sister is in the slytherin and he’s being a nerd for being in ravenclaw.

the bully didn’t last long, tho. not only because Lili come to the rescue, but also apparently Ricky inherited his mum sassy mouth and a bit of his father cocky-ness.

Lili was about to explode when she hear what the bad slytherins said to her brother until…

“Omg, I thought dumb people don’t exist until I listen to your bullshit guys… Go eat some books, Cook it medium rare.”

she burst out laughing, and it was a nice story to tell on the dining table.

percival couldn’t get more proud.

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