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I really fucking love sheith, but I have this nagging feeling that Shiro doesn't love Keith as much as Keith loves him, or at least won't go as far as Keith would to get him back. Thoughts?

oh man, i’m really glad someone asked this. i think the way shiro acts toward/around keith is one of the most well produced parts of vld. they do such an incredible job with shiro’s character in general, but so much of his character depth is centered on keith. no matter how you interpret their relationship, the fact that they love each other is never in question, and it’s done so well:

that’s shiro’s keith… face and it shows up literally dozens of times. keith is so forward about showing how much he cares, but with shiro we get these really deliberate and subtle animation and acting cues:

that smile, ouch. and then the way his eyes linger on keith for a moment, even after pidge shows up? that’s not an accident. josh keaton also does an incredible job with these moments: (much… much more under the cut.)

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This is for @tubofskippy, who asked for “Gaston’s line “I said ‘she’s gorgeous’ and I fell,” but after calling Belle gorgeous, he actually falls flat on his face. Because Lefou tripped him.”, I hope you like it and that you can enjoy your giveaway prize! ;w;

I know that Gaston and LeFou were on their horses in this scene buut…that would have been…problematic, I guess (・_・ヾalso I’ve reused the same background from a previous drawing of mine which (the bg) was taken from the 1991 movie because I suck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a-anyway, as I’ve already said, I hope you like it! #cibiaout

Looooonnngggg Post about Gaston and LeFou BatB 2017

Okay, so I was going to wait until I saw Beauty and the Beast agin to make a post, because I’d get a new perspective on it, but I’ve been in listening to the soundtrack since Sunday, so I’d say it’s safe to say it’s on my mind.

Like, what the did with LeFou and Gaston in this movie is one of my favorite things to come from it. LeFou actual has a personality in this movie because he’s meant to be an actual character instead of just comic relief, which I Appreciate A Lot. And he’s really witty and funny in this movie too, like the first line he says “but she’s so well read and you’re so… Athletically inclined” and that line later when Gaston’s talking about Belle and’s like, “she doesn’t throw herself at me (or something like that) What would you call it” and LeFou’s like “Dignity” It’s Great™.

And I like how Gaston’s an actual person, too. In the beginning, he’s pretty chill, yeah, he’s kinda full of himself and is a little tiny bit jerky, but he’s not over the top, and it makes sense why the villagers would love him so much (plus him being a war vet doesn’t hurt that reputation, either) but I like as the longer we get in the movie, the more we see of his outer layer peeling away to reveal his actual personality, like, he slowly gets more creepy as the movie goes on. (I.e. Him leaving Maurice to be left to the wolves, the mob scene when it happens)

And on the other side of that, as he slowly gets creepier, you see LeFou’s conscience slowly getting the best of him and him realizing that Gaston Isn’t as Great as he Thinks™. Like, it’s very well done, and we see him hesitating and challenging Gaston twice (when they tie Maurice he’s like “hey, let’s not” and right before the Mob Song, he tries to talk Gaston out of it, but he backs down) this all comes to a head with that awesome added line in the Mob Song. It’s right after Gaston sings about how the town will follow him blindly with LeFou looking on rather coldly from behind him, and then LeFou sings “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released” (when I heard that, I started hitting my mom’s arm really hard at the theater, and she was like “what™”) It was just really cool, the LeFou character development

Also, Gaston and LeFou seemed like actually friend. Gaston was putting down LeFou that much, or really at all as far as I can remember, and Gaston actually thanks LeFou, during Gaston: “I needed encouragement, thank you LeFou” It’s a simple line, but it shows that he actually appreciates LeFou as a friend. He also compliments LeFou multiple times, most in The Gaston scene. I can really see why LeFou sticks with him in this version, and why you can see the betrayal on his face as he realizes Gaston Ain’t That Great™. I love this sssooooooo much.

(Also, Josh Gad and Luke Evans work so well together and it’s a shame I didn’t know who Luke Evans was before this. I love him so much now, he did so good as Gaston. He was so aware of who his character was and he’s Great™)

the funniest line deliveries (imo) for each of The Magnificent Seven


“Then just shoot him in the head, hell I don’t know, avenge me.” - Sam Chisolm

“Oh good they brought their pitchforks, we may stand a chance after all.” - Josh Faraday (OR “Je-sus-wept”)

“You little shit! We got a lot to talk about!” - Jack Horne

“I’m hungry.” - Red Harvest

C’MON! GET SOME GRAVEL IN YOUR CRAW! GODDAMNsonsabitches” - Goodnight Robicheaux

(1000% poker faced) “That is funny.” - Billy Rocks

First Time

Request:could you do a josh dun smut where he takes your virginity and you’re like super nervous and self conscious (abt your body and like having hair on your tummy, stuff like that) but he makes you feel comfortable and thinks it’s cute and stuff and and just really sweet and romantic ya feel??

A/N: Ah! This is such a cute request. Also I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I had computer problems and then I got writers block. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 13.3k

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Ah,, Crazy ex girlfriend

The show where I hate when my ships actually happen because everybody and their mothers know it’s gonna end up fucked. Well, at least until Rebecca gets her own issues resolved. (Which is definitely going to take awhile, with all this “destroy josh chan” shabam going on in s3)

Also extremely glad Josh bailed on the wedding in s2, they were never good for each other. think he has a good bit of issues himself to work on, really. Can’t stand being alone, jumping from relationship to relationship, girl to girl, and always trying to avoid responsibility. I mean, that was the whole reason why he decided to become a priest, seriously, to avoid having to face Rebecca and his problems! Was so pissed when he went all “it was never my fault, I don’t have to feel guilty” in that last scene in the episode, my god!

Originally posted by remyhii

Personally, I actually do really like Nathaniel and Rebecca together. But I also had really liked Rebecca with Greg as well, and everyone saw how that turned out. Come to think of it, all three have issues relating to their father.

All the musical numbers this season are AmAZinG

Plus can’t wait for more of Dr. Akopian, I relate to her so incredibly much 😂😂😂

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Some notes from 22/4/17

- anto was on fire. That Olivier has done something to him because he was so so so good

- the library scene was the best I’ve ever seen. Anthony literally broke down into tears and he kept stuttering his words. Honestly the best.

- In the first task, Mackley shouted the loudest ‘LOOK AT MY SNAKE HANDS’ and then did the SH to Josh’s face

- Also in that scene, Mackley and Josh always piss about but this time Snape stopped them, took the ’S’ banner from Tom and gave to it Josh and swapped their places. Tom also stole Josh’s hat and threw it downstage

- In St Oswalds, when the boys shout ‘EXCUSE ME’, anto shouted it in Josh’s face so Josh fell over which made Anto corpse. Anto then spent the rest of the scene trying to help him

- Most notably in the show, Paul corpsed because Noma fucked up. Then spent 5 minutes trying to compose himself. Failing. Then continued to laugh as he exited the stage 

 - During the ministry meeting, both Tom’s were stood next to each other and then when Draco started talking but turned to each other and was like 'who is he?’ Because it was James Draco not Alex Draco. 

 - Cherrelle started chanting 'HARRY HARRY HARRY OI OI OI’ and then when she was told to stop she was like 'what? It’s a chant' 

 - The Romione hand hold was beautiful. Noma gently touched Paul’s fingers and then grabbed his hand quickly and then let go 

 - in the girls bathroom, when Scorpius goes 'tada’ with the them turner, I don’t know if Anthony forgot but he was like ’….. ah.. tada’. Worked though. 

 - Anto forgot some of his line but a first time viewer wouldn’t have noticed. It was in the boys bedroom in Act 3 instead of saying “saving Cedric - that wasn’t such a bad idea - not in my head anyway - though, you know right - that we can’t try again” he said “you helped me just as much as I saved the world…” then there was a pause and some awkward looks at each other and then he said “so you can help me destroy this!” 



I saw Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. This has taken me a while to post. I saw it 5 days ago and am still trying to fully process what I just saw. No words can do it any justice. Hands down the most unique theatrical experience I have ever had. 

The music is brilliant. It’s a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary and so much fun. Heck, they even break into a club/rave scene filled with strobe lights and the ensemble dressed in glowing neon and a DJ with a computer clubbing it up. What show does that??? I also got a pierogi thrown at my face and I love free food.

The show is perfectly cast. Josh Groban. Josh freaking Groban. He is much more than a pretty voice used to up ticket sales. He is perfect. His voice fits the music and the part of Pierre perfectly. He is literally an angel. And his acting moves you to tears (Dust & Ashes was a definite highlight). And let’s just talk about the fact that he learned how to play the accordion just for this role. He’s been waiting for the right opportunity to accept a Broadway role and this was definitely the right one to wait for.

The rest of the cast was brilliant as well. Denee is so youthful and beautiful. Lucas Steele was a definite highlight. He has the part of pretty-boy down. I could only watch his facial expressions the entire show and still come out extremely entertained. Amber Grey and Grace McClean were also AMAZING.

The Imperial Theater isn’t even recognizable. The staging, set, and lighting is mesmerizing. You truly become a part of the show as soon as you walk through the doors and enter into 19th century Russia (not to mention get delicious pierogis thrown at you). And there is so much fun audience interaction. Some highlights include audience members having to pass a letter from Anatole to get it across stage to Natasha, Natasha + Mary taking stools and awkwardly sitting at some tables on stage and singing across the tables in the midst of the audience, Anatole kissing so many women’s hands. I sat in the orchestra but can only imagine that those stage seats are worth the price tag.

I’m already extremely excited to see this show again, I can’t see it only once. 

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okay but like I’m confused…Maya never showed any romantic interest in Lucas until after she was all ‘riley matthews is the best person I could be’
She told Lucas to his face that he wasn’t her type and shes always been verbal about her feelings for Josh. There was never any indication that Maya had feelings for Lucas, she was supportive and helpful to her best friend who liked him, anything else just wasn’t there. I can admit they had cute banter but that doesn’t equate to a strong emotional bond or connection. Idk to me it seems like her “feelings” for him are really out of the blue. 

Lucas x Riley have had several deep conversations, they’ve talked about his past anger issues, his life in Texas and even his future.

What have LM talked about? 

No wait, she did pour a smoothie over his head when he attempted to tell her about his past.

Funny enough though Maya x Josh actually had a very interesting, heart to heart about rejection, on the subway. There’s also the really intense beautiful scene where Maya tells Josh that she does know him and that she does pay attention to him and knows what he likes and Josh sits there fucking flabbergasted because he wasn’t expecting that kind of honesty.There was feelings there. You could see it on her face and hear it in her voice. THAT’S a strong emotional connection. 

Sure the campfire and stars were beautiful but the moment was fleeting and everything after that was an awkward ‘give me your attention’ mess.

I might be a bit bias but I just don’t see it.

HHHH Osomatsu-san “Drake and Josh” tho

  • osomatsu being drake, the brother who uses orange soda as mouthwash, signs his name on a newspaper and turns it in for a class assignment, eats a hotdog wearing a tuxedo
  • choromatsu being josh, the brother obsessed with oprah Nyaa-chan, eats another person’s enchilada that did not belong to him, works at a movie theater with a boss who hates him but just adores his sh*tty brother for some reason

lots more under the cut:

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Filming in Steveston (July 20th 2016)

Just a little summary of filming just because I know some have been misinforming people about what was going on.

First Scene: Lana, Jared

2nd scene: Lana, Jared, Gosh, Beverley

3rd scene: Colin & Emilie

4th scene: Gosh, Lana, Jared, and Craig Horner

Last scene: Josh & Lana

For the record, JMo didn’t film any scenes today. Colin and Emilie only had that ONE scene at the docks and I don’t know if there is any truth to a sword fighting scene as someone was saying. NO ONE was allowed near the filming at the JR. However, we were able to see a glimpse of them during rehearsals, and from what I saw both Colin and Emilie were just standing face to face (mind you, I got there a little later so I’m not certain if any actual dialogues or scenes were rehearsed.

Also, this is by far the WORST Steveston experience I have encountered in my whole setlife history.

Just a Fuck: Part One (A Joshifer One-Shot)

AN: Alright, I have been working on this one-shot for a while and it has grown and grown. So I have decided to split it up so you don’t have to read through 15k+ words in one sitting. The second half is nearly complete and should be up no later than this weekend. This is a stand alone one-shot. It does not belong to any other universe. I hope you enjoy.

Part Two can be found here.

Just a Fuck: Part One

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Things I liked about MJ2...

I watched MJ2 three times now and I must admit that every time I see it, it keeps getting better and better!

The movie is beautiful, it has everything and more. Sure it lacks some things but all in all it is nothing but satisfying.

Rather than reviewing it (other people already wrote awesome reviews and I wouldn’t  be able to make anything as good anyway…) I want to make a list of all the things I loved most about it.

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a little personal post // mockingjay

*** please don’t read unless you’ve read the book or seen the movie ***

yesterday I went to see the Mockingjay and I honestly have no words to describe how amazing it was.

The movie was produced so beautifully - me being the book lover I am looked for the tiniest detail while watching the movie, I wanted to make sure everything was done according to the book. And although some things did not show up in the book (a.k.a Katniss’ dreams and Effie), I thought those add ons looked amazing in the movie.

I had two favourite scenes - when Katniss went back to district 12 with the filming crew and Gale, and when Peeta is back.

-Back to district 12-

This scene was beautiful. There was so much emotion shown I was actually in tears. We finally saw Gale’s true emotions, and the fact that he blamed himself for not saving more people when the capitol attacked District 12 broke my heart. 

Katniss singing ‘The Hanging Tree’ was also mesmerisingly beautiful. JLaw’s voice sounded so serene and calm, it fitted the song just right. I actually have had that song on repeat since last night. I loved how people from other districts finished the song for her - it showed everyone uniting to get what they finally deserve, and it also showed how much of an impact Katniss really has on people from other districts.

-Peeta is back-

I was anticipating this scene for as long as I can remember. I was scared they wouldn’t do justice to the book and make it mediocre but thankfully, I was wrong. This scene was AMAZING, Peeta’s hijacked face looked brilliant and so believable! The way he attacked Katniss gave me so many goosebumps and so many feels! 

I love how Josh wasn’t holding back any emotion and you could truly see Jen was struggling while filming that scene. Overall, it was brilliant. Everything was. The make up, the aggression, the setting. I also really liked how they made Katniss’ eyes bloodshot when she wakes up, I thought that made the scene really believable.

The movie was honestly amazing and it has made me want to go again (which I am dragging my boyfriend to). I can’t wait for part 2 to come out, meanwhile i’m going to re-read the books and re-watch the movies over and over again because i’m literally obsessed. Well done to everyone involved in the making of the movie, more specially Jennifer Lawrance, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as they did a beautiful job in the movie.


Hi! I saw a post about the quote in SL1 that goes “Hey look at me! You think I’m pretty but actually dead!” and then goes on to say that writers are no longer being subtle. Which found interesting because I then rewatched and analyzed SL1 and noticed that this entire episode is basically the writers telling Riley and the Birdie Watchers (in a not so subtle way), the flaws with Riley’s perception of love.

1) For example after Smarkle’s quote about the leaves, at the end Farkle points and looks only at Riley and says “FOR YOU” when they explained the leaf illusion in simple words. Farkle could have easily just said “explained in simple words by the smarkle whatever foundation. The “for you” was not needed but they added it in there and was directed only towards Riley! Very interesting don’t you think?

2) The first bay window scene at the lodge when Maya is explaining the “you don’t go out with a fantasy” to lucas, Riley has a face of confusion (which i believe someone talked about in another post) ANYWAYS, what I also found really interesting is the line Lucas say to Maya which was yeah “Yeah, I’m Real Messed Up” I felt like Maya was (subtly) explaining to Riley THROUGH LUCAS, that lucas was just a fantasy and Lucas’s response is actually Riley’s voice (in here head kinda awakening) telling her that the fact that her wanting to date her fantasy IRL is kinda messed up.

3) (This one might be a reach) The BLOWN IN LEAF! Which is Orange! Remember Lucas’s reaction to Riley showing him the leaf, he was kinda like “WTF” and seemed unphased by it. As we all have come to the conclusion that the orange leaf is Farkle symbolically. The leaf is blown into Riley’s life by the wind (which is something very NATURAL), and when it arrived (I’m assuming) it didn’t happen ALL LOUD & BiG, but very quiet. Also she does not get rid of it, right away. Riley is holding onto it until the end of SL1. Which is interesting because I am guessing when Riley realizes her feelings for Farkle it will come very Natural & Quiet, and she will hold on to him.

4) Farkle throughout this episode is getting really fed up with the triangle. The others are sick of it too, but Farkle just seems extra irritated. I mean in Upstate, Triangle, & True Maya you can tell he is reaching his point, especially when it comes with Riley & Lucas. The whole “He Is Just A Face” has been his way on trying to tell Riley that what Rucas has is NOT REAL feelings, it only a PRETTY appearance. (Enter DEAD leaf quote) Also I noticed a little tension between him and Smackle (since she is fawning over Josh & Lucas). It is being sublte that Farkle is insecure about this whole triangle thing.

5) (Could be reaching here) The whole scene when they talk about chasing the moth and how it tricked Farkle could symbolize his relationship with Smackle in terms of he chased after her and in the end she just taunted him (fleh!) and while he was hanging from a branch, she was “flirting” which Lucas. And Farkle’s reaction to it kinda seemed shocked/ pissed off. (could be just me)

6) The whole movie sequence which was cool, but overall a mess in terms of the triangle.  First off in Maya’s movie when Riley and Lucas talk, what do they talk about… The same stuff from the LIBRARY! Which we have established was NOT A DEEP connection between the two. So either way in Maya’s mind it is revealed that she too did not think the library was that deep. Also THE PURPLE CAT!!! Which has proven to create conflict to Maya hence the bomb (symbolically). THE RED WIRE, which represent Riley’s FEELINGS. Once they cut out Riley and her feelings out of the equation, they will get their true feelings for each other, (Which is why it is not a Triangle) . If they don’t cut it everything in sense of true feelings will be “destroyed”. 

**Sidenote Riley’s quote of “I know the BOMB and you Ain’t It”** Interesting!?

What do Bombs and Volcanoes have in common THEY EXPLODE!!! Foreshadowing that it is RILEY who might explode.

7) Riley’s movie! First off the bat Lucas is dressed as Cowboy, second he is wearing DENIM…CORPANGA! She is still stuck on the idea of being like her parents and DENIM played a big role for them symbolically! And we know this show is not a repeat of BMW. Second the color Red is incorporated here. Not only that but Riley brought in Maya, once again she found away to pull in Maya. Riley could have excluded Maya from her movie and kiss Lucas ending the triangle because it never would have started or be mentioned in the movie. I think she included Maya because she knows subconsciously that she is not the end result of the so called not triangle. Also that fact that it is mention that too much “GOOEY SAP” IS BAD for everyone could symbolize that Riley always the GOOD in everything can/ will lead to something bad. Plus the whole reason Lucas stayed with her not because they were the ‘PERFECT COUPLE”(which is different then the POWER COUPLE,  but that is for another post)

** Maya once again proves that Boing is just a fantasy when she said all she has to do is get rid off everyone IRL to be with him. Which is once again NOT REALISTIC!

Either way this episode was a not so secret way for the writers to tell the audiences and birdie watchers ( & Riley in a meta way) that the Girls perception of love is not realistic or well balanced. Which could possibly be the PLOT TWIST for those who didn’t follow the story closely.  

Please share your thoughts or feedback. This is based on my analysis on this episode. @theowldetective