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Jai Brooks Smut #16 (REQUESTED)

Request: Can you do a Jai smut for me were we have been fighting all day then I go to hit him or something and it gets heated and also my name is Aaliyah than you so muchhh 💓

AN: “y/n” means your name lol a lot of new people to the smut and imagine world are reading and they ask ❤️WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE BABES

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT. Lol I sound like a hoe writing this smut lol


I walk inside the house with Jai following my tracks. “Y/n will you just talk to me?” He says slamming the door behind him.
“Fuck no Jai.” I say. I sit down on the couch and he stands in front of me.
“Jai just leave me alone.” I say.
“No you need to talk to me. Stop ignoring me whenever we have a fucking problem.” He shouts. I grunt and get up out my seat.

Before I could even walk away he pulls me back. “Jai most of the fights are caused by you! Let me go!” I yell.

“What the fuck did I do?” He says.
“Jai just leave it alone.” I say. He lets go of my arm and puts his hands up in defense.
“Fuck it. Okay.” He says sitting on the couch, turning on the tv. I leave the room and go inside his room to watch Netflix by myself.

About 30 mins into the movie Jai comes in and something in me is hoping he would come and hug me but he doesn’t. Instead he ignores my presence And grabs his charger from the wall behind his bed where I’m laying. He walks out his room and closes the door behind him.


I don’t know why that hurt me but it did. I get up off his bed and leave his room to go the living room. When I see that he’s not there,I go and check the other rooms and I find him in Luke’s room making a video on his computer.

“Just send in any questions guys.” He says into the camera with his phone in hand, must be making a Q&A video for sure. “Jai?” I speak up. He turns around in the chair and faces me.
“Can we talk?” I ask. He rolls his eyes and turns back around to face the camera. He stops recording. “What do you want?” He asks.

“For us to work out whatever is going on with us.” I say stepping closer to him.
“Not now I’m making a video.” He says. “Jai seriously let’s just get it over with I’m tired of arguing and being mad.” I state.

“I wanted to do the same but you didn’t so you’re just gonna have to wait like I did.” He says. “Jai.” I call. He gets out of his chair and walks towards me.
“Y/n leave me alone.” He says in my face. I huff.

“Whatever Jai, I’m just gonna go take a nap. Wake me up when you’re done being an ass.” I say walking out. I walk back into his room and lay in his bed, covering myself in his duvet. Soon I find my self drifting to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of Hamlet’s barking.
“Woof!” Hamlet barks. I groan and place a pillow over my head.
“Ugh hamlet be quiet.” I whine. Hamlet continues to bark. “Jai!” I call. No answer.
“Jai!” I call again. Still no answer.

Seconds later Jai comes in with a water in his hand. “Oi what’s wrong?” He says.
I look at him then Hamlet and then back to him. “Do you not hear Hamlet barking?” I ask. “Yeah.” He answers.
“Well then why didn’t you come in here to take him outside?” I ask.

“Cause you could’ve.” He shrugs. I look at him like he said the dumbest shit ever.
“Jai seriously” I say
“Y/n just tell me the problem.” He says.

“The problem is I’m trying to take a nap and you know that and you let Hamlet just bark in my face.” I say sitting up.

“You’re overreacting you could’ve taken 2 minutes out of your life and taken him out side.” He argues.

“Jai if you were trying to sleep I wouldn’t let Hamlet Wake you up, I would’ve taken him outside or out for a walk I mean something considerate.” I say raising my voice. “Well okay what do you want me to do now you’re already fucking awake.” He fires back.

“Damn Jai what the fuck is wrong with you, you’re acting like what I’m saying doesn’t matter like its no big deal.” I say. “Because it isn’t!” He yells.
“You’re pissed off because a fucking dog woke you and you blame it on me when you could’ve done something!” He says

“You knew i was trying to sleep and you didn’t do anything.” I yell at him, causing Hamlet to bark even louder.
“Oh my fucking gosh move Jai.” I say pushing past Jai to take Hamlet out, him following behind me.

I open the door to the back yard and Hamlet runs outside. “Damn that’s all you had to do was let him out side, thanks Jai.” I say walking back into his room.

“Oi just drop it y/n he’s outside, now you can go to sleep.” He says rolling his eyes.
I close the door and lay back in his bed to go back to sleep.
“I’m sorry for waking you Y/n I didn’t know I was on dog watch or something, you don’t have to act like a selfish bitch.” Jai says from outside the door. I got light headed from how fast I sat up from hearing him say that bullshit.

“Really you’re gonna call me a bitch because I was trying to sleep and the fucking dog kept barking loud as shit!” I yell, getting out the bed. I walk to the door and pull it open. “Oh my fucking God Y/n you wanted to sleep why are you still talking to me.” Jai says.

“Jai you called me a bitch!” I yell.
“I said you were acting like one! You always take things I don’t mean so fucking personal!” He yells. “I just wanted some sleep damn! And you don’t respect me!” I say. “Just go to sleep Y/n, just go back in my room and shut the fuck up!” He yells.

I guess we were yelling at each other so loud we didn’t hear the front door unlock and open. Beau and Luke walk in on the scene. “Fighting again I see. What now?” Beau asks. “We would’ve been finished by now but she just kept yelling.” Jai says.

“Jai if you didn’t open your fucking mouth I wouldn’t be arguing with you now!” I yell. By now we’re both in each others faces.

“Hey hey hey.” Beau says while him and Luke quickly run over to us. Luke gets behind me and pulls me back by my waist while Beau gets besides Jai and wraps his arms around his shoulders and pulls him to the wall. “Beau fuck off!” Jai yells while trying to pull Beau’s arm off his shoulder.

“Why are you guys fighting again?” Luke asks me. “ Luke can I sleep in your room tonight?” I ask. Before Luke can answer, Jai opens his mouth. “No, fuck no.” Jai yells.
“I didn’t ask you, shut the hell up!” I fire back. “Jai come on, let’s go outside.” Beau says, pulling Jai to the front. Jai’s chest rises up and down fast from being so angry. Jai slips from Beau’s grip and comes over to me.

Luke quickly stands in between us with his Hands on Jai’s chest, being the brick wall that keeps us apart.

“You always fucking do this!” Jai spits at me. “Jai fucking go!” Luke says, struggling to keep him away from me.

“Yep I do don’t I cause our arguments are always my fault right? Cool fuck you!” I say, tears streaming down my face.

“Fuck you too Y/n! That’s probably why you and Gypsy aren’t friends anymore cause you’re such a bitch!” He spits.
Something ignited inside of me. I raise my hand and reach over Luke to smack Jai in the mouth but before it hits him, he grabs it.

Luke turns around so that he can pin me against the wall while wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Shut the fuck up what happened between me and her is between us!” I yell.
Luke and Beau struggle to keep us from each other.

Beau grabs Jai by the collar of his shirt and puts his left arm around Jai.

“Jai stop let’s go!” Beau yells pulling him away again to the front door.
“Fuck You Y/n!” Jai says from outside.

“Whatever bye! Fuck you, have a great day.” I say. Luke let’s go of me and sits down on the couch letting out a huge breath. “Ugh he’s irritating.” I say sitting next to him. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me into his chest, comforting me. “It’s okay, What happened?” He asks.

“I was trying to sleep, Hamlet kept barking, Jai didn’t let him out called me a selfish butch for getting mad.” I say.
“Jai does that to me all the time I know how it feels. But you guys shouldn’t fight as much as you have been lately.” He states.

“We’ve been fighting all day.” I say.
“Let’s just get your mind off it, wanna cook dinner?” He asks. I nod and we get up and walk to the kitchen. Luke starts mincing the onions and I begin seasoning the chicken. “I’m going to play some music” he says, turning on the speaker loud in the kitchen.

Justin Timberlake starts playing and I know Luke played his radio because he knows how much I love my Timberlake.
“I’m in love with that girllll.” I sing while swaying my hips. Luke starts singing with me and we start dancing with each other playfully. He gets behind me and my ass is pressed against him and we sway together laughing.

“And she told me, she’s in love with me.” We sing. He laughs and walks back to his cutting station while I season the chicken. Minutes later Beau walks in with Jai behind him. I look up and immediately look down when I notice he’s looking at me. Jai walks up behind me and placed his hands on my waist.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Can we talk?” Jai says in my ear. “I’m doing something Jai.” I say softly, not wanting to start another fight.
“Beau can you take over from here?” He says to Beau. “Yeah so you lovers can love again.” Beau smiles taking my place. I wash my hands in the sink and follow Jai to his room. He closes and locks the door before speaking. I sit on the bed and he stands in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

“Y/n I’m sorry for arguing with you all day, I was wrong to let hamlet bark and I was wrong for being rude all day. I don’t want to lose you and I know I can be an ass sometimes but I need you with me baby.” He apologies. He kneels down in front of me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’m sorry baby” he says.
“I’m sorry too Jai. I’m sorry about the whole Hamlet thing and earlier today, I love you.” I say.
“I’m also sorry for bringing up Gypsy and making you cry. That was too far and I hate seeing you cry let alone hurt babe.” He says. “It’s okay we say things we don’t mean when we’re mad I still love you.” I say.

He cups my face in his hands and places a kiss on my lips. He breaks the kisses and quickly plants kisses all over my face and neck.

“Okay okay Jai.” I laugh. He lays me down on the bed and hovers over me, hands on either side of me. “I love you.” He smiles.
“I love you more.” I say. I pull his face to mine and make out with him. My right leg wraps around his torso and his left hand reaches down between my legs. He unbuttons my shorts and tugs them down. He breaks the kiss and goes down to my shorts and pulls them off.

I sit up and unzip his black jacket and pull his shirt over his head. “Are we really doing this.” He laughs. I nod.
“Make up sex is the best.” I laugh with him. He gently pushes me back so that I laying down and he spreads my legs. His finger grazing over my clit and he starts rubbing it. “You’re so wet.” He smiles. He plants kisses from my inner right thigh to my clit as he starts licking and sucking.

“Oh fuck.” I moan in a shaky tone. My hand laces in his hair and I tug on it. His tongue rapidly flicks on my clit sending electricity through my body. “Jai fuck.” I moan. His fingers slide into me slowly and curls them to meet my spot.

“You like that don’t you.” He say. I moan in response. “I can’t hear you babe.” He says.
“Yesss Jai don’t stop.” I moan. His tongue starts curling and rubbing my clit. My legs start closing but he’s quick to pin them back down on the bed.

“Keep those legs open for me.” He says. Three minutes later I’m almost at my high. “Jai I’m gonna cum.” I moan. He stops and sits up on his knees to unbutton his jeans . I sit up with him and swat at his hands to do it my self. He lays down and I help him pull down his jeans, then take them off.

I strip out of my shirt, leaving me in only a bra and go down to his boxers and pull them down. His length springs up making my mouth water. I take him in my mouth and start sucking. I go down as far as I can and pump the rest of what I couldn’t get.

“Fuck.” He moans. My tongue swirls around his head and I continue pumping him. “Fuck y/n you’re gonna make me cum already.” He exclaims. I laugh which sends vibrations through him.
I up at him and his features are flawless. His jawline is exquisite, his mouth forms a perfect o and his eyes are closed shut with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Shit.” He grunts. He exhales and inhales through his teeth making that sort of sucking noise turning me on even more.
His leg twitches as I deep throat him.
“Y/n stop Or I’m gonna cum.” He breathes. I take him out my mouth and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Fuck that was fucking amazing babe.” He says. He pulls me up to him, unclasps my bra and then flips us around, making my legs on either side of him. He slides in me and starts thrusting.
“Ughhhh.” We both moan in sync. He reaches down between my legs and rubs my clit. “You’re so fucking tight.” He grunts.

“Jai don’t stop yes.” I moan. He takes my right leg and lifts it over his left shoulder, going deeper inside of me.
“Fuck!” I say. “Y/n.” He moans.
He flips us over to where I’m on top and pounds into me, not giving me anytime to think.

My breasts bounce up and down and he takes the left on in his hand.
“Oh fuck Jai yesss” I moan. I go down to his neck and start kissing it as he thrusts into me. His left hand go on my ass give it a little spank. Our moans are uncontrollable as we’re reaching our point.

Minutes later He pulls out flips me back over making me ass up and face down. He slams into me and thrusts faster than before.
“Jai!” I moan. He fists my hair and pulls it back. “Louder.” He says.

“Jai harder.” I moan even louder. His thrusts become even harder as the sound of the room fills with wet skin slapping together. The headboard starts banging against the wall, both of us not even caring. He lets go of my hair and firmly grasps my waist, pulling me into him to meet his thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum.” He says. “Me too.” I moan. His strokes become uneven as he pulls out and cums on my back. Once again he turns me over and starts eating me out so I can cum.

“Jai fuck!” I moan as his tongue flickers over my clit really fast. I reach my high and my moan come out louder than intended. Our breathing is off as we clean up the mess we made on the bed and my back. He hands me my underwear, spanks, bra and his DP hoodie and he gets dressed in his shorts and black tshirt.

“That was so fucking good.” He says pulling the shorts up, kissing my cheek.
I nod, still adjusting my breathing.
“I’m fine I promise, that was really good.” I laugh. “I guess they’re still making the food you can go out if you want I’ll be out soon, I have to clean this cum off the bed and your wetness.” He laughs. I nod and get up to walk out.

I unlock the door and walk out closing the door behind me and meet Luke and Beau at the kitchen table. I sit down on the opposite side of Luke with Beau on my side and they both just stare at me .

The walk of shame is no joke.

“Where’s the chicken?” I ask.
“It’s done were just waiting for the other shit to be ready.” Luke says.

“So.” Beau starts. “How was it.” Luke says, sending all three of us in laughing fits.
“Oh my god stop it guys.” I laugh.

“Come on it’s just us girl talk you know.” Beau says. “Oh my gosh.” I say crossing my arms on the table and burying my head in it from embarrassment.
“Oh my fucking God Jai!” Luke fake moans like a girl. Beau starts laughing and rubs my back in small circles.

“Ah come on y/n it’s okay we all know Jai is amazing in bed.” He laughs.
“Shut up Beau!” I laugh sitting up.
“You guys had the headboard banging the wall it must have been really good.” Luke says. Jai walks in and takes in the scene.

He walks over it me and hugs me from behind. “Fuck off you guys.” He says to Luke and Beau. “I love you babe.” He says kissing the back of my head.
“I love you Jai.” I smile. “Awww!!” Luke and Beau say.

“If you guys have a round two, do it on the floor or a chair or something that doesn’t bang against the wall that share with you.” Luke says. “Fuck off cunt.” Jai says, earning a loud laugh from Luke.

“I’m glad that you guys aren’t fighting anymore that’s for sure.” Beau smiles.

“Me too.” Jai and I say together.

How To Make Fake Messages, Easy

I got a request for this by this wonderful blog.

Now, making fake messages are every easy, half because I kinda cheat my way, but my cheat makes it easier. 

1. Go to iMessage

2. Find out who you want to do a fake message for, for this tutorial, I chose Jack Johnson.

3. Go to create a new message and type in your number. 

Also, you can use your mom, dad, sister, brother’s phone, or if you have an iMac, MacBook, any other thing that is connected to iMessage. 

4. Send a random message just to get the regular setup 

5. Click the “Contact,” button, then “Edit,” and put in the contact name that you need to fake message. 

6. Delete your first message and start doing the fake iMessage that you want. 

7. Do your conversation, we’ll fix the extra messages soon.

8. Delete the extra messages by holding your finger on the message and then you can select the other ones too. 

Extra: Make sure that your texts match your time, my time says, “4:21PM & 4:22PM,” when my texts say, “I know it’s really really late,” so make sure that you don’t forget that part.

Extra: Make sure that if it’s his name as the contact, that it’s from him, not him texting, I’ve seen people make that mistake, and it always confuses me. 

Extra: Also put your watermark so that nobody steals your edit!

Extra: Don’t forget to change your contact name back!

Hey guys! Here’s tutorial number two! Next tutorial I have is Fake Snapchats and the last one I did, you can find here.

Thanks again to this blog for requesting this!

Send me your links if I helped you!

Want to request? Have any questions or need further help? Go Here.


Nate Maloley Text AU: You think you’re texting your friend, about Nate, but it’s actually him.

A/N: decided to start making these. They seems really fun. Started with a simple one (inspired by someone, I forgot who). DON’T FORGET TO SEND ME TEXT REQUESTS. I DO 5SOS, OMAHA BOYS AND JANOSKIANS.

Also new chapter for broken (Jack gilinsky fanfic) posted on wattpad (@taylorsslut) soon I’ll post it on here. :)))

Lokai Bracelet.
The black bead carries mud from the dead sea which is also known as the lowest point on earth. The white bead carries water from mt. Everest which is also known as the highest point on earth. The 2 beads represent the highs and lows in your life and the clear bead represent everything in between. This bracelet reminds you no matter where you are in your life whether it be at your highest peak or rock bottom to stay humble. I haven’t taken this bracelet off since I got it.

Preferences 4: The Boys do a Keek of you

Warning: Will probably contain swearing


Luke was in the backseat while you were driving the car and Beau was right next to you and you were both arguing about something. Both of you guys screaming. 

“That’s not enough, its not enough.” Beau screams out, his body is twisted out of his seat facing you. 

“I don’t care Beau, Stop being such a baby.” You yell back, you couldn’t take your eyes off the road but you would glance at him every other second.

“No you are doing it wrong, its wrong, its WRONG, ITS WRONG.” He starts doing his rockstar screams. 


“NNNNEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR.” He roars out and you can hear Luke chuckling in the background. You remain quiet until he stops and you look at him calmly. 

“You done?” you whispers. He smiles at you and gives you a bright playful nod. You laugh out and playfully slap him up behind his head. “You goofball.”

“I love you.” He tells you as he lifts from his seat and kisses you on the cheek.

“Love you too.”

@Lukebrooks: See this is why she is perfect for Beau.


“You guys so my girlfriend is so engrossed in her movie right now, i don’t even know if she realizes I left so I’m gonna go and scare her.” James says before moving his phone to show you sitting on the couch in a dirty pig hoodie and sweat pants. You have your arms resting on your knees and you really were so into your movie you don’t hear him coming up from behind you. He lightly moves your hair but you don’t move at all, he does it again but nothing happens then he bends down from behind the couch and jumps at you screaming into your ear.

You probably jumped, screamed and died in the millisecond before you realize it was him and slaps him hard in the chest over and over again. “Damn it James you scared the fuck out of me.”

You stop hitting him and have your hands to your chest trying to catch your breath. Then you noticed something, he had his phone in his hand. “Wait why are you holding your phone? James are you filming me?”

James laughs then runs out of his seat when he sees you running towards him yelling “James I’m gonna kill you.”

@James_Yammouni: Please don’t kill me for this. ily. 


You watch as Jai brings the phone to both of your faces with his arm wrapped around your shoulder. “Look whose here to surprise Baby Daniel." 

You smile and wave to the camera. 

"but right now Skip is sleeping so we are gonna give him a nice surprise.”

Both you and Jai tip toe into Skip’s room to find him crashed on his bed with his sheet tangled up in his legs. You see Jai facing the camera towards you and you bring your hand to your mouth to hold in a giggle. You slowly bend down and then softly crawl on top of Skip who started to moan. 

“Wake up.” you softly sing into his ear. 

You slowly opens his eyes completely lost and dazed before he looks towards you and smiles. You couldn’t help but smile back, you haven’t seen Skip in what felt like a year because you were both just so busy and seeing him smile really makes you realize how much you have missed your man. 

He closes his eyes and sighs out as he wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you into a tight lock against him. You let out a off as your cheek smashes into his and just like Daniel you feel him humping your leg through your clothes and blanket, of course there wasn’t that much oommff into considering he was still half asleep but it stills cause you to  laugh and move your head enough to kiss the corner of his mouth. 

“I’ve missed you.” You tell him. 

Although he still has his eyes closed and his face is facing away from you, you, Jai, and the camera caught him smiling like angel as he says “I’ve missed you so much.

@Jai_brooks: Daniels surprise morning wake up call. #SOCUTE


 "Hey guys right now I’m in the tattoo shop with this beautiful girl as she finished up her tattoo. Say hi baby." 

You were sitting on a chair with your bareless back facing the tattoo artist, Derek. You had you head down in your arms while Luke stands in front of you. You lift your head and they could see you had tears running down your face. Luke doesn’t say anything but he brushes your tears off your cheek with his thumb.

"Hey guys.” you say with a small smile before putting your head back down.

Luke walks over behind Derek to show the progress “Derek can you tell them how painful this is.”

“Anywhere you get a tattoo on bone hurts so yeah this is pretty sore.” He answers. Luke moves back to you while Derek tells you “You are doing great girl, just tell me if it get too much and we can take a breather.”

You take a deep breath before letting it out and shakes your head. Luke pans down to show that you had your hand in his, comforting you as he runs his thumb across your hand before you squeeze it really hard. 

“I think your nails broke through on that one.”

“I’m sorry” you moan out. 

“its okay babe, squeeze as hard as you need too.” He comforts, the camera moves away and the audience can see him kissing you on the head.

@Luke_Brooks: Really wanna show you this awesome tattoo that my girl just finished, she said it was painful but very worth it. Its beautiful babe. 


You and Jai were outside in the backyard of your friend’s beach house right next to two medal bars in between four palm trees. You had a sports bra and jogging shorts on with your hair up in a pony tail while he had a loose tank top on with basketball short. 

“Ok you guys ready?” Beau asks. 

You both nod your heads as you both turn around to face the bars. You and him were having a debate about who could do the most pulls up. With him being so athletic and always going to the gym and you being a university volleyball player your odds were pretty even.

“GO” Beau screams, you both starts with your backs facing the camera, throughout the entire time you guys kept up with each other but before you know it times was up and he beat you…..By two.

He starts to scream and yell out throwing his arms in the air. “YES…I BEAT YOU.” he starts to run around the yard with his shirt off. You roll your eyes as you go close to the camera. 

“My man everybody." 

Surprisingly though Jai comes up behind you and throws you over his shoulder and begins running around the yard again. 

@BeauB: These two hard heads won’t have their answers until they do the 30 second pull up challenge. Who will win?

Alright you guys thank you so much for reading, please if you liked it even just a little go vote for it, also comment, feedback is always helpful. Tell me which one out of the 5 did you like best? What other preferences would you like to read. 


Jai Imagine for Hannah

I bite my lip, too afraid to look. “You do it,” I say to him. “I can’t face it.”

Jai shakes his head. “I can’t either sweetheart.”

We both stare at the little stick, the one that could change our lives. It is so strange, how one little inanimate object has so much power over us. All of our attention, all of our hope, is with that one little stick.

“We need to check it,” I say finally. Jai nods, but still neither of us move. I don’t think we can take another rejection. It might break us.

We’ve been married for three years, and have been trying to get pregnant almost as long. It’s strange, everyone thought that we would have no trouble with this. We had never had any trouble with any part of our relationship. We were always the couple everyone envied, because we made it look so easy. We had fallen in love at first sight almost. It still makes me smile, how we met randomly, and he took a picture with me, before asking for my number. I hadn’t seen that coming. But I gave it to him, he was one of my favorite youtubers. After that we were basically inseperable. Yeah, people said we moved a little fast, getting engaged after only a year, and married barely a year after that. But we didn’t still don’t, care about that. The people who love us supported us and still do. But this one thing, we just want it so badly. Why can’t we have it?

“I can’t do it,” I say before walking out of the bathroom. I can’t face another no.

I wait in our bedroom for him to come out, hoping against my better judgment. When I feel his arms wrap around me and his lips in my hair, I know it was in vain.

I turn around in his arms and sob freely. “Why can’t this happen for us? What is wrong with me?”

“Shhhhh, sweetheart. Shhhhh Hannah, honey there’s nothing wrong with you. Sometimes these things take a while. It’ll happen for us don’t worry.”

You just keep crying.

One Month Later

“Mrs. Brooks, when was the last time you got your period?”

I stare at my doctor, confused. She’d already asked me that, twice. “I told you, I’ve been stressed, it’s been a few months.” I wonder if she’s alright. She seems very excited about something.

That’s a good thing I guess. I’m here for my regular checkup, but I’ve been sitting here for a long time and I was starting to get worried. I’m pretty sure I can take excitement as I’m not dying.

“I just needed to make sure we didn’t mess up the test. Mrs. Brooks you’re pregnant.”

I must have heard her wrong. I’m sure she just said I was pregnant.

“You are about two and a half months along, would you like to schedule an ultrasound now? We might be able to squeeze you in right away actually. We should definitely do this as soon as possible.”

“But—but—but—“ I take a deep breath, and try again. “But I just took a home pregnancy test last month!”

“Those things can often be wrong. You should have come to me as soon as you thought you might have been pregnant. We could’ve already set things up.”

“I need to call my husband, but please see if you can get me in as soon as possible.” She nods, leaving to do just that. I don’t waste time but hurry to call Jai.

“Pick up, pick up, pick up,” I mutter excitedly.

“Hannah? What’s wrong? I thought you had a doctor’s appointment. Baby what’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Silence. The line is quiet for so long you’re afraid he passed out. “Jai? You’re still there aren’t you?”

“I think I must have heard you wrong. You’re pregnant?”


“You’re sure?”


“YES! Oh my god you’re pregnant!”

You giggle, just as excited as he is. “Hurry up and get down here! They’re going to get me in for an ultrasound!”

“I’ll be there in ten.”

About an hour later you’re both sitting in an exam room, giant smiles on your faces.

“Congratulations, you’re having twin girls.”

You smile at Jai, and he kiss you. “We did good.”

You kiss him back. “We did.”

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Personal imagine for Holly

Jai Brooks- Happy Jai, happy boys. 

“Why couldn’t you impregnate me so that it wasn’t a million degrees?” I grumbled as we got into the very hot car. I had my right hand under my stomach as I walked. I had one more month to go till baby Brooks was due and I was a freaking elephant. 

“Sorry, next time I’ll be more careful,” Jai rolled his eye playfully. He helped me into the passenger side then closed the door. James and Beau got into the back. We were all going to the mall to shop and hang out. I know I shouldn’t be on my feet this late into term, but I was so tired of just sitting around. 

“You good, James? Is there enough room?” I asked to see if I needed to scoot forward. 

“No, I’m okay. Thanks though.” Jai turned and smiled at his friend before we drove off. 

The mall was crowded and I needed some water. Seeing as Beau is so protective, him and Jai argued over who was going to buy it, but never realized James had one the whole time. I laughed at their idiocy. 

“Holly, look..” Jai nudged me to show me the baby shop that was ahead of me. Only Jai and I knew the sex of our child and hadn’t planned on telling anyone until her birthday, but we thought, why not now?

“Aren’t these cute?” Beau squealed then cleared his throat and murmured “uh.. football.. trucks..grr..” then set the little white booties down. Him and James walked down one isle and Jai and I a different one.

“Should we tell them?” I swung our hands lazily. My other one rested on top of my mountain of a belly.  

“Tell who what? Them about the sex?” He looked at me questioningly.

“Yeah, I mean Luke wants to know really bad too, so we can tell them now." 

"Luke isn’t here and when we will see him next?” I shrugged. He was right. Luke had moved out a few months ago because he had gotten a job and also found a girl. Daniel had also found a woman and kinda kept to himself the past few months as well. 

“So, Beau and James have been with us for how long? I doubt that they plan on leaving anytime soon, why can’t we tell them?" 

"You’re right, let’s do it.” He smiled. We seen them walking by and duct down to avoid the. We headed for the newborn section and was surrounded by thousands of pink outfits. I was in Heaven, or what I  thought Heaven is going to feel like. 

“Did we decide on ducks or elephants for her room?” Jai asked while looking at two different onsies. 

“Actually we didn’t do animals and used flowers.” I laughed at him and help up a pair of baby shoes. They were like cloth converse. “These are cute.” I held them up and he nodded. 

“So is this,” he showed me a light pink dress with stripes on it and a little collar. 

“Aw! Oh here they come!” I walked over to Jai and he hid the dress. 

“Look what we found!” James smiled and held up a blanket that says something about an uncle or whatever. I wasn’t paying too much attention to it. 

“And these!” Beau held up a pair of football boots that were for like a 12 month old. 

“Those are far too big for the baby,” I laughed, “besides I don’t think she would like them very much.” Jai nudged me slightly and smiled. They didn’t catch on too quickly though. 

“Dang, maybe we can find pink ones or-” Beau started to say then turned to me, “she? Like as in I’m going to have a niece? You’re carrying my little niece?!" 

We both nodded and I rubbed my hand over my tummy. 

"Any names yet?” James questioned and hugged us both. Beau knelt down and started talking to her in a soft, baby voice. 

“Um.. should we tell them?” Jai looked at me and asked. 

“I don’t see why not,” I shrugged. 

“We have 2 possibilities picked out and we would like you guys to help. We both like both of these names, but we are so unsure abut them.” Beau stood up and they nodded. 

“The first option is Isabella Claire or-" 

"Bailey Rae.” Jai cut me off. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder. 

“Bailey.” they said in unison. Like without even having to think about it. 

“Then boys, I’d like to introduce to you our baby Bailey Rae." 

"Hi baby.” James patted my tummy. 

“Oh wait!” I grabbed his hand and placed it back on the belly. “Can you feel that?” he was wide eyed and nodded slowly. 

“I want a go!” Beau said loudly and placed his hand on my stomach. “Woah…” he took his had back quickly. 

“Dude, Beau. We know that it’s a girl now, we can buy her things!” James said in an excited voice. Beau and him walked off quickly to the sports section again. 

“You know, for her first couple of months she is going to be in nothing but sports outfits with those two..” I sighed as we walked around the store some more. Jai chuckled and would randomly touch things and tell me how HIS baby girl is going to be so cute in it and how HIS baby girl will be the most beautiful baby on earth. 

After Beau and James bought all that they could, we decided to leave and go home. My ankles were starting to swell and my back started to cramp up from the angle is was in from walking. 

“Show me!” I shouted playfully at James while he hid the contents in the shopping bags from me. Bags. As in plural. As in I don’t think I will be needing to be buying her any clothes any time soon. Just nappies, and to be honest, if that’s THE ONLY thing I have to buy, I’m okay with that. 

“Sorry babe, you have to wait till she pops out,” Beau winked after dropped them off. We took off for our place as soon as they were in their house. 

“I had fun today,” I grinned as I wobbled to the front door. 

“So did I- oh watch your step,” he guided me up the stairs. I don’t think I could ask for a better person to spend my life with besides Jai. He is always so caring, sweet and curious whether or not I was comfortable or not. I loved him to pieces and was very grateful that he was the one who I live with, the one who will be the father to our child, and the one I will one day be saying ‘I do’ to at the end of the isle. 


Hey girl
I see you made an effort with your lipstick
But you got some on your teeth
You’re like a hot mess and I like it
Yeah yeah yeah
Let’s go
When we go out we make a great team
You eat like a dude and lick your plate clean
You’re my kind of girl and I like it
Yeah yeah yeah

I’ll be the first to take you to the prom at high school
I get a stiffy from all your awkward dance moves
I even wrote this stupid song because I like you
That’s really stupid this song

I don’t need a girl who worry about a tight gap
I like the fact that you don’t give a sh*t about that
You’re still sexy if you eat more than salad on a date
Cause real girls eat cake
To me you’re prettier than Adriana Lima
The way you work it when you’re looking in the mirror
When you’re with me you can be who you want for f*ck sake
Cause real girls eat cake

I really, really like the way your face is
It’s beautiful
Even when there’s food stuck in your braces
But I still snog because I like it
Yeah yeah yeah
Let me
Have a word with your mom cause she’s sexy
She’s sexy
It must run in her genes if you get me
I gotta admit that I like her
Yeah yeah yeah

I’ll be the first to take you to the prom at high school
I get a stiffy from all your awkward dance moves
I even wrote this stupid song because I like you
I like you

I don’t need a girl who worry about a tight gap
I like the fact that you don’t give a sh*t about that
You’re still sexy if you eat more than salad on a date
Cause real girls eat cake
To me you’re prettier than Adriana Lima
The way you work it when you’re looking in the mirror
When you’re with me you can be who you want for f*ck sake
Cause real girls eat cake

Real girls, real girls
Real girls eat cake
Real girls, real girls
Real girls eat cake
Real girls, real girls
Real girls eat cake
Real girls, real girls
Real girls eat cake

To me you’re prettier than Adriana Lima
The way you work it when you’re looking in the mirror
When you’re with me you can be who you want for f*ck sake
Cause real girls eat cake

Chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla cake
That would be nice and ice whipped cream cake
A chocolate cake, a cream cake also with lemon and hope cake
I am some fat cake overdid
Tomato sauce cake overdid
Vegemite cake
What other cakes do we have
Jacob Falcon’s mmm cake

Omggggggggggggggggggg! I can’t stop watching it!! They are amazing lol what I need this on TV!!

“You know what, Luke? I’ve had it,” you spit. “I’ve fucking had it. I’ve had it with your sneaking around. All the lies, all the girls, all the rude fucking remarks.”
“Oh have you now? What do you think I fucking do on tour?” He yells. You guys had been fighting all week. It would always end with Luke leaving and staying the night at his brother’s house. Then he’d come back late the next day, only leaving you with more to fight about.
“Who fucking knows what you do on tour? I certainly don’t! I can never fucking reach you anyway. If you would answer your damned phone for once, maybe I wouldn’t be so suspicious,” you say angrily.
“Relationships are about trust. It’s like you don’t even fucking trust me,” he says, his breaths heavy and uneven.
“Why should I? You’ve never given me a reason to trust you!” you lie. He’s never done anything wrong. You’re just paranoid. But it’s too late now. You’ve already said it. If you give in, he wins.
“Are you fucking kidding me?! I’ve been nothing but good to you!” He shouts. “At least Kiana fucking appreciated me,” he says under his breath. Your eyes widen. That’s crossing the line. You tear up and he looks over at you, his eyes show traces of regret, masked by wild anger. Your heart sinks and your eyes fall to the floor in disappointment.
As you turn to walk out the door, a strong hand grasps your arm and spins you around. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” You look at him, bewildered. You try to continue to the exit, but he kept firm grasp of your arm. He would never hit you…or so you thought. In the heat of the moment, you could have sworn you saw his hand go up. You flinch, rushing to cover your face as quickly as possible. He quickly releases his grip on your arm and takes a step back.
“You thought I was going to hit you?” He asks, heartbroken. You look down, indicating yes. You turn to leave again. “Stop,” he says in a lighter tone, finally cooling down. He gently reaches for your arm again.
“No, Luke. You stop. I’m leaving,” you say, shaking out of his grip.
“Please don’t leave. Let’s talk it out. Please,” he whispers.
“I can’t fight anymore. I’m leaving.” You look into his eyes once more. He’s getting angry again.
“I don’t even know what you’re mad over. I didn’t even fucking hit you.”
You shake your head, not wanting to fight with him. You walk toward the door again.
“Fine. Leave then. Go on and tell your dumbass fucking friends about what you think I did.”
You know what he’s doing. He’s trying to get a rise out you. Trying to get you to fight more, so you’ll stay longer.
“Goodbye Luke.”
“That’s fine. Just don’t fucking come back,” he says, the crack in his voice indicating he doesn’t mean what he says. That sends an arrow through your already broken heart. Your hand curls around the doorknob. A quiet sob escapes his lips as he tumbles to his knees. “Don’t come back,” he whispers. Your heart aches. You turn to face him, but he’s directed his attention toward keeping himself together. He throws his arm across his face, in an attempt to wipe his tears. His breathing is a mixture of heavy sobbing and attempts to get air into his lungs.

You want nothing more than to take everything back and give him the world. You’d rather die every day than to see him like this again. A tear escapes your burning eyes as you slowly walk up to him and carefully fall to your knees as well. You wrap your arms around his him, resting a cheek on the top of his head. He slings his strong arms around your body, sloppily pulling you closer as he cries into your sweater.
“We’ll figure it out,” you whisper. “We’ll be okay.”



As a lot of you, I’m so proud of them. It’s so unreal like they started with a camera and now they are with BIG cameras: interviews, magazines, red carpets and more. Day by day they are more and more known around the world. They are making music, their 2nd world tour, a movie and a lot of things that not every youtuber can do. I want to congratulate them and also us because we are building the whole thing together, we help them a lot without realizing, like when we watch their videos or when we talk about them and more.

If this ends someday, I want them to have great memories as I have and will, but for now, 3 years and counting..

Luke Smut: He cheats Pt.2


Part 1 is here 

*not edited*

It’s been two weeks since you heard from Luke. You thought that you would be over him after what he did to you but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. You couldn’t stop thinking about the way his lips feel when they’re pressed against yours or the way he looks at you once you’ve both hit your climax. Or even when he would come over just to cuddle with you and help you study when you needed it. You loved him. Hell you still do love him but you didn’t want to fall into temptation. Not this time.

You felt your phone buzz and without even looking you knew it was Luke.

(Y/n) please answer me. The least you could do is tell me that you’re okay” the text read

I’m fine”, was all you texted back

You wanted to call him you wanted to hear his voice but you couldn’t you need to show him that what he did was not okay.

You heard a knock at your door and assuming it was your mom you didn’t answer knowing that she would just walk in anyway.

”You’re not going to say come in”

“What the hell Luke why are you even here” you said.

“Your parents aren’t here don’t worry”, he said avoiding your question.

“How did you get in?”

“I know where your spare key is remember “

“Shit”, you mumbled under your breath

Before you could say anything back to him he plopped down on the couch and started to talk

“Look I know that I fucked up but I love you (y/n) and I always will and these two weeks were the worst two we….”

You didn’t even let him speak for more than 10 seconds before you rammed you lips against his. You had no clue what you were doing but something about this felt right.

He started to deepen the kiss and he lifted up your shirt.

After your shirt was off you started to push him down on the bed but he wouldn’t let you

“I owe you babe”, he said and he pushed you down so that he was on top.

He started to suck on the crook of your neck which caused you to moan.

He knew this was your sweet spot so he sucked even harder.

Once he was done he lifted himself up and started to pull down your shorts and then your panties

“Spread your legs”, he said in a harsh tone

Then without warning he inserted one finger into your clit.

He began pumping in and out of you.

“Shit Luke”

“You like that babe”


He took his finger out and moved his way down, so that his face was hovering over your opening.

He started to suck on your clit which caused your back to arch. He started to suck even harder.

“Luke…i..I’m..about to…”

“Not yet”

He started to eat you out again but he slowly stopped.

“You taste so good”, he said but you couldn’t find an answer.

You were heavily panting at this point.

“I want to feel you”

He hovered above you and positioned himself at your entrance.

Looking at you for approval you nodded.

He thrusted inside of you and grabbed on to the headboard.

Now he was practically moving the bed and you hoped that your parents didn’t come back yet

“Fa..Faster Luke”, you panted

He sped up and at this point you thought the bed would break.

You finally released yourself and so did Luke as he collapsed on top of you and rolled over so that he was lying next to you.

“I’m so sorry (Y/n)”

“Apology accepted”

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this it was kind of rushed and its short but I was determined to get it done since you guys requested it. Also I’m pretty sure I will be posting a lot of 1d and 5sos writing because I feel like I need to do something productive over the summer but once the school year starts I will probably only post like once a week (maybe less) but I’m not sure yet. I love you guys so much xox


The #Janoskians arrived early this morning from LA Jai Brooks , Beau Brooks , Luke Brooks , James Yammouni , and Daniel Sahyounie was greeted by 30 fans who all were calm and they took pictures with all of them and also chatted with them for about an hour before they had leave the airport .


I can see this being a really catchy song, i also really like the meaning behind it

the video that you're in of theirs

Beau: The Pepper Spray Challenge. As soon as Beau got sprayed in his eyes, you knew something was wrong. You were by his side through his whole struggle. When he fell on the ground, you were terrified. After he recovered, he didn’t let you do the challenge because he didn’t want you to go through that pain.

Daniel: The Legends Challenge. When Daniel asked the boys if you could be in their next video, they gladly said yes. You were extremely excited, but you had no idea what the video was going to be about. When you met up with the boys, they all had bags filled with milk, cinnamon, warheads, chili peppers, and mouse traps. “This is The Legends Challenge.”  Beau said setting up everything.

Jai: The Mouse Trap Challenge. He knew you could handle that pain. When the trap closed shut, you forced yourself not to react to it. You handled it really well. Infact, you almost won that week. You beat out all of the other boys, except Luke. Luke won, and you proudly took second place.

James: Awkward Train Situations. Since the first one was a hit, you guys made a second one. And when fans asked for more even after that, you made a third. It was really fun doing random things on the train, and you enjoyed all of the passengers reactions.

Luke: The Ellen Dance Dare. It’s also how you met. You were around town with your friend when you noticed her giggling. You raised an eyebrow at her and turned around to see a boy doing some odd dance moves. He stopped dancing and looked at you. “I’m Luke.” He put out his hand. “Y/N.” You smiled and shook it.

We were asked to publish this anonymously:

Hi! I know I’m late on the Youtube abuser movement but I just saw your list and I’d like to add another name for you. In December 2012 I was visiting a friend in Brisbane during my school holiday. At this time Reece Mastin was touring with The Janoskians, and since I was in town I thought I’d attend the concert. The Janoskians were also holding a meet and greet at the gardens near City Central, my friends and I obviously attended.

At this time I was a very dedicated fan of the Janoskians and was very keen on going. My friend had a bit of a movie moment and one of the groups managers called her out of the crowd to acquire her number. I was in absolute disbelief. The member of the group in question was James Yammouni (spelling) who was 16/17 at the time. I couldn’t believe our luck.

James continued to call and text my friend during the day, and eventually asked us to meet them at their hotel proceeding the concert. He has asked for photos of us to “show to security” although was simply checking if we were all attractive enough to meet them.

At this stage my friends and I were 14, one being only 13. We eventually met them at the hotel. James had the company of an older member of the group, Luke. As soon as we arrived at their room they took away our phones and set into getting us drunk. Being impressionable young girls we simply went along with it.

As the night progressed I noticed that James was beginning to make sexual advances on my friend, who was obviously very uncomfortable. She was being pressured into consenting to these actions although she wasn’t happy with it happening. This continues for some time. The other member, Luke, opened up about pressuring and scamming a young 13 year old girl for naked pictures during this time. He was 17.

Around 1am they begin to usher us out of the room. We were confused as they had said we would be able to stay overnight. They sat us out on the street for half an hour. James then took two other girls back up to the room. Leaving me and one other down on the street alone. As I had given them my phone earlier that night I wasn’t able to call for anyone. The other girl went back up with another band from the tour and I was left alone on the city street at 1:30am.

Luckily, some girls came to meet a friend who had stayed at the hotel with another member. I told them the situation and they contacted their friend who in turn spoke to the member she was with. The communication continued until it finally reached my friends. They were brought down to the street and one of the other members payed for a cab and sent us off, knowing we had nowhere to go that night.

So here we are. 13 and 14 year old girls out at 1:45am on the streets of Brisbane while intoxicated. We ended up being taken in by a complete stranger who may as well been a rapist, we got VERY lucky that night. The aftermath of this was the members of the Janoskians blackmailing us to get rid of any evidence we may have had from the night, fearing it may be leaked online. They cut all communication with us, even changing their numbers. I know for a fact that during that night my friend was alone with James and being pressured into intercourse and was touched inappropriately without consent. I could comment on so many things about that night but I’d be going forever, so if you have any questions you can ask. I can provide a photo from the meet and greet and a video of us in the cab heading to the hotel as
evidence, but that’s about all. I know that The Janoskians have a reputation of doing things like this so if this goes public I would like to encourage other girls to step forward. Thanks for reading through my experience and I would love if you could publicise it anonymously. Good work on the list you have compiled!

BEAU BROOKS / Janoskians
JAI BROOKS / Janoskians
LUKE BROOKS / Janoskians
JAMES YAMMOUNI / Janoskians 

have now been added to the masterpost. Also a link to a blog with a lot more anonymous stories about these people.

As I’ve understood more people have come forward to talk about their experience with these people earlier, but have taken a step back when people didn’t listen and believe them.

If you know anything more about this or if I’ve gotten anything wrong, do send us a message!

- Johanna

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