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College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams



10x17 “Inside Man”
Fake Drunk!Dean Playing Pool and Being a Handsome Son of a Gun While Doing So


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Dean Winchester by Jensen Ackles.

Okay, feel free to give me some tips about realism and portraits, or just reviews about this, because it’s my first digital potrait ever… 

But do you ever think about how Sam finds Dean little overbearing at times (though he knows he has good intentions usually), and Lucifer is just so deprived of brotherly love because Michael is a douche, so one day Sam just shoves them together and is like “here”.

And Dean and Lucifer are still in their not-trusting-each-other phase, and just look at each other like “what do I do with this”, but Sam refuses to spend time with either of them until they spend time alone with each other. So they mostly just glare at each other a lot, until for whatever reason Lucifer subtly reveals something about Michael abandoning him and Dean’s big brother mode just activates and he’s all “no that is not what big brothers are supposed to do”. And suddenly he can just see the same little brother-ness he sees in Sam in Lucifer, but Dean knows he was supposed to be like Michael so he vows to not be like Michael because Dean is a better big brother than that.

So Dean is on a mission to prove he’s better than Michael. And Lucifer is just like so desperate to be a little brother again, so they end up in some weird surrogate brother relationship that gradually becomes less and less awkward until Sam comes back to the bunker one day to find them both in the garage and Lucifer is wearing plaid because Dean told him he can’t wear the same outfit every damn day, and they’re fixing the Impala while Dean teaches Lucifer about cars because “that’s what big brothers do”.

And Sam just stands there smiling until Dean notices him and tries to act all nonchalant as he walks past to wash the oil off his hands, while muttering something about “stupid dick angels were wrong if they thought I’d ever be a vessel to someone who can’t even be a good brother”. And Lucifer follows because Lucifer is desperate and now attached to Dean forever.

And Sam is just like “congrats on your new brother” to both of them.


11x08 “Just My Imagination”
“Pretend friend. You’re not even real…”

Not going to lie. I teared up during this scene, because damn, I think Nate Torrence (I hope we see him again on the show, because I really really liked him and his character) did a pretty amazing job at delivering the sadness, hurt and worry when he realizes that Sam no longer needs him. And the thing is, Sully imo worked as a Dean mirror the entire episode - even if I may be the only one thinking that way. To me this was basically the turnaround scene to however the scene when Sam decided to go to Stanford must have looked.

While here Sully was trying to support Sam to go off on his own without the hunting life, Sam “rejects” or rather leaves Sully behind to be with his family and choosing hunting and his family over school. I wonder if a few years later Sam remembered this exact moment when he sent off the application letters for college and ultimately when he walked out the door and left his brother behind, who may have felt and looked just as devastated as Sully looks here.

“I don’t need you anymore”, that’s most probably the one catch phrase Dean fears more than anything else to this day. In a way that’s the problem in a nutshell. Sam growing up to Dean meant if he’s not needed, he’s not loved, he’s not worth anything, it’s failing. And well, there you have it again. Dean and Sully having something in common. Aside from the haircut, the love for candy and the “looking out for Sam”. I actually think Dean was so harsh on Sully to a good extent, because he recognized parts of himself in Sully, but saw Sully as the better version of himself who was there for people, was there fore Sam when he wasn’t. Whereas he knows that Sully “doesn’t have a monstrous bone in his body”, he thinks of himself of the opposite - after all it was the jawbone of an animal that turned him into a monster and had him almost kill Sam…

So yes, to me Sully and Dean were mirror characters. That’s not to say they still are also very different people, yet I feel there are more things connecting them than setting them apart. Most of all quite possibly to me the biggest parallel between them is that they both are kids at heart, Peter Pans, so to say.


I dunno what to do with the bad dreams. What’s — what’s things that goes bump in the night? I don’t like how that sounds… I don’t like it at all

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so i made sam and dean on the sims

and sam has a girlfriend and she lives with them  

but for some reason sam keeps insisting on sleeping with his brother


im sorry i just


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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons on Sam and his clothes? [Disclaimer: My ramblings mostly stem from the idea “Sam owns some hideous shirts” which is more or less subjective.] I was watching some mid-season 5 episodes and basically every shirt Sam wore was pretty horrible, which I don’t simply chalk up to some sort of faulty fashion sense. I can’t imagine that young Sam had much say in what he wore. And I wonder if Sam sometimes associates actually liking his wardrobe with guilt or shame. (1/5)

I know that Sam eventually accepts the pool-hustling and the credit card scams, but I don’t think he’s ever exactly comfortable with the deceptive means by which he and Dean acquire money. Combining this with his low self-concept, I think, could easily result in an unease or even disgust with buying any clothing (or anything at all, for that matter) that might make him feel happy and good about himself. So in general I think he’s attempted to view his own clothing as strictly utilitarian. (2/5)

I have a sort of headcanon in which Sam “splurges,” buys a few shirts that he really likes. He wears one during a rare day off. Dean teases him – the fit and style aren’t quite what Sam usually wears – but secretly he thinks his little brother looks damn good and notes the extra attention Sam is getting from strangers. But Sam feels self-conscious, guilt-heavy, dirty, sick. He goes back to the motel early, alone, changes into a worn tee, stuffs the new shirt into the bottom of his bag. (3/5)

After their next laundromat visit, Sam sneaks off while Dean is napping at the motel and gives his new shirts to a homeless man on the street. He swears to himself that he’ll never be so stupid and selfish again. The next time they need to buy clothes and make a stop (at Goodwill or wherever), Sam grabs the cheapest (often ugliest) functional few shirts he can find in his generic size and stands waiting near the cash register for Dean to get out of the dressing rooms. (4/5)

[But let me say that, in my opinion, Sam’s wardrobe has been improving enormously. I loved most of the boys’ season 11 wardrobe (I’m still geeked over Sam’s blue-tone stripey plaid in “Safe House”) and Sam looked remarkably good in most of his. I think better-suited clothing must correlate (at least somewhat) with improved confidence and a healthier sense of self-worth, which I definitely wish for Sam.] So. Okay. Those are a few of my ramblings. But I’m always curious about your ideas. :) (5/5) 

You’re amazing, Anon. ♥ Thanks for these wonderful messages; I really love your thoughts and headcanons even though they punch me in the feels.

It makes a lot of sense, and it makes season one all the more meaningful. At Stanford, Sam wore a lot of t-shirts and just… had a lot of things that were more personalized. He had his purple dog shirt and some hoodies and a big sticker on the back of his laptop. He owned things, and he claimed them.

I’ve always felt like Sam, while he is, of course, an excellent hunter, is at odds with hunting because he has always felt more like a thing that should be hunted than a man who should be hunting things. Hunting is a means to an end, a way to stay with Dean. It’s the family business, but it’s not something by which Sam defines himself and never has been. Dean takes pleasure in hunting and seems energized by the thrill of the chase.

The longer Sam has been a hunter, though, the more generic a lot of his choices have become. His clothing (as you pointed out!) is utilitarian rather than personal. His laptop is no longer adorned with silly stickers. His modest attempts to personalize the Impala in Dean’s absence have been mocked. His belongings are not his–not like Dean’s are. Sam loses himself in hunting, and not in a good way. He’s so alarmingly willing to throw his life at any good cause that I’m surprised he’s still alive.

It’s so much worse than Sam simply not knowing “home” like Dean does. It seems like he’s actively resisting becoming comfortable enough with anything or any place that may be taken away from him.

That, and plaid almost seems like the standard hunter’s uniform. Most of the hunters we’ve met have the same basic wardrobe: a few pairs of jeans and a plethora of plaid. It seems like he’s playing the part. He doesn’t expect to ever get away from hunting. He does what he has to, what he’s been taught to do, and he does it even when he’s soulless. He’s brought back even when he dies. His few attempts to escape for his own sanity have been the subject of mockery and anger from Dean and others (s8, anyone?). So he gets back in line, because his attempts to assert himself never end well. His clothes, the same old wardrobe with little variation for seasons, seemed to reflect that.

Aside from my more angsty headcanons, though, he just doesn’t seem to be as present in his body as Dean is. Physical pleasure and indulgent meals don’t appeal to him. He doesn’t really throw his weight around. More often than not, he seems to be trying to make himself smaller. I can see why buying flattering clothing just… might never occur to him at all.

I am absolutely with you about s11, though. 

He started the season by asserting himself, demanding treatment as an equal and emphasizing saving people rather than only hunting things. And everything changed right along with him. 

His clothes in s11 just make him seem more substantial. They fit his body like they’re meant to be there–like he got something in his size, for his body type. His clothing, while still the typical plaid, just feels more like it’s his. He tries to pursue a relationship with Piper. He has his TV in his room. He has no shame about indulging his hobby of learning about serial killers.

He just seems more real, more willing to step outside of his head and actually inhabit himself, and it’s amazing. I hope things continue to look up in s12.

Sam and Dean don’t celebrate birthdays or holidays anymore. They haven’t for years, though they have their little traditions (Dean makes Sam breakfast on Sam’s birthday, Sam takes Dean out for burgers and beers on Dean’s birthday, they don’t talk about it). Some holidays they’ve forgotten about, some they choose to forget about (wreaths and Pagan gods, fireworks and the sound of shotguns). But this year is different. The Mark is gone and Dean was wrong. No consequences. Rowena’s been killed, Castiel cured, Crowley’s in the wind and off the mind. Sam and Dean are hunting again. Plain, simple hunting, like years ago when the motor oil was strong and every other motel was decent. January 24th, they have burgers and beers. May 2nd, Sam doesn’t wake up to breakfast. Instead, it’s a puppy licking his face; Dean is proudly sitting on the bed four feet away. This motel is decent. This motel also doesn’t allow pets. Neither brother cares.