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10x17 “Inside Man”
Fake Drunk!Dean Playing Pool and Being a Handsome Son of a Gun While Doing So


kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

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another seasonal comic commissioned by revengeoftheskelefrog! i had to do something surrounding dean singing that “let it go” song and while i only saw frozen once at 5am a couple months ago, i can admit the song was pretty catchy

so while jensen has a great singing voice, we know dean’s could use some minor…………..polishing………..

“Guh,” Dean doubles over, hands slapped on his knees and breathing hard. “Cas, man, you gotta pretend to be a zombie or something. There’s no other way I’m making it unless something’s chasing me.”

Cas holds a bottle of water out to Dean. “That makes absolutely no sense,” he says. “Besides, you were the one who wanted to do this.”

Dean downs the rest of the bottle in a few gulps, glaring at a nearby tree like it’s somehow at fault for his current situation.

Date,” Dean clarifies. “I said date, and then somehow we ended up in the goddamn jungle.”

“We’re in Montana, Dean.”

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11x08 “Just My Imagination”
“Pretend friend. You’re not even real…”

Not going to lie. I teared up during this scene, because damn, I think Nate Torrence (I hope we see him again on the show, because I really really liked him and his character) did a pretty amazing job at delivering the sadness, hurt and worry when he realizes that Sam no longer needs him. And the thing is, Sully imo worked as a Dean mirror the entire episode - even if I may be the only one thinking that way. To me this was basically the turnaround scene to however the scene when Sam decided to go to Stanford must have looked.

While here Sully was trying to support Sam to go off on his own without the hunting life, Sam “rejects” or rather leaves Sully behind to be with his family and choosing hunting and his family over school. I wonder if a few years later Sam remembered this exact moment when he sent off the application letters for college and ultimately when he walked out the door and left his brother behind, who may have felt and looked just as devastated as Sully looks here.

“I don’t need you anymore”, that’s most probably the one catch phrase Dean fears more than anything else to this day. In a way that’s the problem in a nutshell. Sam growing up to Dean meant if he’s not needed, he’s not loved, he’s not worth anything, it’s failing. And well, there you have it again. Dean and Sully having something in common. Aside from the haircut, the love for candy and the “looking out for Sam”. I actually think Dean was so harsh on Sully to a good extent, because he recognized parts of himself in Sully, but saw Sully as the better version of himself who was there for people, was there fore Sam when he wasn’t. Whereas he knows that Sully “doesn’t have a monstrous bone in his body”, he thinks of himself of the opposite - after all it was the jawbone of an animal that turned him into a monster and had him almost kill Sam…

So yes, to me Sully and Dean were mirror characters. That’s not to say they still are also very different people, yet I feel there are more things connecting them than setting them apart. Most of all quite possibly to me the biggest parallel between them is that they both are kids at heart, Peter Pans, so to say.


I dunno what to do with the bad dreams. What’s — what’s things that goes bump in the night? I don’t like how that sounds… I don’t like it at all

(Author’s Note: Thanks for reading, guys — the next 3-4 entries will be the final entries in the Ask Little Sam special! We’ll see how it all turns out!)


“I’d give anything for you to not have to choose, (Y/N).”

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                                                        it feels like a means to an end


I don’t know. I’m worried he’ll end up trashing this one, too. That maybe he did resent me for everything that happened in our lives, and this was just one of those things he could use as ammunition someday. Part of me feels like I’d deserve it, crappy as that is to think… But I’ve got to believe in him. I gotta believe in my brother. And fuck, I’m just happy that he’s not trying to smash my head in, alright? I’m just happy to have my brother back. Not a demon or a corpse or an empty seat next to me… 

I just… want to fix things. I know I can’t completely let go of what he did to me all those months ago. And I know I screwed up too much in the past to ever make things how they were when we were happiest, but god — This is better. This is… something, after all that, right? We’ve been okay. Dean could have thrown this one away, too. It’s just a little crappy clay replica. He could have thrown it away.

It’s got to mean something, in the end.


im sorry i just

Sam and Dean don’t celebrate birthdays or holidays anymore. They haven’t for years, though they have their little traditions (Dean makes Sam breakfast on Sam’s birthday, Sam takes Dean out for burgers and beers on Dean’s birthday, they don’t talk about it). Some holidays they’ve forgotten about, some they choose to forget about (wreaths and Pagan gods, fireworks and the sound of shotguns). But this year is different. The Mark is gone and Dean was wrong. No consequences. Rowena’s been killed, Castiel cured, Crowley’s in the wind and off the mind. Sam and Dean are hunting again. Plain, simple hunting, like years ago when the motor oil was strong and every other motel was decent. January 24th, they have burgers and beers. May 2nd, Sam doesn’t wake up to breakfast. Instead, it’s a puppy licking his face; Dean is proudly sitting on the bed four feet away. This motel is decent. This motel also doesn’t allow pets. Neither brother cares.


Because every Samifer fan wants Lucifer in the bunker. My general Samifer headcanons can be found here. These can be taken as normal archangel!Lucifer, or human!Lucifer if you wish :3

  • Lucifer sleeps in Sam’s room, obviously. Sam insists it’s both their room and lets Lucifer reorganise/redecorate as he wishes.
  • Lucifer insists on having at least three blankets on the bed because he likes how warm it is (imagine a Lucifer blanket burrito. Go on, just picture it.)
  • Dean was obviously not pleased at first and only allowed it because Sam threatened to leave with Lucifer otherwise. He is slowly getting used to the idea. Slowly.
  • Lucifer likes to sneak into Dean’s room and move everything exactly one inch to the left just to see if he notices.
  • After three days, Dean noticed and put a line of holy fire outside his door until Sam made him put it out before he burnt the place down.
  • Dean accidentally drugged Lucifer, who then thought Dean was Michael and forced kind-of bonding ensued. (yes I wrote a fic)
  • Upon hearing from Sam the full story of how Michael- with the same decision he had- chose to the option to kill Lucifer rather than try to save him, Dean feels Michael failed to look out for his little brother like he should. Dean hasn’t quite got round to saying this to Lucifer yet.
  • Lucifer spends a lot of time in the observatory. Sam recognises he wants to be left alone when he goes in there and respects that.
  • After… an incident, Sam and Lucifer have been confined to having sex in their own room. Only.
  • Lucifer has made several valiant attempt to coax Sam into breaking this rule.
  • Dean likes TV shows like rock music documentaries and stuff like ‘Top Gear’. Lucifer likes them too, but pretends to just be coincidentally in the same room and totally not watching.
  • Lucifer does sleep. Occasionally. He won’t talk to Sam about the nightmares, though he doesn’t argue when Sam snuggles up close to try and comfort him.
  • Being the ex-Angel of Music, Sam has noticed Lucifer relaxes more if he leaves the radio on softly in the background. Sam uses this tactically.
  • Sam likes playing chess with Lucifer. On the other hand, Lucifer’s favourite game is 'hide the Impala keys from Dean’.
  • Lucifer has declared Sam the world’s best wing groomer and takes advantage of this liberally.
  • Sam likes to sit with Lucifer close by while he does research. Often he rests his head on his shoulder, or holds his hand, or hooks his ankle over Lucifer’s under the table.
  • Sam enjoys choosing clothes for Lucifer far too much.
  • Everyone has unofficial seats at the table. Sam told Lucifer the seat next to him was his. Lucifer secretly loves having his own seat cause it’s the first time he’s been included as part of any kind of group since falling.
  • Lucifer makes attempts to talk to Castiel, who remains wary of him, knowing what he did to Heaven. Lucifer tries to act like he doesn’t care about this reaction, but Sam always makes sure to pay extra attention to him afterwards.
  • Lucifer sleeps on the left of the bed, Sam on the right.
  • Dean brought a games console and is currently mad that Lucifer somehow has the high score on it.
  • Sam found a load of “why do humans…” searches in his web history and read through them with a massive smile.
  • Lucifer used to sing to Sam in the cage and hasn’t since, though Sam has caught him humming along to the record player a few times.
  • Lucifer likes to insult the bunker and all its 'humanness’ whenever Dean is in earshot. But really, he rather loves it. Not that he’ll ever admit that.

It took Sam 11 hours to get to Dean.

He was in the basement when the house collapsed but by some weird quirk of chance the debris fell mostly around him. He was hurt, bad enough, one leg broken through the skin, but not so bad that he couldn’t have crawled up, forced a way to the surface. Instead he fought further into the ground towards Dean’s voice, Dean who was shouting and calling without a break for Sam to leave, go, get out, goddammit Sam. 

It took Sam 10 hours to get close enough to see him, 10 hours shifting and bleeding and screaming, bruised broken leg dragging over rubble. When Sam got to him Dean was on his back, blood-trails streaking the dust caked thick on his face, and when he saw Sam he said ‘you bastard’ but he tipped his face up towards his brother and reached for his hand and when he died two hours later it was to the sound of Sam telling stories from their first years on the road. 

When he saw that Dean was gone Sam pulled a lighter out of his pants and set it beside Dean’s gun. A hunter’s funeral (no taking chances this time, no worlds left where they didn’t go together), just as soon as he finished telling Dean about the night they ganked a wendigo.

But seriously, why is this happening? Suddenly its just cockles everywhere? They’re doing things they never would have done last year? Jensen is giving Misha cards, calling him his valentine, holding him. What happened?