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ok here’s the thing

i think some people are taking dean’s general aprehension regarding jack as some kind of large homogenous mass of misplaced anger (often taken as “because Castiel :-(” but thats another problem for another time). Sam’s “explanations” of Dean’s feelings aid that but… it’s just sam’s words. and when you take everything into account, it falls flat and false.

In terms of interacting with jack, dean might be harsh and surely is unfiltered level of honest but he’s not mean, not cruel

where he really goes extra in terms of being rough is with sam. he is not stupid and he recognizes the difference between a toddler with too much power that should not be trusted  too much because of simple damage control

and an adult man who should know better but willfully ignores every rational argument because he likes his own narrative better (sam, who dances this dance repeatedly since near day one).

He’s not personally pissed with jack, surely not as much as at the very least sam (and some people) wants everyone to think. The bar scene is textual proof that Dean can relate to Jack, the promise he gives him is only confirmation of that. Dean’s been there in a way Sam hasn’t because burdened with a power near impossible to control both Dean and Jack wanted to stop causing damage and be stopped at all costs if necessary, while sam (and cas,while we’re at it) most of all wanted to be right and win, no matter the cost (and im not just pulling old dirt out, this is recent seasons too, ie. releasing the darkness or fucking with cosmic consequences).

He’s pissed at sam’s dance no. i don’t even count at this point. He might be grieving the loss of his family but he’s not stupid. I don’t think he buys the amazing uncle sammy thing - historically there is no reason for him to and there is no reason for the audience to do that, either. And here’s why:

- sam shot dean’s biological daughter, emma, even though the situations were near identical,

- sam never gave benny minimum of trust even though benny meant so much to dean and never betrayed him

- as recently as in s12 sam sided with BMoL who were clear about their intentions to commit all monster genocide regardless of whether they preyed on humans or not.

and yet! now all so suddenly sam wants to take jack under his wings and lavishes him with sweet words, ignoring any warning signs with spectacular ease. did he change his mind after 15 minutes with jack in a cell?

or is it about the possibility to harness his power (whereas emma, benny or any other nonhuman wouldn’t be useful like that) because he can do the thing where he can open the portal to the alternate dimension where mary is? (note how he doesn’t accept her death and the texts spends time to consistently point that out)

so if you want to call someone a nasty grief-driven dick, you’re barking at the wrong tree


12x03 vs. 12x12.  That time Castiel got resolution on where he belonged.  

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams



So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Winchesters are psychically linked. Because seriously, what kind of witchy shit is this? They didn’t even make eye contact and yet, same idea at the same time. And Sam knew Dean was getting ready to drop the car. I’m impressed. And a little terrified. {7.02}

Friendly reminder that Dean does NOT even have to be bisexual to date Cas, because:

  • Castiel literally isn’t male. It is canon that the angels in general are agender/nonbinary. I mean, obviously he’s not female either, but:

  • Dean is perfectly aware of the fact that angels are actually genderless/sexless celestial beings  (“You have been with a woman before? Or an angel, at least?”) and yet he’s slept with the angel Anna (note: the angel that was supposed to replace Cas). 

  • Even if Dean’s straight… and even if we take into consideration that Castiel’s vessel is male (which doesn’t really matter) or that he may actually identify as a male at this point or whatever: you do NOT have to be bisexual to fall in love with a person of the same gender. You can be a straight guy and still fall in love with another guy (or anyone that’s not a woman), because:

  • Love. Isn’t. About. Fucking. Yes, Castiel’s vessel is male, but it’s not like we fall in love with other people’s genitals, right? I’m terribly sorry to break it to some of you, but not everything is about dick, so like… How about we stop making everything about sex (in every sense of the word)? I’ve seen people accusing Destiel shippers of sexualizing their relationship (yes, it’s true that there are people who just desperately want them to fuck while completely ignoring the emotional aspects of their relationship, but what can we do about it), but really – if saying “Destiel would never work because Dean is straight” (meaning: “because Dean wouldn’t want to have sex with Cas”) isn’t sexualization, than I don’t know what it is. They don’t have to bang, since their relationship is about so much more than sexual tension. You don’t have to have sex for your relationship to be valid, so seriously, this is such an ignorant thing to say, guys. It’s the fact that these two support, protect, need, love and care about each other unconditionally that makes their relationship so beautiful. The fact that they would never give up on each other. That they can communicate without saying a single word. That Cas makes Dean a better person and vice versa. That they would literally die for each other. That they care and are unable to kill one another even when they’re brainwashed or corrupted. That they would shake up Heaven and Hell for each other (and Earth, and Purgatory, and all those alternative universes, too). The way they gaze at each other. Their chemistry, loyalty, tenderness, trust, the slow burn and this damn “profound bond” – so unique, I’ve honestly never seen any canon couple share this kind of connection before. I could go on for centuries, but you get the point.

What I’m trying to say is that their relationship doesn’t have to be sexual. It’s romantic - and that’s what is special about it. It isn’t about two dudes looking hot while making out - which is actually what a lot of other show and movie makers think a queer romance mainly is, no shade. That’s why Destiel going canon would be an amazing revolution in terms of the portrayal of LBGTQA+ relationships. And I honestly don’t understand what’s so wrong with it or why anyone would be against it.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way I see it, please don’t start drama. The “Destiel can’t happen because Dean is straight” argument is just so invalid to me.


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek


kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

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Greg your face your FAAAAAAAAAACE: Twelve O’Clock High edition


“So how was your first day back at school?”

something i want for season 13 is for sam to grieve cas so we can see his pain too, not only dean’s. sam and cas are friends. sam and cas care for each other. sam and cas would do anything for each other. sam and cas would suffer if anything bad happens to the other. i know that dean and cas share a more profound bound, but that doesn’t mean that sam and cas aren’t close too. i just want the show to focus a little bit more in sam’s feelings and how he is dealing with the whole jack thing, and how he’s gonna get through his friend’s death and his mother’s disappearance. pLEASE I JUST WANT SAM’S STORYLINE TO BE AS IMPORTANT AS DEAN’S PLEASE

A little something something in honour of Jared-in-tight-Tshirts day

“Jesus, Sammy,” says Dean, “did that shrink in the wash?” It wouldn’t be the first time. Laundromats are always a slightly unstable quantity. Dean’s lost all kinds of beloved clothing over the years. (The Stanford T-shirt Sam mailed him during his first semester at college. A vintage Iron Maiden tour T-shirt he’d picked up for cents at a Goodwill in Philly. Shreds of pink satin, six months after Rhonda Hurley, pulled and pocketed surreptitious from a malfunctioning machine outside Cleveland.) 

Sam looks down at his chest, at the logo straining tight across the taut-pulled fabric. “No-oo?” he says. Dean raises an eyebrow. 

Two patches of pink blossom rosy over Sam’s cheekbones. “I went shopping,” he says, “the other weekend. In Kansas City. When I went to see that film.” 

“Yeah,” says Dean, carefully neutral. 

“Well,” says Sam. “The sales assistant. Uh. I did think it was a little tight but.” He rubs a hand over the back of his neck. The movement tugs the T-shirt even tighter, emphasising the curved lines of Sam’s pecs, the rounded swell of his bicep. “Threw it in half-price,” he mumbles. “Said it would be a shame.” 

Dean’s amused, mostly. Sammy’s taste in clothes is… idiosyncratic. He can’t imagine his brother in the kind of boutique that might sell him something like this. He tries to picture her, the salesgirl, heart-eyed over this big scruffy scarecrow. She was probably tiny, tiny and glamorous and young. 

“Lady-killer,” he says. 

Sam turns pinker, looks up to meet Dean’s eye. Aw, Sammy, Dean wants to say. He doesn’t quite understand how Sam can still be so clueless around women, so surprised every time he gets hit on. And it doesn’t sound like this chick was trying too hard to be subtle. Half-price. 

Then, “Who says it was a lady?” Sam says, and Dean’s world tilts a little bit sideways. The tiny blonde saleswoman in his head dissolves, resolving into a hard-bodied, chisel-chinned dude, a guy looking Sam up and down as he twists in the mirror. This isn’t. Dean doesn’t.

He blinks at his brother, open-mouthed, but Sam’s already shrugging, looking away. “Yeah, I don’t know. You’re right, it’s… I’ll go take it off.”

“Hey, no,” Dean says without thinking, his own cheeks heated now, tingling-flush with an indefinable anxiety. “Leave it, Sam. It looks good.” 

Sam wrinkles his nose. 

“Really,” Dean says. His eyes skitter again over Sam’s chest, the breadth of his shoulders, the veins that twist down his arms. “You look good,” he says.

Dean and Sami’s promo together on this upcoming Smackdown is so amusing, that I wanted to upload it here by itself. I love Sami being the prudish, nerdy, and somewhat serious guy to Dean’s loose cannon, dirty persona. They are total opposites trying to find common ground, and it’s really cute!!