and also it would be a chance to redeem myself



If you want for that art request thing, if you’re sill doing that that is, maybe Aradia in like pastel goth attire if you want? Please and thank you!!!

1. PASTEL GOTH IS GREAT AND I WANT TO DRAW SO MUCH MORE THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS 2. I have lost most of my confidence that this actually lives up to true pastel goth style 3. I hope you like it anyways?

IT IS FINISHED!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ I never thought this day would come

This may have to do with the fact that I don’t like the Tali pixel arts I’ve done so far, and I’m redeeming myself with this, but what are the chances amiright ●︿●

The image that I used for reference had shadows on her hood but I felt lazy and just doodled some lines. Also there was light reflecting off her mask but when I tried to do that it just didn’t work. But w/e I AM DONE I AM FREE ~

Don't worry I hate myself enough for all of this :3

I love Markiplier, romantically, as anyone who follows my blog would know. But, I do not like five of his friends. Friends he is fanatical about. Bob(muyskerm), Ross(GameGrumps and RubberNinja), Danny Sexbang(NinjaSexParty and GameGrumps), and the guys at Cydago. And I feel like this would hurt my chances of marrying him. (GOD DEITY[IES] WHY AM I SO CREEPY!?) Why i am explaining this is after the explanations

I don’t like Bob and Ross for really the same reason. I feel like Bob and I wouldn’t get along at all. And Ross, just seems like a jerk, he REALLY irks me. They are probably good people and I understand that, but I don’t know them on a personal level, so as of now, they have not been redeemed.

I don’t like Danny, because of NinjaSexParty. The songs I’ve heard are rather offensive, such as the “If we were gay” song, and I feel like Danny doesn’t actually sing his songs, but he does, it just feels like he’s just talking. Danny is also rather ostentatious, which kinda irks me. But again, he’s a good person, I know that, I just feel like I wouldn’t like him.

Cyndago’s humor just feel’s really cheap. Just…eh. Again: good people, blah blah blah.

I feel like I had to explain myself because I know I’ll get hate for this. I thought logical personal views would be okay and make me seem less stupid. I am willing to, if I ever get the chance, hang out with them and give them a chance to redeem themselves in my eyes. I am presuming a lot, but I am willing to hang around people I don’t like right now to make them not unpleasant in my eyes. That right there is worth at least one second of not self-loathing.

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ppl say killing han eliminates any chances of kylo being redeemed but i think those are hardcore fans speaking.. I was introduced to the world of star wars through tfa so I'm not attached to han therefore a redemption are would sit well w me and i feel like the majority of tfa fans are like me and also the kids- they're not attached to han either.. the sooner the hardcore fans realize this the better

As much as this is a hard truth for some OT fans to accept, I definitely believe this is true and have observed it myself. Everyone I have encountered who deems Kylo Ren completely irredeemable traces that belief back to his murder of Han. Most of these people are older and have a deep emotional attachment to Han Solo, having grown up with him. These people don’t see Kylo Ren as Han Solo’s beloved child, someone he would absolutely want to be redeemed - they see him purely as Han Solo’s murderer. My dad considers Kylo irredeemable, and he is upset by the scene of Han’s murder to the extent that he leaves the room when it comes on.

The people without this attachment tend to be much more open to the idea of a redemption for Kylo. I was speaking with a 17-year-old boy at the weekend, and he didn’t hesitate to say that he believes Kylo will be redeemed - he said that he sees the new trilogy as being about hope and forgiveness, especially for the young characters, and said that he’s convinced that Kylo Ren will be restored to the light side because of that.