and also in which i watch party down and think its awesome

I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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Auston Matthews - Perks

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

Request: “  Hey there! I was the one who requested the marner hatred imagine and u did an awesome job with it! Can I request an imagine where the reader and Auston Matthews have been bffs since forever but have always secretly had a crush on one another? Maybe the Auston sees one of the guys hitting on her at a party or somethin and gets really upset so being the awesome BFF she is she asks him what’s good and Auston just blurts out that he’s been in love with her basically forever and then her reaction :) “

A/N: Ahh I’m really glad that you enjoyed the first imagine enough to request again!

Also! Fun Fact: I’m really behind on requests. I have like 23 just sitting in my inbox right now. I’m getting to them, babes, I promise!

Warnings: Language

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This is long and I don’t even know why! :P It has a lot of Bughead’s friends, a lot of Reggie (cause I love the guy), Archie’s birthday party for Jughead, many smutty mentions and it turns a tad steamy at the end! Thank you so much to the both of you for your lovely words, darlings!! I hope all of you enjoy! <3

“Alright, I know that with Jason’s current RIP situation my question could be considered blasphemous, but I’m so dying to ask, no pun intended. How fiery was the Blossom ginger in bed after all, P?” Veronica smirked foxily, her attention solemnly focused on perfecting the burgundy nail polish on her toes.

“I’m still in the room you know.” Cheryl’s voice came cold and annoyed from behind her, the redhead beauty dropping dramatically the Vogue magazine she was reading on her bare legs that seemed to go for miles on the beige sofa she was occupying. The brunette just shot her a look over her shoulder.

“Well, nobody invited you in this room to begin with.” Sarcasm and New York attitude mixed in a perfect combination, Veronica knew how to push the bottoms of her frenemy like a pro.

Cheryl just scoffed, her attention going back to an article about belts and pricey pashminas, Veronica mouthed a ‘thank you’ in mockery and Betty let a soundless chuckle. The night was indeed going to be fun.

It was a night filled with giggles and girly banter inside the Lodges’ luxurious apartment at the Pembrooke. After seeing Polly’s utter happiness at the baby shower, the older girl just longing to have her sister and friends close after spending years in the solitude of that god-forsaken place her mother had forced her into, the gatherings of the three girls, along with party-crasher Cheryl, were frequent and very much enjoyed by all to say the truth. Alice Cooper was starting to get a tad more lenient too, seeing as Betty was standing her ground and dreading the possibility of losing both her daughters, so tonight Betty Cooper had an allowance slip to spend the night at Veronica’s for a much needed and ridiculously girly slumber party.

The apartment’s spacious living room was transformed so only the beige sofa was in its original place but with comfy mattresses laid in front of it and covered with a sea of colorful puffy pillows and warm knitted blankets and duvets, creating a cozy huge bed for all the girls to rest on. The Lodge women had gone all out with the food too; colorful cupcakes and any flavor milkshakes, chocolate donuts, all kinds of sweets and candies, salty treats, pop-corns, nachos, you name it. There was even a large plate of chocolate brownies exclusively for Polly, since they were her favorite and she was always craving them now that she was expecting. Betty felt eternally grateful for what Veronica and her mom were doing for her sister. Of course they had helped themselves to everything while watching a couple of classic rom-coms, the light entertainment making them forget the crazy world they were living in and actually have a laugh, and now that Hermione had retired to her own room for the night, the girls found the opportunity to move on to the most cliché part of the night; beauty and boys talk.

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re: [quest] Chapter 4 “sponse”

Hello!! So … before we get to it, here’s my explanation of what I’m up to with re: quest. So far, I’ve been BURIED in school and, as far as translations go, have mainly been chipping away at outlines/summaries as well as my tagging system to make things as convenient for you guys as I can. But, at the same time, I thought I should give you some kind of content to get the ball rolling! So I spent all day yesterday and today fleshing out my translation for Part 1 of Chapter 4, “Sponse” (I’m pretty close with the rest of the chapter too – just have lotsa editing to do). This chapter is about Hori Chie and Tsukiyama Shuu and is very cute (happy birthday the other day, 2/25, to Hori, btw!!)♥

About my tagging system and overall formatting: so far, my links for desktop are all set. This post will have Part 1 of the chapter in full under the cut (mainly for mobile users). While posts like this will have as much content as I can include in them, I’ll be using posts primarily as way of announcement for updates. All of the translation content will be on my blog’s Quest Navigation Page, which can also be accessed through my translations page on the main navbar (I am aware that these links don’t work for mobile – that’s why I’ll try to put as much content as I can in posts. The issue is that I can’t guarantee content in posts will stay available). Finally, a disclaimer: I’d encourage anyone invested in the Tokyo Ghoul series to buy the official copies of this light novel and its official translations when they are released in your area to support the authors and publishers.

Thank you everyone for your patience and please please please, don’t hesitate to send me corrections/suggestions/asks and messages about this project! It’s a big work in progress, and there will definitely be some mess-ups on my part, but my hope is that we can all enjoy some more of Quest. It’s pretty awesome. – koko♥

Chapter 4: Sponse Part 1
TL: As we all know and love, occasionally Tsukiyama throws in English or French words when he’s talking. Anything he says that’s written in Roman letters in the original Japanese text, I will both italicize and underline. All other emphatic markings only for conveying their own regular emphasis.

   “Alright, now take a picture, of me!”
   “Nahh,” Hori replied, and the conversation was over in 3 seconds. She was watching through the coffee shop’s big windows at the shopping street where people came and went, housewives buying things for dinner and hoisting bulky eco-bags on their shoulders.
   Hori looked like an uncomfortable elementary school student in the chic and relaxed coffee shop where she sat. However, inside, she was already at the level of a college student. Well, actually, she almost never went to college, as she roamed from east to west as a “free camera-man” with her camera, her one hobby, always by her side.

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this is the golden age (of something good and right and real)

♡♡♡ for the lovely @jackiemoreno, the brightest star in my sky ♡♡♡

also on ao3

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, darling.“ Lena answers right away, accent thicker than usual despite the fact she’s been back in Ireland for so little time. “Just two more days until I’m back home.”

Kara presses the phone closer to her ear, closing her eyes and concentrating until she can hear the steady rhythm of Lena’s heartbeat. She sighs for what feels like the thousandth time since her girlfriend has been gone, never mind the fact it’s only the fifth day of their week long separation - her heart aches as if they’ve been apart for months.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so, I was thinkin' a Robert/MC request. And it sort of touches down on something more emotionally touching? Him opening up about his feelings and the MC knows its hard for him to do. Maybe toss in some sweet cuddles if ya need but yeah. That'd be totally neato.

This was a pretty tough one, I couldn’t think of anything that’ll get the emotionally touching feeling on so I’ve decided to make a little jealous robert thing if you don’t mind. Hopefully you all like it!

I won’t say (I’m jealous)
Robert Small X MC Daddy              

Robert said he needed to work on emotional things first before committing into any romantic relationship, which I really respect and I am more than willing to wait till he’s ready. He’s been going through a lot and I know that as a father you’d want focus on family matters first. His relationship with Val has definitely improved these past few months. Also, no more daily dose of whiskey shots at Jim and Kim’s. I’m really proud of all the progress he’s made. And as promised, I remained by his side as a friend.

“I like you, I like you a lot.” He said as he held my hand, we were sitting our tree by the backyard watching guests leave the party we held for Amanda.

Those words are all I could hold on at the moment. And if loving him means holding on to those words for as long as I can, hold on I will.

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Happy Birthday to You (Bucky Fic)

Pairings: Bucky x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Almost smut.

Blurb: When Stark embarrasses you by springing a surprise birthday party on you, you have a few too many drinks and confront Bucky about his hate for you; only it’s not what you think.

Word Count: 2,600+

You’d been at the Avengers tower for about six months now, and in that time you had become pretty good friends with all of them.

You loved talking to Steve about the past and history, what really happened as opposed to what was written in the books.

You and Tony loved to try your hand at building things, although you were usually more there watching than actually helping. He did let you try on his helmet once, which was awesome.

You always went to Bruce when you had a science-y question, or just wanted to chat, he was probably your favourite person. In fact, you did sort of have a crush on him, if only he was a little younger or you were a little older – or you know, if he didn’t have eyes for Nat, who could kill you with her pinkie finger.

You and Nat became really good sparring partners; you loved how she pushed you to be better, without screaming at you and making you hate physical exercise.

Clint was teaching you how to shoot arrows and throw knives. And skulk around the tower and scare people, like he does.  

Sam and Peter were basically like the two annoying brothers you never had. Constantly pushing your buttons. You loved the goofballs though.

Wanda was your roommate for a time, when you first arrived, she said she knew what it was like to be the newbie and to feel alone, and she wasn’t going to let that happen to you; and since then you’d become good friends. You often stayed up into the wee hours of the morning in either her room or yours, wrapped up in blankets, talking or watching TV.  

Thor was so much fun; you loved spending time with him. Especially when he talked about the realms and the stars and Asgard. One time you got him to talk to you about his favourite place in the entire universe and you drew it in your sketch pad, when you were done he was so happy about how perfect you captured it, he bear hugged you until you almost passed out. He reminded you of a giant Labrador, so full of love and happiness. Despite being the God of Thunder.

You hadn’t really had much to do with Vision or Rhodey though, but they seemed like nice guys.

And then there was Bucky. He wouldn’t give you the time of day. Never said hello, or smiled – did he even know how to smile – when you had to spar with him, he didn’t hold back. Often you left the sessions hurting, bruised. If you came into a room and no one else was there, he got up and left, if someone else was there he pulled them into a deep conversation until you left. If you said you were going to one of Stark’s parties, he either didn’t show up, or showed up for ten minutes and then left with some hot piece of ass.

You only wished you knew what you did or said to make him hate you. You weren’t a bad person, you were friendly, you talked about anything, you made a mean coffee cheesecake, and you were up for any kind of adventure – sitting watching Netflix, hiking, going to the beach. You just couldn’t fathom why someone hated you so much, with every fiber of their being, like Bucky did.


You were having the most wonderful dream, when your phone blared its annoying text tone, to alert you that you had a message. You rolled over in your bed, blinking and trying to wake up. You grabbed your phone, and with one eye open, you clicked it on and read a message from Tony.


Party with the Avengers!!!

@ The Avengers Tower


No RSVP Necessary

- Tony Stark

You grumbled. Normally you didn’t mind Stark’s parties, but after your latest encounter with Bucky you were in no mood to party. Yesterday you’d been sparring with Nat when she was called away, and Bucky was asked to step in, he basically knocked you off balance, yelled at you for being so easily knocked off balance and then stormed out of the training room.

Your cheeks grew hot with embarrassment and you ended up going back to your room and crying in the bottom of your shower like a little child. Bucky just pushed your buttons.

Did you really have to go to the party? Would Stark even notice? You kept trying to think up ways to get out of it, but nothing came to you.

You got out of bed and went for a shower, it was already one o’clock, you’d slept in; which was great, but also bad, because now you had even less time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the party.

After your shower you decided to head to Wanda’s room and grab her, stopping on the way to grab Nat, if you were going to the party you were going to look and feel hot, but you were going to need all the help you could get.

You knocked on Nat’s door.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” Nat said.

“I need your help, can you go to my room and wait for me, and I’ll be back in a second.” You said, turning away. Nat agreed and was already heading to your room.

You got to Wanda’s door and before you could knock she was already opening it.

“I knew you’d come, as soon as I got Stark’s text, what’s up?” She asked, smiling.

“I need you and Nat to make me pretty for the party, and help me pick a rocking outfit.” You said.

“You’re already pretty Y/N” Wanda sighed, “but we’ll see how we can highlight that” she winked.

You and Wanda were just turning into your bedroom when you noticed Nat had already laid some clothes on the bed, some yours, and some hers. You would swear, she was a mind reader. Wanda went to your wardrobe and grabbed a few other bits and pieces and put them down too, before running back to hers and Nat’s room and grabbing the makeup bags.  

After hours of primping and polishing you were done. Nat and Wanda had butted heads on a few things, and you flatly refused a few as well, but between the three of you, you came out with a rocking, biker chic outfit, killer boots and makeup that would have models jealous.

“Oh my god, I love it! Thank you so much you guys!” You smiled at them in the mirror.

“Hey, the foundation was already there, we just added to it” Nat said, smiling and then leaving the room.

“Every guy in that party tonight is going to want your number girl! And maybe half the ladies too, you look hot!” Wanda winked, giving your shoulder a quick squeeze before she too left to get ready.

You were actually in awe of your outfit. It was the perfect combo of street style and girly chic. You had a slinky black dress with long see through lace sleeves, and a daring V-neck cut, courtesy of Wanda, which you paired with thigh high black leather boots, courtesy of Nat; a leather jacket with lace in the back and sleeves, which you were proud to say was your own pick. Then you just polished the outfit with a nice choker necklace, and some rings.

Your makeup was fierce, cat eyed eyeliner, dark smoky eyes, and bright cherry red lips, again courtesy of Wanda. That girl loved her red. You did one last check in the mirror before heading out of your room.


Guests had started arriving at four, it was crazy. By six when the party actually started it was booming, loud music, hot bodies dancing, and alcohol in every hand. You shouldered your way through until you were at the bar.

“Hey Steve” you half yelled when you saw him sitting alone.

“Hey Y/N– wow! You look, you, ah. You look really beautiful” he smiled. You and Steve chatted for a while, until Sam and Thor came over, something about a darts challenge, you weren’t really sure.

Just as you signalled the bartender for another drink you noticed Bucky enter. Along with every other woman in the place. He wore a tight black button down, black skinny-ish jeans and his signature combat boots. He’d brushed his hair and put it in a little bun.

Your breath caught for like two seconds before you realised he was staring at you. You quickly turned and downed your drink.

When you thought it was safe to glance back over your shoulder, you did, only to see Bucky still staring. Just as you were about to make a run for the door, Stark came in and told everyone to shut the hell up. The room went dead.

“Now, unlike most of my other parties … Okay, unlike all of my other parties, this one actually has a reason behind it!” he yelled, everyone looked puzzled and started whispering back and forth. You took another chance to scan the room, eyes automatically falling on Bucky, who was still staring.

“This party is sort of a welcome, for our newest Avengers,” he glanced at you, then at Peter, and T’Challa who’d only recently agreed to be a fully fledged Avenger, “it’s also someone’s birthday, and I do love birthdays” he continued.

Before your brain could respond, Stark was pointing at you, and a spotlight came on, lighting you up like a Christmas tree.

“Let’s all give up for Y/N on her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Tony yelled, before the crowd started singing happy birthday. Your cheeks were burning. You looked up at Stark, and glared. He only winked at you.

You looked back into the crowd of people, Bucky was, smirking.


You’re not sure how many drinks you had after Tony’s announcement, but it was definitely more than your average two. You were past tipsy, and heading straight into crash and burn territory. But not before you did something incredibly stupid that you would definitely regret tomorrow.

You hoped up off of your stool at the bar, pushed past everyone and sauntered straight over to Bucky and slapped him right across the face. The resounding slap making the whole room silent.

Thor who was mere feet away was standing with his mouth hanging open; Steve had stood up from his chair, but was unsure of how to react, you didn’t know, or care where the rest of the team was, and Bucky, Bucky actually smiled.

“You’re a real piece of work ya know that! I can see it in the way you stare at me, you don’t think I am worth your time; you won’t even take the time to get to know the person I might be, no matter how nice I am to you, or how friendly I try to be, you could care less. And it’s bullshit! You treat me like shit on your shoes, you push me harder in sparring than anyone else, and you just about break my back every time we train! What, the actual fuck did I do to you? Huh?!” you threw your arms up in the air, giving a quick circle before turning back to him, “Did I take your favourite coffee cup without asking? Did I take your spot on the couch? Did I offend you in any way? Please for the love of fuck tell me! Because I would really fucking love to know!” When you had finished yelling and realised that everyone was staring at you, whispering, the heat started to come back to your cheeks, and Bucky was still smiling.

“You know what; I’m done trying to be nice. FUCK YOU!” you spat at him, and for a split second, his smile wavered, before he steeled himself. You stormed out of the party, stomping your feet every step of the way to the elevators.

The elevator dinged and you stepped inside. Just as the doors began to shut Bucky shouldered in. He waited for the doors to close, and then hit the emergency stop button, before turning and walking right up to you, backing you into the wall, and put his hands on the wall, either side of your body. You tensed.

His crystal blue eyes bore into you.

“I don’t hate you” he whispered, so soft you barely heard it.


“I. Don’t. Fucking. Hate. You” he said, making sure to enunciate every word.

“Oh yeah? Then why do you treat me so shit, huh?!” You tried to get past him, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Because I like you, you intrigue me, you, you’re something else.”

“WHAT?! You treat me like shit because I interest you? Because you like me? What are we, in second grade?!” You were screaming again.

“I treat you like I do, because you’re the strongest person I know, and I know you can take it, anyone else would’ve given up a long time ago, trying to be my friend, but you didn’t, anyone else would’ve punched me in the face for pushing them so hard in training, but not you, you took it and came back for more, it’s exciting.”

You rolled your eyes and groaned. He was being childish. I like you, so I treat you like shit.

“Ya know, a better, more adult way, of treating someone you like is to, A, tell them you like them, B, act like a human being with them, you know smile at them when they smile, say hello when they say hello, not just grunt, and C, maybe once in a while tell them something looks nice; like oh hey Steve love the new hair cut! You know, be a person.” You grumble.

“Okay,” he whispered, taking a step closer to you, the heat radiating off his body, his breath warm on your skin. “Y/N, I like you,” he smiled, “I will endeavour to say hello to you, every time you say it to me, from now on, and also, you look fucking gorgeous in that dress tonight doll face. You give a man all kinds of ideas.” He winked.

Between your thighs got hot and you could feel the pooling in your panties.

You went to push him away, he was clearly drunk and didn’t know what he was saying, but before you could move, he’d pinned your arms above your head, and his lips crashed into yours. It was a deep, hungry kiss. His body was pressed so hard against yours; you could feel him getting hard.

His lips left yours and he started trailing down your neck, until his head was right at the base of the V-neck, just above your breasts. You moaned and he looked up at you from under his lashes and smirked.

“Good to know the feeling is mutual then” he teased. Before making his way back up to your lips. You kissed him again, harder and more hungry than before. Your legs shot up and wrapped around his waist and you rolled your hips against him to get some friction.

“You know I didn’t get to ask, what with you yelling at me,” he said in between kisses, “what do you want for your birthday?”

“You” was all you could croak out.

“And so you shall, as many times as you want, birthday girl.” He grinned.

With that, Bucky let your legs fall back to the floor, which made you whimper; he slammed the button to your floor and when the elevator arrived he pulled you by the arm until you were in your room.



Inspired by the song “Like That” by Bea Miller, specifically these lyrics:

Can see it from the way you looking at me
You don’t think I’m worth your time
Don’t care about the person that I might be
Offended that I walk the line

So what if I’m not
So what if I’m not everything you wanted me to be?
So what if I am
So what if I am more than you can see?

When you treat me like that, when you treat me like that
It’s pushin’ me harder, it’s pushin’ me harder
When you breakin’ my back, when you breakin’ my back

Falling Into You - Chapter 10 Made For You

Read on A03

Warning:  Smutty smut ;) 

It was New Years Eve.  Jughead and Betty had gotten home from Riverdale the day before, with enough memories to last them a while, but they did promise everyone they would be back for a visit in Summer.  Jughead was happy he had gone.  It was nice to now have memories of Riverdale that weren’t sad or upsetting.  He had seen his father twice more in the few days they were there and it had been a wonderful time of healing for them.  He hoped in the next few months to see Jellybean and maybe even his mother.

They had gotten home really late the night before and had fallen exhausted into bed and had slept most of the morning away.  Now it was New Years Eve and it was time to celebrate.  And he had a lot to celebrate.  Over the Christmas break he had gotten a text from his boss stating that he had been given a promotion to site supervisor and with it came a substantial raise.  He was so grateful he could have cried.  And Betty.  He had fallen in love with Betty Cooper and he still couldn’t fathom that she loved him back.  Sure they hadn’t said it yet but he was determined that tonight was going to be the night that he would tell her.  The heat between them had simmered all Christmas and he wanted her with an intensity that shook him.  

They had chosen to forego the party at Times Square and stay instead at Molly’s and celebrate the new year with their friends, who thankfully also wanted to avoid the large crowd.  They had arrived at the tavern around 9:00pm after spending the afternoon watching movies and snuggling.  They hadn’t made any move to go past some heated kisses but the need and tension was in the air and they both seemed to know that tonight was most likely the night.  He was scared shitless.  Not of the actual act of having sex but he was scared he would screw it up somehow or she would be disappointed.  He knew his fears were ridiculous but he couldn’t help but worry.  He also didn’t want to hurt her.  He knew enough to know what to do but until he was actually doing it, he figured anything he knew wasn’t going to help.

He sat now, on a chair, his elbows resting on his thighs, bouncing a pool cue on the floor between his legs and watching Betty and Emma giggling over a hilarious badly played game of darts.  Justin sat down beside him and handed him a beer.  

“So, how’s things with that one,” Justin asked with a smile, waving his beer in Betty’s direction.  “You guys have a good Christmas?”

“Things are really great,” Jughead said smiling.  “And yeah, Christmas was amazing.  Got to see my father a few times over the week and it was really great catching up.  Its nicer than phone calls.  How’s things with Emma? You guys figure that out already?” Jughead asked laughing.

“Yeah, we’re good.  That day she came over, which she says you told her to and added she thinks you were just trying to get rid of her cause you looked like you wanted to bone Betty,” Justin said laughing.  “She marched in and started yelling at me and honestly I have no idea what she was going on about so I just grabbed her and kissed her and when she finally shut up she said she loved me and then we hit the sack.”

“Geez, don’t waste any time, do you,” Jughead muttered.  Justin studied him curiously.  Then he grinned.

“You haven’t slept with her,” he said laughing.  Jughead flushed and glared at him before looking back to Betty.  “What the hell are you waiting for?” Justin asked.

“I….nothing,” Jughead said with a sigh, bouncing the pool stick.

“You scared?”

“That’s the second time you’ve asked me if I’m scared in regards to her.”

“Well are you?  Look man, I knew you’ve never been with a woman, but it’s painfully obvious that you’re in love with her and if I’m reading her right, she’s clearly in love with you and I’m just wondering what you all are waiting for?”

“Nervous I guess,” Jughead said quietly.  “Look, I don’t want to talk about this with you.”

“Who the fuck else you gonna talk to?” Justin asked.  “Look, let me tell you.  You already have the advantage because you’re not a stupid 16 year old trying to get laid.  You love her and this matters to you so you know it’s going to be good, regardless if you two aren’t 100% awesome at it at first.  You guys have fooled around right?”

“Yes,” Jughead said with a sigh and roll of his eyes.  

“Like far enough so you both….you know….”

“Yes,” Jughead said, starting to sound annoyed.

“Hands and mouth, or just hands?”

“Jesus Christ, Justin!”

“Well?”  Jughead rolled his eyes and said nothing.

“Well, clearly just hands by the looks of your frustration,” Justin said with a laugh.  “Look, you’re already a step ahead because I’m assuming you guys have already learned to control your reactions, for the most part, so again, you’re way ahead of where my dumb ass was when I went all the way.  I was 17 and didn’t have a fucking clue and lasted about 2 seconds much to her disappointment,” Justin said laughing.  Jughead laughed at that and hoped to god that didn’t happen to him.  Justin was right, he did have some control but not that much because whenever she touched him, he went nuts.

“All I can say is this, lots of foreplay, maybe get her there a couple times so she’s satisfied in case you blow the fuse too early and go slow when it gets down to it.  And use your mouth, girls love that; and guys like doing it to be honest.”  Jughead sighed and drank his beer.  He guessed he should be happy Justin was so willing and open with the advice, even if it was fucking weird to talk about that with him.

Betty stood with Emma, trying to at least hit the board while playing darts but she kept looking over at Jughead sitting and talking to Justin.  He looked so good she wanted to go jump him right in front of everyone.  He kept smiling and winking at her and her entire body was humming already.  She was going for it tonight.  She didn’t care anymore and threw her nerves aside.  She just couldn’t wait anymore.  She wanted him so much it hurt.  

“Well, I’m guessing with the way you two are still doing the eye fucking that you haven’t actually done the deed,” Emma said laughing.  Betty blushed red and glared at her.

“That was rather blunt,” she muttered.

“Well my God, the sexual tension between you two shy virgins is so dam thick I’d need a sword to cut it.  Please, please have sex with him already.  Make a man out of him Betty,” Emma teased, her eyes twinkling.  “Do what I did with Justin, I marched into his apartment, kissed him till he couldn’t breathe and dragged him to bed.”

“Is that really what happened?” Betty asked, laughing.  

“Well, no.  I went over there, yelled at him, he kissed me and we ended up in the sack.  But the point is, we ended up in the sack.  You need to hit the sack Betty.”  Betty sighed and took a swig of her beer.  

“I’m just really nervous,” she explained.

“Yes, I get that and Jughead being the sweetheart that he is, would never ever push anything on you and let you guide where this goes, so girl, enough of this.  It’s time to get you some,” Emma said firmly.  Betty laughed and looked at Jughead.  Yes, she definitely wanted some of that.

At midnight, Betty was standing in the circle of Jughead’s arms, counting down with the crowd and yelling an excited ‘Happy New Year’ and he kissed her until she was breathless.  When she pulled back, he smiled down at her.

“You look beautiful,” he said happily, tucking her hair behind her ear.  They sat down again and the house band got on stage.  It was open mic night and people were invited to come sing.

“We can play anything in this binder, so anyone who wants to come up and sing a song, just pick from here and we’ll back you up,” the guitarist said.  They sat through a few ear bleeding renditions of various songs from various drunks before Emma groaned and held her ears.  

“Oh my God, I can’t take it.  Doesn’t anyone know how to sing?” she asked.

“Betty can,” Jughead suddenly said.  Betty looked at him in shock and shook her head.

“No way,” she said quickly.

“You can sing?” Emma asked excited.

“Yes, she has a beautiful voice,” Jughead said smiling, obviously proud of her.

“Please Betty? Just one?” Emma begged.  It took some convincing and after having another beer to fuel her courage, Betty agreed.  Jughead smiled as she walked up on stage and started paging through the book.  She handed a song to the band and stepped in front of the mic.  Her face was red before she even started but when the music started, she closed her eyes and began to sing.  

And in your eyes I see ribbons of color
I see us inside of each other
I feel my unconscious merge with yours
And I hear a voice say, “What’s his is hers”

I’m falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Betty opened her eyes then and found Jughead’s and he smiled, winking at her.  She lowered them again quickly and continued.

I was afraid to let you in here
Now I have learned love can’t be made in fear
The walls begin to tumble down
And I can’t even see the ground

I’m falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

She looked at him again and when she continued singing, her eyes didn’t leave his and his heart started to pound.  Emma smirked and nudged Justin who was grinning as well.

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star
Finding a belief, falling where you are
Catch me, don’t let me drop
Love me, don’t ever stop

So close your eyes and let me kiss you
And while you sleep I will miss you
I’m falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Falling into you
Falling into you
Falling into you

The song ended and Betty stepped back, swallowing nervously and Jughead had a look on his face that made her stomach clench and her heart pound.  She loved him so much, she needed to tell him.  The crowd was cheering and a few people started yelling for another one.  

“One more, one more, one more,” the crowd was chanting and she looked back to Jughead, wanting so much to go to him and he just smiled and nodded, indicating he would like another one as well.  She smiled and went back to the book, having seen a song she knew at the beginning of the book and she decided she needed to sing it.  She gave the paper to the band and took her place again.  This time, her eyes locked with Jughead and didn’t waver.  She needed him to know how she felt.

I see forever when I look in your eyes
You’re all I ever wanted
I always want you to be mine
Let’s make a promise till the end of time
We’ll always be together
And our love will never die

So here we are face to face
And heart to heart
I want you to know
We will never be apart
Now I believe that wishes can come true
‘Cause I see my whole world
I see only you

Jughead felt his entire being go still.  Betty’s eyes never left his and people in the crowd were turning to see who she was looking at.  He didn’t notice anyone, his eyes on the woman who had stolen his heart.  She was telling him she loved him and his heart felt like it was going to stop, it was hammering so hard.

When I look into your eyes
I can see how much I love you
And it makes me realize
When I look into your eyes
I see all my dreams come true
When I look into your eyes

A hush fell over the tavern as one by one, everyone stopped what they were doing and began watching the woman on stage sing her love for the man who’s eyes were locked with hers.  Jughead felt like a moth to a flame as he got out of his chair and began to move toward her.  Emma and Justin sat holding their breath, in awe with the rest of the crowd over what was taking place.  

I’ve looked for you all of my life
Now that I’ve found you
We will never say goodbye
I can’t stop this feeling
There’s nothing I can do
‘Cause I see everything when I look at you.

Jughead stopped in the middle of the room and held her gaze.  He didn’t care about anyone else in the room, all he could see was her and the love shining in her eyes.  Her voice became a little shaky for the last part and he knew she was feeling as overwhelmed as he was and he smiled a slow smile while she finished the song.

When I look into your eyes
I can see how much I love you
And it makes me realize
When I look into your eyes
I see all my dreams come true
When I look into your eyes

Betty finished the song and stepped back and the tavern was so silent a person could hear a pin drop.  She didn’t care.  She stepped off the stage and walked over to him and stopped when her front brushed against his.  He smiled down at her, his breathing unsteady and his eyes heated and filled with love and desire.

“Juggie?” she whispered.

“Yes?” he whispered back.

“Can we go home?”  He didn’t need to be asked twice.  He grabbed her hand and their jackets when they hurried past a smirking Emma and Justin and left the tavern, leaving behind a roaring cheering crowd.  They got back to the apartment and walked inside silently.  Betty shrugged out of her jacket and boots and stood shyly, waiting for him to do the same.  He walked over to her and took her face in his hands, and she noticed they trembled.  

“Betty?” he said softly.

“Yes, Jughead?”

“I am completely and hopelessly in love with you,” he said, his voice shaking and gruff.  Her eyes filled with tears and her smile took his breath away.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, her arms coming around his neck and her hands pulling his head down to hers.  He felt her kiss in his soul.  His hands cupped her face and he kissed her hungrily, trying to brand her with his mouth.  

“I love you,” he gasped against her mouth, before diving in again.  His hands moved down over her backside and he hauled her up against him, lifting her and her legs came around his waist.  He started walking toward the bedroom, his mouth never leaving hers.  She wrapped her tongue around his, moaning into his mouth while her hands tugged at his hair.  When they were in the room, he slowly lowered her to the floor and she pulled her mouth from his, resting her forehead against his shoulder, taking deep gasping breaths.

Jughead stroked her back, his breathing as heavy as hers.  They both pulled back at the same time and Jughead smiled gently at her.  She flushed and bit her lip, knowing they were about to finally do what they had been aching for.  They had fooled around a lot but it was mostly at night, in shadowed darkness and neither had seen much of the parts they had been touching.  Betty had seen him peeking out of his boxers and she was pretty sure Jughead hadn’t seen anything, as he never removed her panties and his face was always by hers or at her chest when he was stroking her.  She didn’t really know why they hadn’t looked at each other, most likely just due to shyness.

“Are you nervous?” he asked softly, making slow circles on her lower back.  She nodded and let out a little sigh.  “I am too,” he admitted with a small smile.  She looked up at him and his eyes were heavy with want, but gentle and she lifted up to kiss him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her tongue over his lip and he opened to her with a groan and he pulled her up against him.  The kiss was filled with passion and desire and it wasn’t long before she was trembling and pressing herself against his obvious arousal.  She felt his hands slip under the hem of her sweater and gently stroke the skin at her waist before moving up and gently brushing the sides of her breast.  

Betty moaned and twisted so his hand brushed over the front and he covered her, giving a gentle squeeze.  He cupped her and his thumbs brushed over her nipples and she whimpered into his mouth arching into him.  She suddenly felt over heated and she pulled back, smiling shyly at him.  

“Take this off,” she whispered, tugging at her sweater.  He smiled and grabbed the hem and pulled it up and over her head.  She stood in her bra and her hands moved to his shirt, tugging at it and he smiled and lifted his arms and she pulled it up and over and her eyes drank in the sight of his hard muscular torso.  She had seen it a lot and it never ceased to turn her on.  She touched her hand to his chest and slowly ran it down over his stomach.  His muscle shivered beneath her touch and he watched her silently as she explored him, both hands running over his smooth skin.  When she lifted her eyes to his, they were filled with desire.  

Jughead pulled her close and he groaned at feel of her skin against his.  His arousal in his jeans was getting painful and he was a little worried he’d pull a Justin and last about 2 seconds when it got going.  He took some breaths and tried to calm himself.  Her mouth found his and he forgot all about calming down as her warm wet tongue slid between his lips, her soft moans turning his brain to shit and all he could do was feel and taste her mouth.  He wanted to feel every inch of her and his hands moved to the back of her bra and he slowly undid the clasp, and it sprang apart and a soft gasp fell from her mouth.  His hands moved over her smooth back and he felt her shiver and press closer.  

After a few moments Betty gathered her courage and pulled back a little and put some space between.  Jughead’s fingers slipped under her loose bra straps and he slowly lowered it down her arms, the garment falling to the floor.  She turned red as he stared down at her, his hands moving to gently cup her.  He chuckled at her blush.

“I’ve seen them before,” he reminded her with a smile, running his thumb over the bare peaks.  She moaned softly and closed her eyes briefly.

“I know,” she whispered shakily.  “But it was in the middle of a make out and I didn’t care much cause I wanted your mouth on them,” she said then blushed even harder at her own words.  

“Did you?” Jughead asked teasingly, brushing over the peaks again.  She nodded quickly her breath coming in gasps.  Jughead wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her up against him, lifting her and dipping his head and dragging his tongue over a tight coral peak.  Her ragged groan and her nails digging into his shoulder spurred him on and he wrapped his lips around her and suckled gently.  She let out a sob and he tugged and licked and moved to the other.  Betty felt the aching heat pool between her legs and she moved to rub against him, desperate for friction and relief.

“Juggie!” she cried in frustration, and his teeth raked her in response.  She tugged on his hair and he lifted his mouth to hers and kissed her eagerly.  He moved then and backed her to the bed and when her legs touched it, she sank down and he followed her, bracing on his hands and his mouth moved down her neck and once again moved to her chest.  He spent agonizing minutes there until she was writhing and pressing frantically against him and his hands went to the button of her jeans.  She whimpered and bit her lip and watched as he pulled down the zipper and his hands stroked along her leg.  

“Are you going to keep the lamp on?” she whispered.  Jughead smiled at her.

“I was hoping,” he said softly.  His fingers played with the waist of her pants and she nodded and he pulled them down and she lay on the bed wearing only a delicate pair of white lace panties.  His eyes darkened as they raked her from head to toe.  He swallowed, and she blushed under his scrutiny.  He just looked at her, for long moments, his hands brushing over her skin, as if trying to memorize her.  She started to tremble and she pushed against him and he stood while she sat up and her hands moved to his belt.  She got it undone and opened his jeans and he touched her hair as she slowly pushed them down his legs.  He stepped out of them and she stared at the front of his boxers.  

Betty felt her heart hammer in her chest as she stared at the hard line of his arousal in his boxers.  She touched her hand to it, stroking her fingers along the length and he let out a small groan and then took a deep breath.  She was so curious,  and her fingers moved to the waist band of his boxers and his hands grabbed her wrists and stopped her.  She looked up at him and smiled slightly at his flushed face.  

“I…you don’t…” he couldn’t seem to figure out what he was trying to say and she bit her lip.

“I want to look at you,” she whispered.

“Ok,” he whispered back, sounding a little unsure.  She tugged on his boxers and when he sprang free, she let out a small gasp.  He said nothing and her hand moved to touch him and he gritted his teeth to control himself as her fingers brushed over the tip, finding a drop of moisture there.  She looked up at him and she gave a small shake of her head.

“It’s not going to fit Juggie,” she said anxiously.  Of all the things he had thought she might say, that definitely wasn’t it.  He couldn’t help the laugh that fell from his lips.

“It will fit,” he said, biting back another laugh.

“How do you know?” she asked quickly, sounding very worried.

“Because I’ve never heard of anyone not fitting,” he said, not able to hold back his laugh.

“Well, I once watched this episode of Sex and the City, and Sam was dating this….”

“Jesus, really?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.  He lifted her so she stood in front of him and she felt him brush against her stomach and despite her fear and worry, she got extremely aroused, the ache between her legs intensifying.  “I promise it will fit,” he whispered.

“How do you know?” she asked again.

“Because every part of me was made for you,” he said and his words made the heat in her stomach to spread all over.  She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close for a kiss and he groaned as he felt her skin touch his from top to bottom.  He moved then, pushing her back and bracing his knee on the bed as they fell to the sheets.  She shivered and moaned and he pulled a thin sheet over them and moved her to the pillows, settling over her as his mouth moved heatedly over hers.  

Betty felt overwhelmed and she could barely breath as he completely flooded her senses.  His taste, his smell, his touch, she couldn’t get enough and she started press up against him, desperate to feel him.  Jughead kissed his way down to her chest and again spent long minutes licking and sucking and making her pull on his hair as the ache became unbearable.  He kissed his way lower and his tongue stroked over her stomach, his teeth nipping at her and she whimpered and then she felt his mouth at the hem of her panties and she froze.  

“Juggie?” she whimpered anxiously.  She squeezed her legs shut, trying to ease the ache and he rose up and leaned over her, looking down at her.  “I…ummm….what are you…you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to,” he said, his voice sounding hoarse.  She bit her lip and her face felt like it was on fire.  He was flushed too and he waited for her, almost shyly.

“Have you ever…..” her voice trailed off.  He shook his head.  “But you want to now?”

“Yes,” he whispered.  

“Ok,” she said shyly, feeling like her whole body was blushing.  He smiled and moved back down and she closed her eyes when his fingers hooked into her panties and slowly pulled them down.  After a few moments and he wasn’t touching her, Betty opened her eyes and found him looking down at her.  His fingers touched her as if he hadn’t touched her before and she whimpered, feeling embarrassed at the way he was staring at her.  His hands moved slowly up her inner thighs and pushed them apart and she began to tremble at the dark hungry look that came over his face.  He leaned down and she closed her eyes nervously and when she felt his tongue flick against her, she reacted violently and her hips bucked and she hit his forehead.

“Shit, sorry,” she exclaimed in mortification.  Jughead started to laugh and she let out a chuckle as well, and the embarrassment faded a little.  “God, we’re so bad at this,” she muttered.

“No we’re not,” he said, lifting up and bracing on his hands.  She sighed and relaxed a little and smiled at him.  “So, can I continue or are you going to try and knock me out again,” he teased.  

“Shut up,” she said with a sigh and he again lowered himself to her.  She felt his tongue again and jumped only slightly and then gasped at the unbelievable pleasure she felt.  He was unsure at first, but soon found spots that made her moan and lift to him and he stroked over her, groaning against her, the sound vibrating up inside her.  His fingers touched her and he eased one into her as his tongue swept around and over her swollen nub.  Betty couldn’t control her body and she clenched the sheets as her hips lifted to him.  She felt the familiar start of her release and she gasped, her legs falling further apart.  Jughead recognized the shaking of her legs and the tightening of her body and he pressed more firmly with his tongue and curled his finger and she shattered around him, her cries echoing around the room.  He groaned when her release coated his tongue and he wanted more.

Betty lay gasping and she realized Jughead wasn’t stopping.  Her body, sensitive and shaking arched off the bed as he suddenly slid another finger inside her.  He moved them gently as his tongue stroked her and soon she was falling again, coming completely undone.  Jughead latched his mouth to her and worked her through her second release, his body hard and aching and desperate for it’s own release.  When she settled a little, her breath coming in shallow gasps, he moved up, kissing his way up her body.  

Betty couldn’t seem to stop shaking and she took deep breaths as he settled over her, bracing on his forearms, his mouth settling over hers.  She was surprised to taste herself on his tongue and much to her astonishment, it aroused her to a fever pitch.  She moaned and pressed against him.  Jughead lifted his head and stared down at her.  She could feel him shaking and she realized how he was holding back and not rushing for her.  

“Are you ok?” he whispered.  She nodded and smiled softly.  

“That was amazing,” she said with a flush.  

“Yes it was,” he said smiling.

“You liked it?”  He nodded, his eyes hooded and full of heat and desire.  She felt him pressed against her and he held perfectly still, brushing her hair off her face.  He kissed her, slowly, deeply, his tongue sinking into her mouth, stroking against hers.  She ached once again, desperate this time for a different closeness.  Her body wouldn’t be satisfied this time until he was inside her.  She whimpered and started to move against him and she felt him shift and suddenly he was nudging against her and he groaned as he felt her heat brush against him.  He took her face in his hands and held himself still, probing only slightly at her core.  She looked at him, her eyes wild and desperate, wanting more.

“Are you sure?” he asked hoarsely.  “God, please say yes,” he almost begged.  

“Yes, yes I’m sure,” she moaned.  He didn’t move, watching her face, wanting to remember her desperate for him.

“I love you.” He needed her to know before he went further.

“I love you too, Juggie,” she whispered, her eyes getting misty.

“I’m never letting you go after this Betty.  You’re mine and I won’t ever let you go,” he said, his voice shaking.

“Do you promise?” she whispered, a tear slipping from her eye.

“I swear on my life,” he whispered back.  She nodded then and he eased into her.  She felt the pinch of the stretch and winced slightly and he went still.  He rested his forehead on hers and took a couple of breaths.  He kissed her slowly and she began to relax and he pushed forward again.  God she was so tight, he felt like he was going to explode any second and he gritted his teeth, determined to make it last.  She whimpered, her nails digging into his skin and he paused again, this time stroking his tongue against hers, his hands gently caressing down her sides.  

Betty felt like crying.  Not from the slight pain she felt but from the way he was so patiently taking his time to not hurt her.  He was right, he did fit and her body slowly adjusted to his size and she began to tremble.  He moved again and this time he gave a slight thrust and she let out a small gasp at the sharp pinch she felt and then he was still, completely buried inside her.  His hands moved over her and his kiss overwhelmed her and soon the pleasure was greater than any discomfort and she began to move her hips and he grabbed them and held her still, a low groan falling form his lips.

“Shit, don’t do that,” he gasped.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered, unsure of what she had done exactly.  

“I just need a second,” he said gruffly “or this will be over before it starts.”

“We started a while ago,” she said with another moan, her nails digging into his arms.  “I need you to move Juggie!” she exclaimed.  He took a shuddering breath and pulled slowly out and she gasped, feeling slight discomfort but so much pleasure she thought she was going to pass out.   “Again,” she whimpered.  Jughead pushed back in and she arched up against him, her body undisciplined and hungry.  Jughead groaned and moved again and they moved awkwardly at first, but quickly they found a rhythm and he moved slowly, her body rising and falling beneath his.  His mouth devoured hers and he knew he wasn’t going to last and he reached down and his fingers found her and stroked her and Betty moaned, her legs coming up and wrapping around him.  

It was an odd mixture of unbelievable pleasure and odd moments of discomfort but she paid no attention to it as her body built toward release again.  Jughead’s fingers were rough and demanding and in only minutes she felt her body coil and tighten and she cried out as pleasure unlike she had ever known started to race through her.  He gave her a final stoke and she shattered, her body clamping on him and Jughead stiffened, a low growl leaving his mouth as she pulled his release from him.  His movements faltered, the rhythm gone as he pressed into her, emptying himself.  She was wrapped all around him, shaking and crying.  Arms, legs, her mouth on his neck, crying his name into his skin.  Her own name fell from his mouth and he gasped as he collapsed on her, his arms no longer able to hold him

Betty didn’t let go of him for so long, he was worried she couldn’t breathe.  He tried to ease back and she tightened her grip.  He was still a moment longer and then tried again.  He looked at her face and saw her face streaked with tears but her eyes were sated and happy and shining.  He smiled down at her and she blushed and hid her face.

“No, enough of that,” he said with a soft laugh.  “No more being shy.”  

“Shut up,” she whispered against his neck.  She finally looked at him and her cheeks were still flushed.  “That was amazing,” she whispered.

“Most amazing thing I’ve ever done or felt in my life,” he said gruffly.  “Are you ok?”  She nodded and smiled.  “Did I hurt you?”  he asked, his concern evident on his face.

“Only a very little bit,” she reassured him.  “You more than made up for it,” she giggled suddenly.  He grinned arrogantly and she kissed him.  Jughead eased off of her and she winced, feeling the discomfort again.  They lay facing each other, the smiles seeming permanently etched on their faces.  He touched her face and leaned in to kiss her and her hand slid into his hair.  He pulled back and she touched his mouth.

“I’m so glad it was you, Juggie,” she whispered.  

“You were worth the wait,” he whispered back.  They lay smiling, unsure of what to say or do.  

“Well,” she muttered after a while.  “We finally did that.”  Jughead started to laugh and she joined him and when they finally calmed down they were laying on their backs, staring at the ceiling.  

“We definitely need to do that again,” he said with a satisfied sigh.  

“Right now?” she wanted to know.

“Give me a few,” he laughed.  She sat up and winced again.  “Or a day,” he added, touching her back.  

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom,” she said softly.  “Be right back.”  Still as shy as ever, she kept a sheet wrapped around her as she ran for the bathroom.  He chuckled under his breath and grabbed his boxers and pulled them on.  When she finally came back she hurried over and jumped into bed and snuggled up to him.  She had put on a new pair of panties but the rest of her remained uncovered.  She pressed against him and he pulled the blanket over them and wrapped her in his arms.

“I love you,” she murmured and he swore he would never tire of hearing that.

“I love you too,” he said softly, kissing her forehead.  “You ok?” he asked again.

“I’m perfect,” she whispered and moments later fell asleep.  He lay awake a while, not wanting to fall asleep.  It had been the most amazing night of his life and she was the reason.  There was nobody else he could have ever hoped to share this with and he felt like the luckiest man on the planet.  His life was officially perfect.

Songs featured: Falling Into You - Celine Dion

When I Look Into Your Eyes - Firehouse

Let’s talk about Peepers.

It’s not going to be an analysis of his character, no, I’m leaving it after I watch the entire S2. I was considering if I should write this post at this point, but I had to, otherwise I’d explode. (A threat of not being to able to liveblog in the near future and lack of Internet overall also helped in writing that post.)

I should note that I got to “The Bad Hatter” and don’t know what happens after this episode.

So let’s talk about Peepers, his relationship with Hater, some hypotetical scenarios and how I tend to overanalyze a children cartoon.

Back in S1 he used to be a punching bag who was totally happy giving Hater all the control (to be fair Hater was competent back then in spite of his Hatey moments) and being in the shadow, doing the hard work. All in the name of the Hater Empire! …But not really. One could say the changes began back in “The Prisoner”, but the real deal was shown in “The Bounty”, where Peepers did draw a line - he had his ambitions and had to follow them. He still wanted to be a Commander of the empire that was supposed to rule the galaxy; perhaps even the universe itself. And after that he was shown to lose his paticence with his boss, acknowleding his flaws out loud.

Fast forward to S2 and Hater is not the greatest in galaxy anymore; despite his abilities and powers he got distracted by Wander way too many times for other villains not to notice. Peepers still follows him, though this time not without justified and verbalized complaints and screaming. And when they get to Dominator despite being the powerful one Hater is a distraction, while Peepers takes job into his hands and saves everyone along with Sylvia. “If you march in to my galaxy, you’re gonna have to deal with me!” was it?

Peepers and Hater’s relationship took a big step in “The Axe”. We as the audience learned that without each other the won’t be able to function in the villain world without each other, and Hater finally understood he needed his Commander. Peepers meanwhile seemed to be fully aware of his abilities and why he nedeed skeleton man in the first place. After he left the skullship he didn’t consider the obvious ‘there are so many other villains out there wonder if any of them would use a competent right hand?’ No, he was looking for a job in a NEWSPAPER showing that he does believe Hater is still the most powerful conqueror this galaxy could have. Not to mention his whole flashback song, where we witnessed him caring about Hater beyond the whole conquering thing. One more thing worth the note is that Sourdough noted how Peepers is the one who 'knows what’s being a true villain is all about’.

After this episode their relationship started to be much, much better, though not without its hiccups.

“A true villain turns weakness into a strength!”
I love this line. He technically tells Hater how great it is that he used his obsession with the tag game in conquering planets… But what he’s really saying is that he used Hater and his shenanigans to get back to the top ten. Not to mention that he considers Hater as his weakness overall; despite everything that happened not only he has some ounce of belief in him, not only he can not imagine conquering the galaxy without him (“The Axe”), he genuinely cares about the guy to some extent.

This sentence aside “The It” gave me a lot to think about (and laugh for that matter). Peepers had no qualms about freezing his boss in coldbrrnite and leavin him behind, just like he didn’t have any problem with locking him up in the box to use him for conquering planets. And the Sequence happens, where it’s more than obvious what Peepers wants, how he is the real villain in the Hater Empire, how he revels in his pragmatic villainy and using Hater for conquer. At the end he learns his lesson how while his boss is the instrumental part in building the empire overall, if he’s busy with Wander, he’s not able to carry out the mission and needs to stay away.

Time for the next Peepers-Hater episode. So what happens? “The Cool Guy” happens. Hoooo, boy, “The Cool Guy”.

The figurines play from the beginning is the obvious way of explaining stuff to Hater without boring him at the more formal meetings (the way that Hater took to the heart, if his 'commercial’ in “The New Toy” is any indication), but Peepers is also having fun. Until Awesome happens and takes Hater away. For almost the whole episode Commander is busy fretting over Hater’s abscence and irresponsibility while phoning him like a worried mother.
(Don’t worry that much, Peeps, Hater is a good enough boy to use a straw and a napkin.)

And then he decides he had enough, the time for invasion was coming with big steps anyway, had to do it himself.

Two major things happen: first of all his little speech. He knows that all Hater wanted was to be popular, not to conquer planets. He says that in such a mocking tone that made me think: a) he actually doesn’t really care what his boss really wants, jsut used his abilities, apperance and desires for galactic domination, b) is it just me or he sounds like a parent who dismissed their kid’s desires and 'knows’ what’s better for them, roping them in a job they didn’t really want? I’m probably taking the analogy too far here, but yeah.

The second thing is that he tried to conquer the planet on his own in his name. But wait, didn’t he just try to conquer in his boss’ name despite his abscence? Nope. You don’t put your face-eye on the banners where Hater’s face is supposed to be if you want to invade in his name.

But wait, didn’t I say that Peepers acknowledged that he needed Hater to conquer the galaxy? Yes, but with Hater’s incompetentence and him controlling pretty much everything he might have thought: “Alright, I’m doing all the work anyway, I’m much more capable of being the leader!”

“Bow down to your new master!”
Peepers had no idea that Hater was around to watch the invasion. So who was this 'master’? Come, on, he was testing the grounds, he wanted to see if he’d manage to conquer the planet on his own, though still using the skullship which is Hater’s symbol. He even had a peep pep talk with himself for flrap’s sake. But then Awesome happened (whose words imply that he actualy knew what Commander was planning to do? Or he just wanted to make a joke? I don’t really think he’d care any way, but still.) After that Peepers retracted and used Hater’s name, but the Thing happened anyway. Commander goes back to his boss just like the boss comes back to his Commander… though not without a little Wander distraction.

After that Peepers gets Hater to the 2nd spot on the villain leaderboard, though not without problems, like partying hard with Wander or making Major Threat fake his return to villainy. Not to mention getting smacked around few times. But overall Peepers could work with that and only Dominator was the real obstacle to get back on the first place. What could go wrong?

Then “The Battle Royale” takes place and Hater falls – literally and figuratively for Dom. Which is a big, big problem for Peepers.

In “The New Toy” watchdog is absolutely fine with Hater not taking the part in the battle; in fact he’s delighted he’s allowed to lead the attack by himself. Unfortunately not only his boss sabotages his plans, but it’s also obvious that without Hater’s cooperation he couldn’t get anywhere near beating Dominator.

“The Bad Hatter” is the main reason I’m writing that post. Once he finds out Hater has Wander’s magic Hat he takes it to make weapons to defeat Dominator and…


I said I was going to think about it, didn’t I?

Despite the fact that he cares about Hater somewhat and is willing to call him a friend, he is absolutely, 100% ready to put him aside for his own ambitions. He wants to defeat Dom and wants the galaxy to be HIS. There are even parallels with the civil war Wander talks about for grop’s sake!

So let’s recap: Peepers uses Hater, though he still cares for him, he does consider the posibility of working without him to pursue his dreams, he is thinking how much better he’d fill the leader’s position and he’d be glad to be done with Hater’s nonsense.

You’re going to ask: 'Ok, why are you telling us the stuff we already know?’ Well, I’m getting there.

Given what we’ve seen in the S2 so far it’s not without merit to think that Peepers might want to leave Hater after all. Anyone who has been following me knows how surprised I was that he didn’t leave skeleton man’s side after witnessing Dominator and her powers back in “The Greater Hater” and developed their reluctant friendship (which, for the record, I love, but it was still shocking to see that).

As of now they still have Dom to deal with, so while I don’t think Peepers is going to do anyting of the sort in this season, but S3 is still a fair game. Hater might have a moment of clarity or whatever to get the job done, but it’ll never be in the long term - Hater from S1 is not going to come back, he’s still going to be distracted by Wander, he’s still going to be ultimately redeemed. What would Peepers do in that situation? Would he still follow Hater into the path goodness? Possible, but not without complaining. Or some kind of story arc that would happen beforehand for that matter. Where he could at the very least think about leaving Hater to his own devices.

So let’s play a game of 'Peepers gets a better job proposition where he actualy can fullfill his dreams of ruling the universe’. Maybe not even in someone’s name, but his. Of course it’s absolutely hypotetical situation, but still very much possible.

Ok, so in that scenario Commander leaves his Lord to work for somebody else/begin reign in his own name. So Wander would have to do someting, right? Nope. Sure, he might have few words for Peepers, he’d definitely try to do something, but ultimately he’d fall deaf on his ears. Peepers doesn’t care about Wander, he doesn’t consider him a threat, he’d love to ignore him entirely and for Hater to do the same. I did complain that these two barely interacted, though it made sense why. Now with the possibilty I described here it would make even more sense, especially in narrative way.

But there would have to be someone who’d talk him down, at least partly, right? There’s Sylvia, I guess, they did find a common ground in “The Battle Royale”, recognising that they had similiar struggles, and I was told they have more interaction in few next episodes. But I don’t feel like Sylvia could do that much. Her words would have some effect, maybe, but not that big.

So who has any chance to talk to Peepers to get him out of this path?

Hm, this redeemed/almost redeemed guy maybe?

Tl;dr Peepers stop stealing the show.

You know, I’m always going back to this place, you know I’m always going to look for your face

Another oldie, hope you enjoy! It’s about Shawn’s childhood friend Balir from Pickering! Created this character way back last year! xx

„Are you happy to go back home?“ my dad asks, turning his head to switch lanes, as he is pressing the gas pedal of his Mercedes further down.

The raindrops were crashing down on the car and I lean back in the passenger’s seat, stretching my legs out.
„Of course I am!“ I reply with a smile, “I’ve been craving mom’s homemade food for weeks!“

My dad smiles, eyes locked on the road. „We are all so happy to have you back home for the next weeks and we are so proud of you, Blair. You’re doing so well at college“

“Aw, thanks dad“

“How’s med school treating you? I haven’t talked to you lately,“ he says, switching lanes again.
“It’s hard but you must know,“ I glance at my dad who nods.
“Yeah, but it’s worth it“

My dad did not only go to Harvard and graduated from med school with summa cum laude, he also holds a psychology degree and I sometimes feel the pressure to do as excellent as he did in college, even though he doesn’t pressure me at all.

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Zach Werenski #2

Wrote this bad boy and decided it could turn into a little mini series if you’d like, just say the word guys :) Also thank you so so much for all the likes/love on the first imagine I did for this cute guy.

Word Count: 1,955

Summer nights were your second favourite kind of nights. First being nights when Zach was on the ice and shooting the puck around. So life kinda worked out nice, because when he wasn’t playing it was Summertime and you were just as happy about it. 

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I seriously can’t wait til Monday. The trailer has been on my mind all day and I’m just obsessed with trying to break it down, figure out what its trying to tell us. I have a few theories:

1) Sana is the cause or start of a domino affect that goes through the group. 

  • We see the trailer backwards which has its own significance but at the ‘end’ of it we see Sana tripping Noora. I personally like to think its also symbolic of the fact that Sana is always 5 steps ahead of everything. She can see things the others can’t, maybe because they are distracted but all the teen shenanigans they go through. 

2) Girl Squad back with a force.

  • all our favorite girls back together again!! what I found interesting about them in the trailer was how they almost havent changed at all? We see Chris her usual awesome self, Eva being a party girl, Noora and Vilde still butting heads but there for each other none the less (catching her when she falls?? im 100% sure Willhelm is going to be a whole conversation between them) it felt very season 1 almost. with sana essentially pushing them together. 

3) Even??? no, not Isak AND Even. Just Even.

  • This is point 3 but honestly its the main thing i’ve been thinking about. Now I caught Even4Main fever around month 2 of the hiatus but I managed to stay realistic enough to understand it was highly unlikely. I genuinely didn’t think we’d get much of him and Isak and then… Yousef showed up. NOW I’m buzzing with ideas because the trailer made it clear: Even is connected to Sana and is the final ‘result’ of this domino affect she triggered. 
  • Even is also the only one to get hurt in the trailer as a result of this chain of events. That could mean nothing but… it is Julie. Another thing too is that the hit is a complete shock and clearly catches Even off guard and upsets him quite a bit. The way he sort of stumbles down and his just kneeling there unfocused set off sirens in my brain.
  • Last point on Even (honestly i was floored we saw him) It’s clear that whatever happens, it’s only about him. Though Isak is there, we don’t see his face at all which is pretty clear cut in saying that, This isn’t about them as a couple. I was comforted though by the fact that Isak was shown expressing nothing but tenderness and comfort. He didnt back away from Even once and kept an anchoring hand on him the whole time (he even knelled down with him, which could be symbolic of Even’s biggest fear: dragging Isak down into his dark side) Also, Even looked kinda sad, kinda lost before he got hit. my poor kid is gonna struggle.

4) The kids are partying it up! But…. where???

  • it took me a few watches to finally hit on why the trailer gave me an ominous feel and the sense that something very different was going to happen. Though we are seeing them in a familiar atmosphere (party time) the setting is completely different from run of the mill teenage rager. it is dark with red tones, the people dont seem like typical teenagers, the gang is clearly separate from them, and the walls and floor are black. The girls outfits kinda reflect this too. Like Eva wearing heels. She has a great style but def not a heels kinda girl. And Vilde. she was dressed TO IMPRESS. she looked amazing but so not what we are used to seeing from her in a party atmosphere. Maybe it symbolizes maturity or maybe they make new friends…..

5) Stop. Take it back now y’all. 

  • why. was. it. in. reverse. for one thing the song because it had an Arabic tone when played backwards. But what got me too was that we see Even and Isak first (call back to where we left off last season?) and slowly winds itself back to Sana. Are we suppose to understand that it all started with her and is now ending with her? Is it a cautionary tale? Is it trying to say that some things in life are just unavoidable??? Who knows. (Julie. Julie knows.)

Just some of my thoughts. I’m curious to see everyone elses theories while we wait to start! Happy finale Season 4! 

Sawada Ie(Yasu/Mitsu)

Summary: Giotto reincarnates as Iemitsu. Shenanigans ensue. (It’s as cracky as it sounds).


Warnings: Craziness, Highly Likely Won’t Make Any Sense, I Had A Lot Of Fun Writing This, Too Much Fun, I.W.P-chan Likes To Contribute To The Fandom’s Crack Corner, Little Snippets, Brief Fic, Features I.W.P-chan’s Headcanons About Enrico And Massimo And Federico (You Have Been Warned), The Penguins Postcard Makes An Appearance.

Disclaimer: Don’t own.


When Sawada Iemitsu was born in Namimori, Japan, a devastating hurricane struck Sicily, the island where Vongola’s HQ was situated.

No one would make the connection.


Timoteo di Vongola had come across Sawada Iemitsu, the last descendant of Vongola Primo, by sheer luck.

(Bad Luck, he would realize later).

He had offered Iemitsu a job in the Vongola; he was ambitious, and can anyone blame him? His eldest son was only ten years old (his middle child was seven and his youngest was five), and he didn’t want Primo’s descendant to threaten their future.

He had planned to use the opportunity to keep an eye on Iemitsu.


One simply can’t ‘keep an eye’ on Iemitsu.


“Where is Iemitsu?” Timoteo, exhausted, asked for what appeared to be the 5435th time that month.

He got his answer when five-year old Federico burst into his office, face flushed pink and eyes sparkling with excitement, and he babbled about wanting to learn how to dance on the ground and on the ice and in the air.

“Oh?” asked Timoteo when Federico took a breath after his uninterrupted onslaught of words, “And why is that?”

Federico beamed, “Mitsu showed me! He looked so cool! I wanna do that too! Can I? Can I?”

Timoteo should have probably had 'words’ with Iemitsu, but as he was confronted with Federico’s puppy eyes and pout, there was no way he could weasel out of Federico’s request.


Things… escalated.


“What is this?”

“Invitation to Iemitsu’s wedding, boss?”

“Iemitsu is going to get married?”


Fifteen-year old Enrico sniffled as he watched Iemitsu and Nana get married.

Had it already been a year since Iemitsu and Nana met? And in a classical coffee shop AU, too?

His OTP was getting married!

He cried.


Nana leaned back on her hospital bed, sweaty and exhausted after she delivered her baby boy, lil Tsu-kun. She was handed her baby, she looked down at him and cooed at his sheer adorableness.

On the floor next to her bed lay Iemitsu, sobbing and wailing about how he 'saw a baby so beautiful he cried’.

Her husband dragged himself towards her bed, took a look at their baby boy and started another round of ugly sobs.

Her husband was so emotional and dramatic!

(One would think he was the one who carried the child and gave birth.)


Timoteo looked down at Iemitsu’s desk. It was a mess (Iemitsu was just as fond of paperwork as Timoteo, which meant not at all), and among that mess there was a postcard with a picture of Iemitsu, his wife and his two-year old son all beaming while being surrounded by penguins. Timoteo turned the postcard to read what was written on it.

Celebrating my tuna-fishie’s first time saying PAPA!

Timoteo’s eyebrow twitched. It was the third time this year alone (and it was still April!) that Iemitsu took an unannounced, extended, leave to 'spend time with the fam’.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


How Reborn got suckered into tracking down a wayward Mafioso from the Vongola famiglia, he would never know.

And another thing, why was that goddamn Sawada Iemitsu not promoted by Nono yet when he was clearly able to evade Reborn? And not just that- he also had his very much civilian wife and two-year old son with him, while also sending postcards to Nono.


Reborn never knew misery and frustration until he was confronted with Sawada Iemitsu.


Iemitsu returned to his job a month later.

(In case anyone was wondering, Reborn had failed to track him down.)


Sometimes, people wished that Timoteo never introduced Iemitsu to the Vongola.


One of those people was Deamon Spade.


Deamon stared.

Iemitsu stared back.

The person before Deamon had a different hair style, different face, different body structure, but Deamon would recognize those eyes anywhere.

“Giotto.” Deamon took a step back, “I can explain?”

Iemitsu smiled.

Deamon shuddered; he recognized that Smile.

(It was the same Smile his beloved Elena would aim at him before she would banish him to the couch for the foreseeable future.)


Timoteo and his guardians stared warily at the door Iemitsu disappeared into; it was quiet, too quiet. Any room that Iemitsu entered was never quiet.

When the screams and bangs and mad cackling came from behind the room’s closed door, they honest to god were relieved.

And then Iemitsu came out from the room.

He looked at them and smiled, “Don’t worry! It was just a cockroach.”

Just a cockroach.

Iemitsu turned contemplative; they shuddered a little, “Did someone order an ice sculpture of Deamon Spade? I just found one inside.”



The sculpture was unnervingly accurate in its depiction of Deamon Spade.




Why did it have what looked like yet another sculpture of Deamon Spade inside of it?


(And why was Deamon’s expression in the inner sculpture one of horror?)


Ganauche III looked around the office, “It appeared as if Deamon Spade himself was frozen inside the ice.”

Timoteo knocked back the drink in his hand, “Nonsense!”


When Iemitsu was given the position of Vongola’s Outside Adviser, the entire criminal underground sagged in relief.

Now, there was no way Iemitsu could become Don Vongola. He was bad enough as it was, there was no need to crown him the literal king of the mafia.

(No one would survive.)


Reborn personally gathered the Arcobaleno to celebrate.

(The aftermath of their party would become a thing of legend.)


Xanxus clenched his fist, an old man snatched him because of some flames he could make and declared Xanxus to be his son.

And here he was.

In front of him were his 'family’ members: his 'father’; his 'brother’ Enrico, who was engrossed in whatever he was looking at on the device in his hand (and only looked up long enough to take a look at Xanxus and then wave to him when his father introduced them to each other); his second 'brother’ Massimo who nodded calmly at Xanxus; and his third 'brother’ Federico who waved enthusiastically and beamed at Xanxus.

A door banged open and a blond burst into the room; he looked around and his eyes landed on Xanxus.

Xanxus had the sudden urge to flee and never look back.

The blond pounced on him.

“Oh my GOD! You are just so cute!” The blond mystery man giggled, “I hereby declare you as my son! Let me take you to meet your little brother!”

“Mitsu!” Federico whined, “Wait until after he gets acquainted with his big brothers before you take him to tuna!”


'Mitsu’ appeared to think about it, “Okay… Enrico!”

“What?” Enrico grumbled, eyes still glued to what he had in his hand.

“Put down that hardcore OT4 BDSM smut you’re reading and take Xanxus to the shooting range for some sibling-bonding time!”

Xanxus briefly wondered what 'hardcore OT4 BDSM smut’ was and why it made his 'father’, Massimo and Federico blanch. Mitsu didn’t seem to care, and it couldn’t have been that bad as Enrico was blank-faced as he read it throughout the entire introduction.

But, did someone mention a shooting range?

Enrico beckoned Xanxus, “Follow me.”


Xanxus first impression about his new family was that Enrico was awesome, Iemitsu was crazy, and Timoteo, Massimo and Federico were all sissies.


 End (part 1?)

I was sorely tempted to add 'A/B/O’ to the 'hardcore OT4 BDSM smut’

Nice times, Sweet blessings ( Yukimura's modern AU drabble)

A/N: This idea suddenly pops up in my mind and so Daph decided to write it and share this with my lovely friends here. And an apologise that I kept missing and not online lately. These weeks were hectic and I’m a little lazy to open Tumblr lol…. this short drabble is a gift to my awesome twinnie ~ @minminami and tagging my fellow friends here @dreamsinparadise @viridian99 @akanojikan @rainbowatnight @cottonballwithmustache @jemchew @fureiaa who also a fellow lady Sanada XD  @singokumaiden  @kitty-kat-ty @dreamfar628

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anonymous asked:

You don't have to be old to understand that stoick is ABUSIVE. He never listens to hiccup, like when hiccup says he doesn't want to fight dragons and stoick MAKES HIM ANYWAY. Or when he tells hiccup he's not his son...oh but it's all ok because once hiccup is cool stoick loves him. Stoick is an asshole and he's not a good parent, and if you think he is then you're probably abusive too.

Ok.  Um…First of all, no.

Second, since we clearly didn’t watch the same movie, lemme explain a thing.  Stoick listens to Hiccup.  He doesn’t get him, but he listens.  It’s not his fault everything Hiccup says is totally absurd.  Like, “I caught a Night Fury”?  Yeah, ok, kid.  No one has ever caught a Night Fury.  And to throw your own words back at you, it’s just like the last few times, Hiccup.  I know you didn’t actually catch one.  Look at this fucking mess you made because you blatantly disobeyed me.  This mess I’m going to have to clean up.  You disobeyed me, son.  You disobeyed me as your father and as your chief.  Go home.  You’re grounded.

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Dark Obsessions- A BTS Jungkook X Reader fanfic Part 3 of 4

Dark Obsessions

part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Note: Hiii everyone! I’ve finally posted part 3 and you may have noticed that i’ve put part 3 of 4. This is because  part 3 is too long and I had to cut it down into two parts, i’m really sorry for any confusion, initially I only wanted it to be 3 parts so yeah, four parts guys.

~Secondly I want to say a big BIG thank you to everyone who read, liked, reblogged, followed and gave me awesome feedback on my last post, it means so much to me that you stuck by this fanfic and I really didn’t expect such a positive response :) Thank you all so so much, ily all, I hope you enjoy part 3, i’m not too sure about it to be honest with you, it’s quite longer than I expected but anyways i’ll shut up now. Fighting!!!

~ Zinny

Dedicated to @hushhushkaneki @bts-sugatrash@timinaf@bae-m0n

Rated: M, read at your own risk

Genre: Rough-ish, angry smut, little bit of angst and fluff.

Word count: 10,770

One month later

Jimin was attacking you with his whisky coated lips resulting in a gasp of surprise from his bold action. You responded, your hands tightly fisting the collar of his t-shirt and roughly pulling him closer so he had no escape. Your mind grew misty with darkness and yet you continued kissing and biting his soft lips with the desperation to feel numb. Forget him, forget him. None of it made sense but you didn’t care because nothing really mattered to you at that moment. Forget him

20 minutes earlier.

The dark shadow passed silently through the cigarette smoke-filled house; eyes wandering around the crowd of strangers. Anxious. Searching. Uninterested glances from the older strangers were sent to your direction as you pushed your way through the pack of sweaty bodies and towards the stairs.

Desperate to escape the toxic fumes and the loud music, you only became more immersed in it as you moved up the staircase of Namjoon’s crowded house.

Why am I here again? Stumbling on the final step, smoke seeped through your burgundy red lips, engulfing your little black dress in its vile poison but you didn’t really care.

Your foolish heart had already been filled to the brim with poison long ago, consumed by the venomous and dirty obsession of one, dark eyed boy. It hadn’t recovered and it never would; he was permanently branded on every inch of your vulnerable body.

He made sure of that.

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Brace Yourselves Guys, It's About Skam S4E08 clip 6

Alright I’m going to need to discuss this clip in parts, but first I’d like to address some of the fandom about their extreme reactions.

Part 1: Fandom reacting to things.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinions and their feelings and how they perceive things because freedom of speech is a thing that I fully support. That said, there’s a point where people start to take it too far and by that I mean they start attacking others, and that’s so many different shades of uncool, I can’t even find the words to articulate it. Your freedom of speech ends when it starts trespassing on others’. I get it, the season isn’t to your liking and not going the way you want, but to the majority of the watchers it’s going as one would expect from a last season that’s trying to tie everything up. Attacking Julie Andem and wishing her ill or threatening her (no matter how “harmless” it may seem) is a world of no. I can’t even begin to go there. Criticize her work all you want but don’t get personal because that’s such BS. Also try not ruining it for others because some, if not most of us, are actually enjoying this season. Discuss your dislikes, feel your feelings, but don’t try to ruin it for others. Of course this could be a small faction of the fandom that’s very vocal but what do I know.

The point is, let people enjoy things, especially since this is the last season. Can we end it on a good note please? Can we not ruin every single good show we have with incessant attacks on cast members or producers?

Part 2: The girl squad

Obviously they’ve had a talk offscreen and worked some things out, maybe not everything, we may still get more clips of Sana talking with each girl like we saw her clearing the air with Noora in this clip, but I honestly believe that all is resolved and they’ve worked things out by now. Everyone was so pissed at the girl squad before Thursdays clip and then everyone was excited after the girls showed up for Sana. Obviously Julie wants these reactions, she wants us involved and to feel how Sana does. But remember real life is complicated and miscommunication happens a lot in real life too and I’m speaking from experience. I felt this season dealt with friendship very realistically. Wether it was the backstabbing PMS or quick forgiveness from the girl squad, or talks with best buds, those things happen, usually over McDonald’s :p. Isn’t it more fun to watch them getting along no matter what the situation. I felt it was very realistic and maybe a bit idealistic, but it’s a TV show that shows us how it can be if we want it to be, if we don’t hold grudges and forgive easily, real life can be like that too and it would be amazing.

Part 3: Ballon squad and Boy squad

Come on guys have you met Elias? Of course he’s going to fix things and be friendly, like come on he’s Sana’s brother and she looks up to him for a reason. He’s a great character and I wish he had his own season because I would so love a season of Elias, he’s so pure hearted I felt like he was a very unique TV character we never get to see, but exists in real life a lot. The way he’s protective of Sana but still wanting her to be independent, the way he trusts her and doesn’t try to limit her in any way especially since he’s the older brother. Their relationship was amazing to watch and if there’s one thing this season nailed is familial relationships because it was a breath of fresh air. Especially since they’re Muslim. They showed the reality of a lot of Muslim households. So of course things were going to be resolved between the boy squads, especially since all of them are actually great guys who had a misunderstanding because Isac punched Mikael because he was jealous over Even. Misunderstandings happen people and they also get resolved swiftly if explained. How awesome were the dancing parts? And the cake part? And the gift part? Those are my fave scenes because everyone is happy and having fun.

Part 4: The uproar over Noora and William

What exactly where you guys expecting? This has been 2 seasons in the making, Noora had scenes in season 3 yet no one complained this vocally. Noora and William are what first made this show so popular in Norway and then it spread to the rest of the world after Evak, but we wouldn’t have found out about Skam at all if season 2 wasn’t so popular to begin with. To everyone complaining, did we actually watch the same series? Season 2 was all about their love, they can’t just completely make William disappear because he is part of the show and a very important part. Let’s also not forget that we only got Nooras account on what happened and she doesn’t always see things the way they happen. She lied a lot in season 2 so I’m going to give William the benefit of the doubt until I hear his side. I do want a resolution to their love story because I actually loved season 2 and I love Noora and I want to know what’s going on with her and what’s going on with Eva and girl Chris and of course Sana, but since we can see everything from Sanas point of view I still want to know about the rest of the girl squad. Just because Sana is the main doesn’t mean we can’t get any information about anyone else. Plus let’s be realistic Sana can’t have sex scenes or kiss scenes and this show is also about romantic drama, and previous seasons featured a lot of sex or make out scenes, so we had to get it in another way. Plus I felt this season was very true to Sana as a person because we finally saw how she sees things and how she thinks and feels. She was always mysterious in previous seasons only dropping knowledge to help the mains in tight spots. I felt like so far this has been a great season for Sana especially considering its the last season. Julie gave you a badass Muslim WoC who also has feelings and emotions and who isnt perfect, which is amazing in my opinion. And I feel this season has been great if a little slow at times because I will always want more of Sana. I will also always want more of Noora and Eva and girl Chris and Isak and Even and Elias and everyone basically. My point is that we don’t know how William is now, how his character is. Yes he started as a fuckboy but he changed and I think Noora is still a little bit prejudiced and he’s still a little bit prideful. But we just saw how he literally got on a plane and came to see Noora when he thought she reached out. I always thought their relationship was a bit like pride and prejudice and maybe that’s why people loved their love story.

And btw I don’t think Noora got as much screen time as people think she did, let’s not forget that Sana feels closest to Noora out of all the other girls in the beginning, other than girl Chris of course, I felt Noora was important to the story because she was part of the miscommunication with Yousef. We got an unconventional love triangle that wasn’t really a love triangle. Also Noora got a lot of screen time in season 1 and I don’t see people complaining and her sole purpose in season 1 was to be the new friend. She got way more screen time than she did in season 4.

I’m all for finding out what’s going on and that’s why I usually reserve judgment on clips because I know in the next clip everything might turn upside down and some things might become clear. But I felt that this post needed to be out there because of all the hateful posts I’ve come across. Just a little bit of critical thinking and some positivity for whoever wants to read it.

I love you all because tumblr introduced me to Skam and I love this show so much and I love reading fans analysis, it’s what makes this more enjoyable for me. I love sharing my love of TV shows and movies with you guys because you understand what it’s like and you’re all awesome people.

Wu Yi Fan - As a Boyfriend

A/N: OK. I know there are a few requests in there (and a kyungsoo one is up next) but think about it guys. I’ve been drowning in Kris feels for a while now. I had to write this out. I just genuinely had to. and to top it all of, he my bias. Like a huge one. The first one. This had to be done you know. This is going to be so me-biased im sorry. i hope you can imagine yourself in this too.

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  • If Kris is your boyfriend please let me take the honour to say - you lucky lucky little dumpling. Also. He’s going to take full advantage of that and also call you ‘little dumpling’ or cute names like ‘lil one’ ‘pea pod’ ‘momo?’ i dont know something along those lines. Have you seen how this boy names his pets (rourou, which is also what his family used to cal him when he was little)? I’m pretty sure you’re going to get named somewhat similarly.
  • Yi Fan is a super hardworker and too busy at that. I haven’t seen the boy give himself a break since 2014 tbh so that means you’ve got to be awfully close to him (and for a long time) before you can even think about dating him. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the same field as him, I don’t think he’d go for an actress or a singer because he’s quite empathetic so he knows what kind of schedule the girl’s in for. So he’ll be against that. But then he’s also quite accepting you never know with this boy
  • But you know what? Here’s my favourite thing. Yi Fan is the kind of guy that you discuss a relationship with. You guys dating, would be a well-informed decision taken by both parties instead of the whole ‘asking out’ thing. No. One day you guys are probably meeting up for some tea somewhere and suddenly you bring up how both of you have liked each other for a while and you’re pretty compatible and you’ve been doing pretty well with the contact thing for all these years, it shouldn’t be that hard to date right? He’s going to nod along and think about it (and overthink about it atleast for 10 months) before he says “Hmm. I’ve been wanting to ask you about the same thing. Should we try it?”
  • Only after a week do you realise what just went down. So you end up texting him. “Wait. So you mean… you and me… we’re dating now?”

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  • Sassy and cool kris will make a comeback then. With a cool text like “We were dating about a year back, but I just wanted you to bring up the conversation first. All of our friends already think we are going out.” And that’s when you suddenly understand why EVERYONE ALWAYS PAIRS YOU UP WITH HIM during all the awkward games and why his mother is extra nice to him and why all his friends are so nice to you.
  • You’re going to be in touch with his mom long before you guys go out because you’re dating your best friend and you and aunty are going to have loads to talk about.
  • Him working. How he sleeps. How he was as a child. The worst moment would be when aunty feels extremely guilty about having him grow up alone in Canada and you try to comfort her and Kris watches silently from the kitchen door and he can’t help but feel so lucky that he’s got such a kind, warm hearted and understanding girl. Not to mention, he’s probably going to join the hug very soon.
  • (A/N: So i’ve grown up a lot like kris, always moving houses as a kid and thus never having stable friends until the age of like 13 but then i moved out of the country again at 15 so lol thats a joke) SUCH A HUGE NEED TO TRAVEL WHEN STRESSED. When it’s been a while and his schedule has gotten too much he’s going to want to pack his bags and sort of just leave. he doesn’t care where or when or how far, he just wants to go out and fee invisible for a while. So many roadtrips and treks and standing atop mountains looking down at the world being tiny.
  • “I guess we’re all insignificant to the Universe.”
  • “But you’re galaxy fanfan. im pretty sure you count as a galaxy to the universe.”
  • Him staring at you, and glaring at you for the rest of the trip, for ruining his awesome philosophical moments.

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  • This man can sing, dance (?) cook, rap, SEW. You think you’re the wife? No not really. All the nephews and nieces, probably your own kid, will love him more.
  • Oh god have you seen him with kids? It’s adorable. Whenever you feel like you’re falling a little out of love (you think it’s impossible but guys its the normal course of a relationship) just put this giant dork around kids and feel yourself falling in love all over again. He doesn’t treat them like breakable dolls. He plays with them, jokes with them, rolls on the ground with them and gets his hands dirty playing clay or painting with them. But oh god the best part is when he talks to you at night about the kid he spent the day with and how they had a beautiful personality and he says, “the best part is probably watching them grow as a person, isn’t it Y/N?” and you realise that’s your favourite part too. Especially watching fanfan grow.

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  • This long noodle loves to cuddle. Only when its just the two of you in the house though. Because he’s majorly working in China now, he finds a lot of time to be home and whenever he’s got a “home-day” he calls you up immediately and you show up for your date dressed in the most comfiest clothes you could find - sweats. You guys just spend the day in, making each other listen to the new songs you’ve found or this amazing movie you just HAVE to watch or searching each other on the internet and playing with rourou and just cuddling. so much cuddling.
  • He’d ask you to move in with him really well into the relationship because it’s just more practical. Atleast this way, he gets more time with you because he always has to come home - to you.
  • The idea of home means so much to you both because Kris is someone who has moved around a lot. He is the kind of person to understand that a home can be a pretty important thing but it’s never a place, its a person, its a feeling. With you in his house, at 6 AM in the morning when he has to leave for work but your day starts a little late and he gets back into bed for “5 more mins” and buries his face into the crook of your neck - that’s home.
  • When he’s tired and you’re tired but you guys still decide to cook for yourself instead of ordering in (because you’ve done that so much) and he sets the table while you finish up the brownies in the oven. It’s too much work but you guys deserved it after a long day. So the three of you, or four (including mama Fan) sit around the table chit chatting about random things - that’s home.
  • Marriage is super important to him and his MOTHER MUST APPROVE. This child puts a lot of importance for family, he’s always been pushed into the caretaker, breadwinner role early on in life so obviously family shouldn’t be a new thing to deal with, it should be a respite.

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  • I hope he gets an amazing and kind and caring wife that talks to him and shares her opinions and worries about him. I hope she can take him away from his work when needed, and get him to focus back on it when needed, I hope she has an amazing job that she’s passionate about,  hope she inspires him. I hope his mom loves her and i really do hope he finds a home in her and understands that though she may be his wife, she’s also his best friend.
  • I just have a lot of good wishes for this man. He deserves all the good things in life.
  • The entire chinese entertainment industry will love you, not because you’re fanfan’s wife/gf, but because you’re probably an amazing person yourself.

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  • UMMM. ABOUT THE SEX. HMM. You slip into the sex mode like two kitties that fight. One look and boom - in the bed/ against the counter/ on the sofa. anywhere as long as no one’s watching
  • You think this boy’s clumsy hahahahahah he knows what he’s upto. He’ll kiss the bottom of your neck and trail his fingers against your waist. He knows your body pretty well by now and knows the exact amount of touches, and where to place them, to get your riled up within minutes.
  • After that though, there will be plenty of against the wall make out sessions. You try to pin him against the wall and make out like crazy but “Lil one what are you trying to do? You’ll break my neck this way.”
  • I’m sorrry but he’ll be on top most of the time but thats not to say it wont be fun.
  • The first year or so will just be you guys being the ultimate domestic couple to the outside world, and the most horniest of fucks inside the house.
  • You’re cooking and he spanks your butt. “KRIS. THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR.”
  • That is a call. That means. you. me. bed. now.
  • Also, I feel like kris would be the kind of idiot to spank your butt when you’re 50 and your kids are back for spring break and he’d still think “that’s my sexy girl” and the kids will collectively groan, but oh god youre a blushing mess
  • For all the tough times in his life, I hope Yi Fan’s girlfriend is like a breath of fresh air for him. So that he is reminded of the fact that the universe does not, in fact, hate him.
  • Also. So much teasing about what his real name is. “What do i call you though? Kris? Kris wu? Wu Yi Fan?Li Jia Heng? Galaxy fanfan? Xiao Fei? Tower of pisa? WHAT WHAT DO I CALL YOU?”

I gave myself feels but thats ok this is fanfan i give myself feels everyday either way.

Chocolate Bunnies -Part 1 of 4

(Ao3 ->

[Have a great Easter, guys!!]


“Can you believe it?” Hana slumped down into the beanbag chair next to Lucio. “Mr. No-Fun I’ve-got-you-in-my-sights said no to my Easter party.” She paused, deepening her voice to mimic him. “We are a professional organization, Hana. Not to mention that we have limited funding. Jiral Hane. Like, I would be willing to pay for it if Overwatch is actually that poor.”

“It’s like Overwatch doesn’t celebrate anything at all. Not even Valentine’s Day,” Lucio sighed, leaning forward on his desk. “Well- I mean, we both gave each other chocolates and the flying moms as well, but still.”

“Like, we know that people want a party but didn’t get one for Christmas and stuff.” Hana frowned in thought. “We did the secret Santa between the few of us but no official party.”

“Okay, to be fair, we had a lot of missions then and not enough people were still around to throw one.”

“Still can’t believe that edgy old man-” She paused, realization dawning on her face.

“Oh no. You’re getting that look on your face again.”

“Let’s just throw our own party.” Hana grinned at him. “We’re adults who don’t need no permission from a pair of cranky old men. Are you willing to help me?”


“You sure you’re not going too far?” Reaper sighed, massaging his temples. His mask had been long dissipated into the air the moment he stepped into the room, exposing his pale skin and red eyes. “I remember when you used to be like that, always planning surprise parties for Overwatch.”

“It was for the media!” Soldier snorted, seating himself down on his office chair. “I always had too much work to do. I thought you knew me better than that.”

“Yes, but I also thought I knew you enough that you would have invited me and Blackwatch to your, so-called exclusive ‘party’,” he replied sarcastically in return. “Give the kid a chance, Jack, because I have a feeling that she’d throw her own party anyway.”

“Then why’d she ask for permission?”

Reaper raised an eyebrow at the other man. “I don’t know? Respect? Besides, it’s not like your identity is a secret.”

“I’d laugh if Hana knew an ounce of respect. She goes around with people calling me 'Strike Commander Dad’,” Soldier sighed, taking off his mask with a hiss and looking into Reaper’s eyes. “I still don’t know why you’re so keen on convincing me to let her.”

“You’re not that old, Jack. Think.” Reaper smiled up at him, revealing sharp canines. “What did I do one year to scar you for the rest of your life?”

“Scar me? You didn’t-” Then he remembered all the costumes. Back then, Gabriel had always gone over the top making costumes each year for Halloween. The last Halloween they had celebrated together was when he made the headless Horseman costume, outfitted with a pumpkin for a head. The last time they celebrated Easter, however, Gabriel made an Easter bunny costume. The entire thing was thrice his size, and had a purple cloak with pink and yellow polka dots. He carried two baby-blue shotguns and had light green, egg-shaped ammunition strapped over his shoulders. It was horrendous. “Reyes, don’t you dare.”

“Hey, I still have to get you back for that promotion thing.”

“Are you seriously not over that? My god.” Soldier slid a hand down his face. “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Reaper got up from his chair and walked over to his desk. “You can either join me, or stop me, cariño.” He sat down on the edge of the desk. “Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen?”


“Genji I need your help.” The cyborg looked up at her, his visor glowing brighter by the second.

“Oh- erm, what?” He shook his head then looked back at her, steadying himself on the kitchen table. He looked between the two of them with slight concern.

“Were you sleeping?” Lucio piped up behind her, grinning.

“No- I was- uh- powered down.”

“Sure you were.”

“Anyway, I need your help,” Hana interrupted, eyeing the cup of coffee in the cyborgs hands. She knew better than to ask if he could even drink that. “I was hoping to find an expert on annoying a certain old grandpa 76, and was hoping that you knew one.”

“Oh, you mean McCree? I can go get-”

“No, I mean you.” He stared at her in continuous silence. “The obvious choice was him of course. I’m not stupid, but he hand Hanzo were making lovey-dovey faces at each other, and I’m sure as hell, not wading into that shit.” Hana swears she almost heard Soldier 76 shouting “Language!” down the hall, like some Captain American fanboy.

“Oh, okay.” Genji got up energetically and poured the steaming cup of coffee down the drain. “Sure I’ll help, but I’m kinda hurt that you only came to me as a second choice,” he joked.

“Second choice?” Lucio cut in, with a devilish grin. “More like everyone was busy with their significant others and you were the only one free.”

“Ouch! Right in the heart!” The cyborg dramatically put one hand over his heart and the other over his chest, pretending to faint.

“Also,” Lucio continued, not done yet. “Did you just make that cup of coffee then pour it out?”

With that, Genji fell to the floor, exaggerating his movements of pain. “I’m so sorry, Hana. I can’t help you with your little schemes. Lucio just killed me!”

“Okay, that’s enough. We’ve got too much to do, and too little time.”

“Time?” Genji cocked his head to the side. “I have just the right person to resolve your problem.”


“So, Hana wants to throw a surprise Easter party for a bunch of cranky old men. And she wants us to help her.”

Tracer frowned at Genji, continuing to clean her goggles. “And you came to me because?”

“We don’t have a lot of time. And you know, you can do thatthingwhereyougoreallyfast,” the cyborg mumbled.

“What was that, luv?” She smiled at him innocently. “I don’t think I heard that correctly.”

He didn’t meet her eyes- or rather, his visor didn’t meet her eyes. “You go kinda fast.”

“Only 'kinda fast’?” Tracer pouted, drawing her eyebrows together and making puppy eyes. “You insult me. I don’t know, Genj. I thought I go pretty darn fast. In that case, I guess I can’t help you.”

“Lena! C'mon, please. It’s for fun-”

“But ya still can’t get your pride tainted by it, can ya?” Tracer smiled at him again. “It’s been a pretty long time since we raced. Those bolts of yours gone rusty?”

“It’s not like that! It’s just-” He paused, scratching at the back of his head, remembering the better days, back when they trained together under Angela’s watchful eyes. “You want a race? We can see how many eggs we can hide in a minute.”

“That’s not much of a race then.”

“Come on, Lena-chan!” She could tell that Genji was trying to lay it on thick with the honorific. “It’ll be fun! Besides, at the end of the day, we’ll still be the two fastest agents Overwatch ever had, with your teleporting time thing and my pure cyborg awesomeness.”

“According to Winston, I’m more awesome.” Tracer pushed him over, with a grin on her face. “Fine, but on one condition.” He nodded in confirmation. “Loser has to do whatever the winner says for one day.”

She knew from the start that she’d never would have refused him in the end. Some would have said that it was a waste of time, but luckily, she had all the time in the world.


Hana frowned, noticing that Lucio seemed to be trying to hide something from her. “What’s that?”

“What?” He looked up at her distractedly, his hands covered in green paint.

“That.” She pointed to the object in his hands, which was mostly smudged green, pink and white. They were in the middle of delicately painting the outer shells of the plastic Easter eggs that were to be hidden. “What are you doing? We don’t have time to mess up.”

“I didn’t mess it up-”

“Then why are you trying to hide it?” Hana took the green egg from his hand, then paused, her eyes wide. On the egg was a little bunny with a pink bow next to a little frog with headphones. “Oh my god, Lucio! It’s so cute! How did you make them?”

“Well…” He smiled sheepishly at her. “I was going to hide it and give it to you on Easter, but well- this happened?”

“Aw, look at you. Trying to be all romantic and such. My fans would be all over you in seconds.” She poked him on the nose, smudging a dash of pink paint on it.

“Hey! My turn.” He dabbed a little bit of green paint on her nose. “Boop!”

It was the exact moment Sombra walked in, a look of distain on her face. “Someone is infringing upon my copyright.”

“What?” They both looked up at her in surprise.

“I- never mind,” she sighed and sat down at the table they were at. “So, what’s all this?” Sombra gestured toward the table covered in plastic eggs, paintbrushes and paint. “I’m guessing it’s for the egg hunt you’re setting up.”

Hana frowned at her. “How did you know about that? We didn’t tell anyone yet.”

“There’s nothing that I’m unaware about in this base,” the hacker snorted, flexing her gloved hands. “I want to help 'cause I’m not gonna do the hunt.”

“Why not? You don’t like Easter?” Lucio asked. “Even we are participating in it.”

“Nah, its just gonna be too boring trying to look for the eggs because I can just hack into the cameras and find them before the hunt even starts.”

“Genji’s gonna hide them. You won’t be able to see him with the cameras,” Hana snorts. She still didn’t like the hacker.

“I have my ways,” Sombra resorts, a smirk on her face. “Plus, I just happen to know that our cyborg friend is very hackable.”

Hana scoffs, unbelieving what she was hearing. “Of course you would, thinking you could hack and cheat your way through anything.”

“Well, it has worked for me so far.” She paused, picking up a paint brush. “You still aren’t mad at me for beating you that one time, are you?”

“You didn’t beat me!” Hana stood, glaring down at the hacker. “You- you cheated, or used an aimbot, or- or-”

Lucio grabbed her arm, shaking his head at her, then pulled her back to sit down. “We’d love to have you help us! But me might need another pain brush.”

“Why?” Sombra frowned, gesturing to the table. “You still have two used paintbrushes.”

“'Cause Genji’s coming back with another person. You know, the more the merrier!” He looked to the door. “And speaking of which, they’re here.”

“The calvary’s here!”

The kitchen door crashed open in a blur of neon green and blue lights. Genji and Tracer ran in, pushing and shoving each other, but only succeeded in making them both fall to the ground.

“I made it first!” Tracer hollered, falling on top of the cyborg. “I win!”

“No, you didn’t!” Genji pushed her off of his chest. “You fell on me, Lena. That means that I was here first.”

“We all know I’m faster, Genj. Just admit it.”

“No. I’ve already had my pride tainted by Lucio today. Never again!” He jokingly pushed her to the side. “I challenge you to a death match!”

“Ladies, ladies,” Hana sighs, getting up and walking over to them. “Your both pretty and fast, and have a shit ton of work to do. Now if you don’t mind, we can have an egg painting competition instead. I’ll give the winner twenty dollars.”

Genji turned to face her, his mask staring at her blankly. “But, I’m like, rich. I stole all of my family’s money after I killed them, and Tracer was like, the non-official Overwatch poster girl. She’s probably dead rich as well.”

“Yeah,” Tracer agreed. “What else do ya got in for us?”

“Uh-” She looked at Lucio, but he just shrugged in return. She knew the two speedsters in front of her had bigger prides than anything else. “Bragging rights for whoever paints the most eggs, the nicest.”

“Okay, seems fair.” Tracer nodded. The Brit seemed satisfied with the deal. “What’s in it for you?”


“What do you get out of this?”

“Well,” Hana smiled in thought. “We finish this faster, and I save twenty dollars.”

“You know,” a voice growled from the door. “For throwing a surprise party, you aren’t very discreet.”

There stood the edgy goth lord himself, dressed in all black robes, armour, gloves, boots and pants. She saw the ammunition strapped on his chest and arms and wondered what it was for. As far as she knew, Reaper didn’t reload and just threw all the guns away.

“What do you want, Reaper?” She sighed. “You gonna rat us out to the commandad?”

“No,” the wrath was probably smiling under his mask. “I have a proposal for your party. A fine one, at that. Just ask Genji. Back in Blackwatch, we used to throw wild parties, didn’t we? Way better than the Overwatch ones, hm?”

The cyborg nodded. “Yes, Reyes-san threw the absolute best parties. One time he got so drunk on New Years that he stripped do-”

“Okay, that’s enough. I don’t want to know the rest,” Hana interrupted. She turned to Reaper. “Well, what is your proposal? We gotta know if it’s good or not.”

“It’s good. Trust me. It’s gonna scare the living daylights outta Jack.” The ex-mercenary was definitely grinning now behind his owl mask. “So, it involves a giant, seven foot, chocolate scented Easter bunny costume…”

The rest of the group leaned in closer to hear his plans.