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congrats on your milestone baby :') came for the URL, stayed for the a1 person behind the account (ur a cutie i love u) also i'll take a drabble with tommy boy, i want there to be a cuddly one with books. 3 things abt me: i love making playlists, my fav color is burgundy, and i love holding hands ???? is that.... something djdjejjdd

A/N: char!!! i have teary eyes tbh you’re so fucking great. i love you 💖 i should have finished these… ages ago… but i didn’t and i’m sorry!! anyways here you are, lovely, i finally did it! i hope you like it xo 

“Hey (Y/n)! Have you seen my-” 

“Shhhhhhh Tom. Can’t you see that I’m reading?” You whined, briefly looking up at your boyfriend with a displeased expression. 

“The burgundy jumper Mum got me a few weeks ago.” Tom finished with a sigh, shaking his head, a small smile tugging at his lips. Of course you were wearing it. When weren’t you wearing his clothes? He coudn’t really complain, though. Not when you looked so damn pretty and comfortable. 

You smiled sheepishly at him, lifting a jumper-covered hand to brush stray hairs out of your face. Tom flopped onto the couch and pulled your feet into his lap. Your grin widened. Tom’s head somehow found its way into your lap. This was a commonly re-occuring pattern in your flat. 

“Loser,” you teased softly, stroking his hair. He could never let you just read, could he? You couldn’t really complain when cuddling with him made you happier than anything else. Tom relaxed you like no one else could.

“I’m your loser, though,” Tom hummed happily, catching your hand in his own and kissing your fingertips. Your fingers twitched as tingles raced up them. 

“You are,” you giggled, your nose scrunching. Tom beamed and laced his fingers through yours. “Read to me, love?” You bit your lip to keep from smiling like an absolute sap. Your boyfriend was too much. “Of course, baby.”

hey, guys! so i just hit 700 followers!! and since i hit the milestone on the night before halloween, i thought i’d celebrate by throwing together a little supercorp halloween drabble. :) i wrote it p quickly, so it’s probably got a ton of errors, but i just wanted to throw something out there for the holiday, idk. um, here u go?

Kara’s staring.

She’s staring and, gosh, she knows she is – very blatantly, at that – but she can’t help it, because Lena’s so – she’s just – just so

Rao, that dress! And the make-up! The – the cleavage!

She’s absolutely to die for, utterly divine.

Kara, on the other hand? Kara’s the definition of a big fat Kryptonian mess right now. She can’t think, she can’t speak, she can hardly breathe – and, suddenly, her decision to attend her own costume party as a very large sandwich – a ‘super hero,’ heh – seems extremely… unfortunate.

Because everyone else picked a cool, badass costume, which is horrible enough, but now Lena’s here, and she’s all smoldering eyes and pouty lips and – and Kara’s stomach promptly drops into her feet when Alex laughs and says, “Alright, it’s a good costume, I’ll give you that, but now you’ve got to sell me on it. Give us your best impression!”

And then, Rao, her knees legitimately start to shake as Lena, accepting the challenge, turns to her. She lays her hand on Kara’s arm gently and presses in close, affects a low, breathy voice, and says, “Gomez, last night you were… unhinged.”

At once, all the blood in Kara’s body seems caught in a violent battle, torn between rushing to her face and rushing… elsewhere, but Lena’s not done.

“You were like some desperate, howling demon.”

Her eyes seem to bear right into Kara’s soul, her fingers clutching at Kara’s bicep, slowly and surely stripping her of all sanity. Right in front of their friends, mortifyingly enough!

“You frightened me.”

There is the faintest hint of a pout in her brow and in the set of her lips, and it remains there just long enough for Kara to feel it, like a Kryptonite dagger driven into the soft tissue of her gut – before it smooths into a devilish smile.

“Do it again,” she begs breathlessly.

Oh, have mercy…

When she’s finished, Kara bursts out laughing in a nervous, obnoxious sort of way, and the inhuman sound of it almost seems to score her throat raw. Everyone else claps, drowns it out for the most part, but the tight pitch of her voice couldn’t have gone unnoticed. (Alex’s knowing smirk seems to suggest that it didn’t, and Kara studiously avoids her gaze.)

Lena smiles and bows her head graciously at the applause. She steps back, but her hand trails down the length of Kara’s forearm, evoking goosebumps and a tremble that makes Kara’s fingers twitch with the longing to chase after her.

Kara feels like her heart is beating ten times its normal rate and she’s sure her face is as red as her cape and boots, but the others are, thankfully, too enamored by Lena’s performance to comment.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but from what I remember, you nailed it,” James says.

“If they ever announce a remake,” Maggie warns, “I’m tweeting your name at every director in Hollywood.”

“It suits you, with the dark hair and pale skin, obviously, but –” Winn gestures to the full length of her dress, the elegant black lace draped from her shoulders to her ankles, fitted so snugly every stitch could be undone with a heavy sigh. “What made you choose… you know?”

Yes, thank you! Kara would really like to know that! Because, as of now, it seems like the only reason Lena could possibly have for making such a choice is to sate her desire to absolutely unravel the tightly wound spool of Kara’s mind. Simply being next to her is a special kind of agony, because she’s standing there like a goddess, stealing all the attention in the room like some porcelain vision out of a gothic daydream with the Junoesque figure of a Renaissance sculpture and –

Lena shrugs lightly. “It was one of my favorite movies as a child, as strange as that sounds,” she laughs. “At times, growing up as a Luthor didn’t seem very different from growing up as an Addams.”

Alex laughs wryly and passes her a beer. “Let’s drink to that.”

Lena accepts the beer with a small, grateful smile. “Anyway, I’m a little too old to be Wednesday now, but I thought Morticia would work just as well.”

“Oh, yeah,” Alex says – a bit too knowingly for Kara’s liking. “Like Winn said, it suits you. You’ve really got the whole ‘ethereal beauty’ thing down.”

Lena blushes just a bit. (And it frustrates Kara to no end, because why is it so unbearably lovely?) “Thank you, Alex.”

“Don’t you think, Kara?”

Kara nearly chokes on the Sierra Mist she’s been compulsively guzzling from the plastic cup clutched in her fist like a traveler dying of dehydration in the Sahara. 


“What do you think of Lena’s costume?”

On the receiving end of Alex’s expectant stare, she giggles through a rather graphic mental recollection of every Kryptonian curse she ever learned, and glances nervously in Lena’s direction. Lena gazes back, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

“I – she’s – I mean, you’re – uh –” Kara gulps. “Hot. Look hot – I mean, you look hot! Are you thirsty? You’re probably thirsty! I’m gonna go get you a –”

“But, Kara, I have –”

“Kara, she already has a –”

“I’ll – I’ll be right back! One drink, coming right up!”

She bumps into the dining table as she struggles toward the kitchen and sends it skittering three feet back, toppling over all the cups and bottles resting on top of it in the process.

“Oops. That was… an accident. Sorry. I’ll, um – I’m – you like cherry soda, right? I think I have… some… in the…”

Kara yanks the refrigerator door off the hinges in her desperation to bury her head in it.


If she survives the night without revealing her true identity to Lena, it’ll be a miracle. Provided, of course, she survives the night at all… which, honestly, seems unlikely, because she knows that as soon as she turns around, she’s going to be face to face with…

Oh, Rao, she actually shivers at the memory.

One thing is for sure. She’s never having a costume party again.

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