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Okay, I REALLY need some positivity after that episode. We didn't get any Fitzsimmons fitzsimmonsing, I don't even think they talked to each other... And what in the world was that ending??? How are we supposed to wait a whole year to figure out? I'm also scared for what season 5 will be like... What if they mess it up? Ugh. This does not look good. I'm losing all hope and faith in this show. Any positivity would be great! Thanks!!!

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Okay Anon, let me see what I can do here for you.  

Was that the ending we wanted or even that they built up to all season when is comes to Fitzsimmons.  To many in the fandom it wasn’t enough, but to the writers it was.   “Their’s is a forever love” and “They will only ever love each other” was the pay off they were building up too.  I think they underestimated the toll that the Framework Arc and lack of time together all season was going to take on the fandom.

That scene in the pod is so profound and so epic that it shall live in infamy as one of the best scenes of the series…and no words were even spoken.  Simple touches enough to convey a thousand words.  

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And speaking of payoff…we did get THIS.  Jemma getting a chance to unload a ton of bullets into Fitz’s kidnapper/tormentor.  Honestly it was a scene I wanted so bad and I didn’t think we’d get.  AND Jemma got a go at Fitz’s horrible father!  She got not one but two of his tormentors!  That’s our girl, no one messes with her man.

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We did get Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmonsing a little bit, no not bickering in the lab but we got the fake out parallel from Season 2 with Fury’s tool box on steroids.  They tricked the crazy, intelligent, evil infused former Android and baited her right into the trap that lead to her defeat!.  Fitz got to use the LMD how he intended it for, to protect Jemma.  Allowing AIDA to attack and think she’d killed the real Jemma.  Thus the LMD protected her just as Fitz had intended.  And Fitz got a bit of poetic justice in being able to use her own tech/creation against AIDA.  

I also see that scene with Coulson on the Zephyr where he said I know you guys have a lot to talk about but now they have to deal with AIDA as almost the writers way of acknowledging that as well.  They were saying yes, there has been trauma, they do need to talk, but we don’t have time right now.   And its true, they didn’t really.   The bright side is they are going to do what the fandom wants and have Fitzsimmons working through the trauma of the Framework over a period of time and together.  

I know some of you will outright deck me for bringing out a Jed Quote right now but I’m going too from the IGN Post Mortem.  

IGN: I want to talk a bit about Fitz and Simmons. You’ve put them through the wringer over the past couple seasons, and my working theory is it’s because Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Simmons always deliver such fantastic performances of those traumatizing events. Considering what they’ve gone through this year, are you considering them as a couple who will remain rocks for each other, or are you still planning to throw a bunch more terrible things at them?

Whedon: First of all, it’s the nature of the world. I think even this year with the flashbacks of May and Coulson and the rules we’ve stated through many seasons, that there are rules about agents not getting together for this very reason. Your love will be tested. That’s sort of the nature of the business. I think it’s safe to say from these past two episodes that they love each other and won’t love anyone else, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to repair their relationship and all that pain in between. One would hope that they could because everybody roots for FitzSimmons and the fans do and we do. We love the two actors, and so I think that seeing them together is a reward that the audience deserves, but how that happens, we’ll have to wait and see if it does.

That hopefully will be what we see happen in Season 5.  Fitzsimmons healing together and dealing whatever the crap has happened that has landed them in space.  They were so close to getting out, Shield was out of the Shadows, things were going well, and we had ourselves a Love nest with a breakfast nook…and it was ripped away.  Ripped away from them and ripped away from us.  That is the nature of shows like this. Until they are ready to give us the happily ever after, its give an take.  

Ghost Rider was an add on but LMD and Framework were the arcs they intended all along.  The writers knew even back at SDCC this is where things were going.   They teased Darth Fitz back then…”This young man as you’ve never seen them before”.  Ending with Fitz needing to heal was likely the intention all along as well.   I think it was just unfortunate that they continued to give us those bits like “Oh the engagement/wedding will come up again”…it will…just not THIS season.  Its about NEXT season as they come back together personally and professionally.  They should have gone with their standard wait and see rather than put some false hope out there.  Again I think the very much underestimated the toll the Framework Arc took on the Fitzsimmons fandom.   This season they established that they love each other and no job change or memory wiping androids can change that.  

Another positive we got was as painful as it was to not have Fitzsimmons together how we’d envisioned we did get to see them both grow substantially in their own stories.  Good, bad, right or wrong, that is something I have seen the fandom want.   They wanted to see each of them with arcs outside of their relationship.  Was it perfect, no, they could have given them the separate stories but still had them come together more…heck be in the same room more.  But hindsight is golden and makes me treasure those moments we did get even more.

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The episode was good, it wrapped a lot of stuff up nicely but also left far more questions.  They ran out of time.  We knew it when we were still in the Framework going into 20 that there wasn’t going to be enough real estate left to cover what they had put out there.  I spoke in previous metas as to this is where we felt the bit Ghost Rider took out of the time.   Fitzsimmons weren’t the only ones that didn’t get a really good tie it in a bow resolution.  They resolved what they absolutely had too.  AIDA, Darkhold, Robbie/Rider, and Radcliffe…and set up next season.  Daisy, Robbie, and Philinda also had their arcs suffer a bit at the end (and Philinda took a step back ala Fitzsimmons start over in 3x11).  Sadly that happens and for me 4x21 was the Fitzsimmons resolution for the season and then we will pick back up with them again in season 5.  

The writers know the fandom is upset, they know they dropped the ball.   I really do think they thought what we had in 21 was that payoff the fandom was looking for and planned on continuing this next season as this is not where their story ends.  They didn’t break up.  This wasn’t a deal breaker.  It was another roadblock and one only puts roadblocks in the way of something they want/plan to get too.   We can offer our polite feedback and support for the show and characters we love so much.  

Now the best news of all Anon is we have a fandom full of absolutely amazing writers that are already hard at work on fix it, missing scene, AU, and this is how it SHOULD have happened fics.   We will have a whole hiatus of recovery fic fest 2K17…now in SPACE.   

Speaking of space, they have essentially been kidnapped by some mysterious rogue organization that seems intent for them to work for them.  At least they’ve been kidnapped together this time and will likely be working and sciencing together until they can find a way to get out of they are get to Perthshire.   A united goal!  And who doesn’t love sassy sciencing barely tolerant of their captor/new employer Fitzsimmons.  

Its okay to be mad, upset, and disappointed right now.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  I’m there, last night I was feeling a bit betrayed by the writers until I was able to take a step back and take a breath, look at the longer game…and we are in a long game here as we are ENDGAME.  Until then…bring on the fics!

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I would love you forever if you did either 10 or 76.

I went for 76 ‘Please put your penis away’ I was totally baffled when I got the prompt, no idea what I was going to do with it but then this came to me today. I hope you like it anon. I will also be doing 10, because I have an idea for that too.

Once seen, never unseen

“Don’t you love me?” Robert pouted as he pushed Aaron away from him.

“Shut up you idiot. Of course, I love yah.” Aaron snapped back impatiently. “I married yah, didn’t I?”

Robert didn’t respond straight away but Aaron could see the tears pooling in his eyes reflected by the lights of the street. “You say you love me but why won’t you show me Aaron?” Robert whined.

Aaron grabbed his arm, stilling the drunken swaying before he could do himself an injury; he was making Aaron feel seasick just looking at him.

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to all the people deciding to hate on you for you voicing your opinion, FUCK OFF. she doesn't need your hate, she doesn't need your uptight opinion about what she said. she was brave enough to speak her mind, why can't you just let her live on. she doesn't deserve everything you guys have been saying to her. so just fuck off and go on with your day IGNORING THE URGE TO HATE ON SOME INNOCENT PERSON TRYING TO SPEAK HER MIND. thank you.

Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding Tiana, I love you always and forever (omg also, you have a beautiful princess name and I love it ahh!)😿💘 I genuinely didn’t write the post to create drama or upset anyone, and nor am I under the impression that all shippers behave like the last anon and the person who commented on my post. When I saw Zendaya’s snapchat, Tom just looked so distraught and shaken up and it made me feel horrible for him and Zendaya both. I was upset and wanted to vent, but apparently this is not longer an okay place to do that??

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You're so pretty and omg I think you're so cute but I'm too scared to confess but feelings agh but u love talking to you

anon alsdkjfhsk this is very nice please talk to me more!! also im trying to think of how you saw my face asdfjklhas i posted a selfie one (1) time i think in a demigender pride thing and one (1) time in a teen wlw related thing.

 im really not cute or pretty but im sure youre absolutely lovely and id love to talk to you even more. send me more anons if you want!! or it seems like we talk anyway maybe? cause you said you love talking. just talk to me if you want!! whatever makes you comfy, i promise im not mean. 

youre so sweet i love talking to you too, also im not sure when you sent this exactly but i took forever to figure out what to say im sorry!!  

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Michi what's the thing you most love about Gyu? :3

Michi: *looks around* He’s not here right now so… Um… I-I like a lot of things about Gyu… I like how he makes me laugh all the time and how he’s so sweet to me even though he can be an ass to everyone else… I also like how he looks, I-I think he’s very handsome–but d-don’t tell him I said that or else he’ll tease me forever. Um… I love how he gets shy and dorky when you least expect it… I just… I really l-love him!


Michi: *rolls around in embarrassment for admitting it*


Hi everyone. Today is the first anniversary of this blog! Also, I recently reached 5k+ followers. That’s why I decided to celebrate with my first follow forever. (/◕ヮ◕)/

First of all, I want to thank all of my lovely followers. I appreciate every single one of you and every like, reblog, message or question makes me really happy. When I started this blog one year ago I never thought I would meet so many nice people here.

The past weeks have been pretty busy for me and I apologize for not being able to post many theories/analyses or edits. But I’ll do more again and I’ll start by opening my ask box for Anons again. :)

Also, I want to thank all of the lovely people who run my favorite blogs. Thank you for being awesome and making me enjoy my time here on Tumblr! ^_^

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what does kerry washingtons husband say about her love seens

Good Morning Anon!

What does her husband think? Well, if we are going by the narrative the media has put out, he doesn’t think at all. Anytime he is asked about Kerry or his child, he ignores the question or looks like he doesn’t know how to answer the question. But what can you expect from a man who never wears a wedding ring and looks like he is forced to do community service whenever he is around her? As far as her career and her love scenes, I don’t think anyone has asked him about it. Bc in a nutshell, no one cares. He is irrelevant and will remain that way. I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t associated with Kerry, we still wouldn’t know who he is. Shrug.

Now I can tell you what Tony Goldwyn thinks. He has no problem talking about Kerry, her acting ability, or her graciousness as a human being and mother. He also has no problem talking about her baby. There are many an article, video clip, podcast, and audio clip to support this. It’s funny because it almost seems like he is her husband and the father of her child. I mean, that’s the way I would expect the man I love to stick up for me, not forever be mute or look miserable when he is in my presence. But I digress. Today is Inappropriate Wednesday so I will begin to spam my dash with those love scenes that you mentioned, Anon. Thanks for stopping by.

It's Not The Same Without You Here (Jaime Preciado ONESHOT)

Hi lovelies! I have been super busy with homework lately but here is a fluffy Jaime oneshot. I am hoping to have the smutty one I’ve been working on done by Christmas. I also have heaps of requests to get through - please be patient with me! Enjoy xx

Anon requested: Hey could I get a Tony/Jaime one(up to you)? Where you’re Vic and Mike’s sister and you’ve been friends with the guys forever but you and your BEST friend have always had a touchy-feely relationship but he’s been really distant so you confront him and he confesses he’s in love with you and you don’t know what to say so you run away but realise you love him too and go back to him and you guys are kissing when your brothers walk in and get angry but he sticks up for you being really fluffy thanks!

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