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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍


but my one wish for you is that you find yourself, don’t settle for less, or for anyone else. i pray that you dream like the dreamer i know you can be.

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I had a dream that you and who I think must have been Bee were helping me shop in the local mall (because I'm a hopeless case in regards to fashion) and we were in a dressing room and you started doing howling dog noises for whatever reason and then I woke up and realized my dog was howling. I was really confused for a minute cause I was like "yo, why is this dope person howling at me?" And then I woke up like "ah. That's why."

I’m a werewolf as well as a bear. A Bearwolf

Because I am absolute trash, and I saw something from another account that I wont tag cause I don’t know if they’re cool with that, but  I will put them in the tags.

Just Imagine that Vax and  Gilmore get together and get married in Whitestone castle on the insistence of Percy and Vex. Vex gets Vax out of his stinky armor for once and into nice dark blue and silver robes. Pike gives him a symbol of the raven queen as a gift and Keyleth makes flower grows for both Gilmore and  Vax.Also like let’s be real, Vex gives her brother away at his wedding and Velora is there because she’s Vax’s baby sister. She also bugged Slydor so much that he let her go to whitestone to see them.

Then just Vex and Percy’s kids have Uncle Vax and Uncle Shaun and my heart is like melting. 

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YoU, hwan-tastic, bi-ai and ikonis are getting ahead of yourself.You think everyone likes you? There is a lot of people that can't stand any of you

When did we ever say everyone liked us? I mean thanks like you think everyone does (if you didn’t you wouldn’t have sent this love note just to make sure I thought otherwise.)

We’re all very aware not everyone likes us cause (like, sit down this might come as a surprise) no one is ever liked by everyone. 😂

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Hello! So I've been scrolling through your Deamus tag and I just have to tell you that you're super talented and I love your writing. It's so effortless, though it might not feel that way to you. And I have a prompt for you: "I don't know how", for Deamus or Neville x Hannah. Thanks! Keep up the good work. ❤️

I know I thanked you before for this lovely message but I must thank you again because it’s so nice!!! And you’re so nice!!!! So thank you very very much.

I hope you like this :)

Through the large gothic window in the corner, Seamus can tell from the mixture of dark navy and black in the sky that it’s probably close to midnight. 

His new friend Dean mentioned on the train that he was into art, he’d probably be able to tell the exact shade the sky was but Seamus decides not to ask, he doesn’t want to interrupt this moment.

Dean sits on one end of the couch with his legs tucked in beside him while Seamus sits with his legs crossed on the other end and there’s a pack of Seamus’s cousin’s old exploding snap cards between them.

Seamus was shocked when Dean didn’t know what exploding snap was and set out to inform him a while ago when most of the Gryffindor students had retreated to the dorms to settle in for their first night in the castle that year.

He notices the crease in Dean’s brow when he asked why they couldn’t just go upstairs and play there with the other boys in the dorm.

Seamus hopes that Dean didn’t catch onto his wide, frightened eyes or notice the stutter in his voice when he said that he’d prefer if they stay down here where it’s quieter. Thankfully Dean nodded and that was the end of that.

Now Dean is the one with wide eyes, except his are large with excitement and wonder as he stares at the cards that playfully explode here and there whenever someone loses.

Seamus smiles to himself as he thinks that Dean is probably losing on purpose just to see his cards dissolve into pretty red and orange flames.

“You know I tend to explode things sometimes.”

His remark is so casual and flippant that it takes Dean a second to catch it, but when he does his eyes quickly dart away from the cards waiting on the couch between them to Seamus’s eyes.


Seamus chuckles, “Yeah, I don’t know how I do it to be honest. Ma doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. Magic kids can cause haywire sometimes, you know before Hogwarts because we’ve not been trained yet? But she reckons that I’m different. I was washing the dishes just last week, the muggle way of course and my magic just…I don’t know…came out and set all the plates in the sink on fire.” Seamus shivers at the memory “Oh Ma went mad, completely crazy. I don’t know what I’d have done if school hadn’t started this week. I’d probably still be grounded.”

“Woah” Dean says his voice a low whisper “That sounds brilliant.”

Seamus frowns, “What?”

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So.... hello I've be following your blog for almost 2 years and finally worked up the nerve to say it's beautiful, uplifting, humour and very inspirational (makes me want to try playing the Sims again). Love your characters and the way your brain works. And also wanted to ask what ever happened to Freddy and what is he up to? Is even more known now for his work now? Sorry if this is long but I love getting to know more about your characters.

omg dsdskah first of all ilyyyyy for sending nice things like this but most importantly how haven’t you blocked me yet ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;..

seconddddd zsdkjhsdkf.. i love you even more for asking me about Freddy and that you even care about him when i’ve only showed him like twice. he’s still my precious pure babyyyyy. the only thing stopping me from posting him is finding a home/world for him and Benji because they’re suppose to be roommates. realistically they should already be settled in somewhere or at the very least in the process of looking for something that can accommodate both of their needs. 

right now they’re in Angel City but that world has become increasingly laggy for me so i have to find another “city-type” environment for them. i lowkey want them to be based in NY though because they each spend time back and forth between there and LA, Brooklyn is Freddy’s hometown and there’s nothing really keeping Benji in Cali anymore that he can’t do elsewhere or hop on a flight real fast if he needs to visit. Freddy is actually subletting his studio in NY to one of his friends, however, the lease will be up soon so he’s gonna have to figure out additional living arrangements anyway and Benji feels it’s time to move out of Wes’ home soooo yeah i’m thinking NY ^_^

as far as Freddy’s line of work.. he’s pretty popular behind the lens at this point but genuinely didn’t start coming into his own success until about age 23, he’s 26 now. he’s a street life/fashion photographer and his preferred specialty is working with musicians as their personal photojournalist. he’ll often travel on the road with the artist and photograph them, their entourage and any behind the scenes and/or onstage work they might do. this usually will last ongoing for about a month or two or however long the artist is on tour for and then he’s back home working on his other side jobs which include various publications, still life and other personal projects he might be experimenting with.

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well why henrik amazing was already said so i'll tell why i love tarjei so much. although most of the times i just have this owerhelming feeling of unconditional love and just love him for his existence. he's incredibly talanted and it doesn't matter what we saw him just in skam it was enough to understand and i can't wait to see him in another projects and how rest of the world will love him to. also i don't know him at all i can tell that he's really intellegent and smart. i love my son <3

Ahhhhhhhh! Tarjei is literally the most amazing human in the world. I can’t deal. He is so beautiful and pure and talented and omg I love his fashion okay? I absolutely love it. I love that he wears and does whatever makes him happy and doesn’t let anything stop him. He is literally such a mature talented bean that must be protected. Golden boy <3 <3 <3


Here is all of the Yuri on Ice merch that I received this month~

Aren’t these all the cutest things ever?! (✿◠‿◠) ♡

The first three charms are from @hyde-draws

The Yurio charm is from @toasterkiwi

The Victuuri and Otayuri charms are from @say0ran-arts

I don’t believe that the artist for the last charm has a Tumblr, but if you message me I can link you to their Etsy shop if you’re intrested in purchasing! ^^ 

If monbebes turn rude and disgrace the fandom I’m leaving like if newer monbebes try to give us a bad name try to tell them to chill monbebe to monebebe

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If you were a voltron character you'd be hunk bc you are too pure for this world and we don't deserve all your love and support but you give it anyways. U r a gem fren



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Hey, I absolutely love your blog and your drawings! If you don't mind, can you suggest your favourite Shamy episodes as I'm in the mood for watching some The Big Bang Theory? :)

Thank you so much!! :D

Ahhh I love a lot of episodes of them, but also I don’t remember the season or number of episode in the most of the cases.

I love the prom one, the fort one, the first meeting one, the you are a vixen amy farrah fowler one, the mars/turtle one, the D&D one(final season 6?), the girlfriend/boyfriend one, the fanfic copper amelia one, the opening night excitation of course, THE TRAIN KISS, a lot of this season and the aquarium one and the heartworm and…..gahhh I love a lot of them. Difficult to recommend some lol.

Just go with the flow lol, I’m more to see them in order, so I will pick final episode season 3 and watch all the rest LOL 

Sorry I can’t help more lol, have fun with shamy episodes!!!!

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You know I just realized with your explanation for what Ashkari means that Bull and Dorian literally had the opposite school experience. Bull was the kid who got a special name about how much he loved learning (possibly teachers pet even other kids liked). Dorian was the kid who got kicked out of every circle/school for fighting and I'm betting every teacher looked at Alexius with worry when they found he was taking Dorian on. It's so the opposite of what anyone expects.

oh no!! bull was totally a teacher’s pet!! his wiki page basically says so, though he was also a little shit sometimes

i love this parallel between them though (or contrast?)

1/5 is so important to me

Like it bookends the show and changes them as people. 1 and 5 meet early into their careers as operatives and grow and change together to the point that they are completely different people by the end. Nigel becomes the KND’s best because of 5′s help and advice and 5 becomes the supreme the KND needs and deserves because of 1′s friendship and learning from having known him.

And they care about each other so much? They’re probably the most important people in each other’s lives. They lean on and trust each other instinctively and I love them both so much like ❤❤✨❤.

Also if GKND happens and they don’t hug I’ll die probably.

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3