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Interview Furukawa Yuuta Noah's Ark Circus

Dear fellow fans,

Please enjoy this interview with Furukawa Yuuta on the musical of Noah’s Ark

I found it an incredibly interesting interview, and I really wished to share it with as many people as possible, so I decided to translate it into English. As in the original interview both speakers refer to Sebastian as ‘Sebas’ (セバス), I have also left it as it is. Click [here] for the original Japanese interview.

Interview with Furukawa Yuuta on “Kuroshitsuji – Noah’s Ark Circus"

With the new announcement of your recast as Sebas, fans of the series have been absolutely ecstatic.

“Thank you very much. I have received quite many letters from fans, many of which included comments such as “I have been awaiting “Kuroshitsuji” with great anticipation”. I am very honoured to receive such kind words, though also feeling the pressure anew of wishing to live up to the fans’ expectations.”

The Kuroshitsuji musical franchise started in 2009, and from the latest run of “Lycoris that blazes the Earth 2015” on, the baton of Sebastian Michaelis’ role has been passed on to you. How do you experience the pressure of diving midway into a hit series?

“Pressure indeed. Well… even though I ‘succeeded’ the role, I think that I have been able to put all my heart into it. Although for me this is merely the second time I will be playing Sebas, I feel that along with my wish to suture even more deeply with this character, I have also come to realise again the daily worries while reading the comics and studying the script.”

As expected, you turn to the original comics for basis?

“My wish is to deliver to the audience that very experience that is left inside me from reading the Kuroshitsuji comics as a fan myself. It was like that the last time too, but this time I want to leave out all unnecessary things and wholeheartedly devote myself to delivering and expressing the inspirations and impressions I got from the original comics. That, I value the most at present.

This time the story is based on the original comic’s Circus Arc. From the published main visual images, I was left with a very deep impression.

“As many circus members are portrayed and it fuels the anticipations towards the assorted characters and highlight scenes… I have secretly been hoping that the audience would be thrilled. Visually speaking, I think this episode is very befitting for a stage adaptation. Just with one single glance… well, it’s a circus! The trapeze scene especially, but many other performances are incredibly difficult, but I shall take on the challenge. I am pleased that the trio of the mansion (Bard, Finny and Meylin) are going to have a great début as well, and I look very much forward to opposing Teruma’s William. Naturally, I have great hopes towards the songs the new musical will bring us.”

It’s the first time on stage for Uchikawa Reo who plays Sebas’ young master, Ciel Phantomhive.

“I have only met him a few times up to this point, but a bond has already grown between us within which we can talk without any masks. I heard that this is going to be his first stage performance, so I hope that before anything else he can enjoy the life on stage. To this end, I… well, ‘because’ of Sebas, just like him, I have come to want to stay by his side and support him. I want to make him smile. I told him” if there’s any kind of sweets you like, I shall present to you a full box, my Lord.”(Laughs)”

Mr. Furukawa, just a few days back you have successfully finished your performances in the musical “1789, Les Amants de la Bastille”, and now you will also play in great hit musicals like “Elisabeth (Rudolf)” and “Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)”. And along those, you will also be playing in the so called 2.5D musical of “Kuroshitsuji”?

“I have not really linked those at all. Just purely, every staging has its characteristics and charms, and are absolutely fun to watch.”

As a performer, is there something you feel especially strong about from experiencing both [musicals]?

“Strong… um… that is difficult. I can’t think of anything that strikes me especially, but I am absolutely certain that I will be able to gain a lot if I can become more and more active in activities within genres not restricted to these. I am sorry, I only managed to say things this abstract (laughs), but I’m sure it will all become a source of nourishment. Ah, more concretely I guess, some people who have seen me in “Kuroshitsuji” have thought “Let’s go watch the *Imperial Musicals (Elisabeth, 1789, etc.) next time,” and also, there are quite many similarities with “Kuroshitsuji” in the solemn aura as can be experienced in the historic play ‘Elisabeth’, so I think I have been able to bring that to live in the previous staging of “Kuroshitsuji”.”

In “Noah’s Ark Circus”, tragedies await to happen within the unique circus. Even though it will never have a happy end, that is the unshakable charm of “Kuroshitsuji”. What kind of Sebas will Circus Arc’s Sebas become, do you think?

“Generally speaking, I think I want to become one that is even more faithful to the original comic’s charms. Besides upholding the elegance and vigour of the character, I strive for a more subtle presence to become a truer demon. The brighter the spotlights shine, the more I wish to make Sebas’ shadows as the main character. Another point is, principally, Sebas looks down on human beings and makes fun of them.”

That is because besides not being a human, for a long, long time, he has witnessed and seen through the foolishness of human beings, right?

“Most likely. However, I really think that that very Sebas has been somewhat impressed on the inside from witnessing Ciel growing stronger and stronger as a human by going through all kinds of cases and tragic accidents. I personally think that the “while they may be foolish, the more they struggle, the stronger human beings become” is one very important theme within “Kuroshitsuji”. Therefore, I think that Sebas, although as a demon he thoroughly looks down on humans and merely makes fun of them, he treasures Ciel from the bottom of his heart… Sebas’ goal is then to solve this very contradiction for himself. It is my goal in turn, to accurately deliver to the audience the very ‘core’ of this series, to the point that they can truly feel the ‘unique master-servant-relationship’, an incredibly complicated, deeply and strongly entangled bond between Sebas and Ciel.”

I really look forward to the Circus Arc in which sheer elegance and cruelty are intertwined.

“The director Mr. Mouri has also said that he wants to “gradually remove all the pop-vibes”. That is definitely not to reduce the entertainment, instead it is to accentuate the… um, the darkness included, the world view that is unique to “Kuroshitsuji. We too will become one and work towards that very same goal in the new production.”

* Imperial Musicals
Stage productions for the Imperial Theatre in Japan - Teikoku Gekijou (帝国劇場)

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Me: Has two finals tomorrow
Also me: *practices lettering with “the name of the wind” quotes*

“You lack the requisite spine and testicular fortitude to study under me.“ 

The name of the wind is a fantastic story. It was so epic (well duh its an epic fantasy book) and mysterious. It’s so different from what I normally read but I loved it. If you’re looking for an epic-adventurous-fantasy book/story, I highly recommend this series. It’s not a light read and it’s a little slow at first but it has an amazing writing and really interesting characters plus incredible quotes!! (also yes i know i made a mistake with the u on fortitude, sorry lol) 

🎧 You will be found- Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

the key

so i made this post the other day containing all my highlights from the second half of the king’s men and specifically the whole relationship of andrew and neil and keys

it starts with neil and lola and neil becoming nathaniel:

“He traced the outline of a key into his bloody, burnt palm with a shaky finger, closed his eyes, and wished Neil Josten goodbye”

and continues with nathaniel and andrew and nathaniel becoming neil, for good:

“‘I told Neil to stay,’ Andrew said. ‘Leave Nathaniel buried in Baltimore with his father.’ … He traced Andrew’s key into his skin with a bandaged finger. ‘Neil Abram Josten,’ Neil murmured, and it felt like waking up from a bad dream”

the note i took on my phone during these highlights was as follows:

“i’ve always seen and recognized the importance of the key in neil’s life, but in this context i can really feel his connection to being neil and having a home in andrew and his trust. laid out together, these quotes really parallel each other and help me see me see the solidification of neil being neil. it also gives me the idea that this becomes a comforting gesture to neil, to draw a key on his skin with his finger”

i posted this a couple of days ago, but today i found a very interesting quote in the raven king that ties this metaphor in perfectly

“They were right when they said Andrew was the key.”

this quote is very interesting to me because (as far as i could uncover) neil is the one to call andrew a key, not the others. in this context, he is referring to the fact that dan and matt had told him that to connect the broken halves of the team, he needed to start with andrew. but neil is the one to relate andrew to a key and kick of this association of home and safety. there is also, of course, the iconic quotes when neil gets the columbia house key and when andrew gives him a car key in which neil blatantly associates the keys with home and safety but this quote is the first time he directly relates it to andrew. the most prevalent metaphors in this series is a key, and it’s interesting that neil, of his own volition, started relating andrew to a key before had virtually any part of andrew discovered. 

other quotes that could go along with this relation are:

“Neil had used Andrew’s car key often enough in the past couple of months to recognize the shape of it”

this is after neil gets back from the nest in trk and before andrew gets a new car and gives neil his key. this is another important turning point because the reason andrew lets neil drive his car while he’s gone is because he trusts him (he trusts him with kevin, of course he’d trust him with his car) and this shows the manifestation of neil returning that trust. he sees andrew’s trust in the key, and commits it to memory

“Every time Neil took his keys out of his pocket and saw the newest addition to his set he remembered Andrew’s kiss.”

this is another time he blatantly starts to relate andrew’s key to his feelings for trust of andrew. it also relates to the fact that every key on his ring represents the trust from someone, somethign he’s never had before. the ones to the court are wymack and the foxesw trusting and caring about him. the one to the columbia house is andrew and the monsters bringing them into their pack, into their space. this car key from andrew is just the beginning of their relationship trust.

(there is so much more but this is all i am putting together for now)

Such a way to raise a child! My slightest utterances were cherished as wisdom. But despite my blood, I was no better than any other child. I made mischief where I would, telling wild tales of flying boars and shadows that carried royal bloodlines. Each wild story I told was larger than the last, and yet I discovered a strange thing. No matter how I might try to foil my tongue, truth always hid in my utterances.

Fool’s Errand, p204, by Robin Hobb.

Here’s a theory for a weekday night: Beloved can’t lie.

Oh, Beloved can dissemble and distract and pun and sidetrack and misdirect and hint and implu and talk around, upsidedown and sideways; but Beloved can’t outright lie. 

That’s part of why the aspects of Beloved are important; and why it’s important that those aspects are true. Lord Golden really did have an interest in collecting feathers, for example. We all have less-than-savoury parts of ourselves, nasty sides, and that’s what comes out in Lord Golden much of the time - along with the fascination with beauty etc.

Admittedly I suspect this theory wouldn’t withstand extensive quoting from the text, unless you also assume that provided Beloved being “in character” is a way Beloved has found to get around their inability to lie - because it’s true to the character. Or, you could turn it another way, and say that Beloved is incapable of lying to Fitz. Or limit it to prophecy.

But it’s really interesting to consider this when you reread and look at Beloved’s phrasing, especially at important moments - if you really couldn’t ever lie, you’d probably learn so much wordplay and so many sleights-of-speech…


utopia is a strange word. 
In Greek outopos (ou-topos) would literally mean ‘no-place’.
Non-existent place.
I suppose that’s true, in that utopias don’t exist. What troubles me is the positive connotation we give the word in English. To quote Wikipedia: 

However, in standard usage, the word’s meaning has narrowed and now usually describes a non-existent society that is intended to be viewed as considerably better than contemporary society.

If it’s better than what we’re living at the moment, why do we reject the possibility of its existence? How else are we to aspire to ‘better’ if we claim it doesn’t exist? Digging in the crates, I also found this quote:

‘To be freed from the belief that there is no freedom is indeed to be free.’
- Martin Buber

So… yeah. 

[I didn’t really have a point there, it just seemed like an interesting point to bring up.]


“It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorising way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilisation of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man holds dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.”

Matty talking about the intent behind ‘Woman’ (x)

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I’m sorry if you have an “Imagine” blog and I didn’t mention you. I’m sure that you also do a great work =(^.^)=

Found this, so here we go.

Day 1: Basic things about me

  • I’m a teenager
  • I love TV shows and movies
  • Music is basically my antidepressant (I have depression)
  • I’m autistic (Aspergers’ Syndrome)
  • I get social anxiety and stage fright, but I still go to a theatre group every Saturday
  • I also love food
  • My hair is dyed red
  • I find tattoos really interesting
  • I spend my nights looking through inspirational quotes
  • I’m a hardcore shipper

There we go.

Did anyone notice that the memory pod Nami put Sora in is shaped uncannily like a lotus flower?

 /// the pod

If we can say that the memory pod kind of looks like it, then it’s cool to know that the lotus symbolizes ‘rebirth’ to Buddhists and Ancient Egyptians. Lotus flowers are best known for their ‘retracting into the water’ and reappearing in an approximate three-day cycle. We can compare this to Sora saying goodbye to Nami (the ‘sea’) and the cycle of being submerged before appearing again (to Kairi this time, the other ‘sea’). It’s one big ‘rebirthed from the waters’ thing.

/// Comparison of closed memory pod and closed lotus flower.

White lotus flowers, specifically, can represent ‘being awakened’ (tying to the ‘rebirth’ meaning), it’s also symbolic of ‘mental purity’, ‘spiritual perfection’, and is seen as the ‘womb of the world’. Funny that Sora is often known as the ‘key of the worlds’, and is highly commented by others as being ‘pure of mind and heart’!

In Hinduism the lotus can represent ‘beauty’, ‘prosperity’, and ‘eternity’, to name a few! To quote one particular article, ‘Brahma, the god of creation is depicted as emerging from a lotus’, which I found to be really interesting, as Sora has ‘created’ Roxas, Xion, and partly Nami and later emerges from the memory pod in KH2.

/// Comparison of open pod and open flower. 

This sentence is also important to note: ‘As a lotus is able to emerge from Muddy Waters un-spoilt and pure it is considered to represent a wise and spiritually enlightened quality in a person; it is representative of somebody who carries out their tasks with little concern for any reward…’, which I think captures the essence of Sora pretty well! Finally, the Ancient Egyptians also associate the lotus with the Sun, and the sun is in the sky and I just thought that was cool because ‘the sky’ instead is in ‘the sun’.

 /// another open pod to compare

Even if the memory pod is actually reminiscent of another flower that better describes it, I was thinking of this and thought it was intriguing! 

whiteteethconspiracy  asked:

hi peyton!! i really admire you as a writer and was wondering if you could talk a little about your process

i’m maybe the worst person to talk about process because i’m so inconsistent - in college virtually every paper i wrote was written in full the day it was due, but last year when i was working on my book proposal it was an every-day-for-hours-a-day deal with a thirty-point checklist and a strict schedule. and in terms of fiction, i’m acutely aware that i am at the very beginning of my life as a writer and i have everything to learn and i am still feeling things out in a lot of ways. that said, some general tips:

  • habitica (formerly habitrpg) is my best friend. i’ve literally used it every single day for the past two years. every writing project i’ve completed in the past two years was completed on time due to habitica. if you can build it into the day-to-day of your life, it’s such a procrastination cure - takes care of your need for instant gratification while training you to be consistent in your habits. i use it for a few different things (managing my health care needs, staying on task at work, keeping track of finances, etc.), but for writing, i have it set up to give me points whenever i block the internet for an hour of writing time, and to give me more points when i finish the hour, and i also add project-specific to-do’s to the to-do list. i’ve also used it in the past to set up like a “daily achievement” to give me points every day if i write for at least two hours. you can really personalize it to make it work for you and your goals.
  • selfcontrol is essential because procrastinating on tungle dot hell will kill your writerly hopes and dreams so it helps to be able to just turn it off
  • a writer friend of mine turned me onto scrivener which is excellent for long-form projects that require a lot of planning and tracking careful details. i’m using it for my novel manuscript and if i’d known about it last year i would have used it for my book proposal as well.
  • so like while all of the above will help you build a really regimented and disciplined writing routine for when you absolutely need to just get shit done (which IS important) i think it’s also important to give yourself permission to be more freeform outside of these boundaries so
  • buy a nice diary and take it with you everywhere and write whatever you want in it whenever something interesting crosses your mind. interesting quotes you read. conversations you overhear on the street. song lyrics. anything and everything. it can (should) be a personal, day-to-day diary as well, because i think it’s really valuable to have a record of what happened to you and how you processed it.
  • i’ve found questionnaires like these incredibly useful for character development and i’ve also benefited from running first drafts by friends and then answering all of their questions about my characters, my plot, etc. providing answers to questions lets you get outside of your own head a bit and expand the universe you’re building, go down new paths, and even build coherency.

this is the most scattershot mix of stuff but i hope it helps?? good luck on your writing journey hun!!

anonymous asked:

what do you think it's the difference between kibum and key (and between onew and jinki btw)? and yeah, i think he's embracing his handsome, manly side lately. it makes sense because he's 23 now, so he's kinda left his "pretty boy" period behind. he looks more mature now, compared with his teen twinky looks. i honestly like the two sides tbh. I totally have a thing for pretty boys, but I dig handsome too.

Ah this is such a great question. I was immediately excited to reply when I saw it. I used to discuss this subject with my friends a lot, but I haven’t talked about it in a while. Hopefully I remember all my thoughts. I do think that lately Kibum has been more himself in front of the camera, so my thoughts don’t come quite as quickly as they would have even a year ago.

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“In amongst those 40,000 meetings I had after Animal Kingdom, a number of them were with actors, which happens a lot in Hollywood, you just have these general meetings, And one of them was with Rob. I hadn’t seen the Twilight films and I still haven’t, but someone said to me, ‘you should go meet him, he’s really interesting.’”

“I liked him a lot. I liked his energy, I liked his face. He had an interesting face! I didn’t know anything about him. I always thought he was kind of like this super chiselled male model guy and then I found myself sitting next to him and looking at his face and saying, 'Wow, your face is actually really interesting. I like your face.’

"He was also really smart and very well-read, he was very familiar with everything that I and my friends in Sydney had been doing and making.”

“It was just exhilarating, We were auditioning really great people. They were all good. We didn’t see any bad tests but Rob was just the one who came in and instantly made me feel like I could see half of the movie now.” - David Michôd

I’ve been thinking about Marty tonight, with a new flashback episode. Well, really I’ve been thinking about Greg as sort of an unreliable narrator.

I don’t think Marty was as cartoonishly evil as Story for Steven made him out to be. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Marty was a real jerk, but I think some specific parts may have been exaggerated, and I think the clue is in Marty’s teeth. Here’s the only image of Marty we see outside of Greg’s memories:

When he says or does something completely outlandish and mean, his teeth become pointed. For example:

“Meet the woman I just finished banging in your van”

“If you give away merchandise, how am I going to get my 75%?”

But one thing that’s really interesting is that during the scene in the van, where he tells Greg he needs to focus and forget Rose so they can go to the city and make some money, his teeth look like every other character and how they do in the photo:

These bits may be Greg directly quoting Marty. “You want one big woman when you can have thousands of smaller women”, “Maybe you’ll make me some money for once”, “Snore! Where’s this schlock coming from?” These are all really mean, but it also seems to be what Greg remembers best, the moment where he decided to dump Marty. And to cement this, when Marty starts to tell Greg “No one cares about your feelings”

Fangs again. I’m not sure how much there is to glean from this, but I found it interesting how they would draw Marty with fangs for most of the episode, then stop for most of a scene.