and also hair

so i’ve been saying for like 2 months i would draw @giveemhelkid and then tiffany told me to draw winnie the pooh art and then she had a really good picture up of her with a dog filter so yeah i just turned the dog filter into winnie the pooh

uselessprotag  asked:

Hi uhhhhhh if you're doing requests can I get uuuuuuuuuhhhhh Apollo and Trucy uhhhhhhh just chillin

trucy gets a kick out of pointing out the faults in other magicians’ tricks and apollo sometimes hops in

anonymous asked:

(Trans girl Flash anon) Liz visiting and it's shocking enough that Flash and Peter are dating but she's presenting female in public? She's wearing makeup and a dress just for her? She's honestly so happy for her she starts crying and then Flash is crying because she missed her so much and they're just holding each other because Peter is great but Flash just missed having another trans girl assure her she's fine and everything will be okay.

after flash and liz have caught up they all head back to peter’s place to watch movies. liz and peter laugh at how they almost actually dated, flash says that she and liz are way out of peter’s league and peter just laughs bc “you weren’t saying that last night” and it’s just a cute happy get together full of laughs and roasting