and also graffitis in his spare time

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Although I definitely think the picture looks like V, and I really hope he is included in this update 😭the more I stare at it the more the picture I see both V and Saeran in it. Like right def looks like V but if you cover it I see Saeran. Even if I'm wrong I'm really excited about this new update XD

His name is Saehyun Koi, he likes to do art…graffiti specifically.
He’s kicked 46 people in his life but also in his spare time he fosters stray kittens and works in the community garden.
His pants are always too tight and his shirts too loose and he never leaves the house without sunglasses on, even at night.
He’ll punch you square in the fucking jaw but then help you up and buy you a beer.

He likes to walk by bakeries just for the smell of it